NOTE: This story takes place during the episode "Heart Of Darkness", where
the characters are giving in to their deepest desires)

Xena Warrior Princess:
Heart Of Darkness Part 1 - The Taking Of Eve (MF,FF,bond,cons,ncon,viol)
by Terry Webster

"God of Eli...Hear me!"

Eve closed her eyes, clasped her hands and prayed again to her deity, hoping
that her pleas would be answered. Had not the Archangel Michael sent Lucifer
to Earth? Could he not follow him and aid her?

Eve opened her eyes and leaned back. She again touched the small bump on her
head and winced. She could forgive Gabrielle for rendering her unconscious,
just as Xena's orgy began. She was greatly relieved that none of Xena's
"followers" had decided to take advantage of her unconscious state. Perhaps
her mother had issued orders that she not be touched? She knew that the pit
leading to the bowels of Hell were having an influence on all of them,
including Lucifer, Gabrielle, and Eve's mother, the warrior known as Xena.
When she had awoke, she found herself in the midst of an orgy, not unlike the
debacles she had reigned over when she was Livia, Warrior of Rome. Before her
eyes, Xena and Gabrielle were engaged in a sensuous dance together.

Eve found the vision enticing, almost mesmerizing.

Realizing the Hellhole was beginning to darken her heart, Eve had fled to a
small room, where she had prayed for guidance...and for strength.

Eve had long thought her mother was beautiful, even when they were bitter
enemies. From the moment they had met, she admired her strong muscular looks
and her Grecian loveliness.

But it was Gabrielle who set her blood afire. Eve had grown close to the
Bard, as she learned the ways of Eli from her. Eve respected the blonde's
wisdom, her ability to merge force with a respect for peace, and her love of
life. In fact, there were moments when Eve was excessively envious of her
mother's relationship with the woman from Potedia. Even though, as Livia, Eve
had experienced the embrace of women from the upper class of Rome to slaves
and spoils of conquests, she had never felt such allure as she did for her
mother's lover.

Watching the Bard's fluid movements against her mother's body stirred
feelings of lust that Eve had not felt since her Roman days. How she had
wished to be thrust between the women, playing her own movements against
theirs, her fingers playing on their flesh, her tongue.

Eve gasped, as she realized that she was weakening to Evil. She held herself
tight, rocking slowly on her knees, uttering her pleas to Michael. Eve
struggled within herself to regain her thoughts of purity, to put down the
lust and incestuous desire that was spawning from her heart.

Eve rose from her prostate position to her feet. What to do? It had seemed
that the entire village of Amphibolis had gone mad. Perhaps she still might
reach either Xena or Gabrielle and reason with her. This darkness must be

With a strengthening of resolve for her holy purpose, Eve left the small room
and out of the building where she had fled during the orgy in the main hall.
She now strode righteously back down the darkened streets to the doors of the
hall. No sound issued forth from the interior. With a feeling of her grand
mission, Eve pushed the doors slowly open and walked softly into the shadows

A few torches still flickered. Eve could see bodies still writhing on the
floor. Men and women, some in pairs, some in groups, locked in passionate
combat. Eve felt a shudder, as the desire to avert her eyes swelled in her,
but it was overcome by the feelings of her past: The appreciation of
passionate sensuality, the excitement of domination and control. Livia was
never one to be submissive, Eve reflected, as she could feel a longing to
be a part of the tableau before her. Slowly, she found herself walking
among the partygoers, her arms holding her tight as a defense against the
debauchery before her. But, even as she uttered soft prayers to the God of
Eli, her eyes were drinking in the lovemaking before her like waves of
energy. She could feel excitement begin to flow through her body, coupled
with a desire to rip her clothes from her body and join them...join them...
join them.


Eve stepped back from the tableau, almost stumbling over a pair of entwined
women behind her. Mumbling an apology, she moved quickly across the hall to
the corridors leading to the back rooms. As she reached the doorway, she
held herself against the frame and thanked Eli for regaining focus on her

The pull is strong. I thought I had buried Livia, but she still rises within
me. I must be strong. I must be strong! Eli, give me strength!

Eve moved forward, resisting the temptation to look back at the ones she left
behind her. She moved down the darkened hall, until she heard sounds coming
from behind one of the doors. Cautiously, she moved to the entrance and
slowly opened the door partway.

Only a small fireplace lighted the room's interior. Eve could make out two
shadowed figures on an animal skin rug near the fire.

One was a woman on all fours, thrusting herself backward into the hips of
the muscular man kneeling behind her. They moved like animals in a energetic
frenzy. Eve stared at them, her eyes widened. She could feel the moisture
forming between her legs.

"Ohhhhhh, that's it!" The woman cried, "Harddddeerrrrr, Virgil!"

"Yes, Xena!" The man gasped, increasing the fury of his thrusts.

By Eli, it's Mother. Mother and Virgil!

The sight of her mother thrusting back against the son of Joxer was almost
too much for Eve. Her mind told her to back away from the room, but her
body urged her to moved forward, to touch her mother's flesh, to caress her
breasts, to become one with their lust.

As her foot started to move forward, she felt a hand touch her arm.

Eve spun around, as a hand clasped over mouth and an arm circled her waist,
holding her firm. In the small light from the fire, Eve could discern the
lovely features of Gabrielle. The Bard slowly moved her out into the
corridor, moving her arm from Eve's waist to quietly close the door.

"The last thing you want to do is interrupt her," Gabrielle whispered softly,
releasing her grip on the priestess, "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk to mother, to try and get her to end all this...

"Well, you disturb her during sex and she gets realllly cranky. Believe me,
I know."

Eve found herself smiling at the remark and she wondered if Gabrielle could
see her face in the neo-darkness. This sounded like the Gabrielle she knew,
not the temptress she witnessed earlier. Perhaps, because of her faith in
Eli, Gabrielle had shaken off the dark force trying to entrap them all. She
felt the Bard's hand squeeze her own.

"Come on," The Bard urged, "We can't talk here."

Gabrielle led Eve further down the corridor to another room. This room was
well lit by torches. The only furniture was a bed against one wall. On the
floor next to it was a large handbag that Eve recognized as belonging to the
blonde warrior.

Eve took in the woman before her. Gabrielle still wore the leather bra and
skirt and small sandals she had worn to the orgy. A gauze-like shawl draped
over her shoulders. Gabrielle removed the shawl and tossed it to the bed.
She turned to Eve with a small smile.

"You mind if I get comfortable?" She asked politely, "It's so hot in this

It was all Eve could do her head to nod at this vision of loveliness before
her. Turning away from Eve, Gabrielle released a small catch on her skirt,
causing the garment to drop to her ankles. Her lower body was clothed in a
pair of panties made of the same gauzy material as her shawl. Eve's eyes
drank in the cheeks of the Bard's ass, the naked thighs, the shape of her
legs. She could feel her insides moisten.

Damn her! She knows what this is doing to me! If I don't leave, I'll rape
that little ass.. NO!

Eve turned and started to turn towards the door, trying not to display her
anxiety. Gabrielle stepped to the bed and sat down, pushing her body back
until she had propped her back against the wall.

"Eve? Where are you going?" She inquired softly.

Eve stopped and turned back towards Gabrielle. The lush body before her,
the smiling face, the knowing glint in her eyes, was all too much for the
priestess. Feeling weak in the knees, she walked back towards the Bard.

"I thought I might see if Mother was...finished," She replied weakly.

"If she is, she'll probably want to rest," Gabrielle stated with a knowing
look, "Did you want to talk?"


"Then sit down."

Gabrielle patted the bed, but Eve sat on the edge by her feet, thankful for
the excuse of not gazing at her friend's body. Gabrielle leaned forward and
touched her shoulder.

"Back here with me," She suggested, "You don't want me to talk to your back,
do you?"

Eve slid back, her eyes darting to Gabrielle's legs, her thighs, finally
settling on the patch of golden curls pressing against the transparent
material at her crotch. She could feel the wetness growing between her own
thighs. Eve quickly moved her eyes to Gabrielle's face, hoping the Bard
wouldn't notice her hunger. The blonde merely looked at her with an impassive

"You're worried about your mother?" Gabrielle stated in a concerned tone.

"This isn't like her, Gabrielle," Eve replied, "This orgy. What's she doing
with Virgil. I don't understand why you didn't stop her. I thought you two
were...I mean, she's cheating on you!"

The Bard laughed and leaned her head back against the wall.

"Your mother will come back to me, Eve. She always does. Men are a diversion,
a change of pace...for both of us. But she always comes home to me."

Gabrielle locked her warm eyes on Eve's and added, "Besides, I get an
occasional change of pace myself."

Eve could feel the desire behind that gaze, but tried to focus on her task
at hand.

"What of Lucifer?"

"He's passed out," The Bard giggled, "Too much wine. Unfortunately, your
mother's campaign to corrupt him led her in the...situation we saw her in. I
should be jealous. I had my own plans for Virgil tonight...See?"

With that, Gabrielle leaned over the side of the bed and scooped up her bag
from the floor. She emptied its contents between the two women. Eve had to
suppress a gasp.

She recognized all the objects lying there...the beads, the fur-lined cuffs,
the straps, the belt with the artificial representation of a man's organ
attached to the front, the iron pincers and the Roman riding crop.

"I usually use these on Xena... Or her on me," The Bard declared proudly,
grasping the belt and holding it up, "But I always wanted to use this on a
man, if you know what I mean."

Noticing Eve's expression, Gabrielle dropped the object and gazed at her
companion with a look of concern.

"I guess I shouldn't be talking like this," She stated sweetly, "Please, what
was it you wanted to talk about?"

"It's Mother," Eve said nervously, looking away from the blonde beauty next
to her, "I don't understand why she's capitulating to this...Evil!"

Gabrielle took Eve's hand softly. Eve turned her head and looked in the
deepest, most beautiful eyes she had ever seen.

"She's trying to lure Lucifer into embracing this darkness," The Bard
replied, the smile on her face as tempting as her eyes.

"Mother's trying to corrupt an angel?"

"If she doesn't, Xena will have to reign in Hell," Gabrielle replied, "Which
is starting to have its attraction, if you know what I mean."

"But this place is.. Changing us, corrupting us!"

"Or are we just letting ourselves go, after all we've been through? We've
fought Ares, evil spirits, the Amazons...though that Varia was very
attractive. Very athletic body, don't you think?"

Eve looked at the Gabrielle's expression of lustful admiration and shook her

"She wanted to kill me, Gabrielle."

"She probably just wanted you," Gabrielle replied slyly, "I could understand
that...extremely well!"

Eve averted her eyes, feeling that she could hide her desire from the Bard's
gaze, only to find her eyes settled on Gabrielle's leather covered breasts.
She turned her gaze back to the blonde's, whose laughing eyes told the
priestess the Bard was well aware of her discomfort.

"But Gabrielle...You are the first disciple of Eli!"

Gabrielle snorted at the remark, laughing, "Eli's way isn't my way."

"Are you saying you don't believe in the way of love?"

Gabrielle squeezed Eve's hand in hers, remarking, "There is love... And there
is love."

Eve looked down as The Bard brought the priestess' hand closer to her naked
thigh. Eve suddenly shifted, pulling her hand from Gabrielle's grip.

"Gabrielle, it's this place, that pit!" Eve pleaded, "It's corrupting all of

"And this is a bad thing?"

As she spoke, the Bard passed her fingertips across a patch of bare thigh
that Eve's skirt had unveiled. The priestess tried to suppress a shudder, but
she knew the woman could sense her reaction.

Gabrielle leaned forward and touched Eve's face with her free hand. Before
she realized it, Eve found Gabrielle's mouth pressed against her, the Bard's
tongue pressing for entrance. The priestess parted her lips and greeted the
woman's tongue with her own. They dueled for a long moment, then their heads
moved apart.

"Wasn't that nice?" Gabrielle asked seductively.

"I can't!" Eve whispered harshly, "I can't submit to Evil!"

Eve broke away from Gabrielle and moved quickly towards the door. As she
reached the handle, she felt two strong hands grasp her shoulders from
behind. She suddenly felt herself being flung back across the room to the
edge of the bed. Landing on her knees, she grasped the side of the cushion
and looked towards the door.

Gabrielle stood there. She looked down at Eve, her lust undisguised. She
moved quickly to Eve and grasped by the hair, yanking her to her feet.

"No, don't!" Eve gasped.

Gabrielle slapped Eve hard, sending her on her back upon the bed. Before she
could move, Gabrielle was upon her, her hands pinning Eve's arms to the bed,
her mouth hungrily pushing against hers. With a wave of her hand, the Bard
swiped the sex toys off the bed to the floor, then returned her grip to the
helpless priestess.

Eve pushed her head away from her assailant, screaming, "In the name of Eli,

Gabrielle placed her knees on either side of the woman beneath her, rose up
and looked contemptuously down upon Eve. With rage in her eyes, she slapped
Eve again...and again...and again.

"Eli won't help you!" The Bard spat, as her hands grasping Eve's robe. The
pair struggled, as Gabrielle brought the garment over Eve's head and flung it
across the room.

The Bard gazed hungrily down at Eve's chest, which strained against the dress
holding them in. With one sudden motion, Gabrielle grasped the fabric at the
apex of her friend's cleavage and ripped the material apart, exposing the
flesh beneath to the open air. Eve could see Gabrielle almost drool at the
treasure before her, before the Bard grabbed each breast in a savage hold and
lowered her hungry mouth to the left orb.

"No! Stop! Please!" Eve whimpered, trying to turn her body away from
Gabrielle's grasp.

The Bard lifted her head and smiled at Eve.

"Don't try and lie to yourself! I've seen the way you look at me, when you
think I'm not looking. I've seen the longing in your eyes when we're walking
or sitting around a campfire. And when we bathe! Oh, the glances you think I
don't notice, Eve. Do you think I don't sense your desire when we're both
naked in a river or lake or that I don't feel the want beneath the gentleness
of your touch when you washed my back? You hunger for me as much as I for

"No, this is wrong!" Eve whimpered, realizing that Gabrielle knew of her
deepest desires, "By the God of Eli, I swear."

"NO!" Gabrielle snapped, "I am offering myself to you and you deny me for
some mythical God?"

"You are corrupt, Gabrielle!" Eve cried, "Fight it and we can embrace the

"BITCH!" Gabrielle snarled, her face a mask of fury, as she lifted her body
off Eve to a seated position on the edge of the bed, but retaining her grip
on Eve's arms, "You damn bitch!"

Gabrielle released Eve to reach to the floor. Eve immediately rose to a
sitting position in an effort to bolt from the bed to the door. Gabrielle
brought the riding crop up and hit Eve in the head with the handle, which
was covered by her fist.

Eve fell back, as Gabrielle rose to her feet and looked down on the helpless
woman before her. Though most of her dress was bundled around the middle of
her body, Eve's chest and shoulders were bare. Her naked legs poked through
the long skirt below.

Eve looked at Gabrielle with terror. The Bard was looking down on her with
the most hate the Roman had ever seen on a human being. Gabrielle's grip
tightened on the riding crop.

"For Eli's sake." Eve whispered in a desperate plea.

The name of Eli seemed to set Gabrielle off. She began savagely hitting Eve's
chest and shoulders. The priestess used her arms to protect her face, but
that gesture only seemed to make the Bard angrier. She began to strike the
exposed areas of Eve's legs, causing the woman to attempt to roll her body

"Eli? You prefer that hypocrite to me! HE'S DEAD! And you refuse me for him?"

Gabrielle seized Eve's dress and flipped her over on her back. With one
fierce yank, she pulled the priestess' dress open to the waist. Gabrielle
began to strike again and again.

"You slut! You hypocritical whore! You BITCH!"

Eve lost count of the times Gabrielle struck her back and legs with the crop.
She tried to fight the pain by shutting out everything but her silent prayers
to the God of Eli.

Whether it was the pain or God's mercy, Eve soon fell into blackness.

She awoke staring up at the ceiling. Her arms were high above her head but,
when she tried to bring them down, they wouldn't move.

Eve started to writhe. There was something warm, wet and alive at the apex of
her legs. She lifted her head and looked down her body.

It was no surprise to her that she was now completely nude. She could see
some of the cuts from Gabrielle's assault still bleeding slightly. It was
also no surprise to see the top of a blonde head moving up and down between
her legs.

"Gabrielle?" She whispered softly.

The Bard lifted her head and looked towards Eve with a wicked smile. Eve's
juices were on her lips.

"You taste so sweet," was all the blonde stated, before returning to the task
at hand.

Eve had to fight to suppress a shudder, as Gabrielle's tongue passed over her
labia to her clit. She attempted to pull her arms down, but realized that
her wrists were bound in leather straps. The other ends of the straps were
tied to the bed's headboard.

Gabrielle's tonguing was beginning to have the desired effect. Eve could
feel her pussy moisten even more at the rapid ministrations of the blonde
warrior. Occasionally, Gabrielle would push Eve's body higher and tongue
the priestess' asshole, an action that brought even louder moans from the

"Stop! Please!" was all she could vocalize, but Eve made no attempt to push
or kick Gabrielle away from her with her legs.

Gabrielle stopped her action and rocked back to a sitting position on her
knees. Immediately, Eve started to try and open her legs wider in an open
invitation. She started to make pleading mewing sounds.

"You told me to stop," The Bard reminded her in a seductive tone.

Eve could not vocalize her want. It was in defiance of The Way. But her body
forsook her, her legs seemingly reaching out to the woman who, a short time
ago, was beating her mercilessly.

A wicked smile on her face, Gabrielle again moved between Eve's legs and
resumed her tonguing of her pussy, this time sinking two fingers into her wet
abyss and beginning a rapid motion.

Eve's body totally betrayed her. She could feel the darkness envelop her
heart and she fought back with her the strength of her faith, but her body
only responded to the ministrations of the Bard of Potedia. Gabrielle
laughed, as Eve bucked her orgasm against her fingers, the juices running
over her hand in a cascade.

As the former Roman warrior attempted to regain her composure, Gabrielle
licked at her hand like a cat cleaning herself. She then leaned forward and
began to lap at Eve's juice-covered pussy. The captive jerked in reaction,
but Gabrielle seized her thighs and kept them parted, as she continued to
lick up the juices.

"No. No!" was all Eve could moan. But Gabrielle's tongue and teeth playing
on her clit was already beginning to heat the flesh of her body. Sensing her
conquest, Gabrielle began to slowly kiss and lick her way up Eve's body. She
took special care to stop at each wound from the riding crop that still bled
and lick the blood, an act that seemed to arouse Eve even more. Gabrielle
reached Eve's breasts and resumed her sensuous tonguing of the orbs. Instead
of pulling back, Eve tried to press her chest even harder against the Bard's

Gabrielle mauled Eve's breasts as she increased the tempo of her tongue. The
priestess began to moan louder at this assault, moving her head from side to
side in ecstasy. Gabrielle responded by digging her nails into Eve's flesh,
an action that elicited a scream from the prisoner.

Gabrielle slithered up Eve's body, until they were face to face, their
sweat-covered breasts pressed against each other. Eve tried to turn her face
in shame, but Gabrielle seized her head in both hands and snapped her back
towards her wickedly gleaming eyes.

"What's the matter, my dear? You weren't supposed to react, were you? Your
faith should have overcome my.actions. You weren't actually enjoying all

When Eve failed to reply, Gabrielle grabbed the headboard above Eve and began
to pull her body into an upright position, Within moments, Gabrielle's knees
were on either side of Eve's head, her glistening pussy inches from Eve's
mouth. Gabrielle looked down in delight at the expression of anticipation on
the captive's face. She lowered her pussy to Eve's mouth and almost jumped at
the eager assault from the girl beneath her. Eve's teeth and tongue played
across the Bard's labia and clit, trying to gain deeper entrance to her cunt.
Gabrielle began to move her hips forward and back, reveling in the
sensations. She then moved forward and stopped, hoping that Eve would take
the hint.

The priestess responded exactly as Gabrielle hoped, her tongue beginning a
rapid probe of the Bard's asshole.

"YYEESSSSSSSS! I love that!" She hissed, throwing her head back in joy at the

Tears began to run down Eve's cheeks. Her mind reeled at what she was doing,
but her body, now in the possession of the dark force, pushed her head
against Gabrielle's nether regions, her wet tongue probing deeper into her
captor's orifice.

Gabrielle looked down at Eve The girl was struggling against her bonds,
trying to get her hands free. With a laugh, Gabrielle shifted her hips back,
moving Eve's target from her anus to her glistening pussy. Eve's assault
increased in tempo.

Gabrielle basked in the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She
grabbed the bed board with both hands to steady herself, as the first tremors
of her release began to surge through her being. She looked down at Eve,
hoping to bond their lust. But her eyes were closed, as she frantically
lapped at her lover.

"Eve?" She croaked.

Eve's eyes opened and stared up at Gabrielle. Gabrielle smiled in return.
There was all the lust, all the passion, all the desire she had hoped for
in her lover's eyes. She had conquered her and that realization of triumph
propelled her over the edge.

"EEEEVVVVVEEEEEE!" She screamed, as her body buckled against the bed. She
could feel in her ecstasy the juices pour forth from her pussy as the
pleasure cascaded through every fiber of her being. Moreover, she delighted
in the sensations of her captive lapping them up.

The Bard leaned against the board, recovering breath in her exhausted body.
She slowly slid her body down, until she was lying atop her naked prisoner.
She smiled lovingly at her and began to lick the cum from her mouth and
cheeks. She then lowered her head and began to suckle her lefty nipple into
her mouth, eliciting a moan from the woman beneath her.

Gabrielle lifted her head to smile at her lover and stopped short. She could
see the lust drain from her eyes to be replaced by fear and dread at what
the priestess had done. In the waning moments of her orgasm, the influence
of her faith had reasserted herself within Eve. Gabrielle moved up her body
and seized her head in both hands.

"No! NO! I'm not going to lose you!"

"By the God of Eli, Gabri."

"NO!" Gabrielle screamed, shaking Eve's head, "Damn Eli's God! I want you,
as you were, the woman I was with a moment ago! I want the woman who used
to seduce the wives and daughters of Roman Senators and military officers,
knowing full well that no one would touch the consort of Emperor Augustus!
I want the "Whore of Rome" who would take anyone she wanted...Men, women,
citizens, slaves, and fruits of conquest! How many virgin farm girls did
you "conquer" in your campaigns? How many did you rape? I know she's there.
I know a part of Livia is still in you!"

Eve began to whimper, an action that further enraged the Blonde Warrior.
Pushing the girl's head back against the bed, Gabrielle slid of her body
and the bed, dropping to her knees on the floor. She scooped up the strap-on
belt and rose to her feet, slinging it around her waist. As she buckled and
locked the belt, she looked down on her captive with a smoldering look of

"You made me cum," She stated in a serious tome, "Only fair I return the

Gabrielle spit in her hands and slid the liquid up and down the artifical
penis attached to the belt. Eve's eyes widened at the sight of the object.
She began to shake her head fearfully.

"It's too big!" She sobbed in fear.

"You think so?" The Bard inquired in a mock innocence tone, "Let's find out."

Gabrielle crawled up onto the bed and slapped Eve's legs apart. With the look
of a predator on her face, she dipped her head down between Eve's thighs and
began to lap at her pussy. Eve tried to twist her body away, but Gabrielle
seized her thighs in her hands and held them firm. She dug her nails into the
naked flesh so deep that blood began to appear. Eve yelped and moaned, but
Gabrielle couldn't tell if it was in passion, pleasure or both.

Releasing her grip, her face now covered with Eve's juices, she crawled up
her sweaty body until she was level with Eve's frightened face.

"Taste yourself".

Eve attempted to turn her head but Gabrielle again seized it in her hands
and pushed her lips against the priestess'. Eve kept her lips closed. Angry,
Gabrielle raised her head and slapped Eve with her left hand.

"Lick my face, bitch!"

Gabrielle moved her face closer towards Eve, not caring about the disdain in
her captive's eyes. Reluctantly, Eve's tongue came out between her lips and
began to lap at the juices around the Bard's face. Gabrielle could see that,
despite her resistance, Eve was savoring the taste in her mouth.

"Did the God of Eli cause that in you, my love?"

Eve's eyes darkened. She suddenly spit on Gabrielle's face.

The Bard reared up on her haunches, her knees on both sides of Eve's waist.
With fury in her eyes, she slapped once...twice...three times as hard as she
could. A trickle of blood trailed from the left corner of Eve's mouth, but
her eyes remained resolute.

Gabrielle moved back to her position between Eve's sprayed legs, her hands
tight on the dildo. Without any forewarning, she shoved the large tip against
Eve's outer pussy lips. The priestess attempted to pull her body away, but
Gabrielle simply moved forward with a powerful lunge and buried the head into
her target.

Eve screamed as she could feel the walls of her cunt stretch to accommodate
the invader, but Gabrielle disregarded her discomfort, pushing the object
deeper and deeper in her captive. In response, Eve pulled at the straps
keeping her hands confined.

"That's it!" Gabrielle hissed, "Fight me, bitch! Fight me!"

Gabrielle held Eve's shoulders down with her hands, as she used her weight
to push the dildo in deeper. Eve grimaced, her clenched teeth hissing out her

"God of Eli, save me!" She breathed.

The prayer galvanized the Blonde into action. She began to piston her hips
into her prisoner's pussy again and again, building up speed, trying to reach
a rhythm with her captive.

"Come on! Tell me you hate this! Tell me you want me to stop! TELL ME!"

But, although Eve stared at her with hate, Gabrielle could feel her thighs
clamping at her sides. The Bard suddenly decided to take a chance. Holding
her balance with her left hand, she reached up with her right hand and began
to untangle the straps holding Eve's wrists. The priestess' eyes widened, as
she felt her hands free themselves of its confinement.

Gabrielle saw the first punch coming and blocked it with her free arm. The
Bard put more power in her thrusts in retaliation, causing Eve to brace her
body in pain. The priestess seized Gabrielle's shoulders and pulled her down
to her. For a moment, the blonde thought Eve was going to kiss her but, at
the last moment, Eve turned her head towards the Bard's right shoulder and
sunk her teeth into the Blonde's flesh.

Gabrielle laughed.

Eve fell back to the bed, the blood on her teeth. Gabrielle smiled down at
her, not losing a moment of her tempo, despite the pain of her wound. Eve
grunted and began to thrust back. The Bard could feel Eve respond to her
motions. She felt the priestess' legs entwine her waist, her heels digging
into her hips to add her power to the Bard's.

"AARRGGHHHHHH!" She screamed, "Fuck Eli! Fuck His God! FUCK ME! FUCK

She grabbed Gabrielle's buttocks, her nails digging deeply, as she tried to
pull The Bard deeper and deeper with her at each forward thrust. Tears were
streaming down Eve's face, now a mask of pain and lust. Their bodies finally
achieved the rhythm The Bard had hoped for. Gabrielle could feel the orgasm
building in Eve's body.

"Cum for me, slut! Cum for me, my beautiful slut!" She breathed in a enticing
tone through her exertions, "Be my slut!"

Eve responded by matching the power of the Bard, but she could feel herself
about to explode. She suddenly arched her back against Gabrielle, as she felt
her cunt clamp on the artificial cock. Her fingers scratched the flesh of
the Blonde's ass, as Eve gyrated against her.


It was long moments before their sweating bodies subsided into stillness.
Gabrielle slowly withdrew the dildo from Eve and lay it upon her stomach,
lowering her exhausted body to press against the priestess'. She looked down
into Eve's eyes, pensively waiting for the return of her faith in Eli, but
her unmoving face only looked blankly up at the Bard.

With one quick moment, Eve pulled Gabrielle's mouth to her. Their tongues
darted between their lips. The Bard moaned, tasting her blood on Eve's teeth.
Eve then began to lick Gabrielle's face, throat, and finally the wound she
left on the Bard's shoulder.

"I'll be your slut!" Eve moaned, "If you'll be mine!"

"I love you, Eve!"

The priestess raised her head and in a serious, seductive tone, replied, "Not

Gabrielle smiled and, to show her joy, lowered her head to Eve's chest and
began to suck on her right orb of flesh. Livia put her left hand behind the
Bard's head and pressed her seductive tongue and lips harder against her
body, a smile of satisfaction on her face.

"How do we top this?" She asked softly.

Gabrielle released her treasure and looked up at her lover, a wild gleam in
her eye.

"We visit your mother," She smiled.


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