Subject: Backrub: Repost: "Xena: Calisto's Escape"
Date: 5 Jul 1996 23:57:56 -0400


By Backrub ([email protected])

Author's Preface:

This story is to be read only by people beyond their community's age of legal
consent. It is intended for mature adults who can distinguish between fantasy
and reality and who do not object to graphic descriptions of sexual
activities. Others should read no further.

This story was begun the day after I watched the "Calisto" episode of "Xena:
Warrior Princess." I've been a fan of the program for some time, and had
been thinking about writing something for with a Xena'
theme. I hope you enjoy it. The story starts at the point where the episode

Backrub ([email protected]) May 25, 1996

The blond woman's chest was still heaving slightly from the exertion of the
fight just lost. Perspiration dripped from her forehead and long hair, a
rivulet running down into her cleavage. Even manacled in defeat she stood
tall, her eyes pained, yet defiant. Her thighs were still taut and strong,
her arms at the ready, even though her wrists were bound by chains. Her
fingers deftly searched the manacles for a weakness, as her mind searched
people for a weakness that she could exploit.

The raven-haired woman also had a sheen of perspiration over her body, the
musky scent of battle and the exhilaration of release. She walked down
the line of prisoners, a shorter golden-haired woman by her side.

"I'm glad you spared Calisto," said the blond companion.

"It was the right thing to do," replied Xena, as they passed the end of
the line of captives, ignoring the vanquished Calisto.

Calisto overheard and a smile returned to her face. "The right thing to do
. . . that's what they think."

Xena and Gabrielle moved quickly ahead of the slowing-moving line of
captives, returning to Delphi where they planned to spend a few days for
Calisto's trial before moving on.


As the column of Calisto's small band passed through the middle of the forest,
she completed her defeat of the crude manacles. Waiting for the moment one
of the village guards was at her side, she sprang, without her usual attack
cry. Smashing the guard in the face with the manacles and her fists, he
collapsed unconscious, but not before she had taken the sword from his
scabbard. She used it to quickly cut the leather bonds of one of her
warriors, just as a second villager was alerted and came running. He was met
by a sword for which he was no match, and he fell dead. A second sword
captured and another Calisto warrior freed, another inexperienced Delphian
fallen. The rout had begun. Calisto's warriors were freed in minutes and
their former captors lay dead, wounded or unconscious. Melas, who had
thirsted so much for Calisto's blood, lay face down with a lump on his
head. He slept until villagers found him hours later. Calisto's band moved
into the forest, returned to their old encampment, gathered weapons and supplies and
then appeared to vanish into thin air.

There were no more raids by Calisto and her warriors for weeks. No attempt
to further malign Xena's name with slaughter. While Xena was concerned
when she heard of Calisto's escape, two weeks of searching produced no
clues to the whereabouts of her nemesis.


Gabrielle was haggling with the vegetable monger in the village square when
she felt a bite at her neck. As her vision blurred and knees buckled, she
saw the horse-drawn cart approach. That was the last thing she saw until she
awoke many hours later, tied to the rack.

The rack had been built specifically for its purpose, of strong, but relatively
flexible branches. The rack was mounted on six posts at the four corners and
two more at the midpoints of the sides, about one foot off the ground.
Carefully lashed into a lattice, the branches were covered with fabric or moss
to soften them. Large openings were provided at strategic points for the
subject's breasts and the area from his/her hips down to the mid-thigh.
Gabrielle lay face down and naked on the rack, her arms and ankles tied to
the four corner posts.

As she regained consciousness, Gabrielle drank from the cup placed at her lips
before she had time to think of anything except that she was thirsty. The
drink tasted of mint and herbs and she drank much of it as her head cleared.
She thought better of it only when it was too late. The first things she saw
and felt were the hand holding her hair, lifting her head and pouring the
potion into her mouth, the beautiful, gleeful face of Calisto inches to her
side, and the tall, muscular naked male warrior standing at the head of the
rack, slowly stroking his hard member as he poured olive oil onto it. The
hard shaft glistened in the light of the large, warm camp fire and even in her
dazed state, Gabrielle blushed slightly at the sight of the erect cock.

"Well, well, here we are again, aren't we, little one?"

"This doesn't change anything, Calisto. Xena will just find you again and
kick your ass all the way back to Delphi for trial."

"Maybe, maybe, maybe. And perhaps this time we will approach things in
another way. Perhaps this time you will tell us who is close to Xena,
whose death would wound her as she has wounded me."

"I would never tell you anything, you crazy bitch!"

"Oh, but I think you will my irritating little friend. Before we fought Xena
as warriors on the battlefield. That time will come again, but before it
does, we will defeat Xena with the magic of the black arts and the gods. The
potion that has quenched your thirst will also satisfy my need for knowledge
about Xena's weaknesses and her plans. You are smarter and stronger than I
thought, little slit, but the potion will force you to choose between your
need to be silent about Xena and other needs that you refuse yourself all too
much. I know those needs have been aching in your heart and your loins. After
a time, those needs will bring you to think that telling me about Xena would
not be so horrible, compared to satisfying your other . . . urges. To defeat
the potion you will have to refuse those needs, and ripe little woman, I do
not think you can do that at all. Once you submit to your hunger, you will
submit to me."

Calisto looked up and nodded to someone Gabrielle couldn't see. She heard
the sound of someone sliding across the ground beneath the rack, and then she
felt a mouth kissing the insides of her thighs. She saw naked warriors who
had been standing nearby slide under the rack and then she felt their mouths
on her breasts. Other unseen hands gently rubbed and stroked her back, ass
and thighs. The potion was beginning to make her feel euphoric and the
tongues and hands were something she had not felt in a long time.

She felt anger at being captured, some humiliation at her exposure, but she
also felt a rising warmth in her body, a warmth that was hard to deny. She
thought about kissing Iolaus those many months ago, and how she could feel
his hardness rub against her as they held each other for those moments before
he left. She thought of the longing that burned many nights and the desire
she had repressed to grind herself against Xena's strong thighs under the
stars. The two mouths sucking on her nipples and the other now licking her
love petals were beckoning her toward a release she had only been satisfying
with her hand, beneath a blanket at night, muffling her cries so that Xena
would not hear. Xena's stoic lifestyle and work ethic never seemed to leave
room for pleasures Gabrielle needed. She had steeled herself to deny those
needs, but they were always there.

Gabrielle feared that her release would lead to betrayal, and she tried to
gather her thoughts, even as she felt a fourth warrior grab and spread the
cheeks of her ass and begin flicking his tongue across her tiny puckered anus.
She fought for control, trying to gather her anger. She tried distraction,
concentrating on recalling the names of the contestants at the first
Olympic Games that Hercules' had organized to provide an outlet for aggressive

Gabrielle lifted her head and glanced to the side to see Calisto watching her
intently, straddling the face of a warrior, her pelvis grinding over his
mouth as his tongue slid over Calisto's pussy lips and she clutched his hair.
Calisto's face went through waves of lust and mischievousness. She seemed to
be looking at something or someone behind Gabrielle and an impish smile
spread across Calisto's face.

Thwack! The large strong hand came down flat and hard across Gabrielle's
ass and she almost lost complete control right then. Slap! Again. And again.
The mouths sucked harder and began to gently bite her nipples, while the one
beneath found her clit, his lips wrapping themselves around her throbbing nub.
He laid his hands against her pelvis to brace her against the impact of the
spanking and used his thumbs to spread her pussy lips, exposing her clit to
his swirling tongue and sucking lips. Gabrielle began to whimper and tugged
at her bonds as her body tensed, gasping desperately for release. The
muscles that had grown strong from her weeks of travel and adventures with
Xena stood out, well defined.

The sound began deep in her throat and broke from her mouth as a loud cry,
just as she felt a lubricated finger slide into her ass, and another into her
pleasure sheath. She shook violently, her hips thrusting against the hungry
face beneath her. The waves of pleasure continued as the fingers slid in and
out of her ass and pussy and the tongues continued their wet slide over her
clit and nipples.

And then a hand grasped her hair and lifted her head. Calisto swung her body
onto the rack and presented a wet, musky pussy to Gabrielle's face.

"I'm sure you want Xena's, but you'll have to lick mine! It seems only fitting
to complete your submission, little girl!"

The potion and the heady scent of musk and sweat overcame what little
resistance Gabrielle had left. She licked and sucked enthusiastically, drawing
more pleasure as the tongues and fingers continued their attack on her sweet
body. She came again with Calisto's cunt grinding against her face. Her
tongue slid into Calisto's cunt as she came.

Gabrielle felt the splatter of cum on her back. She looked up into Calisto's
eyes, but could only guess that the warrior's lustful stare was at a group of
naked warriors gathered around the rack, stroking their oiled cocks. She
heard loud male grunts and groans as they stiffened and spurted all over her
back and her ass. She heard the wet sound of strong hands stroking slippery

She felt someone straddle the rack below and she felt the soft/hard head of a
penis at her pussy . . . in it slid. She was so wet that it found no
resistance at all. The warrior leaned forward half-lying atop her and
slid in and out of her warm grasping sheath as the tongue below continued
licking her clit. She felt herself opened up and after many minutes and
another wave that crashed her against the shore, she felt him shudder and
come, his hot breath on the back of her neck and his withdrawn cock rubbing and
spurting against her ass.

Calisto was kneeling next to her, her face inches from Gabrielle. Grabbing her
hair to raise her head, Calisto whispered into Gabrielle's ear, "Now
little flower, tell me what I want to know."

She held her ear to Gabrielle's mouth as the young woman spoke, her face
going from a triumphant grin to a scowl.

"You haven't told me anything I don't already know! Telling me that Xena
cares for you, and her village, and Hercules and oppressed people
everywhere' does me no good! The potion was supposed to loosen your lust
and your tongue!"

"Hey, one out of two ain't bad. Maybe you were sold some bad herbs,
Calisto. Can we try again? Especially with the guys underneath me?"


Xena approached the nude warrior standing furthest from the camp fire. He
was stroking his cock, watching the warriors stroke themselves off on
Gabrielle, waiting his turn. She moved quickly from behind, pinching an
artery at the base of his penis. He winced as whispered into his ear, "I've
just stopped the blood flow to your cock. If I don't release the blood flow
within two minutes, you'll never come again. So tell me how many men are in
the camp and how many are nearby?"

After she pinched the artery to reverse the damage, Xena stood behind the
warrior, and stroked his cock with her other hand until he shuddered and
came. His groans were muffled by her hand over his mouth.


"C'mon, Calisto, why don't you introduce me to the guys with the educated

The chakram whistled through the night air. It hit one post on the rack,
freeing one of Gabrielle's feet, bounced off a boulder and then hit the
bonds holding her two wrists.

Xena's war cry pierced the night. She catapulted into the camp site, throwing
herself against Calisto just before the rebel could start to react.

"Be hospitable, Calisto. You really should introduce Gabrielle to her new

"Kill them!" Calisto ordered her warriors.

Only a few started to move and they hesitated when they found themselves
confronted by Xena's icy stare, and her sword.

"You know, Calisto, I always used to have a rule for my army: no sex before a
battle. It saps their will. And it's never a good idea to sleep with your
adversaries. Only the most cold hearted want to kill someone they've shared
pleasure with. Your warriors are basically good men. Call it a night and

Gabrielle had untied the last of her bonds and was now sitting on the edge
of the rack, with two of her lovers at her sides. Her fingers ran through
their curls. "So, my name's Gabrielle, what's yours? Do you enjoy poetry?
Homer? The plays of Pericles?"

"Calisto, Xena continued, "I was once like you. You need to see beyond your
hatred, see that there's much more in life. I learned that. If you never
learn that lesson then there will always be someone else. There will always
be someone who is faster than you. Always someone who wants to prove
themselves against you. History just isn't on your side, or mine . . ."

"I don't care what you say, Xena. I won't be happy until you are destroyed."

"And what will you feel then Calisto? Will that bring your family back? I
don't want to fight you, Calisto. We're going to leave. If you stay on the
road of death and oppression I will raise an army against you and perhaps next
time there will be no trial, no due process. I hope with all my heart that
day does not come. Think about it. . . sister."


Gabrielle and Xena walked in the dawn light back toward Delphi.

"This won't be the last of Calisto, will it Xena?"

"I'd like to think so, but I wouldn't bet on it."

Gabrielle fingered a piece of papyrus in her hand.

"I got their names: Lubricus, Satyris and the one without a foreskin is
Abraham. They live only a few villages away and Abraham even writes his
own poetry and local histories. Could we stop at the hot springs near
Delphi? My back is pretty sticky."


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