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Rating: NC-17

Pairings: M+/Xena, Midge/Xena

Keywords: M+/F, gang, bukkake - b/F, pedo, BDSM, fist, humil, ws, exhib,

Summary: After being gangbanged by Robin Hood and his twelve Merry Men,
Xena will now have to have sex with Robin's 12-year-old nephew before she's
free to go.

From Chapter 2...

Highly aroused by the extraordinary spectacle of Xena: Warrior Slut
screwing seven cocks simultaneously, I frantically fingered my dripping
pussy and fondled my tits without taking my eyes of this amazing decadent
sex-show for a single second.

Then, just when I thought things couldn't get any crazier than this, Robin
approached Xena and without much preamble stuffed his cock in-between her
big breasts. Grabbing both of Xena's melon-sized titties, he pushed them
together and proceeded to fuck her incredible cleavage... I stared at this
scene with my mouth hanging open while fucking four fingers into my snatch
and rubbing my swollen clit.

The strange and sudden realization that I'm watching my soulmate being
screwed by no less than eight men while I play with myself triggered an
explosive orgasm inside of me. The orgasm was so intense that I had to bite
down on my lower lip to keep from crying out, yet not even for a moment did
I close my eyes or look away from this enthralling exhibition of depraved
sex-acts being performed my lover and this band of horny highwaymen.

Xena Warrior Princess: Xena Warrior Slut Part 3 - Sex-Ed Teacher
(M+/F, gang, bukkake - b/F, pedo, BDSM, fist, humil, ws, exhib, voyeur)
by Oric13 ([email protected])

The next half candlemark was spend in a state of perpetual arousal as I
frantically finger-fucked myself through three separate orgasms while
watching the love of my life being screwed in every hole (and in a bunch of
other places) by eight well-hung highwaymen. Eventually, the energetic
nine-way screwing started to slow down, and then stopped altogether with
the men withdrawing their still stiff members from Xena's well-fucked holes.

I was surprised to discover that even though I came three times while
watching them, and Xena herself had two more orgasms, none of the eight
bandits had apparently come during this nine-way super-orgy. Admittedly,
I'm no expert when it comes to the male sex, but I'm pretty sure that it's
kinda unusual for a man to keep going for this long without shooting his
load. And for eight to do so is even stranger...

However, I quickly lost interest about the particulars of a man's libido
when the eight bandits were joined by the remaining five and started
forming a close circle around Xena. Not a word was said and I watched in
growing amazement as all thirteen of them suddenly started jerking off. I
could only catch glimpses of my lover between the outlaws' legs, but it was
pretty clear that all those pricks were pointed directly at her.

It all happened so fast that my lust-muddled mind barely had time to grasp
what's going on. All the outlaws were collectively stroking their stiff
members, grunting and groaning loudly, when suddenly their cocks started
shooting out strings of pearly-white sperm, which of course landed on the
naked, kneeling warrior princess. This cum shower lasted for about a minute
before, one by one, they ran out of spunk and stepped back out of the circle.

Now that my view wasn't blocked anymore by those big outlaws, I was finally
able to get a good look at Xena -- or actually, I wasn't, since she's
covered in cum! I stared amazed at my lover's 'new look'. Even though most
of it had landed on her face and her tits, I could hardly spot an inch of
skin that didn't have some sperm on it. And her face! Her beautiful face
was coated with a mask of slimy white goo! Ewww!! It was so bad that I
couldn't even see her eyes.

I half expected Xena to jump up and rip their dicks off as payback for this
grievous insult. Instead she just sat there in a puddle of cum while the
highwaymen laughed and got dressed. She didn't even look mad! Though,
admittedly, her facial expression was kinda hard to decipher with her face
all covered in cock-cream, so I guess that even if she were mad I wouldn't
be able to tell. Anyhow, she sat there for about a minute. Then, without
saying a word, she got up and walked over to the pond where she quickly
washed the spunk off her body and face.

Robin was waiting for her when she got out. "Enjoyed your bath?" he
pleasantly inquired.

"No, not really, and that was more a quick dip than a proper bath," Xena
replied a bit sullenly. "So, are we finally finished here?"

"Not quite," Robin answered, while raising a hunting horn to his lips.
"There's just one more thing I'd like you to do..." With that he blew his
horn three times in a row, earning him a puzzled look from both Xena and me.

Nothing happened for a couple of minutes, but then a young, good-looking
boy, who couldn't be more than 12 or 13 years old, stepped into the
clearing. 'Hmm, not exactly what I expected to happen...'

The boy had long brown hair, clear blue eyes, and was dressed almost
exactly the same as the outlaw leader: brown/green clothes, deerskin boots,
and a bow and quiver slung across his shoulder.

When he spotted Xena standing in the clearing, without a stitch of clothing
on, his eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open.

"Hey, Midge," Robin cheerfully greeted the boy, "I've called you here so
you could meet this lovely lady..." his voice trailed off and he turned to
Xena, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I got your name...?"

"Uh... Meg," Xena quickly replied.

Nice save.

"And my name is Robin Hood. It's a *real* pleasure to make your
acquaintance," Robin smiled and turned back to the boy. "Midge, I'd like
you to meet Meg. She's one of the two Amazons my men encountered yesterday;
the ones who so selfishly refused to pay the modest fee we ask of those
wishing to pass through our forest." The outlaw leader sadly shook his
head, as if expressing his disappointment about the sorry state of humanity.

"Meg, meet Midge the Miller's Son, my favourite nephew."

"A pleasure, I'm sure," Xena wryly replied, as this lad young enough to be
her son (in fact, except for the hair, he looks a lot like Solon) gawked
openly at her naked body. She made no effort to cover herself up, though.
But then Xena never was a shy one.

Robin chuckled. "Now, now, Midge... it's impolite to stare at our guest."

The boy blushed and looked away.

"I'm sorry, uncle," he said embarrassed.

"Nah, never mind," the bandit leader smiled. "I'm just kidding... you can
look all you want, nephew. That's kinda the reason why I called you here.
It's not like we run into beautiful bare-naked Amazons often, so I figured
you'd like to meet one when we do."

"Thanks, uncle!" Midge chirped and eagerly resumed his staring at my
lover's naked charms.

"Uh... Uncle Robin? Why *doesn't* she have any clothes on?" Midge asked;
sounding like the question only just occurred to him.

"Well, Midge," Robin began to explain. "After refusing to pay our toll
yesterday and roughing up my poor men without any provocation, her
conscious bothered her so much that she just had to find us again and make
up for her violent and unreasonable actions. However, since she's kinda
short on cash, Meg could think of only one way to repay us and that's by
offering up her beautiful body for our pleasure... Ain't that right, Meg?"
Robin cheerfully questioned.

"Yeah... that's exactly what happened," Xena responded with a hint of
sarcasm in her voice.

"Wow! That's amazing," Midge said while staring spellbound at Xena's big tits.

"It gets better... remember that I promised you a great present for your
13th birthday?"

The boy looked puzzled for a moment, but then nodded. "Oh, right, I
remember... On my twelfth birthday, when my parents... were killed by the
scout's men... you told me that I'd always have a home with you and that
you'd make sure that my next birthday would be the best ever, to kinda make
up for this one."

'Ouch. Poor kid.'

A pained look appeared on the outlaw leader's face, but was quickly pushed
away by his trademark roguish smile.

"Exactly... and even though your birthday isn't until tomorrow, I figured I
give you your present a bit early." He nodded his head in Xena's direction.
"Happy 13th birthday, nephew!"

"Oh, wow!" Midge excitedly exclaimed. "You mean I can look at her naked
body all I want, even from up-close?"

"Much better than that..." Robin smiled and paused a moment for dramatic

Oh. My. GODS! He's planning to let that little boy fuck her as well! I
noticed that Xena's starting to look a tad worried now.

"This gorgeous Amazon is gonna make you a man!"

Midge's face now positively glowed with excitement. "You mean I actually
getta fuck her?!"

"That's right!" Robin nodded.

Within the blink of an eye, Mitch had closed the twelve feet distance
between him and Xena and put his hands on the two things he'd been staring
at since he showed up: my lover's large breasts -- and roughly squeezed them.

"Ouch!! Hey! Watch-it, kid!" Xena protested while pushing the overeager boy

"Settle down, lad," Robin mildly admonished the boy. "This is supposed to
be a learning experience. You can't just go around grabbing a woman's
titties, or sticking it inside her without so much as a "how do you do".

"Ehm... I guess... I don't really know... what kinda... stuff to do," Midge
shyly confessed, looking flustered. "It's not like I've ever had sex before."

"Well, we've all had that problem sometime in our lives," Robin reassured
him, "However, Meg here looks like she's had plenty of experience in that
field, so why don't we ask her to give you a few pointers." He turned to
Xena and issued her another bright smile. "How about it? If you teach my
nephew about sex then I'll consider our score settled and you're free to go."

"I don't think so. I've had just about enough of this... and you already
promised me that you'd let me go after fucking you and your men," Xena
reminded him.

Robin's smile grew bigger. "So I did... And Midge here is one of my men, so
therefore he's included in that deal."

Xena shot back an annoyed look and Robin held up his hands. "Hey, I'm not
going back on my word here... It's not my fault that you didn't ask me how
many men I was talking about."

Xena looked once again at the young boy who was still busy staring at her
tits and then back to Robin, shaking her head. "Nuh-uh, no way! I've let
you bunch of perverts fuck me any which way you wanted, but this is where I
draw the line! I'm not letting some twelve-year-old kid fuck me!"

"Hey, I'm practically thirteen!" Midge called out indignantly.

"Whatever. I'm still not letting you fuck me," Xena stoically rebuked.

"Uncle!" the boy whined, a distressed look on his face as he sensed the
opportunity of a lifetime slipping away.

"Relax, Midge," Robin said, sounding amused. Stepping closer to the teen,
he put his arm around his nephew's shoulder. "Since you're almost a man
now, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret about women and marriage," he
'whispered' conspiringly, "which my married Merry Men already know."

Robin winked at his men who seemed to be holding back their laughter. Wow,
these guys sure are cheerful. But I guess that's why they're called the
"Merry" Men.

"You don't marry a good wife -- you marry a good-*looking* woman and then
you *train* her to be a good wife."

"Train her?" the boy asked confused while staring at the tall, impressive,
beautiful warrior woman standing before him.

"That's right," Robin said while signalling his men. "And even though
you're not marrying Meg, the same basic principle applies here." He hadn't
even finished this sentence or the black twins sprung into action: they
grabbed Xena, wrestled her arms behind her back, and tied her wrists
together. Once again, Xena hardly put up a fight. And even though she made
it look like she did her best to escape, she didn't fool me for a second.

With Xena's arms tied behind her back, they turned her around and pushed
her to the ground till she was kneeling with her face almost touching the
grass and her ass sticking out pointed at Robin and Midge.

SMACK!!! Robin playfully swatted Xena's upraised behind and grinned at his
nephew. "A regular ass-whooping makes for a happy and loyal wife... just
ask Marian."

His men laughed loudly. I'm not sure, but I'm getting the feeling that
Robin is being kinda fictitious here and that this Marian they're talking
about isn't someone to be messed with.

"Here ya go, Robin," Will said, walking towards them holding the infamous
heavy leather belt he'd already used on Xena's ass, pussy, and tits.

"Thank you, my friend," Robin courteously replied, accepting the leather
instrument of pain. As Will rejoined the others, Robin offered the belt to
his awed nephew. "I know you've been the recipient of this a couple of
times, so I figure I don't have to explain its use to you." He winked at
Midge and patted his back. "Do me proud, nephew."

"I will, uncle," the boy replied, his voice trembling with excitement.

With his eyes fixed on Xena's bare behind, he quickly removed the bow and
quiver from his back as well as any clothing above the waist. I'm guessing
he's seen others do the same before delivering a whipping.

With his arms and chest bared, I noticed that Midge possessed a very
well-developed physique for a twelve-year old, and that his right arm was a
lot more muscled than his left. Probably because of using that bow he
carries with him. And since that's the arm he's gonna be using to strap
Xena's naked rump, I think she's in for a bit of a shock.

Obviously eager to get started, Midge took up position behind Xena, swung
back the heavy leather belt, and lashed it down hard onto my lover's bare
behind. Xena's muscular yet surprisingly soft-to-the-touch globes quivered
from impact and she let out an audible grunt.

Impressive as that first stroke already was, considering the age of the
disciplinarian, the next stroke that landed on Xena's butt about a second
later seemed to be twice as hard.

WHACKK!!! A third stroke at least as hard as the one before crashed down.
CRACKK!!! Followed by a fourth.
CRACKK!!! And a fifth. Damn, that lad's got some real power in his right arm!

Xena grunted and groaned loudly as Midge swiftly delivered a lengthy series
of stinging blows upon her upraised rump, her normally stoic face
registering genuine shock at the boy's strength and expertise with the belt.

I must be becoming as depraved as Xena, because seeing my disloyal lover
getting her bare ass whipped by this young boy was a huge turn-on for me.
Returning my fingers to my wet pussy, I frantically fingered myself while
eagerly watching Xena's full-size butt absorbing blow after blow. Her firm
fleshy cheeks, already rosy red from earlier whippings, were now becoming
criss-crossed with fiery red welts, and her entire body shook each time the
heavy leather crashed down on her behind.

After dealing out about two dozen harsh & swift hits, Midge apparently
decided to savour this extraordinary experience, because he started taking
his time picking out the exact spot where he wanted the belt to land; like
against the underside of her ass, or right on top where her back started.

WHACKK!!! "Ouch!!"

... or right in the middle of her crevice, directly on her asshole! Damn,
the boy's a natural with that belt.

After that 'bullseye' he gave her six quick strokes all on her left cheek
followed by six on her right, and then another one on her asshole.

I was so focussed on Xena's ass that it took me a while to notice that the
black twins who had been holding her down had let her go and were watching
my lover's punishment along with their boss and the other outlaws. Still,
even though she was no longer held down, Xena had made no effort to escape
her humiliating ass-whipping. In fact, it actually seemed like she's making
an effort to better present her posterior to Midge by spreading her thighs
apart and sticking her butt out a bit further!

CRACK!!! WHACKK!!! "Ohhh!!"

Un-freaking-believable! Is there no limit to her depravity?! But this time,
instead of getting angry again at my two-timing lover's slutty behaviour, I
just got more turned on! Especially the uncharacteristically submissiveness
Xena displayed throughout her ordeal was a huge turn-on.

WHACKK!!! "Aahhh!"

And peering between Xena's spread thighs I noticed I wasn't the only one
who's incredibly turned on.

CRACK!!! "Oohh!"

Midge raised his arm, ready to deliver another welt onto my lover's
upraised bottom, when his uncle stopped him.

"Hold it, nephew," Robin ordered. "It's time for your first lesson in the
secrets of the female anatomy."

Midge questioningly looked at his uncle.

Robin stood beside his nephew and pointed at Xena's upraised behind.
"Notice anything different going on there?"

Midge aimed a concentrated stare at my lover's lower regions. "Uhm... her
butt definitely looks a lot redder than before."

Robin and his men laughed.

"A good observation, but there's more... Take a good look between those
strong thighs of hers, lad."

The boy kneeled closely behind Xena's kneeling nude sweaty form and took a
moment to admire the two perfectly formed spheres of her behind, which were
now covered in welts and glowed a bright red from the harsh punishment he'd
inflicted upon them.

Perhaps feeling a spark of regret for marring such perfect beauty, he stuck
out his hand and deferentially stroked the warrior's bruised and battered

Letting his hand rest on top of Xena's ass, Midge lowered his head to peer
in-between the triangle formed by the prostrated warrior's wide-spread
legs. With his face only inches away from her most private parts, the boy
got an up-close look of Xena's swollen, glistening pussy lips and her
puckered asshole.

After staring at her privates for a long time, he gathered his courage and
stuck out a single finger, sliding it slowly in-between her furrowed cleft.
Xena shuddered as he entered her. After gently prodding and probing the
soft flesh, he started sliding the single digit back and forth between her
swollen labia, bringing a soft moan from the red-faced warrior.

Midge turned his head to the watching and snickering men, and loudly
announced, "Her slit is all wet and swollen, uncle!"

"That's right, Midge," Robin smiled. "And for your second lesson about the
female anatomy... do you know what it means when a woman presents you with
a nice, juicy beaver like that?"

Midge shook his head.

"It means she's ready and eager to be fucked," the outlaw leader patiently

"You mean I can..." his voice trailed off while he lustfully stared at
Xena's raised, red behind.

"Fuck her anyway you like," Robin finished for him. "You've tamed her, and
now you get to ride this little filly."

The watching highwaymen guffawed.

"I can... really fuck her?" Midge repeated, unable to believe his good fortune.

Robin nodded and smiled. "Enjoy, nephew." After patting Midge on the back,
the outlaw leader joined his men again, giving the boy a tad more privacy.

Midge, meanwhile, hardly seemed to notice his uncle leaving; he was still
staring fixatedly at Xena's privates.

I sorta expected him to take his dick out, stick it up Xena's snatch, and
start pumping away. But that's not what happened. Instead he knelt behind
her again and moved his face so close to my lover's cunt that his nose
almost went inside it. While softly caressing her red behind with his left
hand, he used his right hand to physically examine her pussy. Besides her
pussy-lips, he seemed especially fascinated with Xena's big clit, which was
still standing out proudly erect. I doubt if he knew what it was... but
that didn't stop him from rubbing it and flicking his finger against it
repeatedly, bringing a series of grunts & groans from Xena.

The usually overly-proud Warrior Princess obediently stayed in position
while Midge played with her pussy, allowing this twelve-year-old boy to
have his wicked way with her. By now, I'd become too aroused and jaded to
get anymore angrier with Xena over this. Instead I copied everything Midge
did with Xena's cunt; doing the exact same things with my own pussy. So
when he inserted three fingers in my lover's cunt, I straight away stuck
three fingers into my own cunt. And when he started finger-fucking her a
few moments later, I followed his example.

Keeping my eyes fixed on Midge's fingers continuously invading Xena's cunt,
I swiftly pumped three digits into my own snatch, trying to keep up with
his pace. He suddenly slowed down, and I watched with bated breath as Midge
pulled his fingers out, formed a fist, and pushed it inside her pussy.

For a while, I didn't do anything except watch him fist-fuck Xena, which
went surprisingly easy. But then she did already have a man-sized fist
inside her twat today, not to mention plenty of huge dicks. I stared down
at my own snatch, which seemed pretty full with just the three fingers.
Licking my dry lips, I took a couple of deep breaths and began pushing my
thumb and pinkie inside my pussy alongside my other three fingers. At first
it went pretty smoothly, but then I needed to get my knuckles inside, which
of course is the hardest part...

I tried simply to push hard, but that hurt like hell, so I decided to do it
more gradually and started fucking myself with all five fingers. Focussing
my attentions on Xena's fist-fucking, I finger-fucked myself faster and
faster, and each time my fingers went inside me a tiny bit further till,
finally, my entire hand popped inside.

Peering down between my wide-spread thighs, I took in the extremely
arousing sight of my very own hand filling up my cunt and experimentally
wriggled my fingers around inside of me, causing a jolt of pleasure to go
through me. 'OH!! That felt nice!'

After twisting my hand around a couple of times, I took a couple of deep
breaths and started slowly forming a fist inside my tight little pussy,
feeling really glad that I keep my nails short. To distract myself from the
pain I once again fixed my eyes on Midge's fist rapidly pumping in-and-out
of my lover's slit. That worked real well and before I knew it, I felt the
nails of my fingers press into the palm of my hand.

Carefully, I moved my fist around inside my narrow sheath and had to stifle
a cry of pleasure when my knuckles rubbed against a particular spot in my
vagina. I tried to find that spot again... and when I did the feeling was
even better than before! 'Wow! This is turning out to be a very educational
experience for me,' I considered with a grin, and repeatedly rubbed this
newly discovered pleasure spot.

My entire hand was dripping with my juices by now and moved around
relatively easy inside my snatch. I knew I was as ready as I'm ever gonna
be, so I slowly started pumping my fist into my pussy, gradually picking up
the pace.

'I'm really doing it!' I thought excitedly while staring at my stuffed
snatch. 'I'm actually fist-fucking myself! Xena would be SO proud,' I
considered with a wry smile as I once again directed my eyes onto my
adulterous lover, kneeling there naked with her ass in the air and a young
boy's fist up her twat.

'You fucking slut! Depraved whore with a fist up your cunt!' I berated both
myself and Xena as I fucked myself with my fist. Because besides being
angry with Xena about the cheating and the twisted sex-acts I've seen her
do with these outlaws, I was also upset with myself for getting so
incredibly turned-on while watching her. It's gonna be kinda hard taking
the moral high-ground with Xena after having several orgasms while spying
on her doing these degrading sex-acts. 'Oh, well... I just won't tell her
about that.'

With my fist sliding smoothly in-and-out of my slit, I was quickly getting
close to another climax when Midge abruptly halted the fast fist-fucking he
was giving my lover. Xena grunted as the boy pulled his hand out of her
pussy, sounding disappointed that he stopped. For some reason I didn't
quite understand myself I felt the urge to keep mimicking the teen's
actions, and so I also removed my hand from my sopping snatch.

I watched amused as Midge raised his right hand to his face and looked
fascinated at the glistening juices coating his fingers. He took a
tentative whiff and, apparently approving of the smell, followed this by
licking a finger. The boy seemed to approve of the taste as well because he
began licking his hand clean while staring intently at Xena's dripping wet
cunt. Following his example, I slipped a sticky finger into my mouth and
slowly sucked it clean.

By now, Midge knew enough about women to know that he got her very aroused.
Proud of his victory over this magnificent warrior woman captive, he smiled
happily and smacked her ass a couple of times while simultaneously
fingering her dripping slot.

"Are you willing to cooperate now, Amazon, or do I have to whip that
amazing ass of yours some more?"

Nice... I especially liked how smoothly he incorporated complimenting her
ass into his threat.

"Yeah, okay... I'll cooperate," Xena moaned.

"Good, then I want you to lie on your back... and teach me what to do with
your cunt," Midge breathlessly ordered.

"Seems to me like you already know what to do with my cunt," Xena remarked
while turning over on her back and planting her feet far apart, granting
the aroused teen a great view of her soaked snatch.

"Beginners luck, I guess," Midge smiled while staring unabashed at my
lover's exposed cunt. An amused smile crossed Xena's lips. Hmm, I have to
say that she doesn't appear to be particularly upset about having to show
her most intimate parts to a twelve-year old... And what she said next
pretty much confirmed that.

"Okay, why don't you start by taking your pants off," Xena told him, "and
then I'll teach you what to do with my cunt... as well as the rest of my body."

She didn't have to ask twice - or even once. In record time, Midge divested
himself of his boots and pants, leaving him stark-naked since he wasn't
wearing any underwear.

"Very nice," Xena commented appreciatively when she got her first look of
the boy's erect penis. I had to agree. For a boy his age he was very
well-endowed, his hard-on stood out a good 5-6 inches and its thickness was
pretty impressive as well. I silently wondered how long it would take
before I'll be watching that young prick plunder my lover's pussy.

Not very long I'll bet.

Rubbing his rigid pecker, Midge knelt between the warrior's wide-spread
legs and used his free left hand to play with her moist pussy.

"Are your pussy-lips always this red & swollen?" the boy questioned while
softly stroking my lover's swollen labia.

"No, normally they are a lot less prominent," Xena nonchalantly replied.
"They now look like that partly because I'm aroused, but mostly because
I've just been gangbanged by your uncle and his men."

"Whoa!" Midge exclaimed while staring transfixed at Xena's cunt. "So they
all stuck their pricks into your pussy?"

"Yep, and also into my mouth and asshole..." she casually explained. "They
really gave me a very thorough fucking."

I'm pretty sure I detected admiration in her voice when she said that.

"In your ASSHOLE?!" Midge exclaimed surprised, a hint of disgust in his
voice. "Why would they fuck you in there?"

"Probably because it's a lot tighter than my pussy," Xena stated
indifferently. "But we'll get to my mouth and asshole in a while; let's
continue focussing on my pussy for now... Why don't you pull apart my
pussy-lips and take a good look inside my cunt."

Holy Artemis! I cannot believe she actually said that!

Moving his face in close, Midge used a couple of fingers from each hand to
carefully spread my lover's cunt open. "Wow! You're pussy is soaking wet,"
he excitedly noted. "So does that really mean you're ready and eager to be

"Yeah, that's basically it," Xena answered candidly. "When a man gets
aroused his dick becomes hard and when a woman gets aroused her pussy
becomes wet. And that wetness provides lubrication so our pussies can be
more easily fucked by big cocks."

"Like your pussy today," Midge interjected with an impish smile.

"Exactly," Xena smirked. "And do you see that little knob standing out at
the top of my slit?" she said, pointing at her stiff clit.

"I see it, but it doesn't look so little to me," Midge replied while
touching the hard knob with the tip of his finger.

"Good point," Xena chuckled. "That's another - very obvious - sign of a
woman's arousal. It's called a clitoris, and when it sticks out like this -
like a tiny cock - it means I'm very aroused. It's also very sensitive and
playing with it is one of the quickest ways to make a woman cum."

Midge nodded in understanding. "So that's why you were moaning so loud when
I was rubbing it earlier." Taking her clit between his thumb and
forefinger, he pulled and pinched it while looking closely at Xena's face.

"OH!! Oohhhh!" my lover groaned as the teen roughly toyed with her
sensitive pleasure button. "Yes, but -OH!- take it easy on my clit if you
-Oohh!- want me to continue your sex lesson."

With a slight pout on his lips, Midge reluctantly released Xena's clit.

Xena took a moment to collect herself before continuing her little lecture:
"Okay... So far you've learned that when a woman gets aroused, her pussy
becomes wet, her labia-lips swell up, and her clittie makes an appearance,
all shiny and stiff. But what you really have to know is how to get a woman
in that aroused state. And getting her so incredibly horny that she'll
willingly perform whatever perverted sex-act you can think of - even
displaying her cunt to a twelve-year-old - now that's a *real* challenge!"

'Unless, of course, the woman you're dealing with is already a kinky slut,'
I mentally added. 'Then it's no challenge at all to make her do these kinda
perverted sex-acts - right, Xena?'

"And you're gonna teach me how to do that?" Midge excitedly asked.

"Well, it takes a lot of practice to get really good at this, but I will
give you some pointers to help you along," Xena replied. "Naturally, the
easiest way to get a woman aroused is by working on her pussy. You've
already finger-fucked & fisted my cunt, which is one good way to go about it."

"Did I do that right?" Midge asked.

"Very good for a first timer," Xena smiled, "though there's still room for
improvement... Would you like me to teach you a better finger-fuck technique?"

"Yes! Definitely," the boy eagerly replied.

"Okay, start by gently caressing my cunt," Xena instructed and Midge
instantly complied. "Oohh, that's it... play with my pussy-lips and tease
my clit... now give my cunny a couple of mild spanks."


"Oohhhh, yes!" Xena groaned. "Now normally you repeat this routine for
about five to ten minutes, but in the interest of saving time, let's move
on to the next phase... Slide a finger in my slit and slowly twist it
around while you finger-fuck me."

Staring spellbound at Xena's snatch, Midge shoved his index-finger inside
and twirled it around while pumping it in and out.

"Mmmm, ohhhh... keep doing this for a couple of minutes before adding a
second, and then a third finger, while occasionally fondling my clit."

"Then we come to stage three where you start making a come-hither-motion
with those three digits buried inside your lover's quim... Goddess!!! Yes,
like that! Oohhh!!"

"Oh!! Unghh! N-Now start applying your thumb to my clit... OHHHH!!YES!
N-Notice how fucking wet my cunt is, Midge? You're doing that to me..."

The teen's concentrated expression momentarily faltered as he beamed
proudly at Xena's words. Moving his tongue across his pouty lips, he
resumed playing with his hard-on while simultaneously fondling &
finger-fucking my lover's soaking wet snatch.

"Oh-ohhhh! Unghh! I-I think we're ready for the final stage now," Xena
panted. "A good, hard fist-fucking, like the one you gave me earlier...
When I give the sign, I want you to make a fist and start pumping it into
my twat... Oh, and remember that this should only be reserved for special
occasions. Definitely NOT something you want to try out with your first
girlfriend on your first night together."

"Got it," Midge grinned. "I'll save the fisting for the 2nd date."

Xena grinned back. "Okay... ready, set... give it to me, Midge!"

And he gave it to her alright... The young boy's fist slid smoothly inside
my lover's well-lubricated love-tunnel and it didn't take long before he
was pumping his fist and most of his forearm into her pussy like he was
churning butter. Xena, of course, loved it. The big slut just loves a good
fist-fucking, and Midge seemed to be great at it.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Unghhh!" Xena grunted, her face a mask of lust while
staring spellbound at the lewd spectacle of her cunt being conquered by
this twelve-year-old boy. Midge's eyes were equally captivated by the same
sight. His left fist was now tightly wrapped around his rock-hard erection,
and he energetically jerked off while even more energetically pumping his
right hand into the warrior's wide-open pussy-hole.

Despite my many misgivings about this depraved coupling, I was still
incredibly aroused by it. Once again I mimicked what Midge was doing to my
lover by pushing my fist into my pussy and fucking myself with it... though
not nearly as rough & rapid as Midge was giving it to Xena. Both his fists
were moving so fast now they seemed a blur; the left sliding up and down
his hard-on and the right pumping in-and-out of Xena's stretched snatch.

"YES! YES! YES! YES! Fist me, you little bastard!" Xena cried out, bucking
wildly against the boy's invading hand, her big breasts bouncing up and
down. "Give it to me hard!! Shove your arm all the way up my slutty Amazon

Huh, how about that. Apparently, Xena is throwing in a complimentary lesson
of dirty talk.

"Don't worry, I'll give it to you harder than you ever got it before, you
big-titted warrior whore!" Midge called back excitedly.

Nice comeback for a newbie, and he even managed to make it rhyme.

"Ungh! Oohh! Ungh! Ohhh Yeah!! You really love shoving your fist inside a
woman's snatch, don't ya, you naughty little pervert?" Xena said, smiling

"D-Damn right I d-do," Midge panted, "but not as much as YOU love my fist
pounding your t-trampy Amazon twat!"

I heard Xena chuckle in-between her grunting and groaning. Yeah, she likes
a bit of verbal sparring - even during sex.

"Ungh! Ohhh YES! Ohhhh FUCK! YES!! I'm gonna cum!" Xena loudly announced,
while moving her hips to meet Midge's thrusting fist. Her announcement was
greeted by cheers from the watching highwaymen. "Oohhhh GODS!! A
twelve-year-old boy is making me cum! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
With a loud cry, Xena came. It was quite a sight seeing young Midge shoving
his fist again and again into Xena's sopping wet snatch while she thrashed
around on the grass like a fish on dry land.

About half a minute later Xena was still cumming when Midge came as well.
Spurts of pearly white sperm erupted from the mushroom-shaped purple
cockhead peeking out above his swiftly pumping fist and landed all the way
on top of Xena's bouncing breasts. Seeing this triggered my own orgasm as
well... rapidly pumping my right fist into my contracting cunt, I shoved my
left fist into my mouth to stifle my cries. After that it took a while till
stars stopped exploding in front of my eyes and I could properly see again.

When my eye-sight cleared up again, the first thing I saw was a very
relaxed looking Xena lying on the grass with a very happy Midge kneeling
besides her playing with her tits.

"So, what's my next sex lesson?" the boy asked with a big grin on his face
and another hard-on pointing up from his lap.

Heh. Too bad I couldn't see the look on Xena's face when he said that.

"Oh, to be young & constantly horny again," the warrior resignedly said
while sitting up and crossing her legs. Despite having a legendary libido,
her reaction was certainly understandable considering she'd been screwing
her brains out for the last three candlemarks. However, Midge had only
barely started and was obviously eager for more.

Xena stared silently at the boy's stiff cock for a while before looking up
and saying, "Okay... next I'll teach you about oral sex, which I bet you're
gonna love... especially the receiving kind," she added with a smirk.

Midge looked intrigued.

"Go stand in front of me," Xena instructed. As the boy stood up and walked
around to her front, Xena moved into a kneeling position. With my lover's
face this close to his cock, Midge could easily guess what's gonna happen
next. And judging from the excited expression on his face, he indeed knew.

In any case, Xena didn't leave him long in suspense. With her wrists still
tied behind her back, she leaned slowly forwards until her lips nearly
touched the teen's cock. Then she stuck out her tongue and tentatively
licked the thick mushroom-shaped head - first up and down across his
piss-slit, and then all the way around it and back again. After repeating
this several times, Xena started swiping her long, talented tongue up and
down its entire length - from the purple tip all the way down to his balls.
And it didn't take long before those balls were also being tended to...
Slowly licking her way up and down the boy's dick, Xena lovingly kissed and
licked them each time she got all the way down.

'Why is Xena making such a big production out of what could be a simple
blowjob,' I wondered while watching amazed as my lover performed all kinds
of special tricks with her tongue on the blissful boy's penis.

That's when I noticed the captivated looks on the Merry Men's faces and the
big bulges in their pants, and figured that's probably the reason: Xena's
putting on this super sexy show to tease her attentive audience. After all,
Robin promised her that she only had to please his nephew before being
released. So they weren't allowed to fuck her anymore no matter how horny
her show made them.

Taking her mouth of Midge's dick, Xena looked in the direction of the
highwaymen. Since she's looking away from me, I couldn't see her facial
expression but I'm pretty sure she was flashing them her trademark smirk.
And judging from outlaws' frustrated faces, I probably guessed right.

With a smug smile on her face, Xena once again turned her full attention on
Midge - or rather Midge's dick. Parting her luscious lips, she finally
allowed the teen's stiff prick access into her hot mouth.

Midge moaned in ecstasy... With his eyes partly closed and that dreamy
kinda look on his face, the young lad looked like he was in some sort of a
trance. But that didn't last long, because only a few moments later Xena
started sucking him off. Almost instantly, the boy was wide awake again,
staring down with lust filled eyes as my lover went down on him.

The twelve-year-old couldn't keep his eyes off Xena's gorgeous face bobbing
up and down his erection, drinking in the astonishing sight of this
beautiful, proud warrior-woman kneeling naked before him, sucking hungrily
on his cock like a cheap Athenian whore.

His look of aroused amazement quickly changed to bliss when Xena took his
cock all the way in and started deepthroating him. As he became more and
more excited, Midge started thrusting his hips forwards, trying to get his
prick as far down my lover's throat as he could. However, for some reason
he didn't hold Xena's head while fucking her face (which *I* know she
hates) like most men in his position would have done, but instead clasped
his hands behind his neck. He must have pretty good instincts 'cause I'm
pretty sure that Xena is gonna reward him for that.

Even though Midge had just recently cum, it didn't take long before Xena's
first-class blowjob triggered another orgasm in him, and he emptied his
balls into my lover's mouth.

I suddenly detected movement out of the corner of my eye and saw that
several of the Merry Men were moving towards my naked lover again -- their
huge hard-ons leading the way. Maybe showing off while sucking Midge off
wasn't so smart of Xena, because it looked like she's about to endure yet
another gangbang... either that or beat those six horny bandits off of her.

However, as it turned out there was no need for me to worry, because before
those six men were able to join in Robin called them back. He looked pretty
angry and after berating his men, he ordered the entire group (except for
Little John, Will and the black twins) to move to the other side of the
clearing, a good distance away from Xena and Midge. These not-so-Merry Men
grudgingly (but quickly) obeyed.

Impressed with Robin's leadership, I once again focussed my attention on
Xena and her young lover.

"That! Was fucking amazing!" the boy happily sighed as he dropped down to
his knees. Beaming up at Xena, he put his hands on her shoulders and
pressed his lips again hers. Xena looked surprised at first but then kissed
the teen back. While they kissed, Midge moved his hands to my lover's tits
and started fondling them. That boy's REALLY fond of Xena's big titties.
But then, who isn't...

Xena had noticed that as well. When their kiss finally ended, she followed
Midge's gaze down to her large bosom, being reverently caressed by the
teen's slender hands. Looking back up, she gave the captivated boy an
amused smile. "You really like my tits, don't ya, kid?"

Midge blushed as he tore his eyes away from Xena's tits to look up at her
face. "Uhm, yeah... I LOVE your tits!" he shyly admitted. "In fact, I was
kinda wondering if you'd let me... milk them."

"What?!" Xena exclaimed surprised.

"I'd really like to milk your big titties," Midge cheerfully repeated while
squeezing the objects of his admiration and shaking them around. "This is
where your milk comes from, isn't it?"

Watching the boy bounce her boobs around, Xena began to laugh. "Yes, of
course that's where my milk comes from, but NO you can't milk me because...
well, for one, I'm not with a child."

Midge appeared confused.

"Women produce milk so they can feed their babies," Xena patiently
explained. "So their titties only make milk during and after their pregnancy."

"Oh," the teen responded, looking somewhat disappointed. "I thought the
reason your breasts are so big is because they're full of milk."

"Well, that ain't the reason," Xena grinned. "I'm just pretty well-endowed."

"Do all Amazons have such great big titties?" the boy curiously asked.

Xena chuckled. "Well, some of them do, but most don't; they really come in
all kinda different shapes and sizes."

"And do you and the other Amazons walk around topless?"

"Nope. At least not in public," Xena replied amused.

"Hmm, too bad," Midge sighed.

"I'm sure you're not the only one who feels that way," Xena said with a smirk.

"Oh, and I remember hearing a rumour that some Amazons cut off one of their
breasts so it won't get in the way while using a bow. That's not true, is it?"

"No, that absolutely isn't true," Xena snickered. "At least, I've never met
a single Amazon who would voluntarily cut off one of her breasts for
whatever reason."

"Good, 'cause it would be a freakin' waste to remove one of these," Midge
happily stated while giving Xena's topless tits another squeeze.

"I couldn't agree more," she smiled.

Midge's questions about Amazons and their tits caused a great deal of
hilarity amongst the Merry Men, and with me as well. It also made Xena
laugh, which is pretty rare.

"Would you like to fuck 'em?" she suddenly offered.

"What?" Midge asked surprised.

"Would you like to fuck my big Amazon titties?" Xena slowly repeated with a
wicked smile.

"I can actually do that?" the boy asked puzzled while his eyes moved
rapidly back and forth between my lover's tits and her face.

"Uh-huh," Xena cheerfully responded. "Just straddle my chest while I lie on
my back and slide your dick in-between my boobs while you press them

Midge's penis, which had been half-hard ever since it came out of Xena's
mouth, instantly turned fully erect again

"Yeah, I figured that would catch your interest," Xena said with a grin
while lying down on her back. With her arms tied behind her, the warrior's
ample chest stuck out even further than usual, providing a very inviting
target for the teen's stiff member.

Trembling with excitement, Midge positioned himself above Xena's midriff
and moved forwards until his dick was lying in-between her boobs. Smiling
down at her, he grabbed her tits with both hands and started stroking and
squeezing them while pushing them together. With my lover's large tits
wrapped tightly around his dick, the teen started moving his hips back and
forth, gradually going faster.

Young Midge looked like he was having the time of his life as he happily
pumped his stiff prick in-between Xena's magnificent mammaries. I felt
myself becoming aroused again just from watching him.

"Ohhh yeahhh, work my titties, little boy" Xena moaned as the teen roughly
kneaded her tender tit-flesh and toyed with her stiff nipples. "Mmmm! Oohh!
Yessss!! That's right... Fuck and fondle them all you like. These great,
big Amazon boobs belong to you for the time being and you can do whatever
you want with them."

It didn't take long before Xena's depraved dirty talk inflamed the
twelve-year-old into taking further liberties with her tits. Staring down
at Xena's chest with lust-filled eyes, Midge started pulling, twisting and
pinching her hard nipples. After a few minutes of this he suddenly let go
and struck the palm of his hand repeatedly against my lover's left boob
while grabbing and kneading her right boob. Then he groped her left tit
while slapping the right... and then switched again.

"Yes! *SMACK!* Ungh! *SMACK!!* Unghh! *SMACK!* Ooh! *SMACK!* Yesss! That's
it! *SMACK!* Torture my titties, you little bastard! *SMACK!* Oohh!"

'Now she's begging him to hurt her breasts?! What an unbelievable slut!' I
found myself thinking for at least the tenth time this day. Adding a third
finger into my wet pussy, I began finger-fucking myself faster while
watching my lover's big tits being smacked around by a boy not even half
her age.

"A job worth doing is a job worth doing well," Xena often told me. And her
commitment to excel at everything she does was certainly noticeable here as
well 'cause she was giving this boy one hell of a sex education.

After a couple of minutes of slapping Xena's titties, Midge settled down
somewhat and solely focussed on fucking her breasts. Judging from the
intense look on his face, he was very close to another climax.

"Tell me what you want to do next to me," I heard Xena ask with a low, sexy

"Ugnh! I wanna Unghh! shoot my sperm all over Ungh! your big tits and
beautiful face!" Midge grunted while pumping his cock faster and faster
into my warrior's magnificent cleavage.

"I suppose you could do that... but then you might not get it up again,"
she teasingly remarked "and you'd miss out on fucking my pussy."

The boy blinked and you see his lust-filled mind mull this unexpected
dilemma over.

"So what's it gonna be boy?" Xena said in a sing-song voice, "My tits or my

Midge stopped fucking Xena's tits, so I guess he picked pussy. The teen
looked longingly at my lover large breasts for a moment before moving
backwards and kneeling between her wide-spread legs.

"So I finally get to fuck your pussy now?" he questioned breathlessly while
stroking his trembling erection and staring at Xena's snatch.

"Well, let's finish your oral lesson first," Xena said in a soothing voice,
"that will really come in handy when pleasing your woman... Besides," she
added when she noticed Midge's disappointed face, "if you'd start fucking
me now you wouldn't last very long anyway. And I'll bet you want to enjoy
your first real fuck, don't ya Midge?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so," the boy hesitantly replied.

"Right!" Xena smiled. "Then a cooling off period will do you good... And
that time will be well spent by teaching you how to properly eat pussy."

Apparently not familiar with the term 'eating pussy' Midge gawked at her
and Xena gave him a wink. "Let's start you off easy... Just move your face
close to my cunt and start kissing all around it."

The teen stared at her snatch for several seconds... then leaned down and
began kissing Xena's thighs and lower belly.

"Mmmm, nice... Now, move closer to my pussy and kiss my lips... and I'm not
talking about my mouth."

Midge giggled (as did I) and obediently followed Xena's instructions -
reverently kissing on and around her pussy-lips.

'Wow! She's *really* good at getting her way,' I pondered with a wry smile.
'Just look at how little time and effort it took her to coax Midge into
going down on her. Now that's a pro at work.'

"That's a good lad," Xena smiled, lifting her head a little higher so she
could watch the teen pay homage to her pussy. "Now lick my cunt! ... Mmmm,
that's right, just like that..."

"Oohhhh, that feels good," Xena sighed, "You've obviously got a knack for
eatin' pussy."

Midge looked up for a moment and smiled, then without being told, he shoved
his tongue inside her snatch and started tongue-fucking her.

"Ooh!!" Xena gasped. "Oohhhh! You naughty boy," she admonished him in that
low, sexy voice of hers, but instead of upset she sounded surprised and

Xena didn't give him anymore pussy-licking instructions after that, and he
didn't appear to need them. Earlier I thought that Xena was just trying to
boost his confidence when she told him he's got a knack for eating pussy,
but he does seem to possess a natural talent for it. I felt a weird mixture
of fascination, arousal and jealousy as the teen's pink tongue darted
swiftly in-and-out of my lover's slit, occasionally flicking against her
engorged clit. Keeping my eyes fixed on Xena's wide-spread snatch, I rubbed
my thumb across my own aroused clit a couple of times while pounding my
three digits further and faster into my moist pussy.

Then Midge started doing something with his tongue that Xena REALLY liked,
judging from her loud moans, "OHHHHH!!! YES! Keep doing that! Keep doing
that! Ooohhhh! Yesssss! You're such a good boy."

Too bad I couldn't see specifically *what* he did that got Xena so aroused,
because it sounded like something I wanted to try myself.

"Oohhhh! Well, now that you got me all hot & bothered, I guess it's time
for your reward," Xena suddenly said.

Midge raised his head up from between my lover's legs, a puzzled expression
and Xena's juices on his face. "Whaddaya mean?" he questioned after licking
his lips clean.

"I mean that you may now fuck my pussy," Xena grinned, "and officially
cease to be a virgin."

A huge smile broke out on the boy's face. Staring down intently at the
warrior's dripping wet cunt, he stroked his stiff cock a couple of times
and edged forwards until the tip touched Xena's pussy. After rubbing the
thick purple head several times up and down her slit, Midge slowly pushed
his prick into my lover's pussy, and didn't stop until he was all the way
inside her.

With his dick firmly imbedded inside Xena's snatch, Midge stayed that way
for several minutes, not moving much except for grinding his crotch against
Xena's. The young lad was obviously savouring this very special moment.
Understandably considering this is his first real fuck and it's with one of
the most beautiful, amazing woman in the known world. If not for the tragic
death of his parents, he would be the luckiest boy alive.

I could tell from Midge's worshipping, ecstatic expression as he gazed down
into my lover's piercing blue eyes that already he has developed a huge
crush on her in the short time he's known her. I'm pretty sure I sported
that exact same look the first time I had sex with Xena.

Planting his hands on the grass next to Xena's waist, Midge slowly withdrew
his dick until only the tip remained in her pussy. He held this position
for a couple of seconds, then shoved his entire cock back inside. Once
again, he remained all the way inside her -this time for only a minute-
while grinding his crotch against Xena's cunt, before pulling out, waiting
a few seconds, and pushing his prick fast inside.

He could probably keep this up with several candlemarks, and for a while I
was worried that that's *exactly* what he's planning to do. Luckily, things
started to speed up as the boy became increasingly aroused, and before long
he was steadily pumping his penis into Xena's receptive cunt.

"Woo-hoo!" the teen hollered, triumphantly raising his right fist in the
air while looking over at his uncle with an exuberant expression on his
face. "I'm doing it, Uncle Robin!" the boy excitedly shouted. "I'm fucking
my first woman!! I'm no longer a virgin now!"

The Merry Men and their leader laughed. "Right you are, lad!" Robin called
back. "You've entered the world of manhood now!"

"This also means that I've now fucked ALL your men!" Xena remarked while
looking at the outlaw leader, "So after your nephew finishes this fuck, our
score will be settled and I'll be free to go, right?"

Robin smiled and inclined his head to her. "Of course, my lady... a deal is
a deal: as soon as Midge comes, you're free to go."

"That soon?!" Midge cried, "But I hoped we could keep having sex until my
birthday tomorrow."

Everyone laughed at this, including Xena and myself.

"Even Hercules himself would have difficulty keeping it up for so long,
lad," Robin told the disillusioned teen.

Xena laughed even harder at that - probably because she's pretty
well-acquainted with Hercules' libido and knew exactly how long the big guy
could keep it up.

Midge, meanwhile, seemed to have quickly gotten over his little setback and
was now focussing on getting the most out of the time he still had with my

"So Midge, how does your first fuck feels?" Will casually inquired.

"Fucking Amazing!" the teen candidly responded, bringing more laughter from
the Merry Men. "I never dreamed that my first time would come so soon and
with a woman who's so incredibly beautiful!"

Neither did I.

It felt surreal seeing that young boy screwing my big, impressive,
beautiful warrior-lover... I mean, just look at them! His head barely
reaches her breasts, for Artemis' sake!

I guess that even though I'd already seen Xena suck Midge's cock, allow his
fingers, fist & tongue into her slutty snatch and give him a titty-fuck,
I'm still shocked that she'd actually allow herself to be fucked by a child.

It's at this point that I finally -and fully- realized that there's little
Xena WON'T do when it comes to sex. I wonder why it took me so long to see
that considering I've been sleeping with this woman for several years...
Who knows? Perhaps Callisto had a point when she accused me of being in
denial when it comes to the darker aspects of Xena's personality.

Still happily humping my adulterous lover, Midge raised his hands off the
grass and placed them on Xena's breasts. Smiling down at her, he started
thoroughly kneading and stroking those full round orbs of flesh.

Xena grinned back at the boy and said something to him, which unfortunately
I couldn't quite make out.

After watching Midge play with her boobs for a while, my warrior made him
an unexpected offer, "Would you like me to teach you a few other fun
positions for having sex?"

Midge appeared both surprised and fascinated by Xena's suggestion. After
giving it a moment's thought, he eagerly nodded. "Sure! The more I learn
the better."

"Okay, then you first have to stop fucking me so we can change positions
and you'll need to untie my hands."

Midge quickly followed the first of Xena's instructions by moving off her
so she could sit up, but looked to his uncle before doing the second part.
Smart kid. "Is it okay for me to untie her hands, Uncle Robin?"

The outlaw leader stared intently at Xena as he thought this over... before
concluding that if she really wanted to escape she would've attempted to do
so a lot earlier, which means that it's highly unlikely she'd try anything
now since about to be released soon anyway.

Or at least I'm guessing that's what he was thinking, because he did give
Midge permission to untie her hands. "Go ahead, lad, she's been pretty
well-behaved so far so I don't think she'll give you any trouble. And if
she does... well, then Nasir and Azeem will teach her to play nice," he
added, obviously as a warning to Xena, while looking pointedly at the two
large black men standing about six feet away from Xena and Midge, both
fully dressed and heavily-armed.

Xena smirked in response before turning her back to Midge so he could untie
her hands. Both Xena and I knew that she'd have no trouble dealing with
them if she suddenly decided NOT to play nice.

Once her hands were free, Xena turned back around and gave the teen a
smile. "Thanks, Midge... Now are you ready to fuck me some more?"

"Anytime!" Midge eagerly replied.

"I thought so," Xena grinned. "Well, then lie down on your back and I'll
handle it from there."

The boy quickly complied and a second later he lay stretched out on the
thick grass with his purple-headed erection proudly sticking up.

Xena gracefully stood up and slowly walked around the naked boy while
smiling down at him. After having made a full circle, she knelt down at his
feet and lightly kissed his toes then slowly made her way upwards, planting
kisses along the way.

I watched enthralled as Xena tenderly kissed Midge's feet, lower legs,
knees, his thighs, and then his penis, which was given a lot of loving
attention. She started out by kissing every inch of the boy's balls. Then,
sticking out her tongue, she lavishly licked his nuts before sucking them
both into her mouth and keeping them there for about almost a minute.

Now there's another sight I thought I'd never see: the amazing Warrior
Princess, naked as a jaybird on her knees, sucking a 12 year-old boy's
balls. Fucking surreal...

After relinquishing the boy's berries from her mouth, Xena continued
kissing Midge's cock all the way up to the mushroom-shaped crown. She
planted a big kiss on the thick purple penis-head before giving it the same
treatment she just gave his balls, hungrily licking and sucking it.

When she finally went on to kissing his belly and chest, Midge's hard-on
stood up stiffer than ever before and its entire length glistened from her
saliva. After kissing, licking and nibbling both of the boy's erect
nipples, she slowly kissed up his neck unto his face till she reached his
lips. For a long moment they stared into each other's eyes, and then they
kissed. A long, passionate kiss, with lotsa tongue.

These kinda 'romantic' moments bothered me more than all the depraved
fucking she's done with those outlaws. That was just sex (wild kinky
adulterous sex, but just sex nonetheless), but this kiss was something
more...maybe not actual love, at least not from Xena's side, but it did
demonstrate a strong affection, which kinda freaks me out. This is not
something I like to see from the woman whom I consider to be my soulmate
and eventually want to marry.

When the kiss finally ended, Xena whispered something into Midge's ear that
brought a big smile to his face. I was trying to figure out what she
could've said to him but got distracted when Xena reached down and grabbed
the teen's stiff cock. Squatting above Midge's crotch, she pointed the
penis-head at her pussy and slowly sank down on it. Once the teen's entire
length was buried inside her snatch, Xena leaned forwards a bit to provide
Midge with easy access to her tits - an offer which he instantly ceased
with both hands.

While the boy happily groped her chest, Xena started sliding her cunt up
and down his cock. All Xena's muscles are well-trained, including her
vagina (I still need to ask her what kind of exercises she uses for that).
Anyhow, a handy skill, particularly in this case, because it enabled her to
tightly clamp her pussy around the teen's dick even though that pussy had
very recently been fucked by some really big cocks.

She fucked him with a slow, steady rhythm designed to make him last.
Another indication that Xena really liked the kid, otherwise she either
wouldn't have fucked him at all or she would've milked him dry within a
quarter of a candlemark.

While continuing to pump her pussy up and down the boy's prick, Xena leaned
further down until her big titties were dangling enticingly above Midge's
face. Like a baby-bird about to be fed by its mother, the teen instantly
opened his mouth and sucked one of her large, red nipples inside. He
happily nursed on it for a while before switching to the other nipple, and
after a minute he switched back again and so on... Meanwhile, his hands
also remained busy with my lover's breasts: squeezing his fingers slowly up
and down the large fleshy orbs it looked like he was trying to milk them,
despite Xena's earlier explanation that they weren't holding any milk.

Xena gradually increased the tempo with which she was riding Midge's rod,
and after several more minutes she was really humping him hard. So hard in
fact that Midge was having trouble keeping her nipples in his mouth.
Meanwhile, I'd resumed finger-fucking my pussy and was pumping three
fingers into my snatch at the same pace that Xena was fucking the boy.

Judging from his red cheeks and strained expression on his face, Midge was
close to climaxing but was trying to hold back for some reason. I think he
wanted to make his time with Xena last as long as he possibly could. My
warrior noticed this too. Smiling down at the boy, she leaned further
forwards until her dangling tits were rubbing against his face. At first, I
thought she was doing this to further arouse him and get him off, but at
the same time she'd stopped riding his dick.

"Would you like to try another sexual position before you cum?" Xena
questioned while straightening her back, yanking her boobies away from the
groping boy's grasp.

"Is it as good as this one?" Midge wanted to know while looking forlornly
at the warrior's big breasts, which were now dangling enticingly just out
of his reach.

"Oh, yeah... It's called 'doggy-style' and it's pretty popular...
especially among men," she added with a grin.

Winking at the boy, she got up and turned around. Midge got up as well and
curiously watched the warrior's movements. After moving a couple of steps
away, Xena got down on all fours and wiggled her bare butt at the
captivated teen. Looking back over her shoulder, she gave him a teasing
smile. "Come and get it, big boy," she spoke in a sultry voice.

Smiling brightly, the boy did just that: Walking up behind her, he placed
his hands on Xena's firm buttocks and gave the red round orbs a couple of
good squeezes before pulling them wide apart and staring unabashed down at
my lover's exposed openings.

It looked like Midge wasn't in any great hurry to continue fucking Xena
considering he took his sweet time staring at her pussy and asshole. I also
noticed that he seemed especially interested in her butthole, which kinda
surprised me because he hadn't shown much interest in that particular part
of her anatomy before.

But then just as Xena was starting to get impatient, Midge released her
right buttock - giving it a single spank - and positioned his prick at her
wet entrance.

Once his rock-hard rod was properly aligned with my lover's pussy, he moved
both his hands up to her waist and held on tightly as he thrust his hips
forwards and shoved his 6-inch hard-on as far as he could get it inside
Xena's snatch.

Xena actually grunted as he entered her, but that may have a bit of acting
on her part to encourage the boy. Although considering what I've seen so
far Midge certainly hasn't lacked enthusiasm when it comes to screwing
Xena, and for that he didn't really need any more encouragement than a
simple: "Yes, you may fuck me."

Neither did he seem to need much encouragement now... Looking like he'd
done this a thousand times before, Midge steadily pumped his cock into
Xena's cunt - rubbing against her clit every time he moved in and out. And
judging from her loud moans, Xena was obviously enjoying her latest fuck.

After screwing my slutty soulmate for about five minutes, Midge removed his
right hand from her waist and gently caressed her bare back for a while
before tickling his fingers down her spine all the way down to her butt.
Staring lustfully at Xena's voluptuous upraised ass, he stroked and tickled
the downy globes while continuing to slide his prick in-and-out of her wet
snatch. Then, suddenly, he raised his hand and crashed it down on Xena's
right buttock.

SMACK!!! "Oohh!!"

And followed up with a well-aimed spank on her left buttock.

SMACK!!! "Ungh!"

Midge gradually started screwing Xena harder and faster while passionately
spanking her upturned behind, which must still very sensitive from earlier
spanking and whippings. Still, Xena didn't seem to mind... in fact, if
anything it made her even more aroused. Grunting loudly as spank after
spank rained down on her red behind, she started pushing out her ass to
meet Midge's cock as it pumped into her pussy.

"Mmm!" SMACK!!! "Ooohhh!" SMACKK!!!! "OH!!!" SMACK!!! "Ungh!"

Once again, the sight of my powerful warrior getting her ass tanned by this
young boy was a huge turn-on for me. Pumping my fingers rapidly into my
very moist pussy, I stared enthralled at my rutting lover; naked on all
fours like a bitch in heat.

And Xena really appeared to be in heat with the way she's offering her red
ass up at Midge, as if begging the boy to spank and fuck her harder...
which she's now actually doing out loud!

"Oh! Yeah!! Give it to me HARD!!" Xena grunted while aiming a quick look
across her shoulder to see the teen screwing and spanking her.

SMACK!! "Oohh!" SMACK!! SMACK!!!

"Yeah! That's it! Spank that ass!" she continued cheering him on while
wiggling that magnificent butt of hers. "Show me who's boss, Midge!"
SMACK!!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! "Ungh! Oohhh yessss! Women love men who
are confident and in control. Spank me hard while you ram that hard cock
into my slutty Amazon cunt!"

'He's already doing that you vapid warrior-whore!' I mentally shouted,
feeling slighted and increasingly annoyed by Xena's constant use of phrases
like, "my slutty Amazon cunt" and "my great, big Amazon titties". 'When I
think about all the times you complained to me about people mistaking you
for an Amazon... Well, you just wait until we're alone, missy! Then *I'm*
gonna do some ass-whipping as well... and not just your ass, but your
"slutty Amazon cunt" and "great, big Amazon titties" are gonna get it too!'

SMACK!!! "Ungh!" SMACK!! "Ungh!" SMACKK!!!! "Oohh!!" SMACK!!! "Yesss!!"

"Yeah, that's right, Midge: spank the bitch!" I muttered while fucking
myself faster. I was getting close to another climax and if I wanted to I
could probably make myself cum this instant by working on my clit. But
that's not what I wanted... Instead I wanted to delay my orgasm until I
could share it with either Xena or Midge, which should be doable
considering they both look about ready to pop.

However, this turned out to be harder than I thought, because just when it
looked like Midge was about to come, he yanked his shiny red six-inch
pecker out of Xena's sopping twat.

"Hey!" Xena wiggled his ass at him while looking back across her shoulder.
"Why are you stopping? Don't you want to cum in my cunt? You don't have to
worry about getting me pregnant because I'm taking herbs to prevent that."

"Oh, that's not why I stopped... and I wouldn't mind getting you pregnant -
I'd love to see how huge those big tits of yours would eventually become
when they're filled with milk."

"Naughty little pervert!" Xena laughed amused, "Then why *did* you stop?"

"Because I don't want my sex lesson to be over yet," Midge explained while
placing both his hands atop my lover's very red butt, "And there's at least
one more thing I want to do with you," he continued while kneading Xena's
bruised and battered buttocks.

"Oh, *really*?" Xena questioned in a slightly threatening tone while she
gazed at the boy through narrowed eyes. "And what would that be?"

"Fucking your tight Amazon ass!" the teen announced with a wicked smile as
he suddenly spread her butt-cheeks apart and shoved his dick deep inside
the warrior's bung hole.

"Aaahhhh!! Ungh!!" Xena grunted as the boy's cock brutally forced its way
into her sensitive anal entrance and he began roughly buggering her,
"Fuck!! Oohh! You dirty little bastard!" SMACKK!!!! "Oohhhh Goddsss!!" SMACK!!!

While wildly reaming her rectum, Midge smacked his right hand repeatedly
down onto Xena's bruised behind, causing her to grunt & groan even louder
than before.

SMACK!!! "Ow!" SMACK!!! "Oohh!" SMACK!!! "Ungh!"

The Merry Men cheered Midge on as he enthusiastically spanked and sodomized
my soulmate. Meanwhile, I was still busy frantically finger-fucking myself
while watching my lover being sexually dominated by a horny twelve-year-old
boy. And it was getting increasingly harder to hold back my orgasm,
especially now that Midge had added this extra level of depravity to their
little sex-show.

But seriously, how much longer can they possibly last? He's been fucking
her for at least half a candlemark since his last orgasm and it's been even
longer for Xena... I mean, for Gods' sakes! Xena I can understand, she's
had like a hundred orgasms already today, but Midge has only come a couple
of times. And there are few men who possess this kind of sexual endurance,
let alone twelve-year-old virgins!

I was about to give up on my silly little idea to delay my orgasm just so I
could cum together with Xena or Midge when I saw the boy biting down on his
lower lip while at the same time buggering my lover a lot faster than
before - both these things a possible indication that he's close to
shooting his load.

Watching the teen intently, I pounded my fingers faster into my wet pussy
and used my other hand to play with my tits. Coincidentally, the moment I
started fondling my titties, Midge stopped spanking Xena and leaned over
until he was practically lying on her back. While vigorously humping Xena's
red behind, he reached below her and felt around until his hands found the
warrior's wildly bouncing breasts, and then started squeezing her bountiful

"Unghh! Ooohhhh! I fuckin' LOVE your big Amazon titties," the boy panted as
he enthusiastically groped and buggered her.

"Yeah, I kinda noticed," Xena deadpanned.

"Ungh! Ungh! Oohh! Ungh! I-I-I'm gonna come!" Midge announced with a
trembling voice.

"Go ahead, Midge," Xena encouraged him, "Cum inside my ass! Shoot a big
load of boy-cream up my dirty bung-hole!"

"OOOHHHHHHHH!!!!" With a loud, drawn-out moan Midge came, and so did I. I'm
guessing both our orgasms were triggered by Xena's dirty talk. It always
struck me as strange that Xena usually isn't very talkative, except when
she's having sex... then she can get positively chatty.

Between Midge and me, I recovered first from my orgasm. Pulling my fingers
from my sopping snatch, I licked them clean one at a time while the naked
teen lay satiated on top of my lover's back with his cock still stuck
inside Xena's ass; a blissful smile on his lips as he casually played with
her dangling breasts.

Xena patiently remained on all fours while the teen toyed with her tits,
allowing him some time to catch his breath. When Midge stumbled to his feet
and withdrew his dick from her asshole, she looked across her shoulder and
shot him a smile.

"Well done, lad, now you've fucked all three of my holes... Oh, and my big
Amazon titties as well," she teasingly added, "quite an accomplishment for
someone your age." Xena then started to get up as well, but was stopped by
a restraining hand on her back and another hand swatting her butt.


"Remain on all fours!" Midge sternly told her while spanking her ass again.


Looking a bit puzzled, Xena nevertheless did as she was told and held her
position while shooting an annoyed look across her shoulder at the boy.
"What is it now?" she questioned in a slightly weary tone of voice. 'My
sentiments exactly! That lucky little bastard just had some of the best sex
anyone has ever had, so now it's time for him to get his cute little ass
outta here, and take his outlaw uncle & friends with him, so I can have
some much-needed private time with my lover!'

"You still have to climax as well," the teen earnestly replied.

Midge's answer not only caused her annoyance to disappear but actually
brought a tiny smile to Xena's face. "That's very considerate of you, but
in this case not necessary considering I've already had a record number of
orgasms today."

The Merry Men began loudly congratulating each other after hearing Xena say
that. *sigh* Men!

"I still want to make you cum one last time," the boy stubbornly insisted.

Xena stopped smiling. "Listen *lad*, just be happy with the amazing
first-time sex you just had and leave it at that. I'm sore and tired, and
I've had more than enough sex & orgasms for a day - in fact, I'm pretty
sure I've had enough for an entire fortnight. So not only don't I *want*
another orgasm, but I'm pretty sure I can't even *have* another orgasm
anymore at this point."

"Well, I'm willing to bet that I *can* give you another orgasm within half
a candlemark," the teen said, sounding annoyingly self-assured.

"Oh, really?" Xena laughed.

"Yes, really." Midge confidently replied. 'Ouch! It's almost impossible for
Xena to resist a challenge. I hope she doesn't--'

My lover abruptly stopped laughing and narrowed her eyes at the naked teen.
"You know, you're pretty cocky from a kid who's never been with a woman up
until now."

'Uh-oh, there she goes again!'

Midge simply shrugged and smiled; this seemed to agitate my hot-headed
warrior even more. "Okay, you know what: FINE! If you really think you can
make me cum again within half a candlemark then you're welcome to try...
but I'm telling you in advance that this is one bet you're gonna loose."

'I CAN'T BELIEVE she fell for that!' I thought annoyed, rolling my eyes in
disgust. 'This so-called bet is obviously just a ploy from him to spend a
bit more time with her.'

However, as it turned out there was a bit more to it than that...

"Well, if you're THAT sure I'm gonna loose then you won't object to the
kinda wager I have in mind," Midge said in a (slightly too) casual tone of

Xena's eyes narrowed to cat-like slits as she gazed suspiciously at the
innocent-looking teen. "And what kinda wager would that be?"

A look of unease appeared on the boy's face and he quickly glanced in the
direction of his uncle and the other outlaws before turning his eyes to
Xena again. "Uh, well... you see... I've come up with this... little
fantasy, which I'd like you to act out."

"Ahhh, some kinda kinky role-playing," Xena smirked. Tired from looking
across her shoulder the entire time, she turned to face Midge and sat down
on the grass. "And what does this fantasy of yours exactly entails?"

At the warrior's question, Midge's gaze instantly dropped down to Xena's
boobs and he began to blush.

Xena's smile grew bigger and she raised a questioning eyebrow. "Something
to do with my big Amazon tits, perhaps?"

The boy's blush intensified. His eyes were switching back and forth between
Xena's breasts and face and he was obviously hesitant about telling Xena
this fantasy that had made him so self-conscious all of a sudden. This made
me all the more eager to find out what this secret fantasy of him is all
about. I mean, considering what I've seen so far he's obviously not shy, so
for him to get embarrassed like this... well, I'm guessing whatever he
wants her to do must be pretty damn kinky.

After a long moment of hesitation, Midge scooted closer to Xena and started
whispering his fantasy in her ear. Or at least I'm guessing that's what
he's whispering to her since I couldn't actually hear what's being said...
However, I did notice Xena's cheeks turning an increasing darker shade of
pink! Making me evermore anxious to find out what Midge's secret fantasy
is, 'cause any kinda sex act which mere mention can make the Warrior
Princess blush must be supremely kinky.

After he stopped speaking, the boy sat back on his haunches and gazed
expectantly at my lover. Xena stared back at Midge, looking at him like he
had grown a second head... or penis.

"Oh, my..." she said, sounding slightly shocked. "You really ARE a naughty
little pervert... but what makes you think that I'll actually go along with
this twisted wager?"

"Well, since you're certain there's no chance in Hades I'll be able to make
you cum again, why not? You're not suddenly getting scared that I might win
after all, are you?" Midge innocently inquired.

Xena narrowed her eyes again at the insolent boy, "Okay, fine... IF you can
make me cum within the next half candlemark then I'll perform your
perverted little fantasy. HOWEVER, if you fail then you're gonna be
starring in one of MY perverted little fantasies..." Xena started
whispering in Midge's ear, and the more she whispered the redder his cheeks

Damn! What's with all this whispering all of a sudden? I want to know
what's being said, darn-it! And it's not like these two are particularly
bashful - especially not Xena.

"Ouch! You'd really do all that to me?" Midge asked when Xena finished.

"You bet your cute little ass I will," she growled, "which, incidentally,
is *exactly* what you'll be betting if you decide to go through with this."

"It's not wise to piss off a woman you're having sex with, Midge," Robin
warned his nephew, "Especially not when said woman happens to be a bad-ass
Amazon warrior."

"Don't worry, Uncle Robin," Midge called back, "I know what I'm doing."

The outlaw leader smiled and shrugged. "It's your hide... Just keep in mind
that I expect my men to honour their word, and that includes you. So should
you lose whatever bet you're willing to make with her, then you'll have to
keep up your end of the bargain... and I get the feeling that's not gonna
be entirely pleasant."

Midge thought for a moment then also shrugged and smiled. "I'll survive...
Besides, the reward is worth the risk."

"Spoken like a true Merry Man," Robin grinned, "Well, then good luck with
your bet, nephew."

"Yeah, do us proud, lad!" Little John said while saluting the boy with the
enormous wine-skin he'd been drinking from. This was followed by numerous
cheers of support from the other Merry Men.

"Thanks, guys!" the teen grinned, a light blush colouring his cheeks. The
men's encouragements seemed to have given the boy an added confidence
boost; turning to Xena, he casually cupped her left breast and bounced it
up and down like he was simply shaking her hand. The kid was obviously
showing off to their audience, and if I'd been in Xena's place I probably
would have slapped the lecherous little bastard to teach him some manners.
But Xena -predictably- did nothing to discourage this disrespectful
behaviour - she even seemed mildly amused by it.

"So, ready for one of the best orgasms in your life?" Midge questioned with
a cheeky smile as he fondled my lover's left titty.

Xena responded with a big yawn. "Sure, why not. But how will we know that
half a candlemark has passed? Usually I'm pretty good at keeping track of
time, but in this case I'll probably fall asleep after the first five minutes."

'Heh. Good one.'

"Ouch!" Midge responded with a slight grimace while the other outlaws
laughed. The boy then started to laugh as well, which instantly made me
like him a whole lot more. But aside from taking the teen down a peg or
two, Xena actually made a pretty good point - how *will* they know that
half a candlemark has passed.

"I believe I can help with that," Will suddenly interjected, after
searching through his gear he pulled out an hourglass and triumphantly
raised it above his head. "There it is! An actual hourglass. Good as new,
just bought it a couple of days ago from a travelling Persian tradesman...
This little baby here is a lot more precise than any candle: when all the
sand has run down to the bottom of the glass *exactly* one hour will have
passed, which as most of you know is roughly the same as one candlemark.
And, as an added bonus, it also has these handy markers to indicate when a
quarter of an hour and half an hour have passed. I'm telling ya, no modern
household should be without one of these... what better way to keep track
of time when cooking a delicious meal for your family and friends, training
for a glorious sports event like the Olympics, or bets involving naked
Amazons... Oh, and any orders for this wonderful item can be made through me."

'Hmm, I wouldn't mind having one of those fancy new timepieces,' I pondered
while staring longingly at the shiny hourglass Will was holding. 'Maybe
I'll look into that once we're on the road again... It shouldn't be that
difficult to track down the salesman who sells those things.'

"Wow, that's some speech, Will," Robin remarked. "Kinda sounds like you're
getting a commission for every customer you bring this guy."

"Hey, nothing wrong with making a few pieces silver on the side," Will
grinned. Walking over to Xena and Midge, he put the hourglass on the grass
next to them. "Just turn it over when you're ready to make that big-titted
Amazon cum," he told the boy, "and the half candlemark will officially begin."

"Thanks, Will."

"You're welcome, lad," Will replied, giving the teen a smile and a wink.
Directing his eyes to Xena, he hungrily gazed up and down her voluptuous
naked form. "Damn! What a body!" the outlaw exclaimed in awe, despite
already having seen it several times from up-close. But then I feel the
same every time I see Xena naked.

Will eventually focused his gaze on my lover's large breasts, one of which
was still being fondled by Midge. Grabbing her other boob, he gave it a
mild squeeze. "And those really are some Grade-A titties!" Turning to
Midge, he said, "You know, you're damn lucky that your first time is with
this big-titted Amazon beauty instead of some inbred village girl who's so
god-damn ugly that you're only able to fuck her doggy-style or with your
eyes tightly closed and who *still* wouldn't put out until you bribed her
with some fucking expensive piece of jewellery."

The other outlaws started to laugh, and Will shot them a sardonic smile.
"Yeah, you're all laughing now, but I'll bet most of you've had a similar

The laughter abruptly stopped.

With a satisfied expression, Will turned back towards Midge and Xena, the
latter of whom was completely ignoring Will's presence, despite his hand
groping her breast. 'Now that's more like the Xena I know,' I noted
satisfied. Will now also took notice of Xena's obvious disregard for him.
"You're not still angry at me for whipping these great big titties, are ya,

Xena issued him a stare so cold it made me cringe all the way over here. It
made Will wince as well. "Ouch!" he said, echoing Midge from a while back.
Turning to the teen, he joked, "Well, that's women for you." But despite
his cavalier attitude, he suddenly seemed in an awfully big hurry to leave.

"Make that big bitch scream your name, lad," he told Midge before he walked

"Oh, I will," Midge said, smiling at Xena.

"In your dreams," my lover stated amused.

"Well, let's find out," Midge responded while turning over the hourglass.
"Turn around and kneel down with your ass up and your face on the grass,
like you were when I was whipping your butt."

Xena raised an eyebrow at his sudden take-charge attitude, but then did as
she was told.

"Spread your legs a little wider... Good! Hold this position," the teen
demanded. Kneeling closely behind Xena, his face was only inches away from
her cunt. Not wasting any time, he quickly got his tongue in there and
started eating her pussy.

Unfortunately, from this distance and with most of his body blocking my
view, I couldn't tell what kinda things Midge was doing with Xena's snatch,
but judging from the sounds she was starting to make they were having a
definite affect on her. Still, almost ten minutes had passed already and
I'm pretty sure Midge won't be able to make Xena cum this way if she's
resisting it.

However, it seemed like the boy had a few more tricks up his sleeve (which
is pretty impressive considering he's buck-naked). He started sliding a
couple of fingers into Xena's cunt while his tongue remained busy there as
well. After a couple of minutes, those fingers, now slick with the
warrior's pussy-juice, were being reinserted into Xena's asshole while
three fingers of his other hand went inside her slit. So this
twelve-year-old boy was now finger-fucking *both* of my lover's holes!

And only a few more minutes later, eight whole digits were steadily pumping
Xena's nether orifices. It was then that I understood what Midge's next
move was gonna be, and though part of me sympathized with my partner's
plight, another -bigger- part of me wished I was kneeling next to him so I
could watch every moment of her sexual suffering and see every detail from

For the umpteenth time today, my fingers slipped down to the damp patch of
hair between my legs and started to stroke my swollen lips. After a minute
of stroking my pussy and teasing my hard clit, I inserted two fingers into
my wet slit... quickly followed by a third.

I passionately pumped the three digits into my twat while watching my lover
taking four in both her holes. Once I got my pussy well-lubricated (which
didn't take long under these circumstances) I quickly added a fourth
finger, eager to match the exact number going into Xena's snatch.

Then it happened, the moment I'd been anticipating and Xena must have been
dreading: slowly but steadily, Midge pushed his thumbs into my lover's cunt
and asshole alongside his other eight fingers... followed by the rest of
his hand. As soon as I saw Midge's hands going into Xena's holes, I
followed by shoving my own hand inside my snatch again, causing a now
familiar jolt of pleasure and pain.

"UNGHH!!! OOOHHHH!!" Xena groaned as her pussy and ass were forcefully
invaded by two hands at the same time. Still, they went in relatively
smoothly... or at least a lot more effortlessly than I'd expected. He
easily entered her cunt, sliding most of his forearm inside her with one
single thrust. But considering Xena is used to having hands and big dicks
shoved inside her pussy, a boy's slender hand is obviously not a problem
for her. What did surprise me was that it only took about ten seconds of
pushing and prodding before the widest part of his other hand popped into
her ass and that hole was being filled as well.

Once Midge had both his hands inside her, he started moving them around -
twisting and turning while pushing in and out. I could hear Xena panting as
the boy's hands thoroughly fucked her holes, and though I couldn't see her
face it sounded like Midge was getting a lot closer to making her cum. And
the boy had a lot more in store for Xena...

As soon as the warrior's well-used openings had gotten used to his hands,
Midge formed fists and then started *really* giving it to her! I found
myself staring spellbound at my lover's upraised behind, eager for every
glimpse I got of the young teen's fists hammering into Xena's already much
abused holes. 'Whoa! I've got to remember to try that myself sometimes. My
hands aren't that much bigger than Midge's, so I should be able to get them
inside her without causing any serious damage.'

"There ya go, Meg! Not one, but TWO fists for your slutty Amazon
fuck-holes!" Midge panted while he pumped his fists into her
widely-stretched pussy and asshole. "You're gonna cum for me bitch, whether
you want to or not."

And it looked, or at least sounded, like he was right. Xena's panting and
moaning had become increasingly louder in the last five minutes, and I
could also hear the occasional groan & grunt coming a lot more frequently,
which I instantly recognized as the kind of sounds my lover makes when
she's close to climaxing. Although I suppose it's still possible that Xena
will be able to hold off her orgasm for the ten minutes or so that are
still left. Yet for some reason I doubted this... because despite Xena's
natural talent to come out on top, I was beginning to have some serious
doubt about her drive to win this bet.

Only a candlemark ago, I would never have believed that this
twelve-year-old former virgin would be able to make an uncooperative Xena
climax against her will... and I still have some trouble believing it. In
fact, I'm kinda wondering how uncooperative she really is. Because I
wouldn't be at all surprised if she isn't resisting him at all, and this is
all just some act so she can go along with whatever perverted fantasy the
boy came up with without looking like an even bigger slut than she's
already revealed herself to be to these outlaws.

Or, who knows... maybe I'm wrong and this boy just happens to be a natural
when it comes to sex. He's definitely quite inventive... as he's about to
demonstrate once again.

Suddenly pulling his fist from Xena's ass, Midge wiped it off on the grass
before calmly reinserting it into her pussy along with his other hand.

"UNGHH?!!! Oooohhhh!!!" Xena cried out as a second hand slipped inside her
cunt. Once he got both his hands inside her, Midge clasped them together
like he was praying, and then resumed fist-fucking her.

For a while, I was unable to do anything but stare at the shocking sight of
my soulmate being forcibly fucked in her twat by TWO fists at the same
time. Then a red-hot sexual heat filled my veins and I started sliding my
own fist into my needy cunt much harder and faster than ever before. Not
even Xena had given it to me as rough as I was now doing it to myself.

The Merry Men were cheering Midge on as he roughly pounded his fists into
my lover's poor pussy. 'Damn! Xena's cunt has had to endure a LOT today,' I
considered while staring amazed at the warrior's widely-stretched pussy-lips

"UNGHH!! UNGH! UNGH!!" Xena grunted loudly every time the teen's fists were
pushed inside her twat. I quickly glanced at the hourglass... only a little
sand left till the half hour mark, but I don't think she's gonna make it.
The moment I thought this, Xena came.

"UNGHHHH!!! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Xena shrieked as a huge orgasm shook
her naked, kneeling form.

Her passionate cry echoed through the clearing followed by a long applause
from the admiring outlaws. They were shouting things at her and Midge, but
I didn't listen as I was much too preoccupied with my own orgasm, which
though not as big as Xena's, still made my top ten!

My forehead sweaty and gasping for air, I opened my eyes and saw that Midge
still had his fists inside Xena's twat despite already having won their bet.

"Take 'em out! Take 'em out!" Xena cried out as the excited teen continued
to pump her pussy with both hands long past her orgasm. "Take your hands
out of my pussy!"

"Why?" Midge wanted to know. "You didn't seem to mind my hands in your
pussy a couple of minutes ago."

"I-I-I," Xena groaned, unable to formulate an intelligent response at this
point. "Just take them out! PLEASE!!"

A mischievous smile appeared on the boy's lips as he considered the
warrior's urgent request. "Do you admit that you've lost our bet and agree
to act out my fantasy like we discussed?"

"YES!! Yes, I will!"

"Even that last part?"

"YES!!!" Xena cried out, bucking wildly, trying to dislodge his hands.
"I'll do it all! Every perverted, humiliating thing you requested!! Just
get your fucking hands OUT OF ME!!"

Looking very pleased with himself, Midge carefully extracted his hands from
Xena's distended slit, bringing a sigh of relief from the red-faced
warrior. Turning towards the Merry Men he shot the grinning outlaws a
triumphant smile while casually petting my lover's red behind.

"Very impressive, lad," Robin said. "This must be the best first time sex
anyone has ever had."

"And the best is yet to come," Midge grinned. Crossing his legs, he stared
longingly at Xena's sweaty, naked form while he impatiently waited for her
to recover. To keep himself busy he played with Xena's pussy and ass and
fondled his stiff erection.

It took about five minutes for Xena to collect herself. Slowly sitting up,
she turned around to face Midge, who greeted her recovery with a big smile
and an even bigger hard-on.

"Ready to get started?" he eagerly asked.

Xena sighed, but a few moments later she nodded.

I curiously watched as the boy went down on his hands and knees and faced
away from Xena. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't

"Amazon-slave, kiss my ass!" Midge called back across his shoulder.

'WHAT?! Holy Aphrodite! Is she really gonna--'

Yes, she is. A light blush crept across Xena's cheeks as she glanced over
at the grinning outlaws, but then she kneeled behind the boy and started
kissing his bare behind.

Loud laughter filled the clearing as the thirteen bandits watched my lover
debase herself. Pointing at her and making jokes about butt-kissing Amazons.

As for me... Well, I wish I could say I was appalled by Xena's behaviour,
and I kinda was, but mostly I just felt incredibly turned on as I watched
my proud lover humiliate herself in this manner. And even though part of me
felt guilty for feeling that way, I pushed away that feeling of guilt,
figuring that she brought this on herself. Let's face it: Xena wouldn't be
there naked on her knees worshipping that boy's butt, unless she WANTS to.

"Permission to lick your asshole, Master Midge," Xena humbly asked after
having kissed every square inch of the boy's butt.

This made the brigands laugh even harder. In fact, some of them were
laughing so hard they were actually rolling back and forth on the grass,
holding onto their bellies.

Once I got over my initial disbelief of hearing Xena speak those words, I
started playing with my pussy again. Even though I was still sore from my
last orgasm, I just couldn't help myself - Xena's strange submissiveness
proved to be a huge turn-on for me.

"Permission granted, slave," Midge said once the laughter had died down,
"And don't forget to stick it deep inside my asshole once you're done
licking it."

'Damn! How did he come up with all this stuff? He really is a naughty
little pervert.'

Xena parted the boy's buttocks and licked her tongue up and down his
crevice before focussing on the tight crinkled rosebud in the centre. 'Holy
Artemis! Look at my warrior-slut licking that boy's butthole!' I mentally
shouted, shaking my head in amazement as I toyed with my sensitive clit.
'Xena doesn't know it yet, but my ass is the next one she's gonna be
kissing & licking.'

Spreading Midge's cheeks even further, my kinky lover planted her mouth
directly on the teen's anus and slowly slid her tongue inside. 'She's now
actually tongue-kissing Midge's asshole!' I further narrated Xena's
perverse performance with growing excitement and disbelief.

Glancing over at the Merry Men, I noticed that their amusement had by now
turned to lust. Most of them sporting big bulges in their trousers as they
stared at the warrior shamelessly tongue-fucking the butthole of their
youngest member. And she's doing an excellent job judging from the sounds
Midge made as Xena's tongue slid in-and-out his backdoor - the boy was
practically panting with pleasure.

"Play with my dick," he instructed her with a hoarse voice, "but don't make
me cum."

"Yes, Master," Xena meekly replied after pulling her tongue from his ass,
and then shoving it right back inside again. Reaching underneath the boy
with her right hand, she quickly found his stiff penis and started jerking
him off.

While her tongue remained busy in the boy's butt, Xena's hand stroked the
teen's rigid staff and fondled his balls.

"Time for phase two, slave," Midge suddenly announced. Xena quickly
withdrew her tongue from his ass and released the boy's hard-on.

The excited teen jumped to his feet and with his hard-on pointing the way,
walked a short distance to where he'd dropped Will's heavy punishment belt
earlier. Picking it up, he turned around so he was facing Xena but didn't
move otherwise. He simply stood there, the heavy belt dangling from his
right hand and an impish smile on his lips. This lasted about ten seconds
and then he made a come hither motion in Xena's direction.

"Amazon-slave, come here and present your tits!"

Taking a deep breath, Xena went down on her hands and knees again and
slowly crawled towards the naked youth. When she was about four feet away
from him, she sat up on her haunches and cupped her ample breasts in both
hands, lifting them further up. Looking straight into his eyes, she loudly
said for all to hear, "Master Midge, I'm offering you these big Amazon tits
to do with as you please."

I gasped out loud at Xena's statement. Luckily, there was no danger of me
being overheard since most of the outlaws reacted to her words by talking
excitedly among each other. However, I didn't pay much attention to what
they were saying because I was too busy staring at my naked lover, kneeling
before a twelve-year-old boy and offering him her tits.

After almost five years of travelling around the world with Xena with
practically every day some new incredible adventure, I thought nothing
could truly shock me anymore, but these last couple of candlemarks
certainly proved me wrong again and again.

Still feeling a bit dazed, I stared at the naked, aroused boy who, at the
moment, seemed to be in total control of my -equally- naked lover.

"Way to go, Mitch!" I heard Little John calling out to him; immediately
followed by Will's endearing encouragement: "Give the Amazon bitch's udders
a good whipping, son!"

Midge positively beamed from his elders' approval as he once again focussed
his attentions on Xena, menacingly swinging the leather strap around and
around. Looking over at Xena, I saw that Miss Kinky Warrior Princess
sported an excited look on her face as she anxiously stared at the
ominous-looking leather belt.

Is it my imagination or did Xena actually arch her back just now, sticking
her tits out a little bit further? I wasn't sure, but before I had time to
think about it Midge raised the belt and whipped it down across those fat
round breasts being so generously offered to him.

CRACK!!! "Oh!!!"

Gazing excitedly at the red line appearing on Xena's tits, Midge pumped his
hard erection a couple of times with his left hand before delivering
another stroke across my lover's big boobs.

CRACK!!! "Ohhhh!"

And another.

CRACK!!! "Ungh!"

And another.

TWACKK!!! "Ahhhh!!!" Xena was clearly hurting but kept holding her tits up
for whatever amount of punishment the boy decided to give those tender orbs.

SMACKK!!! "Unghh!!"

That's it! I couldn't take it any longer... Having watched my beloved Xena
fuck her way through an entire gang of outlaws had started a fire in my
pussy -- a desperate craving to be truly and thoroughly fucked, to which
even my frantic masturbation offered little release. And seeing her on her
knees holding out her tits while this young lad whips them to his heart's
content had turned the fire in my pussy into a raging inferno. It's gotten
so bad that I was actually tempted to stroll into the clearing and let
myself get fucked and whipped alongside Xena. This made it clear to me that
I desperately needed to get something into my pussy besides my fingers.

I looked down at my staff I was straddling and rubbing against. It's
awfully big... but it's the only thing that's handy. It's not like dildos
grow on trees here. I took a moment to consider how to best go about this.
Since this piece of wood is taller than me it's not like I can just plant
one end on the ground and squat down on top of it.

Luckily, I quickly came up with a workable solution... About five feet
behind me the root of a tree stuck out of the ground. And if I would set
one end of my staff against it, the other end should reach to about where
I'm kneeling now.

So I lodged my staff between the root and the ground while holding it up in
a thirty degree angle. Kneeling in front of the other end of my staff, I
was able to position the thick stick against my dripping entrance and
slowly slide backwards until, with a lot of effort, I managed to get about
8-inches of the thick wood inside me. Which wasn't easy, I can tell you
that! Damn, that thing is big. The only other time my snatch got stretched
like this was when Xena fucked me with her fist. And that only happened

It took a while for me to get used to the large piece of wood filling up my
tight pussy, but once the initial discomfort subsided I started sliding my
sopping snatch up and down the smooth wooden rod. It felt like I was
fucking a really big dildo. Soft grunts of pleasure escaped my lips as I
rode the thick pole faster and faster while returning my full attention to
Xena's titty-whipping.

CRACK!!! "Oohh!!"

TWACKK!!!! "Unghh!!"

TWACKK!!!! "Ahhhh!!!"

Ouch! Directly on her nipples. Midge momentarily halted the whipping,
taking the time to look over Xena's nude, sweaty body while playing with
his stiff prick.

"You may now play with your pussy, Amazon-slut," the teen told her. "But
don't cum until I give you permission."

And damned if she didn't do exactly what he said! Letting go of her tits,
she used the thumb and forefinger of her left hand to open her pussy-lips
for her audience, and her right hand to diddle herself. Meanwhile, Midge
continued whipping her tits...

CRACK!!! "Oohh!!"

CRACK!!! "Unghh!"

Since Xena was no longer holding her tits, Midge was now also able to
target the undersides of her firm, fleshy globes. An opportunity that
didn't go unused... With a quick underhand swing, he struck the bottom of
both her boobs - TWACKK!!!! "Yowww!!" - causing them to bounce up and down.

SMACK!! "Oohh!" That one slashed against the left side of my lover's left

SMACK!! "Ohhh!" And this one smacked against the right side of her right

CRACK!!! "Aahhh!!" Another one on her nipples!

TWACKK!!!! "Unghh!!" And one against the underside of her breasts again.

'Holy Artemis! He's really giving it to her hard!' I thought while staring
in awe at my warrior's wildly wobbling red-striped boobs.

"Damn! Way to go, Midge!" Will shouted excitedly. He was openly whacking
off while watching Midge titty-whip my masturbating lover, and so were
several of the other outlaws. Can't say I blame 'em... especially not since
I was bringing myself off in the bushes. Besides, seeing Xena playing
openly with her pussy while her big titties dance around under the strict
tutelage of that heavy leather belt, is enough to give a hard-on to a eunuch.

CRACK!!! "Ohhh!!"

TWACKK!!!! "Yowww!!!"

Just like the outlaws, I was unable to tear my eyes away from the
enthusiastically performing warrior princess. She was being utterly
shameless: Sitting there with her thighs spread as far apart as she could
possibly get them while sticking out her titties for the kiss of the lash.
And as if that wasn't lewd enough she's also passionately pumping three
fingers into her wide-splayed snatch while playing with her clit.

'Hera's Tits!' I thought, feeling awed, angry and aroused. 'Is there
anything she won't do?!' Breathlessly watching my lover's lewd sex-show, I
felt myself quickly getting closer to a huge climax; riding the thick
wooden rod faster I took up Xena's example and started playing with my clit
as well.

CRACK!!! "Oohh!!"

TWACKK!!!! "Aahhh!!"

"Permission to cum, Master Midge!" Xena suddenly shouted, bringing more
laughter from the watching outlaws. My lover's submissive and humiliating
request triggered an incredible orgasm. Stuffing a hand in my mouth to
muffle my screams, I bucked wildly on the wooden pole buried deep inside my

"Permission denied," Midge said while delivering another stroke unto my
warrior's red-striped breasts. "You'll have to hold out a little longer,
slave! But that shouldn't be a problem for a mighty Amazon warrior like

'Ouch! Midge can be pretty bitchy for a young boy.'

CRACK!!! "Oohh!"

CRACK!!! "Ungh!!"

Midge kept on steadily whipping Xena's tits, paying special attention to
her red & swollen nipples, which now appeared to be at least twice their
normal size. And the longer the whipping lasted, the closer Xena got to
another orgasm and the more effort it took her to hold it back like Midge
had ordered her to do. Yet despite all this she continued following her
young master's earlier command to play with her pussy and steadily pumped
three digits into her sloppy cunt, panting loudly as a result of the sexual
strain. My lover's powerfully built naked form glistened with perspiration
and her eyes had taken on a glassy hue.

Just when it looked like she's gonna cum - permission or not - Midge
abruptly ended the titty-whipping and told Xena to take her fingers out of
her snatch. For a moment I thought she was going to disobey him and finish
bringing herself off... but a couple of seconds later she reluctantly
pulled her fingers out and looked up at the naked teen with a slight pout
on her lips.

Midge smiled at her. "Well... you know what's gonna happen next," he
cryptically told my lover while shooting a pointed look at her pussy.

Xena suddenly appeared a tad nervous, the way she's sliding her tongue
across her lips while looking down at her soaking wet slit and then up at
Midge. What DO these two twisted individuals have planned next? I only knew
that it would have to be pretty damn kinky to beat the titty-whipping I
just witnessed.

Midge waited a while longer to build up the suspense before saying,
"Amazon-slave... present your pussy!"

After a moment of hesitation, Xena lay down on her back and lifted her legs
towards her chest while spreading them wide. Grabbing a hold of her ankles,
she lay there with her cunt and ass completely exposed. I bet that besides
Midge at least half the Merry Men could see straight into her snatch!

"Master Midge, I'm now offering you my slutty Amazon cunt," Xena loudly
announced, a slight tremble in her voice. "Please do with it as you please."

A roar of laughter and voices rose up in the clearing followed by a
deafening applause.

Of all the twisted things I've seen her do in that clearing, this is
definitely the most shocking: Xena: Warrior Princess, once the most feared
warlord in all of Greece, naked on her back holding her legs wide open,
meekly offering up her pussy for a whipping by a boy not even old enough to

What a sick & twisted slut! Why on earth did she agree to do this?!

'Well, you already know why!' I reminded myself, 'Because she IS a sick &
twisted slut!'

Still, how can I judge Xena for her outrageously depraved behaviour when
I'm getting off on watching her behave this way? The embarrassing truth is
that I've seldom felt hornier or more excited than I do now. And it's kinda
hard to pretend otherwise with my staff inside my pussy and my left hand
playing with my tits.

Even though the Merry Men were shouting various lewd suggestions to Midge
about the kinda things he should do with Xena's well-presented pussy ("Whip
that Amazon whore's cunt, lad!"; "Piss in her twat!"; "Shove your foot up
her snatch!"), he didn't follow any of them. Instead, the naked boy knelt
between Xena's wide-spread legs and started tenderly licking her pussy. And
it was quickly made apparent from Xena's moans that he'd learned his
earlier pussy-licking lesson well.

He skilfully brought her to the brink of orgasm and kept her there for
almost a quarter of a candlemark without granting her any release. Midge
then moved to Xena's side so everyone had a clear view of her wide-open,
dripping snatch, and continued to softly lick and nibble at her red &
swollen labia lips, occasionally blowing against her hugely enlarged clit.

I found myself staring in fascination at my lover's exposed pussy; I'd
never seen it in such a state. Her pussy-lips were more prominent than
ever, but that was nothing compared to her clit, which stood out like a
little dick: red, pulsing (like it was about to explode or something), and
appearing to be several inches long. I might have been mistaken in the
length - I probably was - but DAMN it looked big!

Meanwhile, Xena had given up any vestiges of pride and was begging the lad
to let her cum. Saying she'd do ANYTHING - take his fists in her holes
again - even drink his piss if he'd just let her cum. However, despite her
obvious desperation for an orgasm, she didn't let go of her ankles and
stayed submissively in position.

After a few minutes more of this sexual torment, Midge suddenly stood up
and walked back to a couple of feet in front of her where he picked up the
whipping belt. Without saying a word, he looked down at Xena's soaked
snatch and then up at her face. A sudden hush fell over the clearing as it
became clear to everyone what's about to happen next.

Xena knew it too. Biting down on her bottom lip, she looked at her pussy
and then at Midge. The expression of alarm on her face gradually made way
for acceptance, which was followed by a look of anticipation. Grabbing her
ankles tighter, she gave Midge a little nod to indicate she was ready.

I started fucking my staff faster, watching enthralled as Midge raised the
belt above him. Despite my love for Xena, part of me wanted nothing more
than to see that heavy belt slamming into my lover's defenceless pussy. I
started pulling and pinching my rock-hard nipples while I watched the belt
whistling down.

"Cum for me, Amazon Slut!" Midge shouted right before impact.

TWACKKK!!!! The sound resonated through the clearing, followed by a
high-pitched scream.

Bulls-eye! The heavy leather had crashed directly into Xena's wide-open
snatch, striking her swollen cunt-lips & clit with full force. As Midge
raised his arm again, making the belt swing back, a stream of liquid
erupted from Xena's slit.

At first I thought she was pissing herself, but it turned out she's
actually ejaculating! I gawked at this incredibly rare sight. I've never
seen a woman come like this before. Still screaming loudly, Xena's naked
body bucked wildly on the ground but with iron self-control she kept
holding onto her ankles, keeping her legs widely spread and her pussy
available for her young master's whims and whip.

TWACK!!! A second stroke landed on Xena's ejaculating cunt. Her yelling
became even more high-pitched and spurts of pussy-juice kept shooting
straight from her snatch.

CRACK!!! A third stroke on her poor swollen pussy.

SMACK!!! And then a fourth.

CRACK!!! The fifth one hit her diagonally across both ass-cheeks.

TWACKK!!! And the sixth one crashed into her cunt again.

Again and again the belt mercilessly thrashed Xena's throbbing cunt and she
just kept on cumming! It didn't take long before this mind-boggling sight
triggered my own orgasm. Seeing Xena cum this hard from a severe
pussy-whipping she'd begged a young boy her son's age to give her in front
of an audience of outlaws, while I'm in the bushes spying on her and
fucking myself with my staff made this one of the best orgasms I've had
today! Of course, I didn't cum as nearly hard as Xena just did, but it was
still pretty damn amazing.

After dealing out at least a dozen lashes onto Xena's swollen slit & clit,
Midge finally considered it to be enough and let the belt fall to the
ground. His thick 6-inch hard-on stood out stiff as an iron rod as he
stared down at my lover's naked and abused body.

Xena made quite the sight. Her big round tits were bright red and covered
with welts; the same applied to her ass and her entire groin area. And yet
she's *still* lying there with her legs widely-spread up in the air holding
onto her ankles with an iron grip.

"You can let go now," he gently told her.

With a long drawn-out sigh, Xena lowered her feet to the ground and just
lay there silently for a while, looking beat (literally, I guess).

Stepping between my lover's wide-spread legs, Midge knelt down and started
tenderly stroking her battered buttocks and bruised pussy and her red &
swollen tits. Xena obviously enjoyed the boy's tender ministrations. After
letting him tend to her for a while, she sat up and kissed him on the lips.
His mouth opened and their tongues wrestled for a while. When the kiss
finally ended, Xena whispered something in his ear (or at least I think she
did) and then lay back down on her back.

Midge swiftly turned around so he was facing away from her and lowered his
body until his crotch was positioned above Xena's face and vice versa. Xena
wasted no time and immediately started licking the lad's purple cock-head,
which was only an inch away from her mouth, trailing the tip of her tongue
back and forth across the swollen glans and then around it. A little later,
Midge began reciprocating the oral favour by carefully swiping his little
pink tongue over the entire length of Xena's swollen slit.

Very gently, Midge repeatedly lathered Xena's entire cunt with his tongue
before sticking it inside. Just as the young teen started tong-fucking my
lover's snatch, Xena finished licking and suckling on his balls and let his
rock-hard rod slide between her ruby red lips.

I, meanwhile, kept sliding my sloppy cunt up and down my staff while
watching this oddly matched couple go down on one another. The sight of
Xena eagerly slurping away on a twelve-year-old boy's hard-on was strangely
compelling to watch. And that group of thugs in the background watching
them and occasionally calling out colourful commentary made the whole thing
even more depraved.

Once Xena started deepthroating him, Midge lasted about five minutes before
he shot his load down her throat. Looking very content, the teen turned
towards Xena and they shared another passionate kiss with lotsa tongue.
This kissing between them still bothered me more than the sex and the

Xena hadn't climaxed from the teen's tender pussy-licking, but obviously
didn't mind. She stroked the boy's hair as they kissed and when their lips
finally parted she had the most tender smile on her lips - the kinda smile
I've previously only seen her direct at ME.

'What in Hades is WRONG with her?! That sadistic little bastard whips her
pussy and tits raw and she actually seems grateful!' I thought annoyed.

That's when it suddenly occurred to me that there might be a lot more to
Xena's behaviour than the need for some really kinky sex. But before I
could give this anymore thought, Midge started talking again and I turned
my attention back to the naked couple in the clearing.

"So... ya remember the final part of my fantasy?" the teen tentatively

"Yeah, I do," Xena confirmed with a slight grimace on her face.

"Then you know what to do next," Midge said with a grin.

Xena nodded reluctantly. Sitting up straight, she cupped her bruised &
battered breasts, offering them up to boy again. 'What in Artemis' name...
He's not gonna whip her tits AGAIN, is he?' I thought, worried for the
well-being of my lover's beautiful breasts. I don't think they could stand
another whipping so soon.

Standing in front of her, Midge took his flaccid penis into his right hand
and pointed it at her. For a brief moment, I thought he was gonna jerk off
on her, like the other outlaws had done earlier. But I soon learned

"Master Midge... please piss on my big Amazon titties," Xena beseeched the
boy while sending him a hopeful smile.

I watched in stunned disbelief as a stream of yellow liquid erupted from
the teen's prick, splashing all over my lover's large breasts. The little
bastard was actually pissing on Xena's tits!

"Now rub my piss all over those big luscious knockers," Midge excitedly

And Xena once again obeyed -- rubbing his filthy piss all over her boobs!!
Holy Zeus!!!

Once again, a loud cacophony of voices and laughter filled the clearing as
the Merry Men loudly commented on Xena's depraved behaviour.

"Hera's Tits! I knew they were a twisted bunch, but that Amazon is a real
piece of work!"

"Still, you've gotta admire that level of depravity."

"I wonder if she's willing to drink MY piss!"

"She'd drop instantly dead if she did, Tom. Your piss would poison the
river Styx."

Midge's bladder had emptied by now and he stood there shaking out the last
drops when Xena leaned forward and cleaned his cock with her mouth - she's
just SO helpful to women and children.

They shared another lengthy kiss before Midge went to put his clothes on.
Xena playfully slapped his bare tail as he left, making the young lad
giggle and rub his behind in a slightly exaggerated manner.

I took this as my cue to carefully extract my staff from my cunt and get
dressed as well. But before putting my clothes back on, I scrubbed my naked
body with the pedals of some sweet smelling flowers growing close-by. I am
well aware of my lover's extraordinary sense of smell and I didn't want her
to detect my arousal.

Midge got a hero's welcome when he joined the still patiently waiting and
watching Merry Men. They patted his back in a comradely manner and offered
him his first taste of hard liquor ("to go with his first fuck"). Midge's
face practically glowed with delight as he sipped on the flask of wine
while graciously accepting the many compliments and good natured ribbing of
the men. Well, I have to hand it to her: Xena made that boy VERY happy. I
doubt if he'll ever get another birthday present as great as this one. In
fact, I'm pretty sure he won't.

"Damn, nephew!" Robin proudly exclaimed. "After seeing this little
exhibition of yours I kinda feel like *I* should be coming to *you* for
advice about sex from now on."

"Does that mean you'll stop asking ME for advice about sex, then?" Will
innocently asked, getting a lot of laughs from the other outlaws, including
Midge and Robin himself.

"Yeah, but ever since you advised me to hire those midgets and that
specially trained donkey for my three year anniversary with Marian, I'm not
that keen on getting more advice from you anyway, Will."

Hee! Okay, so that Robin is actually pretty funny and charming for a bandit.

"Uh-hum!" All eyes turned to Xena as she loudly coughed to get their
attention. She was standing straight with her arms folded across her chest,
and somehow managed to look very imposing despite her nakedness. "I'd
greatly appreciate it if you all would take your little comedy show on the
road and give me some privacy." Shooting a somewhat menacing smile at
Robin, she added, "You ARE planning to keep your word and letting me go,

I'm getting the feeling that Xena's no longer in the mood for anymore sex.

Robin seemed to pick up on that too. He smiled charmingly and made a little
bow in Xena's direction. "Of course, my dear lady, please pardon our
rudeness. You've kept your end of the bargain, and therefore so will we."
Turning to the other outlaws, he told them, "Okay, let's pack up, men. It's
about time we head back to camp."

A bunch of them looked disappointed; they had probably hoped to get another
go at Xena now that they had time to recharge. But the majority of the
Merry Men looked satisfied and eager to head home. They swiftly and
efficiently packed up their gear while still finding the time to steal
glances at my naked lover who, naturally, hadn't bothered to wait till
they're gone before taking a bath.

The big show-off was washing her nude, sweaty body in the small pond with a
total disregard for her attentive audience. The water didn't reach much
higher than mid-thigh and Xena had planted her feet far apart before
bending over and dunking her tits in the cool water. She did this several
times in a row and after each dunk she scrubbed her bruised boobs with a
handful of leaves. Despite having just seen her perform just about any kind
of sex-act I can think of, this *still* made a very tantalizing sight. And
I found myself staring admiringly at my lover's amazing body.

Despite the constant distraction that Xena provided, they got all their
stuff together and somehow managed to make the clearing look like no one
had been there for ages... which is quite a feat considering the incredible
messy orgy that just took place here.

Then, one by one, the outlaws went into the dense forest where they simply
seemed to disappear from sight. The only people I've seen do that are
either Amazons or Xena. And these Merry Men seemed to be just as good at it
as the Amazons, I discovered to my great surprise.

"Bye, Meg!" Midge shouted, waving at Xena as he headed into the woods
behind his uncle.

Xena looked up and shot the boy a smile and a wink, AND THEN, putting her
hands behind her head, shook her titties at him one more time before
continuing her bath. I shook my head in disbelief, though couldn't help but
smile a little. Xena's 'special wave' goodbye had brought a huge smile to
Midge's face. 'My big, tough warrior can be such a softie sometimes.'

Will was the last of the Merry Men to enter the forest. "Thanks for the
great fuck, Amazon," I heard him call out to Xena just before he went in.
"Too bad you didn't have your cute blonde friend with you; I would have
loved to see the two of you perform together before giving her a proper,
manly fucking... Oh, well, maybe next time!"

"Screw you, bastard!" Xena shouted after him.

"Already done so!" Will shouted back, causing a lot of hilarity amongst the
Merry Men who were still within hearing range. Their laughter slowly
dissipated as they went deeper into the forest, until -finally- the outlaws
were out of earshot and the clearing turned quiet again.

Shrugging to herself, Xena finished her bath and, after swimming a couple
of laps, got out of the small lake. Unaware of my eyes following her every
move from the bushes, she squatted beside a large tree and relieved
herself. Watching my lover take a piss gave me an unexpected thrill, and
also made me aware of my own full bladder. After she was done, she went
back inside the pond to give her cunt a final cleaning, and then got back
out again.

She was busy drying herself off with another bunch of leaves when I
stealthily stepped into clearing.

The look on Xena's face when she looked up and saw me standing there was
absolutely priceless.

"G-Gabrielle?!" she stammered.

To be continued in Chapter 4 - Discipline from an Angry Bard


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