X-Men - The Animated Series: Told Ya So (MM,petting,bond)
by Rocky-Cat

Logan looked down at the body stretched out next to him on the bed, naked,
hot and wanting. Remy's arms pulled high over his head, wrists loosely
encircled by one of his silk neckties and fastened lightly to the bedpost.
The tie wasn't meant to restrain him, more just to keep his arms out of the

Still, Logan liked the look of the Cajun's lean, hard body stretched taut,
the long limbs seeming even longer, all lines and angles. Hard everywhere you
looked, every pore just oozing desire. Logan ran a rough hand over Remy's
torso, brushing lightly at his small nipples, so hard and eager. Remy gasped
and Logan couldn't hold back a chuckle.

"So soon, kid? I thought you wanted to make this last." There was a jeering
tone to Logan's voice in spite of his gentle touch.

Remy turned to face Logan and managed a smile. His auburn hair slid coolly
over his shoulder and his red eyes glowed. He wanted Logan, wanted him badly,
but this bet had been Logan's idea and he wasn't going to make it too easy
for the other man.

After all, win or lose, Remy would still be the winner. "Oh, oui, cher. Dis
gon' last. Gon' last a loooooong time. But no talkin', remember? Your rules,
Logan. Only one t'ing you can do wid your mouth and dat's not it."

There were so many things Remy wanted Logan to do with his mouth. He wanted
to feel Logan's mouth against his, his lips hard, his tongue demanding. He
loved the scrape of Logan's rough stubble on his cheek and the delicious
give-and-take of their kisses. He wanted to feel the warm, wet tease of
Logan's tongue sliding along his body, stopping to taste and coax unexpected
responses out of him. And then of course there was getting head. Life just
didn't get much better than having the stocky Canadian kneeling between his
thighs, hands gripping his ass tightly, hot demanding mouth sliding along his
engorged shaft.

Remy's cock jumped at the thought, and he clamped his mouth shut to stifle a
groan. No one had ever been able to wring responses out of him the way that
Logan could and right now he was doing a damn fine job of it. In the future,
Remy thought, he'd best be more careful to guard his reactions. They'd been
sitting in Remy's room sharing a beer and shooting the breeze when Logan had
gotten that salacious look in his eye and started talking dirty. Innuendo and
outright promises flew thick and heavy, each man getting more stimulated by
the moment, until Logan started on his favorite subject.

"I love your nipples, Remy," he said in that quiet gruff tone that sent
shivers up Remy's spine. "They're so sensitive. They get so hard so fast. I
love playing with ‘em and watching you squirm. You get so hot when I suck
them. I betcha I could make ya come just by playing with ‘em."

A skeptical look flashed across Remy's face and Logan's competitive nature
was instantly aroused. Within seconds Remy was stripped naked and bound
loosely to his bed.

Logan hovered over him, smiling smugly, still fully clothed in jeans and a
tank top. He licked his lips and set to work making good his threat. "Here's
the deal. No talkin' you into an orgasm, no touchin' you anywhere else, no
touchin' yerself."

"What happens if you win?"

"You get yer mind blown."

"An' if Remy win?" he challenged.

"You won't," Logan assured him and smirked confidently, "but if you do, I'll
fuck you within an inch of yer thievin' life."

"Sounds like I can't lose, me." Remy grinned cheekily.

"Whatcha waitin' for, homme?" Remy relaxed back into the downy comforter and
let his eyes drift closed.

The feel of Logan's lips descending on his chest was electric and Remy
suddenly realized the one thing that Logan couldn't declare off-limits was
his biggest erogenous zone - his brain.

Wanton images raced through his mind at lightning speed. The young Cajun's
eyes fluttered open again languidly and he let them stray across Logan's
body. His dark head was bent towards him, and all Remy could see was Logan's
brawny back barely covered by his close-fitting tank top and his tight ass
lovingly caressed by a worn pair of black denims. Something about the fact
that Logan remained dressed while Remy was completely naked sent a charge
through him.

Maybe it was the implication that Logan was entirely in control here, maybe
it was the teasing rub of the soft cotton against Remy's bare skin. Either
way, Remy suddenly felt the need for more contact and slithered closer to
Logan. He insinuated his hip against Logan's groin and rubbed up against him
lightly attempting to nudge Logan's muscular thigh between his own. The cold
shock of Logan's heavy brass belt buckle grazing his bare flesh reminded him
once again who was in the saddle, as it were. Logan allowed Remy to amuse
himself for a few moments and suddenly thrust against him hard, grinding
himself against Remy's hip. Just as suddenly he pulled out of reach again,
lifted his head, and stared long and hard into Remy's red-black eyes, the
ghost of a smile playing around his glistening lips.

Wordlessly, Logan had made his point. He too was hard and on fire with lust,
more than ready to bury himself deep inside Remy's willing body and take his
pleasure, but he meant to enforce the terms of his bet. No touching meant
just that no matter how randy Remy got. Remy smiled easily and gracefully
accepted his temporary defeat. Just then Logan's sharp teeth grazed across
Remy's left nipple, and he arched his back in shocked pleasure, breath caught
in a choked yelp.

"Mmmm, cher, you so good," Remy gasped as Logan licked at the abused flesh
and began to suck at him in earnest. "You know jus' how to touch Remy, how to
make him feel so...ooooh."

A slanting glance from Logan's hooded eyes told Remy that Logan was on to
him, knew his game, and wasn't about to get caught in that trap. Remy could
sweet talk him all he wanted but he wouldn't be goaded into moving any faster
than he intended. In fact, right now all Logan wanted was to concentrate on
the taste of Remy's golden skin. Salty-sweet-peppery, rough and smooth,
baby-soft and flinty-hard.

The paradox of contrasts was a pleasurable puzzle, one that Logan wanted to
take his time exploring. He began by using his tongue, flickering it over the
tightly puckered skin, and was rewarded with a hissed intake of breath from
Remy. Logan's tongue passed back and forth, laving, caressing, and swirling.
He wrapped his tongue around the pebbled nub and drew it deep into his mouth.
Remy whimpered quietly and backed his hips deeper into the bed. Furious waves
of pleasure broke over him and he pulled at the tie holding him down,
twisting his agile body in desperation. Logan chuckled quietly, the sound
dark, threatening and erotic.

Without stopping his amorous torture, Logan began playing with the other
nipple. In time to his licking and sucking he rolled the reddened bud between
his callused fingers, occasionally scraping a fingernail across its peak. A
steady litany of soft moans, cries, and sporadic imprecations flowed from
Remy's expressive mouth. Logan's cock was straining so hard against his jeans
that he began to wonder if indeed he could bring Remy off before he could
stop himself from burying himself deep inside the kid's sweet ass. Instead he
concentrated on the expanse of warm flesh in front of him. He nuzzled his
face against Remy's chest, breathing in his intoxicating aroma and rubbing
barely-there circles over his nipples with the palms of his hands. Over and
over, in seemingly endless cycles, Logan teased Remy's nipples unmercifully,
licking and sucking, squeezing and tweaking.

Just for fun he'd blow puffs of warm breath over Remy's wet skin and listen
for his maddened groans. Remy's frustration built to a nearly unbearable
level. At this rate, he felt, Logan would never let him come. He had a
fleeting image of himself as an old man, still bound to the same bed, out of
his mind with yearning and desire, Logan still bent over him tormenting his
nipples. Remy bucked his hips futilely against thin air and felt the
heaviness between his thighs. His cock leaked a steady stream of pre-cum and
was demanding release. Remy resorted to begging.

"Logan, cher, mon coeur, please...please. Fuck me, suck me. Por dieu, do
something, Logan." He tossed his head from side to side and caught Logan's
eyes with his. Logan's stare remained impassive. "Logan, I need to...I have
to..." he panted. "Please make me come!"

Logan lay next to him on the bed, leaning up on one elbow. His features
didn't change while listening to the Cajun's impassioned plea. Still, his
eyes drank in Remy's agonized expression and flushed body, the tortured
arc of it reminding him of one of those Italian church paintings that
periodically passed through Remy's personal art collection. The kid was as
beautiful as a Renaissance angel but had the passions of a voluptuary.

"Remy, y'wanna come?" Logan's rough whisper received no answer. Remy was too
far gone in his private world of sensuality to notice. "Remy, do you want to
come?" Louder this time, more insistent. Remy turned his head toward Logan
and nodded, and his eyes drifted closed in expectation. "Then come!" Logan
growled and suddenly sucked hard at Remy's nipple while twisting the other

The sudden sensations coupled with Logan's command sent Remy over the edge.
He groaned loudly as the heat and pent-up tension overcame him. The pleasure
surged through him and his fists gripped tightly at the strip of silk binding
him. Streams of hot, thick liquid pulsed from his cock, spattering and
cooling rapidly on his flat belly. Remy's hips jerked spasmodically a few
more times and with a gentle sigh his taut body relaxed back into the bed,
spent and satiated.

Logan ran a heavy finger through one of the pools on Remy's stomach and
scooped up some of the still-warm ejaculate. He brought his finger up to
Remy's mouth and watched as the younger man sucked his finger clean,
clearly savoring the taste.

Logan smiled broadly and rose up to straddle Remy's chest. Looming over him
he slid down the zipper of his jeans and watched his beyond-hard cock fall
heavily across Remy's lips. "Now..." he said and saw the answering grin in
Remy's eyes.

The End


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