Xena Warrior Princess:
Heart Of Darkness Part 3 - The Ecstasy Of Gabrielle (FF,FF-best)
by Terry Webster
idea by Dr. Blasphemy

Gabrielle was bored.

She sat in a high chair in one corner of the main hall, watching the
festivities around her. It pleased her to see so many people engaged in sex
before her, their sweaty bodies undulating and gyrating, the smells assailing
her nostrils. When she and Livia had returned from humiliating Xena in the
underground dungeon, they had joined the crowd, taking on as many partners as
they could.

But Gabrielle was bored for the moment. She wanted something different,
something exciting. She could see Livia was enjoying herself, sandwiched
between two strong muscular men. One was assaulting her pussy with his
tongue, while the other was pumping his cock rapidly into her eager mouth.
Gabrielle smiled at her enthusiasm. Was it any wonder the girl was her

Gabrielle could feel a small orgasm building in her. She looked down at the
head jutting between her thighs, licking madly away at her clit. Gabrielle
reached down and slowly petted the girl's head. Her lover looked up at her,
the Bard's juices glistening on her lips.

'By the Gods, she looks eighteen summers old,' She smiled inwardly, 'I so
love young girls...especially when I'm their first!'

Gabrielle seized the girl's hair and pushed her mouth back against her clit.
She wanted to cum in this girl's mouth.

"Yes, my pet," She intoned seductively, "Make your mistress happy."

"That's what I was thinking!"

Gabrielle turned to see a handsome muscular man standing by her chair. He
held his large cock in his fist, pumping it slowly. He smiled down at the

Gabrielle's face darkened.

"Go away!" She snapped, "I don't need a man right now!"

The man's smile faded, his face reflecting his anger at the rebuff. Then he
slowly turned and walked away.

Gabrielle smiled to herself. The power of darkness, whatever it was, whatever
hold it had over all of them, had seemed to designate her the Queen of
Debauchery. While everyone seemed to be willing participants in the orgy
before her, Gabrielle seemed to hold sway over them.

This is what Xena planned for Lucifer, to rule in Hell. Maybe it wouldn't be
such a bad job after all.

Gabrielle's breath started to increase, as the muscles in her body started to
tense. She closed her eyes and smiled.

If these are the benefits, I might just take the job!

Gabrielle's body shook in the seat, as she moaned her orgasm through gritted
teeth. She could feel her body flood the young girl's mouth, her tongue
eagerly lapping the deluge. Gabrielle screamed her last moment, before her
body began to slump back into the chair.

She could feel the girl's tongue moving from her cunt to her inner thighs.
The blonde relaxed back into the chair and absorbed the girl's movements, as
her slave's mouth lazily licked and kissed the flesh below her stomach and
began it's ascent upwards. She stopped at her mistress' chest and began to
lap at the nipples before her.

Gabrielle petted her hair and glanced towards Livia. The former roman warrior
was on her knees, holding the cocks of her two lovers, one in each hand. The
organs began to spurt on the young girl. Livia moved her head from cock to
cock, her mouth trying to catch the sperm flying at her head. The sticky
fluid she missed hit her throat and shoulders, running down her body.

Gabrielle smiled and gently pushed her slave from her body. She rose to her
feet and removed a diaphanous gold cape hanging from a corner of the throne.
She attached the button to her right shoulder, allowing it to half drape
across her body. She then removed a chain and collar from the other corner
of the throne. The slave raised on her knees and submissively allowed the
Bard to attach the collar around her throat.

"Come, Thea," Gabrielle goaded, pulling the chain slightly.

The young girl rose to her feet and followed behind Gabrielle, the blonde
holding the end of the chain casually in her hand.

They approached Livia, who was sucking from one cock to the next. The fluid
stained her shoulders and chest, parts of it gleaming on her face and hair.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself," Gabrielle smiled.

"As you," Livia replied, nodding towards Thea before engulfing another cock
with her hot mouth.

Gabrielle handed the end of the chain to one of the men, then took Livia by
her right hand and helped her to her feet.

"Let's get you cleaned up." Gabrielle advised, leading Livia from the room.

Thea looked after them with regret...until she felt two strong pairs of hands
envelope her body. She grinned as she could feel her chain being pulled
towards one of the men.

* * *

Livia's head broke the surface of the water, her mouth gasping for air. She
moved her arms to keep her afloat on the river's surface, absorbing the
sensations of the icy water encasing her body.

"By Jupiter, it's cold!"

"Come in!"

Livia turned her head towards the shore. The light of the full moon shone on
Gabrielle's naked figure, the light reflecting on the water beads from the
Bard's earlier dip into the river. She lay on her back upon a horse blanket
they had absconded with en route to the river, the gold cape in a small pile
by he head. She was propped up on her elbows, looking out towards her lover.

Livia needed no further encouragement. She swam quickly to the shore, rose to
her feet and strode to the blanket, propping her wet body down beside The

"I love it when you're wet," Gabrielle remarked with a smile.

"Same here," Livia replied, leaning over and taking Gabrielle in a passionate

The pair broke and lay back, gazing up at the skies. Livia moved closer to
Gabrielle's body.

"You know no matter what happens, you're never going to lose me...Even if you
do keep "pets" like Thea."

"And you have fun with muscular playmates."


The two women stared up at the sky in silence for several moments.

"I can tell you're bored," Livia remarked casually.

"Not bored...exactly," Gabrielle answered, "Tonight I've had men, women,
young girls. I guess I'm looking for a new experience. I've been saving young
boys for last, ...though maybe I should count Virgil. For all that muscle, he
could use some experience."

Both girls giggled at the jest.

"It has been quite a evening," Livia agreed, "But where do we go from here?"

"I was thinking for a moment tonight that...Maybe...I was being groomed for
the position that Xena wants Lucifer to inherit."

"Rule Hell?"

"Yes. And it is tempting. All those young girls... souls to enjoy. Their
punishment would be our pleasure."

Gabrielle turned on her side and looked at Livia with a serious expression.
She touched Livia's arm softly.

"But I have my own plans. I want to create a new Amazon nation. They fallen
from a great federation to prey for slavers like."

"Rome?" Livia suggested.

"Yes," Gabrielle added, "But we could change all that. Beautiful athletic
women.Warriors, serving our every need. I as their Queen, you as my General."

The pair just stared at each other, before Livia began to grin.

"You just want Varia," She pointed out with a small laugh.

"And you don't?"

"She's a strong spirit."

"But what a body!"

Both women laughed.

"Maybe I should give her the "Roman treatment"," Livia suggested slyly, "A
whip, some chains...A little discipline. She could be our mutual pet."

"Stop it," Gabrielle groaned in delight, squeezing Livia's arm, "You'll have
me dragging you back to that dungeon we left Xena in. Maybe a little bondage
is what I need."

"Definitely!" Livia smirked, then, her face becoming serious, "You think
Mother's still there?"

"I doubt it. She's probably taking a bath to get the gift I left her out of
her hair."

"You were beautiful down there," Livia stated, her admiration undisguised,
"I loved your "gift"."

"And you were hot," Gabrielle replied, the lust in her eyes equally
conspicuous, "If it wasn't important to you that you have your Mother, I
would have taken you in front of her."

"I was hoping you would," Livia remarked, "But the feeling of taking your own
Mother, someone as desirable as Xena."

"I guess that's what I mean," The Bard agreed mournfully, "I should have
taken her as well, instead of that dolt, Virgil. The feeling of possessing
her by force...Damn!"

"Sounds like you're down on men...or obsessed with Xena!"

"Men have their uses, but they bore me most of the time. They're not like
you...or Xena."

Livia rolled over and wrapped her arms around Gabrielle, staring down at her.

"We can find her again tonight," She suggested, "We could take turns...or
take her at the same time."

"I like that idea," Gabrielle replied with a small smile, "The bitch! Double
raped by her daughter and lover. I liked that idea a lot!"

"Darling," Livia purred, her tongue caressing Gabrielle's left breast, "Why
you do hate mother so much?"

"Because she..." Gabrielle began.

Her answer was cut short by the sound of approaching hoof beats. Gabrielle
climbed to her feet, wrapping the gold cape around her. Livia stood beside
her, the horse blanket wrapped around her body. Both warriors tensed for

"Excuse me, ladies," A masculine voice cried out from the darkness.

For a moment, it appeared in the diffuse light that a man riding a horse was
approaching them from the trees. But, as their eyes adjusted, the women could
see it was something quite different.

"A centaur!" Livia breathed in awe.

Gabrielle's expression changed from one of caution to lustful observation.
Her eyes gazed over the well-muscled torso of the human half, the handsome
human features of the creature before them.

"He's gorgeous," Livia whispered, her own interest transparent.

"Down, girl!" Gabrielle whispered to her, then louder to the Centaur, "Who
are you?"

"Alexis," He answered, slowly cantering forward, "I seem to be lost. I was
making my way home through the woods, when I felt myself...drawn here."

"The pit?" Livia asked Gabrielle softly.

The Bard nodded, then stepped forward to the creature. She came within a foot
of him, her adoration for his body clearly visible on her face. She reached
out and touched his chest. He smiled down on her.

"We can probably get you on your way quite easily," She stated, her fingers
playing on his flesh. They traveled down until the reached the point where
human became horse.

They continued on to caress his flank. Alexis's smile grew wider.

"Indeed?" He commented.

Gabrielle started to walk around his left side, her fingers never leaving
the moist horseflesh. She could feel him tingle under her touch. Her smile
grew wider.

"Have you ever heard of Ephiny? The Amazon?"

"Of course. Long ago, she married one of us and had a son. I believe he lives
to the West. How do you know of her?"

"She was my...very close to my family," Gabrielle replied, "I am a Amazon
Queen and guardian to her child, Xenon. He's well?"

"As far as I know," Alexis replied, "He lives with another tribe to the

Gabrielle felt her eyes drifting downward to the creature's legs and beyond.

"What was it you wanted to ask?" Alexis inquired politely.

Gabrielle looked back to see Livia cautiously approaching Alexis. She could
the look of lust in her eyes and smiled.

The Bard ran her hand over the flanks of the horse and stated casually, "I
wonder how they did it."

"I beg your pardon?"

"How do you... Carry on the line? If a female Centaur isn't around, I mean?"

Alexis smile began to widen.

"We have been known to find..."substitutes", if the need arises."

Gabrielle leaned down and placed her hand between his back legs.

"I think something is rising," She remarked seductively.

Alexis seemed to start for a moment, his smile becoming a grin.

"I take it you want a ...demonstration?"

"Yes," Livia stated eagerly.

"And I know just the place," The Bard declared.

"Then climb on my back," The Centaur invited.

"We'll need a blanket," Livia suggested.

In one deft motion, the blanket fell from her body. She slowly placed it
across Alexis' back, knowing full well that his eyes were drinking in every
bit of her naked beauty in the moonlight. She nimbly leaped on his back and
turned to Gabrielle.

The Bard, a sly smile on her face, unclasped the gold cape and let it drop
to the ground. She then climbed in one fluid motion onto Alexis's back behind
Livia. She wrapped her arms tenderly around Livia's waist.

"Head towards the village!" She commanded.

* * *

"A stable!"

Alexis' tone of disappointment was not lost on the girls, as they slid from
his back to the hay-strewn floor. Livia turned to Gabrielle with a
questioning look.

"Why here?"

Gabrielle winked and stepped across the open space.

"When we stole the blanket earlier, I remembered this!" She replied, "No
horses are here at the moment nor stable hands. Just some hay and blankets...
and that."

The Bard pointed up.

Their eyes followed her gesture. Hanging from the ceiling by three chains was
a webbed harness.

"What's that?" Livia asked.

"Some kind of harness to move bales of hay," The Blonde replied, "My father
had a similar set-up made of ropes in our barn back home."

"And the point of it is...?" Alexis inquired.

Gabrielle reached out to the Centaur. Alexis moved forward, Livia at his
side. She stepped to where the chains were anchored to the wall and slowly
played the chains out until the edge of the harness was low to the ground.

"Step over it," Gabrielle invited.

Realization brought a smile to Alexis' face, as he moved his hooves above and
over the harness. The harness now hung below him.

The two girls approached and bent at the knees. They pretended to be checking
the harness, but both were looking directly at the unsheathed cock between
his powerful legs.

"Look at the size," Livia whispered in awe.

Gabrielle nodded. Her eyes were entranced at the sight. She startled when a
hand touched her shoulder. She looked up at Alexis' smiling face.

"What else do you propose?" He inquired slyly.

Gabrielle was about to respond, when she felt a motion next to her. Livia had
ducked under the Centaur's flanks and had climbed into the harness.

"I think Livia already has the idea," She commented lightly.

Livia's head was beneath the gleaming cock, her mouth watering at the drop of
precum glistening on the end.

"Lift me up!" She ordered.

"I think your legs are supposed to be at that end of the harness," Gabrielle
chided gleefully.

"Please!" Livia pleaded, her eyes filled with desire.

Gabrielle stepped back to the chains and pulled them up. Livia opened her
mouth, as her body rose to meet the organ with her lips. Gabrielle stopped
the ascent, just as Livia's lips closed over the helmet. She seized it gently
with both hands, trying to pull it deeper in her mouth. She moved her tongue
back and forth in a slow, sensuous manner.

Gabrielle stared at her lover. She had expected Livia to become the
fuck-hungry animal she was back at the orgy, but the Roman was doing more
than soliciting a sexual reaction. She was making passionate love to it, as
if it was the one object she desired most in the world.

The Bard could see that Livia's actions were affecting Alexis. His human and
horse bodies were tensing, so much so that she could tell the Centaur was
trying to restrain himself from forcing himself deeper into Livia's mouth. He
wanted to enjoy her sensual movements as long as possible before the tide
rose between them.

Gabrielle found herself more aroused by the spectacle than if it were she
herself in the harness. She could feel her breathing increase, as she watched
Livia place her heels in the sides of the harness and rise her body up to
slide against the horseflesh above her. Alexis almost bucked at the contact,
as Livia slid her body back and forth against his underbelly. Gabrielle's
nostrils flared at the smell of Alexis, as the odor of his arousal began to
permeate the room.

Gabrielle slowly approached the pair, her hands moving out before her. She
reached the center of his body, the part unobstructed by the harness. Like a
blind person, her fingertips touched the wet sweaty flesh. Trying her best
not to disturb the communion between the two, she moved into the beast before
her, pressing herself against his body. She leaned her head into his flank,
feeling the electricity of his body move against her lover. The smell of his
sweat caused her to feel even more aroused than she thought possible. She
curled her fingers in his hair, her tongue extending to capture the beads
before her. She could feel his body respond to her licking, tightening even
more. She couldn't see Livia from where she was, but she no longer cared.

In one deft motion, Gabrielle slipped up onto the creature's back. She slid
herself across his damp coat on her stomach, her head pointed away from his
human half. She stretched herself atop his thrusting body, her arms clutching
his sides to keep her body in balance. She pressed her body against his
thrusting muscles and smiled at her arousal. Her nipples were getting hard.
Her pussy was flooded with her lust. She grasped his body with her nails,
trying to pull herself even closer, and her body undulating with the
movements of his haunches responding to Livia's fingers and hot, wet mouth.

'By the Gods, I can't believe this. I used to be so afraid of horses. Now I
wish I were in Livia's place, sucking that large horse cock. I love the feel,
the smell of this beast! I want it! I want that cock!'

The bard suddenly felt Alexis' hand on her right foot, tugging at her toes.
Annoyance crossed her face.

'Damn males! Always want attention!'

Reluctantly, Gabrielle took one more deep breath to savor the aroma before
her and then shifted her body over and to a sitting position to face Alexis.
The Centaur was looking over his left shoulder, his eyes glazed over with
lust. His hand still encircled her foot, his grip becoming tighter. With a
wicked smile of her own, Gabrielle slithered her body down to the human torso
before and slid her body up against his back. Alexis grunted in delight, as
he felt her breasts pressed against his spine, her nails digging into his
flesh. Gabrielle lowered her teeth into his shoulder and bit.

With a yell, Alexis reached behind and seized Gabrielle's waist, pulling her
body around to face him. As he did, she wrapped her legs around his waist for
support and held on to his neck to keep her eye level with his face.

The moment they faced each other, Gabrielle pulled herself tightly against
him, her mouth pressing against his. Their lips parted, their tongues winding
against each other. The bard could feel his haunches moving faster.

She broke the kiss and looked at him with undisguised list.

"Are you fucking her? Are you fucking her mouth?" She asked in a breathless
whisper, "Am I next? Are you going to fuck me next with that giant cock of
yours. I want it. I want that cock inside me. I want to be stretched by it!"

"Why wait?" Alexis growled.

She could feel his right hand darting between her thighs to her pussy. He
pushed two fingers in her and began to move them roughly within her.
Gabrielle moaned at the contact, then looked at Alexis through lidded eyes.

"Is that the best you can do?" She breathed, her body moving sensuously
against him.

Alexis smiled and added another finger to the two already within her.

"More!" Gabrielle hissed with desire.

Alexis added one more finger and moved his hand more savagely against her
cunt walls. Gabrielle began to rise and fall against it.

"More!" She demanded, "Ball it!"

Alexis' hand became a fist. Gabrielle laughed and yelled, as she moved more
rapidly against his arm. She kissed him deeply again, never missing a beat in
her rhythm. Breaking the kiss, she threw her head back in rapture, as she
accelerated the speed of her thrusts against the intruder within.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Keep moving it! Don't stop! Fuck me! Fuck me!
Stretch me for your big cock! Deeper! DEEPER! Harder! HARDER! HARDER! HURT

Alexis suckled and bit at the moving tits before his face, his free hand
holding Gabrielle's bouncing body as hard as he could.

Suddenly, his face jerked upwards, his eyes screwed tight. A yell emerged
from his lips, followed by a cry from beneath him.

Gabrielle didn't care. She kept pounding her body against his fist over and
over, her orgasm building to a crescendo. Fortunately, Alexis' release did
not cause him to lessen his action with the bard. He held his arm firm
against the gyrating woman, almost laughing with pleasure at her thrusts.

Gabrielle was lost in the throes of her orgasm, as it cascaded through her.
Alexis thought that she might even break his wrist, her gyrations became so
violent. Her mouth opened, but no scream came forth, just a rush of air. But
her body writhed, then stiffened against his body, her back arcing away from

Gabrielle collapsed against his body, all her strength drained. Alexis
withdrew his hand and held her close in both arms, her head against his

"That was fantastic!" She muttered meekly.

"I hurt you inside," He stated tenderly, "The pain must have been horrible."

"It was," She replied softly, her lips curling back into a smile, "Yes, it

Gabrielle kissed his shoulder, as her body began to slide down his body.
Alexis slowly lowered the Bard to the ground. As he did, he could feel Livia
climbing out the harness. The Bard fell to her knees, then rose to her feet,
her breath still labored from her exertions. As she did, she could see Livia
slip from the harness. Gabrielle almost laughed aloud at the sight before

Livia's face was covered in cum. Strings of it covered over the top of her
hair. Gobs of it ran down her shoulders over her chest. With a tired gait,
Gabrielle stumbled happily into her lover's arms. She began to lick at the
cum on the woman's face and throat.

"Good enough to eat," She purred, as she moved down to her breasts.

"It's so big." Livia moaned, as her hands traveled over the Bard's body, "It
was so good."

Livia's words made Gabrielle hold her to tighter, her tongue moving faster
over the Roman's body. Livia could see from the corner of her right eye that
Alexis' attention was focused on the two women. He had not attempted to move
out of the harness. Livia could see the fire in his eyes, as he watched the
two nude women making love beside him. She could see his nostrils flaring at
the tableau before him.

Livia's hand traveled sensuously down her partner's spine until it reached
the cleft of her buttocks. Smiling to herself, Livia moved her hand down
between her ass cheeks, her index finger resting against the blonde's
puckered anus. Gabrielle responded by nipping hungrily at Livia's flesh.

Livia shoved her finger into Gabrielle's rectum, causing the blonde to let
out with a sharp squeal. As she arched her head back, she could also see the
Centaur staring at them with undisguised lust. She brought her head back down
to Livia's shoulder and sank her teeth into her flesh. Livia screeched.

Gabrielle brought her red stained teeth against Livia's head and whispered,
"Fuck my ass!"

Livia pulled Gabrielle closer to her and began to pound her finger deeply in
the bard's ass. Gabrielle grasped Livia's body tightly, as she moved her hips
back against the invading digit. Her mouth continued to lap against the cum
and blood on Livia's shoulder.

"Fuck my ass harder. SHOVE IT HARDER, BITCH!"

Livia dug her nails into Gabrielle's flesh with her free hand, as she
savagely plunged the finger in her lover's ass again and again. Neither had
to look towards Alexis to know that their show was stimulating him into
arousal. Gabrielle covered Livia's mouth in a feral kiss, their lips groping
at each other.

Their motions began to slow, their bodies rubbing sensuously against each
other. Livia removed her finger and brought it up to Gabrielle's lips. The
Bard hungrily licked at it, then pulled it into her mouth, her cheeks
hollowing as she sucked on it.

"You're such a slut!" Livia hissed with glee, as she pulled her finger back
and replaced it by pushing her tongue deeply into her lover's mouth. Their
tongue wrapped in lust before Gabrielle pulled her head back. The Bard then
lovingly licked at the wound on Livia's shoulder before moving her lips back
to those of the warrior of Rome.

Gabrielle then broke from Livia's hold and moved towards Alexis, not glancing
in his direction. She reached the sweat soaked flank and smiled. Sensuously,
she pressed her naked body against the horseflesh, her fingers caressing
his skin. She pushed her hard nipples against his sinews, smiling at his
reaction. Her tongue began to lick at the sweat. She could feel the muscles
tensing at the feel of her naked body. She knew his cock was erect, but she
wasn't going to rush. She wanted him to chafe with anticipation.

Behind her, Livia picked the horse blanket off the floor and wiped her body
with it. She then tossed it aside and grabbed a clean blanket hanging on the
edge of one of the stalls. She looked at Alexis, watching him marvel at the
nubile naked blonde rubbing her body against his flanks. She found herself
entranced as well.

Gabrielle slowly lowered herself to the ground, keeping her body pressed
against Alexis'. She found herself on her knees, staring directly at the
large cock hanging between his legs. She realized now why Livia had foregone
allowing the object to penetrate it. Bestial as it was, it seemed to arouse
a feeling in her, an urge to caress it, to envelop it with her passion, to
love it. She slowly lowered herself on all fours, her eyes never leaving her
goal, as she crawled towards the net and climbed up onto it's edge. She could
smell the odor of sex that had erupted with Livia, the sweat from his body
above her, the drops of cum on the net and ground beneath her.

Gabrielle looked up at the glistening cock, still stained from it's last
eruption, only inches from her face. She moved her head forward and began to
lick the stains from it's skin, her nostrils sucking in the smells around

'What am I doing? What have I become? And why am I am wallowing in it so? I
love this! I LOVE THIS!'

Her passion suddenly possessing her, Gabrielle clambered closer to the cock,
licking the helmet hard and rough. She could feel Alexis' reaction, but only
her own all-encompassing desire mattered. She licked frantically, trying to
absorb every particle her tongue caressed.

She moved her head, staring at the large wet cock before her. She scrambled
her body into the net, her head now away from his flanks. She opened her legs
as wide as she could, scooting as close to his body as she could. Her feet
could barely touch the sides of the beast above her. Gabrielle tried to bend
forward from her position and reach for his penis.

"Don't move!"

Gabrielle turned her head to see Livia on her knees beside the net, her head
near her lovers. She reached up and seized Alexis' cock, as The Bard bent her
back to lift her crotch towards it.

"You must be crazy!" Livia hissed.

"Help me!" Gabrielle pleaded.

Gabrielle was now practically lying on her shoulders, her body raised upwards
to meet the giant cock at her pussy lips. With one last reluctant look
towards Gabrielle, Livia slapped Alexis' flank.

The Centaur thrust his cock forward.

Gabrielle screamed.

Livia was about to push the blonde off the invader, when Gabrielle slapped
her hands away.

"Deeper!" She ordered through gritted teeth, "DEEPER!"

Alexis heard her pleas and it took all his will power not to indulge her
wish. He knew his strength could very well split her, but he was feeling the
passion of being inside her, probably the most desirable woman he had ever
encountered, pleading to be taken by her, her moist cunt surrounding the head
of his cock. He started to push harder in his thrusts against her.

Gabrielle was breathing hard, as she bucked her body against the invader.
Livia couldn't believe what her lover was doing. She put her hands on the
bard's shoulders in an attempt to steady the wildly fucking woman in the net.

Gabrielle's breath came in frenzied gasps, no word escaping her lips. Her
face turned red from her exertion, her body was glistening with sweat. Livia
felt her own pussy watering at the sight before her. She had to fight the
urge to tear the lovers apart, to thrust herself on one or the other...or

Alexis pushed himself deeper with each thrust and each thrust brought
Gabrielle's efforts to meet them. For a moment, Livia imagined the net would
tear from their sexual combat.

Gabrielle's head began to move side to side, her back arching even more to
meet her lover. Livia could sense that Gabrielle's orgasm was upon her and
held her lunging body even tighter.

Gabrielle screamed a loud, almost hideous cry of pain and pleasure. In all
her experience of torture and hard sex, Livia had never a cry like it in her
life. She held Gabrielle tight, as she felt the heavy body above them tense.
Frantically, Livia grabbed Gabrielle's armpits and pulled the woman from the
large cock. It slipped out, just as the first load of horse cum shot from
it's head. It struck the women in the face and chest. Gabrielle slid from
the net, the second load striking her in the back. She lay there, feeling the
horse cum spraying onto her hack and buttocks, as the bard frantically gasped
for air.

Gabrielle looked up into Livia's eyes, before everything went black.

* * *

The barn roof was the first thing Gabrielle saw when her eyes reopened. She
attempted to move her arms, but discovered that her body was wrapped in a
horse blanket. She lay back, taking in her pains. Her body ached,
particularly between her legs. She never felt so stretched in all her life.
She moved her left hand down to her pussy and was happy to find that it felt
normal, albeit sensitive. She could feel that it had not been mangled or
wounded. She lay her head back in relief.


The bard turned her head to the left to see Livia standing over her. The
woman was attired in a loose fitting robe and sandals. She sat down
cross-legged next to her friend.

"Feeling better?" She asked.

"I feel like I just took on a Cyclops," Gabrielle groaned, "And lost."

"Well, you wanted to fuck a Centaur," Livia pointed out.

"Yes, I did," Gabrielle smiled, "And I loved every wonderful...Ouch,...and
painful moment of it."

Livia could see Gabrielle's left hand move under the blanket to rub the
inside of her thighs.

"Where is my favorite Centaur?" The blonde asked.

"He had to leave, though he didn't want to," Livia replied, "Seemed he had
a wife waiting on him in the next village."

"Men!" Gabrielle snorted, "Always cheating on someone."

"I think we wore him out," Livia answered, "You should be glad I'm around to
clean you up and tuck you in. Luckily, wells and barns go together."

"Where did you get the robe?"

"There's a shed behind the barn with work clothes and such. There's another
one for you, when you're ready to leave."

"Maybe later," The bard yawned, "I should take a nap."

"Hold it a minute!" Livia said, moving her body against Gabrielle's. Even
through the blanket and robe, Gabrielle could feel her lover's heat. The
warrior moved her face close to the blonde's.

"I...didn't...cum!" She stated emphatically.

"Well, if you wait here long enough," Gabrielle suggested with a twinkle in
her eye, "We'll get you a horse to play with!"

Livia smiled and replied, "I have another idea."

A few moments later, her robe was in a discarded mound, as the Roman pushed
her body under the blanket against the bard's. She moved her mouth over the
blonde's and the two met in a long passionate kiss.

Livia broke the kiss and snuggled against her lover.

"You get your nap," She said, "But after that."

"I know," Gabrielle said, her arms pulling Livia close to her. She closed her
eyes, as she lay against Livia's soft shoulder.

Livia kissed Gabrielle's cheek and then rolled over onto her back, staring

"I just wonder," She mused softly, "How will we ever top this?"

Somewhere outside in the darkness, a dog barked.

Gabrielle smiled.


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