(NOTE: This story takes place during the episode "Heart Of Darkness", where
the characters are giving in to their deepest desires. Read HEART OF
DARKNESS: THE TEMPTATION OF EVE before reading this story.)

Xena Warrior Princess:
Heart Of Darkness Part 2 - The Torment Of Xena (MF,FF,BDSM,tort,ws,inc)
by Terry Webster







The woman hung there, her arms stretched above her head. Her manacled wrists
strained against her bonds.

Her naked body hung in the center of the room, the chains of the manacles
hung in a steel hook in the center of the ceiling. Her sweat intermingled
with the small bleeding cuts in her flesh. Her unshackled feet barely touched
the floor.

The owner of the whip smirked. Like her, he was also naked, his athletic body
sweating in the heat of the room. He held a small horsewhip in his hand, his
hand passing over the blood to clean it.

The dungeon was a small one. Torches burned in each corner, their flame
raising the heat in the dank chamber. In one corner was a rack. In another
was a torture wheel. On the floor were a few animal skin rugs, each stained
with dried blood and body fluids.

"Damn you! Again!" The woman hissed. She gritted her teeth, awaiting the next

"I think not!" He declared, dropping the whip. His erection waved before him
like a even more sinister weapon.

He stepped towards her, the lust glazing over his eyes. When he reached his
target, he seized her legs.

In one swift move, the prisoner seized the manacles' chain, raised up her
powerful legs, and kicked her attacker away. He hit the floor over a yard

"Do what I say!" She demanded, her body straightening out.

"I surely will," He spat, looking about the floor for the whip. Anger coiled
in his body, he brought it back to hurl forth with all his strength.

The woman smiled, tensing her body.

"So...Here you are!"

Both turned their eyes towards the open doorway of the dungeon. Two women
stood there, as naked as the inhabitants. Both possessed beautiful athletic
bodies, but one was a brunette and the other had close-cropped blonde hair.
The blonde held a small bag, it's sides bulging. The brunette held a wine
sac, which she passed to her partner for a drink before taking it back.

"Gabrielle?" The prisoner asked, her eyes locked on the beauty of the blonde.

"Eve!" The man stated incredulously.

"Hello Xena...Virgil," Gabrielle stated, letting a drop or two of wine drip
from her lips to her chest, "We looked for you upstairs, but you weren't in
your room. I should have guessed you were down here."

"In a dungeon?" Virgil asked.

"You should see how many times after sex she has me hit her with a riding
crop or a small whip," The Bard smiled, "She loves the pain!"

"We would have found you sooner," The other woman added, "But I felt like a
young girl."

"Maybe it was the wine?" Virgil suggested with a smile.

"She's talking about her appetite," Gabrielle explained, her eyes never
leaving Xena's sweat covered body, the small cuts on her back.

"We found one upstairs, off praying to the God of Eli," Her partner remarked,
her eyes falling on Virgil's erect manhood, "She must have been 18 or 19

Gabrielle drew close to Xena. She dropped the bag in her left hand to the
floor and reached out towards the hanging woman with her right. Gabrielle's
nails touched Xena's stomach. A smile crossed her lips as she felt the
prisoner tense at her touch. The smile didn't fade, as The Bard slowly walked
about her friend, her nails leaving a trail in the woman's flesh.

"How she fought!" Gabrielle declared, "You should have seen your daughter in
action! Ripping her clothes, slapping her into submission, taking her with
the strap-on!"

"She cried," The other woman commented, her hand grasping Virgil's manhood
and squeezing softly, "How she cried. She screamed she was a virgin,...Well,
she was up to half an hour ago, anyway."

"And the up shot was," Gabrielle remarked, stopping behind Xena to admire the
whip marks in her back, "When it was over, the girl wanted more!"

"The little bitch didn't want to leave us," Her partner commented, her eyes
locking with Virgil's, her grip tightening, "But she didn't mind when we gave
her to two Nubians."

"She seemed quite happy," Gabrielle laughed softly, "She embraced new
experiences well."

Xena stared at her daughter, who merely smiled at her parent, her hand still
curled around Virgil's cock.


"Not Eve!" The woman spat, "Livia! Eve was a whiner who wanted the God of Eli
to guide her in life."

Livia stared down at the organ in her hand and added, "Not enjoy
every way!"

Livia moved to Virgil and kissed him, her fingers moving across his erection
slowly. Their mouths opened, their tongues battled. Virgil's arms went around
her body to pull her closer, her large breasts squeezing against his muscular

As Xena watched, she could feel's Gabrielle's finger on her back. She was
slowly tracing the outline of the largest wound. The warrior princess tensed,
as she felt the finger touched the wound itself. A small groan escaped from
her throat.


Xena ignored the query, as she watched Livia lick down Virgil's body, slowly
dropping to her knees. She finally found herself face to face with the fleshy
treasure in her hand. The hunger was apparent in her eyes, as she slowly
licked the head. Virgil smiled down at her, his hand caressing her hair.

"Take her!"

Gabrielle's hissed command jerked Xena's attention back to her friend. Virgil
smiled wickedly at the two women, then curled his hand roughly in his lover's
hair. He savagely pushed his cock between her lips and began to thrust into
her hot wet mouth, his hand forcing her head forward with every thrust.

Xena could feel the Bard stepping up behind her. Her left arm curled around
her waist and her right slid beneath her breasts. The warrior could feel
Gabrielle's tight body mold into her back, her firm nipples pressed against
one of her whip wounds.

Gabrielle began to lick the sweat from the back of Xena's throat, her tongue
playfully lapping sensuously against the helpless woman. Xena closed her
eyes, absorbing the feelings of the Blonde's ministrations, the pain and
pleasure of her body pressed against her, the sounds of sex from a few yards
away. She felt Gabrielle's left hand travel down the flat of her stomach to
the curls of her pussy. The Bard bit her softly in the shoulder, as she
moved her finger into Xena's depths.

"Ahhhh," She whispered, "Someone is excited. But from the whipping...or
watching her daughter being taken by the man she had sex with?"

Xena remained silent, her eyes not leaving the couple before her. Gabrielle's
hand left the wet tunnel and joined the other hand at her lover's chest. The
thumb and forefinger of each hand seized the warrior's princess' nipples and
squeezed them tightly. Xena gasped and tried to turn her body to face the
Bard, but the blonde held her fast, keeping her focus on her daughter.

Virgil released her hair, his body tensing at his oncoming zenith. Livia
moved away from his body and pulled his legs forward. The warrior suddenly
found himself on his back atop an animal skin rug. Livia laughed as she
grasped his erection and held it away, focusing the attention of her mouth
on his testicles. Virgil cried aloud at her new assault.

"She's like an animal!" Gabrielle remarked seductively in Xena's ear, "Such
a difference from what she was earlier, that whining disciple of Eli."

"It's the pit!" Xena breathed, her eyes never leaving the tableau before her,
"It's affecting all of us."

"You were hoping it would only affect Lucifier," Gabrielle snickered.

"It brings forth the desires within you," Xena, added, "But it has to be
triggered by...She had to be attacked or seduced."

"Or both?" Gabrielle asked in a mock innocent tone.

Gabrielle could feel the anger coursing through Xena's body at the

"She was very difficult," The Bard remarked, "She clung to her faith."

"You raped her!" Xena accused in a furious hiss.

"Twice!" Gabrielle whispered seductively, nibbling at Xena's ear, "After
that, she wouldn't let me go."

"Gabrielle!" Xena began.

"And what of you?" Gabrielle accused in a fierce whisper, "Before you met
Hercules, how many men and girls did the mighty warrior princess rape? How
many women did you take from the villages you pillaged and sell to the
slavers...or give to your men as trophies? How many became your

Xena looked away from the Bard and back to her daughter. Livia had now
straddled Virgil's body, sinking his cock into her pussy. She laughed, as
she rode him, her lust quaking through every fiber of her being.

"That's you!" Gabrielle accused with a smile.

Xena tried to turn away, but Gabrielle pulled her body back around towards
the couple on the floor, seizing her hair in her right hand.

"Look at her! LOOK!"

"But I changed!" Xena choked, the shame evident in her voice, "Your love
changed me."

"Love?" Gabrielle spat, "Love is something you take, not give. I learned that
from the best lover I had...Najara!"

"NO!" Xena shouted, trying to twist her body around.

"Yes, Najara!" Gabrielle laughed, "I wanted her the moment we met, and I knew
she wanted me! Remember the night you rode out to capture that warlord. You
left me with her for safekeeping, but you were planning to leave me behind.
You were afraid that, if we stayed together, Alti's "death vision" would come

"You knew?" Xena coughed.

"Yes, she told me afterward...after we became lovers. After you left, I was
alone in that small camp near hers. I decided to please myself. I lay naked
under the blanket, fingering myself, moaning out her name...HER name!"

Gabrielle released her prisoner's hair and turned her body around on the
chain to face her. The Bard locked eyes with Xena, the anger flaring there
dominating the hurt look in Xena's expression.

"When I opened my eyes, she was standing over me. She must have been there
for some time, because she had already undressed and bent to my side. She
kissed me, Xena. It was a deep kiss, a sharing of souls. I don't know why,
but I tried to push her away. I said you'd be back soon, I declared that I
was yours. But it didn't matter.

"She ripped the blanket from me and was upon me like a feral animal. Every
time I'd protest, she'd strike me. The "Woman of Peace" was gone. All there
was was her lust!"

Gabrielle leaned in and whispered, "And I wanted her to take me. I wanted to
be conquered by her!"

Gabrielle then craned her head back to examine the pain in Xena's eyes.

"I was like that young girl upstairs," She continued, "When Najata had taken
what she wanted and I lay there, bruised and crying. I just looked up at her
through my tears."

The Bard then squeezed Xena's body closer to hers, as she declared, "And I
asked her to take me again! And she did that night...again and again!"

Gabrielle released her captive and stepped back, watching the tears form in
Xena's eyes.

"I would have done anything for her," She declared, "If giving me to her
troops as a sex toy would have kept us together, I would have accepted it.
But she wanted me all for herself... And I, her! And there was no "pit to
Hell" to blame. It was what I wanted. But you came back! I had to join with
you against her, because of fear you'd kill us both on the spot!"

"You're lying!" Xena choked out.

Gabrielle stepped back towards Xena, her arms encircling her, her naked body
pressing against her flesh. The Bard could feel the warrior's fury...and her

"Remember when we came back from India and found her escaped from prison?"
Gabrielle reminded her softly, running a finger along Xena's wet cheek, "You
never knew how happy I was to have a second chance with her. When you were
off dealing with Joxer's problems, it never occurred to you why it took us
so long, the two of us, down by that glade where I went to wash her wounds.
It never occurred to you what she and I were doing in that tall grass...alone
and unwatched."

"Damn you, Gabrielle!" Xena sobbed.

"It was my turn, that day," The Writer continued, "My turn to take her, to
pull her clothes off, to enjoy her body like a wolf enjoying a lamb. She
cried out my name over and over with such joy!"

"Right before she went INSANE!" Xena cried.

Gabrielle's face darkened. She pulled back the hand that had been caressing
Xena's face and slapped her hard.

"If she hadn't, I would have left you!" Gabrielle declared, "I was plotting
all the time how we were going to escape! I wanted her body against mine

Xena turned her head away, but Gabrielle seized her by the hair and turned
her face back towards her eyes.

Gabrielle smiled tightly and said, "I loved her!"

Xena spat in her face.

Gabrielle wiped the spittle with her free hand and her smile widened.

"Don't waste it yet," She purred seductively, "I haven't told you about the

The anger in Xena's eyes grew into hate.

"You were never around all the time and there were always opportunities,"
Gabrielle stated happily, "Like that boy in China. What a time we had,
eluding both you and Joxer for some privacy. But it was worth it. He was a
wonderful lover. He was the first man I let take me in the ass. But he
wasn't the last."

Gabrielle could feel Xena straining against the manacles. She leaned forward
and took Xena's left breast in her mouth and encircled it with her lips. The
warrior tried to break away, but Gabrielle seized her body tightly and held
her fast. She suckled and licked her prize, feeling Xena's body involuntarily
respond to her ministrations.

Gabrielle broke away, a look of triumph in her eyes. Xena looked at her with
an expression fiercer than the Bard could ever remember, even in their
confrontations with Callisto and Najara.

"That was nice," Gabrielle whispered softly, then in a louder, seductive
tone, "Where was I? Oh, yes...Men. You know, the one I enjoyed the most as a
lover, especially when he fucked me in the ass, was...Ares!"

If Gabrielle had hit Xena with her hardest blow, it would not have matched
the expression of pain that crossed her face.

"I understood why you were always of two minds about him," She continued,
"Brash, arrogant, but incredibly sexy. Even when he killed Eli, I couldn't
stay angry with him for long. I loved his body, even more than my dead
husband, Perdicus. I loved our sex together. We kept up our animosity when
you were present for appearances. But when you were gone, I belonged to him
like his personal sex slave. Especially when he ass fucked me. It was the
closest to being a Goddess that I could imagine."

"NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!" Xena wailed.

Gabrielle laughed and kissed Xena hard. She jumped back almost immediately.
Blood trickled down from a cut in her lip.

Xena smiled, her front teeth smeared with blood.

"You're nothing but a filthy whore!" She accused angrily.

"Yes, I am," Gabrielle confessed with a stern expression, the back of her
arm wiping the blood from her lip, "So are you. So is your daughter!"

"I'm going to cum!"

Virgil's frantic cry diverted the pair's attention back to the couple on the
dungeon floor. Livia slid off Virgil's cock and seized his erection, moving
her hand rapidly up and down the shaft. Her eyes widened in anticipation.

"Yes! Yes! YES!"

Almost at Livia's coaxing, a jet of white sperm shot up from Virgil's cock.
In a flash, Livia's mouth caught the jet and continued down, covering his
cock with her mouth. Virgil arched his back again and again, as he shot his
fluid into his lover's mouth. As Virgil's body relaxed, Livia craned her
head back and up, opening her mouth to allow the cum to run over her lips
and down her chin to drip on Virgil's body.

Gabrielle stepped over to Livia, knowing that Xena was watching her naked
body, as she approached the lovers. Without stopping, she leaned down and
covered Livia's mouth with her own. She began to lick and suck Virgil's cum
from Livia's mouth. When she was done, the naked blonde looked back towards
the warrior princess, opening her lips to show Xena the prize she had
obtained, before swallowing it.

Gabrielle pulled Livia to her feet and pulled her sweaty body to her. Their
mouths locked and their tongues battled. Gabrielle pulled back and looked
into Livia's eyes.

"Who do you love?" She asked with a smile.

"You," Livia replied.

"And you'll do anything I ask?"


Gabrielle released her lover and stepped to the bag she dropped on the
dungeon floor. Bending down, she removed a large dildo attached to a belt.
She carried it over to Livia and handed it to her. She then nodded her head
towards the hanging woman.

"No!" Xena breathed.

Livia looked at Xena with the eyes of a hungry predator, as she attached the
device to her waist.

"You're my daughter!" Xena cried in despair.

"Which will make this all the more delicious!" Livia replied, tightening her
left hand over the hefty object.

Xena turned towards Gabrielle with a fierce expression.

"Why? After all we've been through, why?"

Gabrielle ignored the question, as she walked to the chain anchored in the
wall and slipped it from its hook. Still weak from the sex and whipping,
Xena fell hard to the dusty floor and lay there, her hands still manacled.
Gabrielle leaned down, seized a animal skin rug and tossed it next to her.

"Virgil," The Bard commanded with a gesture.

Virgil climbed to his feet, walked over and, following Gabrielle's gesture,
rolled the warrior princess onto the rug. With her last bit of strength,
Xena swung her manacles at his face, but he jumped back before she could
connect. Her arms suddenly jerked above her head.

Xena twisted her head to see Gabrielle holding the chain.

"The key!" She snapped.

Virgil nodded and scampered to a pile of clothes in a corner of the room.
Digging through them, he removed a key and threw it at the Bard. Gabrielle
caught it and walked towards Xena. She dell to one knee and grabbed the
manacles around Xena's wrists. The warrior's body tensed, poised to attack
at the moment of freedom.

Two hands rose above her body and seized her arms in a vise-like grip.

Livia looked down at her mother, her smile wide and wicked. Her breasts hung
just above her parent's face. Xena locked eyes with her, her expression
pleading for her freedom.

"Aren't they beautiful?" Livia cooed, slightly swaying her chest.

"Livia, don't!" Xena cried, disgusted by her daughter's wantonness.

Gabrielle unlocked the manacles and threw them aside. She then rose to her
feet and stepped back, taking in the tableau before her.

Livia's grip softened on her Mother's arms, as she slid down upon the
warrior's body until they were face to face. Livia pursed her lips and blew
on the face beneath her. Xena turned her face in disgust.

"Don't you find me pleasing, Mother? I love the feel of your body against
mine. Don't you?"

"Damn you, Eve!"

"Look at me!" Livia snarled, "LOOK AT ME!"

Xena turned her head towards her daughter.

"I can feel your nipples getting hard, mother," Livia stated in a savage
tone, "You can lie to yourself, but your body can't."

Xena tried to lower her hands to push Livia from her, but Livia met the arms
by sliding to her wrists and holding them tight. She lowered her face closer
to her victim.

"I've taken mothers and daughters in my life, from burned villages to the
highest tiers of Rome," She whispered fiercely, "Mostly apart, but sometimes
together. The ones I loved the most were the ones who struggled."

Livia kissed Xena on the cheek, moved her mouth to the warrior's ear, and
whispered, "But I never dreamed of enjoying my own mother."

Before Xena could move, Livia pressed her mouth against her lips. Xena's head
jerked, as she tried to break from the embrace.

Livia released her grip on her parent and broke the kiss. She looked down on
Xena with triumph, but Xena brought her arms down, fingers poised for an
attack on her assailant's nerves.

But Livia was quicker. She rolled to the left, dodging the blows, then rolled
back, bringing her left fist against the side of her mother's head. Xena's
head rolled limp.

"Okay," Livia remarked, moving down Xena's body to her pussy, "The hard way!"

Livia brought her right hand and plunged three fingers into the treasure
before her.

"The bitch is already wet!" She announced, pumping her fingers in and out of
the orifice.

Her face displaying her lust, Livia began to lick voraciously at Xena's clit.

Xena's head lolled from left to right, her senses still stunned from the
blow. Her body flexed at the intrusion, her body beginning to move in rhythm
to the assault. The warrior's breathing began to grow more rapid.

"It's like a flood in here," Livia declared gleefully, inserting a fourth
finger alongside the other three.

Xena began to moan through clenched teeth, as her back arced against Livia's

"Yes, Yes, Gabrielle!" Xena cried in ecstasy.

The Bard laughed at Xena's stunned cry. As she did, she felt two muscular
arms encircle her chest and cup her breasts with a soft squeeze.


"By the Gods, you're so beautiful!" He complimented, placing his lips against
his throat.

"You sure you're just not horny watching your lover being raped by her
daughter?" The Blonde asked, feeling his erection against her back.

"Xena seems to be enjoying it" He commented, letting one hand release her
breast and slide down to the apex of her legs, his fingers touching her clit.

"Because she thinks it's me. She believes I'm fucking her!"

"When I saw you two dance, I wanted you more than the heavens!"

"But you chose her."

"Bad timing," He replied, trying to insert a finger between her labia.

"How many times did you take her?"

"She took me," He replied with a laugh, "several times."

"But you rammed in every hole?'


The Bard broke his grip and stepped across the room. She seized an animal
skin rug and dragged it over to settle it next to the mother and daughter.
Gabrielle then stretched down on her back, spread her legs, and looked up
invitingly to Virgil. She pointed at her mouth.

Virgil stepped around to her head and dropped to his knees. He leaned over
her head on all fours, his cock an inch from her mouth. Gabrielle greedily
placed her lips against her testicles, engulfing one ball between her lips.
Virgil groaned at her touch. The Bard moved her lips over her ball like a
sensuous cat playing with a toy, her tongue pushing, and her mouth sucking.

Next to her, Livia had moved her body up to suck on her mother's large
breasts. She gave a sideways glance at the lovers next to her, then refocused
her attention on the orb under her lips. She licked and bit, as she felt her
mother's hands caress the back of her head, pushing her lips harder against
the nipples beneath her mouth.

"Gabrielle!" Xena cried in her delirium.

The object of Xena's lust was now sucking Virgil's entire cock in her mouth,
deep throating him to his crotch. Virgil began to piston in and out of her
mouth, his eyes closed, his face reflecting his pleasure. When his cock was
hard and shiny with her saliva, Gabrielle ran her hand along it lovingly.

"Fuck me!"

Virgil needed no further coaxing. He slipped his body around and spread her
legs. Gabrielle smiled wickedly, as Virgil placed his cock against her pussy
and rammed forward.

"YES!" She cried in delight, pushing her hips to meet the invader.

As he began his thrusts, Livia spread Xena's legs and placed the head of her
dildo against Xena's pussy. She thrust deep into her mother.

Xena gasped at the intrusion, her eyes snapping wide open. She looked to her
left side, only to be greeted by the sight of Virgil hammering his hips
against Gabrielle's body. The Bard's eyes were screwed shut, her face a mask
of rhapsody. Her fingers grasped Virgil's buttocks, trying to force him
deeper into her with each downward thrust.

Shock crossing her face, Xena looked up to the smiling face of her daughter.

"No! No! No! No! No!" The warrior princess cried, trying to push away from
her daughter.

Xena twisted her torso to the right, trying to break the bond and crawl away
from the woman above. Livia grinned wickedly at her struggling parent and,
holding her balance with her right hand, raked the sharp nails of her left
hand across the now exposed flesh of her mother's back. The sharp points dug
across the exposed wounds of the whipping.

Xena screamed, turning back to her daughter, Livia laughed and ran her hand
over her mother's back again, digging deeper into the flesh.

"By the Gods!" Xena screamed.

"There are no Gods, Mother," Livia reminded her, increasing the tempo of her
thrusts, "You killed them, remember?"

Xena rolled on her back and seized her daughter's forearms. For a long
moment, there was only the sound of flesh slapping on flesh, from them and
from the couple next to them.

Livia could see the defiance ebb from Xena's eyes the sweet look of surrender
filling her expression. Resigned, the warrior princess threw her left arm
across her eyes and allowed her body to respond to her daughter's assault.
Xena could feel her legs instinctively cross around Livia's waist. With a
small moan, Xena dug her heels into her daughter's buttocks, coaxing Livia's
thrusts deeper within her.

Gabrielle and Virgil had slowed their lovemaking at Xena's cry, but Virgil
was impatient and began his thrusts deeper in the Bard beneath him. Gabrielle
craned her head forward, her hands holding his shoulders for support, as she
licked the sweat from his naked chest.

"Now! The last hole!" She murmured, pushing at his shoulders with her hands.

Virgil fought her attempts to disengage heir bond. Anger crossed Gabrielle's
face at his obstinance. She curled her hands into claws, digging her nails
into his flesh. Virgil's eyes snapped open and down towards her, his focus on
his pleasure broken.

"Get off!" She snarled, pushing him again.

Confusion crossing his face, Virgil pulled back up on his heels, his erection
dripping Gabrielle's juices. The Bard rolled on her stomach. As she did, Xena
pulled her arm from her face and looked towards the blonde, sadness in her
eyes. Gabrielle locked her eyes with her former lover and smiled. She grasped
each of her butt cheeks in her hands and spread them apart, exposing her
rectum to the open air.

"Lick!" She ordered, using a tone as if Virgil were a dog.

He leaned forward, replacing her hands with his. His tongue shot out and
probed around her anus before dipping into the tight abyss.

Gabrielle's eyes never left Xena's nor the other's hers. She smiled at
Virgil's actions behind her, noting Xena's eyes moving to him and then back
to her.

Xena began to feel the tension of an orgasm building in her body. She reached
her hand out to Gabrielle.

The Bard merely smiled and said, "Fuck me, Virgil!"

Xena's eyes swiveled to Virgil, who craned up and placed the head of his cock
against the Blonde's asshole. Slippery with her juices, the erection began
to work its way into her body. Gabrielle tensed at the invasion, the pain
screwing her features tight.

"Yeessssssss!" She hissed.

Xena could take no more of the erotic spectacle before her. Looking up at her
daughter, she replaced her heels with her hands on her lover's buttocks,
pushing her daughter deeper and faster within her.

"Fuck me! Fuck your mother! Fuck me hard, you cunt!"

"You love being fucked by your daughter?" Livia laughed down at her.

"Yes! Yes. I want to cum! Make me cum! MAKE ME CUM! DAMN YOU, LIVIA, DAMN YOU

Her orgasm felt like a tidal wave rolling through the warrior princess. As it
did, Livia worked one hand under her parent and flicked her nails across the
open wounds she could reach. The combination of pain and pleasure sent Xena
over the edge. She screamed one last time before plunging into darkness.

She awoke with the feeling of fluid hitting her face. She opened her eyes to
see Virgil kneeling next to her. He held his erupting erection, cum shooting
upon Xena's face. She gasped and rolled away.

Xena could hear laughter, as she looked around. Gabrielle and Livia were
seated upon the other animal skin, the warrior of Rome cradled in the Bard's
arms. Gabrielle was running her hand through Livia's hair, but her eyes were
again locked with Xena's.

"He wanted to shoot it in my ass," She stated wickedly, "But I thought of a
better target."

"I didn't cum," Livia complained in a little girl voice.

"You will," Gabrielle smiled, planting a kiss on her throat, her hands
kneading the woman's breasts.

Virgil collapsed upon the animal skin, his energy at it's lowest. Gabrielle
shook her head.

"Typical," She remarked, rising to her feet. She pulled Livia to her feet.

"Where...Where are you going?" Xena asked.

"Upstairs," Gabrielle replied, "Livia has that problem we have to take care

Xena wiped the liquid from her face and reached out, her fingers touching
Gabrielle's bare feet.

"Don't leave me!" She gasped.

"What do you want?" Livia asked innocently.

"You!" She replied, dragging her body towards Gabrielle's feet, "Both of you!
Don't go!"

Gabrielle watched, as Xena pulled herself to the Bard. Like a puppy, Xena
began to lick the blonde's toes, then her feet. Gabrielle and Livia watched
the display with a fascination. Virgil turned his head to look at the sight
of Xena groveling with wonderment.

Gabrielle placed a hand on Livia's shoulder and nudged her away from her. She
looked down upon Xena.

"You want to make the juices flow in my pussy?" She asked, stepping over
Xena's head.

"Yes!" Xena asked, looking up at the beautiful prize she hoped The Bard would
lower to her face.

"Here it is!" Gabrielle declared sweetly.

Xena was too slow to move, as the initial flow of urine cascaded down from
Gabrielle's pussy upon her face. Retching, Xena rolled away with her last
ounce of strength, while Gabrielle finished her task, laughing at the
warrior's princess' discomfort.

"Pleased?" The Bard asked with delight.

With a stern look, she turned her attention to Virgil.

"Clean her up and tend to her wounds! I may have a use for her later. Maybe."

Gabrielle stepped to Livia, whose eyes were filled with admiration. Gabrielle
took her into her arms and kissed her deeply and passionately.

"I'll take care of your problem," She promised, as she broke the kiss and led
Livia towards the door.

The two were about to leave, when Gabrielle turned back to the coughing
warrior princess on the floor.

"Rule in Hell, Xena!" She suggested, "And don't worry about me. I have your

The two girls left, leaving Xena sobbing on the floor.

As they ascended the stairs leading back to the hall, Livia stopped and
looked at Gabrielle with a questioning stare.

"What?" Gabrielle asked.

"Those things you said," She asked, "About Najara and Ares and the others.
Were they true?"

Gabrielle pulled Livia to her. She ran a finger of her right hand down the
cheek of her lover, a weary look on her face.

"Livia," She replied in the soft tone a teacher might use on a pupil, "You
don't need a whip to torture Xena."

Gabrielle then took her lover by the hand and they continued ascending the


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