Contains: Parody, FemDom, Lesbian, She-Male, Degradation/Humiliation, NC,
Bestiality, and everything romantic novelist-types hate.

NOTE: This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY! It is not for children, angry
feminists, lawyers, or any combination thereof. This story is purely fiction
and intended for entertainment purposes only. This story is pure fantasy,
not reality, folks. Anyone who cannot tell the difference between fantasy
and reality need not read any of my stories. Special thanks go out to
High-Heeled Jill for all her help and inspirational artwork, Turk and The
Bizz for some truly awesome artwork as well, Jade for prodding me about
Discord & Aphrodite, and everyone else who has stood by me in the wake of the
Grey Archive fiasco (and saw through the hypocrisy and half-truths of the
childish and petty excuse for a human being who holds court there).

Xena: Primal Desires 2
By Superjizz ([email protected])

Gabrielle stared in dismay at Xena. The Warrior Princess was able to change
her pussy into a huge cock by using the ring of Priapus and the size of the
enormous endowment would make even a minotaur jealous. Gabrielle wept in
misery at the change that had come over her lover...her friend.

"Xena...NO! Please! Don't!" Gabrielle cried as Xena guided her huge
cockhead up against Gabrielle's pussy. The Warrior Princess slapped her big,
slippery, heavy dick up against the blonde's smooth, hairless, puffy pussy
mound. There was a wet `splick, splick, splick' sound as Xena's huge hard
member splatted against Gabrielle's moist sex.

Xena positioned herself to take the blonde bard, noticing the look of panic
and shame in the girl's eyes.

"'ve got such a great pussy, Gabrielle. You have no idea
how much I've always wanted to do this!" Xena breathed, her cock in her
fist, sliding her big dick back and forth along the slit of Gabrielle's
pussy...parting the lips but not actually penetrating. Xena's dick was as
wide around as her forearm and practically as long.

Gabrielle inhaled sharply as Xena's big bulbous cockhead pressed up against
her thick smooth pussy lips and parted them. The massive cock bent slightly
as it met with resistance. The Warrior Princess grunted as her hard cock
bowed even more, the head pushing forcefully against Gabrielle's soft sex.

"UuuuAAAAH!" Gabrielle gasped as Xena's giant cock popped into her vaginal
opening, stretching her painfully. "NNnnnnnYYYYAAAA!!!"

"Take it, you bitch! Take it, Gabrielle! I'm gonna force every inch into
you! I'm gonna get up deep inside you, bitch! UHN! Yeah! Take that, you
little spunk-whore! HUNH! By the gods you're tight! Uungh!" Xena
exclaimed, bucking hard into the little blonde's body. Gabrielle responded
to Xena's every thrust with a loud grunt of pain.

"XENA! STOP IT!" Gabrielle screamed, tears rolling down her cheeks.
NOOOO! XENNAAAA!!!" However, Gabrielle's sobbing pleas only seemed to spur
Xena on.

Xena responded by savagely thrusting forward, not a slow steady stroke but a
hard vicious jab. The Warrior Princess forced her entire cock halfway into
the petite blond. Gabrielle writhed in abject agony, impaled on the massive
cock. Gabrielle's scream was filled with pain as her invaded cunt was
stretched to its limit by the mighty she-dick.

"Aaahhh...yeah! This is all you're good for, Gabrielle! You're not my
sidekick, you stupid slut! You're my fuck-bitch! This is exactly what I've
wanted to do to you ever since we first met! I'm just going to rape you good
and hard, exactly like you deserve! You're my whore now, Gabrielle, and I'm
going to treat you that way!" Xena loudly remarked. The Warrior Princess
jabbed hard into Gabrielle once again and the blonde gave another loud scream
of pain. Xena's big cock bent slightly as it met with resistance from the
tight gripping pussy of the blonde bard. Even wet and lubricated as it was,
Gabrielle's small pussy had great difficulty receiving the massive monster
that was being crammed into it.

Xena gave another punishing jab and got three quarters of her cock in when
her cockhead butted up against the tight opening of Gabrielle's cervix.
Gabrielle's screams hit a higher note and her voice was ragged with shock and
despair. Not prone to give up quickly, Xena just kept on hammering away at
Gabrielle's cervix, forcing the opening wider with every brutal thrust.

"AH! UH! UH! AH! UH! UH! AH! UH! UH! UH!" Xena grunted at every powerful
thrust, showing Gabrielle absolutely no mercy whatsoever. The blonde
sidekick's piercing screams and loud agonizing wails sounded like death-cries
and were no less traumatic. The Warrior Princess relentlessly battered away
at Gabrielle's cervix, slowly but surely forcing it wider and wider. Every
punishing thrust was sheer hell for Gabrielle and the pain only intensified
as Xena continued to sadistically hammer away.

roughly screamed, her voice filled with fear and pain as Xena stretched her
cervix. The Warrior Princess' huge cockhead finally managed to pop into
Gabrielle's womb and the blonde bard howled in anguish and agony.

"NNOOO! AAIIEEEE!!!" Gabrielle screamed, her body tensing as Xena's entire
cock slammed up inside her. There was absolutely no free space inside
Gabrielle's pussy, it was completely filled. Xena's cock just barely fit
inside Gabrielle's pussy by the slimmest of margins, and it was the longest
and widest cock Gabrielle had ever taken.

Inside Gabrielle to the hilt, Xena began to roughly grope and squeeze
Gabrielle's big tits. The Warrior Princess was not gentle and absolutely
mauled Gabrielle's tits in her strong hands. Xena was so rough that
Gabrielle cried out in pain and Xena immediately planted a sloppy kiss on
Gabrielle's mouth. Gabrielle's muffled screams excited Xena and the powerful
woman probed the girl's mouth deeply with her tongue all the while plundering
her bountiful breasts with both hands, grabbing big handfuls of soft tit-meat
like it was dough. Gabrielle moaned as Xena gyrated her hips, the legendary
Warrior Princess's even MORE legendary cock buried all the way inside her...
stretching her...penetrating her...the extreme pain driving her insane. The
young blonde bard had never experienced rape, much less such a savage and
brutal one as this. What made it even more painful and traumatic was it was
her best friend doing it to her! This was the side of Xena that Gabrielle
thought was gone forever. But the blonde made a mistake. A big mistake.
Now the results were clear, much to Gabrielle's sorrow. Xena pulled back
almost completely out of Gabrielle and then lunged forward again, hard and
fast. The brutal slam nearly took Gabrielle's breath away and Xena's big
cockhead punched right back into Gabrielle's tight womb.

"Uuhhh! Yeah! Take it Gabrielle! Ohhh! You're so tight! I want to screw
you over good and hard you little slut! No more gentle lezzing like all
those times before.You're going to get bitch-raped now, you stupid cunt!
Ahhhh...yeah! You're my fuck whore! You aren't good for anything else!
Uuhhh! I'm going to rape you just like I've always wanted to!" Xena
snarled. She accentuated her crude remarks by spitting in Gabrielle's eye.

Gabrielle's screams and sobs were accompanied by Xena's grunts and groans of
exertion, the sounds of their sexy bodies colliding, flesh slapping hard
against flesh, were the only sounds to hear. Xena slam-fucked Gabrielle with
tremendous ferocity, working the blonde over like there was no tomorrow.
There was little going through Xena's mind but sheer pleasure and little
going through Gabrielle's but pure pain. The wet squishing sounds of Xena's
huge cock added to the obscene mix of screams, groans, and the constant rapid
slaps of groin against groin.

BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Xena's savage unstoppable sexual
onslaught never let up. The Warrior Princess was consumed with feral lust
and dark passion. She hammered away at Gabrielle's pussy for what seemed
like an eternity. The blonde bard screamed over and over. Gabrielle
experienced her first orgasm in less than five minutes and the multiple
climaxes just kept on coming. Gabrielle's screams were filled with more
pain than pleasure, though, and Xena never slowed down for a second.

Finally, after what may have been an hour, Xena slammed deep inside Gabrielle
and this time did not pull out. "Aaauuuuuhhh!" The Warrior Princess loudly
groaned, gyrating her hips slowly. From Xena's grimace, it was obvious she
was about to climax.

Gabrielle felt like she'd been skewered on a flagpole and it felt even worse
the way Xena twisted her massive cock around inside her. "Aaaaggh!"
Gabrielle moaned at the top of her lungs, her face twisted into an expression
of total agony.

"Gonna cum inside you, you stupid bitch! Aaahh! Fuck! Gonna pump my sperm
up your tight little pussy, Gabrielle! Uhh! You stupid spunk-slut! Uhhh!
Right into your womb you damn little whore! Ahh! Gonna fill you with my
seed! Uuhhh! Rape you! Drill you! Screw you! AHHH! HERE...IT...COMES!"
Xena yelled.

Suddenly Gabrielle felt a series of sharp stings as Xena's powerful cumshots
shot forcefully against the back of her womb. In the first few spurts, Xena
had completely filled Gabrielle's overstretched womb and the thick cum was
forced back out between the walls of Gabrielle's pussy and Xena's cock.
Xena's throbbing cock continued to blast huge ropes of cum into Gabrielle in
rapid succession. The steady `SPLORG! SPLURG! SPLORT! SPLORG!' of Xena's
ejaculating penis was audible even buried deep inside the blonde girl's

"Uuhhhhnnn! Uuuhhh! Aaahhh! Yeahhh! Fuck you, bitch! Uuhhhh! You stupid
sperm-whore! Aaahhh! Hhuuaah! Gonna...sperm you...Gabrielle! Aahhh! Get
my seed...deep inside you! Uuhhh! Uuuaaah! Yyyyeah!" Xena snarled,
spitting again in the blonde's face.

"Aaaaauuuhhh...ghaaaauuud...nnnnnoooo!!!" Gabrielle loudly groaned, her
voice filled with pain and anguish. She had been utterly violated by her
best friend and lover. Xena had never stopped squeezing and kneading
Gabrielle's tits and both tremendous melons were sore and ached, adding to
the blonde's misery.

Xena started pumping into Gabrielle again, back and forth. It sounded like
someone churning butter. The Warrior Princess pulled out of Gabrielle, got
into a kneeling position and grabbed Gabrielle by the waist and hauled her
forward onto her spurting cock. Xena hooked her arms under Gabrielle's
thighs and began slamming into her again with hard punishing jabs. The cum
splattered everywhere and the blonde sidekick's pussy was a glistening morass
of gooey whitish cum. However, Xena simply continued to fuck away at the
girl's cum-sloppy slit and by the time the Warrior Princess' powerful orgasm
faded there was cum covering her entire groin and thighs as well as those of
Gabrielle. Xena pulled out of the girl and shot a few loads of cum onto the
bard's stomach and then slapped her pussy a few times with her spurting cock,
smearing the cum against Gabrielle's soft, puffy, fleshy pussy lips.

`Splap! Slap! Splat! Splat! Splut! Splat!' Xena's big heavy cock whapped
forcefully against Gabrielle's goo-coated pussy. The Warrior Princess then
slid her big cock up and down the slit of Gabrielle's puffy labia, parting
the lips slightly but not actually penetrating her vagina.

"Mmmmhhh!" Xena purred, savoring the sensation of Gabrielle's soft slimy
puffy lips. Xena's cock was twitching and slowly decreasing in size. By now
the Warrior Princess' cock was only three-quarters erect and Gabrielle gave
a sigh of relief. The blonde bard of Potidea thought her ordeal was finally
over but Xena had other ideas.

"Suck your pussy slime off my cock you little blonde whore!" Xena commanded,
standing in front of Gabrielle as the sexy bard got on her knees. Xena's
huge jerking cock had thick ropes of cum hanging from it and the massive pole
glistened with Gabrielle's own vaginal juices.

Gabrielle could smell the heady scent of her own sex, and that of Xena's as
the Warrior Princess' mighty erection bobbed slightly in front of her. She
knew that she could not defy Xena. There was nothing the bard could do but
obey. Gabrielle could not shut out the mental images of how Xena nearly
choked her to death on her massive penis before and there was no indication
that any mercy would be shown this time either.

"Ggllaaahhhggh!" Gabrielle gagged as Xena forced her entire cock down the
blonde girl's tight throat. "Uuuaaagh! Uuaaah! G-g-g-gllaaAAAHHG! Uullgh!
Glluuaarg! Uaalggh!" The Warrior Princess was even more rough and brutal
this time, plunging her cock in and out of Gabrielle's throat. The little
bard's natural gag reflex squeezed and milked Xena's cock as the big warrior
woman fucked Gabrielle's widely-stretched mouth deep and hard.

When Xena finally pulled out Gabrielle gasped loudly for breath. The huge
cock swung and jerked heavily, slimy strands of saliva hanging off of the
mighty pole and connecting Gabrielle's mouth to the throbbing giant-sized
dick. Xena grabbed Gabrielle's head in both hands, tangling her fingers into
the blonde's long silky hair.

"Suck my balls you little slut." Xena hissed. "Pump me while you do it,
too, you worthless cunt!"

Gabrielle immediately did as ordered and began sucking on Xena's huge ball
through the smooth sac. The blonde's cheeks hollowed out around the big ball
and she reached up and jacked Xena's cock in her fist as she sucked on one
ball then the other. Gabrielle swallowed all the cum on Xena's slimy balls
and looked up into the eyes of the evil woman who once was her lover and best

"Lick my cock, damn you!" Xena snarled.

Gabrielle obeyed, dragging her tongue all over Xena's cock, bathing it in her
saliva. Gabrielle licked up every ounce of cum on Xena's cock and could
taste her own pussy juices on the huge phallus as well.

`Slorrrr! Sluurrrp! Slooorrrrp!' Gabrielle's wet licks were obscenely
audible and the combination of the strong scents of her own sex and Xena's
sweaty crotch were extremely intoxicating.

"Suck me some more, you fucking whore." Xena disdainfully remarked, reaching
down and grabbing her cock and slapping Gabrielle's face with it. There was
a `Splat! Splat! Splat!' sound as Xena's big heavy cock slapped against
Gabrielle's face as the Warrior Princess adjusted her stance. She pushed her
cock all the way down Gabrielle's throat again, choking her, and then
withdrew so that only about a quarter of her dick was in Gabrielle's mouth.

"Suck on that, bitch!" Xena commanded.

Gabrielle had no choice. Her cheeks hollowed out around Xena's gigantic
cock and she began to suck. Gabrielle took deep hard pulls on Xena's cock,
bobbing her head back and forth. Gabrielle went about halfway before she
began to gag and Xena simply spit in her face contemptuously when she
couldn't take the entire thing on her own.

"Suck. Come on, Gabrielle, suck! Suck on it! Come on, you little bitch,
show me what you're good for! Suuuck! Uuhh.yeah! Suck me!" Xena growled.

"Mmp! Mmhf! Mmmmp! Mmp! Mmhh! Hhmmf! Mmhhf! Mmmmp!" Gabrielle made
wet sucking sounds and moaned as she sucked hard on Xena's big penis.

"Deeper, you whore! Get it all down your throat you stupid slut!" Xena

Gabrielle tried but immediately gagged, nearly throwing up. She simply
couldn't do it.

"Okay, you little tease, you think you're going to get away with that?" Xena
snarled, pulling her big cock out of Gabrielle's mouth. "Turn around and get
down on your hands and knees! Now!"

"Xena.please! Why are you d-doing this? I don't u-understand." Gabrielle
stammered as she faced away from Xena and got down on her hands and knees,
not sure what was going to happen next. She gasped when she felt Xena slap
her left buttock with her huge wet cock. The bard's ass jiggled as Xena
spanked it with her dick, then lavished the same attention on the other

"Mmmmmhhh.You've got a gorgeous ass, Gabrielle." Xena breathed as she placed
her hands on both of the bard's ample ass globes. Xena kneaded the soft
well-rounded flesh roughly, grapping big handfuls of Gabrielle's buns. "Tell
me, have you ever been sodomized, Gabrielle?"

"N-n-no!" Gabrielle responded, fearfully. Panic crept up her spine as Xena
continued to roughly grope her meaty buttocks. She knew what Xena wanted to
do to her and it filled her with terror and dread.

"Mmhhh...this big round ass of yours is perfect! Mmmmmmh...Sooo sexy and
well-formed. I'm going to love busting your butt, Gabrielle! I'm going to
jam my big dick up so far inside you that you'll scream like never before!
I'm just going to split you like a block of wood, you little slut!" Xena

"Xena,! Oh my gods, no! NO!" Gabrielle sobbed, bemoaning her
fate. She groaned in defeat as Xena began rubbing her big cock all over her
ass, sliding it up and down her ass crack.

The Warrior Princess continued to toy with her whimpering sidekick, sliding
her cock in and out between Gabrielle's big round buttocks but not actually
penetrating her. "Ohhh.gods, your ass feels so fucking good! I'm really
going to enjoy breaking you, Gabrielle. If you thought I hurt you before you
have nnnooo idea what you're in for now. I'm going to fucking split you
apart, you hot little tease." Xena remarked.

"Xena...don't! You're too big! You're going to kill me!" Gabrielle sobbed

"Well, you'd better hope you said you said your prayers and offered your
sacrifices, slut!" Xena growled, wedging the big head of her cock into the
deep crack of Gabrielle's big round butt. The Warrior Princess found her
target and pressed hard against Gabrielle's anus. "Uuhhh! Uuaahh! Uurrhh!
Uuhhff!" Xena grunted, stretching Gabrielle's hole ever wider as she
attempted to force an entry.

"NNNOO! OOWWW! AAAH!" Gabrielle yelled as Xena pushed and shoved into her.
The Warrior Princess guided her cock with one hand and grabbed Gabrielle's
waist with the other. She was not gentle or slow in her efforts and had no
concern for Gabrielle's obvious pain.

Suddenly the large bulbous head of the Warrior Princess's huge cock popped
into Gabrielle's anus, stretching it to the limit.

"GHHAUDS!" Gabrielle cried out, her eyes wide and full of tears.

"UUH!" Xena grunted, jabbing hard into Gabrielle with a punishing stroke.
The Warrior Princess' huge erection bent slightly as it met with strong

"NHHOO!" Gabrielle sobbed.

"UURHH!" Xena wedged her cock deeper between Gabrielle's soft round ass

"AAHH! GHAAUDS! NO!" Gabrielle howled, tossing her head from side to side.

"HHNNH!" Xena speared her cock in deeper, impaling the beautiful blonde's
tight ass. It felt like a silky smooth vice crushing her giant penis, and
Xena knew she had to get in deeper...get in all the way. She looked down and
only half of her cock was inside Gabrielle.


"HHNNH!" Xena grunted, jabbing forward with a sharp vicious lunge. "Gonna
get...all the you...slut!" The Warrior Princess accentuated every
pause with a brutal thrust.

"Nnhh! N-NOOO! UUHH! UAAWH!" Gabrielle cried out, her blonde silky hair
pitching forward with Xena's every thrust.

"UUAAWW! YEAH! Gonna split your ass, Gabrielle! UHHN! You fucking...
bitch! UUH! AHH! Damn your ass is so tight! UHH! Take it all you stupid
little slut! UAAH!" Xena growled, lunging into Gabrielle's
stretched-to-the-limit rectum with sharp, vicious jabs. The blonde sidekick
grunted in pain with every bone-jarring thrust and nearly blacked out from
the pain.

"UH! UH! UH! UH!" Xena grunted with every thrust, getting three-quarters
of her cock into Gabrielle's sexy butt. The Warrior Princess didn't stop,
though until she was all the way in. Xena's groin pressed up against
Gabrielle's soft, fleshy, well-rounded buttocks and flattened them slightly
as the Warrior Princess jabbed forward as deep as she possibly could.

"UUUUAAAAWWW!!!" Gabrielle howled in agony as she was brutally impaled
without any mercy. The blonde's screams were long and loud as she struggled
to endure the tremendous pain. She couldn't believe her best friend...her
lover...would ever do this to her. She couldn't even believe Xena had ever
wanted to do this to her. She had never suffered as much as she was
suffering now.sodomized by Xena, the Warrior Princess!

Xena gave her famous battle cry, "EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIIIII!!!" With a quick
jerk, she pulled nearly all the way out of Gabrielle and slammed back into
her to the hilt. Gabrielle's perky buns jiggled from the savage impact and
she gave a throaty yell of pain.

"UUUAAAAAAHHH!!!" Gabrielle howled in agony and defeat.

The Warrior Princess grabbed a big handful of Gabrielle's hair and viciously
yanked the girl's head back as far as it would go. Xena lewdly licked
Gabrielle's face and forced her tongue deep into the girl's mouth. Then with
a sneer, Xena ended the kiss and spit right in the blonde's grimacing face.

"Mmmmmhhhwwwhhmmm!" Xena moaned, plundering the blonde's mouth with her
invading tongue. The Warrior Princess then pulled back...a stringy strand of
saliva connecting her lips to Gabrielle's. "I'm gonna ride you like a
two-denar whore, you teasing little bitch!" Xena darkly exclaimed, her face
right next to Gabrielle's. There was no love in Xena's voice...only a
bestial lust.

Xena then began to hammer away at Gabrielle's sexy ass with savage lunging
thrusts, an unrelenting pace that rocked the blonde girl's body. Xena
twisted Gabrielle's hair in her fist as she spit in her face, all the while
pounding away at her gorgeous ass with quick, hard, bone-jarring thrusts.

BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! The sound of flesh slamming up against flesh
filled the air and Gabrielle's loud sobbing cries intermingled with Xena's
guttural groans. The Warrior Princess let go of Gabrielle's hair with her
right hand (her left still pulling on the sidekick's blonde mane) and slapped
Gabrielle's sexy jiggling flank. She then slapped the other buttock and
watched it bounce, enticingly. For long moments Xena spanked Gabrielle
forcefully as she brutally raped her ass without mercy. Then the Warrior
Princess reached down under Gabrielle's chest and roughly groped her right
tit, mauling the huge mammary in her strong hand. Gabrielle moaned in pain
and yelped loudly as Xena pinched and pulled on her thick nipple. Xena
repeated the same action with Gabrielle's left tit and then proceeded to slap
and maul the huge knockers again, all the while pummeling away at the girl's
tight rectum.

"Nnhhhaaaooooo...Ghhaaauds! Aaaauuhh!" Gabrielle yelled as Xena
jackhammered into her ass with great punishing jabs. The powerful Warrior
Princess unleashed a torrent of humiliating insults at her sidekick as the
petite blonde's body jerked to and fro like a rag doll.

Xena continued to sadistically pound away into Gabrielle's ass, never
slowing, never letting up. Sweat dripped from Xena's brow and her entire
body was covered in a glistening sheen of sweat, as was Gabrielle's.

Finally, Xena felt her climax rising and she let loose another battle cry.

"EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIII!" The Warrior Princess loudly ululated, tossing her
head back and letting go with a powerful spurt of cum that was practically

SPLIRT! SPLURG! SPLURT! SPLORG! SPLURG! Xena pumped Gabrielle's tight
ass full of cum and flooded it in the first four or five cumloads. She
continued to fuck away at the blonde girl's gripping rectum, cum squirting
out forcefully from the edges and covering Xena's groin.

"Ahhh.yeah! AH! Fuck yeah! bitch! Uuhhhh! Gonna pump my seed
up your butt! Ahhh! Yeah! Gonna shoot my sperm up your tight ass! Ahhh!
Fuck! Uhhh! I love the way your ass squeezes my dick, Gabrielle! Aauuh!
Gonna screw your ass over good, you slut! Uuhhh! Yeah! By the gods!
Ahhhh! Take it all you stupid little whore! Uhh! AH! Gonna dick your ass,
bitch! Uuah! You tight little whore! Aahh! Uuah!" Xena groaned, slamming
into Gabrielle with savage ferocity.

"AAAUUHHH.GHHAAUUDS.NNNOOO!!!" Gabrielle sobbed as her ass was brutally
violated by the Warrior Princess. Gabrielle's pain was joined by her deep
humiliation and both were strong aphrodisiacs to Xena.

Xena continued to fuck away at Gabrielle's cum-filled ass, her huge
cum-spurting cock making wet squishing sounds as it plunged in and out.

"Ah! Ah! Ahhh!" Xena grunted, her thrusts gradually getting slower and
slower as her climax ebbed. Finally, Xena's orgasm subsided and she pulled
her throbbing cum-dripping cock out of the blonde girl's ass. Xena slapped
Gabrielle's big round buttocks with her cum-soaked cock a few times, watching
the girl's buns jiggle and smearing them with her sticky seed until they

"It would be a shame to let all that sperm go to waste." Xena said as she
knelt down and pressed her face into the cleft of Gabrielle's ass. She slid
her tongue deep into the blonde's anus and lugged out big globs of cum with
her tongue and swallowed down the slimy cream. She probed Gabrielle's ass
deeply again and again with her long tongue and sucked down mouthfuls of cum
straight from the girl's anus. There was a loud `SLAP' as Xena brought her
palm down sharply on Gabrielle's left cheek, then the right, groping the
blonde's sexy round butt. Xena smeared the cum all over Gabrielle's
buttocks, but this time used her hands and continued to spank her little
sidekick as the girl yelped sharply.

Satisfied with getting a bellyful of her own cum, Xena grinned evilly at
Gabrielle. "Lay down on your side, bitch." Xena ordered. There was a
distinct edge in Xena's voice which frightened Gabrielle and the girl said
nothing, but quickly obeyed.

"Now lift your leg and plant your foot on the ground." Xena said. Gabrielle

"Good, now let's see what a good fist-bitch you are." Xena hissed. Without
hesitation she made a fist and plunged it, knuckles first, into Gabrielle's
puffy pussy with a loud `SMACK!'

"OOWWW!" Gabrielle cried out, her body shaken by the jolt of pain. Xena's
fist was slimy with her own cum after groping Gabrielle's ass and the girl's
pussy was still a morass of pussy juice and spunk, so Xena's lubricated fist
actually popped into the tight-yet-slippery slit.

"UHHN!" Xena grunted as she shoved hard, jamming her fist all the way up to
Gabrielle's cervix. The Warrior Princess shoved harder and harder, battering
away at the tiny opening. Gabrielle screamed with every thrust, big wet
tears streaming down her face.

"UHHR! Gonna get my fist up in your womb, bitch! Uuah! Yeah! Uhh!" Xena
snarled. Suddenly with one brutal lunge Xena punched her fist through
Gabrielle's tight cervix and into her womb.

"UUAAAAIIIEEEEEEE!!!" Gabrielle screamed, her body rocked by pain as Xena's
knuckles slammed up against the roof of her womb. Xena's fist was buried up
inside of Gabrielle almost all the way to the elbow.

"How about a fist up your tight ass, you stupid little whore? I think you
need a good hard butt-fisting!" Xena exclaimed, pressing her other fist up
against the sexy crack of Gabrielle's gorgeous ass. Xena parted the girl's
buttocks with her fist as she brought her knuckles up against Gabrielle's wet
hole. With a grunt of exertion, Xena shoved her fist in deep and hard.

"NNYYYAAAAIIIEEEE!!!" Gabrielle cried out, her voice raw and sore. The pain
was nearly maddening and still the Warrior Princess unmercifully shoved her
fist in deeper, stretching the blonde sidekick's rectum excruciatingly wide.

"AHH! YEAH! Fuck you, you stupid little cunt!" Xena growled, her voice
filled with lust, evil, and disrespect. She didn't stop until her fist was
as deep up Gabrielle's ass as her other fist was up the girl's pussy. Xena
was up to the elbow in the blonde's pussy and ass, and Gabrielle's screams
and groans of pain were turning the Warrior Princess on more and more.

The wet sucking `squish, squort, squorp,' sounds of Xena's fists plunging in
and out of Gabrielle's pussy and ass accompanied the screams and grunts.
Xena established an alternating rhythm, pulling out of Gabrielle's pussy as
she plunged into her ass, and vice versa. It was not long until Gabrielle
climaxed.a powerful maelstrom of pleasure and pain, though mostly pain.

Xena kept fisting Gabrielle's pussy and ass for nearly twenty minutes,
keeping the blonde in a state of agonized ecstasy before finally pulling out
of the girl. Gabrielle was lying on her back, incoherent and in a daze, as
Xena stood up and went down to the stream, about a quarter mile away.


The Warrior Princess splashed some water on her face and arms, cleaning up,
when suddenly she heard a sound from nearby. She froze as she heard the
unmistakable sounds of war dogs. No, there was also a large horse. She
imagined a hunting party perhaps who might have heard Gabrielle's cries and
came to investigate. With catlike stealth, Xena doubled back and headed to
the clearing where her armor and chakram was.

The Warrior Princess' huge semi-erect dick bounced as wildly as her big tits
as she ran to the campsite. Her big round athletic ass jiggled as she leapt
over logs and small boulders and her long dark hair swirled in the breeze.
When the Warrior Princess reached the camp she stopped in her tracks, not
even trying to use stealth any longer.

A pack of massive, vicious-looking, giant war dogs were standing next to
Xena's armor. They were huge mastiffs, far larger than any Xena had ever
laid eyes on, and their heads came up to her own in height. One of the evil
brutes was lifting his leg and pissing on the breastplate. Atop a huge,
muscular, dark-brown warhorse in the middle of the camp sat Callisto, idly
twirling Xena's chakram in her hand. Callisto seemed lost in thought, but
then her gaze turned to Xena and fixed her with an icy stare. "Looking for

"Don't look so cocky, Callisto, I've defeated you before and I'll defeat you
again." Xena exclaimed sarcastically.

"I'd say you're the one who's the most `cocky' here, Xena." Callisto
retorted, staring at Xena's three-quarter erect cock.

Callisto's massive steed tossed his mighty head and turned to the side. Xena
could see his huge muscles rippling and stared in disbelief at the heavy,
powerful, solid frame of this magnificent animal. Argo was a tiny pony
compared to such a mount. She could also see the huge balls and sheath of
the giant draft horse's dick and wondered at the unbelievable size of this
thing's penis.

Xena suddenly came to her senses and looked at where Callisto was staring...
and placed her hand over her she-phallus, vainly attempting to cover it from
view. For a second Xena felt a bit self-conscious and her eyes darted around
the camp until she spotted her sword lying a few feet from her armor. "Why
don't you come down off your `high horse,' Callisto, and take me on in
battle...or are you afraid I'll kick your ass again from here to Amphipolis?"

Callisto smiled darkly. "Oh, you could probably reach your sword and we
could have a big battle, like so many times before.but then I'd have to kill
your dear sweet little slut, Gabrielle." Callisto pointed towards an area of
the forest and just barely in view was Gabrielle, naked tied spread-eagled to
a tree, a gag in her mouth. Gabrielle struggled vainly but could not get

"What do you want?" Xena asked, her voice dropping into a humorless

"That ring, for starters." Callisto smirked.

Xena pulled off the ring and suddenly her penis vanished in a flash, replaced
by her perfect pussy. Xena looked at the ring and tossed it to Callisto.
The evil blonde caught it in her hand and grinned wolfishly. Xena stared
back. "What else?"

Callisto rummaged through her saddlebag and brought out a studded leather
collar. "Put this on." She tossed the collar to Xena, staring at the
Warrior Princess with her cold eyes.

"Only if you promise to let Gabrielle go. She's MY slut not yours." Xena

"Oh, you have my word, Xena. I will set Gabrielle free the moment you put
that collar on. it!" Callisto replied, her last two words filled
with impatience.

Warily, Xena donned the leather collar. It was obviously magical, altering
itself to be a perfect fit. Xena had no idea what it did but she knew there
was no other way.Callisto's dog pack looked extremely mean. Xena felt she
could probably beat them, but if they turned on Gabrielle she would be

The second that Xena put on the collar Callisto let out a shrieking scream
of triumph. "You stupid whore! Now you have no choice but to do everything
I tell you to. That slave collar makes you powerless to resist my will!"
Callisto tossed the chakram to the ground at Xena's feet. "Do you want your
weapon, Xena? It's lying right there at your feet."

Xena tried to make her body obey but couldn't. She looked around in utter
disbelief as she tried again and again to retrieve her chakram but never
moved an inch. She was as still as a statue.

"Now bend over and show me that tight round ass, bitch." Callisto mocked.

Xena's eyes widened as she instantly obeyed, turning around, spreading her
legs, and bending way over. She could not fight the perverse magic of the
slave collar no matter how much she tried.

Callisto slid off her horse, a truly gigantic beast more the size of an
elephant or small dragon than most equines. As Callisto landed on her feet,
her big boobs jiggled beneath her armor. She circled Xena like a shark,
staring at the Warrior Princess, devouring her with her wolfish stare.
Callisto tossed back her blonde mane and reached down, sliding her hands all
over Xena's body. She roughly groped and kneaded Xena's magnificent ass and
gave a whistle of approval.

"Take your hands off me you bitch!" Xena hissed.

"Oh, I think you need to be taught a lesson about who's in charge here from
now on, Xena. You don't seem to mind raping your little sidekick over there,
but you don't like it when you get a taste of your own medicine, do you?" Callisto smirked. "Tell me, have you ever wondered why you suddenly fell sway to your most primal urges? Did you think it was an accident? Well, Xena.have I got a surprise for you."

"What are you talking about, Callisto?" Xena asked, gruffly.

"Oh...I'm sure you remember your days with Alti...don't you, Xena? Alti, who
you used to spend time with? Alti, who you used to have sex with? Alti, who
you spurned when you took up with that little tramp, Gabrielle? Well, it was
Alti who made you your old self again, Xena. It was her spell, combined with
your lust, that made the enchantment work and by keeping you and
bothered...I can make sure her enchantment becomes permanent."

"What do you know of Alti, you filthy slut?" Xena whispered as her thighs
were firmly caressed by Callisto.

"I know she's on her way here. I know that she's sent some woman called the
Enforcer here ahead of her. I know that she's managed to bewitch that
`goodie-goodie' muscle-bitch Atalanta into joining her. I know you...are one
fucked bitch, Xena...or you soon shall be." Callisto began giggling softly
then her voice turned to maniacal gales of evil laughter...followed by her
trademark shriek. "But I'm the first one in line, so I hope your busy
schedule is clear for the next several days...or weeks. What the hell, you
probably shouldn't be making plans for the next couple of YEARS!!!"

"You won't get away with this, Callisto. When I get my hands on you." Xena

"...It will be because I want you to, Xena. And, incidentally, that's pretty
big talk considering I have my hands on YOU!" Callisto replied, reaching
down between Xena's legs and groping the Warrior Princess's smooth hairless
pussy mound. She gently rubbed her middle finger along the cleft of Xena's
pussy, sliding the digit back and forth just between the lips.

"Fuck you!" Xena growled.

"No...I think I you have it wrong, Xena. It's you who's going to get
fucked." Callisto pleasantly replied, with a twisted smile on her beautiful
face. She pulled aside the leather strips that made up the skirt of her
armor and a huge erect penis bobbed into view! It was the same size as
Xena's massive monster and the balls were equally large. Xena had been
watching the entire time and Callisto had never put the ring on!"

"I don't know how you can do that but." Xena began.

"Do you think you had the only Ring of Priapus, Xena?" Callisto remarked.
"She discovered how the enchantment was made and created several new rings,
in fact our friends who are on their way might have a some of the
centaur women. Alti does so love to share. And we're going to share YOU,
Xena. By the time we finish with you you're going to be legend! Xena:
Warrior Slut! Xena: Whore Princess! The most completely and thoroughly
FUCKED woman in the history of the WORLD!!!"

Xena could only stare in disbelief. She was too shocked to speak.

Callisto pumped her cock in her fist a few times, grinding her hips and
licking her lips in a wanton display for her enemy, the Warrior Princess.
"When was the last time you were with another woman other than that stupid
little sidekick? When was the last time you were dragged off by the enemy
and raped? Well, I think you're about due, Xena."

"I'd sooner fuck a dog!" Xena retorted, defiantly.

"Oh, you will. Lots of them, but I want to have you first." Callisto
replied, her voice was melodious but her eyes were cold. "Stand up

Immediately Xena took a standing position, her legs still spread. Her huge
round tits jutting out spectacularly before her, seemingly counterbalanced by
her magnificent ass.

Callisto slapped Xena's ass with her cock a few times, enjoying the sensation
and then walked over to Gabrielle. Xena couldn't take her eyes off of
Callisto's sexy legs for a second, despite trying. Callisto pulled out a
vial of powder and poured it into her hand. She then blew the powder into
Gabrielle's face and suddenly Gabrielle stopped struggling. Callisto untied
Gabrielle and hauled her over to the large horse. Callisto reached into the
saddlebag and pulled out a second collar.

"It's always good to carry a spare." Callisto replied, placing the enchanted
collar around Gabrielle's neck. It was exactly the same type of collar Xena
wore and seemed to have the same power. Callisto brought Gabrielle near

"Sit here, watch, and masturbate." Callisto said to Gabrielle. The girl did
exactly as she was told, getting comfortable and sliding her hand over her
smooth pussy mound, rubbing it sensuously.

"Okay, Xena, now it's payback time." Callisto exclaimed, walking toward the
Warrior Princess, a ravenous and deranged look in her eyes.


The shadowy figure entered the stygian chamber, snapped his fingers, and
suddenly a series of torches lit up in their wall sconces. The room, once
fully illuminated, was a palace of splendor and opulence, with assorted
weapons and armor of greek design decorating the entire place in a combat

The bearded man sat down at a wooden desk and pressed a switch on the back
of a large pewter box. Suddenly a spider ran out of the back and hastily
began spinning and interlacing it's silken threads between two wooden staves
near the box. The man gave a bored sigh, tapped his fingers, yawned loudly,
gazed at the slowly unfolding web and gazed through bored half-lidded eyes
at the slow but steady work of the tiny arachnid.

Just then the chamber door opened and a small dark-haired woman dressed in a
black leather outfit entered the room.

"Damn this website! It takes forever to load!" The bearded man exclaimed,
his voice filled with frustration. "How am I supposed to find hot porn
when...Uhhm...I mean...answer my fan mail from my worshippers when this
stupid thing takes all day!? I've got a good mind to trade this thing in
for a newer faster model like that one Hermes has."

"Maybe you need to reboot, Uncle." The girl said.

"Good idea, thanks. I always knew there was a reason you were my favorite
niece, Discord." The man replied removing his left boot and giving the metal
box a solid hit with the heel. Suddenly the little spider began weaving much
faster and an image began to magically come into view of young girls in
brightly colored skirts, wielding pom-poms, and doing high kicks and
acrobatics that caused their skirts to normally be above their hips, exposing
their panties below.

Discord paused and leaned over, staring suspiciously at the picture on the

"Ha ha...ehhh...Just doing some educational research on that new school in
Lesbos. Ha ha...ummm...well, what brings you to see your ol' uncle Ares,
Discord?" The God of War smiled, disingenuously, leading Discord to another
area of the room.

"Ares, I'm bored! You promised to let me torture someone and it's been over
a month! I get so tired of just tormenting mortals.I mean it gets old after
a while. I want something really good!" Discord pouted.

"There, there, I know I have been busy of late. There's been this constant
cloud of peace and serenity hanging over all of Greece for the past several
months and for the sake of job security I had to make more business trips
than normal to all my clients." Ares said, comforting his niece with a cup
of nectar. "But the gods know that's no excuse for being away from family
so I tell you what I'll do. To make it up to you, Discord, I've got my sis
trapped down in my dungeon and you can do whatever you want to her. Insult
her, humiliate her, torture her."

"...Rape her?" Discord added, inquiringly, a broad smile brightening her
beautiful but wicked face.

"Well...uhhh...sure! Of course, I mean I know the two of you have never
exactly been the best of friends, so why not?"

"Thank you Uncle! You're the greatest!" Discord replied, giving Ares a hug
that nearly made him spill the wine cup in his hand.

"Easy, easy, I just had this carpet imported from Egypt!" Ares said, backing
off. "Now, I happen to once hear her say that she thought centaurs were
`like, grody to the max, y'know? I mean, like, rilly uncool and totally
heinous!'" Ares remarked, doing his best impression of Aphrodite's peculiar
style of speech.

"Well then, I know of just the form to take when I see that bitch." Discord
said, with a stern look crossing her face.

"Hey, it may not be my place to say this, but you probably ought to let those
Nubians in your harem get out more often. I saw one of them humping a doric
column in the hallway yesterday, and another was `doing it' to a statue of a
nymph in the garden. Have you been neglecting them?" Ares asked.

"Well.yes, I guess I have." Discord admitted. "I've actually been a little
bit distracted by current events, myself.

"Well, take care of them, would you? I don't want to slip down in the
sticky gooey mess they keep leaving I never know when my idiot
half-brother is going to drop in. It'd just be embarrassing." Ares added.
If you aren't going to `play' with them regularly, why don't you let them
take out their frustrations on sis? From what I hear those guys are horny
24/7, and you'll probably be too tired after you're finished `horsing around'
with her."

"Sounds like a plan to me. Sorry for bothering you, Uncle. I really
appreciate your help!" Discord put down her cup of nectar and ran to Ares,
hugging him and trying to give him a kiss but he avoided the kiss and
attempted to disentangle himself from Discord's grasp.

"Dyaaah! Nyah...anh...anh...ah! Just...just...go!" Ares replied pulling
out of his little niece's embrace. "I hate this mushy stuff. I'm supposed
to be the God of War, dammit."

"Okay, well, I'm off to pay Aphrodite a visit. Don't wait up!" Discord
replied, a wicked smile on her face as she walked out of the room.

Suddenly the God of War leaned out the chamber door, calling out, "And don't
forget to clean up after you're done this time!" He closed the door and
walked back to the wooden desk. "Kids today." Ares grumbled, sitting down
and staring at the flickering image on the web. It was displaying an image
of Greek text entitled "the Bronze Archive" and Ares began reading the latest
news...scarcely believing his eyes. A puff of flame shot out from the pewter
box, nearly singing his beard.

"Hmmm.what's this? Another inferno-ridden tirade from that cretinous little
despot, Pyreus? This one is not only petty and vindictive, but he's starting
to spread lies about my lowly scribe now, too? Just who in Tartarus does
this heap of satyr-dung think he's fooling? I haven't seen that much
hypocrisy since I visited the Forum at that Gray Library in Thessaly. Well,
that's the last time I visit the Bronze Archive in this millennium!" Ares

With a click of a button the spider spun a new web and a new image was
displayed. "Ah, well now, this other place looks much better...I never knew
the Python of Delphi had a site of its own! Pretty damn good, too! Hey,
here's some outstanding artwork by Turk and Philo! Say! Here's some by the
legendary Sensei, wonder what he's been up to lately? That's a really good
one Turk did of Xena! I simply must get myself some more blank discuses when
I visit the mall at Mount Olympus. Gotta remember to tell my scribe to start
posting at Python's place, too!"

The God of War unrolled a piece of parchment at the bottom of the pewter box
and the image on the web changed. "Hmmm...let's just scroll down and see
what else there is while I'm at it. Well, well, well, here's some other nice
story sites, as well. Wow, maybe it's better my scribe did get booted from
the Bronze Archive. Seems Pyreus has turned it into a useless pothole in the
information superhighway, after all. The Python's site and all these others
are filled with the kind of hardcore action that I want to see without all
the mushy romance slowing things down. Plus my trusting scribe isn't going
to get his head bashed in by a bunch of `sophisticated' idiots baiting the
idiot for an argument. is good." Ares smiled as he pressed the
`delete' and `replace' gems on the pewter box and suddenly the spider
replaced the image of the Bronze Archive with the Delphic Python's area on
the glowing web. Suddenly the God of War sat bolt upright, looking at
drooping cactus and a shriveled thorn patch outside the window.

"I can't believe I forgot to water these while I was away!" Ares gasped.
"Where are those two mortal servants of mine...they're even lazier than my
worthless scribe!"

The God of War could hear the sounds of giggling and fucking from behind the
hedge outside his fortress. "Jack! Jill!" He bellowed. Go up to the well
on the hill and fetch me a bucket of water! AND DON'T FALL ON YOUR ASSES ON


Discord entered the large dungeon and looked around but saw no sign of
Aphrodite. The petite demigoddess heard some muffled cries from beyond a
large green door at the end of the room. She walked to the doors and opened
them, surprised to see a large open-air room beyond.sort of like a stable.
Bound on her back, on a bench of upholstered black leather was Aphrodite,
nude, her long blonde hair cascading to the floor. The Goddess of Love was
spread-eagled, with her head hanging down off the end of the bench and her
feet chained to the floor. She struggled vainly and groaned, a ballgag in
her mouth.

"Well, well, what have we here?" Discord said, sauntering up to Aphrodite.
The raven-haired girl removed her black outfit except for her boots. She
leisurely slid her hands all over Aphrodite's naked body, as the blonde
goddess emitted muffled cries into the ballgag. Tears were streaming down
Aphrodite's face and she knew what was in store for her.

"Let's just slip this off of you, shall we?" Discord smirked, removing
Aphrodite's gag. Aphrodite coughed and gasped, drool running down her face
as Discord knelt down closer to her. "I guess you are wondering who betrayed
you to me, aren't you, Aphrodite? Well I'll answer one of your questions if
you'll answer one of mine."

"L-let me o-out of here!" Aphrodite squawked.

"Oh not without having a little fun with you first! I have the next couple
of years free, I hope that fits in with your own itinerary." Discord smiled
unconvincingly. "What I want to know is this: you are the Goddess of Love
and the rumor has it that you are an eternal virgin. The entire Greek and
Trojan armies combined could spend months banging you and you'd have a tight
virgin pussy for every single man. Is that true?"

Aphrodite weighed her options and saw no recourse but to answer. "Yes, okay?
Yes, I'm a virgin every time! Now let me go!"

"Then why is there no blood after you get fucked?" Discord shot back.

"I...Oh, I dunno! It's just he way it is! The sensation is's
just that I guess a Goddess doesn't bleed. Please let me go, Discord! I'll
do anything! Whatever you say!" Aphrodite pleaded.

"Well, don't you want to know how you were brought here?" Discord remarked,
arching her eyebrow. "I'd be happy to tell you, Aphrodite."

"Just let me out of here...Please!" The Goddess of Love begged.

"You know all those times Eros was away? Did you ever wonder where he was?
Did you really think he was writing love poetry and sparking sweet romance?
He was with ME, Aphrodite, and I was riding him like the Cretan bull!

"Wh-what?" Aphrodite stammered, completely shocked. She had taught Eros in
the ways of gentle, thoughtful, sweet, romantic love...Discord represented
dirty, crude, vulgar, mindless sex.not true love at all!

"Oh, and here's the really good part.He betrayed you to me!" Discord
laughed. "He gave you a drink brought from the river Lethe, the river of
forgetfulness, and by the time you'd recovered, well, you were enjoying the
splendors of your brother's rumpus room, here.

"NO! My son would never betray his own mother this way! You're making this
all up Discord!" Aphrodite said, trying more to convince herself of her own

"You know what else Eros told me? He described your distaste for those
boorish equine thugs, the centaurs. Imagine that, the Goddess of Love not
loving something. Well, maybe it's just because you haven't had any centaurs
yourself. Let's see.what can we do about that?" Discord said walking a few
feet away from Aphrodite and tapping her chin, thoughtfully. She was lying
about Eros mentioning the centaurs but it was worth it from the look on
Aphrodite's face.

"Discord...please no! For the love of Olympus.let me go!" Aphrodite sobbed,
fear creeping into her voice more noticeably.

"Oh, I don't think love has much to do with what's in store for you."
Discord remarked. The petite dark-haired goddess made a grand gesture with
her arms and suddenly was enveloped in a flash of light. Aphrodite squinted
and suddenly her eyes bulged at the sight now before her.

Standing directly before the Goddess of Love was Discord as a centaur.
Discord's upper body and torso had grown in proportion to her horse body and
the equine half was jet black and just larger than a standard cavalry-type
horse. Of particular note was the large sheath hanging between Discord's
back legs. Discord smiled wickedly and brushed back her long raven hair,
glaring with evil delight at the disbelieving face of Aphrodite.

"You always claim that your romance and mushy love is better than sex and
kink? Well, you don't look all that `superior' now, miss high-and-mighty
Aphrodite!" Discord exclaimed, pawing the ground with her hooves. She
swished her tail and admired the expression on Aphrodite's beautiful face.
It was a look of panic, fear, and shock. Just what Discord enjoyed most!

"D-Discord.puh-pl-please.noooo." Aphrodite sobbed, staring in terror at the
massive leathery black weapon hanging between the powerful back legs of
Discord's horse half. It was still flaccid and soft, but easily as wide as
a flagpole even in it's current unexcited state. And the big black balls
hanging behind the large sheath were huge!

"Oh I think it's too late for that now, Aphrodite. No `tender romantic
trysts' here, you stupid bitch! You are MY whore now! You're nothing but
a cheap two-denar slut, Aphrodite! You belong to ME! You'd better get used
to that fact, because from now on it's your reality! I'm going to violate
you more thoroughly than any other centaur possibly could. You've got the
body mortals would fight and die for, cunt, and from this point on that sexy
body of yours is going to be brutally raped over and over!" Discord snarled,
showing her true colors.

Aphrodite was too stunned to reply, she could only shake her head and softly
whisper, ""

Discord snapped her fingers and suddenly her harem of black, muscular, nude,
hairless, Nubian sex slaves appeared. They immediately started towards
Aphrodite, their massive chocolate brown erections bobbing wildly. Discord
emitted a shrill shout and suddenly the men all stopped in their tracks.

"Boys, no touching until I give the word. I want you to watch until I get
finished. I like performing in front of a crowd, especially when it's some
of my best work." Discord grinned, darkly. All twenty men pulled up some
wooden benches and sat down, jacking off, as most men would do in the
presence of two gorgeous goddesses they were forbidden to touch. Discord
could not help but notice that all eyes were actually on the beautiful naked
blonde. The goddess-centaur gave a derisive look at her men and felt a
twinge of jealousy at the way they were eyeing the blonde.

" guys like blonde women best? Well, this is the ultimate prize, and
all you have to do to keep her is to just keep on fucking her as long as you
can.after I'm through, of course. She's a goddess, just like me, so she can
take the rough stuff I'm into, and I want you all to really make me proud
when I give her over to you. In the meantime I want to show you how it's
done. Feel free to take notes. Did everyone bring their syllabus?"

There were some looks of confusion from the men and quizzical murmurings.

"Oh, never mind...I need two of you big bruisers to get over here and jack
me off so I'm good and hard for `miss priss,' here." Discord intoned.

Two of the men in front volunteered and one man got on either side of
Discord's body, reaching underneath her and stroking her large leathery
sheath. The large equine penis was so large that it would take probably
a full 10 to 20 minutes of vigorous stroking before it could become fully

"Get her wet and ready. I'm going to have to force my way into her and I'm
going to need all the lubrication I can get for this big horse-cock of mine.
Don't do anything else, though or you're Hydra chow!"

Two men quickly took on the task and were busy licking and spitting on
Aphrodite's pussy and ass. Another Nubian began roughly kissing her on the
lips and spitting in her face and mouth. He licked Aphrodite's face and her
expression of revulsion and disgust seemed to be exactly what Discord wanted
to see. The ebony-haired goddess settled into the pleasure of having her
dick pumped by her two strong men and spread her back legs a bit further
apart, widening her stance. She savored the feeling of the big pendulous
horse penis hanging mightily between her strong legs. As her men stroked it
became larger and longer...growing...growing...

"Mmmmhhh! Aaaaaaauuuhhhmmmm! Mmmhhhh! Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhh." Discord moaned,
closing her eyes and enjoying the pleasure of being masturbated by her big
black Nubians. "Stroke my flanks."

The men obeyed without hesitation, stroking Discord's powerful rump as they
pumped her slowly hardening cock. She swished her tail and slowly licked her
lips as her pleasure heightened and her musky sweaty sexual aroma filled the
room. Eventually Discord's cock reached its full magnificent size and it was
truly a monster to behold. Discord's gigantic black horse-dick hung heavily
between her mighty equine legs and pre-cum dripped from the spongy
oddly-shaped head.

"Okay, guys, get back to your seats and enjoy the show. Snacks are at the
counter and the restroom is down the hall." Discord remarked, eyeing
Aphrodite's sexy body. The Goddess of Love was quivering with fear and

The men quickly took their places at their seats and began jacking off at the
sight before them, as were their fellows.

"N-no...please no...don't do this to" Aphrodite
sobbed, staring up at Discord through tear-streaked eyes. Discord simply
gave a sarcastic laugh and straddled the bench so that Aphrodite was lined
up perfectly right underneath her. The bench was at just the right height...
Ares had thought of everything.

Discord gave a few hard pokes and jabs, but missed the mark, her big cockhead
bashing up against Aphrodite's wet labia but not actually entering.

"OWWW! AHH! OWW!" Aphrodite exclaimed. "Oh! NO! You can't
do this t-to me."

"Stop whimpering you stupid bitch! You're supposed to be the embodiment of
love. Well THIS is what `love' is REALLY about!" Discord snarled as she
drove the full length of her impossibly huge cock into the Goddess to the

"AAAUUHHHWWWWW!!!" Aphrodite screamed loudly as her impaled body arched
sharply upward, reacting to the mind-shattering pain.

"None of that romantic nonsense, it's all about getting big hard cocks into
tight little pussies!" Discord continued, as the flanged head of her massive
horse cock hit Aphrodite's confining cervix and popped through into her womb.

"AAAIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Aphrodite screeched, her body straining fiercely
against her bonds but she was unable to break free. Aphrodite's virginal
pussy was stretched way past what she thought her limits were. She felt like
she was being split wide open and the pain was totally unbearable. Every
second was pure hell and Discord hadn't even started fucking yet!

"AAAH...YEAH!" Discord gasped. "Good and tight! I'm going to screw you
over, you blonde bitch, just like you've always deserved!" Discord jerked
her big black dick almost completely out of Aphrodite's pussy and then
slammed all the way back in. So deep and hard was Discord's thrust that her
equine belly pressed up against Aphrodite's groin with enough force to be
clearly heard as a muffled `WHUMP!'

"NNNYYYAAAIIIIIIII!!!" Aphrodite wailed, her body twisting in agony as the
huge head of Discord's horse-dick punched through her cervix and hit the back
of her womb with great force. Aphrodite's womb was stretched impossibly by
the big flanged head of Discord's equine penis and the Goddess of Love's
entire vaginal canal was stretched nearly to the point of rupturing.

Discord began fucking Aphrodite with hard penetrating jabs, establishing a
hammering rapid-fire pace. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! The
steady sounds of flesh hitting flesh was loud and clear. The blonde Goddess
of Love's body shook and jerked like a rag doll as she absorbed the punishing
bone-jarring impacts. Had she not been a deity her pelvis would surely have
been crushed after the very first thrust.

"UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" Aphrodite grunted with every brutal
thrust, her tits bouncing wildly and her blonde hair tossing every which way.

Discord continued to hammer away at Aphrodite for hours. Sweat dripped from
her brow as the raven-haired goddess power-fucked Aphrodite with all the
equine strength at her command. She grunted and groaned, but didn't waste
any words, as Aphrodite was practically senseless at this point, and wouldn't
hear them.

Aphrodite experienced constant orgasms nearly the entire time but her
pleasure was dwarfed by her pain and the agony was simply unbearable. Her
throat was raw and her screams were ragged. She had nearly been driven
insane from the relentless savage rape.

"AAAUUUUHHH! Gonna cum! I'm going to pump you full of horse cum, you dumb
blonde whore! How do you like getting horse-fucked, you stupid bitch?"
Discord grunted. She tossed her head back and lunged deep into Aphrodite.
The dark-haired goddess shot a thick rope of cum from her pulsing cock and
gave a triumphant yell.

`Splurg! Splorrrg! Splirch! Splug! Splorg! Splurg!' The sounds of Discord's
ejaculations were quite audible and in seconds Aphrodite's entire groin, was
a mess of sticky cum. Discord's equine groin area was covered with sperm
too, from the backwash of Aphrodite's flooded pussy. It took five minutes
for Discord to finish climaxing and when she finally did there was a steady
river of cum oozing from Aphrodite's sperm-packed pussy.

"Mmmhhhmmm.that felt so good I think I'll try it again." Discord said,
poking her big dick into Ahprodite's messy pussy. There was a wet `squinch'
sound as the big, slimy, black, horse-cock was forced back into Aphrodite's
virginal pussy.

"N-nnnnoooo..." Aphrodite weakly gasped, as the horse dick stretched her out
all over again.

It took Discord longer to climax the second time, but she fucked Aphrodite
even harder. If the bench were not solidly attached to the floor, and were
not solidly constructed, it would have been destroyed from the ferocity of
Discord's powerful thrusts.

This time Discord pulled out a few seconds after she climaxed and rubbed her
spunk-spurting horse-cock all over Aphrodite's body. Discord covered the
blonde's entire torso in thick layers of sperm, paying special attention to
Aphrodite's tits.

The strong aroma of Discord's sweaty equine body filled the room and the
strong sexual scent of her groin was intoxicating. She walked over to
Aphrodite's head, which was hanging down off the back of the bench. Discord
faced the opposite way (towards Aphrodite's legs) and straddled the bench
again so that now her slimy, cum-coated dick was hanging close to Aphrodite's

"Have you ever sucked a horse dick, Aphrodite?" Discord asked. "Have you
ever been orally RAPED by a centaur?"

" more!" Aphrodite sobbed.

"Shut up and suck my dick, you worthless slut! Get your mouth around my big
horse-cock and suck me off. Sucking dick is all you're good for, Aphrodite,
you stupid whore!" Discord exclaimed. She rubbed her cum-soaked cock all
over the Goddess of Love's face. Aphrodite made a disgusted face and turned
her head this way and that to deny Discord's wish.

"If you don't suck my cock right now, I'll order my men to flip you onto your
stomach, bend you over, and I'll screw your sexy ass just as hard as I did
your pussy." Discord remarked.

The fear in Aphrodite's eyes said it all. She opened her mouth around the
head of Discord's giant horse-cock and struggled to get her jaw to open wide
enough around the massive slimy penis. Discord, however, was not going to be

"AAAWWRRRLLLLGGHHH!" Aphrodite gave a loud gagging scream as Discord shoved
forward and forced her entire cock down Aphrodite's throat in one savage
thrust. Aphrodite panicked, her tear-filled eyes wide with shock and her
body convulsing. Drool oozed from the sides of Aphrodite's mouth as Discord
held her dick in place. The big leathery base of Discord's horse-cock
pressed firmly against Aphrodite's lips and the big equine nutsac rested up
against her forehead.

"Aaaauww...FUCK YEAH! Choke on it, bitch!" Discord yelled, in cruel
delight. "There's your `romance,' you cock-sucking whore!"

Discord pulled out and then slammed back in, plunging her giant cock in and
out of Aphrodite's tight wet throat. She established a steady rhythm and
fucked the Goddess of Love's throat with zeal.

"Ghhaaag!" Aphrodite choked. Drool hung down from her face in several
wet strands and her beautiful face was a mess of saliva, cum, and sweat.
Aphrodite sucked hard on Discord's big black horse-dick, mainly out of a
panicked attempt to get a lungful of air. Her natural gag response was
squeezing and releasing spastically, providing even greater pleasure to

"Ahhhh...that's the way! Come on, you stupid suck-bitch!" Discord
exclaimed, fucking Aphrodite's throat with deep thrusts.

After about an hour of constantly fucking Aphrodite's tight sucking throat,
Discord finally climaxed.

`Splirt! Spurg! Splort! Splorg! Splirt!' Discord's horse-dick could be
heard squirting deep down Aphrodite's throat. The raven haired goddess
continued to throat-fuck the Goddess of Love, slower than before but still
with steady deliberate strokes.

"Uuuuuuh! Uaaaaahh! Yeaaahhhh!" Discord moaned, blasting load after load
of thick spunk down the blonde goddess' throat. "Gluuaahhg! Gluuaarhhg!
Mmgglllorrl!" Aphrodite gagged, her belly packed with so much cum that it
was visibly swollen and distended.

Discord pulled her cock out of Aphrodite's mouth and rubbed her cock all over
the blonde woman's gorgeous face, smearing it with layer after layer of thick

By the time Discord's orgasms ebbed, Aphrodite's face was nearly
unrecognizable beneath the globby layers of cum. The Goddess of Love felt
nauseated as her swollen stomach churned with gooey equine seed.

"That's what real sex is, you dumb whore. You think it's all about tender
cuddling and gentle caresses but that's where you're wrong, cunt! Now then,
let's see if you've learned anything. Who do you belong to?" Discord

"Y-you...I...b-belong...UAAGH!" Aphrodite began but gagged on a big clump of
sperm, which she coughed up. " you...Discord."

Discord laughed cruelly, enjoying the words Aphrodite spoke. The
raven-haired beauty turned to her men.

"Untie her and retie her on her belly, with her legs apart, and her feet flat
on the floor." Discord commanded two of the big strong black men.

"Wha...what are!!!" She stammered, protesting loudly once she
realized what was in store for her. It was too late, however. The powerful
men quickly had her securely in place on her belly, her gorgeous round white
ass fully exposed and vulnerable.

Discord slid her huge horse-dick back and forth along the crack of
Aphrodite's ass, sliding it between the cheeks, teasing the Goddess of Love.

Aphrodite shivered with fear. The enormity of the long hard equine penis
filled her with panic. She knew she could not die.she was a goddess...but
she was not immune to the pain involved. And that pain would be tremendous.

"'ve got a big, round, smooth, sexy ass, bitch, just like your
son." Discord smirked. "I think it's about time I busted that tight butt of
yours, baby."

Just as savagely as before, Discord tried to ram her entire cock into the
Love Goddess' ass but this time only managed to get halfway in. Aphrodite's
ass was so tight that even Discord's mighty thrust was not able to fully

"EEEYYYAAAAHHH!" Aphrodite screamed, her eyes wide with pain and shock. It
felt as if her rectum was being split apart.

Discord gave a loud grunt as she lunged again and this time managed to plow
her entire cock up inside Aphrodite's butt. Discord's equine groin pressed
firmly against Aphrodite's soft smooth buns.

"AAAAIIIEEEEEE!!!" Aphrodite screamed again, long and loud, as she was
anally violated by Discord's hulking horse-cock.

"Sheesh! Quit screaming already, you stupid blonde bimbo! It's not as if
your divine ass won't get used to it! Eros did. I've been fucking your sexy
young son up the ass for years now and he barely even whimpers anymore!"

These words stunned Aphrodite and cut her to her soul. "NNOOOO!!!" The
Goddess of Love sobbed.

"Oh yeah, bitch. Eros may even rape you himself. I gave him an open
invitation." Discord replied, hauling her cock out of the tight grip of
Aphrodite's gorgeous ass. "I'd love to see some incest sex, myself, between
you and your studly son."

Discord slammed back into Aphrodite's ass and began to fuck her hard and
fast. Aphrodite screamed as her body was shaken by the force of Discord's
hammering thrusts. Her blonde hair tossed back and forth in time with the
brutal impacts and the steady `SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!' of flesh against flesh was
again audible.

Ahhh.Uuhhn! How do you like having a big black horse-dick up your tight
little ass, slut? Does it hurt? Do you think I'm going to show you any
mercy?" Discord exclaimed as she fucked the Love Goddess' ass. "Ahh!
You've got a tight ass just like your son, bitch! Mmmhhh...I love how
your smooth rectum squeezes my cock, you stupid slut. I'm just going to
power-fuck you into oblivion!"

Discord relentlessly sodomized Aphrodite for hours. Already sweaty from her
previous efforts, Discord reeked of perspiration and sex even more now.
Aphrodite alternately grunted, screamed, sobbed, and groaned as loudly as
possible as her ass was constantly and thoroughly screwed by Discord's big
black horse-cock.

When Discord finally climaxed she filled Aphrodite's ass with cum in seconds.
Gooey cum shot back out of Aphrodite's ass around Discord's cock in thick
spurts as the steady `Splurg! Splorg! Splurt! Splorr!' of the ejaculations
could be heard. Discord just kept fucking Aphrodite's cum-filled ass, making
a bigger mess as sticky sperm went everywhere. Aphrodite's buns were glazed
with spunk and the creamy sperm dripped from between her legs in a leisurely
flow to the floor below.

"Aaaauuhhhh!" Discord groaned, tossing her head back. She didn't pull out
of Aphrodite until her cock was completely drained. With a wet sucking
sound, Discor'd heavy horse-cock popped free of the Love Goddess' ass. The
massive cum-covered organ swing heavily between Discord's powerful equine
legs as the dark-haired goddess walked away from Aphrodite and joined the
black Nubian men of her harem.

"Whew!" Discord sighed, wiping her brow as she changed back to her human
form. "Okay boys, give her those dicks! This blonde bitch needs some black
dicks, and you know how to screw her over, so do it!"

The big black Nubian men gave a shout of lustful glee as they swarmed over
Aphrodite. The blonde goddess screamed as she was overwhelmed by a sea of
muscular black giants, all eager to fuck her in every way possible.

"Well, that was fun. I'll have to send Eros to join the party later."
Discord remarked to herself. "I should probably try to get some work done
right now, though it would be fun to stick around and watch for a while.
Oh well, no rest for the wicked." Suddenly Discord was gone in a flash of




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