Xena Warrior Princess: Joxer's Power
by Flyboy ([email protected])

Joxer had always been in love with Gabrielle, but she had always regarded
him as a friend. He had been by her side through the rough times and good
times, hoping beyond hope that she would turn to him for comfort. But she
always sought Xena's council when things got tough. With Xena no longer in
the picture, then he would have his chance with Gabrielle. So he followed
Xena and Gabrielle as they traveled the land. Fighting the great evils and
injustices that were still in the land.

As Aries watched from Mount Olympus, he had his own plans for Xena, since
the death of Zeus, the remaining gods were so few in number. He wanted his
godly powers to be preserved. And Xena was perfect, if he and Xena mated and
had a child, then his god hood could continue.

After many days of traveling they came to a wooded forest and in the
middle of the forest, they found a clear cool pool of water. Xena decided to
make camp here, and that they needed to bath themselves in the pool. Xena
asked Joxer if he wanted to go first, but he replied, no he could wait. So
Xena and Gabrielle walked to the pool, as the women where bathing, Joxer set
up camp. Then Aries appeared, and whispered in his ear, Why don't you take a
peek, you know you want to? What could it hurt? Seized with this idea, he
crepe to pool and silently parted the branches and was startled at the sight
that was before him.

Gabby was sucking and licking on Xena's large tits, with Xena was holding
the back of Gabrielle's head with a smile on her face. Oh YES! That's so
good. Then she started to squeeze and rub Xena's other breast, like a
longtime lover. Then Xena moved Gabrielle's hand to her furry pussy, which
was underwater. Gabrielle then put two fingers in Xena's pussy and started
to stroke in and out.

After a few strokes, Xena's hips started to buck with the movement of
Gabrielle's fingers. YES YESSSSSS! Now put you tongue in my pussy.

She removed her fingers and licked them, with a shy smile. Xena lifted
the lower half of her body out of the pool so Gabrielle could reach it
better. As Gabrielle pulled Xena's pussy lips apart, she inserted her tongue
into the wet pussy. YES! It's been a long time since I came. Gabrielle was
trying to insert her whole face into Xena's cunt. Xena started to moan and
tossing her head side to side as Gabby licked her cunt up and down and side
to side. Her hips started buck as she neared orgasm. Then she came and cum
came out of Xena's pussy and Gabby licked up it all up. GOD! That was so good!

Then Xena reached over the side of the pool and picked up a long dildo
that was under their clothes. It had a small belt that Xena put on and she
said, Now I'm going to fuck you like the slut you are. Gabrielle said, Yes!
Mistress Fuck ME Good! Gabrielle pulled her ass cheeks apart and told Xena
to Fuck me hard!

She put her cum on the dildo and stroked it a couple of times. And then
pushed it all the way up Gabrielle's ass. She yelped as it went in, she
started to finger her pussy with the strokes of the dildo. YES! MISTRESS!
FUCK MY ASS HARD. On the next stroke Xena rammed the long dildo to the hilt.
Gabrielle yelled I'm COMING! And she came; she slammed all her fingers into
her cunt as she came. Xena rammed the dildo harder into Gabrielle's asshole,
Until she Xena had a second organism, she withdrew the dildo and unbuttoned
it and started to suck on it like a real cock. You taste great Gabrielle.
The two women lowered themselves into the pool contented, both holding on to
each other. Gabrielle said, You make a better lover than Joxer would have.

With this JOXER, silently crept off, he found watching the two women
making love had given him, an erection. And that he wouldn't be able hide it
from the women when they got back.

So he went other side of the forest and found a seclude clearing. He
unbuttoned his pants and his erection sprang out. He started stoke it, with
the memories of Xena and Gabrielle fucking each other, he stroke harder and
came in big globs.

It had been a long time since he had been with a woman, that he had been
saving himself for Gabrielle. As he caught his breath, he put his cock back
in his pants and kicked dirt over the globs of cum that was on the forest
floor. He picked up some tree limbs for the fire, and started to walk back
towards the camp. He needed an excuse why it took him so long to get some
firewood. He had gotten turned around in the forest and had just found his
way back. They would believe this. As he told why was late getting back to
the campsite, a look passed between the two women as to say POOR JOXTER.

During their meal their where looks between the two women, those women
thought Joxer didn't catch. Looks that if Joxer wasn't with them that the
two women who have sex right there. As they retired for the night, Gabrielle
moved here bedroll closer to Xena. Joxer noticed this.

As he started to dream. Aries came to him in his dreams with a deal, if
he gave him a small portion of his godly powers, so that Xena and Gabrielle
would become his slaves. He would give Gabrielle to Joxer and Xena who are
his. For there were few gods left, and he wanted Xena to bear his child and
with that his godly powers would passed on. Joxer agreed to this and felt
Aries powers flowing into his being. He woke up with a start, and decided to
test his new found powers. He quaintly crept over to Xena and placed a
finger on her arm and commanded her to sleep for the rest of the night.

Seeing this, he crept over to Gabrielle and looked into her dreams. She
was dreaming of her dead husband. So Joxer started to change into that
person. He quietly spoke to her. Gabrielle woke up. And saw him standing
there. You! Yes Gabrielle, I've come back from Hades to be with you. He
reached down and started to kiss her, which she responds to. He started
kissing her mouth, and neck. He then started to rub her firm breasts through
her leather shirt. This turn her on and he pulled her shirt apart and started
to kiss and feel her breasts.

With his other hand, he fingered her pussy. Gabrielle unbuttoned Joxer's
pants; she started to jerk the cock. Her hands seemed so small that she
almost to big around for her hands to encircle the large cock. Some pre-cum
came out of the cock head. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and
started to suck the cock. He said OH MY GOD! THAT FEELS GOOD!

He started to pushed the whole cock down her throat, when she started to
gag, he let up and she lick the head and his balls. I've got to fuck you. He
ripped her underwear off and put the huge cock head into her pussy, IT'S TOO
BIG! YOU WILL SPLIT ME IN HALF. He jammed about half into her wet pussy and
started to fuck her with hard strokes. Gabrielle cried, OH GOD! She pulled
her legs apart, so more of the cock could go in. YES! Joxer was fucking her
as hard as could; he wanted her as his sex slave. If she got fucked a lot by
him, she wouldn't need Xena.

They changed positions, with Joxer on the bottom and Gabrielle on top.
Gabrielle lowered her pussy on the cock head and with one thrust from Joxer;
the huge cock was completely inside Gabrielle. She started to bounce up and
down on his cock. She was pinching her tits, as hard as she could. She knew
she could get off this way, when Xena started to pinch her tits.

Then he grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her one last time and
came. Cum coming out her cunt, there was so much that her pussy couldn't
keep all of it in. She slides off of Joxer and cleaned his cock off and
this just made his grow harder. I want to fuck Xena; He reached over and her
to wake up. She woke up with dreamy expression on her face. She took one look
at Joxer and saw the face of one her greatest loves. Yes Xena! I've come back
for you.

Xena only saw the face of her greatest lover, Come here Xena! It's been
a long time since I've held you in my arms. Xena leaped across the ground,
to where Joxer and Gabrielle were. She took Joxer's face in her hands and
started to kiss him with great passion. As he broke the kiss with Xena, he
told Gabrielle to suck his cock. Which was half inflated, so that now
Gabrielle could get all of the mammoth cock into her mouth. She sucked the
head and tongued his balls, which brought a deep sigh from him.

She sucked the entire length to the back of her throat. Xena was kissing
and licking Joxer all over, she started at his chest and went all the way
down to his cock.

Now he had two beautiful women sucking his cock. He almost came as Xena
took the whole into her mouth; her mouth was so soft. He started to lift his
body off the ground in the rhythm of Xena's velvet mouth.

I'm coming! Cried Joxer. He jammed the whole length of his cock down
Xena's throat. His cum started to overflow and was running down her face
neck and breasts. Gabrielle started to lick up all the remaining cum off
of Xena. Now Gabrielle took the dildo and was going to fuck Xena in the
ass, while Xena sucks her lovers cock back to life. Gabrielle got the dildo
and belted it on, and stuck two fingers into her cunt and came away with
enough juice to lubricate the dildo. Which She stoked a couple of times
and spread Xena's ass cheeks apart.

As Gabrielle was doing this, Xena was sucking on Joxer's cock; Joxer put
one hand on the back of Xena's head, trying to get as much of his cock into
her mouth.

YESSSSSS! You're a great cocksucker and All she could do, was to moan,
which drove Joxer up the wall. At that time Gabrielle slammed the dildo,
into Xena's butthole, Xena screamed as the dildo plunged right to the hilt.

Gabrielle slipped the dildo, in and out of Xena's ass, as Xena was
sucking Joxer's large cock. Now I going to fuck you like a dog. Because
that's all you are. A BITCH! How does it feel Xena? It feels great! Fuck
Me! Make me cum, Cried Xena, Xena started to work on Joker's cock, she was
kissing, licking and biting the huge cock.

Gabrielle was slamming the dildo into Xena as hard as she could. Making
Xena cry out FUCK ME HARDER! Gabrielle was using all her strength into
making Xena cum. Joxer started to yell I'm CUMMING! And slammed his huge
cock to back of Xena's throat. And came in gallons, so much that she couldn't
swallow fast enough. Xena started to finger herself as Gabrielle continues
to plow into Xena. Xena put all her fingers into her cunt and was stroking
faster, as Gabrielle slammed the dildo into her one last time, she came. OH
MY GOD! She cried.

Then Gabrielle then got off of Xena and the dildo came out with a loud
plop. She took the dildo that just was inside Xena and started to fuck
herself with it. Joxer and Xena move over to her started to rub and suck
on her tits, which brought a goan from her. Xena took the engorged tit into
her mouth and started to suck. And Gabrielle came with a cry and plunged
the dildo all the way into her cunt. All three collapsed to the forest
floor exhausted.

Aries winked onto the scene, as the three were still on a high from there
mutual lovemaking.

Aries grabbed Xena and tells her to suck his cock. Xena pulls down his
pants, and a massive cock springs out. It's longer, but not as thick as
Hercules', she muses. Xena takes the head and part the huge rod into her
mouth and Aries grunts with pleasure as she starting to suck his cock. Aries
puts his hand on Xena's head to get more of his cock down her throat. Xena
lips moving back and forth on Aries cock. GODS! YOU'RE SUCH GOOD COCKSUCKER!

I knew it could be great, but this is even better. Now Joxer is now erect,
and Gabrielle is sucking his cock and fingering herself,

As Xena takes the whole cock into mouth. Not to outdone by Xena, Gabrielle
takes Joxer's cock into her mouth and starts to deep throat him. Joxer
watches as she starts to bob her head on his large cock. Xena cries FUCK ME!
Aries pulls out of Xena's mouth and pushes her to the ground and jams the
massive cock into her with brutal force.

Making Xena cry out, Oh! MY GOD! IT"S TOO BIG! YOU'RE SPLIT ME wide OPEN!
The he slammed Xena all the way to the hilt, spreading her cunt, like it's
never spread before. His cock was completely filling Xena's cunt. And Aries
came, as started to slam his cock into her, Xena had both hands cupping her
large breasts and pinching her engorged tits. Xena came as Aries did. No one
had given her pleasure like that. Aries cum was leaking out Xena's cunt, and
as Aries pulled out, a river of cum started to flow out of her cunt. Xena
lay there glassy eyed from the fucking that Aries had just given her.
Gabrielle took the whole of Joxer's cock into her mouth and started to suck
and jerk it, to bring Joxer off. As Joxer yelled, I'm coming. She buried all
her fingers into her cunt and brought herself to an orgasm.

As Aries removed his cock from Xena's warm mouth, now you will obey me!
Xena scooted over to Aries, and hung on to his leg like a little puppy. You
have your wish; I will take my leave!

Then Joxer's good side came out, this is not how you wanted Gabrielle,
and you wanted her to love you with her free will, not as a sex slave, to be
used. NO! The bargains off take back your power and I wanted everything to
go back as it was. In a blink, Aries had his borrowed power back and with a
snap of his Joxer's fingers it was as if none of this happened.

All the sudden Joxer woke up and looked around, Xena and Gabrielle were
sleeping peacefully. Joxer knew something was different but couldn't put his
finger on it.

From his throne, Aries was frustrated. He almost had Xena that time.
There will always be a next time.


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