Xena Warrior Princess: Plans Part 2: Plan B
by Anonymous

PLAN B . . .

Hercules poked at the fire absently, wondering if he had made up
whole thing. He pulled the note from his greave and scanned it again
carefully. No, it was pretty hard to read it any other way. But she
was late; maybe they'd changed their minds.
A slight rustling told him he had a visitor, and the young blonde
stepped into the clearing, raising her fingers at him in greeting.
Hercules gulped, waving back at her shyly. "Hello, Gabrielle."
"Hi." She sat on a log a few feet away, finding herself at a rare
for words. The son of Zeus seemed to suffer from the same affliction,
and an awkward silence permeated the air.
Hercules clear his throat. "Uh, are you hungry?" He gestured
an uncooked slab of venison.
She smiled and shook her head. "I had some bread and cheese about
hour ago."
"Good." He nodded, avoiding her gaze. "Good."
Gabrielle looked around the campsite, her eyes finally returning
to the
demi-god who seemed all too mortal at the moment. She sighed, and took
the plunge. "Did you get our message?" She waved her hand around
nervously, her face turning red. "Oh, of course you did. Otherwise you
wouldn't be here, huh?"
He nodded again.
"And . . .?" She licked her lips anxiously.
He glanced up at her, then returned his attention to the
fire. "It's what Xena wants?"
"Yes. We want to have a child together. We've tried . . . other
things, but . . ." Gabrielle shook her head. She smiled brightly,
trying to lighten the mood. "You don't have dark hair, but you share a
lot of Xena's good qualities." She stifled a giggle, her mind returning
for a moment to the decision-making process with Xena.

"No! I will not have my brother's hands on you!"
"Xena," Gabrielle was doing her best to seem the voice of reason,
shares your blood. He looks like you." Xena jerked her head around.
"Well, I mean he's got dark hair and blue eyes, and he's the same
height. And he's got a pretty good figure." She melted a little under
Xena's scrutiny. "I'm speaking objectively, Xena. You might try it,"
she added pointedly.
"*Not* my brother," the warrior repeated stubbornly. "He's always
so competitive; I won't have him holding this over my head the rest of
my life."
"Holding what?"
Xena frowned. "That he could do something for you that I can't."
Gabrielle laid her hand on her lover's forearm. "That's not true.
do it all for me." She traced her fingers up a well-defined muscle,
momentarily forgetting what they had just been talking about. She saw
Xena's gaze turn to her, and her breath caught. Xena had forgotten what
they were talking about, too.
"Take your clothes off," Gabrielle urged.
"You first." Xena leaned back on her hands.
Gabrielle stood and with tantalizing deliberation began to unlace
top, her breasts coming more into view as the sides of the top
separated. Xena licked her lips in anticipation, then grunted;
Gabrielle had left one lace tied, hardly sufficient to confine her
generous mounds, but leaving just enough to Xena's imagination to drive
the Warrior Princess mad.
Gabrielle's hands reached for the tie on her skirt, and soon it
fell to
the ground. She stood motionless, treating Xena to a view of round
white flesh bulging out from beneath her top, a flat stomach, washboard
abs, all leading to the object of her desire hidden beneath the young
woman's thin undergarment.
"Do you want me, Xena?"
The warrior princess managed another grunt.
"What do you want to do to me?"
Xena was hard pressed to answer; her brain was already occupied
images answering the same question.
"Do you want to do this?" Gabrielle untied the last barrier and
the green material away from her breasts, clasping a breast in each
hand, her fingers kneading, molding the flesh.
Xena swallowed, nodding.
"What else?" Gabrielle smiled knowingly, fully aware that she
get an answer - not verbally anyway. "Do you want to touch me here?"
She slid her hand inside the thin brown cloth between her legs.
Xena's body jerked, and after a moment she nodded again. She had
to be
careful; at this rate she would come without a single touch from the
bard. But she desperately needed to see what that hand was doing, what
it was caressing . . .
Gabrielle withdrew her hand, and drew a finger across her nipple,
wetting it. Xena groaned. "Are you wet, Gabrielle?" she gasped.
"Oh, yes. I'm verrry wet," the small woman purred. "You know
what I
Xena started to nod, then changed her mind and shook her head
She wanted Gabrielle to show her.
Gabrielle drew down her underwear and paused while Xena's heated
bore into the golden triangle between her legs. After a moment,
Gabrielle slid a hand down her stomach and between her legs, gliding a
finger back and forth in her wetness. "I need you to do this," she
uttered, beginning to lose her train of thought. She slipped her finger
inside, and Xena raised a hand to her heated forehead.
"By the gods, Gabrielle . . ."
"No. By you. I need you here," she could see Xena's eyes riveted
every thrust, "and here." She drew her finger out slowly and slid it
into the cleft between her hips, rubbing the wet digit across her other
Xena was up in a flash, lifting the gorgeous creature into her
carrying her over to their bedroll. She hastily pulled Gabrielle's
underwear the rest of the way off and settled the naked woman on top of
her. Eyes on Gabrielle's face, she ran a long finger through the
smaller woman's wetness, her heart pounding as her lover squirmed with
Gabrielle took Xena's hand and guided the exploring finger further
back, gasping as it slid into the tight opening. "Yesss." Gabrielle
raised her hips using strong thigh muscles, then lowered herself again,
sliding up and down, chewing on her lower lip, her eyes closed.
Long minutes later, Xena grasped Gabrielle's firm hips and guided
wetness to her mouth. Lapping at the younger woman, Xena's hand slid
beneath her leather, not surprised to find herself every bit as wet as
the woman kneeling above her. Xena caressed herself in sync with the
strokes of her tongue, her excitement climbing with the volume of the
bard's cries.
Gabrielle arched her back, coiled tightly like a spring. "Xena .
. .,"
she whimpered, then jerked forward, convulsing at the feral sensations
coursing through her veins. Xena delved into her relentlessly, bringing
her to a second peak, draining every ounce of energy from her lover's
Gabrielle lay her hands on her thighs, panting, then turned her
head at
the perception of motion behind her. "Mmmm. . ." She smiled as she
watched Xena's hand moving rapidly under her leather, and then the
warrior stiffened, her hips rising, thigh muscles flexing tightly as she
came, her pleasure enhanced by the delicious aroma of her lover's
passion filling her lungs.
The fire had nearly burned itself out, but the night was warm and
lovers were content. Head resting on Xena's shoulder, Gabrielle traced
her fingers across Xena's shoulder blade.
"Homer might do it."
Xena looked down at her. "No way. No offense, Gabrielle, but
kid'll already have plenty of bard in his blood. I thought we decided
to get someone a little . . . more . . ."
"Like you?"
"OK." Gabrielle racked her brain. "How about--no, he's dead.
you killed him. Hmm." She brightened. "Hey, what about that guy I
met in the bar that time you were gone? You know, the chariot race?"
Xena frowned. "You mean the sensitive guy who didn't want to kill
"Oh. Nevermind." She thought some more. "Iolaus?"
"He's short and blonde, Gabrielle." Xena gritted her teeth. "And
like it too much," she added to herself.
"Well, who does that leave?"

The big man exhaled slowly. "I owe her." He looked into clear
eyes. "Both of you. For . . ."
Gabrielle rose from the log and put her hand on his arm. "I know.
must still hurt. I know how I felt when Xena died."
"I haven't been with a woman since . . ."
Gabrielle lowered her gaze; she didn't really know what to say.
you don't want to, we'll understand."
Hercules got to his feet and looked down at the sweet girl sitting
her calves tucked under her. "No, I . . . It's all right."
"Really? Um . . . Great!" Gabrielle blushed. "So, should we . .
"Right now?"
"Well, we've only got a week. I'd like to, you know, as much as
The big man wiped his hands on his breeches. "Uh, sure."
looked around, not certain what to do.
"You could take your clothes off," Gabrielle suggested, her
working at the laces on her top. Seeing the hesitation on his face, she
added gently, "Or not. We can just . . ." The front of her top fell
open, exposing firm, round breasts. Hercules quickly averted his eyes,
but almost against his will his gaze returned to the tempting flesh, the
sight sending fire through his loins. It had been a while, and this
girl was beautiful.
Gabrielle ran her gaze up Hercules' legs, biting her lip as she
the prominent bulge forming between his legs. This was it. No
weak-kneed suitors losing their nerve, no jealous lover barging in. It
was time to fish or cut bait.
She ran her hands over her breasts, then reached up and laid her
gently on the front of his trousers. Hercules groaned softly, closing
his eyes as the soft hand caressed him. His eyes shot open, and he
stilled her hand. It had been too long . . .
Gabrielle lay back on the ground and drew off her undergarment,
looking up at the man plainly wrestling with his emotions. In a moment,
he lowered himself to his knees, reaching for the fastener on his
pants. He drew them down over his hips, and Gabrielle's eyes widened.
"By the gods," she thought, grateful that she had taken the time to get
herself ready before reaching the camp, reliving memories of Xena
pinning the happily struggling bard on the bed last night.
Hercules hesitated, and Gabrielle glanced up at him. "Oh," she
and reached down shyly to grasp the hard shaft. She ran the tip through
her wetness, spreading her legs to prepare for the imminent invasion,
and guided him to her narrow entrance.
She gasped as he entered her, sliding cautiously inside her,
controlling the pace to keep from hurting the girl too much. She was
plenty wet, but small, and a twinge of guilt passed through him as he
shuddered at the feel of tight muscles gripping him. Gabrielle's
shoulders rose off the ground and he paused, then forged the rest of the
way in.
He closed his eyes, breathing hard, and drew himself out,
thrusting in
again. "Unnnhh ..." This wasn't going to take long. The woman was
exquisite . . .
He opened his eyes. What was he doing? This was Gabrielle.
love. He wasn't supposed to be enjoying this.
Gabrielle gripped his shoulders. "What's wrong?"
He couldn't answer her.
"Go ahead, Hercules. Please."
He remained motionless.
"Am I doing something wrong?"
He laughed. "No. Far from it."
"Hercules, please." Her hands pressed down on his hips, and she
her own hips upward. Supporting himself on his elbows, Hercules picked
up the rhythm, thrusting into her, grunting as he increased his speed.
A dozen yards away, another blonde figure drew near the campsite,
eyebrows rising in surprise as he heard familiar noises coming from the
clearing ahead. Hmm. No wonder Herc had gone off without him. He
paused, then decided it wouldn't hurt to have a look. He and Herc had
partied together when they were younger; he'd seen it all before.
Iolaus crept to the edge of the clearing, smiling as he saw two
moving on the ground, Hercules pumping into the girl . . .
Iolaus smirked, watching his friends' bare hips as they rose and
between firm thighs, his gaze drifting up the girl's clothed body to her
face. His jaw dropped, and he shook his head. She looked an awful lot
like-- He closed his eyes and opened them again. Gabrielle? What was
Hercules doing? Xena would have his head -- if he was lucky.
An image flashed through his brain of Xena chasing after his best
friend with her sword drawn and he gulped, before his friend's
unmistakable sounds drew his attention back to the bizarre scene
unfolding before him. "Ahhhh . . . " Hercules moaned, gripping
Gabrielle's shoulders as he came, finishing with a few final, passionate
thrusts, panting through his open mouth until he finally came to rest.
He raised himself up to look at Gabrielle, and she smiled. "Thank
you," she said quietly, running her hands across his back.
Hercules chuckled. "Thank *you*." He rolled over onto his back,
sighing, pulling his breeches up as Gabrielle brought the sides of her
top together and smoothed her skirt.
Iolaus watched, stunned, as the two figures lay side by side for a
moment, no words passing between them. Finally Gabrielle turned her
head and spoke, too quietly for Iolaus to hear.
"Can you do it again?"
Hercules laughed. "Are you always like this?" Gabrielle
smiling, and he shook his head affectionately. "I don't know whether to
envy Xena or worry about her."
Gabrielle grinned, and laid her hand on his arm. "You'd better
about yourself," she said, rolling onto her elbow. "Didn't know what
you were getting into, did you?" The bard's hand slithered inside his
loosened trousers.
"Nah." Iolaus mumbled to himself. "Can't be. I'm seeing
things." He
glanced out at the clearing again, shaking his head -- "Nah . . ." --,
then scrambled to his feet and hurried away.
Gabrielle's hand continued to caress Hercules. "Do you need any
she asked.
"Hmm mm," he uttered, and she smiled, feeling the source of his
pleasure already hardening under her touch.
She gasped in surprise as he suddenly rolled on top of her, his
arousal quite apparent in spite of two layers of cloth. "The things I
do for friendship," he said, sighing melodramatically as he lowered his
trousers again, guiding himself under her skirt. He slid his hands
under her hips and raised her up, prodding the silky flesh between her
legs. A moment later she cried out sharply as he forced his way inside,
until they were completely joined.
"You all right?"
"Mm. Yeah." Gabrielle swallowed. "You're . . . bigger than I'm
to." She shifted her body. "A lot bigger."
"Well, I am legendary."
"Oh, yeah? Prove it."
Hercules smiled and drew himself almost all the way out, then
into her again . . . and again . . . and again, hips flexing as he took
her. Losing himself in her, he arched his back and shoved aside the
green material with his mouth to get at her breasts. His lips closed
around a nipple, sucking at it until he took the hard bud between his
teeth, pulling gently, teasing it. He released the pink tip and took
her whole breast into his mouth, grunting as his tongue bathed the
tender flesh.
Suddenly his head jerked back, and he thrust into her with short,
staccato movements, emptying himself into her. He took a deep breath,
letting it out slowly. "Told you it's been a while," he said, a little
embarrassed at how quickly he had lost control.
She smiled. "You're doing fine in my book."

* * *

The sun was nearly at mid-sky, but the two people in the isolated
clearing didn't notice. Gabrielle knelt and took Hercules into her
mouth, taking care not to cough as she felt him at the back of her
throat. She closed her lips against his thick organ and began to slide
her mouth up and down, sucking gently as she licked at his flesh with
her tongue. Bracing herself with a hand against his powerful thigh,
Gabrielle brought her other hand up to close around him, sliding it back
and forth zealously as her lips were doing.
She hoped she was doing this right. Hercules placed a hand on the
of her head, urging her on, groaning as he thrust between her sensuous
lips. Gabrielle smiled, to the extent she could with his sizeable flesh
crammed into her mouth; Hercules seemed to be enjoying himself.
She felt his thigh muscles go rigid, and glanced up at his face.
"Hercules . . ." She pulled her mouth away quickly and lay on her back,
spreading her legs. Hercules knelt above her and shoved Gabrielle's
thighs over his shoulders, pushing himself into the warm flesh, spilling
into her almost instantly.
He collapsed on top of her, waiting for his breathing to slow to
levels. "That was a good idea," he muttered.
Gabrielle ran her fingers lightly across his back. "I don't want
to get bored," she said sincerely.
Hercules laughed.

* * *

Iolaus approached the camp again. Four days with no sign of
If he was still here, maybe he could get some answers. He sneaked up to
the edge of camp and parted the brush, staring for a moment, his brow
furrowed, his gaze taking in the low fire, beside it the remains of a
meal, a bottle with some kind of oil . . . then, over by the edge of
camp, Hercules, naked, on his knees, rocking back and forth. From that
angle, Iolaus couldn't quite see--
He clapped his hands over his eyes. Gabrielle was there, on her
and knees, Hercules behind her, his hands groping at her breasts as he
bent over her, buried deep inside her. Iolaus sat, not looking at the
scene, but as Hercules' grunts filtered through the brush he felt his
own pants growing tight. After a few minutes he yielded to temptation,
reaching inside his trousers. His own organ was rock hard and he closed
his fingers around it, stroking it slowly, unconciously timing his
movements to the steady sounds of Hercules' grunts.
He wouldn't violate their privacy by spying on them, but in his
mind he
pictured what they were doing -- Hercules taking the woman from behind,
pounding into her, her hips shaking from the force of the impact, soft
breasts filling the big man's hands . . . Iolaus moved his own hand
faster, closing his eyes as the images ran through his brain. Suddenly
he heard a loud masculine cry, and he pictured Hercules coming
forcefully, hips jerking as he poured into Gabrielle. Iolaus bit his
lip, his own essence spurting out onto the ground beside him.
He lay back for a few minutes, catching his breath. This didn't
seem to be the best time to approach his friend. Sighing, he fastened
his pants and crept away.

* * *

Gabrielle traced her fingers across Hercules' cheek. "This is the
time you'll have to do this," she said, smiling.
"I've had worse weeks," he said, smiling back at her. "Although I
don't know if I've ever been so exhausted."
A look of concern crossed Gabrielle's face. "Are you too tired to
. .
"I'll give it a shot. But it may take me a bit longer to warm
up." He
scooted closer to her, and she ran her hand across his chest, giggling.
"What's so funny?"
"It's just so different." She giggled again. "I mean, when I put
hands here on Xena, well, you know."
Hercules stirred. "When you touch her breasts?" Gabrielle
nodded, her
face reddening, and Hercules found himself picturing her small hands on
Xena's large breasts. "What do you do with them?" he asked, his breath
coming a little faster.
"Her breasts?" She looked over at Hercules, who nodded. "Well, I
mean, the usual, I guess." She glanced over again, suddenly realizing
why he was asking, and the effect it would have on him to hear it.
"First, I squeeze them," she said seductively. "Xena likes it when I
run my palms over her nipples, and then pinch them between my fingers."
Hercules shifted again and Gabrielle glanced down between his
concluding that her storytelling was having the desired effect. Well,
she was a skilled bard, after all. She reached over and brought a rough
hand to her breast. "Then I lick them," she continued, arching her back
toward him, smiling slightly as he lowered his mouth to recreate her
tale, sensation building between her own legs as his tongue flickered
across her nipples. "And I suck on them." She closed her eyes as he
followed her instruction, feeling his growing hardness pressing against
her thigh.
"What does Xena do?"
"She plays with my breasts . . ." Gabrielle said slowly, striving
the maximum effect, "and runs her hands down my body . . ."
Hercules groaned, grinding himself against her leg.
". . . and makes love to me with her tongue until I scream . . ."

Hercules wasn't the only one getting turned on by these images, she
realized, the throbbing between her legs mounting steadily. "And then I
turn her onto her back . . . and I run my tongue down her stomach . .
." Gabrielle was feeling quite flushed now. "Between her legs . . .,"
she rasped, "I slip my tongue inside her . . . I feel her hands on the
back of my head . . ."
She was vaguely aware that Hercules was taking off his shirt.
so wet," she continued, lost in her own world, ". . . and when she
comes, I drink every drop . . ." Was Hercules removing his pants? She
tried to focus, but it was difficult enough just breathing at the
moment. The big man climbed on top of her, and she unconsciously parted
her thighs to accommodate him.
"Does Xena go inside you?" he asked hoarsely.
"Yesss," she replied dreamily, "she--uhhhhh." Hercules was inside
"She what?" He paused, exhilarating at the neverending luxury of
girl's tight warmth.
"She slides her fingers inside me," she said, clamping her lips
together at the sensations coursing through her. "She takes me . . .
harder . . . and faster . . ." Her breasts swayed as Hercules rammed
into her, and she gripped the broad shoulders with her fingers, her mind
wandering back to a week ago, clutching at another strong back as she--
She jerked upward, shuddering, her muscles contracting around him
as he
followed her into an earth-shattering climax.
They lay for a few minutes, Hercules' warm breath fluttering
her hair. "Well, that was a memorable finish," he said.
"Very," she agreed, her palms resting against his back. After
long moment, she squeezed his shoulders. "I think I'd better start
back. She'll worry if I'm too late."
Hercules rolled leisurely onto his back. "Yeah." He watched as
dressed, thinking for a moment that he should cover himself, then
laughed to himself. It was a little too late for modesty. "Do you need
an escort?"
"No, Xena will have scouted the road for me," she replied,
being a nice way of saying 'killed all the riffraff.'
"Well, I guess I'll see you around," he said, getting to his feet.
"Yeah." She turned toward him. "We'll let you know if . . ."
"Good." Hercules hesitated, then leaned down. Gabrielle smiled
turned her face up, the two friends sharing a sweet kiss. She walked to
the edge of the campsite, turning around for a final wave of her hand,
and then she was gone.
Hercules lay back on his bedroll, his hands cupped behind his
Hmm . . . What if it didn't work? Would she be back? A familiar
sensation passed through him, and he looked down between his legs,
smiling at the effect she was still having on him. He'd be there for
his friends, whatever it took. Oh, yeah.


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