Pairing: Xena/Gabrielle (mostly)

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: Gabrielle writes about her sexual adventures with Xena.

Disclaimer: These characters belong to Universal, and Renaissance Pictures,
and whoever else has a stake in Xena: Warrior Princess. This is written just
in fun, and no copyright infringement was intended.

Content Warning: This story contains (or will contain) lesbian sex, oral,
anal, spanking, D/s, bondage, exhibitionism, group, humiliation and a bit of
S&M, if you don't like that or are too young for it, then don't read this

Notes: I wasn't sure about writing this at first, since there is already
numerous fanfiction about Xena/Gabrielle (which includes a lot of
slash/smut). But this story kept popping up in my head, so I thought: what
the hell... I'll write it anyway.

Xena Warrior Princess: The Secret Sex Scrolls Of Gabrielle, Bard Of Poteidaia
Scroll 1 - My First Time
by Oric13

I decided to start these scrolls so I can use them as a sort of personal
journal. I wanted something to write my most private thoughts in... and
something that is about me, instead of Xena. Not that I don't like writing
AND talking about Xena (the Gods know I do), but it's nice to have something
that is more about me.

So... where should I start?

Since these scrolls are for my most personal and private thoughts then I
probably should get right down to business and write about sex... and Xena;
two words which are inevitably bound together in my life.

So I suppose these scrolls are still mostly about Xena... Oh well!

I know that a lot of people wonder if Xena and I are lovers (though few
have had the courage to actually ask me, wisely afraid that they would be
clobbered by the Warrior Princess the moments those words would come out of
their mouths). The only one who came right out and asked me is Iolaus, and I
never did give him a straight answer (though he found out eventually). The
truth is that we were lovers-- or better put: that we had sex not long after
we met.

The first time we had sex was exactly one week after I had hooked up with
Xena. Even now --several years later-- I still remember it as clearly as if
it happened yesterday. I remember the crackling noises of the campfire, I
remember the stew we ate that evening and I remember those long, intense
looks Xena had been giving me all night...

Carefully gazing from the corner of my eyes, I noticed that
Xena was still looking at me. A hungry, almost predatory
look in her eyes that made shiver --from both fear and a
special sort of excitement; the kind of excitement that
made my stomach do flips.

Several times, I almost asked her what she wanted, why she
was looking at me in that way... Each time I swallowed the
words before they could leave my mouth. Besides being very
much intimidated by the warrior's simple presence, I was
also afraid. Afraid if the reason she was staring at me,
was what I suspected and --strangely enough-- also afraid
that she was staring at me for a different reason.

I know this sounds a bit confusing, which is what I was back then: confused.

To clarify: I'd heard a lot of stories about Xena, even the stories I wasn't
suppose to hear, but heard anyway when the adults thought I wasn't listening.
Some of those stories were about Xena sexual exploits, and how she'd bedded
about anyone --or anything-- on the Gods green earth. Be it man, woman, dog,
centaur, minotaur, satyr or God. According to the stories I heard: Xena had
sex with them all (and sometimes with several of them together). Now, I
certainly didn't believe all those stories, I doubt if anyone could have that
much sex in such a short lifespan, but I did believe Xena was sexual very
active. I also believed Xena had sex with women... So you can sort of guess
what I got out of those looks she was giving me.

Now about my fear: I was sort of afraid she wanted me for sex, because I was
still a virgin and hadn't the slightest idea on how to satisfy her. Even
though I wasn't totally oblivious about sex (I did grow up on a farm), I only
knew the basics (and then only between a man and a woman) and I was pretty
sure that Xena was sort of an expert on the subject. So how could a green
virgin like me possibly satisfy someone like Xena? And if I didn't please
her, would she send me back to my village?

On the other hand, I was also afraid that she didn't want to have sex with
me. Because the moment I saw her standing in her shift kicking the combined
asses of those slavers I fell totally and madly in love with her! As I saw
her standing there: her deep blue eyes sparkling with life, energy and
danger... it sorta felt like the Gods send her to rescue me personally. Not
just from the slavers, but from everything: From this boring village without
a real future, from a husband who my parents would pick out, from a life of

So in all honesty: I wanted her, and not just as a friend!

These thoughts rushed through my head as I tried to
interpret Xena's look. Then, suddenly, I knew that my
question was about to be answered when Xena gracefully rose
up and slowly made her way around the fireplace towards
me... almost like she was stalking a prey.

I couldn't suppress a light shudder as Xena closed in on me
and finally stood before me. As I shyly looked up, I saw her
piercing blue eyes raking hungrily over my body and I knew
then that my hunch had been correct: she wanted me, wanted
my body... The revelation made my mouth grow dry and my
heart beat faster. I quickly looked down as I felt a blush
covering my entire face.

The raven-haired warrior kneeled before me and gently took
my chin in her hand, lifting my head and staring into my
eyes. What she saw in my eyes seemed to please her; a hint
of a smile appeared on her face and the hunger in her eyes
was joined by a gleam of amusement.

"D-do... do y-you want something?" I heard myself ask.

Yep, that's definitely an amused look I see on her face.

"I'll think you already know what I want, little one..."
Xena's husky voice breathed in my ear.

"D-do y-you want my body as payment for your teachings,
great warrior?" I sort of quoted from a raunchy novel my
niece had borrowed me a few moons back.

The corner of Xena's mouth started twitching slightly.

Over the years, as I learned to read Xena's sparse facial expressions and
emotions, I understood that that little twitch her mouth made, was for Xena
what uncontrollable laughter is for most other people.

Of course, back then it was just a twitch.

"Yeah... Something like that," she finally answered.

"I-I■ I don't know what to do■" I blushingly confessed.

"Well, you can start by getting naked." Xena told me

"N-naked?" I asked, blushing even harder now.

"Yes," she issued me another amused look. "You have been
naked before, haven't you?"

I nodded shyly and slowly stood up.

Little by little, I started taking off my clothes --
disrobing myself a bit reluctantly ■ What if Xena wouldn't
like what she saw, went through my head as I removed my

But I wasn't wearing a whole lot, and soon I stood there
with my arms across my chest --covering my bare breasts--
and a deep-red blush on my face, wearing nothing except a
small loincloth. When Xena noticed my hesitation she gave
me a reassuring smile. Taking a deep breath, I reached down
and loosened the loincloth... my last piece of clothing
slid to the ground and I stood naked before her.

Biting my lower lip, I glanced up and was both relieved and
a little afraid by the look of lust on the warrior's face.

"Very nice," her voice purred as she slowly, sensually
stroked her hand over my body.

My body reacted like it always would react to Xena's touch:
my nipples became instantly rock-hard and my pussy dripping

The warrior chuckled as she noticed my immediate response to
her touch and played her fingers across my erect nipples,
giving each of the nubbins a little pinch.

I gasped loudly in response and felt my knees quaver...
Gods! If this is my reaction from just a little touch, then
what will happen when she actually has sex with me?!

I would soon find out...

She seemed pleased with the size of my breasts (I was
worried about that, since I was nowhere near as big as the
warrior herself). Judging from the way she fondled and
caressed my pink-tipped twins, I didn't need to worry.

After playing with them for a quarter of a candlemark, her
hands slowly, almost leisurely, slid down my body■ towards
my small blonde patch of hair.

I closed my eyes and shivered as Xena lightly petted the bit
of fur between my legs. The warrior let out a contented
little sigh as she felt the softness of it... Then, her
fingers went even lower... I let out a gasp and my eyes flew
wide-open as suddenly a finger was pushed inside my slit!

I found myself gazing into sparkling, deep-blue eyes.

"A virgin!" the warrior exclaimed with a mixture of triumph,
surprise and excitement. I don't know why she was
surprised... did she actually think I wouldn't be a virgin?
I'm only sixteen summers old and unmarried■ what else could
I be?

"A very wet virgin," she added, an actual smile on her lips

My blush deepened, and I quickly avoided her eyes.

Xena lifted my chin again, and looked me in the eyes. "Hey!
That is nothing to be ashamed of, Gabrielle." She gently
reassured me.

Feeling more self-assured, I smiled back at her. I even got
up the courage to present my body to her... I moved my feet
apart, giving Xena better access to my pussy, and placed my
hands behind my head: making my breasts stand out more.

The warrior shot me a delighted smile and continued
investigating my charms.

* * *

Her expert hands explored my naked form for almost half a
candlemark long... By the time she finished with me, I was
shaking on my feet: trembling with excitement...

When Xena moved her hands away, my entire body was covered
in a pink flush and I was breathing more heavily. I'd never
more aroused and excited in my entire young life, then I
felt right now!

That must have been pretty obvious to the warrior since my
nipples were rock-hard and my juices were dripping down my

Xena gave my body one last hungry look before stepping back
and taking off her leathers■

I watched completely captivated as more and more of Xena's
amazing body became visible; practically drooling as the
warrior's big breasts popped into view. I intensely studied
each of those firm, red-tipped mammaries... at least until
Xena pulled her loincloth off and her pussy was exposed!

And when I say exposed: I do mean exposed! The warrior had
shaved her slit completely bald! I could see everything: her
full womanly labia-lips, which glistened with the warrior's
arousal, and also her very prominent clitoris that was
peeking out from its hood!

(I didn't know those names back then, but it wasn't long before Xena
explained to me every part of the female anatomy in graphic detail.)

I felt my throat grow dry as my eyes captured this amazing

After staring at Xena's pussy for a long time, I began
moving my eyes across the rest of her body and I felt my
heart beat faster as I took in Xena's full beauty... Then
during my visual inspection of Xena's body, our eyes
suddenly met. I blushed a little at the look of amused
patience the warrior was giving me.

"Finished?" she asked dryly, an amused smirk visible on her

I nodded shyly.

"Good!" she said and stepped closer. "Time to play then..."

Totally frozen I stood there as Xena lifted me up in her
arms and carried me to our bedrolls. She tenderly lay me on
my back, and spread my legs wide-open. I propped myself up
on my arms and watched breathlessly as this beautiful woman
dipped her head towards my throbbing centre...

I shuddered in delight as Xena lightly blew a breath of air
against my burning lips. The raven-haired warrior then
placed a series of kisses on my thighs and belly, each kiss
closer to my centre... Finally, her mouth lightly kissed my
moist slit; automatically my hips bucked up and I pushed my
pussy into the warrior's face.

A cry of disappointment escaped my lips as Xena drew her
head back out of my reach. Chuckling the warrior waved her
index finger at me in a chastising manner. "Naughty,
naughty! You're not allowed to move, little one■ Just lay
back and learn."

Sighing softly, I obediently lay back; ready to let the
warrior have her way with me.

Xena dipped her head down again, and started planting kisses
all over my belly... slowly moving up while her hands
caressed every inch of my body... It was unimaginable how
hot the warrior could get me without even touching my
breasts or the place between my legs. I was already panting
heavily by the time she reached my breasts.

I saw her piercing blue eyes appear above the swell of my
breasts, she gave me a little wink before opening her mouth
and twirling her tongue around my swollen nipple■ She
lightly bit down on it and I let out a little squeak.

Xena let out another soft laugh, moving up my body she
covered my mouth with hers. The kiss lasted for a long time,
our tongues meeting and caressing each other■ then Xena
moved down to my breasts again.

The warrior licked her soft tongue across every little bit
of my breasts, lathering the pale white skin with her
saliva, before taking each of my nipples in her mouth again
and sucking hungrily on the erect pink knobs.

A loud moan escaped my lips as my sensitive teats were
sucked deeply inside the warrior's mouth.

Xena then took a swollen nipple between her teeth and gently
tugged on it. As she switched back and forth between my
teats, giving each of them the same erotic treatment, I felt
like I was in a trance... Through glazed eyes I looked up at
the night-sky, seeing more stars appear each time the
warrior lightly bit down.

My heard pounded in my chest as Xena slowly moved down my
body and spread my legs wide apart. A commanding voice then
told me to pull my knees to my chest and keep them spread
apart, and I hastily obeyed.

Open and exposed, I eagerly waited for the warrior's next
move; I didn't have to wait long. A soft tongue touched my
slit and I pushed my pelvis up in an eager response.

"Whoa! Easy there, girl!" Xena responded with a laugh and
gave my behind a light slap. "I'll let you come soon
enough... just relax and enjoy the ride."

Focussing every little bit of self-discipline I possessed, I
made myself lay quietly while the warrior's tongue continued
to explore my slit.

* * *

Each time Xena thrust her tongue inside my slit, a
high-pitched moan escaped my lips.

In-out, in-out, in-out, in-out... the warrior's tongue moved
so fast now, it was hard to keep track when it was pushed
inside me and when it was pulled out. I was sweating by now,
and my hands that were still holding my legs open were

"Xena! Xena! Xena! Xena!" I chanted endlessly as I felt a
wonderful feeling go through my entire body that increased
each time Xena drove her tongue inside me.

Suddenly, her mouth was sucking the little bump on my slit.
My eyes shot wide-open and I started thrashing wildly on the
bedroll, screaming out my lover's name.


* * *

That incredible orgasm was just the beginning of all the things Xena did to
me that evening...

I think that taking into account all the times I've had sex with Xena (which
has been a lot) I can safely say that was one of our most tender lovemakings
ever! I discovered later on that my newfound lover usually likes her sex a
lot rougher and wilder.

This was also one of those rare times that I actually describe the sex as
lovemaking because most of the other times, the term fucking is more
accurate... Now don't get me wrong: I absolutely love it when Xena fucks me;
all the things she does to me and in every position that we do it, but that
first time will always be one of the most special to me. Almost as special
as when she took my virginity■

* * *

Strangely enough, it wasn't until a full moon cycle after our first time that
Xena finally took my virginity. Which doesn't mean that nothing happened
between us during that month: I spend a lot of my time with my head between
Xena's thighs --and vice versa-- as she taught me all the best ways to
pleasure a woman --and even more importantly: all the ways to pleasure her...
but I suppose that's a tale for another scroll.

Since this scroll tells about my first time with Xena, It's only logical that
the story about my deflowering by the warrior should be included here... Like
I wrote earlier: it was about a month after our first lovemaking that Xena
decided to take my virginity and make me a woman. I've often wondered what
took her so long, and I've come to the conclusion that she wanted to give me
the chance to change my mind about being with her■ So if I wanted to return
to my home village then I'd still be "unspoiled" for my husband to be.

I'm glad that she eventually got over it and decided to fuck me herself.

When the day of my deflowering was finally there, it didn't come totally
unexpected. Xena had been very restless after a particularly brutal fight
against a warlord named Timor (a former "acquaintance" of Xena) and ten of
Timor's best men... My warrior had bested them all while getting only a
couple of mild wounds in return. But even though she wasn't really injured
by the fight: she still was very much affected by it!

I could practically feel the waves of energy coming from
the raven-haired warrior as she walked beside me... The
walking, alone, could be considered a signal that
something was out of the ordinary: Xena normally rides Argo
while I walk (in Xena's opinion: a Warrior should ride, not
walk), but this time she walked with me while the large
warhorse obediently followed us.

Occasionally Xena would glance at me with those penetrating
blue eyes, which appeared to be glowing from the battle-lust
that was surging inside of her.

I could feel the sexual tension building up as the warrior's
looks became longer and more intense...

Suddenly, Xena raised a halting hand... As we stood still,
she got that concentrated look on her face, which indicated
that she's using her supernatural senses to scan the
surroundings for people... then, satisfied that we're alone,
she simply reached under her leather skirt, pulled down her
britches, and sat down on a nearby rock.

Meanwhile, I stared open-mouthed at the warrior's actions.

With her skirt raised, her legs widely spread and her bald,
glistening cunt exposed to my surprised stare, it wasn't too
difficult to guess Xena's intentions... So it didn't take me
long to get on my hands and knees between the warrior's
legs, and start lapping at her wet box (Xena had me properly
trained by then).

Always eager to learn, I'd become quite the pussy lickin'
expert by then (Xena's words, not mine) and it didn't take me
long to bring the warrior to a shuddering climax. Normally a
good orgasm would satisfy Xena for at least a quarter of a
candlemark, but not this time: she hardly seemed affected at
all as she slowly stood up and looked down at me.

"Take everything off, except your boots." Xena suddenly

I got up and looked a bit nervously around me. I was still
somewhat shy with my body, and wasn't thrilled about
stripping on a public road. Looking back at Xena, I noticed
the slight narrowing of her eyes, indicating a growing
impatience with my current fully clothed status.

Not wanting to irk Xena any further when she's already
tense, I quickly started to undress (I'd already gotten
plenty of bare-bottom spankings from the raven-haired
warrior, learning me not to disobey her orders).

At first I was at a loss about what to do with my
clothing... I don't possess many different outfits and I
didn't want to drop the few good clothes that I own on the
road. So I held onto them while getting undressed, which
went a bit awkward... Noticing my predicament, Xena took
each garment from my hands as I removed it■ Once my hands
were free, it didn't take me long to get naked.

The look in Xena's eyes got even more intense as she gazed
up and down my naked form. She quickly put my clothes away
in one of Argo's saddlebags, and then focussed her complete
attention on exploring my body with her hands.

Sexually stimulating a young woman's body was obviously one
of Xena's many skills, because in no time at all she had me
shaking on my feet as I quickly approached an orgasm.

The warrior's fingers expertly brought me to the edge and
kept me there, writhing in lust■ I needed to cum so badly!

Then suddenly, Xena moved her hands away from me and took a
step back, letting me stand there naked in the middle of the
road on trembling legs. I let out a cry of disappointment
and glared at the smiling warrior. "Why did you stop?!"

"Sorry Gabrielle, but I just figured it would be a better
idea if we made up camp first, instead of going at it on a
public road."

"You couldn't have thought of that, BEFORE you started?" I
muttered disgruntled. Xena just shot me her famous little
smirk in reply... Gods! She can be so wicked sometimes... it
drives me crazy!

"In that case: could I please have my clothes back?"


I looked at her surprised. "Why not?!"

"The campsite I want to use isn't that far away, it's only
about half a candlemark walk..." she gave my bare-bottom an
affectionate little pat. "Besides, I like watching you walk
around with nothing on except your little red boots."

I felt myself blush at Xena's words.

Giving me a little wink, the warrior signalled Argo then
turned around and started walking down the road with a brisk

Not having much of a choice, I hurriedly followed after her.
Meanwhile frantically praying that we didn't run into

* * *

When Xena led me into a small clearing, I let out a sigh of
relief; I managed to make it to the campsite without being

We quickly set up camp, which by the way is a whole new sort
of experience when you're doing it in the nude. While I
collected the firewood, I felt Xena's eyes on my backside
each time I bend over to pick up a piece. As I leaned down
to grab another stick of wood, a naughty idea popped up in
my head. Grinning, I spread my legs a little further apart,
giving the warrior a perfect view of the furry cleft between
my legs.

Xena's not the only one who knows how to be a tease.

I let out a yelp of surprise when Xena unexpectedly appeared
behind me and lifted me up in her powerful arms. The
firewood dropped from my arms, and I gazed up amazed at the
grinning warrior. She stared back at me with hungry, feral
eyes and carried me to our bedrolls.

Xena wasted little time... quickly depositing me on the soft
covers; she pulled off my boots and squatted between my
legs. Grabbing my ankles, she raised my legs up high and
spread them wide --completely exposing me to her eager gaze.

I shuddered in anticipation as she sensually licked her
full, red lips and lowered her head to my already aroused

Closing my eyes, I sigh in bliss as Xena's expert tongue
began caressing my nether lips. First softly stroking
them... then she gently nibbles and tugs at my swollen
labia-lips. Her nimble tongue slips inside my slit and
suddenly she's doing things to me I can't even describe!

Holy Aphrodite! This woman can do some really amazing things
with her tongue.

I bucked my hips up as the overwhelming sensations of an
incredible orgasm swamped my senses.

"Ohhhhhh GODS!!! XENA! XENAAAAAAAA!!!!!" with a loud cry I
came and flooded the warrior's mouth with my juices. She
didn't seem to mind though, judging from the way she lapped
hungrily at my slit.

Feeling very fulfilled, I gazed up at Xena through dazed

The black-haired warrior smiled at me from between my legs.
"Feeling relaxed, Gabrielle?"

"Mmmmmm!" Letting out a satisfied little moan I affirmed her

"Good." That wicked little smile from earlier was back on
her face. Feeling suddenly a bit wary, I raised my head and
followed the warrior's movements. A smile crept on my lips
as Xena stood up and started taking off her armour and
leathers. I relaxed and lay back, enjoying the unveiling of
Xena's magnificent body.

Finally, she stood before me totally naked, smiling and
relaxed. I never met anyone who's as comfortable with their
body as Xena is■ but then she's got plenty of reasons to be
secure about her body. She's without a doubt the most
beautiful human being I've ever laid my eyes on.

As always my breath halted, as I took in the Warrior
Princess in all her naked glory. With worshipful eyes I
silently admired Xena's stunning good-looks: The long,
luscious, black hair that cascaded down her shoulders and
surrounded her beautiful face■ that classic profile and
those high cheekbones. And then her body■ Wow! I felt a
familiar stab of jealously as I admired Xena's long, slender
legs, her shaved pussy, her muscular -yet feminine- abdomen
and arms, and those big, firm breasts that jutted out from
her chest.

Gods! I wished my tits were as big as those.

Her smile grew bigger, as if she knew what I was thinking
(which wouldn't even surprise me considering all the other
amazing skills she also possesses). Giving me a little wink,
Xena turned around and walked to the saddlebag she had
placed close-by.

This kinda surprised me■ I'd expected her to squat above my
face, so I could return the pussy licking favour.

Curiously I watched as Xena rummaged through the bags and
finally pulled something out. Her back was turned to me, so
I couldn't see what it was... It appeared to be some kind of
garment. She was tightening a bunch of small leather bands
around her waist and legs■ some kind of special warrior
britches maybe?

She slowly turned around and strutted towards me. My eyes
grew bigger as I stared at the warrior's waist and a loud
gasp escaped my lips; was one of Xena's many skills growing
a dick?!

Then as she came closer, I saw that it wasn't a real penis
but one made of wood. It was tied to her waist with the
leather straps and stood out from her crotch like a
real-life cock (not that I've seen that many real cocks, but
I'd been flashed enough in my travels with Xena to know what
they look like).

As she stood once again between my legs, my eyes immediately
focussed on the smooth wooden phallus that pointed up to the
sky... it seemed enormous to me (though I later discovered
that this was actually one of the smallest dildos that Xena
carried with her).

The feral glow in Xena's eyes, which had become less intense
in the last candlemark, was now back at full intensity as she
knelt before and placed the head of the dildo at my swollen

Breathlessly I stared at her. This was it. This is the day
that I'm going to lose my virginity!

Xena's next words confirmed that: "I'm gonna fuck you now,
Gabrielle," she told me in a calm voice. The way she said
it, she might as well have been telling me that she thought
it was going to rain tomorrow.

I felt my heartbeat grow faster as her words sunk in.

A hand slid across my belly and started stroking my tits.
"In a couple of moments, I'm going to slide this wooden
cock inside your hot little hole and take your cherry...
then for the next candlemark or so: I'm going to give your
formerly virgin cunt a good, hard fucking."

Another gasp escaped my lips. The warrior's crude wording
sends a surge of lust through my system■ In record time, I
felt myself grow incredibly aroused and my pussy turn
soaking wet (which was probably Xena's intention).

"It might hurt a little in the beginning," Xena continued
to explain, while her fingers played with my rock-hard
nipples, "but with the way your little slit is dripping
juices, there'll be plenty of lubrication to make things
run smoothly."

I blushed a little and looked down at my damp slit --and
the almost impossibly big wooden cock in front of it.

"Gabrielle?" My eyes, which had been staring at the large
phallus positioned at my pussy, looked up at Xena's face
and met the warrior's penetrating blue eyes. "Are you ready
for your first fucking?" she inquired gently.

Normally I have no trouble finding words, but now■ all I
could do was silently nod at the warrior.

Xena responded to my nod with a dazzling smile, then
focussed her attentions on my --soon to be deflowered--

While one of her hands played with my tits, she used the
other one to rub the phallus across my wet and swollen lips.
She circled the tip of the wooden cock around my clit, and
then across my slit again. Repeating this process over and
over again `till I was panting with excitement and the
wooden rod was covered with my juices■ Xena then stroked the
dildo across my sensitive clit a couple of times, before
moving it down towards my dripping centre■ This time, she
gently pushed the head between my swollen lips, right inside
my open hole■ She began dipping the phallus slowly in and
out, so to lubricate it well before thrusting it further in.

My soft moans grew louder as the dildo went deeper inside of
me... I grunted as the tip of the wooden phallus encountered
my hymen.

"Mmmmm... Feels like we just found you're cherry,
Gabrielle," Xena's husky voice whispered in my ear. She
started moving her hips faster, each time pushing the
phallus in a little deeper.

"Oh Xena!" I groaned from both pain and pleasure as the
warrior's cock pounded my maidenhead.

Her hips suddenly raised up high, making the smooth rod
almost slip from my entrance... then slammed back down,
taking my virginity with one quick thrust!

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" My loud yell resonated through the small
clearing. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Argo
giving me a reproachful look as I so rudely interrupted
her peaceful grazing.

My attentions were drawn back to Xena who tenderly stroked
my hair --giving me a proud smile that made my heart

"You're a woman now, sweetie," she told me while nibbling at
my earlobe. A delicious shudder went through me, both from
her words and her attentions towards my sensitive ear.

The pain from the deflowering quickly subsided■ Xena seemed
to sense that as well and started sliding the large wooden
dildo in and out my pussy again.

I moaned from all the different sensations I was feeling...
It still hurt a little, but the pain was now mixed with

Xena steadily moved faster, making the mixture of pain and
pleasure increase...

The pain gradually disappeared, and soon it was mostly
pleasure I felt.

The warrior now really started givin' it to me hard --giving
me that hard, fast fucking she promised earlier■ I don't
think I ever experienced anything that felt better then the
sensation of Xena: Warrior Princess, pounding my pussy with
a big strap-on dildo.

Panting loudly from the fantastic fucking I was getting, I
hooked my legs around the warrior's waist, drawing her in
even deeper, and started fondling her wildly swaying tits.
Xena let out a low moan as I tugged at her hard nipples and
kneaded her firm flesh. I knew the warrior's breasts are
very sensitive and she loves it when I played with them
(though not nearly as much as I loved playing with them).

* * *

Three orgasms later, Xena was still fucking me. My eyes were
glazed over from lust, and the only thing I could clearly
make out were Xena's penetrating blue eyes looking down at

Our gazes were completely transfixed; for what seemed like
an eternity we stared into each other's eyes as Xena fucked
me with fast, deep strokes.

Xena hadn't climaxed thus far, but the friction of her end
of the dildo against her slit and my fondling of her breasts
was having its toll on the warrior; she was getting close
now, I could see it in her eyes and in the way she started
pounding my pussy even harder.

I felt my fifth orgasm of this evening approach, and wanting
to share it with Xena I roughly pinched and pulled hard on
both her erect nipples.

As she came, the warrior let out something that could only
be described as a roar, which was immediately followed by a
scream of my own as I cried out my orgasm.

A bit dazed, I lay back comphy and relaxed on our shared

I now noticed Argo giving both of us a dirty look. The big
palomino mare turned around, lifted her tail, and dropped a
big pile of dung before stepping outside the clearing.

I think that horse is more in touch with her feelings then
her mistress.

Xena had also noticed her warhorse's antics and shot me a
grin. "Argo has her own subtle little ways of letting people
know how she feels," she dryly noted.

I couldn't help giggling in response.

As we looked at each other I saw the now familiar look of
hunger returning in her eyes. It was as if a light went on
inside her head that gave her eyes this eerie glow.

Sitting back on her heels, Xena commanded, "On your hand
and knees."

At awe by her incredible stamina, I silently stared at her.

Any normal person would have needed a break by now, after
fucking for over a candlemark like a bunny on ambrosia,
but not Xena of course. Nope, the Warrior Princess is
immediately ready for more.

Getting impatient, the warrior gave me a none too gentle
nudge. I quickly turned over and positioned myself on all

"That's a good girl," I heard her mutter behind me. I could
feel her gaze on my naked backside again.

She gave the focus of her gaze a little slap. "You've build
up some really nice muscle-tone in the last couple of
months, Gabrielle," Xena appreciatively noted. "That's one
fine, firm butt!"

"Thanks," I replied, blushing a bit. "I guess my fear of
riding and all the walking I've done because of that, really
paid off."

The warrior chuckled and gave me another light smack on my
buttocks (by which I mean: "light smack" in Xena's point of
view, "hard spank" in mine). I didn't really mind though, I
kinda liked the prickly sensations it left on my behind.

Xena placed both her hands on my butt and started stroking
and petting both cheeks. I sighed in contentment, this felt
very nice... I could definitely get used to this... A loud
moan escaped my mouth when the warrior's fingers skipped
across my mons and dipped inside my slit.

All of a sudden, Xena's strong hands pried apart my
buttocks, eliciting a loud gasp from me as my most private
orifice was abruptly exposed to the warrior's prying eyes.

I let out another, louder gasp, as the warrior stuck a
finger --lubricated with my juices-- inside my clenching

"W-what are you doing, Xena?" I cried out in shock. "That...
that's my asshole you're putting your finger in!"

"Thanks for telling me that, Gabrielle," she snickered in
response, "but I'd already got that far on my own."

A sneaking suspicion suddenly occurred to me. "Y-you...
you're not going to... fuck me with that dildo back
t-there... are you?"

"Not today," was the warrior's --not very reassuring--
reply. She then slid her long probing finger in and out my
tight back entrance a couple of times; bringing forth a
small grunt from me each time her finger pushed inside...
Seemingly satisfied, she pulled her finger out. "It's going
take some time before I've loosened you up enough for the
dildo," she told me. "So for now, I'm just gonna enjoy your
pussy and mouth." Having said that, she inserted the entire
wooden cock inside my cunt with one hard thrust and started
fucking me again.

* * *

Each time Xena's underbelly slammed into my backside, I let
out another grunt. This new position Xena was fucking me in,
enabled her to fuck me even harder and more thorough then
before... and the warrior's quick, deep thrusts forced the
large strap-on deep inside of me.

Xena's hands reached in front of me and cupped my bobbing
breasts. She gently squeezed the firm flesh between her
fingers and jiggled the twin globes around a bit... Her
fingers moved to my nipples, pulling and twisting on my
stiff buds. I moaned loudly and arched my back in response
to the warrior rough caresses. Xena let out a low throaty
chuckle and gave both nipples a hard pinch.

"Oh Godsssss!!!" I groaned. "I'm cumming again!"

"Mmmmm! Very good, Gabrielle," Xena breathed into my ear.
"Come for me again!" she pinched my nipples again as an
added incentive.

"OHHHHHH!!!!!" I gasped out and I automatically obeyed her

As my orgasm rushed through me, my head dropped to the
bedroll. I rested it on my arms while Xena continued to
fuck me doggie-style.

* * *

I'm not exactly sure how long and in how many ways she
screwed me that night, but the sky was lighting up by the
time she was finished with me. The few times she wasn't
stuffing my cunt with that big wooden prick were the times
that I had my face between her legs and my tongue up her

When I finally came to my senses, I lay dazed on my back
with my legs spread before her, while Xena examined my
exhausted body --sporting that famous smirk on her face.
With a bit of resentment I glared at the still spry
warrior; why in Tartarus isn't she even breathing hard
while I'm totally exhausted?!

Even though Xena was very careful, I still winced when her
hands touched my sore pussy. The warrior got out a small
jar with ointment and rubbed some of it on my red and
inflamed genitalia.

I sighed in relief as the cool cream worked its magic on me.
Even though I was still tired, I already felt a whole lot

Wow... what an incredible night! I thought dreamingly as I
stared up at the sky. My first real fucking... and what a
fucking it was!

"How are you feeling, Gabrielle?" the warrior thoughtfully

"Wow..." I smiled.

Xena returned my smile. "You're feeling... wow?"

"You've finally made me a woman, Xena■" My smile grew
bigger. "Multiple times actually."

The warrior chuckled. "I suppose that means you enjoyed

"Ohhh yessss!" I purred happily.

"Good." She gently stroked my breasts. "I know I was
somewhat rough with you, and I was afraid you were a bit

I shook my head. "Just very exhausted."

"In that case you may sleep as long as you like." With a
bright smile she covered us with a blanked and cradled me
in her arms. "For the next few days we'll just stay here
and hold a little vacation."

I beamed back at my idol and rested my head on her big,
comphy breasts. "Love ya, Xena," I whispered as I felt
myself drifting off into a slumber.

The last thing I was aware of before I fell asleep was
Xena's hand gently stroking my hair.

To be continued in Scroll Two - Oral Lessons


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