Xena Warrior Princess: Xena And The God Of Lust
by ALurker ([email protected])

Xena and Gabrielle came into the abandoned village. Xena's sense for danger
was sending her messages something was wrong here. The village had recently
been inhabited, fresh food was spread around. As they came to the center of
town Xena saw a woman up ahead laying naked on a table. She raced over to
her. The woman was covered in cum and moaning one word over and over "more".

"What's all over her?" Gabrielle asked but Xena gave her a look and after
touching the young woman she realized what it was and blushed. "What's she

"More, I don't get it?" She bent closer to the woman. "What happened here?"

"The men they just started to take me, it was incredible they fucked my
mouth, ass and cunt. God why did they go away?" She moaned and started to
play with herself.. "I want more, they have to come back."

"What's wrong with her?" Gabrielle asked.

"I don't know, but I imagine we're gonna find out." Xena heard people moving

In a less then a minute there were almost a dozen naked men in the town
square, they all had erections but were making no threatening moves.

"What do you want?" Xena and Gabrielle went back to back to protect

"We want you. Don't you want us?" One of the men responded.

Xena thought a second and realized, yes she did want these men to take her
and screw her in every way imaginable. She couldn't resist the thought, the
more she tried the more she wanted these men. Suddenly her hands went to her
amour and she stripped it off.

Gabrielle was waiting for Xena to make some sort of move on these men. She
felt Xena's back leave hers. She waited a minute for Xena to give her some
sign. When it didn't come, she turned around and was shocked at what she saw.
Her friend Xena was on her knees taking a mans hard cock into her mouth and
had cocks in both her hands jerking them off. The scene repelled and excited
her. She felt a man come up behind her and feel her body. Her instincts told
her to fight but within seconds she had turned and was kissing this dirty
naked man. She fell to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. She felt
hands running over her body, they stripped her out of her clothes. She felt
herself orgasming as fingers penetrated her pussy and anus.

Xena used her power to force the man with the largest prick to the ground.
She mounted him. "Yes, more." She motioned to a couple more large men and one
quickly came up behind her. Xena allowed him to insert his prick into her
ass. She used all her muscles to get satisfaction from the two cocks. Xena
took another cock in her mouth and grabbed two more in her hands and jerked
them off.

Gabrielle was quickly in just her boots. She took one man in her mouth and
another took her doggy style. She humped back at him enjoying the sensations.
She felt herself being filled with their cum. She moaned, "More!" Two more
cocks were quickly pushed into her mouth and pussy that pounded at her lithe
little body.

Xena used her fabulous muscles to milk the mens cocks. She had taken almost
a dozen loads, the men started dropping from exhaustion. There were now only
three left, one each in her mouth pussy and ass. The one in her mouth pulled
out and shot his load into her face. Through the cum Xena spotted someone
watching from across the square, in a second she recognized her arch enemy
Callisto. Xena immediately tensed up, causing the men to shoot their loads
into her body. She quickly stood but Callisto was gone. Xena called for her
horse Argo. "Come on Gabrielle, we've got to go."

Gabrielle was laying exhausted covered in cum. Xena grabbed her up and threw
her on Argo. She collected their clothes, deciding they didn't have time to
dress. She then climbed aboard Argo in front of Gabrielle. Xena rode hard but
it was quickly apparent she wouldn't catch Callisto. Xena was also starting
to feel horny again. The feel of the leather saddle against her pussy as she
moved in tune with the motion of Argo. Xena was also having a problem with
Gabrielle's naked body rubbing up against hers. Xena could feel Gabrielle's
tits burning into her back.

As they came to a lake, she decided that it was time to get dressed and
cleaned up. Gabrielle quickly jumped into the cool waters of the lake, hoping
it would relieve the sexual feeling she was having. She had ridden behind
Xena for almost an hour, her breasts rubbing against Xena's hard back
muscles. Her pussy, still dripping with cum, rubbed against the leather
saddle. When they galloped, Gabrielle thought she would orgasm just from the
rubbing of her clit. Gabrielle found the water cold but not cold enough. She
looked back and saw a naked Xena cleaning off her saddle of their combined
juices. "Come on in, the waters fine."

Xena was not immune to the sexual feeling. As she pulled the saddle off of
Argo she could smell her own and Gabrielle's cum mixed with semen on the
saddle. The smell was intensely erotic, but she needed to clean the saddle or
it would be ruined. She quickly cleaned it and saw Gabrielle calling her into
the stream. Xena thought she could use some cold water about now. "Alright
I'm coming."

Xena jumped in the water splashing Gabrielle. They started to splash each
other. Xena grabbed Gabrielle's arms and pulled her close to get her to stop,
but as she looked into Gabrielle's eyes another thought overcame her. She
pushed her mouth over her friends and pushed her tongue into her mouth.
Gabrielle was shocked at her friends kissing her but she couldn't help
herself. Gabrielle returned Xena' s kiss, Xena released her hands. She felt
Xena's hands on her breasts, her hands drifted onto Xena's body stroking her
heavily muscled torso. Gabrielle gasped as Xena's fingers found her pussy.
They started to work their way toward shore, they're fingers penetrated their
pussies. As soon as they reached the shore they fell into each others arms.

Xena slid down Gabrielle's body and started to work on her pussy. She quickly
flipped over allowing Gabrielle access to her own pussy. Xena was working on
Gabrielle's pussy bringing her to yet another orgasm, when she noticed a
shadow hovering over the two of them.

"What's up?" Joxer stood over the two naked women. He was completely turned
on, but was having trouble believing what he was seeing.

"Joxer!" Xena smiled up at him. "I was looking for a prick and you qualify in
more then one way."

She had been having obscene thoughts about grabbing a stranger to fuck. Xena
threw Joxer down onto the ground and started to strip his stupid amour off of
him. Gabrielle was helping her.

"Very nice!" Xena commented as she saw his ten inch prick come into view.

Gabrielle grabbed the shaft of Joxer's prick. Opening her mouth she took all
of him into her mouth and down her throat. Gabrielle pushed her nose right
into Joxer's pubic hair, she came up and off of his prick. Xena pushed her
away, she was annoyed as Xena mounted Joxer's huge prick. "Hey, I wanted

Xena rode up and down on Joxer's prick enjoying the sensations. "You can be
next, you can have his face for now." Xena could see Gabrielle didn't get it.
"Sit on his face and let him eat you out, its great trust me."

Gabrielle repositioned herself over Joxer's head facing Xena. She felt Joxer
use his fingers to push open her pussy then, she felt his tongue penetrate
her cunt, she felt it caress her clit. "Yes, this is good!" She moaned to
Xena as she watched Xena's ride up and down on his cock. "It ain't so bad

Xena rode up and down using her amazon muscles to work on Joxer's prick. She
rarely had a man last even this long inside of her. Xena bent forward and
took one of Gabrielle's pert nipples into her mouth. Xena pushed a hand down
between Gabrielle's legs, collecting a bit of her juices on her fingers she
brought the sweet taste to her lips and then offered a finger to Gabrielle
who sucked it into her mouth. "Yes, yes!" Xena felt herself cumming on
Joxer's cock. As she pulled off she was somewhat surprised to see he was
still rock hard. "You're turn Gabrielle." Xena pushed Gabrielle who landed on
her back. "Come on Joxer."

"What are you doing?" Gabrielle asked as Xena stood over her. "I want you to
eat me out while Joxer fucks the shit out of you. Any problem with that?"

Gabrielle looked Xena in the eye. "No problem." She opened her legs and Joxer
positioned himself between her legs in one swift motion he entered her. She
felt his cock penetrate to levels no one else had ever reached. "Yeah Joxer,
fuck me." She moaned as he started to pull in and out giving her pleasure
with every stroke. As she got into it, Xena lowered herself down onto her
face. Gabrielle reached up to finger Xena's pussy as she opened it up Xena's
continued to lower herself down, until her cunt was pushing into her nose and
face. Some instinct caused her to start to use her tongue on Xena's clit.

"Yeah, she likes it Joxer." Xena reached down and pinched Gabrielle's
nipples. "Fuck her harder." She loved watching as Joxer really pounded away
at Gabrielle. "She's never had a dick in her ass. Why don't you be the
first?" Xena felt Gabrielle try to push her off of her face but Xena pushed
down harder muffling any protest.

"Really WOW!" Joxer was enjoying the sensations of Gabrielle's tight cunt,
but now he was being offered her virgin ass, that offer was too good to
refuse. He slipped his cock out of her pussy and threw her legs onto his
shoulders. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass. He slid the
head of his prick into her ass. "It feels so tight!" He moaned as he slipped
a bit more of his cock into her ass.

Xena's was in heaven, Gabrielle's tongue action really increased as Joxer's
prick penetrated her ass. "Yes do her, fuck her ass hard." She bent forward
and used her hands to open up Gabrielle's cunt. Xena stuck a finger into her
cunt, she quickly followed that with her tongue. She ran her tongue over
Gabrielle's clit, she let it run over her cunt and then slide down running
her tongue along Joxer's cock, as he pushed in and out of Gabrielle's ass.

Joxer wasn't going to last, fucking Gabrielle's ass. He pushed all the way in
and blew his load up her ass. He then fell away and watched as Gabrielle's
legs wrapped around Xena's head, they were in a gorgeous 69. He watched for
a few minutes as they continued to go at one another. Finding himself getting
hard again he moved over two the two ladies. This time he took a position
behind Xena with his cock over Gabrielle's face.

"Yeah let me have you're cock," Xena's groaned.

"Me first." Gabrielle reached out with her tongue and licked Joxer's balls.
"Put it down my throat."

Joxer couldn't resist an invitation like that. He pushed his prick into
Gabrielle's mouth, he pushed it forward and she took it into her mouth. "It
feels so good." He could feel his cock slipping into her velvety throat.

"What are you doing back there Joxer? I want it now, don't make me hurt you."
Xena shouted, she hadn't been pleasured for a few seconds and needed it now.

Joxer was more then a bit intimidated by Xena. "Alright, here it comes." He
reluctantly pulled out of Gabrielle and slid his prick into Xena's pussy.
"Not to bad," he felt her muscles pulling him inside her pussy. He felt
Gabrielle's mouth on his balls, she sucked one then the other. It felt
incredible, Gabrielle ran her tongue along the length of his prick as it slid
in and out of Xena's hot cunt.

"Fuck me in the ass." Xena commanded. "Now Joxer do it!"

Joxer slipped his prick out of her cunt and slid it into her ass. He had
trouble forcing it inside but she relaxed a bit and his cock head slipped
past her anus. Xena started using her ass muscles to work on his cock. He had
never felt anything like it, he felt himself start to cum, he shot load after
load into Xena's ass. As his cock deflated he fell out of her ass, he lay
back feeling completely exhausted.

Xena stood over Joxer. "Well I guess you're done for a while." She could
still feel her ass closing after his assault, his cum was running down her
legs. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had. But for the moment
at least she felt satisfied. She reached for her armour. "Well Gabrielle, you
ready to go after Callisto?"

"Yeah, I guess?" Gabrielle stood slowly and a bit painfully. Her ass still
felt like it had been ripped apart, but at least she wasn't abnormally horny
anymore. She she could act normally now. "What about Joxer?"

"I think he could use a nap. Why don't you catch up once you've caught, ahhh
you're breath right Joxer?" She laughed as he just groaned. "Lets go
Gabrielle." She looked around for her horse but Argo was gone. She guessed
whatever was going on was effecting animals as well as humans.

Gabrielle and Xena walked for over an hour, they were getting discouraged
when they spotted Hercules and Laolus skulking up ahead. Xena signaled for
Gabrielle to wait as she moved on ahead, she snuck up behind Hercules. "What
you doing?"

Hercules jumped when he heard Xena's voice. He spun and saw who it was. "You
shouldn't sneak up on people."

"You losing you're edge?" Xena signaled for Gabrielle to join them. They all
greeted one another. "What's going on?"

"We've been following Callisto. She's done something but we're not exactly
sure what?" Hercules responded "Have you noticed anything weird?"

"Like what?" Xena responded.

Hercules tried to start but couldn't bring himself to say it, "Ay never
mind." He threw up his hands.

"The man is trying to talk about sex." Aphrodite goddess of love appeared of
nothingness. "Its so cute when you blush big brother." She patted him on the
he cheek. Ares god of war appeared after Aphrodite.

"Can we get down to business here and stop the lovey dovy crap."

"Alright" Xena turned on Ares. "Why don't you tell us what's going on?"

"Alright I will. Callisto has managed to imprison a God, a minor one, but a

"Which God, and why do you care?" Hercules asked.

"The God of lust." Ares responded when Hercules showed a blank look he
continued. "You know, little bald guy."

"Yeah, how'd she capture him?"

"We don't know. We didn't know he was gone until things started getting weird
down here." Aphrodite broke in.

"Why do you two care what happens to mortals?" Gabrielle asked, she still was
mad at Ares and was intimidated by Aphrodite.

"Well with all these mortals humping and fucking, they have no time for a
good war."

"And with women giving it away they don't care about love. I mean really,
what man's gonna spring for flowers to get sex when every woman is giving it
away for free?"

"I can see your problem." Laolus grinned he had a number of sexual encounters
lately. "Alright, what do we do?"

"Well Callisto is hold up in that old fort about a half mile north of here.
She's holding him there." Ares sounded annoyed.

"Why don't you go get him. You are gods after all?" Xena's responded.

"Can't do, there's protection on the castle. put there by Zeus. Once inside
our magic is useless, we can't even jump in." Aphrodite responded.

"Why would Zeus do that?" Gabrielle asked.

"You have seen Callisto's body and heard the stories about Zeus passion for
mortal women. Understand or do I have to draw you a picture?" Ares responded
to what he thought was a stupid question.

"I get it," Gabrielle blushed. "Shall we go?"

"Well there is a problem. You mortals," Ares put a bit of contempt into the
word, "are barely controlling you're lusts now. It will get even worse as we
get closer, I don't know if you can handle it?"

Xena looked down and saw the bulge in Ares's pants. "I suppose this doesn't
effect gods."

"Of course not." Aphrodite responded but found herself looking Laolus up and
down. "We can control our urges a bit better then you."

"So what do you suggest? We can't just leave Callisto down there." Laolus
shot back.

"I suggest we satisfy those urges before we go." Aphrodite responded. "We
have three men here and three women. How delicious, what do you say?"

"Sounds like a plan." Xena responded.

Gabrielle turned a bright red but smiled the three men all started to remove
their clothes. Gabrielle moved toward Laolus having always been somewhat
attracted to him and being intimidated by Ares and Hercules. Aphrodite cut
Gabrielle off.

"Back off, this ones mine." She ran her hand over Laolus's muscular chest.
"Ares and Hercules are my half brothers, you two can take care of them." She
slide her mouth over Laolus chest sliding it down and taking his prick into
her mouth.

Gabrielle turned and saw that Xena and Hercules were entwined, her legs
wrapped around his waist as she humped his prick. She saw Ares was standing
there giving her a come hither look. "You and me?" Gabrielle looked down and
saw his rather large cock. "Well, why not?" She moved over next to him. He
encircled her with his strong arms. She looked and saw Laolus was on his back
and Aphrodite was riding him. Xena and Hercules were humping away in each
others arms. Gabrielle slid down Ares's body and engulfed his prick into her
mouth. it was just a bit smaller then Joxer's had been. She enjoyed the
sensations of giving him pleasure she reached down and started to finger her
clit .

Ares pushed Gabrielle down onto her back. He pushed his cock into her pussy.
"Yeah Gabrielle take it all." Ares pushed in and out of her cunt. He wasn't
going to last long and as he felt himself start to cum he pulled out and was
surprised when she grabbed his ass and pulled his length back into her pussy.
He shot load after load into her waiting cunt. He looked down and saw she was
bringing herself to a massive orgasm. She lay back and spasmed in pleasure.
She started to come down, he gave her his hand. "You satisfied?"

"I guess so. How about the others?" She looked over and saw Xena and Hercules
were already dressed. Aphrodite was getting dressed but Laolus was laying on
the ground with a stupid grin on his face.

"Come on get up!" Hercules grabbed Laolus and pulled him up. "Its time to

"No, can't i do it again?"

"Maybe later hot stuff." Aphrodite gave him his clothes and he started to

Xena took off to reconnoiter as the rest continued to dress. It took about
fifteen minutes before they were ready to go and by that time Xena had come
back. "There's a tunnel that leads right into that castle, lets go," Xena's

"How do you know that?" Ares asked.

"Amazing what a kind word to a local will get you. Now lets move out."

They made good time to the tunnel entrance, it looked like an old mine shaft.
They headed in, Xena and Hercules in the lead with Laolus bringing up the
rear. All were tense waiting for battle. As they moved in they felt a sense
of dread. After traveling for what seemed like hours, they hit a dead end.

"Damn it, What do we do now?" Xena turned to Hercules as they all bunched

"I've got a bad feeling about this." Hercules uttered just as the ceiling
collapsed onto them. Hercules tried to block the heaviest items from his
companions, but they went down one by one, they all looked like they were out
cold. As Xena fell the last of the roof seemed to stop tumbling. He saw
someone at the end of the tunnel.

"Thought you'd be the one still standing." The voice uttered, then gave a
gesture of command.

Hercules felt something penetrate his skin, he felt everything going black,
as he fell to the floor.
_ _ _

Gabrielle awoke in a cage. She was with Hercules, Ares and Laolus. They had
all been stripped of their clothes. She looked for something to cover herself
with, but there was nothing in the cell. She saw Aphrodite was alone in a
cage about five feet away from them. Xena was nowhere to be seen. She went to
Hercules. "Wake up!" She slapped him and he started to come around.

"Where Xena?" Hercules first realization was that she wasn't with them. He
saw Callisto come out into the middle of the hall.

"I have special plans for Xena." Callisto grinned. She saw Hercules struggle
at the bars. "Don't bother, even you aren't strong enough to break the bars
and soon you will need you're strength for something else." She laughed.

"What do you mean?" Gabrielle asked.

"I think you can guess. I bet you can already feel yourself wanting sex. Soon
you'll be needing it and I've supplied you with three first class studs. You
should be thanking me Gabrielle."

"Damn you, Callisto!" Gabrielle called out but she could already feel a
wetness between her legs. Callisto was right she needed sex. she found her
hand going down and encircling Hercules's hardening cock. "God I shouldn't."
She fell to her knees and took his cock into her mouth.

"What about me?" Aphrodite was already fingering herself trying to get off
but it wasn't helping. "Please, I need a cock."

"Poor goddess!" Callisto mocked her. "I'll just torture you with you're own
lusts for a while. Don't worry though, I'll probably take pity on you soon
and send some of my guards in to take care of you."

"Please, I need someone." Aphrodite shoved another finger up her cunt.

"My Gabrielle, what a quick study you are." Callisto watched as Gabrielle
took Hercules's full length into her mouth and down her throat. "It looks
like you're other playmates are coming around."

Ares saw Gabrielle on her hands and knees giving Hercules head and decided to
get some himself. He came up behind her and shoved his prick into her pussy
pounding away as hard as he could. "Yeah Gabrielle, you're still so tight."

Laolus woke up to see Hercules withdrawing his dick from Gabrielle's mouth
and shooting his sperm right into her mouth. His mind went into overload and
he went to replace Hercules, she took him into her mouth. "Yes, yes." He
groaned, he felt partially satisfied. "How's that pussy Ares?"

"Mighty fine, you want some?"

"Alright want to switch?"

"No, I want to try her ass, while you take her pussy."

"Sounds good."

He slid down onto the ground, Gabrielle slid along his body positioning her
cunt over Laolus's prick. Ares slid out of Gabrielle's pussy and she
immediately drove down on Laolus's prick.

She felt Ares's prick at the entrance to her ass. "Yes, fuck my ass now,
please." She begged needing to be pleasured. She felt Ares's prick penetrate
her ass. "Yes deeper more!" She felt the entire length of his prick going up
her ass. She enjoyed the sensations of being pounded pussy and ass. Gabrielle
felt herself start to orgasm, it came over her in waves. As she felt herself
being filled, she saw Hercules was offering her his prick. She opened her
mouth and took him in, she sucked as they continued to fill her with pricks.
Laolus was the first to fill her pussy with his seed. Then she felt Are's
fill her ass as Hercules shot his load into her belly. She collapsed onto
Laolus completely sated and spent.

"My my, how you behave, sweet innocent Gabrielle what a laugh." Callisto
mocked them. She looked over and saw Aphrodite had most of her hand up her
snatch. "Well its time for fun with Xena." She laughed as she left them.
Callisto walked into a large open room. Her enemy Xena was in the middle of
the room naked bound and chained. "My Xena how the mighty have fallen, you
horny yet or do you want to wait a little while?"

Xena seethed in anger but she was almost unimaginably horny, she needed
something. She saw a hump on the floor, it was small but it looked like a
prick. She tried to move towards it but came up short, the chain around her
neck was too short.

"AH you want this?" She patted the hump. "An interesting piece I've come up
with. It gets larger if saliva gets on it." She walked around and let the
chain around her neck go. "You may have it." Callisto watched as Xena fell on
her face.

Xena crawled towards the hump, Xena took the hump into her mouth.

"How does it taste Xena? I used it just a little while ago. Can you taste me
on there?"

Xena stopped for a moment and looked up at Callisto angrily. Then went back
to slobbering on the hump.

"Yes, I stuck it up my pussy and came all over it. Can you taste me Xena? My
you are getting it large, its about full size now. You want to ride it? I can
help you, if you beg me?" Callisto laughed.

Xena needed to feel the hump between her legs, nothing else mattered to her.
"Please, I need it, help me I've got to cum." Xena's begged.

"Alright, I think I'll help you." Callisto pulled on Xena's shoulders pulling
her back to a kneeling position. She was still about three feet from the
hump. "You better hurry it doesn't last long in its engorged state."

Xena worked her knees back and forth trying to get closer. She imagined it
got smaller with every second. She finally got close to it and shoved her
pussy down onto it, it wasn't satisfying enough. She needed more. "Please, I
need more."

"What do you want Xena?" She stripped off the bottom of her armour. "Tell me
what you want?"

"I want to suck you're pussy. I want to taste you're cum." Xena begged

Callisto walked closer to her and she tried to stretch out to get to her
pussy, while going up and down on the hump it felt like it was getting
smaller inside of her. Finally Callisto was close enough and she jammed her
mouth over her clit and started to suck at it, Xena needed to taste Callisto.
Callisto felt Xena's tongue penetrate her cunt. She enjoyed humiliating her
enemy even more then the tongue she was getting. She quickly felt herself cum
all over Xena's face. "Get every drop Xena, you wouldn't want to miss any."
She laughed as she calmed down. Callisto pushed Xena back so that she landed
heavily on her back. "Now, I have a real present for you, open up." She knelt
over Xena's prostrate form. "If you swallow every drop, I'll let my guards
pleasure you." Callisto promised.

Xena couldn't explain why but she wanted what Callisto promised and would do
anything to get it. She saw Callisto position herself over her. Callisto was
going to cum again Xena thought, thinking how wonderful it would be to taste
more of her cum.. But as her cunt started to leak it took Xena only an
instant to realize Callisto wasn't cumming she was peeing. Xena kept her
mouth open swallowing all of her pee. Xena was disgusted, she was doing this
but knew she needed to be pleasured and this was her only hope.

As Callisto finished she stood letting the last of her pee drain on Xena's
face. "What a good girl you are and now you're prize. Guards!"

The door opened instantly and a dozen tall black men walked in.

"I've picked my guards for certain reasons. Which should quickly become
apparent. Enjoy yourselves boys." She pulled on her armour as she saw the
guards stripping down revealing massive cocks. "Gabrielle took three at a
time. I think you should at least match her." She signaled three guards over.

One lay down on the floor. Another guard pulled most of Xena's chains off,
leaving only her hands tied behind her back. As she was unchained she was
pushed on top of a guard and quickly slid her pussy over his hard prick. Xena
bounced up and down trying to take all of him up her pussy it felt so good
and so deep. A man behind her pushed her forward and pushed his dick towards
her asshole. "Yes fuck my ass. Do me. I want one in my mouth too." Xena
called as the man in her ass drove his prick deep into her bowels. Another
man offered his prick to her face, Xena opened her lips and took all of him
into her eager mouth and throat.

Callisto enjoyed watching Xena pleasure these men. What a whore, she thought
Xena was really getting into it. Callisto had never really enjoyed sex, she
used it but was only happy if it humiliated her partner. She watched as all
three men shot they're loads into Xena. "Alright next."

Xena fell on her side and all her holes were quickly filled again. She was
going to have another orgasm, she moaned in pleasure.

Callisto decided she had seen enough of Xena's passion and decided she wanted
to check on her other prisoners. As she passed the cages she found two of her
guards pleasuring Aphrodite one in her mouth another in her pussy. "Fuck her
ass," she ordered and the guard quickly pulled out of her pussy and shoved it
up her ass. Callisto heard her squeal in pain. "Much better." She laughed and
looked at the other cage.

Gabrielle was pretty much unconscious while Are's and Hercules took turns
abusing her worn body. Laolus was out cold. Callisto continued on, into the
room where she had the god of lust caged. "What are you doing here?" She
yelled as she saw that stupid Joxer working on the lock. "I'll rip you
apart!" She pulled her sword and leaped forward. As she moved she saw Joxer
try to move away, she felt contempt for him but then he tripped and fell.
Callisto came down heavily against the cage. The god of lust reached out and
grabbed her arm. Callisto suddenly felt new sensations flow through her body.
She saw Joxer laying on the ground before her. "Take me Joxer, screw me. Do
me anyway you want." She pulled off her armour.

"Huh!" Joxer was more then a bit confused but as Callisto's rather large tits
came into view he felt himself harden.

Callisto fell onto him clawing at his clothes she released his manhood
quickly. "That's very nice!" Callisto commented when she saw the size of
Joxer's prick. She impaled herself on his prick. "Yes it feels so good." She
pounded onto him using her muscles around his prick. She felt his prick start
to shoot off filling her pussy with cum. "OH YES." As she came off his prick,
she slid down engulfing it in her mouth trying to bring it back to life.

Joxer enjoyed the sensations of Callisto's mouth around his rapidly hardening
prick. "Yes like that." He reached up to the cage, as Callisto worked on his
prick. As she continued her masterful mouth work he managed to unlock the
cage. As it came undone he shot load after load of cum into Callisto's mouth.
Callisto kept the prick in her mouth trying and succeeding in keeping it

"I want it in the ass!" She moaned, having never tried that and having
watched Gabrielle, Xena and Aphrodite getting they're asses plugged, she
wanted to try it. She flipped over onto her hands and knees. "Fuck me up the
ass, as hard as you can." She felt him position the tip of his prick at her
anus. Callisto threw herself all the way back, impaling herself on his prick.
She screamed in pain, but it quickly turned to pleasure as Joxer started
pounding in and out of her ass. "YES," she moaned after only a few moments
she felt him fill her bowels with his cum. "I want more," she turned to look
at Joxer, "NOW!"

"Give me a second." Joxer tried to stall. He wasn't going to get it up very
quickly. "How about if I go get you're guards?" Joxer offered.

"Yes my guards, bring them to me. GUARDS!" She yelled.

"I'll get them!" Joxer quietly led the god of lust out of the room, three
guards challenged him. "Ah um, Callisto wants to see you all." Just as he
said it Callisto let out a scream again and they rushed past him. "That
should keep them busy for awhile."

They walked into another room, Gabrielle was being fucked by Laolus in one
cage as Aphrodite was taking care of a couple of guards. Joxer turned to the
god. "Can't you do something about that?"

The god made a few motions with his hands and Laolus pulled out and Aphrodite
pushed the guards away.

"Joxer! What are you doing here?" Gabrielle yelled shocked that Joxer had
seen her like that.

"Saving you people!" He unlocked the cages and pointed the guards towards
Callisto. "You're clothes are over there." He pointed them to a trunk he
continued on. He found Xena in another room having sex with a half dozen
large black men. "You wanna," he turned to his companion and he did his trick
again. "Guards, Callisto wants to see you now."

They raced out of the room, Xena had a confused look on her face.

"You okay Xena?"

"Joxer! A bit sore but okay. This the god of lust?" Xena asked.

"Yeah, that's him shall we get out of here now?"

"What about Callisto?" Xena asked.

"Oh, she's going to be busy for some time?"

"What are you talking about Joxer?" Xena was sounding annoyed.

Joxer led them back the way he had come. He led them to the room where
Callisto was pleasuring her guards. They were taking turns fucking her,
usually several men at once. "She touched the little fella here. She will be
lost in lust for quiet some time."

"A fitting punishment." Gabrielle commented.

"I still want to kill her, but later." Xena grinned as she walked out of the

Aphrodite was about to leave, when she saw the men watching Callisto's
performance. "What, you guys want a turn or are we gonna get outta here?"

"Well, it seems only fair." Laolus commented.

"Come on!" Hercules grabbed his friend and pulled him out of the room.

"I was just kidding!"

They quickly made their way out of the castle and went their separate ways.
Some hoping to forget what happened, others hoping to remember. Aphrodite
kept her eye on Joxer and decided to make a play for him later.

The End


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