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Summary: Gabrielle discovers that Xena's guilt about the many atrocities
she committed in her past is so great that she's developed a desperate need
to be punished and humiliated. Though shocked at first, the bard decides to
give her friend and lover *exactly* what she needs.

Notes: I thought it might be fun to make Gabrielle the dominant one for a
change, hence this story. It's told from Gabrielle's POV, and is not really
related to my other X:WP story: Gabrielle's Secret Sex Scrolls, though
there are some similarities.

The story codes & pairings mentioned here apply to the *entire* story. I'll
mention the kinks each chapter contains separately next to the chapter title.

Warning: This story contains the not-so-gentle gangbanging of Xena, lotsa
lesbian sex, BDSM, sex with a minor, and plenty of other depraved stuff
(see Keywords). If you don't like that or are too young for it, then don't
read this.

Xena Warrior Princess: Warrior Slut Part 2 - Gangbanged Warrior Princess
by Oric13 ([email protected])

Xena's arms were bound behind her back and she was straddling the midsection
of one of the largest man I'd ever seen! This giant of a man was lying on the
grass, as naked as Xena, and helpfully assisted her in riding his cock (the
size of which I could only imagine) by holding her waist and bouncing her
naked body up and down. Another outlaw was squatting behind her, furiously
pumping his cock into my lover's ass. Though not nearly as big as the bandit
fucking her pussy, he was still a large man and Xena grunted in discomfort
each time he thrust his hard member into her asshole.

While those two were double-donging her, a third bandit made sure Xena was
properly motivated to fuck the two cocks inside her holes by whipping her
bouncing breasts with a heavy-looking leather belt whenever he felt her
enthusiasm was lacking, or simply because he felt like it. That third bandit
was Will - I recognized him almost immediately - the very same man who'd
whipped Xena's pussy yesterday, using the very same belt to whip her tits

I couldn't believe my eyes. My first instinct was to run into the clearing
and use my staff to bust those bastards' skulls! However, Xena had taught
me to always carefully assess a situation before taking action, especially
when you're outnumbered, or you're likely to do more harm than good. And
it's not like her life was being threatened. So, taking a deep breath to
calm myself, I forced myself to remain still and study my enemy.

Apart from the familiar faces from yesterday, I quickly spotted some new
ones. That giant with his cock buried inside Xena's snatch was clearly new...
so was the bandit buggering her ass, and I saw two large black men - twins -
standing close-by, who I'm sure weren't present during yesterday's hold-up.

That makes a grand total of thirteen bandits, most of which are even bigger
than Xena. Hmm, I guess it's a good thing that I didn't jump in to save Xena,
because even though most of them are now naked and unarmed, there's no way in
Hades that would've worked out well for me... In fact, I'm pretty sure I'd
have ended up naked beside her with a couple of cocks in my pussy and ass as
well. No, I definitely need a good plan for this... Unfortunately, it's kinda
hard to concentrate on creating a plan while watching Xena getting gangbanged
by a group of horny bandits.

The ten thugs not involved in the three-way had formed a circle around them,
impatiently awaiting their turn with my beautiful warrior. Most of them naked
as well, they kept themselves busy by stroking their cocks and calling out
lewd suggestions to the three bandits who were working her over.

"Bugger that bitch's behind, Robin!"

"Pound her pussy, Little John! Let's see that big pole of yours popping out
her mouth!"

"I call dibs on her ass after Robin is finished with her," Will declared
while landing a particular painful stroke directly on Xena's hard nipples,
causing her to cry out.

"Why's that?" someone questioned.

"'Cause once Little John is finished with that Amazon, her cunt will be so
stretched out that I doubt she'll even notice if I stick my entire fist in
there," Will casually explained. "Not much fun in fucking that."

The highwaymen laughed loudly at Will's crude commentary, which made me even
angrier at them.

"You've got it, mate!" a large red-headed man called back, "Her ass is yours,
but for now keep whipping the Amazon slut's big titties!"

"I'm on it, Tom," Will grinned while whipping Xena's tits again. "C'mon! I
know you can ride those cocks harder than that, you lazy bitch!" he shouted
while delivering another stroke right across my lover's ruby-red nipples.

Grunting loudly, Xena obeyed by bouncing faster up and down the highwaymen's
cocks, her large heavy breasts jiggling wildly on her chest with every squat
she performed under the strict guidance of the strap-wielding thug.

Numerous questions raced through my mind while watching this lewd spectacle:
Was that really Xena being made into some cheap two dinar whore by a band of
unwashed highwaymen? Maybe it's Meg or-or one of the other many doppelgangers
Xena seems to have.

Shaking my head, I quickly dismissed that thought. No, that's highly
unlikely -- way too big of a coincidence... even for us. Besides, in my
heart I already knew that's really Xena.

Still, it made no sense... How could they've possibly have captured her? This
*is* Xena we're talking about for Zeus' sake!

It's not like she's sick or injured, and even if she were then Xena should
still be able to defeat this group of common criminals with one hand tied
behind her back, which reminds me: why hasn't she broken loose yet? I've
seen her break iron manacles and that looks like ordinary rope they tied
her wrists with. She doesn't even need her sword or chakram for that...
Also, speaking of her weapons, why did Xena hide them in that tree together
with her armour and leathers? Leaving her "warrior tools" behind is something
she normally *never* does. It's almost like she wanted... to get caught?

My bard's instincts picked up on the brigands' mounting excitement, and I
quickly returned my undivided attention to the going-ons in the clearing.

The two men fucking Xena picked up their pace; grunting and groaning loudly
they pounded their stiff members into her twin holes in that sort of hurried
way, which made it clear they're about to shoot their loads. What really got
my attention, though, was that the person fucking the hardest of them all,
as well as making the most noise, was no one other than Xena herself.

The third brigand was now continually striking Xena's boobs with his belt.
But even though the tittie-whipping was now a constant thing, he wasn't
really putting much force behind his swings anymore. In fact, the mild
tit-torture she was subjected to only seemed to make Xena more aroused,
which was probably his intention.

When I watched her climax loudly from being raped in both holes, I was faced
with an unpleasant yet undeniable realization: Xena hasn't broken loose
because she doesn't *want* to break loose... She's willingly letting herself
be debased like this, simply... because she likes it!

Blinking a couple of times to clear my suddenly misty eyesight, I refocused
my attention on the gangbang. Now that I knew the truth about Xena's "capture
and rape" I was feeling somewhat less emotional about it. Though still angry
and upset, I was now able to watch without my emotions constantly distracting
me. And I certainly wasn't going to do anything stupid like trying to "save"

The huge highwayman, who they -ironically- called Little John, and the other
outlaw named Robin, were apparently finished with Xena for now and made way
for two other men: that bastard Will and the red-headed man called Tom.

I had to stifle a gasp when I saw the size of "Little" John's cock as it
popped out of Xena's pussy. Even in its flaccid state it was almost an entire
foot long! How big does that thing get when aroused? And how in Hades did
Xena manage to get all of it inside her?!

Another one of Xena's special "skills"?

Robin's cock is also pretty damn impressive, I absently noted... I'm guessing
about 8 inches long, so that must be a monster as well when fully erect. With
two gargantuan pricks like those pounding both her holes it's no wonder Xena
was making so much noise.

The genitalia of these next two men were much closer to normal size than
those of the first two bandits. They were both roughly the same length, about
8-inches fully erect, though Will's prong is much bigger around than the
other man's.

While Robin and Little John washed themselves in the nearby pond, Will and
Tom argued about what position would be best to fuck "the big-titted Amazon"

I looked to see how Xena would respond to her new nickname, but she didn't
appear to mind, or even bothered to look insulted... With the whorish way
she's behaving, I don't know why that still surprised me. The formerly
oh-so-proud warrior was lying back relaxed on the grass with her legs spread
wide and her sperm-leaking snatch aimed straight at the watching outlaws
while the two arguing men sat beside her, playing with her tits while they

I couldn't hear their conversation but seeing as they shook hands, they
must've reached some kind of an agreement about how to screw Xena. Getting
up, they flipped Xena onto her belly and then pulled her up into a kneeling

With Xena in place, Will got around behind her and stroked her upturned ass.

"Listen closely, Amazon," the outlaw said while petting Xena's luscious
behind. "In a few moments, I'm gonna be fucking your ass while you give my
friend Tom here the best damn blowjob you're capable of... Now, you might
be tempted to bite down on his dick, but if you do then *I'll* be tempted
to whip your tits and pussy raw... got it?" he emphasized his question with
a hard smack to her butt.

"Yes!" Xena grunted.

"Good, then let's get cracking!" With those words he positioned his member at
Xena's back entrance and - despite the incredible thickness of his cock -
worked his entire 8-inches swiftly inside.

The forceful invasion of her backside made Xena gasp for breath; the other
outlaw saw this as an opportunity to shove his cock into her wide-open mouth.
Xena tried to say something. I think maybe she was protesting about the rough
invasion of her mouth and asshole, but because of the distance between us,
the noise the other men made, and the dick in her mouth, I was unable to
understand a single word she said.

Whatever it was, Will quickly shut her up.


"Quiet, bitch! Don't you know it's impolite to talk with your mouth full?"

This brought another round of loud laughter from the watching highwaymen.

I shook my head in disbelief. The Xena I know, or at least thought I knew,
would've been enraged by this kind of treatment. But instead of going on a
rampage, she meekly accepted the bandit's chastisement and even started
sucking the other outlaw's cock.

Despite my anger about Xena's infidelity, I found myself fascinated by her
uncharacteristically submissiveness... and even, admittedly, a bit excited.
Settling myself in a more comfortable position, I breathlessly watched Xena
demonstrate her cock-sucking skills on Tom while Will steadily pumped his
thick prick in-and-out my lover's tight asshole. Closely watching the
coupling, I noticed that both bandits sported similar expressions of bliss
on their faces, which - despite the circumstances - looked pretty funny.

Letting go of her waist, Will reached around and grabbed my lover's bobbing
breasts. He squeezed and stroked the firm flesh with his fingers while
fucking her ass even faster. Watching this seemed to have inspired Tom,
because he suddenly grabbed Xena's hair and began to fuck her face.

A soft gasp escaped my lips as I watched Tom's entire 8-inches disappear into
Xena's mouth, and then reappear again when he pulled his cock almost all the
way out again, before slamming it back in. Though she needed a few moments to
adjust, Xena seemed to have little trouble taking in the outlaw's full

'Impressive... Although, since Xena can swallow swords, it kinda makes sense
that she's able to deepthroat dicks as well.'

The two men were really giving it to her now -- pounding their pricks into
Xena's tight asshole and hot mouth at an increasingly rapid pace.

It felt surreal to see the proud warrior princess naked on her knees, getting
it from both sides, while surrounded by group of noisy, naked, masturbating

I pinched myself to see if I wasn't dreaming this... Nope, definitely awake.

Suddenly stopping, both bandits withdrew their cocks from Xena's holes
and flipped her around on her back. Will lifted her legs up and quickly
reinserted his dick into her asshole while Tom shoved his prick back into
Xena's mouth. This whole manoeuvre lasted no more than three seconds.

Having placed Xena in this new position, the two outlaws resumed fucking her
with even more enthusiasm than before. This time it was Tom's turn to play
with Xena's big tits. He eagerly pawed the wildly wobbling mammaries and
then cruelly pulled and twisted her large red nipples. Tom the thug seemed
especially fond of slapping my lover's sensitive breasts, maybe because this
usually brought a painful grunt from Xena and the resulting vibrations
stimulated his cock. Or maybe he's just a sadistic asshole.

The two bandits steadily screwed her like this for at least a quarter of a
candle mark -- then Will added something new to the mix. First he told Tom to
hold Xena's left leg up, and when his partner in crime took over that duty
from him, Will used his free right hand to fondle Xena's cunt.

He stroked her pussy-lips and clit for a while before slipping two digits
into her pink pussy-hole and begin finger-fucking her. His fingers slid
smoothly in-and-out Xena's soaked snatch and he easily added a third finger,
and then a fourth...

Watching Will's four digits pound Xena's pussy, it wasn't hard to figure out
what's gonna happen next. I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd get to see
the outlaw's entire hand making its way into my lover's love-channel.

And it seems I was right... Will's synchronized fucking of Xena's cunt and
asshole gradually slowed down, and then stopped altogether. Staring down
intently at Xena's stuffed snatch, Will slowly withdrew his sticky fingers
and pulled them out one by one... With bated breath I watched him form a
fist at the entrance of Xena's cunt.

A hush fell over the watching brigands and a couple of them stepped closer to
make sure they had a good view of the beautiful warrior woman's forthcoming
fist-fucking. Luckily, none of them blocked my view 'cause at this point I
was almost as eager as the outlaws to see that big fist enter my lover's
adulterous cunt.

The clearing was now almost completely silent -- a sharp contrast from the
ruckus these rowdy men were making earlier. Even the other outlaw - Tom -
had temporarily stopped fucking Xena's mouth, allowing my warrior to raise
her head and to look at the same thing everyone else was staring at: her
not-so-private privates. Instead of looking worried (which I would be if
someone with hands that big is about to shove a fist inside my vagina),
Xena actually appeared aroused at the prospect of that thug's fist
plundering her pussy.

Will waited for several long seconds and then slowly but steadily forced his
entire hand into her twat. Xena grunted loudly as his knuckles popped passed
her labia lips and entered her pussy, followed by the rest of his hand... and
then most of his wrist.

A loud cheer resonated through the clearing, shattering the suspenseful

"Woo-hoo! Way to go, Will!"

"Yeah! Stick it to the bitch, mate!"

"Fist-fuck that uptight Amazon slut!"

Will smiled and winked at the other outlaws, basking in his companions'
praise. I think he probably would've done a little victory lap around her
if his hand hadn't been stuck inside her snatch.

When his ego was finally sated he slowly started moving his fist in-and-out
my lover's crammed cunt... going faster as Xena's slit gradually got used to
this large invasion and stretched further to accept more of his hand. Every
time he pushed his fist into Xena's pussy it went in deeper and more of his
arm went in with it.

Making this scene even more bizarre, some of the watching highwaymen started
clapping their hands together each time Will shoved his fist into Xena's
twat. This seemed to edge him on to even greater efforts...

"Ungh!" "Ungh!" "Oohh!!" "Aahhh!!"

The sounds of half a dozen men simultaneously clapping alongside Xena's
grunts and groans as the outlaw's fist pounded my lover's pussy resonated
through the clearing. I hardly heard it as I was totally captivated by the
incredible sight of most of Will's forearm sliding in and out my soulmate's
stretched snatch. Un-freaking-believable!! He's almost up this his elbow
inside her! In all the times I've fisted Xena, I never even went half as
far as this thug is doing now. And she seems to be loving it!

No sooner had this observation entered my mind or Xena suddenly seemed to go
into convulsions as she had what appeared to be one of the biggest orgasms of
her life.

The gathered bandits cheered loudly when they saw their beautiful warrior
woman captive being forcibly fist-fucked into having a huge humiliating
climax right in front of them.

Meanwhile, I stared dumbfounded at my lover's luscious naked body bucking
wildly and lewdly on the grass; drops of pussy-juice spurted from her snatch
while she pushed her pelvis up to get more of the outlaw's invading fist
inside her. She was being utterly shameless. Instead of running into the
clearing and use my staff to bust those bandits' skulls, I suddenly felt more
inclined to run into the clearing and shove my staff all the way up Xena's
traitorous twat.

That disloyal bitch!! When I think of how upset and aggressive she usually
gets when someone makes a pass at me, it makes me so mad I could SCREAM! What
a hypocritical WHORE!!!

I suddenly noticed that I was grabbing my staff so tightly that it seemed
like the wood was about to break. Closing my eyes, I took a couple of deep
breaths to re-establish my self-control.

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes again was Will reinserting his
cock into Xena's asshole, which - by the way - didn't stop him from
fist-fucking her cunt. Xena responded to this double-fucking with a series
of loud grunts and groans. She obviously no longer bothered to try to hide
her arousal at this point.

I sneered. Apparently, lil miss warrior princess prefers her sex rough and
nasty, which kinda makes sense considering her former 'profession' as
warlord. And this also explains why we haven't had sex for almost an entire
moon. Our *lovemaking* must be getting too conventional for the ex-warlord's
kinky taste.

'Why the fuck didn't she just tell me that instead of suddenly acting like
a fucking whore for these thugs!'

Feeling annoyed by my disloyal lover's cries of pleasure, it was something of
a relief when Tom shoved his cock back inside Xena's mouth, and shut her up.

All three of her holes were now being thoroughly fucked by the two thugs. And
when I say thoroughly, I do mean *thoroughly*: With each thrust, every inch
of Will's thick cock was shoved into Xena's tiny asshole. And when he pulled
his prick out, his entire fist (and most of his forearm) went into her pussy.
At the same time, Xena's lips were wrapped around Tom's dick, and the outlaw
fucked her mouth at such a frantic pace that even from my hiding place I
could hear the sound of his balls slapping rhythmically against her face.

After several minutes of this frenzied fucking, both bandits climaxed at
almost the exact same time. Grunting like a couple of pigs they injected
their foul seed into Xena's receptive body -- one of them filling her
bowels while the other one shot his load down her throat.

Moments after the outlaws climaxed, Xena came as well. This surprised me
since she rarely has two orgasms so close together... It usually takes at
least half a candle mark before she's able to come again. Yet there was no
mistaking the warrior's shuddering form and stifled moans... she was
definitely cumming again -- and hard!

Another loud cheer resonated through the clearing and several of the bandits
got out their wineskins to toast to "the big-titted Amazon's second climax,
may she have many, many more... and we as well!"

'Why do they keep referring to her as an Amazon?' I thought annoyed. 'Don't
these bastards know that Xena isn't a member of the Amazon tribes?!'

"Damn, that's one horny bitch," I heard one of the man remark -- something
to which I agreed wholeheartedly with at this point. I also considered this
to be a much more accurate nickname than Amazon.

It then occurred to me that there's no reason why they wouldn't call her
Amazon. They don't seem to know her by name, and most people think that all
women warriors are Amazons... they even think that about Xena, despite the
fact that Xena had waged war against the northern Amazon tribes.

Or maybe these outlaws are slightly smarter and they think she's an Amazon
because I'm an Amazon and they've seen her with me.

Anyhow, not knowing that they're gangbanging the infamous Warrior Princess
might actually be in their favour. Meaning that they might actually get away
with it ALIVE 'cause I'm pretty certain that even though Xena's letting them
fuck and humiliate her now, she would never allow these brigands to brag
about it to others and tarnish her reputation.

I guess in this case ignorance really is bliss.

Turning my attention back to the threesome in front of me, I noticed that the
two thugs were attentively drawing out Xena's orgasm by playing with her tits
and clit. While my lover lay their gasping and shaking, the thug named Tom
pulled his cock from her mouth and wiped it on Xena's long silky hair. Not
even that humiliating act got a reaction from her.

A few moments later, Will also withdrew his prick from Xena's shaking form.
When he pulled his hand from her snatch a loud pop could be heard. That
noise brought another bout of laughter from the men. Smirking down at Xena's
upraised behind, Will gave each of the full globes a hard smack.

"You're one fine piece of ass, Amazon," he noted appreciatively while getting

Xena only moaned in reply. She appeared well fucked, the way she was lying
there all sweaty and naked, with her legs spread wide and sperm leaking out
of her gaping asshole.

Tom got up as well and together the two men joined their comrades who were
merrily drinking and laughing -- celebrating their good fortune in having
captured this beautiful and horny warrior woman. I expected there to be a
big argument about who the next lucky lowlifes were gonna be to have their
way with my adulterous lover, but that didn't happen.

Instead, the black twins who'd been watching the proceedings silently and
stoically, stepped forwards and headed for Xena. There came no objections
from the other highwaymen, who seemed to hold the two large,
dangerous-looking dark-skinned men in high regard.

Not seeming to be in any great hurry, the twins calmly put away their weapons
and then disrobed. Despite my preference for the female form, I watched the
unveiling of their well-toned bodies with appreciative eyes... very nice pecs
and abs, boys.

My gaze drifted down from the men's muscled torsos when they dropped their
pants. And I found myself staring incredulously at the thick black poles
rising up between the twins' legs. They were almost as well-endowed as
'Little' John!

'Incredible! Is there anyone in that gang who isn't hung like a mule? Well,
I guess there are a *few* outlaws who are normal-sized, but still... Damn!
Xena sure knows how to pick 'em.'

My warrior, meanwhile, was watching her new 'play mates' with at least as
much interest as I am. And judging from the excited look in her eyes and the
way she's licking her lips, she sure likes what she sees. The same seemed to
apply to the two black men, judging from their rock-hard erections.

Kneeling down next to her, the twins started sliding their large hands all
over Xena's naked form, taking their time to meticulously explore my lover's
bountiful charms. One of them seemed especially fascinated by Xena's big tits
and spend a lot of time stroking and squeezing my warrior's ripe, melon-like
mammaries. The other one was more interested in Xena's ample ass, and
continuously caressed, kneaded and slapped those firm round cheeks... At one
point, he even pried them apart and stuck a single thick finger deep inside
her bunghole, prodding and probing that most private of places.

I could feel my face becoming flushed while I watched these men fondle my
lover, and a quick downwards glance confirmed the very erect state of my
nipples -- strong prove that this lewd little scene was actually turning me
on. I silently wondered how my feelings could change so swiftly from anger
to arousal... Maybe my arousal was triggered by the twins' skin-colour, or
perhaps because I now knew that Xena had willingly surrendered herself to
the twisted desires of these thugs.

Having had their fill of feeling her up, the two black brothers sat down
facing one another and made Xena squat down between them. As she lowered
herself, her pussy and asshole were steadily invaded by the twins' thick
poles... She grunted loudly as the last couple of inches of hard man-meat
made its way inside her nether-holes.

Once they were all the way inside her, one of the brothers grabbed Xena's
waist and began bouncing her body up and down. But he soon let go when he
noticed that their captive needed no urging to ride their dicks. The twins
smiled at one another and planted their hands palm-down on the grass behind
them; leisurely leaning back, they watched the white-skinned warrioress
enthusiastically fuck herself on their cocks.

The other outlaws seemed impressed and showed their approval by giving the
twins a round of applause. Apparently, this band of bandits takes great
pleasure in persuading their female prisoners to have sex with them of their
own accord, and had even made this into some kind of friendly competition
between them.

'Well, if that's the case then they've found an easy mark in Xena,' I
wearily thought while watching my disloyal lover passionately ride the black
brothers' twin rods. Because it seemed obvious, at least to me, that Xena's
primed and willing to perform just about any sexual act these thugs can come
up with.

Now that they've showed their friends how well-trained their captive already
is, the twins returned their hands to Xena's naked body and resumed playing
with her charms -- one of them fondling her wildly jiggling breasts and the
other one slapping and stroking her bouncing butt-cheeks.

Humping those large black cocks like a woman possessed, Xena managed to make
herself cum twice before the two brothers spend their seed inside of her.

That's four orgasms within a single candle mark, I silently counted while
I watched two other men taking their turn with Xena. I had no trouble
recognizing them: Harry and Bill, the very same bastards who almost raped
me yesterday. They had Xena kneel on the grass, and in that position they
each managed to fuck every one of her holes.

I have to admit that they're pretty clever in getting the most out of their
turn... First, Bill fucked Xena from behind while Harry stood in front of her
getting a blowjob. Then, after about five minutes, they switched places.

Another five minutes later, they exchanged places again, but this time Bill
shoved his dick up Xena's ass instead of her pussy and Harry did the same
when it was his turn: mercilessly buggering her bumhole while Xena obediently
sucked the other outlaw's cock clean, seemingly unbothered by the fact that
it had just spent the last five minutes inside her asshole.

And, of course, both bandits eagerly manhandled her boobs whenever they got
the chance. Men sure seem to love Xena's big titties...

Bill and Harry fucked my lover long and hard, but they didn't manage to make
her cum a fifth time. They were clearly bothered by this and even though
they'd both climaxed, causing their turn to be 'officially' over, they seemed
reluctant to make way for the next batch of men. Eventually, Robin had to
order them away.

This caused a small smile to appear on my lips. The first time I smiled
since I caught Xena: Warrior Slut screwing her way through an entire gang of

'Tough luck, fellows... Guess you're not allowed another go.'

Studying the five remaining men who hadn't had their turn yet, I wondered who
of them would be next inline to fuck Xena. That's when I noticed that these
outlaws looked very much alike: black hair and beards, and each of them over
six-foot tall. Looking more closely, I concluded that all five must be
somehow related to each other. The man in the middle, who's the oldest
looking, could very well be the father or uncle of the other four.

That very same man walked up to Robin and said something to him, which I
was unable to hear from this distance. But I could tell from his respectful
manner that he very much looked up to Robin. And considering that Robin is
also the one who ordered Harry and Bill away, I'm guessing he is the actual
leader of this gang, and not Will.

Whatever the man had said, Robin seemed to agree with him, because he headed
back to his kinsmen with a big smile on his face. The five family-members
huddled together and excitedly discussed something while looking and pointing
at Xena. In this case, I didn't need to hear them to know what they were
talking about...

Apparently having reached an understanding, the men exchanged smiles and
headed for Xena -- all five of them.

Xena looked a bit apprehensive when they surrounded her, especially when one
of them walked up to her holding a knife. I myself was feeling more than "a
bit apprehensive". In fact, I was just about ready to rush to Xena's defence
before I took notice of the slow and non-threatening manner in which he
approached her. Taking into consideration that Xena is a lot better in
detecting danger than I am, and she didn't look very alarmed, I decided to
wait a bit longer before taking action.

Good thing I did, because Xena's instincts proved to be right -- as usual.
With a mixture of surprise and relieve, I watched the outlaw cut the ropes
they'd used to bind Xena's arms together. For a brief moment, I thought they
were releasing her. But that's very unlikely, considering these five thugs
hadn't fucked her yet.

And I was at least right about that. After freeing her arms, the bandits
watched Xena closely, waiting to see if she would try to escape... But of
course, she didn't do any such thing. Instead, Xena remained right where
she was, rubbing her arms to get the blood flow going again. Once finished
with that, she stuck a lengthy blade of grass between her teeth and lay
back leisurely on the grass with her hands folded beneath her head.

I noticed the brigands exchanging puzzled looks. This is obviously not the
kind of behaviour they expect from a woman in the midst of a gangbang.

Her nonchalant attitude kinda surprised me myself. Sure, I know Xena isn't
easily fazed, but she looks for all intents and purposes like she's enjoying
a nice relaxing nap in the sun after a long, hard day of warrior stuff. If I
still possessed a trace of doubt about her willingness to be here, then this
little scene would've certainly got rid of that.

Meanwhile, none of the five thugs so far had put the moves on Xena. In fact,
they hadn't even touched her. Guess they're raddled by her confident manner.
I've seen that happen before with much more powerful men than those five.

There wasn't much left of the confidence they displayed earlier when they
walked up to her. Shuffling their feet around uneasily, they glanced at each
other and at Xena; clearly at a loss about what to do next they seemed to be
hoping that someone else would take the lead.

Oddly enough it wasn't one of the outlaws who took the initiative, but Xena

"Well, what are you boys waiting for?" she questioned while shooting the five
thugs a seductive little smile and spreading her legs further apart. "I don't
bite, if that's what you're worried about..."

'You big slut!' I mentally berated her. 'Can't you at least have the common
decency to *pretend* that they're taking you against your will!'

Xena's little encouragement worked like a charm. Exchanging grins the five
bandits quickly approached her, their rising erections leading the way, and
it didn't take long before all five of them were feeling up Xena's tits, cunt
and ass. I could hardly catch a glimpse of her with all those men crowding
around her naked form.

After this little groping session, they all seemed eager to get to the actual
fucking. Lifting Xena up, one of the man slid down between her wide-spread
legs and aimed his cock at her cunt as the others lowered her down again
until she was firmly seated on his hard dick. Another bandit squatted down
behind her, grabbed her tits, and then plunged his prick all the way up her

Having had plenty of large cocks shoved inside her rectum already within the
last two candle marks, Xena hardly responded to this brutal invasion except
for a tiny grunt. Though I suppose that third brigand putting his dick in her
mouth could also have been the cause of her lack of response.

With all three her holes now occupied, I was curious to see how the other two
thugs would get off. Would they wait until one of her holes become available,

Unfortunately, I was unable to see what happened next because a couple of
brigands were suddenly blocking my view: Bill and Harry, again! They'd been
walking around, trying to find the best spot to watch the action, and had
of course picked out the place right in front of me to seat their fat asses.


Well, I wasn't in the mood to stare at their backs and their cracks for
I-don't-know-how-long. And since I didn't think asking them to move aside a
bit is such a good idea under these circumstances, I was left me with just
one other option: trying to find another hiding place from where I can watch
Xena getting gangbanged.

Okay, I guess I do have some other options. For instance, I could've simply
headed back to camp and waited there for Xena to return. But, hey! A girl's
gotta have a hobby, and I'm kinda curious to see what happens next.

So I searched around in the shrubbery for another spot from where I could
watch Xena's six-some without being seen myself, which turned out to be more
difficult then I'd initially thought. I had to be very quiet with those two
thugs sitting less than 5 yards away from me, and even with Amazon training
it ain't exactly easy making no noise while crawling around in a bunch of

It took me a quarter of a candle mark to find another good vantage point
that still left me hidden to the outlaw's eyes. The carnal noises coming
from the clearing had gradually increased my curiosity to a bursting point,
and my heart pounded with excitement as I gazed thru the opening in the
undergrowth and saw Xena screwing five men simultaneously.

Like I'd seen earlier, three of the five men were energetically fucking
Xena's pussy, mouth and asshole -- not the same three thugs as before,
though, so they must've switched places while I was busy crawling around in
the bushes. I spotted the other two outlaws standing at either side of the
guy getting a blowjob with my lover's hands wrapped around their dicks. So
that's how they solved the "five cocks and only three holes" dilemma: she
jerks two of them off while getting screwed by the other three.

I decided to make myself a little more comfortable for the remainder of
Xena's sex-show. Sitting down with my legs crossed, I pulled up my skirt
until it was wrapped around my waist and removed the small loincloth I was
wearing underneath.

With my pussy bared, I slid a hand between my thighs and petted the small
patch of pubic hair for a while, savouring its silky softness, before
lowering my fingers to my moist slit. As the tips of my fingers touched my
sensitive swollen labia lips, a soft moan of pleasure escaped my other lips.

I started stroking my swollen pussy-lips while keeping my eyes fixed on the
titillating display that my disloyal lover provided as she sexually satisfied
five men all at once. Despite the jealousy and anger I still felt, I couldn't
stop myself from becoming very much aroused while watching Xena ride two
cocks, suck a third, and jerk off two others.

All of a sudden, the bandit getting the blowjob yanked his cock from Xena's
mouth and shot a large load of sperm all over her face. Grunting loudly, he
grabbed his ejaculating member and gave it a couple of fast jerks while
aiming at Xena's wide open mouth.

My own mouth opened as wide as Xena's as I watched her gulp down that
brigand's jizm like it's ambrosia. I was even more amazed when she leaned
forwards, stuck out her tongue, and licked his cock clean. When she completed
her job, the thug gave her a smile and then rejoined the others who welcomed
him with a loud cheer.

Looking back at Xena, I saw her licking the remaining spunk from her face. I
couldn't make out her facial expression from this distance, but I'm willing
to bet it's a look of satisfaction.

'Nine down -- four to go... Damn! What an incredible slut!' I thought,
shaking my head in stunned disbelief.

Blissfully unaware of my presence, Xena pulled the two cocks in her hands a
little closer and took turns licking the purple mushroom-shaped heads. She
also started humping the dicks in her holes a lot faster.

The other outlaws rewarded her efforts with a big round of applause. Somehow
that managed to piss me off even more. But this time I decided to ignore my
anger and instead focus on my ever increasing arousal. Slipping two fingers
into my wet snatch, I twirled them around slowly while moving them in and

'Ohhhhh, yesss! That feels good.'

My eyes switched eagerly back and forth between Xena's bouncing tits, the two
cocks entering her holes, and her tongue lapping at the two stiff pricks in
her hands, while I fingered my tight little pussy and gently rubbed my thumb
across my clit. My excitement grew when the bandit buggering Xena's ass
pinched her large red nipples between his thumb and forefinger and stretched
her tits 'till they'd almost doubled in length before letting go. He repeated
this several times, bringing forth grunts of discomfort from my lover's lips.

Keeping my right hand busy between my legs, I used my left hand to pull down
my top and pop my tits out. With my eyes fixated on Xena's boob-stretching, I
began pinching and pulling at my own stiff pink nipples, causing tiny jolts
of pleasure/pain to shoot from my titties to my clit.

The rough treatment of her tits didn't stop Xena from lavishing attention
on the two stiff pricks in her hands. That was made clear when the two thugs
suddenly cried out and their stiff members shot a virtual fountain of spunk
onto Xena's face.

While watching her milk those men's cocks and drink down what looked like
a gallon of sperm, I wondered how she managed to make those men cum at the
exact same moment. I mean, I know she's got 'many skills', but this is
getting ridiculous.

The two outlaws, looking spent but satisfied, joined the other nine brigands;
leaving just the two thugs fucking her pussy and asshole.

'Eleven down, two to go,' I counted somewhat awed, 'and Xena's still going at
it like she hasn't gotten any for an entire year... The slut's got stamina, I
have to give her that.'

Glaring proudly at her attentive audience, Xena shook out her long raven hair
and clasped her hands behind her head, allowing the two remaining thugs to do
with her large breasts as they pleased -- an opportunity the men made eager
use of. With Xena using her strong legs to propel her body up and down,
riding of her own accord the twin cocks that filled her nether holes, both
men had their hands free to fondle, slap, stroke, squeeze, pinch and probe my
lover's tits to their hearts' content.

I watched with a mixture of concern and excitement as the two highwaymen
mistreated those magnificent mammaries any way they could think of: squeezing
them roughly, slapping them, pinching and twisting those large sensitive
nipples, stretching them in any direction (left, right, down... even up to
her mouth where they made her lick her own teats).

Glancing down at my own breasts, I winced in commiseration. But despite some
sympathy I felt for Xena's current plight, it was mostly arousal that filled
me while I watched them torture my lover's great big titties. After all, I
reasoned, she brought this upon herself, and it's obvious that she going
along with it of her own free will.

So I didn't feel a lot of guilt when I added a third finger into my snatch
and frantically finger-fucked myself while the two thugs each grabbed a hold
of a nipple and proceeded to pull her breasts to opposite sides, stretching
the supple globes to their utmost limit.

Any guilt I may have felt was quickly replaced with renewed resentment when
I saw Xena climax yet *again*, bringing forth a thunderous ovation from the
eleven spectators. Narrowing my eyes at the loudly squealing warrioress, I
cursed myself for not bringing along an empty scroll and quill 'cause I'm
suddenly feeling very inspired to write about Xena's latest 'adventure'.
I've already thought of a good working title for it: Xena: Warrior Slut.
Hmm, yes, that has a nice ring to it.

A satisfied smirk appeared on my lips as the story gradually took form inside
my mind. I can hardly wait to see the look on Xena's face when I've finished
this story and I'm telling it in the next inn we visit. I won't be using
our real names, of course, but I'll bet it'll still get her britches in a
twist... Serves her right for cheating on me.

Now that they've made their Amazon prisoner cum in front of their buddies,
the two brigands seemed to focus more on getting themselves off. Grabbing a
firm hold of her waist (the one screwing her cunt) and her tits (the bandit
buggering her behind), they added their own efforts into the mix.

Despite my many misgivings about this -literally- fucked-up situation, I
couldn't help being impressed by their energetic screwing, almost animal-like
in its intensity -- it was simply awe-inspiring to watch.

'Fuck her harder, you bastards!! Screw that two-timing slut silly!' I
silently encouraged the two thugs while pounding my fingers into my sopping
pussy hole. But they didn't last very long and came before I did.

First the guy fucking her ass came, filling her bowels with his sperm.
Red-faced from exhaustion, he pulled his prick from her asshole and slowly
stumbled to his feet. With kind of a dopey smile on his face, he rejoined
the other outlaws who welcomed him with a loud cheer.

Shaking my head in disgust about so much macho bullshit, I turned my
attention back to Xena and the last man standing... or actually: the last
man lying, since he's lying on his back with Xena riding his cock like she's
riding Argo. Both of them were grunting loudly, like a couple of wild boars
in heat, and for a moment I thought Xena was about to have yet another
orgasm. But as soon as that thought crossed my mind, the final thug suddenly
shouted that he's gonna cum, causing Xena to hastily dismount his dick and
take it into her mouth, just in time to drink down another dose of spunk.
This caused me to shake my head in disgust some more.

Another cheer resonated through the clearing as they hailed the 'coming' of
the thirteenth thug, and several of the outlaws patted his back as he walked
past them to join his family members.

I thought this would be the end of it, but it seemed that this six-some had
inspired the outlaw leader.

"Okay, guys -- listen up!" Robin called out. "I just invented a new game...
It's called: How many cocks can you fit into a single Amazon."

There was a moment of silence as the outlaws' alcohol-addled minds absorbed
their leader's words, followed by loud laughter and cheers. Then, a bunch
of the brigands rushed en masse towards Xena, apparently elated that they'll
be able to fuck this gorgeous warrior woman a second time (or in some cases
a third time).

"HOLD IT!!" Robin shouted. Then, as his men stopped and turned around, he
told them more calmly, "Let's do this in an organized manner, people..."

Fascinated and aroused, I watched the outlaw leader delegate his band of
brigands to involve as many people as possible in Xena's gangbang. He didn't
include the five men who just finished fucking her, but that still left a
total of seven mostly very large men for who he needed to find a hole or a
hand. Now I'm not that great at math, but I can certainly count to five:
pussy, mouth, asshole and two hands. So unless I'm much mistaken, there's
only place for five people to fuck Xena.

Despite my impatience to confront Xena about her slutty adulterous behaviour,
and some reluctance to see her screw another bunch of these brigands, I was
also curious to see how Robin planned to solve this little logistical problem
and, admittedly, aroused by the idea of Xena fucking seven men all at once.

Anyhow, I figured that since there's nothing I can do to stop this, I might
as well relax and enjoy the show. Returning my hands to my breasts and pussy,
I resumed playing with myself while watching Robin instruct Xena and his men
about what positions to take.

First, he told the black twins to lie on the grass, facing each other, with
their legs entwined and their stiff cocks pressed together. They obeyed this
strange order without question.

Looking at those two black dicks pressed together, appearing as one giant
penis, a thrill of excitement went through me. 'I think I see where he's
going with this.'

As I expected, he then told Xena to lower her pussy onto the twin dicks, and
she, too, obeyed without question. Yesterday, I would have been shocked by
her willingness to perform even this bizarre (and painful looking) sex-act,
but these last couple of candle marks have been a real eye-opener for me. So
I wasn't even the least bit surprised when I saw Xena pull her pussy-lips
apart and slowly impale herself onto those double dicks... I was, however,
surprised that she actually managed to get those two cocks all the way inside
her cunt.

Next Robin instructed that giant of a man called 'Little John' to lubricate
his huge cock with some butter, "Then kneel behind the Amazon and stick it
up her ass."

'Holy Shit!' I thought, growing a bit pale. 'He's gonna tear her apart with
that colossal cock of his!'

But once again I'd underestimated Xena's sexual prowess. I don't know how
she did it, yet somehow she managed to take that giant shlong into her tiny
asshole without any injury or great pain. Most of the outlaws were as amazed
about this impressive feat as I was and gave her a round of applause, and I
heard Little John remark that this was the first time ever that he managed
to get his cock up a woman's ass.

'Whoa!' I thought, somewhat relieved, 'She really has got MANY skills!'

Robin told Little John and Xena to lean backwards a bit and then instructed
Bill and Harry to stand beside Little John with their pricks pointed at Xena.
From this angle Xena could jerk them off without having to twist around.

That just left Will and Tom... Robin had them stand at either side of Xena.
Because she's leaning slightly backwards they were perfectly positioned to
feed her their dicks.

With a satisfied smile on his lips, Robin surveyed the scene before him. "Now
this is one stuffed Amazon!" he snickered.

It didn't go smoothly at first, but with Robin directing them the eight-some
slowly got a steady fuck-rhythm going.

Highly aroused by the extraordinary spectacle of Xena: Warrior Slut screwing
seven cocks simultaneously, I frantically fingered my dripping pussy and
fondled my tits without taking my eyes of this amazing decadent sex-show for
a single second.

Then, just when I thought things couldn't get any crazier than this, Robin
approached Xena and without much preamble stuffed his cock in-between her
big breasts. Grabbing both of Xena's melon-sized titties, he pushed them
together and proceeded to fuck her incredible cleavage... I stared at this
scene with my mouth hanging open while fucking four fingers into my snatch
and rubbing my swollen clit.

The strange and sudden realization that I'm watching my soulmate being
screwed by no less than eight men while I play with myself triggered an
explosive orgasm inside of me. The orgasm was so intense that I had to bite
down on my lower lip to keep from crying out, yet not even for a moment did
I close my eyes or look away from this enthralling exhibition of depraved
sex-acts being performed my lover and this band of horny highwaymen.

To be continued in Chapter 3 - Xena: Sex-Ed Teacher


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