Xena Warrior Princess: Heart Of Darkness Part 4 - Seductions
by Terry Webster

"I don't smell it," Virgil remarked, "It's gone."

Xena nodded. She sat naked in the large tub, only her shoulders and head
above the surface. Her face reflected her exhaustion at the long ritual she
had endured to get the smell of Gabrielle's urine from her hair and body.
The young warrior Virgil, also naked, was standing thigh high in the water
behind her, scouring pad in one hand, soap in the other.

Xena turned her head around to face him and startled to discover the lad's
erect cock inches away from her face. She looked up at him to see a lewd grin
on his face staring down at her.

With one savage motion, she rose from the water onto her knees, her breasts
breaking the surface, her left hand grasping his manhood in a vise-like grip.
Virgil yelped with pain at the assault.

"Still think it's funny?" She snarled, "I should rip this out by the roots
for what you did!"

Virgil's face twisted into a mask of terror, as he looked down on the furious
woman at his feet.

"I...I was seduced into it!" He stammered.

"To have sex with both my lover...AND my daughter!" Xena accused, "And you
weren't exactly fighting Gabrielle's suggestion to cum on my face!"

"You didn't mind it when I was whipping you!" He replied excitedly, "And
before...Remember before?"

Xena looked at her captured treasure, a small smile crossing her lips.

"Doesn't look so big now!" She remarked coyly.

"It could be," Virgil suggested, a trace of fear still in his voice.

"Let's see," Xena suggested, as she rose forward on her knees and engulfed
his erection into her wet mouth.

Virgil smiled, looking down as the woman serviced him. Here was one of the
most powerful women in the world and she was slaving over his cock like a
two-dinar whore. Carefully, he dropped the soap to the water, abandoning
it to float on the surface. He moved his free hand to touch her wet hair,
stroking the tresses. He then hung the rag on the edge of the tub, allowing
his other hand to join the other. Within moments, he was building a rhythm
with Xena's head, literally fucking her in the mouth.

"By the Gods!" He moaned, feeling his orgasm building.

Xena laughed in her mind. It was so easy to bring men...and women...under her
control. Sex had never been as important to her before. The hole into Hell
that had opened up nearby had changed all that. She loved this new freedom.

But there was one more thing she had to attend to. Besides satisfying Virgil,
that is.

Xena suddenly stopped, releasing her grip. She stood up in the water, the
water cascading down her naked flesh. Virgil could only stare in naked
admiration for the treasure before him. Xena returned his expression, as she
suddenly turned her back to the bewildered and excited lad. She then bent
over, her ass pointing towards him, grasping the edge of the tub.

Virgil needed no illumination. He guided his cock between her pussy lips and
began to fuck the warrior. Xena laughed, as she grunted at his invasion,
pushing her body back against the manhood buried within her.

"Come on, you bastard!" She coaxed, "I'll show you who's a better fuck than

Virgil grinned, as his hands seized her hips. He loved the idea that Xena
imagined a competition between her and Gabrielle for him and vice versa. It
made both women work harder on pleasing him to spite each other. He was the
beneficiary no matter which girl he was with.

He increased the power of his thrusts and Xena responded in kind. The water
churned with their motion, but neither cared if it spilled over the edge of
the tub. Both had their eyes shut tight, their minds and bodies totally
focused on their passion.

"Harder!" Xena groaned, "Harder!"

Virgil obeyed her commands, his thrusts becoming almost violent. Xena
responded in kind, her grunts and moan almost animalistic. Suddenly she
stopped, looking over her shoulder with unbridled lust.

"Do it!" She snapped, "You know you want to!"

Virgil grinned, as he withdrew his dripping cock from the warrior's hot
channel. He pressed it's heady, sticky with Xena's fluids, against the ring
of her anus, rotating it slightly to gain entry.

Xena tensed at the intruder, her body trying to relax, but Virgil could
feel her buttocks go rigid and pressed even harder against her. As the head
penetrated into her, the warrior princess' breath came out into a rush.

Virgil laughed, taking the act as a sign of triumph. He seized her hips and
began to ream her ass at a frantic pace. Xena bucked against his assault,
meeting his energy with a animalistic fury of her own.

"By the Gods!" She breathed, "You're such a good ass fucker."

"Something I learned in school," Virgil replied, as he seized her hair and
pulled her head back.

Xena gasped at the attack, but did not stop her frenetic pace. She felt the
heat building within her, the pain of the flesh of her inner ass being torn
by Virgil's invasion, and wondered how she ever lived before without a steady
diet of sex, especially from men. Yes, she and Gabrielle were lovers, but
this new feeling, although increasing her sexual appetite, had increased a
hunger for cock. She wondered if Gabrielle could ever satisfy her again...
That is, if she didn't kill the Bard the next time they met.

The two kept up their rhythmic dance, sweat from the exposed part of their
bodies replacing the water that was there. Virgil was exalted, gazing at his
lover's muscular back gyrating in the throes of passion. Here was a woman
feared across the land far and wide and, to him at this moment, she was
nothing more than an ass whore.

He could feel his balls tighten at the sudden rush of semen in his balls. He
released Xena's hair and fell back against the edge behind him, his cock
sliding from her ass. Virgil grasped his cock and held it, as gobs of white
flew from the tip and sprayed across Xena's back. He yelled, running his hand
up and down his rod.

When he opened his eyes, Xena was looking over her shoulder at him with stern

"Not only did I not cum," She remarked icily, "But now you'll have to clean
me all over again."

Virgil only grinned.

* * *

Across the village, another woman relaxed her body within a wooden tub of
warm water. The tub was also built for two, but had only been occupied by
one for a very long time.

Thea lay back in the tub, absorbing the heat she had worked for to get in
the water. Boiling the buckets of water and getting them into the tub fast
enough was quite a feat in itself. Fortunately, she had her children to help
her. Jason's strong arms in carrying it and Medea's quick action in dumping
it into the tub had saved time. Of course, she could to hide her nakedness
to them, but Jason was 19 summers and Medea 18, and she doubted either
entertained thoughts of incest.

She wished she could say the same.

They had been born when Thea was not yet out of her teens. Their father had
gone off to war and never returned. Thea had loved him dearly and did her
best to run the farm and raise them both. She had been alone for most of
those years, except when the caravans came to town.

There were merchants and entertainers, storytellers and cooks. One was a
exotic dancer named Trista, a fiery redhead of some 20 years. She was the
most beautiful creature Thea had ever seen and Trista felt the same way
about the slightly older woman. It was only a matter of hours after they
met and talked that Thea was escorted to Trista's private wagon and
initiated in the world of lesbian love.

The caravans would come every year for a week and Thea would know paradise
for that week. Then they would leave, her lover with them, and Thea would
again be alone. She had no interest in the men of the village. None compared
to the touch of Trista or the rugged manliness that attracted her to her

But, as time went on, Thea realized she couldn't wait that long year for
Trista's return. And, as her children grew older, she could see the strength
in Jason and the nubile beauty of Medea. Even though she knew it was wrong,
she would fantasize late at night of being with one, then the other,
sometimes with both, wrapped in the glories of physical love. It was all
imagination, but it was that and Trista that kept her loneliness more
bearable. Once or twice (But not often) she would find a reason to discover
her children nude. She would walk into either child's room while they were
undressing, claiming she thought the room empty. It was this way she learned
that Jason's muscular body was attached to the longest cock she had ever
seen, even in its limp stage. And how she "accidentally" discovered her
daughter possessed a wonderfully attractive body. Medea's breasts were
almost, but not as large, as her own. Thea dreamed of squeezing them, if
licking them, of biting them, but it was all in her fantasies.

She smiled as she remembered her daughter pouring the hot water in the tub.
Thea had kept her left arm across her chest and her right hand covering her
pussy, but the heat of the water had caused her to shut in the tub, moving
her hands to clutch the sides of the container. She had noticed Medea staring
at her body, at her breasts, and Thea almost imagined she saw a hunger in her
daughter's eyes. And, when Jason had walked in to ask how many more buckets
were needed, only to see his mother's nude body, Thea thought she saw his
prick grow erect in his loose pants. But Jason had ducked away back to the
fireplace, leaving Thea to wonder how much "discomfort" she had caused him.
Moments later, both children retired to their respective rooms, leaving Thea
to slyly wonder how much effect her body had played on her children's

As she lay in the tub, her eyes closed, she pondered how sick she was. To
want her daughter licking her pussy, to desire her son to penetrate every
orifice on her body with his horse-like cock, was a sign of extreme
loneliness, she decided.

Or maybe she was just perverted.

She let out a small giggle at the last thought. With her eyes closed, she
let her right hand travel beneath the water to the warm apex of her legs.
Her fingers lightly touched her clit, sending a wave of anticipation through
the young mother's body. She touched her clit with two fingers, smiling as
she began to fondle it.

She began to rub hard against it, building the erotic pressure in her body.
As she did, her mind imagined her children's return. They stood by the tub
both gloriously naked, both looking down upon with undisguised lust in their
eyes. Her eyes closed, her hand moving more rapidly against her flesh, she
imagined her son as she had recently seen him...Well muscled, his cock large
and erect. Thea could feel her mouth salivate at the sight before her. She
then turned almost reluctantly to her daughter.

The sight that greeted her was even more arousing. Her daughter was almost a
mirror image of herself in younger days. Her large breasts accented her lithe
sensuous body, a chest with no sign of sag in them. Thea's mouth salivated
even more, but not as much, she wagered, as her daughter's, whose eyes were
going from her mother's exposed body to her brother's muscled frame and back

As Thea decided to move towards her daughter, she could feel her son's hand
seize her hair, intertwining his fingers in the strands. Jason roughly pulled
her mother's head up from the tub. In her mind, Thea eyes focused on her
son's heavy cock, as it thrust forward towards her mouth. The woman hungrily
enveloped the shaft, her years of suppressed desires bubbling to the surface.
Like an animal, she bobbed her head in his crotch, feeling him rammed back at
her every attack.

Thea could feel small hands caressed her breasts. Her mind laughed at the
thought of her daughter joining in, massaging her mother's breasts as she
sucked more voraciously at Jason's cock. She suddenly felt Medea's mouth
suck at her nipples. The combination of the double assault in her
imagination caused Thea to rub even harder at her clit. She soon felt
herself gyrating with an orgasm in the water, her body trembling at the
erotic current tearing through her body.

As she relaxed back into the tub, she pulled the head at her chest closer,
letting the soft mouth and wet tongue send waves of pleasure through her
inflamed nipples.

Thea suddenly startled, as she realized that there was someone real at her
chest, that it was no trick of her imagination. She pulled back, breaking
contact with the person, her arm instinctively covering her breasts. She
looked at the intruder with shocked surprise.

"Who...Who are you?" She asked.

"Hello," The vision before her smiled, "My name is Gabrielle."

* * *

Lucifer found himself at the orgy again.

He could feel the sweat in his body and he knew it wasn't from the heat
generated from his surroundings. He allowed himself a quick glance around
the room. Men and women were groping each other, their clothes savagely
being discarded. Few were trying to be romantic, but most settled for
ripping at the material, their mouths hungrily caressing the newly exposed
flesh. Even more astonishing to the Angel was that the most savage seemed
to be the women. In fact, some had discarded the options for male partners
to lead other females into darkened corners, their stares and caresses
promising the ecstasy of what was to come.

Lucifer turned his gaze back to the tableau that was now enticing him.

Xena the warrior princess, his guide into the world of earthly delights, was
dancing with her young and athletic lover, Gabrielle. Their eyes were locked
on each other, totally oblivious to those cavorting around them. There was
passion in those eyes, and love...and lust.

But it was different this time. Both women were gloriously naked. Their
perspiration had created a sheen on their naked bodies, the shine of which
reflected the glow of the torches on the wall.

Lucifer sipped from his goblet, his eyes never leaving the pair. Xena had
pulled Gabrielle closer, her lips hungrily locking with her partner's. The
Bard returned the kiss with an animalistic growl in her throat, pressing
her sweaty body against the warrior.

Lucifer startled and looked down his own body. He also was naked and covered
in his own sweat. He smiled down, as his lover's hand closed over his cock.
A tongue flicked out and traced the sac beneath his organ slowly, causing a
minor shudder in the Angel.

Lucifer closed his eyes, drinking in the sensations coursing through his
body. He felt fingers move across his thigh to his buttocks. Lucifer smiled,
as he felt the digits caress the flesh, probing for the crack and the abyss
between them.

As his breath became more ragged, Lucifer allowed himself a moment to open
his eyes and gaze at his hostess.

Xena had pulled Gabrielle to her knees before her and had turned away. She
laughed, as her companion pulled the warrior's butt cheeks apart and plunged
her mouth hard against her lover's anus. Lucifer felt mesmerized as he
watched Gabrielle lap like a desperate feline against her target.

Lucifer startled, as his own lover reached his asshole and plunged his middle
finger within. As the Angel reacted to this first assault, he felt his cock
engulfed in a warm moist cavern, a sensuous mouth that began sucking on his

Lucifer could feel the passion rising in his body, the muscles in his body
tensing. He could feel the mouth working harder and harder, as if to suck the
life from him. He tried to move in a kind of rhythm against both the mouth
and the finger probing deeply into his bowels. He stole one more glance at
the two women.

Gabrielle was now lying on her back on the floor. Xena had lowered her pussy
to the woman's mouth, her thighs on either side of the blonde's head. Xena
laughed, as Gabrielle lapped against the warrior's clit. She put both of her
hands behind her head, slowly gyrating her pussy against her lover's
ministrations. As she did, she noticed Lucifer's eyes upon her. Xena smiled
sensuously and reached out in a brazen invitation for the Angel to join them.

That was all it took. Lucifer felt his body shake uncontrollably, as he came
deeply in the warm mouth below him, spurting gob after gob of hot cum down
his lover's throat.

He yelled in ecstasy.

And woke up.

Lucifer laid his head back against the pillow, staring up at the ceiling, his
breath coming out in ragged gasps. He could see the flames of the fireplace
of his room playing against the otherwise darkened room.

'Never have I experienced such a dream,' he thought, 'Never have I...wanted
before. If this is what has been denied us all these generations.'

Lucifer's arm crossed his forehead, not surprised to discover the sweat he
felt on his body was also on his head. It had been the most vivid dream the
Angel had ever experienced. Is this is what has been denied to them all? He
had descended to Earth to ensure that Xena would take the throne of Hell
after she had killed the former ruler. He had volunteered for this mission
to prove to Archangel Michael and the others his worth.

But now he realized some of the temptations...the yearnings...that had been
denied to them.

Was this the evil they had been trained to fight? He remembered the attack of
Xena more than a year ago, when the souls of both the warrior princess and
her lover were caught in the war between the realms of above and below. She
had become a monster and Lucifer had hoped his would have been the sword to
finish her. As for Gabrielle, he barely noticed her. His focus was on the

But now things were different. Xena was alive...Oh, so alive...and showing
him the pleasures of the flesh. And Gabrielle was a sexy creature in her
own right. An athletically alluring treasure waiting to be seized, to be be conquered.

And the other, the one who satisfied him in his dream. If only.

Lucifer suddenly tensed, his body stiffening.

There were shadows on the ceiling.

* * *

"Who...Who are you?" Thea gasped.

The woman before her was beautiful. She wore a worker's overall, but she
seemed to have been in water recently. Parts of the overall clung to wet
parts of her body. Her hair was also damp, the short blonde hair slacked
down on her head.

"You have nice children," The woman named Gabrielle suddenly stated softly.

Thea froze at the mention of her children. Gabrielle smiled down, as she
slowly unlatched the overall.

"My friend is watching them, so we won't be disturbed," She continued in a
sensuous tone, "So, please. Don't make any trouble. It might upset her."

Thea's mind raced with the implications of the Bard's threat, until the
blonde pulled the overall down to her waist. Thea found herself staring at
the woman's breasts, her eyes widening.

Gabrielle noticed the reaction and slowly hooked her thumbs in the overalls
waistband. She turned, giving the woman in the tub a good view of her back
side, as she slowly slid the overall down her legs to the floor. Casually,
she kicked them aside and stretched, allowing the farmer a vista of the
rippling of her back muscles and the clenching of her ass cheeks. She turned
around to meet Thea's eyes, which had moved up from the Bard's exposed pussy
to her sensual smile.

"That feels so much better," Gabrielle smiled, "My friend and I had been down
to the river. It's so cold. I was glad we found you."

The blonde walked forward and looked down at Thea. The farmer felt she
should have covered herself, but all she could do was stare up at the beauty
standing before her.

"The tub is built for two, I see," Gabrielle remarked, "Move forward."

Thea did as she was told, feeling the woman climb in behind her. As the woman
slipped in, Thea could feel the flesh of the newcomer's legs sliding against
the outside of her own. Thea fought against the trembling she felt at the
touch of the intruder athletic body. She could feel her own nipples
involuntary harden at the contact and was glad they were not facing each
other. She could feel the woman move her hands in the water, lift them above
the surface, and allow the drops to run down the farmer's back. She flinched
involuntarily at the contact.

"Nice warm water," Gabrielle cooed, repeating the action, "So much better
than the river. Is your husband away?"

"No," Thea croaked, "He died."

"I'm sorry," Gabrielle remarked, though her tone was anything but sincere,
"I suppose it's just you and your children."

There was a moment hesitation before Thea nodded. Gabrielle smiled at the
time lapse. She moved her legs closer to Thea's, causing the latter to

"Maybe you have a lover?"

When Thea did not respond, Gabrielle placed her fingertips on Thea's shoulder
blades and softly massaged the wet flesh. Thea stiffened, but made no move to
break the contact.

"A man?"

Thea did not move at the Bard's question. Gabrielle's smiled widened.

"A woman."

The Bard words were a declaration, not a question. Her fingers moved up
Thea's shoulders and ran slowly across the slopes to the woman's throat. Thea
could feel the woman move closer, her breasts pressing against Thea's back.

"You must not see her often," Gabrielle remarked, her warm breath playing
upon the moist flesh before her, "What's her name?"

Thea remained silent. The closest of the woman behind her was filling her
with a mixture of desire and dread. She didn't know what to do.

Gabrielle could sense her discomfort. She smiled to herself and leaned back.

She knew what to do.

* * *

Lucifer turned his head on the pillow towards the fireplace. The shadows on
the ceiling had reflected off the two figures stretched out on the animal
skin before the hearth. A man and a woman were obviously in intensive
foreplay, their naked bodies sweating from the heat. Lucifer sat up and
seized a robe from the end of the bed, wrapping his naked body in it. He sat
there for long moments, frozen, studying the pair.

Slowly, he rose to his feet and, tying the cord to the robe close, walked
ever so softly over to the pair. He looked down on the pair.

The woman, on her back, had her face obscured by her tresses, but Lucifer
could sense that her eyes were closed and her mouth open. She was panting
as the muscular man atop her was sucking her left breast like an animal.
Lucifer could discern that the man had his right arm stretched out beneath
him towards the apex of her thighs. It was obvious he was flicking her clit
with that hand, causing her breath to become more rapid.

The firelight reflected the beads of perspiration on her naked flesh as the
pair made love, a sight that Lucifer couldn't help but be aroused by. His
erection was growing with each intake of her chest.

The woman shook her head, causing the tresses to gall to the sides of her
head. She opened her eyes and found herself staring up at the angel.

"Lucifer!" She exclaimed.

"Xena!" He replied, startled by recognition.

""Oh," was all the man said, sliding off Xena to sit on his knees, "Hello,

"Hello, Virgil," Lucifer responded, letting his eyes rake in the man's
nakedness before returning to Xena.

The warrior princess had brought up a corner of the rug and held it against
her body. It actually did little to obscure the beauty of her nudity, but
Lucifer thought the fighter actually appeared demure in the firelight.

"What are you doing in here?" The angel inquired.

"Well, Virgil and I were trying to find someplace... private," Xena explained
sheepishly, "There's so much going on around here, it's hard to find a corner
where two people can...interact."

"I see," Lucifer smiled.

"I suppose we should have inspected the room a little more closer," Virgil
added with a grin, "But the fire and the rug looked very inviting."

"Yes, I suppose it did," Lucifer added, keeping his eyes on Xena, "But I was
trying to get some sleep."

"Well, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon," Xena chuckled, her
eyes focusing on Lucifer's waist.

The angel could hear Virgil laugh as well. He looked down his gown.

The head of his cock was poking out through the robe folds.

* * *

Gabrielle grabbed the sides of the tub and pulled herself to her feet. Thea
turned in the tub and found her eyes level with the intruder's cunt. Thea
could feel her eyes widening at the sight of the bard's pussy, the golden
curls glistening with beads of water from the bath.

It was all Thea could do from reaching out and seizing the woman's hips,
pulling that delicious-looking crotch to her lips. But she had no time to
decide, as Gabrielle stepped from the tub. She seized a towel from a nearby
chair and began to rub herself dry, her back turned towards Thea. The farmer
could not help but admire the rippling muscles of the woman's flesh, as she
moved the cloth across her nude flesh.

"Where are you going?" Thea inquired meekly.

"I take it that's your bedroom at the end of the hall," Gabrielle stated
flatly, her back still turned to Thea, "If you want to pursue this, you will
have five minutes to do something about it!"

"And my children?"

"Forget your children!" Gabrielle commanded, whirling angrily towards the

The two women locked eyes for the longest moment, no sounds passing between
them. The Bard then dropped the towel to the floor and slowly walked out the
door, making sure that Thea's eyes were getting a good view of her body as
she left.

Thea remained motionless for several moments. She then reached down and
picked up the towel from the floor.

* * *

Lucifer motioned to close his robe, but Xena, still on her back. Reached up
and seized a section of the fabric.

"Don't!" She commanded.

She rolled onto her stomach and pulled on the robe.

"Bring it down here!" She hissed.

Lucifer felt himself compelled to his knees, almost mesmerized by the woman
before him. The moment she could reach it, Xena shifted her grip from the
robe to his jutting erection, seizing it gently in her left hand.

Her eyes widen at the proximity of his organ. She could feel her mouth

"Such a beautiful cock," The Warrior Princess complimented, her hand gently
moving up and down the stalk.

"Almost angelic?" Virgil asked with a smile.

Xena lashed back with her left leg, kicking Virgil broadside and knocking him
over. Her hand never released her grip on her treasure.

Virgil rubbed the spot the kick had landed and simply shook his head at
Lucifer. He returned to his former sitting position.

"Can't take a joke," He stated.

Xena ignored him and placed her lips against the cock head before her.
Lucifer stiffened, feeling her tongue between her lips beat against the
opening. His first urge was to back away, but Xena's grip tightened. Her
mouth widened and engulfed his manhood, moving up and down the shaft.
Xena moved her tongue and lips against the flesh, her grip ensuring his

The angel no longer wanted to break away from this assault. He found his hips
moving in a rhythm against the warm wet cavern that surrounded his cock. Xena
smiled at this mouth fucking, bringing more passion against his thrusts.

Virgil rose to his feet and walked over behind Lucifer.

"I don't think you need this," He commented, taking the robe by the shoulders
and sliding it off the angel's shoulders. As he did, Lucifer turned his head
and found himself staring at Virgil's erection, the jutting pole only inches
away from his face. At the same moment, Xena moved her free hand under the
sac beneath Lucifer's cock and scratched her nails across the flesh. The
angel gasped at the contact, his eyes still looking at Virgil's organ.

Lucifer turned his face away and continued to thrust his hips forward into
Xena's wet mouth. She suddenly pulled his cock from her mouth and stared up
at the muscular men before her, releasing his organ.

"I have an idea," She declared with a devilish smile, "Get up!"

Lucifer climbed to his feet and stood next to Virgil. He felt embarrassed
standing naked next to the nude man and concentrated his attention on the
warrior princess, who rose to her knees before them.

Xena smiled up at both of them, then looked at their erections with
undisguised lust. She took Virgil's in her left hand and Lucifer's in her
right, holding them both before her like valued prizes.

Xena gave Lucifer a smile before plunging his cock into her mouth. As she
did, she ran her hand in a pumping motion up and down Virgil's cock. After
a few moments, she moved her mouth to Virgil's cock and reversed her action,
sucking the young warrior while pumping the other's erection.

Virgil laughed his hip thrusting into the woman's orifice. He smiled at
Lucifer, who was still exulting in Xena's ministrations. A lascivious smile
crossed his face, as Xena's mouth returned to his erection, engulfing it.

He laughed along with Virgil.

* * *

Thea padded from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her. She looked down
the corridor leading to the bedrooms. Jason's door was on the left, Medea's
to her right. Both were closed. Both were quiet.

Maybe her threat was an empty one, Thea reasoned, Maybe there was no one in
the house other than Gabrielle.

Thea walked boldly towards Medea's door. She reached towards the handle with
a resolute purpose.

And stopped.

She cast a furtive look towards her bedroom at the end of the hallway, the
door partly opened. For a moment, she looked at Medea's door handle, trying
to will her hand to seize it and throw the portal open, to expose the truth
of her daughter's safety.

But something was filling her body, her being. It was something that echoed
Gabrielle's sentiment. The children were no longer important, only the
tingling in her body, the wetness that was forming deep within her legs. It
had been too long since Trista's last visit, far too long.

She needed Gabrielle. She needed her now.

Slowly, Thea moved her hand back. She turned towards her own bedroom and
walked slowly down the hall.

When Thea reached the portal, she pushed the door open. Her bed faced the
doorway, the headboard against the opposite wall.

Gabrielle was stretched out on the bed. She lay on her stomach, her arms
cradling a pillow under head. Her feet were barely over the edge of the bed.
Thea couldn't help but let her eyes travel from the naked soles of the bard's
feet to the curves of her ass, the slope of her spine, to finally settle on
the bard's sensuous throat. Gabrielle didn't turn, but she stretched her
body, knowing fully the effect it was having on the farmer.

Gabrielle slowly rolled herself onto her back, propping her upper body up
on her elbows. She smiled at Thea. Gabrielle them folded her left leg for
balance and extended the other towards the woman.

Thea felt her willpower evaporate. She could feel a emotion, a yearning,
within her chest. She slowly walked to the edge of the bed, letting the towel
slip from her body to the floor. She then dropped to her knees before the
offering, her eyes looking at it with an almost animal appetite. Thea opened
her mouth, moving her lips over the toes of the extended foot. Gabrielle
smiled at the woman's wanton display. Thea licked and sucked at the bard's
flesh, her lips moving to the ankle. She caressed the leg like a valued

Gabrielle lay her other leg flat, watching Thea move her ministrations pass
her knee to her inner thighs. Gabrielle let a hiss of pleasure escape from
her lips. She could feel the hot breath moving closer to her pussy.

Gabrielle gently moved her extend leg until the palm of her foot was gently
placed against the flesh between Thea's neck and shoulder. She lightly pushed
the woman back on her haunches. The farmer gave her a baffled expression.

Gabrielle slid off the bed and stood before the woman. Thea looked at the
golden curled prize before her, then up to the bard's eyes. She could see the
hunger in the woman's face.

Thea leaned forward, never taking her eyes from Gabrielle's, her mouth
opening, her tongue extending to lap at the treasure before her.

As she closed her eyes to enjoy her ministrations, she did not see
Gabrielle's eyes straightened up to gaze at the corridor behind her. A smile
widened on her face.

The person in the corridor returned the smile.

* * *

Lucifer lay on his back before the fireplace. He stared up at the naked
beauty of the warrior princess, the sweat on her body glistening in the

Xena smiled, as she straddled the angel and slowly lowered herself down. As
her pussy came close to his face, Lucifer reached up and seized her thighs,
pulling her cunt to his mouth. The angel began to lick like an animal, his
tongue trying to force his way deep into her folds.

"Zeeeuuusssssss," She moaned, "My clit, lick my clit!"

Lucifer moved his focus from her pussy to the pebble at its apex. As he did,
he felt fingers closing around his cock. He could feel his erection being
pumped. The angel smiled, assuming that Xena was reaching back with one of
her free hands.

The fingers on her flesh told him how much pleasure he was giving her. Xena
was bucking against his mouth, her pussy flooding her juices into his mouth.

Suddenly, she swiveled her hips around, her body now facing his legs. He
could feel her bend down towards his prick. He tightened his grip on her
thighs, as his felt his manhood engulfed by the warm, wet cavern of her

Lucifer bucked his face faster against Xena's clit, trying to bring her the
same pleasure she was bestowing on hi. He could feel her hand running up and
down his shaft, her tongue beating against his the head of his organ, her
teeth nipping at the sac of his balls.sometimes all at once. His passion
soaked mind dismissed it as an illusion, as he continued to fuck his tongue
against her clit.

Xena suddenly straightened up and swiveled around. She now stood over
Lucifer face to face. She began to lick her essence off the angel's face
like a maddened kitten. Lucifer tried to kiss her back, but Xena grabbed
his shoulders and forced him flat on the floor.

"Cock!" She laughed, "I want cock!"

Xena rubbed her tits in his face with an animal cry, then slid her cunt back
to where it was level with Lucifer's erection. As his cock touched the folds
of her pussy, Xena seized his erection and held it tight. With an expression
of unbridled lust, she guided it into her warm cavern.

Lucifer could only lie there and bask in the sensations permeating his body.
He could feel his reservations melt away. This is what Xena had been trying
to goad him into at the orgy: The total secession to one's passions, to one's
desires. He grunted his pleasure at contact with the wanton woman, his hands
seizing her buttocks, his nails digging into her flesh.

Xena laughed, a deep animal laugh, as she allowed the angel to force himself
deeper inside her. She leaned down, her breasts crushing against his chest,
her lips pushing against his in wild abandon. Their tongues collided within
his mouth, moving their heads from side to side, as they fought. Xena broke
the kiss and looked into Lucifer's eyes with a glazed expression.

Xena looked up to see Virgil standing before her, almost straddling Lucifer.
Xena grinned, her hands pulling her upper body until her face was level with
his erection. She could see the jewel of precum forming at its tip. In one
quick movement, her mouth engulfed the organ, causing Virgil to groan aloud.
She began to move her head back and forth, as she pressed her clit against
Lucifer's mouth.

"By the Gods!" Virgil exclaimed.

"Yes!" Xena yelled, taking her mouth away.

She seized the erection and began to pump it.

Virgil seized Xena's shoulders, as his body tensed. The warrior princess
cackled at his distress, her pumping growing more frenetic.

Gobs of semen spewed forth, causing Virgil to shake his body. Xena opened
her mouth, attempting to catch as much of the ejaculations as she could.
Her tongue eagerly lashed outward, catching as much of the liquid shooting
towards her. Some bursts hit her cheeks, causing them to run down her face
and drip from her flesh.

As the penis softened, Xena licked at it, sucking as much of Virgil's cum
as she could from the organ. She then began moving her tongue around her own
cheeks, licking at the semen that landed there.

She could feel Lucifer licking harder at her clit. She felt her pussy juices
pouring forth from her orifice and onto his face. Xena released Virgil and
slid her cunt from the angel's mouth. She brought her body down his until his
penis was pressing against her belly. She stared at his face, shiny from his
assault, with a glistening face of her own.

They kissed like animals, as he seized her thighs to force her legs open.

* * *

Thea could feel Gabrielle's fingers intertwine in her hair and force the
woman's tongue harder against the bard's cunt. Thea eagerly obliged, lapping
like a thirsty dog to a water dish. It had been several months since her
gypsy lover had visited her and the farmer was making up for lost time. She
could taste the woman's juices in her mouth, which caused her to lap harder.

Gabrielle was not looking at the lover on her knees before her, but at the
woman standing in the hall who was smiling at the sight of the two women
before her. The blonde knew the woman was admiring the show, which aroused
her even more. The bard desperately wanted the watcher to join her, but she
knew that wasn't part of their plan.

The watcher stepped into the shadows, as Gabrielle pulled Thea's face away
from her body and looked down at her. The woman could see the bard's face was
filled with desire to dominate the farmer.

"Get on the bed!" Gabrielle commanded softly.

Thea smiled, the juices of Gabrielle's pussy causing a sheen around her
mouth. She quickly slid around Gabrielle on all fours and reached under the
bed. Gabrielle watched, as the naked woman pulled a box from underneath the
mattress and displayed it to the bard.

Inside were several artificial penises of various sizes, a few strings of
anal beads, and two strap-on belts with dildos. Gabrielle marveled at the

"This will do!" She remarked, grabbing one of the belts.

Thea eagerly obeyed the bard. As she turned her back to crawl on the
mattress, Gabrielle absently slid the box closer to the door, as she strapped
the belt on to her body. She could feel the inner nub below the buckle press
against her clit.

Gabrielle stood at the end of the bed, stroking the artificial penis. Thea
grinned at her in anticipation, spreading her legs in lewd invitation.

"Turn over!" The bard commanded.

Thea rolled over her stomach, as Gabrielle climbed onto the bed. Her fingers
darted to her lover's pussy, pushing against it.

"So wet!" The bard marveled.

Thea smiled at the compliment and braced her body, as she felt the bard's
fingers move away. A moment later, she could feel Gabrielle move gtom the end
of the bed to sit beside her. She startled at the touch of the bard's hand
running softly across her naked back.

"How long has it been?" Gabrielle inquired, her fingers never leaving Thea's
bare flesh.

"Nine months," Thea replied, her face lying on the pillow, her eyes drinking
in the beauty next to her.

"A long time," Gabrielle stated, her fingers hovering at the valley between
her back and buttocks, "You miss it, don't you?"

"Yes!" Thea answered, anticipation cracking in her voice.

Gabrielle smiled wickedly, as she let her fingers graze across the flesh of
Thea's ass globes. She could feel the farmer's body tense at her touch.

"You want it, don't you? You want to be fucked, don't you?"

YES! Thea's mind screamed, but as she felt Gabrielle's fingers alight above
her ass hole, all she could do was nod, lust glazing over her eyes.

Gabrielle stood up, then bent forward near Thea's head. Her hands on the bed
board for support. The "cock" was inched from the woman's face.

"Show me," Gabrielle whispered seductively.

Thea leaned her head forward and lashed out at the cock with her tongue. She
could feel Gabrielle move one of her hands from the board and stroke the
farmer's hair.

"Closer!" The bard whispered.

Thea opened her mouth and engulfed the dildo into her mouth. She could feel
Gabrielle's fingers press against the back of her head, forcing the cock
deeper into her mouth. Thea eagerly responded to her touch, licking and
sucking on the device.

"You're a good little cocksucker," Gabrielle cooed, "Make it wet, very wet!"

Thea lapped at Gabrielle's cock like a eager dog. She closed her eyes and
focused on her task. As she did, the bard looked back at the door.

The watcher stood there and smiled.

Gabrielle looked down at Thea and pulled the cock from her mouth. She then
leaned down and kissed Thea passionately.

* * *

Xena felt like a rag doll, as Lucifer continually thrust his cock into her.
She was raised up, her hands on his stomach for balance, as she could feel
her orgasm building in every fiber of her being.

"You didn't.. Learn this.In Heaven!" Xena laughed between thrusts.

Lucifer could only grunt in response, trying to focus his total concentration
on fucking Xena. She was right, a part of his mind agreed. If this was what
he was missing being a slave to Michael and the rest, then.

Lucifer's thoughts were cut off, as Xena slid her body down upon his, her
pussy never parting from his cock.

"Now!" She hissed, "Now!"

It took a moment for Lucifer to realize that she wasn't talking to him.
Virgil had been coating her ass crack with a gelatinous lotion while she and
the angel had been engaged in licking and kissing. Now the blonde warrior was
moving behind the woman, his cock in hand. As he dropped to his knees, he
released his erection and placed both hands on Xena's bouncing ass cheeks.

"Stop for a moment!" Xena commanded Lucifer, "Stop!"

Lucifer reluctantly stopped his movements, confusion on his face. Sweat was
pouring on his body and his breath was coming out in ragged gasps. He looked
over her shoulder at the man behind her.

Virgil held one ass cheek with one hand, as he returned the other to his
erection. He brought the head of his cock to Xena's anus and pressed it
against the fluids that filled it. The organ began to slide into the woman's

Xena gasped at the intrusion and, a moment later, Lucifer gasped as well. He
could feel Virgil's cock within her, pressed against his own.

"Fuck me!" Xena hissed between clenched teeth, "Both of you! NOW!"

Virgil smiled and, for a moment, Lucifer felt the man was smiling at him.
Virgil began to saw into the woman's body. Lucifer began to match his
rhythm. Xena felt herself grow lax, letting the two men build a sense of
tempo between them. She found her body beginning to match their motions.

"Yes!" She grunted, "Harder. HARDER!"

* * *

Thea felt the weight on the bed as Gabrielle crawled between her legs. She
tensed for the anticipated penetration.

It didn't come. Instead she felt the bard's hands on her ass cheeks,
spreading the globes apart. A moment later, she felt something soft, wet,
and alive circle around her anus.

"Lick my asshole!" Thea moaned, "Zeus, lick it!"

Gabrielle continued her ministrations, knowing that she was driving Thea into
a frantic state of arousal. She let her tongue pass to the woman's cunt to
her asshole and back again, over and over, feeling the flesh quiver beneath

Gabrielle then reared back on her knees. Thea could feel the head of the
strap-on's penis press against the lips of her cunt. She opened her mouth
to urge her partner, when Gabrielle suddenly seized her ass cheeks in a
vise-like grip and moved her hips forward in a savage thrust.

Thea suppressed her scream by burying her face in the pillow under her. She
could feel Gabrielle thrusting again and again.and the farmer pushed back,
trying to create a rhythm between them. Thea screwed her eyes shut,
concentrating in the onslaught on her body. She could feel Gabrielle's nails
dig into her ass flesh, knowing that the bard would soon have her bleeding.
She didn't care. In fact, she wanted it. She wanted her.

Neither was aware of the watcher, who stepped into the room.

The smell.

The sweat.

The feel.

Xena wallowed in it.

She was pressed against Lucifer's chest. She licked and bit on his flesh, as
his nails dug into her thighs. Above and behind, Virgil thrusted in a
opposing rhythm to the angel, his own body covered in the perspiration of his

Xena loved the pain and pleasure the two cocks were flowing through her body.
She wanted to hold both within her, never letting them free. Her muscles
tried to echo her desire, but the effort was useless. For the briefest of
moments, she thought she had Virgil trapped in her rectal muscles, but it
was only an illusion. The boy had simply stopped for a moment to catch his

Xena felt like a doll buffeted between the two muscular men. She only wished
there were a third man to shove his cock in her open mouth. Next time there
would be three, she noted.

She could feel the wave beginning to rise in her body. She looked into the
eyes of the angel below her. Lucifer was trying to absorb all the pleasure he
could suckle from her. She could feel the two cocks pushing against the thin
membrane separating them. The warrior princess wondered for a brief moment if
they were fucking her or each other.

She began to increase the savagery of their thrusts against her. She could
feel their bodies responding to her.

"Come on!" She puffed, "Come on! Fuuuuuccccckkkkkk!"

Her orgasm swept over like a series of violent blows. Her body gyrated
against the organs invading her. As she did, she could feel Lucifer push up
against her, his body stiffening. She gagged a laugh, as she could feel jets
of his cum shoot into her. As she let out a breathless scream, she could feel
Virgil ferociously push himself as deep into Xena's bowels as he could, as he
unleashed his own torrent within her. Her eyes closed, her back arched, her
mouth open in a silent scream, Xena let the most intense orgasm she had every
experienced wash over her.

A moment later, she fell atop Lucifer, her eyes closed, her breath coming out
in ragged gasps. The angel slid her body off to the right, gently placing it
on the animal skin rug.

Lucifer took a deep breath, as he felt the orgasm he had experienced recede
from his body. In all his tenure as a angel and as a mortal before that, he
had never experienced pleasure like that. Xena was right, he thought, as he
turned his head to see her barely conscious form. She lay on her stomach, the
firelight reflecting off the sheen of perspiration on her body. Her eyes were
closed and she was breathing very slowly. Lucifer sighed, as he rolled his
own head back and closed his eyes.

He lay motionless, reliving his pleasure again in his mind. As he did, he
imagined he could feel Xena's fingers close on his cock. A warm and wet
tongue moved slowly up the shaft, licking the combined semen and juices
from it. After a few moments of lapping, he could feel his cock engulfed
by the warm cavern of a mouth, sucking the organ slowly and sensuously.

Lucifer smiled, recognizing the mouth as the same that had suckled him when
Xena sat on his face. He began to start a slight thrusting motion in cadence
to his lover's ministrations.

He could feel himself begin to harden. He could see Xena in his mind, her
head bobbing on his crotch like a wanton whore.

A moan from Xena caused Lucifer to open his eyes and roll his head. The
warrior princess was exactly where she was a few moments ago, her body
resting peacefully in sleep. Lucifer looked down his body.

A smile crossed the angel's face. It was as if his dream had come true.

* * *

Gabrielle thrust forward again and again. She could feel Thea's body tense,
the farmer pushing back in tempo to the bard. Gabrielle could feel the orgasm
building within herself. She arched her back, throwing back her head and
increasing the intensity of her assault. Gabrielle closed her eyes, feeling
Thea's passion rise through her nails that grasped the woman's hips.

Fingertips suddenly touched Gabrielle's taut spine. The blonde kept the level
of her attack up, even as she felt the digits run sensuously down her spine
to the crook of her back. The fingers spread out into a open hand, which then
caressed the left globe of her lunging buttocks.

Gabrielle smiled, as she felt hot breath on her throat. She almost jumped
when a moist tongue licked at her shoulder at the base of her throat, sucking
the perspiration that formed a shiny sheen on her body. Gabrielle fought to
maintain control of her actions, even as the mouth licked it's way down to
her left breast and suckled the nipple into her warm mouth.

Gabrielle could take no more. She opened her eyes and gazed down, as her
paramour looked up at her.

Livia smiled.

The woman was dressed in a similar overall that Gabrielle had arrived in. She
pressed her lips against the bard's left breast, flicking her tongue at the
hardened nipple.

Gabrielle's eyes were filled with desire for her lover, even as she was
striving to bring Thea and herself to orgasm. Gabrielle mouthed one word to
Livia. Livia moved up and pushed her lips against the bard's. For a moment,
there was savage combat between their tongues. Then Livia broke away, briefly
running her fingers through Gabrielle's hair before stepping away from her.

Thea knew nothing of the brief encounter, her head in the pillow, her eyes
tightly shut with pleasure. She could feel her body carrying her closer to
the edge of the wave that she desired and she tried to meet the passion of
Gabrielle's thrusts with her own.

Livia walked to the "toy box" on the floor and bent down. She pulled another
strap-on from it, gave it a analytical glance and rose to her feet, keeping
the object in her hand. She cast one last look at the bard's back, then
turned and stepped from the room.

* * *

Xena awoke slowly. She was alone on the floor. Her body was exhausted from
the sex it had just experienced. She smiled at the bone weariness and at the
feel of the men's cum in her body. In all her years, she couldn't recall
being taken with that intensity before. With a smile of satisfaction on her
face, the warrior princess slowly turned her body over. She sighed as she
lay on her back, gazing up at the firelight bouncing along the ceiling.

"By the Gods, I can still smell the sex in the room", She thought to herself,
smiling inwardly.

The warrior princess' right hand went to her crotch, her fingers scooping out
cum from her cunt. She brought it up to her nose for a sniff, before moving
her digits into her mouth.

She tensed when she heard the noises.

It came from somewhere above her head. Xena slowly rolled over on her stomach
in a apparently languid move. In truth, every muscle of her warrior body was
tense to spring into action.

Xena suddenly froze. On the cot in the shadows, the one where Lucifer had
been dozing earlier, there were two figures. Xena could not tell their
identity, but she could tell what they were doing.

Xena smiled. One was on all fours in the mattress, while the other was
sitting on his haunches directly behind him. From the thrusts and grunts,
she didn't need light to know what they were doing.

It suddenly occurred to her. Virgil had said earlier that his anal fixation
was something he picked up in school. Xena recalled that Joxer, before he
died, had once mentioned that he had sent Virgil in his youth to a military

The schools she remembered were all male.

Xena rolled onto her back and tried not to laugh, lest she disturb them. She
closed her eyes and relaxed, absorbing the sight and smells of their pairing.

* * *

Gabrielle could feel the passion rise in her body. She felt the first
tremors. She ground herself against Thea, trying to accelerate the climax.
In her mind, though, she was pressing against Livia, trying to bring her
love to her pinnacle.

Thea was almost there. She wanted to cum with Gabrielle. She had felt
herself change in her presence and now that transformation was even more so.
She wanted to be fucked again and again, but mostly by the woman behind her.

"BY THE GODS!" Gabrielle screamed, as her body shook almost uncontrollably.

Thea buried her head in the pillow, as she followed her blonde lover into the
peak of her ardor. She could feel Gabrielle's passion force the bard's nails
to break the flesh of her hips.

Livia stopped by the door leading to Medea's bedroom and turned back towards
the pair. She smiled, as she watched Gabrielle slump forward and to the right
side of the woman on the bed. The farmer wrapped her arms around the blonde
for support. and, perhaps, something more.

Livia turned back to the door, silently opened it, and stepped in.

* * *

Xena could feel her own arousal listening to the two men in the dark. She
brought her left hand down to her clit and began to rub it in unison to the
sounds they were making. Xena closed her eyes, letting the motion send
electric feelings through her.

But her mind's eyes didn't see the men in her mind. As her rubbing continued
and her nipples hardened, she saw another face, a woman, licking at her

Xena wanted to stop at the appearance of the female, but she couldn't. She
could already feel an orgasm approaching, a tidal wave brought on by the
vision of the fantasy woman.

The warrior princess rolled onto her stomach, forcing her mouth against the
fur of the animal skin rug beneath her. She stifled her scream, as her body
trembled from the self-inflicted orgasm.

Xena lay there for a long time, afraid to move. She finally raised her head
and looked towards the bed. As far as she could tell, the two men were
asleep, probably in each other's arms.

Xena slowly rolled back over, her breathing slow and short. She lay there,
looking up at the shadows of the flames playing across the ceiling and
wondering if she would ever again be with the woman who satisfied her over
all others.

She couldn't, she knew, but she couldn't drive the passion for her from her

* * *

Livia stepped into the bedroom. It was well lit, displaying both her and the
others in the room. She stopped for a moment to make sure the door was closed
and then turned her attention to the two pairs of eyes on her.

Livia lifted the dildo of the strap on to her chin and smiled wickedly at the

"Well, well", She pondered aloud, "Where do I begin?"


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