Xena Warrior Princess: Sins Of The Father
by Trent Wolf ([email protected]) (Ff,MF,mf,M-dom,bd,magic,viol,cons,ncon)

Xena, the warrior princess, and Gabrielle, the bard, had been traveling for
ten exhausting days. Gabrielle had lost her horse in an unfortunate accident,
and now she was riding double, holding onto Xena's back as they passed
through strange countryside. Xena had dozed off, but her horse continued to
lead them through a thick forest of trees, where they came upon a pool of
spring water surrounded by thick brush. When the horse stopped to drink, Xena
awoke with a start.

"Look at this!" Xena said with a grin. "I could definitely use a cool bath."

"I don't know." Gabrielle said cautiously. "This is really out in the open."

"Don't be silly." Xena admonished her friend. "No one will see us. Look at
all this brush around here. Come on.last one in is a jackass!"

Xena leapt off her horse and quickly began to remove her bracelets, weapons,
boots, and uniform, placing each item in a neat pile until she was completely
nude. Gabrielle tried to avert her eyes, but she could not help but admire
Xena's statuesque form. When Xena turned and gave Gabrielle a sly smile
before gingerly entering the cold water, Gabrielle finally dismounted and
slowly began to undress herself.

"Hurry up!" Xena said as she settled into the water, its temperature giving
her body goose bumps and making her nipples erect. "The water is nice and

Gabrielle blushed as she removed her last item of clothing, and stepped
quickly into the water to join Xena. The water's temperature stunned her at
first, but slowly her body adjusted, until its effects soon relaxed her.
Soon the two of them began washing each other's backs, which in turn led to
horseplay. Xena grabbed Gabrielle and dunked her playfully under the water.
Gabrielle tried to fight back, but of course, she was not strong enough to
overpower Xena. Soon Xena grabbed Gabrielle close and twisted her wrists
behind her back as she placed her hips between Gabrielle's legs, pulling her
close until their bodies were pulled tight against one another. Gabrielle
continued to struggle as Xena laughed, enjoying her squirming.

"Stop!" Gabrielle screamed and laughed. "Let me go!"

From her tone, Xena suspected that her friend did not really want to be let
go. She then took Gabrielle's wrists with one powerful hand and then used the
other to reach under and cup Gabrielle's bottom, lifting her up until she had
her in a nice, comfortable position. Then she leaned forward to kiss and suck
on Gabrielle's slender neck, causing Gabrielle to squeal with surprise and
delight as she suddenly clenched her ass cheeks tight.

"Xena! Please, Stop!" Gabrielle begged. "You know I can't stand that!"

Xena laughed and continued kissing Gabrielle on the neck, and then moved
up until she inserted her tongue into Gabrielle's ear. Xena felt her body
growing warm with excitement as her tender young friend squirmed in her
grasp. She felt Gabrielle's crotch rub up against her own, and soon she
moved her hand around and inserted it between Gabrielle's legs, cupping
her mound and then slowly inserting a finger into her slit.

"Xena." Gabrielle said with a sudden quivering tone. She felt her body come
alive from Xena's manipulation and let out a long sigh.

Xena then leaned forward and covered Gabrielle's mouth with her own, and soon
the two of them became entangled in a tryst of passion. Xena lifted Gabrielle
higher so she could take a tender nipple into her mouth, licking and sucking
gently. Soon, Xena was aroused and began to take more into her mouth, causing
Gabrielle to throw her head back and wince as Xena bit gently on each erect
nipple. Gabrielle's body was soon thrashing under the water and she didn't
realize she was screaming so loud until Xena told her, "Quiet Gabrielle! Do
want to disturb the whole forest?"

Gabrielle blushed, embarrassed at her ecstasy, as Xena continued to play with
the opening between her smooth thighs. Xena released her grip on Gabrielle's
wrists and brought her head forward to kiss her again, slipping her tongue
into Gabrielle's willing mouth.

The two of them became lost in each other's embrace, unaware of four men on
horses coming through the brush. One of them, the leader, was wearing a dark
robe, while two were wearing armor and battle garb. The fourth was a dwarf on

"Well, well!" the first man said to his companions, who appeared to be his

They were armed to the teeth with wicked crossbows. "Look what we have here!
Xena, the warrior princess and her faithful sidekick, Gabrielle."

Xena and Gabrielle were startled out of their clench and turned towards the
men on horseback. Xena was puzzled by the man's knowledge of her, but she had
no idea who he was. Gabrielle, meanwhile, was cowering behind Xena's back,
keeping her body hidden under the water.

"You're probably wondering who I am." The bearded man said. "I am Lord Damon.
I own this property that you are currently trespassing on."

"Trespassing?" Xena asked, becoming alarmed and a little angry.

"We're sorry." Gabrielle said, trembling behind Xena. "We'll leave
immediately! We didn't realize this land was."

"Quiet, Gabrielle!" Xena hissed.

"I'm afraid that's not possible." Damon said with a slight grin.

Xena caught his grin and, realizing he was up to no good, asked, "What do you

"What I mean is, trespassing is a punishable offense in this shire." Damon
informed her as he rode over to a bush and pushed it aside to reveal a sign
that read:


Xena seethed with anger and spat, "How could we know we were trespassing with
that sign hidden? Who's the local magistrate? I want speak to him."

"That would be me." Lord Damon said with a smile as the men laughed.

Xena's eyes flashed and she looked at her weapons on the edge of the water.

"I would think twice about that." Damon said as his bodyguards raised their

"Xena." Whispered the frightened Gabrielle under her breath.

"Grendel." Damon said to the dwarf who was watching the scene anxiously,
"Pick up their things, and bring her weapons to me."

Xena and Gabrielle watched with dismay as the dwarf pulled out a gunnysack
and filled it with their clothing. Then he picked up Xena's sword and chakram
and brought them to Damon, who admired their craftsmanship before packing
them on his own horse.

"You can't do this!" Xena protested.

"But I can, princess." Damon said. "Now, let's do this nice and slow. I'm
well aware of your abilities. First, I want the little one out first."

"No." Gabrielle said, trembling in the water.

"I'll get us out of this." Xena said, trying to reassure her friend. "Right
now, just do as he says."

Gabrielle tentatively climbed out of the water first, quickly trying to cover
her most private parts from the eyes of the four men.

"Here." Damon said, pulling a cloak from a pack and tossing it to Gabrielle.
"You can put this on."

Gabrielle quickly grabbed the cloak from the ground and covered her dripping
wet body as Xena watched in anger from the water.

"Come closer and get on my horse." Damon commanded Gabrielle. Gabrielle
turned to give Xena a look as if to say, 'is it all right'? Xena nodded back
at her and then Gabrielle gulped and went to mount Damon's horse, sitting up
in front of Damon on his saddle. Without Gabrielle realizing what he was
doing, Damon removed a long, curved blade from a sheath and held it where
Xena could see it, giving her a silent message that if she tried to fight,
he would not hesitate to slit open her companion.

"Now, nice and slow." Damon said to Xena.

Xena exited the pool of water and stood on the grass defiantly, not bothering
to cover her body, giving the men an eyeful of her tall form. Their eyes
lingered over Xena's dark patch of pubic hair and full breasts, but she stood
firm, a fiery look upon her face as if daring them to fight. Damon tossed her
a cloak as well, which she put on slowly, never taking her eyes off the armed

"Cane, put a collar on her." Damon said to one of guards.

"Yes, my lord." One of the bodyguards answered and dismounted, taking from
his pack a metal collar with chains and heavy metal bracelets attached to it.

Cane approached Xena cautiously from behind, as the other guard held his
crossbow pointed at Xena's chest. He unhinged the collar and placed it around
her neck, and then locked it in place.

"Now, her hands." Damon instructed. "Behind her back."

Cane took her wrists and clasped them with the bracelets at the small of
her back, making sure her wrists were turned upwards, which was very
uncomfortable for Xena.

"You'll pay for this." Xena growled. "This I promise."

"I wouldn't make promises you can't keep." Damon smiled and told Cane with a
cold smile, "I'll think she'll require the bit."

Cane smiled crookedly and went to his horse to get a device consisting of a
rolled piece of hard leather with straps attached at each end. He placed it
between Xena's clenched teeth and then tied it tightly behind her head,
rendering her speechless. Xena bit into the salty leather angrily and glared
at Damon as Gabrielle looked on in worry.

Damon then had Cane assist Xena onto her own horse, with the unusual
instruction of having her sit backward on the saddle. Damon wanted Xena as
vulnerable as possible, while making it nearly impossible her for her to
suddenly attack them. Grendel led her horse on ahead as Damon and his guards
followed on each side of Xena's mount. Each of the guards had a chain that
ran from the horn of their saddles to Xena's neck collar. If she tried to
run or fight, the men only had to ride apart to choke her or pull her down.
Xena's cloak fell open on their way, revealing her ample chest and smooth
stomach, as Damon smiled wickedly. He had one arm wrapped snugly around
Gabrielle's body, angering Xena even more.

They soon arrived at a large estate. Xena looked around and noticed a large
building of horse stables on the western end of the property, with wood
fences all around, some holding stallions of all breeds. It appeared to her
that Damon was breeding horses. They stopped at an open courtyard where the
workers slowly started to gather and all of them dismounted. Soon, Damon
held court with his male and female servants and laborers. He was about to
speak when his son, Nico, rode up on his horse. Nico immediately noticed
Gabrielle and caught her eye. He had never seen anyone so beautiful.

"Father." Nico said as he dismounted. "What is this?"

"These are trespassers, I'm afraid." Damon answered his son. "We were about
to mete out their punishment. Twenty lashes each."

"Cane, tie Xena to the post." Damon ordered his guard. "She will be first."

Xena's eyes grew wide as Gabrielle was suddenly alarmed. Nico himself became
concerned and went to his father to speak closely to him while the guards led
Xena to a ten-foot tall post, removing her cloak to her waist before tying
her arms above her head and positioned with her back to the small crowd.

"No!" Gabrielle screamed as Damon's other guard held her tight. Then she
pleaded with Lord Damon, "Please don't do this!"

"Father, is there any other way?" Nico asked, not taking his eyes off of
Gabrielle's terrified face. "This girl is so young and small. The whip could
injure her permanently."

Damon noticed his son's anxious concern for Gabrielle and smiled, "Well...
there is another way."

Damon walked up to Xena and removed the bit from her mouth, telling her
loudly for all to hear, "You have two choices, princess. You and your friend
can both take twenty lashes...or, you can take all forty yourself. It's your

Xena snarled at Damon, tugging at the thick binding ropes, and vowed. "By the
gods, I'll have your head for this! You know I'll take all forty!"

"No!!" Gabrielle screamed when she heard Xena's answer, struggling to free
herself from the guards' firm grasp. "Xena, don't!!"

Damon smiled devilishly as he replaced the bit in her mouth and uttered, "So
be it."

Damon nodded at his taskmaster, who uncoiled his long slender whip with an
artful motion. Then in one graceful turn of his arm and wrist, he lashed out
at Xena, striking a crimson stripe across her bare back. Xena grimaced in
pain, biting into the leather strap in her mouth as another lash struck her
back, this one more painful than the last.

She could hear Gabrielle scream in the background as each lash brought a
whistling sound and then a sharp, biting sting of intense pain. To lessen
the pain, she vowed in her mind to avenge this atrocity on her body and
thought of a hundred different ways she would kill her tormentor. Xena's
body trembled with each blow and soon tears began to stream down her
reddening cheeks as the pain intensified. Gabrielle's tears began to flow
as well, and after the first ten lashes, she could not bear to watch any
more, bowing her head and sobbing.

In what seemed an eternity for Xena and Gabrielle, all forty lashes were
meted out, everyone silently counting each one in their heads. By the last
one, Xena's body had given out, and she hung limp on the post, delirious
and exhausted, her back bloodied with crisscrossed stripes of red. Gabrielle
finally freed herself from the guard and ran to Xena. The guard was about
to apprehend her, but Lord Damon held up a hand to stop him.

"Xena!" Gabrielle said through her sobs. "I am so sorry!"

After a few moments, Damon had his men untie Xena and carry her into the
house. Gabrielle tried to follow, but Damon took her by the arm, telling her,
"Come with me."

Damon led Gabrielle into the large house, showing her to a guestroom that was
furnished in the finest furniture Gabrielle had ever seen.

"I want to go to Xena." Gabrielle said. "You can't stop me!"

"You will see her in good time." Damon assured her. "She will be taken care
of, I promise."

"Why did you do this?" Gabrielle cried. "I don't understand this cruelty."

"I will try to explain this only once." Damon said. "I realize the punishment
was harsh, but I have a responsibility to my servants. My livelihood is here.
I raise horses for armies who need them. I must have the respect of my
workers, and in order to do so, I must occasionally mete out punishment as
necessary. If I don't, then I will have chaos. You've seen the people who
work for me. They are uncultured and dimwitted. I have to keep their respect.
My business depends on it. I am doing all this for my son, Nico, because I
won't be here forever."

"Is Nico the one on the gray mare?" Gabrielle asked, remembering the boy who
seemed concerned for her. "Why didn't he want you to punish me?"

Damon smiled and told her, "I gather because he was concerned for your
health. Or, maybe he took a liking to you. He doesn't have any friends his
own age here."

Gabrielle suddenly felt a strange feeling of concern and pity for Nico.
"Doesn't he have any brothers or sisters?"

"I'm afraid not." Damon said, suddenly growing quiet. Gabrielle could almost
swear tears were welling up in his eyes. "Nico's mother died giving birth to
him. He is my only son."

"I'm sorry." Gabrielle said with pity.

Damon sighed and looked around, saying, "This was his mother's room. I want
you to feel free to wear whatever you wish from her things. It will be your
room now until your friend recovers. Then you both may leave."

"Can I please see her?" Gabrielle asked.

"I'll check and see how she is, and I will let you know." Damon said as he
stood up and prepared to leave. "I will send a servant to attend to whatever
you need."

"Thank you." Gabrielle said softly as she sat down on the lavishly quilted

Before he walked out, Lord Damon stopped and turned to Gabrielle, saying,
"I'll understand if you say 'no', but, would you have dinner with my son and
I this evening? I know he would enjoy your company."

"I don't know if I can." Gabrielle confessed. "After what happened."

"I understand." Damon said. "You have strong feelings for her, don't you?"

"She's my best friend." Gabrielle responded quickly.

"I hope you can understand my position. I meant no serious harm to you or
Xena." Lord Damon replied. After a pause, he told her, "I will go see about
your friend."

Gabrielle bowed her head and cried silently after Damon left her alone. She
prayed that Xena was all right, and that she could see her soon.

* * *

Lord Damon entered the chamber where Xena was being attended. Xena was laying
face down, nude, on a bed, seemingly unconscious, except for an occasional
moan. A beautiful young woman with waist-length blonde curls was dabbing her
wounds. The woman, a sorceress named Dagmar, looked up at Damon with

"How is she?" Damon inquired as he stood with his arms crossed.

"She's very weak." Dagmar answered with disgust.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Damon said with impatience. "Heal her
wounds, witch."

Dagmar looked at him angrily, and then went to work with a cloth and a bottle
of dark liquid, pouring some on the cloth and then wiping the bloody red
welts on Xena's otherwise smooth backside. Dagmar hated to use her magic. She
considered it a curse to be born with the power and rued the day her mother
and father had been killed and she was left in the care of this monster, Lord
Damon. He never hesitated to make her use her powers to his advantage, and it
was all she could do not to break the bind that made him her master.

Damon watched in awe as each welt seemed to fade and disappear into the skin.
He never ceased to be amazed by the skill of Dagmar's sorcery, and soon his
mind began to race with the possibilities. He thought back to a time years
ago when he witnessed Xena in battle. She'd had the strength of ten soldiers,
if not more. What would a child be like, conceived by this exceptional woman?
Soon, an idea began to smolder in his head. With an evil grin crossing his
face, he told Dagmar, "I want you to give her a potion that will make her
obey my commands."

Dagmar looked at Damon in alarm, saying, "A slave spell?"

"Yes." Damon replied. "I want this warrior princess under my control. Also,
I want her unable to harm me in any way."

"Are you sure this is wise?" Dagmar asked, clearly uncomfortable with the
idea. She quickly wished she hadn't said it.

Lord Damon's eyes flashed and he suddenly seized Dagmar by her golden locks.
With his face inches from hers, he growled, "Don't ever question my wisdom,
witch, just do as I say. I don't want to have to give you another lesson in

Dagmar trembled with fright, and stammered, "Y-yes, my lord."

Damon released her and Dagmar quickly went about the task of creating a
potion from various ingredients in her possession. Damon then instructed her
before leaving, "When you are done with the potion, have her bathed and oiled
and taken to my bed chamber."

"Yes, my lord." Dagmar said as Damon left and closed the door. When she
had the potion ready, she had Xena lift her head up to drink it, while she
whispered a series of commands into her ear, burning them into Xena's

* * *

That evening, Lord Damon sat with his son Nico at a large dining table with
a few servants standing by to serve them food and drink. They sat in silence,
each ignoring the other when Gabrielle entered the room quietly. Damon
noticed her first and stood up to acknowledge her presence, and then Nico
stood up as well, obviously excited by her appearance.

"Good evening." Lord Damon said in greeting. "I'm glad you could join us."

"I just wanted to find out how Xena was." Gabrielle announced.

"Please, sit down." Damon said gesturing to an empty chair as servants
scurried to set a place for her. "We'll talk about it."

Gabrielle sat down reluctantly as a plate of food was set before her. "Is she
all right?"

"She will be." Lord Damon answered. "I promise. I have someone tending to her
right now. Right now, all we can do is let her rest."

"Has she...asked about me?" Gabrielle inquired tentatively.

"Yes, she has." Damon said. "She wanted me to tell you not to worry about

"I'd like to see her." Gabrielle, doubting the truth of his words.

"I'll try to arrange that, Gabrielle." Damon said. "But... Xena made me
promise that I would not allow you to see her in her current condition. She
said you would understand."

Gabrielle thought that was something Xena would say, but she still wanted to
be close to her friend and see if she was really all right. Finally she said,
"I supposes I could wait."

"This is my son, Nico." Lord Damon said, introducing his handsome son. Nico
bowed respectfully to Gabrielle and smiled nervously. She couldn't believe
such a shy and unassuming young man could be the son of someone like the
stern and menacing Lord Damon.

"Nico, perhaps you'd like to give our guest a tour of the grounds tomorrow."
Lord Damon suggested. "Of course, if Gabrielle would care to."

Gabrielle looked at Damon, and then at Nico, whose expression was one of
anxious anticipation. All at once, Gabrielle couldn't bear to disappoint him.
After a few moments she answered, "I would love to."

* * *

In another part of the house, Xena, still weak from the effects of the whip,
was in a large bathing room surrounded by four young female servants. She
sat in a large tub filled with steaming water, and the women were each busy
washing her arms and legs. The aroma of scented candles filled the room,
and her senses were overwhelmed by the attention the four women were
administering to her body. They took great care with every inch of her strong
body, and Xena noticed that they were each taking great pleasure in washing
her. They had never seen a woman so big and strong, admiring her perfectly
toned muscles.

Xena was uncomfortable at first, but soon allowed herself to relax and enjoy
their delicately massaging hands upon her naked form. She gasped with
surprise when one of the women washed between her legs, but then relaxed as
the surprise turned to extreme pleasure as the woman stroked her gently. For
what seemed an eternity, they continued bathing her and then helped her out
of the water, dried her body thoroughly and then led her to a table covered
with satin pillows. There they rubbed scented oils all over her now
glistening body. As the women stroked and massaged her most intimate of
areas, she closed her eyes...and thought of Gabrielle.

It was the last thing she thought of, before a woman with golden tresses
entered the room and ordered the servants to dress Xena in a silk robe and
lead her to another part of the house. When a large door was opened and she
was led into a huge ornate bedchamber, Xena's first thought was that this
was where she would rest for the night. It was hard to believe that earlier
that day, she had been humiliated and whipped to near death. It was only
then that she realized that she had absolutely no pain on her back. When the
door was closed behind her and she was left alone, Xena went to a mirror to
inspect her backside and was amazed that there were no scars or welts at all.
Was she dreaming? What was happening here? She stared in awe, and never
noticed that Lord Damon had entered the bedchamber. Xena gasped and turned
when she heard a noise behind her.

"You!" Xena exclaimed with anger. "How dare you enter my room."

"On the contrary, princess." Lord Damon replied with a grin, "This is my

"Are you mad?" Xena. "Leave here immediately!"

Lord Damon laughed, "In time, you'll find out who gives the orders and who
takes them."

"I should kill you right now!" Xena said, taking a step towards Damon.

"Be my guest." Damon said as he removed a knife from his belt and held it out
to Xena, handle first. Xena paused before taking a step closer and then took
the knife from his hand. She bared her teeth, and with a piercing cry, she
raised the knife.

"YI! YI! YI! YI! YI!" Xena screamed as she brought the blade down. As if
hitting an invisible shield, it stopped inches from Lord Damon's chest. Her
jaw dropped in amazement, and then she exclaimed, "What sorcery is this?"

"Drop the knife, princess." Lord Damon uttered with a grin.

Xena, utterly aghast, did as she was told and dropped the dagger to the

"I'll let you in on a little secret." Damon said conspiratorially. "You are
now under my complete command. You will do anything I say, and you will be
unable to resist me."

"How?" Xena asked, in anger and astonishment.

"That's not important." Lord Damon said, "What is important, is that I must
begin training you for my own selfish purposes."

"What?!" Xena snarled, her eyes wide in shocked surprise.

"Let me explain." Damon said as he began to walk around her standing form,
as if to inspect her. "And please remain quiet and still as I do it. I abhor

Damon stopped behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. Xena shuddered, and
when she tried to turn to strike him for touching her, she found that her
body was unable to move. She even tried to speak, but no words would come

"You see, I raise horses for a living." Lord Damon began. "My family has done
this for generations. I can appreciate a fine animal, like a stallion. When I
breed, I use the best and strongest I can find. My horses are revered far and
wide for their stamina and strength."

Damon's hand began to slide down Xena's arm as he continued. "You remind me
of a great stallion... strong... beautiful."

Damon's hand went from her arm to her back, making Xena tense up from his
touch. She wanted nothing more than to take his arm and break it, but she

"I've decided that you would make the perfect mother for my second child."
Damon said, leaning close to her ear as his hand slid around her waist and
lay over her flat stomach.

Xena, disgusted by the touch of his hand through the silk material, gritted
her teeth in anger. She became even angrier as his hand began to move up over
her ample breasts, cupping one in a palm and gently squeezing it.

"So, princess," Damon said as he reached around with his other arm to hug her
from behind, "What do you think of my proposal?"

"I would sooner be dragged for a thousand miles by wild horses than bare your
child!" Xena spat out, released from her silence. "Get your stinking claws
off of me!"

"Now, princess," Damon said. "That's no way to speak to the father of your
future child."

"I'll kill myself first!" Xena growled as Damon continued to run his hand
over her body, letting his right hand slip through the opening of the robe to
cup her mound.

"That won't be necessary." Damon whispered into her ear. "I'll still need you
as my concubine, once you've given birth to my son.

As Xena growled in anger, Damon laughed, "Of course, if you have a girl,
we'll have to keep trying until you get it right."

"By the gods, I swear I will have your head for this!" Xena hissed through
bared teeth.

Lord Damon laughed and licked Xena's ear, making her recoil in disgust.
However, she could not move away from him as he continued licking and pawing
her breasts. She could feel the stirring of hardness from his groin, which
was pressed up against her buttocks. Xena grunted and tried to move her body
away from him, but something held her in place, and she was powerless to
fight it. Soon, Lord Damon had pushed away the material of her silk gown,
opening the front to have full access to her breasts and crotch, cupping and
fondling them while he sucked and kissed her neck from behind. Xena's face
grew hot as she burned with hate at Damon's touch on her most private areas.

"Now, princess." Damon said as he released Xena and walked around to face
her. "I must prepare you for your first lesson in obedience."

"What?!" Xena said angrily. " you? Never!"

Damon ignored her protest and smiled, saying, "I think I will first require
a show of subservience. You will bow down on your hands and knees in front of

Before Xena could say a word, she felt her body move against her will to a
kneeling position in front of Lord Damon. She struggled mightily, but soon
she was on her hands and knees, staring up hatefully at her tormentor.

"Now, kiss my boot." Damon ordered as he put one foot on Xena's right hand,
stepping down on it with all his force. Xena groaned and leaned down to plant
her lips on the toe of his leather boot. When he was satisfied, Damon told
her, "Very good, princess."

Red-faced and humiliated, Xena stared down at the floor, holding her words
for now.

"Now, rise up on your knees. "Damon said. As Xena responded to his command,
she found herself uncomfortably close to his pelvis. To her wide-eyed horror,
she could see a bulge through the material of his robe and looked away

"Since I believe in training my animals with rewards, I will do the same for
you. "Damon said as he opened his robe to reveal his swollen shaft. "Look, I
have a delicious treat."

"Don' this!" Xena said as she looked up at Lord Damon.

"Don't be silly princess." Lord Damon said with a chuckle. "You deserve it.
Now go on...take it and put it in your mouth."

Xena took a deep breath, and burning with humiliation, she reached up with
her right hand to take his cock and leaned forward, opening her mouth as she
looked up at Damon with hate in her eyes. She enclosed her lips around it and
slid it in slowly as Damon looked down appreciatively at her. Xena discovered
that he had coated his member with a thin glaze of nectar, making her mouth
water as she filled herself with his hardness. Damon sighed as he felt the
warm, wet sensation of her tongue and lips on his engorged penis.

He reached up to place a hand on her head, running his fingers through her
silken black tresses as he began to rock his hips slowly back and forth past
Xena's moist lips, and groaned as he attempted to fill her mouth as deep as
he could. Xena could not help but dribble saliva out of the edge of her mouth
and down her chin as the sweet coating continued to make her mouth water. The
wet sound of her lips slurping and sucking as Damon thrust in and out of her
mouth made her self conscious about how she was being degraded, but there was
nothing she could do to prevent it. All Xena could do was look up at him with
malice as Damon took her head with both hands and pumped her mouth

"You do that very well, princess." Damon taunted as he raped her mouth. "If
I didn't know better, I would swear that you were trained as a concubine."

"Mmmmmmmph!" Xena tried to respond, but her cock filled mouth prevented her
from responding with a curse.

Lord Damon laughed and pulled out, holding Xena by the hair with one hand as
he took his glistening shaft and rubbed it over her lips and cheeks, causing
her to blush with humiliation. She unleashed a torrent of curses, but Damon
ignored them

"Up on your feet, princess," Damon ordered, suddenly pulling Xena up by the
hair. He pushed her over to a table and told her, "Lean over."

"What are you going to do?!" Xena demanded as he slammed her forward on the
large heavy oak table and pushed her chest down hard on the surface, causing
her to give out a painful "Unnnnh!"

"I'm going to give you another lesson in obedience." Lord Damon said as a
sadistic smile crossed his face, grabbing the material of her robe and
pushing it out of the way to reveal her perfectly tones legs and buttocks.

"You wouldn't dare!" Xena hissed, wide eyed with shock as she realized what
he was about to attempt. "You'll curse the day you were born if you do this!"

"I'll curse the day if I don't. After all, it's not every day that I have the
chance to mate with a warrior princess." Lord Damon responded with a leer as
he placed the head of his shaft at the rear of Xena's firm ass and slowly
began to push it in, causing Xena grab on hard to the edge of the heavy table
and wince with pain. She gritted her teeth and grunted as Damon suddenly
thrust the full length of his cock inside her, causing a bolt of agony to
shoot up through her body.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah!" Xena suddenly screamed as Lord Damon began to viscously
rape her virgin asshole. He pumped her hard, showing no mercy as he drove
her forward onto the table with each powerful thrust. Hot tears began to
roll down Xena's flushed cheeks as she tried to block out the pain and

Lord Damon grabbed her hair and yanked her head back as he growled between
gasping breaths, "This is almost like breaking in my best horses, princess.
I ride them long and hard at first. You should be honored."

"I'll...kill you! Uuuuuunh...for this!" Xena cursed through her tears of

After nearly a half-hour of humiliating and taunting Xena, Lord Damon began
to tremble with an orgasm and groaned as he began to unleash a flow of his
seed into Xena. He thrust into her hard as he shot deep into her, and then
pulled out to spill the remaining ropes of milky liquid onto her back and
reddened ass cheeks. He placed his throbbing cock into the valley of her
rear and leaned forward, placing his hands on the table on either side of
her waist to catch his breath. Xena, sweating and shaken from the assault,
had collapsed forward on the table.

"Well, princess." Lord Damon said between gasps. "It looks like you got the
best of me tonight. I was so carried away that I was unable to plant my seed
in your womb."

Lord Damon then leaned down close to Xena and whispered tauntingly into her
flaming ears, "It looks like we'll have to try again tomorrow evening."

With that, Lord Damon got up, grabbing Xena by the arm and pushing her toward
the bed, where her weakened body fell forward on her stomach. Lord Damon then
collapsed on top of her and fell quickly asleep as Xena cursed him over and

* * *

The next day, Lord Damon awoke and immediately ordered Xena, the warrior
princess, to perform more oral pleasures to get him ready for the long
workday. At lunchtime, after his meal, Damon returned to his quarters and
plowed Xena again. Instead of coming inside her, he pulled out and spilled
his fluid over Xena's stomach and chest, telling her that he wanted to
wait for the right time before he impregnated her. Once Damon left, the
maidservants came to take Xena for another hot bath to prepare her for the

Xena noticed that the four women had two common traits. They were all well
endowed, and none of them spoke a word to her or each other. They only went
about their eager task of washing Xena's body and covering her with scented
oil afterwards, which they did with great care, as if they were born to do
it. When she tried to speak to them, they only smiled at each other,
infuriating Xena to no end.

"What is wrong with you, fools?" Xena hissed at them.

"They are mute." Came a voice from the doorway. It was Dagmar, the sorceress.

Xena looked at Dagmar suspiciously and demanded from her, "Where is

She is safe. Do not worry." Dagmar assured her. "Right now she is in the
company of Nico, the son of Lord Damon."

* * *

A few miles away, Gabrielle and Nico were horseback riding through the scenic
estate, and its beauty and size awed her. Nico was giving her a riding tour
of the estate and they were heading back to the main house after they'd had a
late picnic lunch by a stream. They conversed about all manner of things and
Gabrielle found Nico to shy at first, but once he opened up to her, he was
very charming.

"Your father owns all this land?" Gabrielle inquired.

"Yes." Nico answered. "It has been in our family for many years."

"It's very beautiful." Gabrielle said softly.

"Not as beautiful as you." Nico said.

Gabrielle blushed and tried to hide her wide smile. It had been a long time
since she had had such pleasant company. It was almost enough to make her
forget about Xena, but not quite. In the back of her mind, she still fretted
about how her friend was recovering. Every time she asked Lord Damon about
Xena, he would give her some excuse not to see her. All she could do was hope
and pray to the gods that Xena was all right.

* * *

That evening Lord Damon entered his quarters after a late dinner and found
Xena with the four maidservants, each of them massaging a leg, a foot, an
arm, and her back. Xena glared at Damon's intrusion and he smiled back at
her as he gave the maidservants a hand signal. All at once, they ceased what
they were doing and left the room quickly, leaving Xena alone Lord Damon.
Xena wanted to curse him, but she bit her tongue, knowing that it would only
encourage his cruelty.

"Well," Lord Damon said as he approached his bed and began to disrobe. "I
hope my servants have been treating you well. It's not every day that they
get to attend to someone so ravishing."

"If that's your idea of a compliment..." Xena started, but bit her lip in

"I've never been one for compliments." Damon said as he tossed his clothes
in a corner. "I'm sure you find my demeanor very crude, but, as a horse
breeder I'm only used to giving orders, so I apologize."

Xena only looked at Damon and his nude form, trying not to stare at his
private area. Damon was in his fifties, but his body was still formidable
and strong from years of work. He stretched out on the bed and told Xena,
"Forgive me, but, I've had a rather tiring day."

Xena rejoiced inside, thinking he was going to fall asleep quickly and leave
her alone, but her relief was short lived when he told her, "You'll have to
get on top. I hope you don't mind doing all the work this evening."

Xena closed her eyes and cursed to herself. Then she sighed and got up from
her chair to approach the bed.

"Take off your robe." Damon said with a grin. "I want to appreciate the rare
beauty of the woman who will father my next child."

Shamed by her predicament, she removed her robe to reveal her statuesque
form and stood naked and burning in front of Damon's leering eyes before he
motioned for her to join him. Xena shook with anger and then climbed on the
bed to straddle Damon's loins so she get the ordeal over with.

"Wait." Lord Damon said with a grin, referring to his still limp member, "I'm
going to require a little assistance for the task at hand. Do you mind?"

There was no end to his humiliation. Xena, nostrils flaring and gritting her
teeth, hesitated for a moment before adjusting her body so that she could
come close to his crotch. Damon put his hands behind his head and watched
contentedly as Xena took his member in her hand and began to use her lips and
tongue to stimulate him to erection. It took awhile, as Damon tried to resist
the sensation of her warm mouth to prolong her oral pleasuring, but after a
while, he allowed himself to become hard and then ordered Xena to mount him.

It was a defining moment. Lord Damon was now going to penetrate her for the
sole purpose of impregnating her with his foul seed, and she was helpless to
prevent it. With a steely gaze, Xena got up and positioned her hips above
his. Then, with one hand, she guided his head into her opening and then slid
down to impale herself on his shaft.

"Yes.very nice" Damon groaned as he filled her to the hilt. "Now ride me,

Xena cursed him silently and then began to rock her hips slowly back and
forth on his pelvis. Lord Damon relaxed, closed his eyes and lay perfectly
still, allowing Xena to pleasure him with her body. She tried to speed her
tempo to hurry and finish with him, but every time she thought she had him
on the brink of orgasm, he would make her stop or slow down, infuriating
and frustrating her each time. What Xena didn't know, was that Damon knew
exactly what she was trying to do, and he had total control over his orgasm.

Xena continued to ride on top Lord Damon for what seemed an eternity, and
when he was ready to climax, he finally allowed her to pick up her rhythm.
Xena began to pump faster and faster on top of him, using the muscles of
her inner walls to stroke and pull his shaft. Damon looked up at Xena with
glee, as she humped furiously, eyes closed and breathing heavily through
her nostrils, trying not to moan aloud. He could see Xena was beginning to
get frustrated, and when she finally opened her eyes, she glared at him with

"Finish, curse you!" Xena cried as she rocked desperately on top of Damon,
as tears began to well up in her striking blue eyes.

Lord Damon decided to end his torment after several more agonizing minutes.
He reached up, grasped her bouncing melons and squeezed hard as he arched
his hips up, exploding in a gush deep inside her silken tunnel. He groaned
loudly as his body tensed up, the intensity of the climax causing his body
to shiver as he held on to Xena's mounds, making her wince.

Finally, Damon relaxed, spent and breathing heavily, as was Xena above him.
She had broken out in a sheen of sweat from the rigorous exercise, and drops
began to form and slide down her chest and stomach, before she collapsed on
Lord Damon. As soon as she was able to gather enough strength, Xena rolled
off of him and curled up on her side, cursing the seed she believed was now
inside her.

* * *

Gabrielle woke up the next morning with a tingle in her stomach. When she
realized the reason for her giddy excitement was because she was going to see
Nico that day, she wondered to herself if she was falling in love with him.
She tried to put the thought out of her mind, but it kept creeping back in
like a serpent. Gabrielle found Nico outside after breakfast and he offered
to take her for a horse ride to the lake, and she gladly accepted. When they
arrived at the scenic lake, Gabrielle was breath taken by the beauty of the
surroundings. They both found a secluded spot and dismounted to enjoy the

After a long pause, Gabrielle finally broke the uncomfortable silence between
them and asked Nico, "Have you ever been with a girl before? I mean, your own
age, like this?"

Nico looked at Gabrielle, paused, and then shook his head 'no' as if he were

"Why?" Gabrielle asked.

"I've been too busy, I guess, working with my father." Nico answered. "And,
well, there are not that many around here with our status."

"You mean you could not see a girl who worked for your father?" Gabrielle

"Definitely not." Nico said. "My father forbids it."

"Hmmm." Gabrielle said as she looked out over the lake. "It must be lonely
for you."

"I don't have time to be lonely." Nico said, as a weary expression came over
his face.

Gabrielle suddenly felt very sympathetic towards Nico, and placed a hand on
his. Nico was surprised at her contact at first, but he enjoyed it, although
he was suddenly very nervous. He had never been in this position before, but
he liked Gabrielle very much.

"Gabrielle, I'd like to tell you something." Nico said, trying to gather his

"Yes?" Gabrielle urged him on. "What is it?"

"Never mind." Nico said, turning away.

"No, please tell me." Gabrielle said, turning him back towards her.

"Even though we've only known each other two days..." Nico began, "I feel
very close to you."

"You do?" Gabrielle asked with a sweet smile.

"Yes." Nico said. "I enjoy being with this."

Gabrielle smiled and leaned close to him and said, "So do I."

They looked into each other's eyes for several moments, and then they leaned
toward each other simultaneously to plant their lips together in a tender
kiss. When they finally broke apart, Nico took a deep breath and smiled.

"That was like a dream." Nico said softly. "Could it again?"

Gabrielle did not say a word, but only leaned forward to kiss Nico again,
more passionately this time. This time, Nico began to feel a stirring in his
loins and broke apart from Gabrielle to gather his senses.

"What's wrong?" Gabrielle asked, puzzled by his sudden discomfort.

"I-I don't know." Nico stammered. "I'm feeling."

Gabrielle than noticed his hand surreptitiously covering his groin area. She
smiled and put one arm around his shoulder, and with the other, moved his
hand aside, and discovered that Nico was hard in his trousers. She told Nico
with a comforting smile, "Don't worry, that's normal."

"It is?" Nico asked as he looked down at his crotch.

"Yes." Gabrielle assured him. "When two people are passionate together, they
become aroused and their natural urges come forth."

Nico was excited and breathing heavily. "What happens next?"

"Then the two people act on their desires.sometimes." Gabrielle explained.

"Sometimes?" Nico asked, puzzled.

"Yes." Gabrielle continued. "If they are both ready."

Nico looked at Gabrielle and swallowed before asking, "Are you ready?"

"No." Gabrielle said with a sympathetic smile. "But I can see you are."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." Nico stammered.

"No, it's all right." Gabrielle interrupted. "It's just that, I'm waiting
until I get married to be more intimate with the person I want to be with."

"I see." Nico said, looking as if he had just lost his best friend.

Gabrielle took pity on him and said, "Maybe I can help another way."

"How?" Nico asked, his attitude suddenly coming back to life.

"Lie back." Gabrielle instructed Nico, and used her hands to push him into a
reclining position on the grass, and then squatted on her knees next to him.
"Now close your eyes, and don't look."

Nico did as he was told, as his heart began to beat faster. He suddenly
opened his eyes when he felt Gabrielle begin to unfasten his leather

"Don't peek!" Gabrielle admonished him. "Close them, and relax."

Nico quickly did so and then tried unsuccessfully to relax as he felt
Gabrielle continue to open his pants. He gasped when he felt the cool morning
air on his groin and gasped again when he felt Gabrielle's soft hand on his
hardening shaft. His body stiffened as she encircled her hand around it and
began to stroke gently up and down, making it fully erect.

"I want you to imagine you are in bed with me." Gabrielle whispered as she
stroked his lengthening penis. "And I am on top of you...naked."

"Yes." Nico said softly as he was overcome by her touch.

"You are inside me," Gabrielle continued, using both hands now, one on top of
the other to make a tube for his cock. "Now I'm moving on top of you."

Nico groaned at the wonderful sensation, thinking that nothing could feel as
good as this. He was then startled by yet another sensation, this time a wet
one. Gabrielle had just let a long string of saliva fall from her lips to
the head of his cock, and she allowed it to spill between her hands and his
shaft, creating a slick tube for him to slide through as she continued her
strokes. She alternately squeezed, tightened and loosened her grip as she
pumped his cock with her hands, also turning them in semi-circles as she did
so. Gabrielle watched with fascination as his cock throbbed in her palms. He
was large enough that both her hands covered his shaft with only his head
revealed. When she saw the expression of ecstasy on his face, she decided to
give him the ultimate treat.

"You are deep inside me" Gabrielle said with a sensuous whisper as she leaned
down and used her tongue to wet the entire surface, making Nico's hips buck
upward slightly at the new sensation. She then slipped her soft lips around
the tip and took him into her warm, salivating mouth, to suckle the head as
she continued stroking for several minutes.

Nico dug his fingers into the ground and curled his toes in his riding boots
as Gabrielle sucked, licked and stroked his engorged member. Finally, he
could hold it no longer; in an intense climax, Nico exploded in a gush,
filling Gabrielle's eager mouth with fluid. She swallowed some at first, and
then let the rest spill out of her mouth, over her hands and onto his cock,
using it to lubricate his quivering and jerking shaft. His ears seemed to be
stuffed with cotton and at first, and he could barely hear his name being

"Nico!" came a voice, and Nico suddenly opened his eyes and sat straight up
when he felt Gabrielle let him loose and scramble next to him. To his horror,
his father was watching from his horse several yards away. He never heard him

Gabrielle, embarrassed and suddenly frightened by Lord Damon's angry look,
wiped the remnants of Nico's sticky substance from her lips as Nico scrambled
to his feet, pushing his now shrinking cock back into his pants.

"F-father!" Nico stammered.

"Go to the house and wait for me in your room..." Lord Damon told Nico
ominously. "And take Gabrielle back to the house with you."

Nico was about to speak but his father glared at him and he looked down,
frightened, and mounted his horse without another word.

Lord Damon then addressed Gabrielle, "I want to apologize for the
inappropriate behavior of my son."

"No. It wasn't his fault. I." Gabrielle began to explain.

"We will talk about this later. Go now." Lord Damon said, and rode away.

"We'd better do as he says." Nico said to Gabrielle.

"I'm so sorry," Gabrielle said, as she mounted her horse. The two of them
rode back the house, not speaking a word to each other.

* * *

Gabrielle waited in her room, pacing around and worrying deeply about Nico's
fate, when a knock came upon her door.

"Yes, come in." Gabrielle called out. The door opened and Lord Damon entered
with a grim expression on his face.

"I just came to tell you that I am on my way to punish Nico for his deed."
Damon said.

"Lord Damon, please let me explain." Gabrielle said quickly. "It was not his

"You do not have to protect him." Lord Damon protested. "He knows better than

"You don't understand." Gabrielle said. "I was the one who suggested...what
we did."

"That doesn't matter." Damon said. "He's responsible for his actions."

Lord Damon turned to leave but Gabrielle grabbed his arm asking, "What are
you going to do to him?"

"He will be whipped." Lord Damon explained. It was then that Gabrielle
noticed the wicked looking riding whip that Damon carried in his right hand.

Gabrielle pleaded, "No! You can't! I beg of you!"

"You should have thought of that before you corrupted my son." Damon said.

" there anything I can do to change your mind!" Gabrielle pleaded
as tears welled in her soft blue eyes. She couldn't let him do this to Nico.

Lord Damon looked at Gabrielle, expressionless, while the wheels spun in his
head. He had her exactly where he wanted her.

"Do you feel this strongly?" Damon asked. "You would even take his

Gabrielle lowered her eyes and realized the gravity of the situation. She
thought about what Xena had done for her, sacrificing her body so that
Gabrielle would not be harmed. Xena had been incredibly brave to do that
for her. She decided she could do the same for Nico. She took a deep
breath, and finally uttered, "Yes."

"Well, then." Lord Damon said. "If you feel that strongly about it, we will

"Where do you wish to do this?" Gabrielle asked. "In the courtyard?"

"That won't be necessary." Damon said. "Here is fine."

Gabrielle looked at Lord Damon and thought she saw a look of eagerness in his
eyes, like the way he looked when he first discovered her and Xena in the
pond. All at once, she began to doubt her decision, but it was too late to
turn back now. She waited, nervous and uncomfortable as she awaited his next

Enjoying Gabrielle's discomfort, Lord Damon waited a few moments before he
told her, "Turn around and lean over that table."

Gabrielle hesitated, and then did as she was told, her heart beginning to
pound with fear. Lord Damon waited until Gabrielle's back was turned to let
a leering grin cross his face. He licked his lips as he stroked and bent the
whip in his hand. Damon admired the way Gabrielle's supple thighs began to
tremble as he neared her, and he lifted her skirt gently to expose her firm,
alabaster cheeks, covered partially by her loincloth. Lord Damon was clearly
going to enjoy this certain task, and he placed a hand on Gabrielle's back
to hold her down still on the tabletop. He watched with a gleam in his eye
as Gabrielle tensed up, and then brought the whip up to eye level. With a
curl of his lip, he brought the whip down with a whistling arc and slashed
it across her shivering buttocks. Gabrielle emitted a short, high pitched
scream, and bit her lip as the burning sensation shot through her body. Hot
tears began to flow down her flushed cheeks as Damon brought down the whip
again with a loud snap.

"Oooooow!!" Gabrielle cried in agony, grabbing onto the edge of the table to
brace herself from the burning whip. She shut her watery eyes tight and
whimpered as Damon lashed her reddened ass three more times. When he paused,
Gabrielle relaxed for a moment, praying to the gods that he was finished.

Lord Damon removed his hand from Gabrielle's back and covered her exposed
rear with her skirt, telling her, "I'm feeling very lenient today. Instead
of meting out the full punishment with the whip, I'm going to allow you to
do for me what you did for my son."

Gabrielle, still shaking and frightened from the pain of the whip, stood
and turned around to face Lord Damon with a shocked expression. With utter
dismay, she asked, "What?!"

"Get down on your knees." Lord Damon ordered her, stroking the whip

Gabrielle, crying with a trembling voice, sobbed, "Please...don't make me do

Lord Damon suddenly lashed out, grabbing Gabrielle by the hair at the back of
her neck, and snarled at her, "If you can do it to Nico, you can certainly do
it to me."

Slowly, Lord Damon forced Gabrielle down to her knees before him as Gabrielle
shook her head 'no' and gave him a pleading look with tears flowing down her
face. Lord Damon merely smiled and began to unbuckle his belt.

* * *

Outside the door, Dagmar was secretly listening to the cruel proceedings and
became livid. She knew she could not allow such a thing to happen, and rushed
away from the door and down many hallways to Nico's room on the other side of
the huge house. When she arrived, she knocked loudly on the door, and Nico
opened it nervously.

"Yes?" Nico asked, relieved for a moment that it was not his father. "What is

With her head bowed in reverence to Nico, Dagmar informed him, "Your father
wishes to speak to you and Gabrielle together. He is waiting for you in her

Without a word, and grim faced, Nico headed to Gabrielle's room with Dagmar
several steps behind. Nico found the room and entered, and was frozen in
place as he came upon the scene before him. It took him a few moments to
react to his father, cock exposed, standing before a kneeling and crying

"Father!" Nico yelled in anger. "What are you doing?!"

"Who told you to come in here?!" Damon roared back. "Close that door and go
back to your room! Now!"

"No! I won't!" Nico protested vehemently. "I won't let you do this!"

"How dare you!" Damon growled as he adjusted his cock back into his pants
and stepped menacingly toward Nico, while Gabrielle slid away into a corner
of the room, terrified.

"You insolent little cur!" Damon spat out as he raised the whip at Nico.
"I'll beat you to within an inch of your life."

"No!" Nico yelled, as his eyes welled up. "I won't let you do that anymore!"

Lord Damon swung the whip hard at Nico, who tried to block it with his
forearm. He grabbed Damon's arm and they began to struggle and fight. The
more they struggled, the more violent the two became, until they were
beating each other furiously. When Nico suddenly got the upper hand, Lord
Damon pulled out his dagger in desperation and lunged at Nico. Gabrielle
let out a long, high-pitched scream as she watched Damon and Nico fight
for the knife and then fall in a heap on the floor. Suddenly, they were
both still.

"Nico!" Gabrielle said, as she was sure he been stabbed.

Suddenly, Xena entered the room in a panic, and yelled, "Gabrielle!"

"Xena!" Gabrielle called back in surprise. She ran to her friend and embraced

Xena wrapped her arms around Gabrielle and asked, "I heard you scream."

"I'm all right." Gabrielle assured her, and then looked at Damon and Nico.
With great effort, Nico pushed his father off of him and onto his back, where
it was revealed that the dagger was planted deeply into his chest.

"My father." Nico said as he embraced Lord Damon's head to his chest and

* * *

Later that afternoon, after Xena was released from her spell and her clothes
and weapons returned to her, Dagmar had revealed to Nico all the evil things
Damon had done; his exploitation of the workers, the torment of Xena, as well
as her own cruel treatment. Dagmar had discovered herself that upon Lord
Damon's death, she was free from her bondage to him, as well as her magic
powers. She explained to Nico that the curse that had bound her to Lord Damon
was finally broken.

"You are free to leave then." Nico told her as he pondered the day's
traumatic events.

"I will not leave you." Dagmar told him. "I will stay and help you undo all
of the evil your father has done. You must keep your estate going. After all,
it is yours now."

"Why would you do this?" Nico asked, amazed at her loyalty.

"Because...I have always loved you." Dagmar said with a bowed head. "And I
knew you were nothing like him."

"I don't know what to say." Nico. "I'm very confused right now."

"I understand." Dagmar said as she comforted him. "But I will always be here
for you."

"Thank you." Nico said, and then dried his eyes and stood up. "Come, I must
address everyone in the courtyard."

Nico took her by the hand and gathered all the workers, who had come to the
house when they heard of Lord Damon's death. Xena and Gabrielle were there
too, about to leave and continue their journey.

"As you all have heard by now, my father is dead." Nico began. "I've been
made aware of the past sins of my father, and now I want to make amends to
you all. Those who wish to leave may do so now. Those who stay will be
treated properly and paid a fair wage from now on."

After a few minutes when no one spoke, the stable master stepped forward
and addressed Nico. "I think I speak on behalf of the others, that all of
us would like to stay. We believe you will not follow in your father's
footsteps, Lord Nico."

"Very well, then." Nico said as he realized now just who he was. "Let it be

As the workers walked away to return to their work, Nico then approached
Gabrielle and told her, "If you wish to stay, I would like to make you my
wife and all of this would be yours. Your friend is welcome to stay as well."

As Xena looked on anxiously, Gabrielle was taken aback by his offer. After
several heartfelt moments, she told him, "I'm sorry, but I can't explain it.
We can't stay here."

"I will never forget you, Gabrielle." Nico said, trying to keep a strong

"I won't forget you either." Gabrielle said.

"Grendel!" Nico called out to the dwarf. "Bring my steed here."

As the dwarf went to get Nico's stallion, Nico told Gabrielle, "I want you to
take my horse. I raised her from a filly, she's very good."

"I couldn't do that." Gabrielle protested as the gray mare was brought to

"It's the least I could do for what you've been through." Nico said as he
patted the horse for the last time.

"Thank you." Gabrielle told him.

As Gabrielle and Nico said their final good byes, Xena took Dagmar aside and
whispered to her, "That foul monster has impregnated me. Is there anything
you can do?"

"Do not worry, princess." Dagmar said, making sure she was unheard by others.
"Lord Damon's seed is barren. He could not have children."

"What?" Xena asked, puzzled and shocked. "What about Nico?"

"Nico is not Lord Damon's son." Dagmar revealed. "He was stolen from a
murdered rival of Damon as a child. I was bound to secrecy under my bondage
to Lord Damon, so Nico does not know this, but I can tell him now, when the
time is right. Right now, he has been through too much."

"I understand." Xena said as they walked back toward Gabrielle and Nico.
"Thank you."

"No, it is you we should thank." Dagmar said. "Despite what you've been
through, it was fortunate that you came, and freed us all from Lord Damon's

Xena smiled and mounted her horse next to Gabrielle. As they waved and rode
away, Gabrielle asked Xena, "What was that all about?"

"She was just wishing us well our journey." Xena said with a straight face.

When she noticed Gabrielle turn and look back one more time, Xena asked
Gabrielle, "Are you sure you won't regret staying? I wouldn't want you to
hold that against me."

"Don't be ridiculous, Xena." Gabrielle said with a sniffle. "After all this
time, you should know that I only want to be with you. You're my best friend.
I couldn't leave you."

Xena smiled and punched Gabrielle playfully on the arm, feeling very
fortunate to have a friend like Gabrielle, but trying hard not to show it.

"Ouch!" Gabrielle said. "That hurt!"

"Sissy!" Xena taunted.

"Bully!" Gabrielle shot back.

They laughed and rode off into the orange-lit valley, colored by the sunset.



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