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Aphrodite's Revenge

This is the story of a time, long ago,
A time of myth and legend.
When the ancient Gods were petty and cruel,
And they plagued mankind with suffering.
A time when the true nature of sexual pleasure
Remained a mystery to mankind.
They knew nothing of sexual organs,
And the pleasure that lay hidden within...

This is the story of Gabrielle's discovery
of that mysterious realm of sex.

Chapter 1

This story is a sequel to an actual episode aired on the television
series, entitled "THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER". Gabrielle gains new
respect for the power of the word when Aphrodite casts a spell on
her scroll, turning everything she writes into reality.

To refresh your memory of the events of that particular episode,
read the synopsis, taken from the Xena website, below;


When a jealous Aphrodite expresses anger over Xena's growing
popularity. Ares reminds her that it is Gabrielle's stories that are
really responsible for turning Xena into a legend, a legend above
her godlyness.

Aphrodite decides she must do something to stop Gabrielle's tales
of Xena's exploits and that night, she steals into their camp. As she
secretly eavesdrops on their conversation, she is pleased to hear
Xena urging Gabrielle to try her hand at fiction rather than recount
their latest adventure. Intrigued by the idea, Gabrielle starts a new
story in which she herself is the hero and Xena has gone fishing.
When Gabrielle drifts off to sleep, the invisible Aphrodite snaps her
fingers and a strange aura passes over the scroll.
The next morning, Gabrielle awakens with a start when five
barbarians come riding out of the woods straight towards her. She
amazes herself as she fights them off in brilliant Xena-esque style.
When Joxer suddenly pops up from the bedding beside her, she
deflects a dagger meant for him and drives off the screaming
barbarians. Gabrielle quickly realizes that the morning's events
mirror exactly what she wrote in her scroll the night before and
further, that whatever she writes is somehow turning into reality.

Soon, a cocky Gabrielle is creating scenarios all over town. But
when her pen starts to cause serious trouble, Gabrielle resolves to
put it aside forever. Joxer, however, convinces her that her writing
just needs some judicious editing. Eager to use the scroll to end
war, Gabrielle inadvertently divests Ares of his godhood when she
writes that war has lost all its power. An outraged Ares falls at her
feet. Then, as she quickly tries to reverse her mistake by writing
that the force that enchanted the scroll is stripped of its powers,
Aphrodite falls from above, as helpless as Ares.
As the two ex-gods clear their heads, Ares admits that he
manipulated Aphrodite into going after Gabrielle in order to get
Xena out of the way. He confides that he has an army assembled
and ready to attack the surrounding valley, but promises to call off
the assault if his powers are restored.

Meanwhile, as Ares' commander Thelonius and his lieutenant Munk
continue to wait for the signal to attack, Gabrielle and the others
decide that they must bring Xena back in order to straighten things
out. But as careful as Gabrielle tries to be in describing Xena's
return, her written words result in the arrival of Minya, an old
friend and Xena wannabe. After several additional attempts fail to
produce Xena, Gabrielle and her cohorts set out to find a trout
stream or fishing hole, hoping to locate her.
Later, in his never-ending quest to win Gabrielle's heart, Joxer jots
down the beginning of a limerick on Gabrielle's enchanted scroll,
producing three naked dancing Gabrielles, who are quickly
dispatched to the caves. He then trades his scabbard for a beautiful
necklace for Gabrielle, unaware that she has hidden her scroll inside
it. Gabrielle sends Joxer to wait in the caves and takes off with the
others to find the peddler who has the scabbard.

Soon Gabrielle and Ares are hot on the peddler's trail, which leads
towards the caves. Upon entering, they find Joxer, the five
barbarians, the three naked Gabrielles, and all the other characters
causing trouble in Gabrielle's stories. Pretty soon, everyone is
chasing everyone else to get the scroll. Gabrielle finally grabs it and
before losing it again, writes that the scroll finds Xena. When the
peddler runs out of the caves with the scroll, pursued by Minya, the
barbarians and the naked Gabrielles, Thelonius takes this to be his
signal to attack. A short while later, back at the caves, Gabrielle,
Joxer, Ares and Aphrodite are surprised by Xena, who arrives with
the scroll in one hand, pulling a huge wagon of fish with the other.
After questioning Aphrodite closely, Xena concludes that they must
write the truth, with no embellishments, in order to break the spell
on the scroll. Xena instructs Gabrielle to write down everything
she does, exactly as she does it. She then begins attacking
Thelonius with a slingshot, flinging fish at him and his army, as
Gabrielle and Joxer carefully observe and report from the sidelines.
A huge battle ensues, leaving dead fish everywhere. Soon,
Aphrodite and Ares are back to being gods and quickly disappear.
With the fight finally over and everything back to normal, there's
nothing for Gabrielle to write but "The End."

Chapter 2

Xena and Gabrielle were enjoying a quiet meal in the local tavern,
at their latest rest stop. That is until a Royal messenger entered the
establishment to finally locate the Warrior Princess.

The messenger approached their table and handed a scroll to Xena,
bearing the Royal seal of Athens. Xena opened the parchment and
read its message:

'I Leasius,
King of Athens request your presence before Athens war
council for discussions as to measures to be taken over the recent
incursions, by the Spartans, along my Kingdoms borders.'

It would appear that the Spartans were preparing for yet another
invasion upon Greek soil. And the King, having heard of Xena's
successes against them, wished her council heard.

Since this would only involve discussions and military strategy,
Gabrielle saw no need to hold Xena back. She knew and
understood the urgency of this summons. Xena and she both
realized that the Warrior Princess could reach Athens in a matter of
days, if she allowed herself the luxury of riding her steed 'Argo.'

After studying the message and discussing it among themselves,
Gabrielle convinced Xena to go to Athens without her. The
urgency of the situation demanded it. They would meet up
afterwards in the town of Dialecles, which was about midway to

Once this was agreed upon, Xena left the tavern with the Greek
messenger. So, with one of her trademark leaps, she mounted
'Argo' and rode off towards Athens. Of course in her rush to leave
she left Gabrielle behind to pick-up the tab for their meals.

As Gabrielle was counting out Dinars into the outstretched hand of
the tavern owner, she mumbled sarcastically:

"Oooh! You're going to owe me big for this, Xena."

"What was that, Missy?" Gruffed the potbellied owner.

Looking up in surprise, "I wasn't talking to you." She answered.

"Fine," he said, stabbing his stubby finger in the palm of his open
hand for his full payment.

"Seven, eight and nine. There!" She finished paying. "The food
wasn't worth nine Dinars, but never let it be said that I don't pay
my debts."

With that, Gabrielle returned to her table to pick up her belongings.
Looping a strap to her staff, she passed it over her head to rest on a
shoulder. Next she passed the cord of her rucksack over her other
shoulder. The rucksack, of course, contained her scribe tools.
Rolls of parchment, her quills, as well as a number of sealed
containers for her finished works.

Satisfied that this arrangement of her effects would free her hands
for writing, Gabrielle left the tavern and started walking down the
road. She picked her direction and headed off towards her
rendezvous at the town of Dialecles.

Since she was going to be alone for the next couple of days,
Gabrielle expected to be able to catch up on her stories of Xena's

Finding the walking rather boring after a couple of miles, Gabrielle
pulled out a fresh parchment from her pouch, as well as one of her
quills. She breathed in the fresh parchment, as she always did.

"Nothing like the smell of a fresh, new parchment to get the writing
juices going." She said in total exhilaration.

While still walking she put quill to parchment, and began writing as
she continued to hike down the road. She figured that writing
would make the time go faster, and give herself a start on the

As she continued walking and writing, a swirl of mystical energy
was forming alongside of her. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love,
materialized alongside Gabrielle. But being a Goddess her presence
remained invisible to mortal eyes. Her sheer robe revealing her
naked Godly beauty (TV censors forced the bikini undies on the
show). Her golden bush sparkling with energy.

Remaining invisible, Aphrodite glared and stalked the unaware
Gabrielle. She was still pissed off about Gabrielle's stories, which
continue to raise Xena's popularity above her own. This adulation
over Xena continued to generate further acts of vandalism on her
temples. And she didn't like that one bit. She vowed that she'd get
even with this blonde bitch.

Aphrodite continued to walk alongside Gabrielle as she pondered
what torment she could inflict on her mortal nemesis.

A few more minutes passed before another swirl of energy joined
them. It was her, black leather clad, punk nephew, Strife. Strife's
eyes ogled his Aunt's attributes. His tongue hanging out like a
panting dog's.

"How ya doin', Auntie Aphrodyke?" He slurred, as he reached out
to try and cop a feel of her breasts.

"Aphrodite! You moron," she corrected him angrily.

And with a long distance bump of her curvy hips, sent him flying
into a nearby boulder.

"Bitchin'!" He exclaimed, as he rejoined the two women dizzily.
Trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head.

Both Gods traveled along either side of Gabrielle, who remained
oblivious to their presence.

"Who's blondie?" Inquired Strife.

"Her name hissss Gabrielle. Sssshe'ssss a ssssscribe," Aphrodite

"Oooooh! I heard of her. Uncle Ares told me all about your last
encounter," Strife interjected gleefully. "Let me see now. Oh yeah!
Because of her, you were demoted below a mortal. Now what was
her name?"

He paused briefly as he feigned thinking.

"Oh yes! Below Xenaaaaaaah!" Strife yelled out as Aphrodite sent
him careening into the boulders once more.

"As if!" Aphrodite responded. "Buzz off okay. I had an off day."
She said defensively.

"Fine, fine. Whatever." He huffed back.

"What are you doing here anyway, twerp?" Aphrodite asked

"Uh! Ah! Its gramp's Zeus," he conceded. "He thinks I've been
hangin' around uncle Ares to much. He says that I should play nice
with my mortals. Yada! Yada! Yada!" He finished explaining,
glaring upwards while mimicking with his hand. "So he sent me
here to get some pointers from you."

"Really!" The Love Goddess squealed in delight.

"Yeah, yeah! So what are ya doin' following blondie?" Strife
quizzed her.

"She owes me big time!" Aphrodite answered sternly.

"So what's your plan," he asked, rubbing his hands gleefully.

She paused before answering, "I... I... Oh I don't know!"

"Mind a friendly suggestion, Auntie?" He asked her.

"OK! Go ahead. What?" She conceded.

"Welllll! Your last punishment on blondie. You gave her
parchment the power to cause things. Right?" He asked.

"I know that. Go on." Aphrodite ahouted back at him.

"And you thought that was punishment. AH!" He slapped his
knees as he laughed at the Goddess.

Aphrodite just scowled at him and drop kicked him into the trees
without ever touching him.

Hearing the crashing trees in the forest nearby. Gabrielle scoured
the area, but could not see anybody skulking nearby. With the
Gods remaining invisible, she couldn't have. Satisfied that there
was no danger, she resumed her trek towards Dialecles.

Strife emerged from the forest dizzily and rejoined his Aunt and
Gabrielle. Stumbling dizzily towards the pair.

Aphrodite was waiting patiently, tapping her foot to the ground.
Strife approached cautiously with his arms raised defensively. Just
in case.

"So, what's your point, Dweeb?" She asked her nephew.

"Wel... well, you gave her a power as a punishment," he went on.
"And I've noticed that these mortals accept any power as a gift, not
as punishment."

Aphrodite paused to consider this and reluctantly had to concede
that her useless nephew my have be right on this particular

"So, what would you suggest?" She asked him.

Strife was pleased with himself. One of his stuffy elder Gods was
asking him. Him for ideas. He began rubbing his hands together,
while looking around for somekind of mischief he could create
against the unwary Gabrielle.

While this discussion was going one between the two invisible
Gods, Gabrielle continued along the road. Writing down Xena's
latest exploits on her parchment. Oblivious to the danger that was
to befall on her.

Chapter 3

Gabrielle had been writing for the past few iles without incident and
she wasn't paying attention, as she should have, to the path ahead.

That's when Strife spotted what he needed for his plan. He turned
to Aphrodite with a wide grin on his face.

"I've learned from uncle Ares, that the best way to punish a mortal
is physically or by humiliation." He explained to his Aunt, gleefully.

"Yeah! So?" Aphrodite asked.

Without saying a word, he stuck out an invisible leg in front of the
unwary Gabrielle. She found herself suddenly tumbling forward
into a deep mud hole at the side of the road. With a loud splash,
she bellyflopped into the slimy pit.

Clapping her hands joyfully and jumping up and down like a
teenager, Aphrodite giggled at Gabrielle's predicament.

For his part, Strife was enjoying the spectacle of seeing his Aunt's
tits bouncing before him.

"Damn, damn, damn!" The head Gabrielle exclaim, as she clawed
herself out of the mudhole.

The mud pit wasn't very deep, only about a foot. But that was
enough to submerge her slim body completely when she fell in, if
only for a few seconds. The end result was that the young blonde
beauty was covered from head to toe.

For added fun, Aphrodite zapped the slimy mud so that it would be
very difficult for Gabrielle to remove it. It now had the consistency
of slimy tar, brownish in color.

Sitting on the ground, after extricating herself, Gabrielle used her
fingers to scoop the slimy substance clear of her eyes. Next she
inspected herself. What she saw was disgusting. The gooey mud
covered everything. Her hair, her clothes. She could even feel
slimy globs of it sliding down her cleavage.

Then she panicked as she remembered her scrolls. Reaching into
her rucksack to check, her hand disappeared in a sack full of the
slimy mud.

"Oh no!" She exclaimed sorrowfully.

The two invisible Gods sat nearby to watch Gabrielle's struggle.
Aphrodite smiled, pleased at her mortal nemesis' misery. She then
slapped Strife's back in approval.

"Nice going nephew!" She complemented him.

"Uh!? Oh yeah. Thanks," not used to approval from his elders.

"So, what's next?" Aphrodite asked in excitement.

"Patience Auntie," he told her. "We have to let this one sink in

They turned their attention back to Gabrielle who had emptied the
contents of her sack to the ground amidst a splash of the tarry mud.
Right off she could see that her quills and fresh parchments were a
loss. But the tube containers, containing her finished work,
remained sealed. So maybe not all was lost.

She decided not to open them immediately, to check, until she got
cleaned up first.

Strife zapped her rucksack and made her money pouch disappear.
When Gabrielle discovered that she had also lost all of her money,
which left her pennyless. With no means to pay for a bath, or food,
at an inn. Which means that she would have to find an alternative
means to wash herself clean of the this slimy mud.

Strife just fell on his back as he laughed so hard.

While considering her options, Gabrielle recalled hearing a waterfall
about a mile back. Packing her scroll containers back in her mud
soiled bag, she got up ready to head back.

Aphrodite and Strife each zapped the hapless Gabrielle once more.
The Love Goddess wanted this mortal humiliated to the fullest.

Not yet realizing that her misfortune was from the pair of
tormenting Gods, Gabrielle discovered how truly invasive the slimy
mud really was. Once on her feet, she discovered that her skin
boots were filled, thanks to Strife, and it oozed squishilly between
her bare toes. (It felt like Vaseline.)

Things got worse when she took her first step. The slimy mud had
managed to infiltrate her vaginal tunnel, past her pussy lips, and had
filled her completely. Compliments of Aphrodite. That first step
allowed a small glob of mud escape her pussy. It ran down her leg
and looked like feces. Gabrielle blushed in humiliation of it.

She knew that it wasn't shit. But to a passerby, they could easily
mistake it for that. So to avoid any embarrassing encounters, she
decided that she had no choice. Clamping her legs tightly to hold
the substance in, she began waddling down the road towards the

The two Gods laughed uncontrollably as they followed their mortal
prey down the road. Strife was also enjoying the sight of his Aunt's
jiggling tits from her laughter.

The awkward stride that Gabrielle was forced to use was extremely
tedious and slow. It took over forty-five minutes before she began
to hear the waterfalls again. By this time, some of the slimy mud
was beginning to cake on her smooth skin.

Strife transported himself, instantly, ahead to see what other misery
he could inflict on poor Gabrielle. That's when he noticed the sign.

Walking over, he read it:

"Sacred waters
Will be dealt

Loking down the road at Gabrielle's approach, he grinned
mischievously. With one Godly tug he pulled a small tree out of the
ground nearby and planted it in front of the warning. Thus hiding it
from Gabrielle's view as she got closer.

Gabrielle could hear the waterfall clearly now. It was just off the
road in the forest.

'Good,' she thought to herself. 'I'll be able to bathe in privacy.'

Making her way through the bushes, she broke out in an opening.
And what greeted her was out of the Elysians Fields. A crystal
clear lake with a waterfall cascading off of a cliff on the opposite

Dropping her staff and rucksack to the ground, she approached the
waterline and gracefully dove in. A her slim body torpedoed under
the surface, a trail of muddy water dirtied the pristine waters as
some of the mud peeled off of her body.

Gabrielle broke the surface fifteen feet from shore. She leisurely
swam closer to shore and began removing her clothing, one item at
a time. This allowed her to wash them out.

First came her boots, as globs of the slimy mud came oozing out of
them. Once satisfied that they were cleaned out, she tossed them
unto the shore to let them dry in the sun.

Next was her top. It felt nice to have her breast freed from the tight
confines of it. The cool caress of the water was very relaxing. She
washed off the mud and tossed that garment to shore as well.

There was only one final piece of clothing left. Her loincloth and
wraparound skirt. These come off with a single tug. Gabrielle was
now completely naked. But she didn't care. No one was around to
spy on her. Unbeknownst to her, the two invisible Gods were
enjoying her striptease swim.

Strife was ogling the naked mortal before him. Granted, she wasn't
as stunning as his Aunt, but he had to admit that she was put
together well.

Aphrodite admired Gabrielle's naked form as well. She like what
she saw. Being the Goddess of Love, she had seen plenty of naked
bodies. Males, females, humans, Amazons, Centaurs and what
nots. She had to admit, even to herself, that Gabrielle was one of
the better specimens that she had ever encountered. Not as good as
hers of course, but nice.

Gabrielle busily scrubbed her skin, trying to get that clinging mud
off of her. It stubbornly clung to her skin. Thinking that maybe the
rushing spray of the waterfall might help, she turned and dove
under to swim towards the opposite shore. Her naked butt
breaking surface momentarily as she dove, to Strife's pleasure.

Aphrodite and Strife followed Gabrielle's swim, levitating
themselves a foot above the water. Gabrielle began to backstroke
towards the falls. Her naked breasts skimming just below the
surface. The rushing flow of the cool water across her tits were
causing her nipples to stiffen.

The two Gods were enjoying her naked form below. At each
stroke, her breast would shuffle from her right side to the left, and
vice versa. This to and fro movement was like a gentle massage to
Gabrielle, relaxing her inhibitions further.

When she finally felt that she was close enough to the falls,
Gabrielle swam in place to check it out.

The falls were much too powerful to risk. But off to the left was an
offshoot that looked promising. Not as much water was coming
down, there. And there was a flat rock shelf for her to stand on.

She approached it cautiously and climbed out of the water. Her
sultry movement as she walked out of the water was a sight to
behold. The shelf was steady and not too slippery. Taking a
breath, she stepped under the cascading water.

Chapter 4

The constant pounding of the water against her firm tits was
causing them to almost vibrate on her chest. It was like receiving a
nonstop massage. Gabrielle luxuriated under this and pushed out
her chest further.

Then, reluctantly, she decided that it was time to wash away that
slimy mud. Under the powerful force of the falls, the stubborn mud
began to break away.

After a tedious twenty minutes, Gabrielle's hair was finally clean of
it. Next was the crusty layer clinging to her alabaster skin. Some
of it came loose easily and other areas were more clingy. On such
area were her breasts.

Gabrielle found that she had to mangle her tits out of shape to
break off the crusted mud. This is when Strife decided to help out.
He slipped behind the unaware Gabrielle and merged his hands into
hers. Her hands were now under his control. What he did, they
did. What he felt, she felt.

He began by running his/her hands across her chest. Then squeezed
each breast tightly. This caused a soft gasp to escape from
Gabrielle's lips.

"Mmmmmmh!" Gabrielle was thinking to herself. "That feels

He would then guide his/her fingers to her protruding nipples and
tweaked them sharply. This time, a gasp of pain came from her, as
she shifted her weight to the other leg.

"Oh!" She exclaimed.

Gabrielle didn't know what was going on with her. She had never
experienced such feelings in her life. She ha had now sexual history
before this moment.

Sure, she was married briefly once. But she was widowed before it
could be consummated, when Callisto murdered her husband on
their wedding night. So despite having been married and widowed,
Gabrielle was still a virgin.

Strife continued to manipulate his/her hands over her pert tits.
Squashing them, squeezing them together and even lifting them up
towards her face. This gave him the idea to merge his head to hers.

This done, he guided his/her face down and began suckling on the
stiff nipples alternately. After a few minutes of this, he separated
himself from her and stepped back to watch.

Gabrielle was like a programmed automaton. With no further
urging from Strife, she continued to suck and massage her own tits.

"Oh Cool!" Strife exclaimed, in glee.

"Well done Strife," Aphrodite interjected. "You've triggered lust in
our plaything."

The mud was now long gone from her tits and chest before
Gabrielle reluctantly resumed her cleaning herself.

Her waist, hips and legs caused little trouble. But the last spot was
the one area that she fretted the most. She now had to clean out
where she peed.

"Yeuch!" She said aloud.

She was completely na´ve, sexually, and did not yet know of the
power that neither region was about to unleash upon her. But
Aphrodite's assistance, she was about to discover a whole new
level of sexual gratification.

Reluctantly, hesitantly, Gabrielle lowered a hand down between her
legs and inserted a single finger into her pussy, and began scooping
out some of that slime. Her love tunnel was completely filled with
the vile substance, Aphrodite had made sure of that. So just the
insertion of that single digit forced some of it out.

Seeing that first glob, ooze out of her so easily, raised Gabrielle's
hopes that it wouldn't be so difficult. She hesitantly inserted her
finger again and scooped out a bit more. She didn't dare go to
deeply for fear that she would hurt her innards, and so didn't go
beyond her first finger joint.

Aphrodite looked on in frustration.

"This girl doesn't know what she's doing." She told Strife.

Floating down to the na´ve blonde, Aphrodite followed her
nephew's earlier example, and merged her hand to Gabrielle's
probing hand.

Strife floated horizontally above them and watched in anticipation
at what his Aunt was about to do.

The Love Goddess immediately shoved 'their' finger past the
second knuckle. Gabrielle was shocked at what she had just done
to herself. She naively thought that her hole was very shallow, and
yet her finger disappeared deeply inside of her.

With Aphrodite's guidance, 'their' finger continued to scoop out
the goo from her vagina. The Goddess made sure that a steady
in/out fucking pace was maintained in doing so.

Gabrielle was finding the constant rubbing against her vaginal walls
exhilarating and her breathing was becoming more shallow with
each stroke.

The Aphrodite inserted a second of 'their' fingers into Gabrielle's
clenching pussy. She still didn't understand what was happening to
her. All she knew was that it was too good to let it stop now.

A few more strokes and the last of the goop had vacated the blonde
mortal's pussy. Now Aphrodite could accomplish what she really
wanted ever since she saw Gabrielle's naked body.

Concentrating, she was able to give substance to her tongue and
lips, while still remaining invisible to Gabrielle. In this state, her
Godly face approached Gabrielle's pussy. Then, reaching out her
tongue, she licked the young blonde woman's pussy lips. All the
while continuing to finger fuck her with 'their' fingers.

"Ooooooh!" Gabrielle moaned out loud.

A smile crept across Aphrodite's face, as this was not an unusual
reaction to her ministration. But it was a reaction that pleased her
everytime. She ducked her face back into, the now squirming
mortal, crotch and resumed licking and sucking on those blood
engorged pussy lips. Oh, how she loved the taste of those
succulent pussies. She could never tire of it.

At that moment, 'their' fingers made contact with an obstruction
deep inside of Gabrielle's pussy.

'Her cherry?' The discovery of Gabrielle's hymen surprised the
Love Goddess.

She had assumed that this beautiful young woman would have been
deflowered a long time ago. But obviously, this wasn't the case.

Aphrodite contemplated stealing Gabrielle's virginity in this
degrading masturbation for a moment. But her brother, Hercules,
had instilled a sense of conscience into her, and so she couldn't
bring herself to do it.

Strife looked on excitedly as his Aunt, Aphrodite, resumed licking
the blonde mortal's pussy. His tongue was wagging out of his
mouth like the mutt that he was. Then his eyes really bugged out
when he saw his Aunt's lips trap the mortal's clit and proceeded
sucking it eagerly. While at the same time, continuing to finger
fuck Gabrielle's pussy hole.

This is what Aphrodite was looking forward to the most. Nothing
revitalized her power more than the love juices of mortal beings.
Even before Gabrielle would cum, the Goddess' glowing bush
could be seen growing brighter. This did not go unnoticed by the
leering Strife, and he wanted in on this.

Since Gabrielle's pussy was already covered. Strife decided to go
for those luscious tits of hers. Doing as his Aunt had, he rendered
his tongue and lips substantial enough to make contact. He then
plastered his lips on her left breast and sucked on it hard.

"Ooooh! Yes!" Gabrielle gasped uncontrollably.

She was totally confused as to what was happening to her body.
All of these new sensations invading her were overwhelming her.

Then, suddenly, she was hit by the first orgasm of her young life.
Her feminine cum shot into Aphrodite's sucking mouth, which she
swallowed with earnest. The overpowering force of her orgasm
caused Gabrielle's knees to buckle.

As she collapsed to her knees, Gabrielle just didn't understand what
was happening to her. She assumed that it must be something in
the water that had somehow drugged her.

"What a gyp!" Strife exclaimed.

He was somewhat disappointed. Suck as much as he could,
nothing came out of her breast. Sure it was nice and all, but he
wasn't getting the energized buzz that his Aunt had obviously

'What a doofus!' Aphrodite though of her feeble minded nephew.

This sexual tormenting by the two Gods went on for a good forty
minutes before the sexual exertion that Gabrielle had endure finally
had its toll on her virgin body. With one final, but overpowering
orgasm, she fell into unconsciousness. She lay unconscious on the
rock shelf, as the waterfall continued pounding on her naked body.

Chapter 5

(turn back twenty minutes)

Malykus arrived at the lake. A gift from the God, Poseidon, to his
people. Many moons ago.

They held it, and the clearing surrounding it, in high reverence.
That is why Malykus was here, on this day. It was his turn to
patrol the clearing and turn away all trespassers.

He had a reputation, even among his own people, of being
overzealous. To the point of being too brutal. In the past he had
killed trespassers at this very lake.

His leader, king Galopias, had had enough of his brutality. The
King had been strenuously trying to keep the peace with the
neighboring kingdoms. But after each of Malykus' incidents,
peaceful relations would be strained once more.

This time, the King warned him to curb his temper, or face
banishment for life. Among his people, this punishment was even
worse than death. For in death, there is no loneliness.

"I swear my liege. I will obey your command," Malykus had told
his King.

So the King allowed him to resume his duties. Today, he was to
patrol the sacred lake for interlopers. And any that he caught were
to be brought before him for judgment, unharmed.

This brings us back to the lake. Malykus was keeping to the trees
to conceal his presence. He was nearing the lake, as he could now
hear the waterfalls.

Once at the edge of the clearing, he stopped. He first looked along
the shoreline for intruders. Seeing no one, he came out of the
forest covering and proceeded to patrol along the lake's shore.

Within a few hundred paces he came upon Gabrielle's discarded
belongings. He could see booths, clothing, a rucksack and the staff.

The staff is what drew Malykus' attention. Its markings identified
it as belonging to an Amazon. The sworn enemies of his people.

Oh! Didn't I tell you. Malykus is a Centaur. A being that is half
man, half horse.

Malykus immediately strung an arrow to his bowstring. Finding
this Amazon artifact next to the sacred lake caused him great
concern. He scouted the treeline, trying to locate this Amazon

Then he looked towards the lake itself. There, still visible, was a
trail of muddy water left behind when Gabrielle first dove in. this
muddy trail marred the usually serene beauty of its surface. This
enraged him to the upmost.

He scanned the lake for this uncivilized Amazon bitch. He couldn't
locate the presence of anybody. But he wasn't about to give up the

And to make sure that his quarry wouldn't try to escape, he
gathered all of her belongings and stuffed them into his own supply

'If the Amazon came out of hiding. She would have nothing to
cover herself with.' He thought to himself.

With all of the clothing disposed of. Malykus resumed his search
for the Amazon whore. He could feel its presence nearby. He
knew that eventually he would find her. It was only a question of
time. Of that, he was certain.

He followed the shore, trying to find his prey. His bow, always at
the ready. He would scan the treeline thoroughly, for that was a
Centaur's weakness in battle. The close confines of the trees
prevented a Centaur's mobility too much.

He continued searching for a good five minutes before he heard
Gabrielle's faint orgasmic outcry. He stopped and tried to locate
the source of the 'gasp' that he had just heard.

That's when he spotted the blonde girl under the waterfall. The
roaring waters is what was smothering her moaning sounds. He
looked on in disgust.

"These Amazons have no respect," he said to no one.

He moved closer to the falls to see what this human animal was
doing. Of course, Aphrodite and Strife were still invisible to mortal
eyes. Even Centaurs.

All that Malykus could witness was an Amazon whore pleasuring
herself fiercely under the sacred waters of his people. He could
clearly see that half of the bitch's hand was buried deep inside of
her pussy. Thanks to Aphrodite.

He watched on, as her other hand was busily masticating her breast,
with Strife's guidance of course. The sight of such debauchery
sickened him.

We would simply call it masturbation. But in this era of ignorance,
it was a deviant behavior.

Then, suddenly, with a loud outcry escaping from her lips, he saw
her collapse to the ground. There she lay, unconscious on the rock
shelf under a constant pounding of the waterfalls.

Malykus just stood there. Not quite sure of what action he should
take next.

On the one hand, the blonde bitch was an easy shot from where he
stood. But his oath to his King, plus a difficult retrieval of the
corpse, prevented him from carrying out this first notion.

He decided to bide his time. The human would eventually revive
and return to shore. Probably back where he had found her
clothing. Which reminded him that he had her clothing in his pack.
Rather than tempt fate, he took them out and tossed them deep into
the bushes.

"There! Now, even if the sow somehow manages to escape me,
she will still have to deal with her embarrassment," he told himself,
pleased with his action.

He returned his attention to his slumbering quarry. She was still
motionless after more than ten minutes have passed. He could
easily see her chest rise and fall with each breath she took. So he
knew that she still lived. He was amazed to see that the nubs of the
female's nipples were as stiff as ever.

Then, movement. He looked on as Gabrielle stirred and raised an
arm to her brow.

The intense orgasms that she had endured, at the hands of
Aphrodite and Strife, had caused her blood pressure to rise so high
that she was now suffering from one nasty migraine. As bad as any
hangover that she had, on occasion, suffered.

Slowly, tentatively, Gabrielle raised herself up to a sitting position.
Then she wrapped her arms around her knees and hugged them
tightly against her heaving chest. Technically, you could describe it
as a sitting foetus position.

Malykus patiently looked on. He expected for the Amazon sow
would be heading back for her clothing any moment now. He was

Feeling better now. Thanks to the cooling effect of the cold water
of the falls. Gabrielle stood back up on the rock shelf. She was still
confused as to what just happened to her. But figured that no real
harm was done. In fact, she felt rather exhilarated from the

She stepped under the waterfall for a final washdown. Mostly her
own female juices that had escaped during her multiple orgasms.
Now feeling refreshed and clean, she stepped over to the edge of
the flat rack and dove back into the lake.

Once she surfaced again, she looked around to get her bearings and
headed back to where her things should be. She was in for a

Malykus watched as this Amazon bitch dove into the sacred lake.
He waited to make sure that she was in fact returning to the
clearing for her belongings. Which he had already discarded.

Once he was sure that was her destination, he took off at a gallop
to beat her there.

On land, a Centaur, can easily outrun any human runner. Against a
human swimming, it would be no contest. He beat Gabrielle long
before she got there. He decided to conceal himself in the bushes
and wait for the opportune moment to capture his first Amazon.

'Yes! The capture of this Amazon interloper will do much to
redeem myself to my King,' Malykus was thinking to himself.

Finally, Gabrielle reached the shore. She stayed in a deep pool, to
her neck, and looked around for any sign of peering eyes. Seeing
nobody, she emerged from the lake. Her svelte body glistening
with water droplets under the gleaming sun.

Malykus, and the two invisible Gods, watched silently as she
approached the spot where her clothing should have been. He
knew what to expect next.

Gabrielle stopped suddenly as she realized that all of her belongings
was missing. Including her only weapon, her staff. Whoever it
was, left her with nothing, absolutely nothing to wear. Even her
skin rucksack was gone.

"Ooooooh! This is just to precious." Aphrodite said to her

Strife had to agree. But he was enjoying the sight of poor Gabrielle
scurrying around the bushes, naked, in search of her clothes.

The two Gods had been so preoccupied in their tormenting of
Gabrielle that they hadn't even noticed who might have taken the
clothes in question. As if they would have cared if they had.

This turn of events had Gabrielle concerned though. Despite not
seeing anybody as she came out of the lake, her missing clothing
suggested otherwise. And if they were still around, as she
suspected they were, she was in extreme danger of being ravaged.
Her being naked and all.

Malykus was enjoying the sight of the naked Amazon scurrying
naked. She like a scared rabbit, looking for a hole to hide in, away
from prying eyes.

Chapter 6

Now was the time for him to act. In one powerful leap, he
exploded out of the bushes, landing just a mere twenty odd feet
from the scrambling Gabrielle.

With his bow drawn, Malykus shot an arrow towards her. It struck
the ground at her feet with a loud 'TCHUNK!'

"hold your ground, Amazon bitch!" He ordered her.

Realizing that it was a warning shot, Gabrielle stopped dead in her
tracks, her back turned to the Centaur. Even so, she was modest
about her nudity and covered her tits with her hands crossed over

"Now this could get interesting," Strife commented.

Aphrodite had to agree with her slobbering nephew, even though
she didn't bother answering him. She was busily trying to figure a
way to make use of this new development in further tormenting her
mortal nemesis, Gabrielle.

Seeing that his Aunt wasn't paying attention to him, Strife
approached Gabrielle from behind. And as before, merged his
hands into hers.

He then had his/her hands play with her pert tits, especially the
nipples. He continued this until they regained their earlier stiffness.
And thanks to his ministrations, her nipples were protruding and
were as hard as peas.

Gabrielle was at a loss to explain why she was mauling her breast
before her attacker. Nor did she understand the protrusion of her
nipples. The shortness of breath she was experiencing was also
causing her some concern.

Once satisfied of his handiwork, Strife stepped back to enjoy what
was to unfold.

Regaining control of herself, Gabrielle ceased the massaging of her
breasts. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. She
was aroused. She could feel a dampness building within her loins.
And it wasn't pee!

"Turn and face me, Amazon wench!" Malykus ordered.

"I'... I'd rather not, if you don't mind," turning her head over her
shoulder slightly to answer him.

"I said, TURN!" He shouted back at her, pulling the bowstring
with his powerful arms.

Gabrielle could hear the creaking of the wooden bow. A sound that
she was all to familiar with. Realizing that she had no other choice,
she began turning slowly, shyly to face her captor. All the while,
trying to cover her nakedness as best as possible.

Her main concern were her naked breast and loins. She soon
discovered that it was a hopeless dilemma. She couldn't cover one
area without exposing the other.

The best that she could manage was cover her tits with her hands,
while crossing her legs to try and hide her cunt as best she could.

She kept her eyes down, unable to look at her captor in her
embarrassing predicament. This also caused her to blush profusely
before the Centaur, and the two invisible Gods.

Seeing this pleased Aphrodite immensely.

"Finally, the blonde bimbo's gonna get her just dessert," she said

Malykus checked out her slim, naked body. He didn't care much
for humans, much less Amazons. He looked down on his kind that
mated with such creatures. But he had to admit that this one was
nicely put together.

"Raise your arms, bitch!" He ordered instinctively.

The purpose of which was to search a captive warrior for hidden
weapons. In this instance, he couldn't thing of where this one
could hide anything, much less a weapon. But once the order
given, he couldn't back down. It would make him look like a pup,
and he couldn't allow that. Not in front of an Amazon sow.

"Now wait a minute," Gabrielle objected defiantly.

Then for the first time she raised her head up to stare Malykus in
the eyes. She could see the coldness behind those black eyes.
That's when she knew that he was serious, and dangerous. She
continued to stare at him as he raised his bow threateningly.

So, reluctantly, she slowly raised her arms in the air. She brought
her hands above her head, in the typical captive position, thus
exposing her naked tits to the leering stare of the Centaur.

With her arms raised high, the skin of her chest became taut, which
raised her tits into tight pointed tips. Malykus studied her naked
form with a grin.

"Typical! Only an Amazon whore would dare to desecrate a gift of
the God, Poseidon," he accused.

"Uh!!?" Was all that a confused Gabrielle could respond with.

Looking back at the lake, then back to her captor. Now she
understood his attacking her, unprovoked. Putting on her most
innocent of smiles and gesticulating with her hands, pointing
towards the lake.

"Oh! That! No, you don't understand. You see, I..." she tried to
explain herself.

"Silence!" Malykus roared.

He pulled out his sword to guard her. And with his other hand,
reached into his supply pack to pull out a set of leather shackles.
These were attached to a long rein like strap. He tossed the
shackles to Gabrielle's feet, while holding onto the other end of the

Chapter 7

"Put those on!" Malykus ordered her.

"Why?" Gabrielle asked of him.

"Why?... Why?" Malykus couldn't believe this human. "Because
you are my prisoner and I'm taking you to face punishment before
my king. That's why!"

"Well, there's really no need for these," Gabrielle said, pointing to
the shackles. "Why don't you just let me ride on your back like

Gabrielle stopped in mid sentence when the large Centaur stomped
the ground heavily with his front hooves, angrily.

"Go ahead, Amazon bitch. Finish what you were about to say."
He dared her angrily. "Like a horse. That is what you were about
to call me. Wasn't it?"

"Wellll, you do have the legs for it," she rebutted sarcastically.

"Do I look like an animal to you, wench?" He shouted back at her

Gabrielle realized now that she had crossed the line this time.
Trying to make amends, she started to plead her case to Malykus.

"No, no. That's not what I meant," she was desperately trying to
find the right words now. "Its just that it would be much faster if
I... If you let me ride you."

"I am not a transport service, you fucking whore," he roared back.
"Now put those one," he said, as he pointed to the shackles with his

She reluctantly complied. Slipping one, then the other over her
wrists. By this time, she had resigned herself to her nudity, and was
no longer self conscious of her exposed body.

Looking at them, she couldn't see how efficient these shackles
could possibly be. They were loose at the wrist, and with such a
long strap to them, she couldn't understand how Centaur's
expected to control their prisoners.

Just then, Malykus gave a sharp tug on the strap, which
immediately tightened her wrist shackles. Next, he removed a
harnesslike assembly from his bag and tossed it over his equine
body, adjusting it accordingly.

"Lie on the ground, bitch!" Was his next command.

Gabrielle was now getting sick and tired of this Centaur's verbal
abuse. Refusing this latest command, she planted her feet firmly
and slightly apart. Placing her hands on her curvy hips, she struck a
defiant pose. Sticking her chest out, which pushed out her tits
before him. Her nakedness was now in full display, for all to see.

"I wish you'd stop calling me those name's," she demanded. "My
name is Gabrielle."

"I don't give a shit," he retorted.

Malykus then pulled suddenly on the strap of her shackles, causing
her to stumble forward. Just as suddenly he bolted towards her.

In a defensive reaction, Gabrielle tried to back peddle from his
rushing her. This caused her to lose her balance and she crashed to
the ground painfully on her back. This knocked her breath away

Wincing painfully from the fall, she was not yet aware that
Malykus was now standing above her. His equine body straddling
her own naked, prone form.

When she opened her eyes next, all she saw were his front hooves,
and equine chest. From above, she could only hear him barking
orders again.

"Now place your legs in those!" He ordered.

Looking down along his body, she saw his human finger pointing to
another set of shackles dangling from his equine body.

"Pl... please. Why don'... don't you le... let me ri... ride." She
pleaded, between gasps, as she was still trying to bet her breathing
back to normal after having it knocked out of her.

"I... I prom... promise not to... to try an... and escape. Or... or
caus... cause trouble."

"Do you take me for a fool, Amazon!" He yelled down at her from
above. "A Centaur will never allow a prisoner to ride his back. He
would be too vulnerable to treachery and attack."

Gabrielle considered this explanation and could well understand the
reasoning behind it.

"Besides, why should prisoners get a free ride, Amazon whore?"
He stomped his hooves her head.

She cringed, fearing to be struck accidentally by the heavy man-

"You are a sad warrior, or a cunning one. Amazon." He
continued. "No, we tie our prisoners to our underbelly. Where
they belong. Those who disobey are either slain or dragged. Those
are your only choices, bitch."

Gabrielle only needed a few seconds to determine that she, in fact,
had no alternative. So, using her hands, she managed to slip these
new shackles to her ankles.

"Ok! Ok! You don't have to be a horse's ass about it." She
cringed at her latest jibe, and squealed and immediate apology.
"Sorry, sorry."

Malykus' only response was a horse like "Harumph!" in disgust.

Once her ankles were inserted in the loops of these new shackles,
he gave another sharp tug, which tightened firmly as before.

Gabrielle lay patiently under the Centaur. Waiting for whatever
was to come next. But nothing seemed to be happening.

But in fact, above and beyond her line of sight, Malykus had
twisted his human torso around and was busily adjusting the straps
of her restraints to the prisoner harness on his equine back. This
would take a few minutes.

When everything was ready, Malykus began pulling on the shackle

Chapter 8

Without any warning, Gabrielle's arms and legs were being pulled
up along Malykus' equine side. He was pulling her up by the strap
shackles attached to her wrist and ankles. Within seconds, she felt
her whole body being lifted off of the ground.

"Uh!!? what!!?" She could only ask, stupefied.

She looked on, dumbfounded, as her naked body got closer and
closer to the Centaur's furry underbelly. Thanks to the straps on
her limbs, her arms and legs were now wrapping themselves arount
the wide equine body of the Centaur warrior.

With her legs being pulled apart by the girth of Malykus' body,
Gabrielle could feel her pussy lips unfurl from the stretching open
of her calves. This also caused her love channel to open as a dark,
oval chasm between her legs. This also caused her sensitive clit to
become totally exposed, making it extremely vulnerable tot he
prickly hair bristles of his underbelly.

Another tug from Malykus and that contact was made. It felt like
dozens of needles were trying to pierce her exposed clit. This initial
shock caused her to gasp out.

"Oooooh!" She cried out in pain from the hair bristles making
contact with her sensitive clit.

The two invisible Gods were enjoying the spectacle immensely.
Strife, because he enjoyed Gabrielle's bondaged predicament, which
was showing new aspects of these mortal bodies to his eyes. And
Aphrodite, because she saw this as a fitting punishment to her
mortal nemesis. One befitting the Goddess of Love.

Malykus didn't pay no mind to her outcry. He didn't care if she
died on the spot for that matter. He continued pulling on her arm
straps until he could feel her still stiff nipples make contact with his
equine chest. His experience had taught him that this was tight
enough to secure his human captive.

Having never captured a female human before, he didn't take into
account the gelatinous and malleable nature of a human female
teats. This oversight would prove most devastating... to Gabrielle.

Believing that his prisoner was now 'tightly' secured. Malykus
kneeled on his forelegs in order to retrieve his bow and sword off
the ground. Gabrielle was worried, for a moment, of being crushed
between his heavy body and the ground. But only her loose blonde
tresses actually touched the soil.

Aphrodite and Strife looked on with interest, as Malykus got back
up. Looking at poor Gabrielle tied to the Centaur's underbelly
brought a smile to both their lips.

Gabrielle's head was tucked in between Malykus' forelegs. While
her spread open legs reached just past his midriff. About a foot
from his rump and crotch.

The prickly hairs was finally too much for Gabrielle. Its stinging
effect against her tits and clit was painful with each of his strides, as
he started off for the Centaur settlement. But strangely enough, it
also felt good.

And because she wasn't strapped as tightly as he thought, with each
of his steps, Gabrielle was jostled from side to side. Causing her
nipples and clit to rub against the rough bristles of his belly.

The torturous friction against her now hyper sensitive body became
too much for Gabrielle. She experienced a first mind blowing
orgasm after only the first hundred yards of Malykus' march. Her
clit exploded with her cummy juices. Spraying his underbelly with
the warm fluid.

'The damn bitch is pissing on me,' he mistakenly thought to

His hind quarters jumped instinctively at the surprising spray. So
powerful was her orgasm that a few drops actually reached the
sheath of the Centaur's cock, causing to twitch instinctively.

Gabrielle came again a few minutes later, soaking his underside
once more. The scent of her sex juices went unnoticed by Malykus'
conscious mind. But his subconscious recognized it immediately.
Slowly, his cockhead began to peek out of its furry sheath.

Aphrodite hated to watch all of that sex juice fall to the ground like
that. But seeing the Centaur's cock emerge was inspiring her
towards another course of action. The pinkish cock was emerging
to slowly to her liking though.

So, floating down to Malykus' crotch, she once more gave
substance to her tongue, lips and throat. And began to lick and
suck life into his mighty prick.

More and more of it emerged to her tender ministration, as it
continued to lengthen. Aphrodite would then reach over to
Gabrielle's soaked pussy and gathered some of her juices. This she
would spread over the stiffening cock before her. The warm
contact of that female fluid helped things further.

Aphrodite continued sucking on that virile piece of cockmeat until
the first eight inches had emerged.

"This will do for my purposes," she said.

As she reluctantly removed it from the confines of her throat.

Strife couldn't believe what he just saw his Aunt do. He enjoyed
watching it though.

Aphrodite didn't abandon the lengthening rod. She, instead, was
licking along its length rather than sucking it. She noticed
Malykus' balls were inflating. A definite sign that he was indeed
getting aroused, and building up his juices.

While this was going on, Gabrielle came twice more. These
multiple orgasms were beginning to take their toll on her bound
body. With each one, she felt fainter and fainter. So dazed was she
already that she would slip into unconsciousness. Only to be jostled
awake by Malykus' next stride.

Malykus could feel his cock stiffening, despite himself. But he paid
it no mind. He expected to have his needs taken care of once he
reached the settlement by one of the Centaur mares.

His cock now reached a foot in length before Aphrodite stopped
ministering to it. At this length, it was just long enough to poke at
Gabrielle's naked buttocks. Aphrodite moved back to admire her

Gabrielle had no idea what was poking her butt with each stride
that her captor took. Her view was completely obstructed down
her strapped body. The poking continued and became harder as the
cock continued to lengthen.

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen inches were now exposed from his
sheath. Finally, its cockhead found her gaping pussyhole and two
inches made its way in. This was the first time that a cock had ever
entered Gabrielle's virgin pussy.

"Ooooh!" She exclaimed, her eyes bulging at the intrusion.

Malykus bucked instinctively once he felt those warm pussy lips
wrapping themselves around his still stiffening cock.

Maybe I should take the time now to describe to you the shape and
size of a Centaur's penis now. As with its body, being half man/half
horse, so is its cock.

Its overall shape is very similar to a human cock. It is usually of a
pinkish color and its head is like a man's crowned penis, rather than
the blunt penis head of a horse. Its girth will normally be the same
as a well endowed human's.

its equine characteristics are in its length and its balls. In Malykus'
case, when fully extended, his cock will reach a full two and a half
feet in length. That's thirty long inches, people. While his balls will
bloat to the size of two large oranges. And they will manage to
discharge a vast amount of jism.

The staying power of a Centaur will vary between twenty to forty-
five minutes. For those that have taken a human female for a mate,
copulation would usually result in their mate to lose consciousness
from their multiple orgasms, long before the coupling ends.

Anyway, back to our story.

Now that those first few inches had found Gabrielle's pussy,
Aphrodite was now ready for the next part of her plan. She
levitated herself so that her crotch was now level to Malykus' face.

Strife was mesmerized at the sight of the Centaur's cock buried,
though only partially, past the blonde mortal's pussy lips. In his
own na´vetÚ, regarding mortal intercourse. He believed this was all
that was to it.

Floating above, Aphrodite proceeded with her own plans. She
approached the oblivious Malykus and wrapped her Godly thighs
around his head. Plastering her golden pussy over his mouth and
nose, like a breathing mask.

Malykus, remaining ignorant of the Love Goddess' presence,
continued on his way. But with each breath that he took, he would
inhale more of her aphrodisiac essence.

With those first few whiffs, his cock surged forward a full nine
inches into Gabrielle's vulnerably open cunt. Breaking through her
hymen by the sudden invasion.

"Aiiieee!" Gabrielle screamed out in extreme pain.

She had never felt such pain in her life. She had been injured many
times following Xena around. She had received her share of battle
scars. But none had been as painful as what she was feeling at this
very moment.

Malykus jumped in surprise at her sudden outcry. And he also
realized that his cock was now fully buried in the Amazon's pussy.
When his cock surged forward, he felt it hitting the obstruction of
her maidenhead before it tore open to him. He realized that he had
broken through and that his captive was a virgin no longer. He
never liked humans, but he had to admit that the tightness of this
one's pussy felt nice against his stiffening cock.

Experimentally, he bucked his hindlegs once to drive still more of
his cock into her open womb. His cock shoved another few inches
into her bound body. Blood could be seen trickling past her stuffed
pussy lips.

The sight of Gabrielle's blood excited Strife beyond his
comprehension. Looking up to his Aunt, he was amused to see the
Centaur's tongue instinctively licking at her still invisible pussy.

"Oooooh! That's niccce!" Aphrodite shuddered.

This was what Aphrodite liked best about her Godly station. She
was responsible for getting mortals horny. But along the way, she
could always find a way to get her own jollies. And today, it was a
cunt licking.

Strife watched his Aunt getting licked only briefly. He was much
more interested in the fucking that Gabrielle was getting down
below. But he was also getting jealous of the goings on. He was
the only one not getting any.

"Can I join in? Uh!? Can I? Can I? Uh? Uh?" He was begging
his Aunt.

"Oh! All right!" Aphrodite conceded. "Now quit bothering me
while I'm working. Oooooh!"

With his Aunt's consent to participate, he realized that he would
require a cock himself. So he zapped his own crotch and an eight
inch black cock appeared. Like his wardrobe, it too was covered
with studs. But since he had no concept of what was normal in a
mortal, this cock was very thin. Only an inch in girth.

"Not bad, Uh?" He pointed to his crotch for approval from his

Aphrodite had to hold back laughing in his face at seeing such a
pitiful looking prick.

"Oh yeah! Sure it is," she tried to keep a straight face.

Chapter 9

Strife didn't waste any time joining in on this 'orgy'. He floated
down under the coupled mortals, and was floating along beneath
the impaled Gabrielle.

She was enduring orgasm after orgasm and her juices were leaking
out of her pussy in a steady stream. It would run down the crack of
her ass before dropping to the ground. Those warm juices were
stimulating Malykus' cock further, causing to continue to grow in

Strife was trying to figure out where he could get into this act.
Then he noticed a vacant orifice on her body. It was her anus.

Rubbing his hands together, he moved closer with his studded cock.
He aimed his new tool to his intended target and shoved upwards.
Unlike her pussy, her anus was not prepared for such an invasion.
It was resisting this new invader.

Strife was not happy. He couldn't understand why it was so
difficult for him to gain entry to this mortal. He tried again. This
time his cockhead broke through past her clenching sphyncter.

"Arrggghhhh!" Gabrielle cried out at this invisible intrusion.

This was yet another painful first for her. Losing her virginity was
bad enough, but the pain subsided very quickly. This was
something completely different. The pain didn't seem to want to go

Mind you the studs on Strife's cock didn't help matters any. He
continued to try and shove more of his tool into the tight confines
of her ass. With each stroke, he could get more of it in. For his
first time, he was liking it. Liking it a lot.

Malykus was also feeling the presence of something new in his
captives womb. He could feel Strife's cock through the thin
membrane that separated her anal canal and vaginal tunnel. Both
cocks were rubbing against each other with each stroke.

With each passing moment, Gabrielle could finally the pain
subsiding in her sore ass. Her orgasms were now resuming at their
previous pace. One effect of that painful intrusion. It cleared her
head completely to the fucking that she was now receiving from
Malykus. Earlier she was near passed out.

Finally, Strife managed to bury his whole eight inches into her shit
hole. The studs that he had added to his fictitious cock were
adding to Gabrielle's own stimulation. She was now squirming her
body, trying to invite those invading cock to resume fucking into
her holes.

"Oh yeah!" Strife exclaimed. "Now I know why gramps likes
about these mortals."

He was referring the Zeus, King of the Gods, of course. His
tongue hanging out the side of his slobbering mouth.

Malykus continued on his way, and with each stride he would buck
his cock forward to fuck into his helpless prisoner. Before today,
he couldn't see why some of his herd chose human mates. Now he
would have to revise his views on them.

Aphrodite was herself too busy to pay attention to what was
happening with Gabrielle. She assumed that she was getting the
fucking of her life. And she was pleased with herself. She had
finally found the appropriate punishment for this troublesome

By this time, Malykus' cock had grown to its full length, thirty
inches. But with the foot leeway to Gabrielle's pussy only about
sixteen inches was inside her. He knew that he was deep inside the
human female's cunt, but he also knew that his cock had not hit its
deepest recess yet.

Strife was enjoying his own first fuck, even if he was in the wrong
hole. He kept a fucking motion sending his cock into her ass.

Gabrielle soon found that the pain in her ass had disappeared, only
to be replaced with pleasure. She was herself enjoying her first
fucking experience. Even if it was non consensual.

Aphrodite was finally satisfied enough of Malykus tonguing that she
disengaged herself to check on Gabrielle's sexual progress. She
floated down to see what was going on.

She was aghast to see her nephew Strife fucking his cock in the
wrong hole. Even for her, this was depraved.

"Strife, you ass!" She yelled at him. "You're in the wrong hole,

"So what," he answered back. "It still feels good. And besides,
blondie doesn't seem to mind it at all."

Looking over to Gabrielle's face, Aphrodite could see that her
nemesis was indeed enjoying the experience.

'Mmmmmh! Maybe I should add this to my sexual gifts to
humanity?' Aphrodite was thinking to herself.

Seeing that the fucking was progressing nicely, she decided to join
in on this carnal orgy. She placed herself at Malykus rear end and
began reaming out his ass with her tongue.

Malykus felt the sudden intrusion to his ass hole and reared up on
his hindlegs.

Because the strappings were not as tight as they should have been,
Gabrielle's body slid down the now vertical cock. Driving in still
more of his inhuman length into her bowels. She bottomed out at
twenty-four inches, leaving only the last six inches exposed.

"Aiiiieeee!" She yelled out again from this latest pain attack.

As her body slid down and came to a sudden stop as she bottomed
out. She fainted at this time. Her body just hung limply on that
long staff of cock muscle.

The sudden halt caught Strife by surprise, and he popped out of her
asshole and landed heavily on his back beneath the rearing Centaur.

Aphrodite stepped back and watched in pleasure as she watched
this final humiliation of her mortal nemesis.

The next thing that happened was when Malykus came back down.
Landing his front hooves right into the prone Strife's crotch.

Aphrodite winced in emphatic pain.

"Oooooh! That's got to hurt," she said aloud.

Clutching his crotch, Strife got up slowly off of the ground.

"I'm okay. I'm okay," he answered in a squeaky voice. "No

He disappeared in a swirl of energy. Despite his Godlyhood, he still
felt pain at the moment. Aphrodite was sure that her nephew
would recuperate in time.

She returned her attention to Malykus and Gabrielle. She liked
what she saw. Gabrielle, helplessly impaled on that Centaur cock
and unconscious. She resumed her ministration on Malykus, for
she still wanted him to shoot a giant load into her enemy.

She concentrated her efforts on his balls, and the remaining six
inches of cock still accessible to her tongue and lips. She licked
along that short span of cock and even paused at Gabrielle's pussy
to lick there as well. She was treated to some of her seeping juices.

After a good fifteen minutes of sucking and licking, Malykus finally
shot his load. It went on for nearly five minutes before his jet of
sperm finally subsided. Aphrodite looked on as she could see the
excessive jism squirt past Gabrielle's clutching pussy lips.

She was not a Goddess to let such things go to waste. She
plastered her mouth to the rim of Gabrielle's pussy lips, and sucked
as much of the succulent Centaur jism into her mouth.

Once Malykus' orgasm finally subsided, Aphrodite stepped back to
admire her handiwork.

"Well, I guess this'll teach little miss Scribe," she gloated over the
unconscious Gabrielle.

And she disappeared herself in a swirl of energy.

Chapter 10

Malykus had never experienced such an intense fuck in his life, and
he had had his share. He stopped and tried to think things over.

He finally came to a decision. He turned his human torso around
and loosened Gabrielle's straps. He lowered her softly to the
ground beneath her.

Once on the ground, he untied her shackles and stood watch over
her unconscious form. She lay unconscious for nearly an hour
before her eyes fluttered open again.

The first thing she saw was Malykus over her. She immediately
tried to shuffle back to escape her captor.

"Wait, don't be scared," Malykus called out to her. "I won't harm
you. I swear by Poseidon."

Gabrielle stopped and looked up puzzled at his change of attitude
towards her.

"I may have been a bit too harsh," he pleaded to her. "In my
judgment of you."

Gabrielle cocked her head sideways. She was now completely
confused. First, he treated her like a whore, then he tied her to his
underbelly. And the next thing she knew, he was fucking... he was
fucking her.

A smile now crept over her lips. Now she understood this sudden
change. Xena had told her of the power of the female body over
any man. She always thought that her friend was exaggerating on
that point. Now she realized that she wasn't.

"Wha... what's your name?" Gabrielle asked him.

"Malykus!" He boasted proudly.

"Mine is Gabrielle." She held her hand out to him. "Can we be
friends now?"

Malykus looked down at the extended hand and clasped his in her
small palm. He smiled back at her.

"Do we still have to go see your King?" Gabrielle asked

He paused a moment considering his options.

"N... no, I don't think that will be necessary."

"Good!" Gabrielle said happily. "Now, if only I could find some
clothes to wear?"

Malykus let out a roaring laugh at her request. He extended his
hand to her and pulled her up on his back. He would take her back
where he had discarded her belongings at the lake.

Gabrielle held onto his human torso tightly, squashing her still
naked breast against his bare back. Malykus liked the feel of those
human teats against his skin. Yes, he will definitely have to
reconsider his opinion about human females.

Once back at the lake, they found her clothing. While Gabrielle
was dressing before her first lover, they would be talking.
Eventually the conversation drifted towards sex.

"I'll be passing by again in a few weeks with a friend of mine," she
told him. "Maybe you could find someone for her as well?

"Possibly!" He answered back.

"Oh! And if you could. She has a steed that hasn't had a mare for
a while," Gabrielle said, remembering poor Argo.

Malykus thought it over for a few seconds when a gleam appeared
on his face.

"I have a fellow Centaur who married a human female," he told

"So!? How can this be helpful?" Gabrielle asked, confused.

"My friend told me once that his mate enjoys real horse flesh on
occasion," he explained. "I'm sure that they will be more than
willing to meet with you and your friend."

Gabrielle smiled in comprehension. Now that she had finished
dressing, she stood on her toes to kiss Malykus deeply before
leaving to join up with Xena in the town of Dialecles.

The newfound lovers parted company then. This was the most
memorable and pleasurable experience that had ever befallen over

And if Aphrodite ever learned of this she would most likely have
lightning bolts shooting out of her hears. Once more her revenge
was thwarted because Gabrielle accepted her 'punishment' as yet
another gift of the Goddess of Love.

The End

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