Contains: Parody, FemDom, Lesbian, She-Male, Degradation/Humiliation, NC,
WS, and Lactation

NOTE: This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY! It is not for children, angry
feminists, lawyers, or any combination thereof. This story is purely fiction
and intended for entertainment purposes only. This story is pure fantasy,
not reality, folks. Anyone who cannot tell the difference between fantasy
and reality need not read any of my stories.

Xena Warrior Princess: Primal Desire Part 1
by Superjizz ([email protected])

The two shadowy figures stood about ten feet apart in the darkened temple on
a high mountain peak. They regarded each other warily even though both had
the same goal in mind.

"Is she coming? Did she take the bait?" One figure asked in a feminine

"Oh, yes. Everything worked like a charm," The other shadow replied in a
very manly voice. "It's nice to see that I still have the touch and I
rather enjoyed wearing that silky see-through dress. Perhaps. (ahem!) but
no.we have important matters to take care of first. I will free you from
Tartarus, give you back your godly powers, and even give you two powerful
beasts I have specially created.if you defeat our foe. Are you up to the
challenge or would you prefer to.go to hell?"

"Very funny, you really know how to sweet-talk a girl." The female voice
remarked. "I'm surprised you even asked if I would like to kill that bitch.
Of course I'll do it! Give me back my powers, free me from Tartarus, and
give me your `pets' and I'll show you how loud the Warrior Princess can
scream after I've defeated her. By the way, speaking of screaming, how is
our `special guest' faring?"

"Sis? Oh, she's experiencing the `totally tubular' ambiance of my `gnarly'
dungeon. Like, it's totally `heinous' you know?" Laughed the male figure.
"I was able to make use of some of her enchanted trinkets and toys in my
award-winning performance with the `dynamic duo' and also stole most of her
powers which I have already directed at our foes. It should prove to make
our enemies' lives very interesting, I must say, especially since I added my
own special magic to the mix. But don't just take my word for it. Here,
see for yourself."

The shadowy male figure waved his hand through the air and a fog-shrouded
mirror of polished silver appeared. In the mirror was a fuzzy image that
gradually became clearer. It was the image of Xena and Gabrielle protecting
Aphrodite's temple from a band of greedy looters who were intent upon
desecrating the lavish structure.

Smiling, Aphrodite gave Xena a magical charm, a small ring barely even
visible or noticeable.

"You have taken up a man's job so you might as well have the `tool' that goes
along with it." the Love Goddess giggled.

"What's this?" Xena asked.

"The Ring of Priapus, silly! It allows any female wearer to change her yahoo
into a thingy!" Aphrodite laughed.

".Change her `yahoo' into a thingy?" Xena asked, scratching her head in

"It's a lot of fun at parties, trust me." Aphrodite chuckled.

Xena rolled her eyes and put the ring into a small leather pouch at her

"Oh, and one other favor I'll grant you." Aphrodite remarked, glowing light
dancing from her finger. The light shot from her hand and enveloped Xena,
bathing the Warrior Princess in its divine power. Suddenly Xena's
breastplate expanded to nearly triple its size.and so did Xena's breasts.
Without hesitation, Aphrodite did the same to Gabrielle. The blonde bard's
boobs strained at the lacings of her top.

"Wh-what is this!? Are you crazy?" Xena began, walking towards Aphrodite,
her huge boobs wobbling.

"Oh, come on, Xena, I know what I'm doing here. I'm the Goddess of Love,
remember?" Aphrodite sniffed.

"But you can't possibly think." Xena remarked, staring down at her ample
bosom. "I mean, these things are so big and heavy."

"They've got an extra feature too. They lactate!" Aphrodite giggled,
clapping her hands together. "Isn't that just too cool? I wouldn't give
you a defective blessing, after all."

"Aphrodite! Change me back, right now! What am I supposed to DO with
these?" Xena exclaimed edgily, hefting her big tits.

"Well." Aphrodite said, looking at the blushing bard, who was tweaking her
own big nipples through the fabric of her costume.

Made suddenly aware that she was noticed, Gabrielle's hands shot down to her
sides. "Just.uhhh.checking to see if.errr.these things are real."

"They're real, babycakes." Aphrodite replied. "Oh, and I have other ideas,
too! For instance."

"No, no, you've been more than.generous." Xena said, staring at Gabrielle's
huge bosom. "We really need to be on our way, Aphrodite. Come on,

"Okay, whatever!" Gabrielle said, waving farewell as Xena hastily left with
Gabrielle in tow.

The male shadow chuckled. "Not a bad performance if I do say so myself. I
need to work more on the blank stare, though, I think." He waved his hand
across the image and suddenly a new scene appeared.

The female figure smiled as she stood transfixed, enjoying every minute of
the show.

The new image showed Xena and Gabrielle in the small town of Oebalus to get
a new saddle for Xena's horse, Argo, but then the horse was stolen while Xena
was enjoying some lesbian love with her little sidekick near a pond. If that
wasn't bad enough, her chakram disc was also stolen! Xena went on the
warpath and Gabrielle was hard pressed to follow her. The trail led the pair
back to Oebalus.and straight into a trap! The guards all wore the symbols of
Ares, god of war, and Xena was in for a hard fight. However, the guards
proved no match for Xena's fury and she plowed through them without even a
scratch. Her armor, however, was quite damaged in a number of places. The
sounds of battle were loud and clear as the warrior woman stampeded through
the small village.


"EEE-YIYIYIYIYIYIYIIII!!!" Xena yelled, ululating her fabled battle cry as
she demolished a dozen trained guards. She spun and twisted, flying through
the air in a blur of rapid punches and kicks like some sort of demonic
whirling dervish. She had fought her way past a hundred guards so far. What
was a few more going to matter?

Gabrielle fought with equal valor (though with much less skill and flare)
with her staff. The busty young blonde tripped two guards into falling into
a third and all three went sprawling into a horse trough.

As the two women charged through the small Greek town of Oebalus they were
dripping with sweat from their grueling battles. Xena had enough adrenaline
to keep this up all day but Gabrielle was having trouble.

"Do you know who might have taken Argo and your chakram, Xena?" Gabrielle
puffed, her big bosom bouncing and jiggling as she ran alongside the warrior

"I have a good idea," Xena snarled, "Did you see what those guards were
wearing? They all had the symbols of Ares.and there's a temple of Ares three
days from here. It's in Centaur and Minotaur territory. It would be only
about a day's ride if I still had Argo."

"Well, don't the people here in Oebalus have horses we can use?" Gabrielle
panted as Xena slowed down to a jog.

"They did until Ares' men took them. I already looked right before we got
ambushed by those cowards," Xena gruffed. "It looks like we walk from here
to the temple, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle could see the rage and anger in Xena's eyes and it frightened her.
Xena almost became a different person when she was like this and Gabrielle
had seen it happen more times than she would have liked. When her fury took
over, Xena became cold, callous, and brutal.just like she was the leader of
her bandit crew.

As the pair left the city, Xena never said a word. Gabrielle tried to make
light conversation but it seemed as if Xena was simply not paying attention.
Xena's jaw was set and her eyes had a determined look in them.

Eventually Xena and Gabrielle stopped to rest. There was no stream nearby
and both women reeked of sweat as the perspiration dripped from their bodies.
The day was hot and humid and Xena paused to drink some water from the
canteen in her pack. She tossed the canteen callously at Gabrielle, who
barely caught it.

Gabrielle normally looked forward to these sorts of trips because whenever
she and Xena stopped for a rest break they usually made love for hours. From
the murderous look in Xena's eyes, love was the last thing on her mind.

As Gabrielle tossed back her long blonde hair she walked over beside a large
tree and dropped her pack and staff. She pulled off her sweat-soaked lace-up
top and threw it down near some bushes. She rubbed her big round breast
globes and hefted them in her cupped hands. Her tits were much larger now
thanks to her unexpected parting "gift" Aphrodite had given her. Gabrielle
pulled off her skirt and dropped it near her other belongings. Her bladder
felt like it was about to burst and she badly needed to pee. She was
standing right out in the open but since no one was around, she just parted
her legs and half-crouched down a little, resting her hands on her knees.

Just as she was about to start peeing she spied Xena watching her only a half
a yard away. Xena had removed her armor and was nude except for her black
boots. Xena was repairing a damaged part of her armor but her eyes were like
those of a hungry wolf and they never left Gabrielle.

Gabrielle could see Xena's hairless puffy-lipped pussy, since Xena was
sitting with her legs open. Gabrielle also had a bare puffy pussy (another
surprise present from Aphrodite) and she spread the big lips of her pussy
wide open so that her pee-hole was visible. Gabrielle let out a soft gasp
as she let loose and started pissing a strong steady stream while her lover,
Xena, watched.

"Aaaahhhh.yeahhhh.!" Gabrielle moaned as she groped her tit with her free
hand. She was beginning to get aroused.and so was Xena. Gabrielle continued
moaning and making erotic groaning sounds as she mauled her tits and pinched
her big sensitive nipples and slid her tongue slowly across her lips. She
kept peeing like a fountain as she met Xena's stare with her own eyes.
Finally she finished pissing and rubbed her bare pubic mound. She slid her
middle finger deep inside and gyrated her hips.

"All right, Gabrielle, that's enough!" Xena exclaimed, full of animalistic
lust. "If you want a fuck, then by all the gods, I'll give you one that you
won't soon forget!" Xena tossed aside her armor and walked forcefully right
up to Gabrielle and grabbed her by the arm, leading her over to a small
cluster of trees.

Xena stood directly in front of Gabrielle and wrapped her arms around the
petite blonde's waist. Xena roughly rubbed her huge breasts against
Gabrielle's equally large boobs. The erotic sensation to both women was
pronounced and their massive tits were pressed almost flat against each
other's huge chest. Both Xena and Gabrielle moaned in pleasure as they
rubbed and ground their huge breast orbs against each other. Xena's right
leg was slightly forward and Gabrielle humped her leg like a bitch in heat.
The petite blonde slowly gyrated her pelvis, pressing her wet pussy against
her lover's strong sexy thigh and methodically humping with a lazy rhythm.
Gabrielle licked her lips lustfully as she reached behind Xena and grabbed
her big round buns in both hands. Gabrielle enthusiastically groped and
squeezed Xena's sexy muscular ass as she continued to rub herself against
the warrior woman's leg. Xena responded by taking Gabrielle's big round
sexy buttocks in both hands and kneading the blonde's ass with equal zeal.
She licked Gabrielle's face and kissed her sloppily on the lips. Gabrielle
did the same for her lover and both women were soon in a tongue lock and
moaning into each other's gasping mouths. Xena's hands left Gabrielle's
sexy ass and began groping and squeezing the blonde's enormous tits.
Gabrielle did likewise to Xena's colossal breast globes and they alternated
between groping tits and ass.

Xena dropped down and took one of Gabrielle's huge tits in her mouth, sucking
wetly. Xena got as much of Gabrielle's boob into her mouth as possible and
took deep powerful sucks. The Warrior Princess's cheeks hollowed out as she
looked up into Gabrielle's eyes. Xena roughly groped and squeezed her blonde
lover's other tit as she feasted on the enormous tit orb. Xena alternated
between sucking on one big mammary and groping the other. Milk squirted from
Gabrielle's heavy boobs (another of Aphrodite's magical blessings), and Xena
gulped and swallowed the creamy liquid. The Warrior Princess sucked hard on
one gushing tit while she milked the other with her hand, sending titty milk
squirting everywhere. She took Gabrielle's big nipple between her teeth and
tugged and chewed on it, driving the little blonde wild with pleasure and
pain. Xena alternated between Gabrielle's big boobs and made sure she gave
each one her full attention. Gabrielle groaned loudly as her huge tits were
sucked and squeezed by Xena for many long intensely pleasurable minutes.
Just as Gabrielle was starting to feel an orgasm building, the Warrior
Princess suddenly stopped and pulled away.

Xena shoved Gabrielle down onto her knees and roughly grabbed her head,
tangling her hands in Gabrielle's long silky blonde hair. Xena shoved
Gabrielle's surprised face between her strong tan legs and looked down into
the eyes of her submissive blonde sidekick.

"Suck!" Xena commanded.

Gabrielle obeyed without any objection but was surprised by Xena's
forcefulness. Xena was grinding her pelvis into Gabrielle's face while
holding onto the blonde's head with both hands. Gabrielle's nostrils were
filled with the heady fishy aroma of Xena's smooth hairless unwashed pussy.
The scent was so intoxicating that Gabrielle almost climaxed right away. She
loved to pleasure Xena but their lovemaking was always so soft and gentle
before, not anything like this. Gabrielle was a little scared and didn't
like this new rough style.

"Yeaaaaahhhhh..!" Xena groaned, licking her lips slowly as she humped her
hips forward in a slow steady rhythm. She looked down between the deep
cleavage of her huge tits and met the eyes of Gabrielle. "Suck my pussy,
Gabrielle. Lick that clit, you little slut! Come on, you fucking whore!
Suck that pussy! Ahhhhh.yeah! Just like that, you little cunt! Work your
tongue in deep! Uuhhhhh! Fuck, yeah! Suck that pussy, you slut! You like
to suck pussy, don't you, Gabrielle? You're a fucking pussy-sucking whore
aren't you? You're just my suck-slave aren't you? Say it, you little cunt!"
Xena pulled Gabrielle's soaking wet face away from her slick pussy and glared
down into her eyes. There were two or three small strands of spit still
connecting Gabrielle's mouth and chin to Xena's full pussy lips.

There was a brief pause as Gabrielle tried to adjust to the shock of her
friend treating her this way. This was totally different from what Gabrielle
had expected. The blonde's eyes were wide and filling with tears as she
struggled to say what Xena wanted her to say.

"I-I'm a p-pussy sucking whore." Gabrielle stammered. "I'm y-you're
s-suck-slave, Xena. I'm you're lesbian sex whore."

"That's all you've ever been, Gabrielle," Xena growled, grinding her slippery
pubic mound into Gabrielle's face. "Now suck that pussy good and hard, you
little bitch, because if you don't I'm going to make you regret it!
Ahhhhhh..yeah! That's the way, you little slut, work your tongue in deep!
Uuunnhhh! Lick me, Gabrielle! Suck my pussy!" The Warrior Princess loved
rough and violent sex. It was the very foundation of her relationship with
Alti, her mentor, who often instructed her on what women really need and
want.not what they say. By the time Alti was finished with Xena, the Warrior
Princess was voracious, a constant inferno of hot, nasty, sweaty sex. Xena
reasoned that deep down, Gabrielle was enjoying it as much as she was,
herself. With a smirk, Xena proceeded to continue working her pussy up
against the blonde's full lips.

Gabrielle almost swooned from the strong heady aroma of Xena's sweaty wet
pussy. Gabrielle's entire mouth was planted firmly on Xena's pussy mound
and the blonde made loud wet slurping and smacking sounds as she sucked and
tongued Xena's pussy. She frequently looked submissively up into Xena's
eyes. Gabrielle had a pleading expression on her face and it aroused Xena
even more. The blonde took Xena's big thick clit nub between her lips and
sucked on it like it was a small cock. She gently tugged and chewed on
Xena's big clit and the effect drove the warrior woman wild with pleasure
and pain. Xena was tossing her raven-tressed mane of hair from side to side
as she loudly shrieked and groaned.

It wasn't clear exactly how much time had passed until Xena finally climaxed.
Both women had lost track of the time and it could have been minutes or hours
but when Xena finally climaxed she let out a loud scream of pleasure and
gripped Gabrielle's head firmly between her powerful thighs, nearly
suffocating the poor blonde.

"HHUUAAAAHHH!!! I'm cumming, Gabrielle! Keep sucking you little slut!
Hhuunnhhh!!! Aahhhhhhh!!! Fuck, yeah! Suck that pussy, bitch!
Uuuaahhh.yeah! Suck me, Gabrielle! Uuhhhhnnn!" Xena yelled.

Gabrielle obeyed as commanded and sucked and licked Xena's pussy with
everything she had. The petite blonde alternated by chewing and sucking on
Xena's enlarged clit. Xena's climax lasted for several long and loud minutes
until finally the powerful orgasm was over. Gabrielle's face was glistening
wet, as was Xena's dripping crotch.

"Ahhhh.yeah, by the gods that felt good!" Xena grinned, arching her eyebrow.
"You're such a good suck-whore, Gabrielle. Bring that tight little pussy
over here, baby. Lay down on the grass and spread your legs as wide apart
as you can, I want to suck your pussy Gabrielle."

Gabrielle complied without hesitation. She laid down on her back and then
spread her legs as wide apart as possible. Her pussy was completely
vulnerable and the feeling started to turn her on. Gabrielle's feet almost
touched the grass and her smooth pussy was still glistening wet with sweat
and piss.

Xena got into position on all fours right in front of Gabrielle's pussy. She
inhaled the powerful aroma of Gabrielle's sweaty pussy and dragged her wet
tongue along her friend's big pussy lips. Gabrielle moaned in response and
Xena reached up and hooked her arms around Gabrielle's shapely thighs.

Xena dragged her long tongue along the puffy lips of Gabrielle's wet pussy
again and again. Xena loved licking her feisty little sidekick's pussy and
making her squeal and moan. She had licked Gabrielle to a screaming climax
so many times before when they stopped along a roadside somewhere but Xena
never grew tired of the petite blonde's sexy snatch.

"Slorrrr.slup.slurrrp.slorrp.sluuuup.slorrrrp." Wet licking and sucking
sounds filled the air and Gabrielle added to them with her frequent moans and
gasps. Xena knew every trick in the book about lesbian sex (and a few that
were her own secrets). The Warrior Princess could make Gabrielle climax in
a minute or keep her on the edge of release for hours.or keep her climaxing
for just as long.

Xena looked directly into Gabrielle's eyes the entire time she was licking
and sucking her pussy. Her stare was that of pure animal savagery and lust.
Gabrielle's half-lidded eyes revealed her obvious pleasure and she writhed
under her lover's expert oral skills. When Gabrielle's eyes met those of
Xena's it was as if Gabrielle were a robin mesmerized by the dominating stare
of a snake.

"Uhhhhnnn! Oh, Xena! Yes! Lick my pussy! Suck me! Ah! That's sooooo
good! Ah, yeah! Suck my pussy, Xena!" Gabrielle gasped, her huge bosom

Xena, still staring into Gabrielle's eyes while she worked at her pussy could
tell that Gabrielle was climaxing and increased her oral attack.

"OWWW! OOOWWWCH!" Gabrielle suddenly squealed as Xena latched onto her big
sensitive clitoris and began tugging and gently chewing on it. The blonde
groaned as Xena slid her middle finger up into Gabrielle's wet pussy and
began thrusting it in and out. All the while, Xena's hungry eyes never left
those of her sidekick.

Gabrielle was lost in the ecstasy of orgasm after orgasm, unaware of where
she was or what was happening around her. She was babbling incoherently as
powerful orgasms, one after another, engulfed her. She could only writhe
and moan as she Xena expertly serviced her pussy with great skill. Xena
reached down with one hand and finger-fucked her own pussy with equal
enthusiasm and skill, climaxing herself over and over. Xena kept Gabrielle
in a whirlwind of pleasure and pain for nearly fifteen minutes but to
Gabrielle it seemed far longer than that. The petite blonde experienced so
many orgasms that she was gasping for breath by the time her most powerful
one was over. Gabrielle looked down between the hills of her breasts into
the eyes of Xena once again and the Warrior Princess gave her pussy a few
extra long licks just for good measure.

When Xena finally pulled away, her entire face was wet and glistening with
saliva and pussy juice. There were a few strands of ropy drool still
connecting her mouth with Gabrielle's pussy for a few seconds before Xena
stood up. This was usually about the time when they would rub pussies until
they both climaxed but Xena had something different in mind. She had to pee
so bad by now that she felt like she was going to burst but she managed to
maintain control of her full bladder for a few more moments.

"You're my little suck-slave aren't you Gabrielle?" Xena husked.

"Y-yes, Xena.I'm your s-suck slave." Gabrielle meekly replied. She couldn't
believe Xena was acting this way.treating her this way.humiliating her this
way! Gabrielle always knew this side of Xena existed but never expected
anything like this.

"Well, I don't think you know you're role yet, slut. I think I need to show
you your place," Xena hissed. The Warrior Princess reached for the leather
pouch lying in the grass nearby and retrieved the Ring of Priapus.

"Now it's time to see if this ring does what I think it does." Xena

She placed the ring on her finger, and marveled at how natural it felt. The
ring glowed brightly for a second and then Xena's pussy was replaced by a
truly MASSIVE penis and a huge set of balls hanging heavily beneath! Xena's
cock and balls were smooth and hairless and the Warrior Princess stroked the
gigantic member as it became semi-erect in several seconds.

"Well! I had no idea that it would be anywhere near this size!" Xena said,
stroking her hardening member. "Yes! Oh yes!! Now that's what I call a
REAL cock!"

Gabrielle's eyes were wide with surprise. The busty blonde was in shock at
the length and girth of such a mighty weapon. Xena's cock hung down to her
knees and it wasn't even fully erect! At first terror ran through Gabrielle
as she gazed at the enormous she-cock but then she felt her fears pass, as
she was certain that it would be impossible for anyone to ever get a dick
that size into any woman. Apparently Aphrodite had given Xena a useless toy,
Gabrielle thought, unless the Warrior Princess was into centaur fillies.

"Open your mouth, Gabrielle." Xena commanded.

Gabrielle complied, kneeling in front of her lesbian lover.

"Wider, you little bitch!" Xena spat.

Again, Gabrielle complied, opening her mouth as wide as she could.

"Good, now stick out your tongue, baby, and look up at my face the whole
time." Xena replied.

Gabrielle stuck out her tongue and looked into Xena's glowering eyes. She
thought Xena was going to make her suck on that huge cock of hers, but now
Gabrielle was puzzled.

Xena stood with her huge dick about two feet from Gabrielle's face and
smirked. The raven-haired warrior woman held her dick in one hand and spread
her legs a bit more apart as she stood there.

"After a good sex session like that I really need to take a good hard piss.
I feel like I must have drank all the beer, ale, and water in the whole
village of Oebalus. I'm going to take a long hard piss, Gabrielle and you're
going to swallow it, you fucking cunt. You're going to be my piss-slave, you
got that, you little whore?"

Xena felt her dick twitch as she savored the shocked and repulsed expression
on her blonde lover's face.

"That's right, Gabrielle. You are going to become a piss-drinking whore.
I have to pee like a racehorse and it's all going down your throat," Xena
snarled. "You're going to be my piss-slut, Gabrielle. I'm going to pee all
over that gorgeous face of yours and make you swallow so much piss that
you're going to be sick. I'm going to fill your belly with piss until it's
completely full and swollen. When I piss in your mouth you are going to hold
it without swallowing until I fill your entire mouth full of piss, you got
that, cunt?"

Gabrielle nodded yes, meekly. She had never been so humiliated or degraded
in her entire life by anyone and found it difficult to accept that her lover
and best friend was doing this to her. With a pathetic pleading stare she
looked up into Xena's face but her entreaty was met only with a
contempt-filled gaze from Xena's cruel eyes. Tears streamed down Gabrielle's
face as she finally broke down and accepted her new role. She was no longer
Xena's friend and lover. She was now the sex slave of the Warrior Princess.

"Ahhhh..yeah, here it comes." Xena groaned, tossing her head back and aiming
her cock right at Gabrielle's open mouth. She couldn't control her bladder
for one more second and when she let loose she blasted a solid jet of piss
straight into Gabrielle's mouth.

"Ahhhgh! Glaahhrg! Ghaaag!" Gabrielle winced as she choked and gagged on
the acrid piss. Xena's powerful stream blasted right down her throat before
Gabrielle could stop it and her gullet burned with the bitter taste of Xena's
sour piss. Piss splattered all over Gabrielle's face and into her eyes
(which she shut tight right afterwards) and ran down her naked body in warm

Gabrielle was aware of Xena moaning in relief and directing the piss stream
against her tits, belly, and even her pussy mound. In seconds Gabrielle's
body was soaking in piss. Xena quickly returned to Gabrielle's face and
moved up closer so that her cockhead was resting on Gabrielle's tongue.

"Don't swallow until I fill your mouth with piss, bitch, and keep your mouth
open the entire time so I can keep filling it," Xena demanded.

Xena was still pissing like a racehorse and Gabrielle's mouth was full of
yellow piss in mere seconds and the blonde finally opened her eyes and looked
pleadingly up at Xena for mercy. The blonde grimaced as she swallowed all
the piss in her mouth in one gulp and gagged as it burned her throat on the
way down. In mere moments Gabrielle's mouth was full to overflowing with
piss again and she was forced to swallow another scalding pint of piss.

"Ohhhh.yeah.that feel's good! Drink that piss, Gabrielle, you filthy little
slut! How does it taste? Do you like drinking piss? You were always such a
wholesome and virtuous little does it feel to get what you deserve?
No, don't try to talk.just keep swallowing, you little whore. I have to piss
so bad that this is going to take a while." Xena snarled.

The Warrior Princess was true to her word and urinated in the blonde's mouth
for nearly five more minutes before she was through. Gabrielle was truly
feeling sick by now. Her belly was bloated with piss and she felt extremely

"Don't swallow this last mouthful, cunt. Just keep it in your mouth and hold
it there." Xena said as she shook her cock in Gabrielle's mouth, squirting
out the last of her piss.

Gabrielle was surprised when Xena suddenly knelt down. Xena grabbed
Gabrielle's head firmly in her hands and planter her lips firmly against
those of her sidekick. Xena's tongue shot into Gabrielle's mouth and the
Warrior Princess sucked out her own piss from the blonde's open mouth. The
kiss was long and passionate, more full of raw lust than tender love.
Gabrielle's body reeked of sweat and piss but the aroma only turned Xena on
even more.

Suddenly Gabrielle pulled away as her churning stomach finally got the better
of her. Gabrielle stumbled to her feet and bent over a nearby log and
retched. She threw up all the piss that was in her stomach and thankfully
that was all that was in there, since she had not eaten anything in a while.
She took a long drink from her water flask and felt a lot better. She poured
the water from the flask all over her naked body, rinsing off all the piss.
She had never been so degraded before in her entire life, but she was also
confused by the undeniable fact that she was beginning to enjoy her
humiliation. She had never dared admit it to herself but she must have
suppressed these desires for a long time.and now they were being awakened.

"Oh!" Gabrielle gasped in surprise as she turned around and Xena was suddenly
standing right in front of her. The blonde was so lost in her thoughts that
she was unaware of her lover approaching her.

"Suck my tits, bitch!" Xena ordered, hefting her massive melons in her hands.
"These big titties of mine are so full of milk that they ache, so get to work
NOW you tit-sucking slut!"

Gabrielle swiftly obeyed her warrior mistress and sucked hungrily on one of
Xena's big jugs. She sucked as much boob-flesh into her mouth as possible,
her cheeks hollowing out as she looked up into Xena's steely eyes. Gabrielle
groped and squeezed Xena's ample tits with eager enthusiasm as she alternated
between sucking on one boob and then the other. Gabrielle sucked for all she
was worth and roughly kneaded the Warrior Princess's heavy round breast
globes as Xena groaned and gasped in pleasure.

"That's it, you bitch-whore!" Xena growled. "Sssssssuuuuck! Mmhhhhh! Yeah!
Squeeze `em harder, bitch! Uuuuhhh!!! Yeahhhh! Milk me, you fucking slut!
Ahhhh.yeah! Milk my tits! Oh, FUCK YEAH! Mmhhhh! Milk me!"

Gabrielle responded by redoubling her efforts, sucking and squeezing Xena's
huge tits even harder than before. Gabrielle was squeezing and groping
Xena's tits with such force that any ordinary woman would be in tremendous
pain, but Xena seemed to get off on it. Gabrielle knew what Xena wanted and
started chewing on the Warrior Princess's big thick nipple and tugging on it
with her teeth. She did this at random intervals while she sucked on Xena's
massive mammaries, going from one tit to the other.

"UUUOOHHH!!! YEAH! You fucking BITCH! Chew those titties! Uuhhnnn! By
the gods! Bite my nipples, Gabrielle! Chew `em up! Ohhh gods, YES! Suck
my tits and chew my nipples, you little whore!"

Gabrielle wasn't surprised when soon Xena's tits were squirting milk
everywhere. Gabrielle constantly sucked one huge tit while she squeezed the
other, roughly milking it with her hand. She alternated between one breast
orb and the other, as before. The blonde gulped and swallowed noisily, while
never taking her eyes off of Xena's own. Breast milk soon soaked Gabrielle's
face, dripped from her chin, and trickled down her body in small rivulets.
Xena seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of tit milk and Gabrielle never
stopped gulping it down.

Xena's milk was less disagreeable to Gabrielle's stomach than the piss had
been and so the blonde filled her belly full again. Xena was still squirting
tit milk as she pulled Gabrielle's face away from her buxom chest. Xena
leaned down and planted a wet sloppy kiss on Gabrielle's mouth and tasted her
own milk from inside her sidekick's mouth. Gabrielle moaned into Xena's
mouth and felt an undeniable sense of lustful excitement regarding her new
role as Xena's sex-slave. Gabrielle had made love to Xena before, but all of
this was far different than anything they had ever done before. Gabrielle
was beginning to accept, and even get aroused by, her new role.

"Slorrr.sssslup.slorrrrrp," came the obscene licking sounds as dragged her
wet tongue all over Gabrielle's glistening face. Xena tasted her own
tit-milk and thrilled to the taste. Like a dog, Xena slid her tongue all
over Gabrielle's face and alternated between deep-kissing her and licking

Gabrielle gasped in surprise when Xena abruptly ended their kiss. For a
second or two Xena simply stared coldly and cruelly into the wide eyes of her
blonde love-slave. Then Xena forced Gabrielle's head down between her legs,
the huge hard-on of the Warrior Princess hitting the young blonde woman in
the face. The powerful aroma of Xena's sweaty groin filled Gabrielle's nose
and the petite blonde nearly swooned from the strong intoxicating scent.
Gabrielle looked up once more into Xena's eyes and pleaded for mercy with
only the expression on her face. It only made Xena more excited and more

"Suck it, slut!" Xena sneered. "You're a cock-sucking whore, aren't you
Gabrielle? Well, get to work, bitch!" Xena spread her legs a bit farther
apart and released her grip on Gabrielle's silky blonde mane. Xena hefted
her own huge tits in her cupped hands and squeezed the squirting mammaries,
sending jets of milk spraying everywhere (and all over Gabrielle, who was
kneeling directly under the big tit globes). Xena moaned as Gabrielle began
to obey her command.

Gabrielle licked the entire length of Xena's huge penis, which was now fully
erect, and the blonde marveled at the sheer size of it. Xena's cock was full
16 inches long and wider around than her bicep! The massive she-penis was
about 4 to 4 inches in diameter! The big bulbous head of Xena's cock was
also very large and Gabrielle looked at Xena's pendulous organ with a good
deal of fear. The blonde wondered if it were possible to even get her mouth
around a dick this size.surely what Xena was asking was impossible. Still,
Gabrielle knew that Xena was expecting oral servicing and so she opened her
mouth wide and took the knob-like head of Xena's cock into her mouth.

"All the way, you bitch." Xena hissed.

Gabrielle looked up into Xena's eyes and tried to swallow more of the Warrior
Princess's hard cock but had to stop after only accepting about five inches.
Gabrielle's eyes were watering and her mouth was open as wide as possible.
The head of Xena's cock hit the back of her throat and Gabrielle pumped the
rest of Xena's cock, near the base, with her hand. Gabrielle couldn't even
wrap her hand all the way around Xena's cock, she could only get it halfway
around. The blonde would alternate between sucking on Xena's cock and
licking the entire member from tip to base.

"Suck my balls, Gabrielle." Xena demanded.

Gabrielle complied, lifting Xena's heavy cock with one hand and licking all
the way down the underside until she arrived at the smooth scrotum.
Gabrielle inhaled deeply the powerful aroma of Xena's sweaty musky crotch and
licked the big heavy ball-sac. She sucked hard on one big ball and then did
the same to the other while constantly pumping Xena's huge throbbing cock in
her hand.

For some time, Gabrielle sucked and licked Xena's cock and balls. Her cheeks
hollowed out from the powerful suction she applied to the massive penis (and
also as she sucked the huge balls). Gabrielle often pulled her mouth off of
Xena's gigantic cock with an audible oral "pop." Drool hung from Gabrielle's
lips and chin and thick strands of saliva connected the blonde's mouth to
Xena's cock. Big ropes of glistening saliva hung from Xena's enormous
hard-on and very slowly dripped to the ground.

Gabrielle was surprised when Xena suddenly pulled away and knelt down right
in front of her.

Xena looked directly into Gabrielle's eyes and spit in her face. "You slutty
blonde WHORE!" Xena yelled. She spit a big glob of saliva in Gabrielle's
face, giving Gabrielle a disdainful look.

Gabrielle felt the spit sliding down her face as she stared wide-eyed up at
her dominating sex mistress.

"How do you like my big cock, you little suck-bitch?" Xena snarled, spitting
another slimy loogey directly into the blonde's glistening face. Then she
did it again, and this time she spit directly into Gabrielle's eye.

Gabrielle gasped as she winced from the impact. Tears now began to flow in
earnest down her cheeks, mingling with the spit and milk which soaked her
face. She wept uncontrollably, despite herself. She had never expected
anything like this, especially not from her best friend and lesbian lover.

"What are you fucking crying about you little bitch? I haven't even STARTED
with you yet! I'll give you something to really cry about soon enough!" Xena
exclaimed. "Now tell me what a cock-sucking whore you are, Gabrielle. SAY

"I-I'm a." Gabrielle started, but began weeping again before she could
finish. She swallowed hard and tried again. "I'm a-a-a cock s-s-sucking

"That's right, Gabrielle." Xena glowered. "You're nothing but a cock-sucking
whore and that's exactly the way you are going to be treated, you fucking
BITCH!" The Warrior Princess pried open Gabrielle's mouth by hooking her
fingers into the corners of her mouth and then spit another couple of big
globs of saliva directly into the sobbing blonde's throat. Another thick
glob of spit landed directly onto Gabrielle's tongue and yet another blob of
spittle landed on her forehead.

"Get between my legs and SUCK me you whore!" Xena ordered, standing up and
straddling Gabrielles' face between her powerful tan thighs. Xena once again
squeezed and groped her own tits, sending milk squirting from her nipples in
thin jets. Her huge dickhead banged against Gabrielle's face as the petite
blonde reached up and wrapped her hand around as much of the huge stalk as
she could.

"Don't use your hands on it, you cunt!" Xena barked. "Only your mouth. I
want you to take my entire cock! You keep those hands on my hips and if you
let go I'm going to beat the hell out of you!"

Gabrielle instantly obeyed, placing her hands firmly on Xena's wide hips and
her lips on the huge bulbous head of Xena's throbbing cock. Gabrielle was
sure there was absolutely no way a penis of this size would ever fit all the
way in her mouth. She could only just barely get her mouth open wide enough
around the tip. What Xena was demanding was simply not possible!

Gabrielle tried to swallow Xena's huge cock a couple of times but only
managed to get about four or five inches of the monstrous cockshaft into her
mouth before spitting it out, coughing and gasping.

Xena's eyes were filled with lust and anger. She firmly grasped Gabrielle's
head, tangling her fingers in the blonde's silky hair. "When I tell you to
swallow my cock you'd better SWALLOW it you fucking BITCH!"

Xena lunged forward, ramming her huge erection past Gabrielle's widely open
lips and straight down her throat. Xena positioned herself in a half-crouch
so that she was lunging at a downward angle into Gabrielles upturned face so
that her cock could go in a straight line straight down her sidekick's
throat.otherwise Xena's attempt would have no chance of success.

Gabrielle completely panicked when nearly half of Xena's massive cockshaft
invaded her gullet and stretched her throat. She began immediately gagging
and choking, tears now streaming freely from her wide-open eyes. She stared
hopelessly up into Xena's face but received no mercy from the Warrior

"AAWWWWLLLGHHHH!!!" Gabrielle gagged.

"Yeah! CHOKE on it, WHORE!" Xena growled. She spit directly into
Gabrielle's face and widened her stance slightly for another shove. "Choke
on my big thick COCK, you SLUT!" Xena lunged hard once again and buried
over half of her monstrous dick down Gabrielle's tight throat.

"UUUAAAAWWWLLLHHHRRGGG!!!" Gabrielle gagged. Her natural gag reflex was
squeezing and milking Xena's huge cock but unable to dislodge the massive
member that filled her throat. Gabrielle was only barely able to breathe,
and how she even accomplished that was probably due to the grace of

Xena tightened her grip on Gabrielle's head so that the blonde could not
escape. The lust-crazed Warrior Princess let loose her traditional ululating
battle cry of "IYYYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIIII!!!" She lunged forward with great
force and buried three fourths of her tremendous fuck-pole down Gabrielle's
gagging throat.

"NNNAAAWWWHHHLLGHHHHLGH!!!" Gabrielle screamed around Xena's massive stiff
penis. She was in a greater state of panic than before and looked up into
Xena's face through tear-streaked eyes. Gabrielle's vision was blurry and
she couldn't stop choking and gagging.

"Ahhhh.YEAH!" Xena rasped. "Just.a.little.more." The Warrior Princess
lurched forward once again and finally buried the remainder of her cock all
the way down the blonde's gullet.

"GGGLLAAAUUHHHHGGGG!!!" Gabrielle loudly glurged. Her nose was mashed into
Xena's belly and her lips were pressed firmly against the base of Xena's huge
penis. The blonde's lips were forced open as wide as possible and her
massive breasts heaved and wobbled as she struggled to breathe.

"EEYYYAAAAAHHH!!!" Xena screamed in triumph, throwing her head back and
grinding her shapely hips against her blonde love-slave's face. She had
managed to bury her entire cock to the hilt down Gabrielle's throat and,
given the sheer size of Xena's colossal penis, that was no minor feat.

Xena hauled back, withdrawing half of her enormous fuck-tool, and then
slammed forward again. She started out slowly, savoring the obscenely
pleasurable physical sensation.

"Ahhhh.yeah! You're throat is so fucking TIGHT, Gabrielle!" Xena grunted.
"I love the way your throat squeezes my big thick cock! Uuhhh!!! Oh GODS,
yeah! I'm gonna throat-fuck the hell out you, you, you SLUT!"

Xena lost no time in doing so, either, and started humping away at
Gabrielle's mouth, plunging her huge cock in and out with savage intensity.
She looked down into Gabrielle's defeated eyes and spit in the blonde's face
a few more times just for good measure.

Gabrielle's throat made wet squishing and sucking sounds as Xena increased
her oral assault. Gabrielle looked up into the eyes of her mistress. The
blonde scribe had never before felt so completely dominated.degraded.
humiliated.or debased than she did at this very moment. She also was
confused by her own emotions. She was hurt by Xena's cruel behavior and
remarks.but a part of her was also turned-on by it. How could she feel
aroused by being treated like a three-dinar street whore, she wondered.

Xena pulled her gigantic cock completely out of Gabrielle's throat and let
the little blonde gasp for air for a minute while Xena rubbed the hard slimy
member all over her face. Gabrielle sucked on Xena's balls and licked her
throbbing dick every time she was given a chance. She wanted to do
everything she could to appease her dominant mistress's bestial lusts.

Xena's thrusts became more and more powerful and soon Gabrielle was forced
down onto the ground, with Xena on top of her, straddling her face, still
pumping away. Gabrielle reached her hands behind Xena's waist and planted
her outstretched palms flatly against Xena's big round buttocks. The blonde
slapped her warrior mistress's flanks and roughly kneaded her ample meaty
ass globes, which spurred the raven-haired battle maiden into a greater

Xena thrust away at Gabrielle's tight throat, savagely face-fucking her
blonde sidekick with all her might. Xena's supported herself on her elbows
as she spread her legs farther apart and fucked Gabrielle's mouth. Xena's
lower body was resting on Gabrielle's face and Xena was surprised that she
was able to fuck her tool down the woman's throat from this angle. She just
chalked it up to more of Aphrodite's sex magic and kept thrusting away. Who
cared how it was possible as long as it WAS possible?

Xena felt her climax building and gave a loud groan.

"Ohhhhh.yeahhhh! Suck me, Gabrielle! Uhhhh! Yeah! You.cock-sucking.
little.bitch! HHUUAAAHHH!!!" Xena yelled, fucking her cock in deep all the
way to the hilt and holding it there.

Gabrielle felt Xena's massive member start to throb and pulsate methodically
in her gagging throat and felt something shooting directly into her stomach. It was sperm! It was a LOT of sperm!

"UUHHH!!! GODS YYYESSSS!!!" Xena loudly groaned. "I'm going to pump your
belly full of my sperm, you little SLUT! I'm going to fucking fill your
belly full of sticky cum! That's all you're good for, Gabrielle! You're
nothing but a cheap CUM-SLUT!" Xena slowly pumped her spasming cock in and
out of Gabrielle's throat and blasted her potent seed straight down her

After about three minutes had passed, Gabrielle's belly was bloated and
packed full of cum. She choked and gagged even more now that the overflow
of cum was squirting back out of the corners of her mouth. Her full belly
was swollen and visibly distended from all the cum that was churning inside

With one hand, Xena pulled her huge climaxing erection all the way out of
Gabrielle's mouth and spurted gooey jets of sperm all over the blonde's face.
Gabrielle's gasping mouth was wide open and Xena soon filled it full to the
brim with slimy white cum. Gabrielle held the cum in her mouth and did not
swallow, just as she had done before when Xena had pissed in her mouth. Xena
smeared her cum-blasting cock all over Gabrielle's face, painting it with
gooey jism until her features were a slimy mask of sloppy sperm. Gabrielle's
face was now a cum-splattered mess and she was barely recognizable.

"THAT'S what you deserve, you pathetic little cunt!" Xena hissed. "You keep
all that cum in your mouth and save it for me, bitch!

Then the Warrior Princess quickly scooted down Gabrielle's body and pushed
the blonde's huge tit mounds together. Xena took advantage of a quick
titty-fuck with her petite sidekick while she had the opportunity. She
thrust her hard cock in deep between Gabrielle's soft bulging cleavage and
pumped away. Gabrielle's boobs were leaking milk before, and now that her
tits were being pressed and squeezed they lactated jets of milk once again.
In no time, Gabrielle's massive tits were soaked with her own milk and it
served to lubricate Xena's plunging orgasming cock.

"Aaaawwwhhh.godsssss.yeahhhh!" Xena moaned in orgasmic bliss. "Your big
boobs feel so fucking great, Gabrielle! I never knew how good a titty-fuck
felt before now." Xena pumped away for a few more minutes and then slapped
her spent dick on Gabrielle's enormous breast globes, making them jiggle.

When Xena's climax finally subsided she planted her mouth on Gabrielle's and
sucked out her own cum from the blonde's mouth. Xena loved the salty, tangy,
exciting flavor of sperm, and now that she was capable of producing it
herself she wanted to take full advantage of the situation.

"Mmmhhhh." Xena moaned in Gabrielle's mouth and slid her tongue in to mingle
and probe the girl's mouth. The blonde returned the favor and both women
were engaged in a wet sloppy lip-lock that lasted for several minutes. Xena
then started slowly and deliberately dragging her tongue all over Gabrielle's
cum-covered face, licking and scooping up all of the cum she could with her
dextrous tongue and swallowed it all down.

Xena stood up and reached down to haul Gabrielle up too. Xena ran her hand
over her sidekick's distended belly and was quite amazed at Gabrielle's
capacity to hold so much sperm.

"By the gods, there must be more than a gallon of sperm inside your belly,
you fucking slut! You're a real cum-whore!" Xena exclaimed.

"OOOUUHHH," was all Gabrielle could manage for a reply. She moaned loudly
in sick discomfort. Gabrielle's cum-packed belly ached and she felt severe
abdominal cramps. She could practically feel Xena's seed churning inside
her and she groaned again.

"If you're going to throw up, bitch, then get it over with!" Xena darkly
replied, and then slugged Gabrielle with her fist.hard.right in the stomach!

< THUD! >

"UUAAAHHHNNGGGGHHH!!!" Gabrielle loudly grunted, doubling over in pain.
Tears streamed forth once more from her wide eyes and the blonde grimaced in
tremendous pain. She forcefully expelled the contents of her stomach,
sending pints of cum splattering onto the ground between her feet as she
retched again and again. Gabrielle didn't stop until she had heaved up all
the cum that was inside her belly. Her stomach was still sore and bruised
from Xena's full-force punch and she staggered over to her other water flask,
which was several feet away. She gulped down the water and it seemed to calm
her stomach. She suspected the water in Oebalus had healing properties since
it took away her nausea and eased the pain of her battered stomach. Another
swig of mystical water and Gabrielle's breath was freshened and she felt much

"Have you had enough time to rest and recuperate, you little slut?" Xena
asked, her voice filled with venom. "I hope so for your sake because I'm
going to fuck that tight little pussy of yours the way it should have been
fucked the first day we met!"

Gabrielle looked wide-eyed at Xena's huge member. She was astonished that
Xena's cock was already erect again after so short a time and the size
difference between her little pussy and Xena's hulking cock made her shiver
with fear!

Xena's cock bobbed and swayed hypnotically as she strode forward toward
Gabrielle. The huge majestic boobs of the Warrior Princess wobbled obscenely
as she slowly approached her terrified blonde love-slave.

"Xena! NO! PLEASE!" Gabrielle sobbed. "I can't possibly take a dick that

"There's always a first time." Xena replied with an evil smirk.

"NO! Xena! Y-you can't!" Gabrielle exclaimed, full of terror.

"You gonna stop me, bitch?" Xena threatened. "If you want to know the dark
truth, I've had this primal desire to rape you the moment I first set eyes on
you, I just didn't have the job. I denied and suppressed
my primal desires and fantasies for years but now because of Aphrodite that's
all changed. You're my WHORE now, Gabrielle! You understand that? You are
my WHORE! I'm going to throw you down on the ground and slam my huge cock up
that tight little sweet pussy of yours and just RAPE you over and over, you

"Ohhh sweet goddess, NO! Xena! You're going to kill me! Can't you see that
dick is too big!?" Gabrielle pleaded.

"Shut up, you worthless little bitch!" Xena snarled, tackling Gabrielle and
pinning her to the ground.


As the two shadowy figures stared at the unfolding scene before them in the
magical mirror, one turned to the other and spoke.

"I'm impressed." Came the female voice. "How did you ever get Xena to act
so vicious and aggressive and Gabrielle to behave so submissive and weak?"

The male shadow answered. "Well, I'd like to take credit for the whole thing
but the fact of the matter is that I did very little. I just unlocked their
primal base emotions with a bit of my sis's magic. Most of what you saw was
actually already there, just buried down deep."

"HA!" laughed the female voice. "She always acted so damned superior. but I
always knew that she was no better than me and here's the proof."

"Well, just don't get too overconfident when you go up against her." Replied
the male shadow. "Say, shouldn't you be heading out to fight her now?"

"Hmpph! Don't be so impatient. I want to see how this turns out." Spoke
the female shadowy figure. "It looks like it's really starting to get good."

"Oh, all right. I admit that it is rather entertaining." The male voice
exclaimed. "I wonder what Xena's fans would say if they ever found out about

The female shadow chuckled darkly. "If they're anything like Xena they are
probably getting off on it!"

"Well, remind me to have some lackey transcribe it and hide the scrolls."
The male shadow said, almost bursting into evil laughter. "I think I'll have
the writer conceal out identities until the next chapter, just to build up

"Oh please! That is such a tired old plot device! Only the most amateur
writers still do that!" The female figure snorted.

"Hey, it's just expected, ya know? Trust me on this one." The male figure
replied, casually leaning back on a stone temple column.

"All right, fine. Now let's get back to watching the show, it looks like
things are about to get even nastier than before! Oh, this is going to be
good!" The female voice remarked, focusing her attention on the scene in the

"And best of commercial interruptions." The dark male figure

"Commercials?" the shadowy female exclaimed. "What the FUCK are you talking




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