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making any profit nor denying the TV Gods of the same by my whim laden use of
their creations. I am merely excercising my freedom of expression by sharing
some fanciful "what if's"--

The story that follows is in rough first form (when I finish it, I'll go
back and smooth the rough edges, all constructive feedback welcome)--and
contains explicit (GASP!) sex!!! And I'm not just saying that to make you
read it :) This is a Callisto story--who all gets together with who depends
on what I have for breakfast each morning-- this may end up a PWP (plot,
what plot?) story--and may be unsuitable for those with tender psyche-- So
if you are offended by sex, sex between those of like gender, Callisto
being bad, or nutbread--turn back now! Everyone else, have fun!

Xena Warrior Princess: Nutbread Strikes Again Part 1 (exbit,mc)
by Lemonkiss

"Xena, I'm starved!" Gabrielle exclaimed as she leaned tiredly on her stave,
"And if I have to live on trail food for another day I think I'm gonna go

Xena quirked an eyebrow at her friends dramatic statements, but the answering
growl of her tummy more than backed up the blonde bard. Three weeks on the
road from last village, and taste of trail rations and small game was
beginning to pall. She was just about to tell Gabrielle that they'd make the
city of Lycia before too long, when the young woman's eyes went bright with
delight, and a moist pink tongue wetted her lips in happy anticipation.
Following Gabrielle's line of sight, Xena saw what had literally stopped her
friend, drooling in her tracks. They were long, dark, and laid out on soft
white cloths by the roadside. They seemed a little crusty, but something
seemed to shout out a sweet, hot promise to those who'd dare to take up their

"Nutbread..." Gabrielle sighed, a gleam not unlike lust in her eye.

"Uh huh," Xena noted, scanning the road for whoever had left the little baked
goodies out like a sacrifice. Ummmm...she thought, eyes narrowing slightly...
Nope, no sign of an alter or icon that the bread could be and offering to. No
sign of anyone, and it was too damn quiet.

"Gabrielle, I have a bad feeling about this..." Xena began, and stopped to
stare in disbelief at Gabrielle, who had one hand holding out a sweet sticky
loaf, the other holding HALF of another.

"What?!" Gabrielle asked, wide eyed and mouth chewing.

"GaBriElle!" Xena's voice rose and fell over her friend's name in an agony
of stunned surprise. "What the flaming pitts of Tartarus do you think you're

"Umm...eating?" Gabrielle's reply was followed by her stuffing the remains of
the nutbread loaf she'd half consumed into her mouth.

"And just where did you think this nutbread came from?" Xena asked sharply--
her surprise and fear for her dearest friend making the sensual low voiced
purr of her voice harsh with accusation.

Gabrielle blinked as she thought it over. To help with the process, she took
a bite out of the loaf she'd meant to give to Xena. The nutbread was the
sweetest, freshest, most satisfying she'd ever tasted. There wasn't a shred
of coarseness to it, and the bake was so light and airy, it practically
melted on her tongue. It was even warm, as if just snatched from the cooling
racks. Clearly this wasn't ordinary nutbread...

"A gift from the gods!" she announced triumphantly. That was easy, Gabrielle
thought, as she noted somewhat regretfully that she'd consumed the other loaf
as well.

Xena's eyes grew cool and assessing at Gabrielle's words. From the mouths of

"Quite correct, my pretty pet. You aren't nearly as dimwitted as you appear."
a brightly malicious voice spoke approvingly behind Xena.

Xena whirled to face the speaker, and found herself practically touching
noses with...

"Callisto!" Gabrielle blurted out surprised. "Where did you come from? How
did you get out of the lava pit? Where did you get the recipe for this
nutbread? It's really, REALLY great!"

"Thank you dear, I made it ~just~ for you." Callisto cooed, her eyes holding
Xena's stare mirthfully, "There's plenty there, have as much as you like. I
think Xena has lost her apetite... for food."

"Gee, thanks!" Gabrielle said happily, and settled down on the fine white
linen. She proceeded to demolish the pyramid of baked goods left. Oblivious
to the silent battle of wills beyond her.

"What have you done, Callisto." Xena asked, her voice low and gritty with
surpressed anxiety. She felt the icy shell of unease settle around here
heart. Callisto had moved in on her with absolutely no warning. She'd heard
nothing, seen nothing, felt nothing, untill the bright haired tempest that
was Callisto was already there-- less than a breaths distance. Indeed, Xena
could feel the warmth of Callisto's breathing, soft as a caress across her

Unconciously, Xena's own breath quickened, as adrenillin coursed achingly
through her veins. Fight! Flight! Action! her blood demanded of her-- But
Xena's will reined in her furious instincts. As if suddenly confronted with
the deadliest of serpents, Xena made herself still to prevent any sudden
strikes as she studied the situation.

"Oh Xena!" Callisto made the name an endearment, "Is that how you see me? A
serpent? How symbolic. Do you know what the sages say serpents represent?"

Impossibly, the chain mail clad goddess moved even closer to Xena. Or at
least it seemed so to the warrior woman, who fought the shivers tingling up
and down her spine so as not to flinch or move away. Callisto, her eyes the
warm brown of rich earth, studied the icy contenance of the black haired
object of her affection. Oh yes... This was going to be soooo much fun...

"Cold blooded death dealers?" Xena hazarded a guess, mind shying away from
any other implication.

Callisto laughed. Her eyes went brightest, lightest blue in delight.
Breaking eye contact, she leaned in ever closer to whisper in Xena's
ear. "You flatterer. You know you'll just turn my head with all these
compliments. Actually, the answer was something a little more...

Xena swallowed hard against the unbidden rush of heat that suffused her face.
And the answering warmth that echoed somewhat lower...

"How sweetly you blush, dear Xena!" Callisto exclaimed as she suddenly danced
away, to better survey the warrior princess.

"You have such a fine, pale complexion... the rosiness quite becomes you. And
it goes down so far," Callisto commented as her eyes slowly traversed from
the pink tinged ivory of Xena's throat, to the spreading flush across the
rounded swell of Xena's breasts, "I wonder... just how far does that lovely
burn of colour go.

Xena gasped as the surface of her body was exposed to the unexpected chill
of the mid morning air. Some how her leather armour and underclothes had
vanished, leaving her completely open to Callisto's ravaging gaze. The blush
intensified, leaving Xena's body stained with colour, and Callisto gave a
small sigh of pleasure as she drank in the sight.

"Yessss," Callisto breathed out in a hiss of satisfaction, "this is how I
want you. No pettiness of leather or cloth should come between you and I,
Xena. Let us face each other without any encumberance or weapon than that
of ourselves."

"You have me somewhat at a disadvantage." Xena stated evenly, as if she were
not stark naked and ruddy with surpressed emotions in the strong midmorning

"What?" Callisto asked sweetly, as she indicated her own provocative wardrobe
of fishscaled metal and leather, "I will meet you anyway you are willing to
meet me."

She pivoted for effect and let the armour melt off her in a shimmer of light,
leaving her standing equally nude as Xena.

"A natural blonde, I see." Xena remarked aloud, hoping to unsettle the brazan

"How kind of you to notice," Callisto practically purred, laughter bubbling
behind her words as Xena's stoic expression slipped a tiny bit. Ohhhhh, yes!
She was getting under Xena's defenses, slowly but surely. The Warrior
Princess had been the object of her obsession for so long, Callisto could
practically read Xena's thoughts from the slightest twitch of an eye. Since
she was now a God, Callisto didn't have to rely on body language to know
what Xena was thinking, but it was much more fun this way. The rosy colour
had faded from Xena's body, leaving it to the natural cream and sunbronze
that was it's norm. But the heat was still there. In the blood, in the heart,
and in the deepest feminine secrets of Xena.

"What do you want with me, Callisto." Xena challenged, "Why are you playing
these games? What spell have you ensnared Gabrielle with? Speak plainly!"

"Oh Xena, Xena..." Callisto tsked sadly as she walked slowly over to
Gabrielle, "Why must you always think the worst of me?"

Stroking Gabrielle's reddish gold hair as one would stroke a pet, Callisto
knelt beside the bread nibbling bard.


"Yes Callisto?" Gabrielle stopped eating to rub against Callisto's caress
like a cat.

"Am I your enemy?"

"No, Callisto." Gabrielle replied blinking in surprise.

"You see Xena? Even your little bard understands. I'm not here to fight you.
I'm here to reward you for making me a God." Callisto grinned wickedly at
the stunned Xena. Then moving her hand from it's proprietary position on
Gabrielle's head, Callisto placed it under the bard's chin, stroking her
thumb delicately across the girl's soft, smooth skin.

Xena couldn't seem to move. The air was hot, heavy, and held her immobile as
Callisto, with almost torturous slowness, tipped back Gabrielles head, and
kissed her lingeringly.

to be continued...


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