Xena Warrior Princess: Dahak Death Part 3
By Tyval

Ducking out of sight, Xena did a quick check on Argo. Xena took a
blanket and slipped off to the small spring. Hidden by a small stand of
bushes Xena removed her armor and leather outfit as she watched Questar.
Questar was nude and was going through a complex, and very acrobatic,
martial arts kata.

His steel hard wiry muscles made Questar look like a dark haired
Adonis, without the vanity. Questar looked like he was chiseled from the
finest marble. But his manhood was far greater than that of any statue.
' How does he fight with that thing?,' Xena thought,' I'm surprised he
can even walk.'

Questar worked up a light sweat then stepped into the shallow spring.
At it's deepest point the spring was only chest high on 6' 6" frame.
Still, that was enough to float so he lazily drifted onto his back. The
memory of the amazon dance came back to Questar giving him an erection.

'Zeus! He's even bigger than I thought! He has to have centaur
blood,' Xena thought, becoming aroused. Unlike Gabrielle, Xena did not
fall in love easily. Somehow, deep inside, Xena knew that, crazy or not,
she did love this strange future man she'd just met. Questar had all the
good qualities of Hercules, Marcus, Draco, Autolycus, and Caesar, but
with none of their bad qualities. This future man would never care about
her bloody past and, if they survived the coming battle, could give her
a future on her own terms.

Xena made her decision. Wearing only the blanket Xena stepped out
into the bright moonlight. A moon only one day from being full.

" Mind some company future man?," Xena purred stepping out of the

Xena spread the blanket out as Questar slowly stepped out of the
water smiling. ' Zeus, he's huge,' Xena thought, both aroused and,
uncharacteristicly, slightly intimidated,' I thought Hercules was big,
but even he couldn't match this.' Questar knew that most women were
afraid of his size. At over 12" long, and better than 3" diameter
Questar also had a secret power, he could stay hard as long as he wanted

On top of that Questar was also highly skilled in oriental
lovemaking techniques. There was a joke about Questar among the many
super-heroines that Questar had great power, he was also a very tough
and capable super-hero. Because many of his lover's were tiny oriental
girls, Questar also had developed great control.

Questar was just as impressed with Xena's body. ' How does she fight
with breasts that big?,' Questar thought. Questar looked at Xena's hard,
firm, yet highly feminine body. Her breasts were at least a 38DD, full
and high. Xena's washboard stomich was flat and without flaw. Questar
couldn't even see even the slightest evidence of Xena having once given
birth to her unfortunate son Solon, nor any evidence of known wounds.
There wasnot even any sign of her knee's having once been broken by

Then Questar remembered that Xena had once eaten a tiny bit of
ambrosia when she had hovered between life and death, scroll #37, if he
rememberd right. Further down, Questar saw that Xena shaved her mound
completely hairless. Most of the heroine's and female martial artists he
knew did that, and in fact Questar preferred it because it also made
women more sensitive. Xena's legs were long and gymnastically muscled,
her buttocks were as tight as a drum.

Embracing they kissed, lightly at first, then harder as their passion
grew. Their tongues dueled hungrily as Questar skillfully caressed her,
going from buttocks to breasts, then lightly touching her mound, already
growig moist. Questar gently broke from her lips, kissing down Xena's
neck before returning to her lips. Xena gave out a low moan of pleasure.

Questar and Xena sank to their knees. Questar kissed down her neck
again, this time going to her breasts. Xena's nipples were aroused under
his mouth, as he suckled each one in turn. Questar ran his tongue over
her entire breast before returning to her nipple, all the while his
hands caressed Xena's buttocks.

Xena ran her finger's through his long hair as Questar kissed and
licked all the way back to her mouth, causing Xena to pant from
excitement. A third time Questar kissed down, his hands kneading her
large breasts, first softly, then harder. Trapping Xena's nipples in his
strong hands he vigorously pinched and pulled them in a manner that
caused no pain.

Xena could not believe how good he was. No man had ever given her
such pleasure in her breasts. All the men she'd known before would only
play with them a little and maybe give a few token licks. Questar was
actually making love to her tits! His mouth was on her nipples again
sucking them. As his mouth left each of her nipples Xena saw that her
nipples were almost double arousal size as she experianced a small

'I don't believe it,' Xena thought as she moaned,' He made me cum
from my tits!' Questar was merciless as he laid her on her back. His
lips were on hers again, his hands kneading her sensative breasts. The
now familiar process began for the fourth time as Questar kissed and
licked downwards. Stopping briefly at her breasts, Questar's mouth
continued downwards.

Questar's tongue traced around her belly button before jabbing inside
a few times. All Xena could do was writhe in ecstasy as Questar took
charge of her completely. Questar's mouth was almost to her her mound,
when he shifted targets and began licking her feet. Questar licked up
her soles before sucking her toes. A new pleasure gripped Xena.

No man or demi-god had ever taken Xena so completely. ' I love it,'
Xena thought dreamily. Questar licked up one leg to her inner thigh,
then attacked the other. The agony and ecstasy of waiting was driving
Xena mad. At last Questar reached her mound, and this time jabbed her
excited clit with his tongue repeatedly.

With a cry of raw pleasure, Xena was sent into an intense orgasm.
Still Questar had no pity on her as he sucked her clit before licking up
and down her nether lips. Not stopping there, Questar raised her
buttocks off the blanket spreading her wide. Xena had no resistance as
Questar attacked her anus with his tongue. Not even Hercules had ever
done that!

'No more! No more! I can't take any more,' a part of Xena's mind
thought, while another part thought,' Yes! Yes! More! More!' Fore-play
was virtually unknown in B.C. Greece, except for lesbians. Questar was a
master of it. Questar's tongue traced all around Xena's anus before
darting into her asshole. Questar tongue fucked her ass giving Xena
another small orgasm.

Xena had no time to recover as Questar resumed licking her pussy once
more. Questar's flashing tongue brought Xena close to another orgasm.
Teasing, Questar backed off until Xena whimpered in frustration. Taking
pity on her, Questar licked and sucked Xena to a shuddering climax, Xena
tasted herself as Questar kissed her lips again.

'Now, it's my turn, future man,' Xena gasped.

Xena's probing fingers found Questar's rock hard manhood. Now it was
Xena who kissed downward as Questar maneuvered them into a 69 side by
side position. It was also Questar's turn to moan, as Xena used a deep
throat technique she'd learned from a Persian sword-swallower, taking
almost his full length into her mouth. Xena then licked up and down the
long shaft, tonguing the head before taking it down her throat again.

For several minutes each gave as good as they got until Questar and
Xena both cried out in mutual climax. That was another new experiance
for Xena as she had only read about that happening. Xena was unable to
swallow Questar's load because, to her surprise, he was still rock hard!

"Zeus! You do have centaur blood," Xena said amazed.

Questar smiled and laid her back. Xena knew what was next and gritted
her teeth in both fear and anticipation. Questar slowly and carefully
eased his penis into her, first just the head, then inch by inch until
his full size was in her. Instead of pain, Xena felt only pleasure. '
I've known virgins who weren't this tight," Questar thought.

Questar was fully impaling the warrior princess now, then began a
series of side to side and rotating maneuvers that had Xena crying out
in ecstasy. Xena felt another climax approaching. Questar also could no
longer hold back. For a second time their climax was mutual. Xena was
mad with lust as she pushed Questar onto his back and mounted herself on
his still hard manhood. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, Xena vowed
to sacrifice an entire flock of sheep to Aphrodite for giving her this
fantastic future man.

"Screw the sheep, let me have an hour with the stud," Aphrodite
thought aloud as she furiously masterbated and secretly spied on them
from Olympus.

Xena rode Questar's penis as he drove it into her. Questar firmly
kneaded Xena's big tits exciting her even more. With a primal scream
Xena had her most intense orgasm yet as Questar flooded her insides.
Xena gasped as she saw that Questar was still fully erect.

"Centaur blood! It has to be centaur blood," Xena panted.

It was then that Xena knew she wanted something even more. Xena
wanted the ultimate experiance. Something she had never tried with
anybody. Half-mad with excitement Xena got on her hands and knees,
offering her ass to Questar.

"Sodomize me! I offer you my only virginity," Xena begged.

As tight as she was vaginally Questar knew that Xena would be at
least 5 times tighter anally. Questar began preparing her, first by
licking her anus. Questar's manhood was already well lubricated, al that
remaied was to use his fingers and slowly open her, bringing up their
mutual fluids into her anus.

Once more Questar's skill paid off as he slowly worked his large
penis into Xena's virgin asshole. Xena expected agonizing pain, only to
recieve pleasure. As Xena relaxed Questar was able to get more of his
manhood into her. Xena gasped in pleasure as Questar managed to get all
of his big cock into her tight asshole. ' Oh, Aphrodite! Even this feels
good with him,' Xena thought lustfully.

Questar brought Xena to another climax, staying in her anally for
several more minutes before flooding her bowels and giving Xena yet
another orgasm. Xena was amazed that Questar was still hard even after
that. As for Questar, he was also amazed at finding a woman who could
stand up to the sexual prowess he possessed. Xena looked at him with
both love and lust.

"Ready for another round future man," Xena smiled.

"Let's rock," Questar grinned.

Aphrodite was not the only voyeur this night. Hidden in the bushes
was Gabrielle, who had witnessed everything. Questar and Xena were going
into another position as Gabrielle watched. Gabrielle had followed Xena,
curious about her odd behavior. Gabrielle had never known that sex could
be like that. So erotic, so beautiful.

Gabrielle's only experiance with a man had been with her husband of
one day Perdicus. The experiance had been extremely unpleasent. Perdicus
had rammed his 4" long, pinky thin penis into her, pumped her 5 times,
then shot a few drops of semen on her stomich before rolling over and
going to sleep. Gabrielle was thankful that her hymen had been broken
during training with Xena so that she hadn't had to go through that.

But this, this was different. Gabrielle's nipples felt so hard she
feared that her nipples would rip right through her top. Gabrielle's
vagina, shaved completely hairless like Xena's felt so wet it was like
she had poured water down her pants. Only the fear of getting caught
kept Gabrielle from playing with herself.

'I'd better get back before Max starts to get worried about me,'
Gabrielle thought. Stealing back to camp, what Gabrielle saw there
excited her even more than watching Questar and Xena make love.
Silhouetted against the almost full moon, firelight dancing across his
rippled body, was a shirtless, barefoot Mace. Like his brother, Mace
believed in doing acrobatic katas when alone. A light film of sweat on
his body gave him an oiled look that Gabrielle thought looked even

Gabrielle's heart fluttered at the sight of him. Gabrielle thought
that Mace was the handsomer of the brothers. Questar had a certain
hardness that came from being a leader. Mace saw Gabrielle and smiled.
Unfortunately he was in mid-air doing a complex gymnastic flip. Mace
landed hard on his ass. Gabrielle could not supress a giggle as Mace
sheepishly kipped up and dusted himself off.

Their eyes locked as they smiled at each other. They were truly in
love with each other. ' Oh boy, time for little miss innocence to get
hers,' Aphrodite thought as she continued to masterbate,' Wait till she
sees the salami on this kid. It runs in the family.' For several minutes
Mace and Gabrielle just looked at each other. Gabrielle removed her top,
exposing her pretty breasts.

Gabrielle's pert breasts were average sized and well formed, topped
with erect pink nipples. Gabrielle began undoing her skirt as Mace
stepped out of his pants. For a brief moment Gabrielle was afraid of
Mace again as she saw his manhood. Gabrielle now knew what Xena had
meant by 'centaur blood'. Mace was less than his brother having a length
of 10 1/2" and a diameter of 2 3/4".

Gabrielle cluched her clothes to her chest during this moment. Only
once removed from virginity and Mace was more than twice Perdicus. But
then Mace smiled at her and her fears vanished. Mace would never hurt
her. Gabrielle's clothes fell forgotten to the ground.

Mace embraced the trembling blond bard, tenderly kissing her lips.
Gabrielle smelled of honey and wild flowers exciting him. Mace was far
more experianced than Gabrielle, usually with tiny teen-aged Asian
super-heroines who also worried about his size, at first. The kisses of
Mace slowly became harder as Gabrielle began to respond. Lips parted as
tongues sought each other.

"You are so beautiful," Mace whispered as he stroked her hair.

With a quick move Mace scooped the little bard up in his strong arms
and carried her over to his spread blankets, never once surrendering
their kiss. Tenderly Mace laid Gabrielle down on the blankets. Kissing
down her neck, Mace gently kneaded Gabrielle's pink topped breasts. Gabrielle was
already moaning in pleasure.

The lips of Mace attacked Gabrielle's breasts now with licks, tiny
bites, and sucking. Just as his brother had with Xena, Mace brought
Gabrielle's nipples to double their normal arousal size. The first
orgasm Gabrielle ever had from a man swept through her. Mace softly
stoked her hair as he kissed her. Gabrielle was glowing inside. She
would never fear Mace again. Mace would make her a woman at last.

Kissing downward, his mouth suckled her nipples, going from one to
the other. Gabrielle was close to another breast induced orgasm, but
Mace then ran his tongue lower. Down went the talented mouth and tongue
of the young hero. Gabrielle gasped as Mace raised her buttocks exposing
all of her to him. Gabrielle cried out in pleasure as Mace licked her
from clit to anus. Gabrielle then gasped as Mace brought her to orgasm.
Still Mace continued his attack on her quivering mound until the little
bard exploded into her first multiple orgasm.

'She's so beautiful,' Mace thought. Mace was tender as he prepared
Gabrielle for penetration. Cupping her mound in his hand he teased her
clit with his tongue. Gabrielle's moans signaled that she was ready. His
experience with small Asian girls came into play as Mace slowly inserted
the head of his penis into Gabrielle's virgin tight mound.

Inch by inch, Mace impaled Gabby on his huge manhood. Mace was
careful to wait as Gabrielle slowly became accustomed to his size.
Finally, he penetrated Gabrielle fully. Gabrielle had never felt such
pleasure as the huge organ filled her completely. There was no pain
despite his size and her near virginity. The fact that they truly loved
each other made the pleasure greater.

Mace varied hs thrusts, slow, then fast, then in a rotating motion,
and back to slow. Gabrielle as brought to the brink of orgasm, then with
cries of joy, Mace completed her as his own climax flooded her insides.
Gabrielle had never known that sex could be like this. As she lay
panting Gabrele saw that Mace shared all of his brothers abilities, as
Mace was still fully erect.

As Mace kissed her deeply, Gabrielle knew that she wanted to
experiance everything. Gabrielle wanted to be a complete woman for the
most wonderful man she'd ever known.

"Are you all right Gabrielle? I didn't hurt you, did I?." Mace

"Oh Mace," Gabrielle cried, clinging to him fiercely, afraid that
this wonderful young future man would disappear.

The young lovers kissed each other passionately. Gabrielle broke the

"Mace, please, please make me a complete woman. I want you to take
my last viginity," Gabrielle whispered lovingly," Take me, take me in my

"Gabrielle, are you sure? I can't promise you it won't hurt," Mace
softly said.

"I want you to make me a complete woman," Gabrielle replied," I
gladly choose the pain."

Mace couldn't bear to cause his true love any pain. Then his eyes
fell upon Questar's backpack and Mace remebered that his brother had
packed some popcorn an 2 bottes of W*ss%n oil. Mace used his telekinetic
power behind Gabrielle's back. The bottles flew to his hands.

Mace licked and tongue-fucked Gabrielle's asshole as he lubed up his
big cock. Gabrielle didn't really know what he was doing, but she was
loving it. Mace poured oil all around her anal cavity, then with lubed
fingers, gently spread her anus, spraying oil into her. Inserting a
finger into her ass, Mace finger fucked Gabby or a few seconds, cauing
her to squeal in pleasure.

Mace spread her as much as he dared and poured half the bottle inside
her sphincter. Gabrielle cried out in joy again at this odd new
sensation. At last Mace was ready. Gabrielle expected Mace to turn her
over and was surprised when he raised her hips and spread her legs
higher. Being inexperianced Gabrielle hadn't known about this position
for anal sex.

Mace managed to get the head of his penis inside of her. Just as he
had previously done with the bards vagina, Mace slowly worked his
manhood into her as she became accustomed to his size. After 10 minutes
Mace succeeded in full penetration. Gabrielle couldn't believe how good
that even this felt. Gabrielle loved how Mace filled her completely.

Not once had her remarkable future man hurt her. Instead Mace was
giving her pleasure far beyond her wildest fantasies. With long strokes
Mace sent Gabrielle to a shuddering climax as he shot his seed into her.
Gabrielle's eyes glazed over with madness as she looked down and saw
that Mace was still rock hard. Pushing Mace down Gabrielle climbed on
top and impaled herself on his manhood.

In Olympus, Aphrodite was frigging herself senseless, a Questar sized
dildo in her pussy, a Mace sized dildo in her ass. The goddess couldn't
believe what a little slut the bard was becoming with the young hero.
With men like these in the future Aphrodite promised herself thatshe was
going to take a vacation in the year 2000.

Mace and Gabrielle made love for hours. Gabrielle lost count of her
orgasms after being fucked 15 times in her pussy and 11 times in her
ass. And that wasn't even half the times they made love. Finally
exhausted they collapsed and slept in each others arms. Hours later
Questar and Xena snuck back into camp after hours of their own marathon

Spying the 2 naked young lovers holding each other tightly as they
slept they gave each other a loving smile and careully covered them with
a blanket to protect them fro the early morning chill. Questar and Xena
laid their own blankets together and then they too slept in each others


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