By Steve

It was a cold morning. There was a thick coat of fog over the land.
Xena and
Gabrielle were sitting around what was left of the fire from the night
trying to get it started again. They were do in Dahran by noon, and
that was
almost a day's journey from where they were now.
"How will we make it to Dahran by noon? I'm tired and don't think I
could run
all day." Gabrielle said, shivering uncontrollably. She wrapped her
hands around
her knees and pulled them up to her chest. She wished she had dressed
sensibly for their trip.
"We will make it, don't worry," Xena said, dressed in her usual skimpy
yet showing no signs of being cold. She always looked the same. It was
as though
she had no emotion. She was always tough as stone, letting nothing get
close to
her. Gabrielle really hated that. She wanted to see Xena act human just
because as it was now, Gabrielle wasn't convinced that Xena was human.
"How can you tell me we'll make it on time? We have half a day to make
a day's
"I'll bet you that we have enough time to make it there, and even stop
at a hot
spring I know about for a bath."
"That's impossible."
"That's what you think."
After eating a small breakfast, Gabrielle and Xena headed for the hot
Xena said it was not far from where they had slept. Gabrielle had a
large smile
on her face the whole time. She was so happy that Xena was going to be
This would finally prove that Xena was not perfect.
The sun was just starting to peak over the mountains when they reached
spring. It was a small pool of steaming water. The spring was
surrounded by
thick brush which would prevent any onlookers, if anyone was stupid
enough to be
out in this weather. The temperature had dropped off considerably since
left camp and Gabrielle was really starting to regret not wearing
clothes. To her left, she saw Xena taking off her adornments and lying
them in a
neat pile next to the pool.
"Come on, don't just stand there," Xena said, removing her corset and
her more than ample breasts. Gabrielle looked over at Xena's naked
form. She
wished her breasts were that perfect. She was almost embarrassed to
take off her
clothes now.
Xena unlaced her boots and stepped into the water. "Oh yeah." she said
in a very soothing tone. Xena's face contorted in pleasure. She loved
the feel
of the warm water enveloping her naked skin.
Gabrielle quickly had her clothes off and stepped into the water. She
look at Xena. It was too hard. She felt so different. She was standing
next to a
perfectly built women and here she was, a small, skinny kid who had no
figure. She had never really thought about this before, but she began
to realize
how much it bothered her. Every time they'd meet a man, he would stare
at Xena
and utterly ignore her. She was about to explode when.
"A little cold to be without your clothes, don't you think ladies?" a
voice came
from behind Gabrielle. She turned around to see a towering man with
chiseled muscles. He had long, brown hair that was blowing in the wind.
Gabrielle was in love.
"Hercules!" Xena shouted, jumping out of the water and hugging him
Hercules wrapped his arms around her naked back and held her tight as
Gabrielle looked on in horror. Fate. She sees the most handsome man in
the world
and Xena already knows him. Typical.
"Hello Xena," Hercules said, pulling Xena into a deep kiss. Xena knew
him VERY
"I missed you so much," Xena said, throwing herself all over Hercules.
"Me, too," Hercules replied, running his hand over her naked ass.
It turned out that Hercules was just out walking across the country in
search of
a meal. He was on his way home from a journey and had no place to be,
so he
joined Xena and Gabrielle. The whole journey to Dahran was filled with
and Xena flirting, exchanging playful touches. Gabrielle just followed
knowing that it was way past noon, but she didn't say anything to Xena.
didn't want to disturb her.
The sun was just starting to set when they arrived in Dahran. They were
here to
meet Xena's sister, something Gabrielle was looking forward to. She
wanted to
see if Xena's family was as perfect as she was. Xena walked hand in
hand with
Hercules. They looked to be love. Gabrielle was happy that Xena has
mainly because she had never seen Xena happy before. But it wasn't
fair. Xena
didn't deserve to be happy in her mind. She wanted to be happy. She
wanted to
have Hercules fawning over her, not Xena. Jealously was getting the
better of
They stopped outside of a small cottage in the center of town. Xena
knocked on
the door. The door soon swung open and a beautiful young woman was on
the other
side. She had long black hair and large blue eyes, just like Xena, only
girl seemed more beautiful. Gabrielle concluded that it was the smile.
"Xena! I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow!" the woman said.
"Tomorrow?" Gabrielle thought. How evil of Xena. Looks like Xena won
"Hello Ariel. This is Hercules and that is Gabrielle back there," Xena
Gabrielle was surprised that Xena remembered she was there.
Ariel had dinner cooking when they arrived, and they ate shortly after.
Gabrielle liked Ariel quite well and they talked all through dinner.
After they
had finished dinner, Hercules and Xena said they were headed to bed for
night. Ariel showed them to their rooms. He came back into the main
room where
Gabrielle still sat.
Ariel and Gabrielle talked for a long time that night. They got along
very well
together. After awhile, Gabrielle found herself looking at Ariel in a
sexual way. Gabrielle had never looked at another woman this way
before. She was
truly attracted to Ariel. She stared deep into Ariel's eyes. Ariel saw
staring at her. She felt it too.
Xena laid down in her bed, longing for Hercules. She wanted to make
love to him
so badly, but she knew Hercules was not like that. He was a nice guy
probably wouldn't sleep with her until they were properly married.
She reached down and unfastened her corset, lying it down next to her
bed. She
laid naked in her bed, thinking about what it would be like to fuck
She felt her juices flowing. She reached down to verify her wetness.
Her fingers
slid across her damp pussy lips. It felt good, so she continued to draw
fingers around her pussy. Next thing she knew, she had three fingers
inside of
herself, ramming in and out feverishly. With her free hand, she reached
up and
cupped her breast. She pinched at the nipple and rolled it between her
She started to pant and her moaning gradually increased. She had
forgotten how
pleasurable masturbation was.
Xena's fingers were soaked in her juices. She was fucking herself
knowing her orgasm was nearing. She could feel her pussy tightening
around her
hand. She wanted to cum so bad. Her moaning got uncontrollable and she
she may have alerted someone, but then her orgasm hit and she stopped
Xena let out a brutish scream as her fingers were bathed in hot
girlcum. She
hadn't cum in so long and it felt so good. She only wished Hercules had
had a
part in it.
Xena brought her fingers up to her mouth to taste her sweet nectar. It
was just
as good as she remembered. Though she had just had a wonderful orgasm,
still felt hot. She still wanted Hercules inside of her.
"Nice show," a voice said from the door. Xena looked up and saw
Hercules leaning
against the door frame.
Ariel reached over and placed her lips on Gabrielle's. Gabrielle didn't
because deep down inside, she wanted the same thing. Ariel reached down
cupped Gabrielle's breast. A wave of shock went through Gabrielle. No
one had
ever touched her this way before, but she liked the sensations she was
from Ariel's warm caresses. Ariel backed away and stood up out of her
"Let's go to my room and get more comfortable." Ariel said, leading
Gabrielle by
her hand.
Ariel set herself down on her bed and started unbuttoning her dress.
didn't know what to do. She was confused.
"I don't know if I can do this," Gabrielle said, creeping slowly
towards the
door. Then Ariel stood up, her dress falling to the ground. Gabrielle
stared at
Ariel's perfect body. Her ample breasts stood out in the dim light of
the room,
as did the thick patch of hair in between her legs. Gabrielle was
turned on by
this. She felt herself getting very wet.
"Come on Gabrielle, you know you want me," Ariel said seductively.
Gabrielle walked to where Ariel was standing. She reached down and took
a hold
of one of Ariel's large breasts. She weighed it in her hand, sliding
her thumb
over the nipple. Ariel sucked in deep as Gabrielle's thumb continued to
around her hard nipple.
As Gabrielle continued to massage her breast, Ariel reach over and
started to
undo her dress. As soon as Gabrielle felt Ariel's hand on her, she
stopped and
pulled off her dress as quickly as she could. Ariel fell back onto her
Gabrielle laid on top of her. Their lips met in a kiss. Ariel reached
up and
cupped one of Gabrielle's little tits, her nipples already hard and
Ariel traced her finger around the nipple, causing Gabrielle to
starting moaning
"Oh yeah!," Gabrielle shrieked, throwing her head back as Ariel's
fingers went
to work on her breasts.
"You like that don't you sweetheart?" Ariel asked, though she already
knew the
"God yes!" Gabrielle cried out. She had never felt such wonderful
sensations in
all her life.
"Hercules, damn, I didn't know you were standing.." Xena started to
"No need to apologize," Hercules said, taking his shirt off and walking
Xena's bed. He reached out and put his hand on Xena's cheek. Her face
lit up as
their flesh touched. They both had wanted this since they saw each
other earlier
in the day. Now it was time.
Their lips met, sending shivers down Xena's spine. Hercules' hands
moved up and
down her naked body, savoring her flesh between his fingers.
Eventually, his
hand made it to Xena's enormous breasts. He cupped and fondled the cups
in his
hand, weighing and massaging them.
"Ohhh," Xena purred as Hercules found her nipple with his groping
hands. He
rolled it between his fingers, feeling it harden and grow under his
"Make love to me," Xena gasped. Hercules wasted no time, pulling his
pants off
and sending them flying across the room. Xena looked down at Hercules'
tool, "Oh my!"
"I want you so bad," Hercules grunted as he positioned his cock at the
of Xena's dripping hole. Her legs flew up around his back, thrusting
him into
"Oh god!" she screamed as Hercules' cock slid into her. It was a lot
bigger than
any cock she had ever had before, and so much better. Hercules thrust
rhythmically into Xena, with her meeting every stroke.
"Harder! Oh yeah!" Xena screamed. Her hips bucked harder against
grinding cock. Pussy juice was pouring out of her, running down her
legs and
ass. It splashed all over Hercules with every thrust.
Hercules pulled his dick out of Xena, with much disapproval. Xena
stared at him
in disgust, as though he had just taken her favorite toy. He had. Then
reached down and turned Xena over onto her stomach. Xena felt Hercules'
press against her pussy from behind, and the smile returned to her
"Don't stop anymore!" Xena stated clearly in between moans. She felt
like she
was being torn in half by Hercules, but she didn't care, because at the
time she felt the most powerful orgasm of her life building inside of
"Lick my cunt!" Gabrielle groaned. Ariel instantly turned her attention
from Gabrielle's breast and towards her fiery red snatch.
"Tell me how this feels," Ariel said. Her finger slid slowly into
wet hole, meeting little resistance. Her thumb rubbed Gabrielle's
little clit as
her finger pumped into her pussy.
"That feels great!" Gabrielle exclaimed. She was now leaning back on
her elbows,
thrusting her pussy against Ariel's finger.
"Good." Ariel rammed her finger deeper into Gabrielle, causing her to
thrash and
kick. Gabrielle's moans got steadily louder, telling Ariel that her
orgasm was
near, so she sped up her pace, thrusting faster and faster. In between
Ariel managed to slip a second finger into Gabrielle's gaping sex,
giving her
even more of reason to scream.
"Uhhh!" Gabrielle cried out. She was unable to pronounce actual words,
but Ariel
knew what she meant anyway, and she felt it too. Gabrielle's pussy
contracted on
Ariel's finger as the warm rush of liquid hit it. Gabrielle thrash
about in the
bed, screaming and moaning as her orgasm washed over her body. Ariel
Gabrielle's facial expressions change as her orgasm roared inside of
her. Ariel
loved it, but now she wanted to cum too.
"Oh god," Gabrielle sighed. Her body dripped with sweat, and her cum.
She had
never felt this wonderful, none of her orgasms had ever been this
"My turn," Ariel said. Her tongue dragged along Gabrielle's face,
tasting her
sweat. Gabrielle seemed rather non-responsive to Ariel's warm tongue.
"Come on baby," Ariel said, kissing Gabrielle lightly on the lips, "I
you, now it's your turn to lick." Ariel was getting impatient. Her cunt
sopping wet and she needed some way to relieve it, even if it was
Ariel rolled over off of Gabrielle. Her finger quickly found her
pleasure spot,
rubbing it gently. Her lips puckered to the sky as her finger worked
clitoris between her fingers. With her other hand, Ariel cupped her
finding her nipple with her fingertips.
"Ohhh!" Ariel gasped while her fingers rolled and toyed with her
nipple. Out of
the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Gabrielle beginning to
move, then
she felt another hand next to her pussy.
"I can't last much longer," Hercules groaned. His hands were attached
firmly to
Xena's round ass as his excruciatingly large tool pumped in and out of
her open
"Me either," Xena said, bucking her hips back against Hercules. He
released his
grip on her ass with one hand and brought it up under her large,
breast. His hand softly squeezed it as his fingers caressed the nipple.
That was
it for Xena, she let loose with a guttural moan, throwing her entire
body back
onto Hercules, forcing him in further while she came.
"Yessss!" she screamed. She thrashed and kicked for few more seconds
until her
orgasm began to subside. She slumped down on her stomach, breathing
Hercules pulled out of her, lying down next to her.
"That was so beautiful," Hercules whispered into Xena's ear. His tongue
traced her jaw line, kissing her sloppily all over her face. "So are
you," he
"Thank you," Xena said, slowly backing away from Hercules and sitting
up, "Now
let me repay the favor." Hercules was lying next to her on his side,
his cock
still mostly erect. Xena bent down and ran her finger down it, stopping
at the
head. Her hand took a firm grip on it and started to stroke it slowly.
"Oh yeah," Hercules moaned. Xena continued her treatment, using her
free hand to
cup and fondle his balls. Hercules was soon back to full size, his dick
a few inches. She lowered her head down and placed a wet kiss on the
head of his
"Now the real fun begins," Xena said, sliding her lips down about three
on his massive tool. Her tongue swirled around it, sending waves of
through Hercules. He was close to cumming before, and he was even
closer now.
"Oh shit! I can't.." was all Hercules could say before his load blasted
into the
back of Xena's throat. Torrents of his hot cum poured down her throat
as he
continued to spasm. Xena sucked the last bits of semen out of his shaft
as she
withdrew her lips.
"How was that?" Xena asked, smiling sharply at Hercules.
"That was great," he said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder as she
in next to him.
"Good," Xena said. Her eyes closed instantly, and she fell asleep. So
Gabrielle's novice tongue probed Ariel's hot snatch. She was not a very
pussy licker yet, but she was learning quickly. Her tongue splashed
occasionally hitting a pleasure spot, causing Ariel to squirm and moan.
Gabrielle soon found these pleasure spots and stuck to them, much to
delight. Ariel had been waiting to cum for some time now, and she was
about to,
right into Gabrielle's virgin mouth.
"Oh yeah sweetheart! I love that!" Ariel shouted as Gabrielle found her
clit and
swirled her tongue around it. She slid her finger into Aril up to the
knuckle. Ariel groaned. Gabrielle shoved her finger in the rest of the
Gabrielle continued to finger fuck her as she licked her clit as well.
"Oh god! Don't stop! I'm sooo close!" Ariel shouted as she writhed
Gabrielle's touch. Gabrielle pulled her finger out and went back to
licking. She used her tongue like a little cock, driving it forcefully
Ariel's swollen cunt. Gabrielle felt Ariel start shaking wildly. Her
thrashed on either side of her head.
"Oh yes! Yes!" Ariel screamed as her orgasm hit her. She thrust her
hips up into
Gabrielle's eager face, soaking her face with pussy juice. Gabrielle
sucked on
Ariel's pussy until she calmed down. By that time, Gabrielle had time
to swallow
as much of Ariel's beautiful juices as she could.
"Wow," Gabrielle said subtly, releasing her lips from Ariel's sore
"I know," Ariel gasped. Sweat rolled down her forehead and into her
eyes. It
stung badly, but she didn't care. She was still in the after shock of
"This will be a fun week," Gabrielle noted, lying her head on Ariel's
"That it will be," Ariel responded, wrapping her arm around Gabrielle.
They both
soon fell asleep.

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