Disclaimer: X-Men: The Animated Series belongs to the Marvel Comics Group,
Saban Entertainment Inc. and Marvel Studios. This story is not-for-profit,
but I own it.

Date: 09/17/2005

Warnings: Strong language, rape, graphic violence, BDSM, male/female sex

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Rogue/m, Rogue/Gambit

Summary: A strange force enters Rogue's nightmares and causes her and her
fellow X-Men to travel to her hometown to find out who's doing it to her...
and why.

Other Notes: This story is an answer to Hamster's Halloween Fics Challenge
and shows my personal theroy on who and what Rogue actually is.

Dedication: Happy Halloween to all of my family and friends! -- ATK 2005

X-Men - The Animated Series: Nightmare Visions
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

Just after he had assembled his own team of mutant super-heroes known as the
Uncanny X-Men, the man named Professor Charles Xavier (aka Professor X) has
been smiling with pride, for he has also discovered that his heroic team is
still able to defeat any foe and protect the very same humanity that is still
unable to accept them just because they're only one thing -- mutants.

However, there are some foes that Professor Xavier and his mutant team could
sometimes discover that they are unlike Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil
Mutants and others that they had been prepared to do battle against.

Case in point: It had all began one October night within the Charles Xavier's
School For Gifted Youngsters -- which happens to also be the headquarters of
the X-Men -- and inside the bedroom of the team member known only as Rogue.

As for what she has to do with this particular story, it just so happens that
in the real world, Rogue was safely asleep in her own bed, but within the
realm of dreams, a frightened Rogue was running all over the mansion with
hopes of finding the other X-Men for protection against a sinister laughter
that has been chasing her.

She had tried looking for all of them -- even the one team member who she had
fallen in love with, the one known as Gambit, but no matter which room she
had ran into and looked around in, she had kept on making the same shocking
discovery... that she was all alone against the terror.

But that was before she had ran into Professor Xavier's study and discovered
that she was trapped, giving her no other choice, but to turn around and face
her pursuer with wide-eyes.

He was a nude handsome young male humanoid with a devilish smile on his
face... and as soon as he had stepped into the room and moved himself
closer and closer towards the frightened Rogue, he had grabbed hold of
her nightgown, ripped it all to shreds and said, "There's nowhere left
for you to run, bitch! There's also no one around to protect you! You're
mine now, you fucking whore! Now and forever!"

And then, after he has grabbed her by the arms and pressed her against his
nude body, Rogue has started screaming in pain, for he has started sucking
the very energy out of her body.

That was before she had woken herself up from that nightmare, screamed
bloody murder and realized that she was back inside her bedroom and with her
nightgown back on her own body, just before she had lowered her head, started
to cry and said, "Why, Gawd? Why are you bein' so cruel to me?"

Just then, on the very next day, Rogue had gotten her uniform on and went
downstairs to join the other X-Men in the meeting room, where they had gazed
upon the look of fright on her face and noticed that something was wrong with

"Are you alright, Chere?You look like you had been watching way too many
Freddie Kruger movies," said a concerned Gambit, after Rogue has sat herself
down next to him and he has placed his gentle hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry to say that it's more than that, Gambit," said Professor Xavier,
after he had mentally moved his hoverchair over to a large computer screen.
"You see, after I had sudden a mental scream coming from inside her mind, I
had decided to use my powers to probe deep within Rogue's subconscious and
discovered that she has been having some nightmare visions."

"Well then, why should we all be concerned, Professor?" asked a confused
Jublilee, after she had gotten out of her seat. "I mean, I'm sorry for being
nasty about it, but we all have nightmares once in a while."

"No, Jubilee. Not like this," said Professor Xavier, after he had mentally
activated the large computer screen and allowed an image of an abandoned
warehouse to appear on it. "As a matter of fact, I had sensed that the
origin of those nightmares just happens to be this very structure deep
within Baton Rouge, Louisiana."

"That's where ah was being born and raised at, Professor!" said a wide-eyed
Rogue, after she had quickly rose out of her seat and pointed at the screen.
"But why would anyone wanna put those nightmares right inside my head for?"

"I don't know, Rogue. But I do believe that there's only one way of finding
out," answered Professor Xavier, after he had mentally switched off the
computer screen and moved himself over to his X-Men. "It's too bad that
Jean's attending a seminar at New York University and would be unable to
join you on your mission."

"Don't sweat it, Professor. We just happen to have the next best thing right
here with us," said the one team member known only as Logan (aka Wolverine),
after he has placed his friendly hand on Rogue's shoulder.

And then, after the meeting has been adjourned and Professor Xavier has
ordered Jubilee to stay behind, Wolverine, Gambit and Rogue -- along with
their fellow teammates, Scott Summers(aka Cyclops)and Hank McCoy (aka the
Beast) -- had stepped abaord the team's Blackbird jet and zoomed themselves
away from the X-Mansion and all the way to their destination.

But then suddenly, after they had landed in the parking lot of the Baton
Rouge, Louisiana abandoned warehouse and stepped out of the Blackbird, a
booming voice -- which had came from out of nowhere -- had let out a hearty
laugh and said, "Well-well-well! I was wondering when you were going to
finally accept my little invitation, Rogue!"

And after the other X-Men had looked at Rogue's face and discovered the
fear in her eyes, a suddenly-enraged Wolverine has unsheathed his claws and
growled, "Why don't you come down here and try to take her? That is unless
you have the guts, you son-of-a-bitch!"

"Well then, my little friend!Allow me to show you just how brave I truly am!"
said the mysteriuos booming voice, just before the possessor of that voice
had leapt from out of his hiding place and landed right in front of the
X-Men. "Behold, X-Men!My name is Superion and I'm telling you that the bitch
standing amonst you is going to be mine now and forever!"

"That's what you think, you piece-of-shit! X-Men, Defense Plan Alpha!"
said a battle-ready Cyclops, just before a concerned Ganbit has placed his
frightened love behind him and said, "Have no fear, Chere. We'll pound that
piece-of-shit right straight into the tenth level of hell itself!"

But just as they were about to make the first move, a smug-faced Superion has
charged towards the X-Men, shoved both Cyclops and Wolverine out of the way
and tossed both Gambit and the Beast aside like they were only rag dolls,
just before he had grabbed a terrifyed Rogue by the arm and flew both her and
himself into the building.

And after he had gotten back on his feet and spotted where the team's new foe
has taken Rogue, a determined Gambit had ran into the building after them,
followed by his three fellow X-Men.

"Gambit, wait! We can't just go in after him!" said the team's leader,
Cyclops, after he has placed his hand on Gambit's arm. "There's no telling
what else he's capable of doing next!"

"I'm in full agreement with Cyclops. I also believe that it's best to devise
a suitable plan of attack first," said the Beast, after he has placed his
fuzzy hand on Gambit's shoulder.

"But the both of you don't understand!If we were to do that, we'll be too
late to save her from that piece-of-shit!" said an upset Gambit, just before
Wolverine has stepped up to the other X-Men and said, "I'm with you, Gambit!
Rogue's one of the X-Men and if we don't go save her now, then we're no good
to anybody! Now, are you coming or what?"

And after all of the X-Men had finally reached an agreement and started
looking for their abducted teammate, Superion has dragged his captive into
a room where a small saucer-shaped craft was being housed in.

It was inside that very room where a confused and frightened Rogue had looked
at Superion with tears flowing out of her eyes and asked, "Why... why did you
bring me here? What do you want from me?"

"Why it's quite simple, Rogue! To show you that unlike your mother, you're
unable to escape your destiny!", answered a devilishly-gleeful Superion,
while he was pressing a few buttons on the craft. "You see, your mother and
I had came from a planet where whoever controls the largest amount of energy
is the planet's ruler and we had been traveling across the vast cosmos in
this very ship, which happens to run on orgasmic energy!And the only way for
us to obtain such energy for the ship's power stores was to -- as the people
of this planet would say -- fuck our brains out!But that was before we had
suddenly found ourselves in a meteorite storm, which had caused the both of
us to crash-land on this planet and cause the both of us to become
unconscious!Just then, as soon as I had woken-up and discovered that your
mother has disappeared, I had ran over to a nearby window to see if I could
spot her, only to discover that she was found by your father!"

"So that's why my pappy was being so mean to me!" said Rogue, after she had
realized that what Superion was saying was the truth. "He was afraid that you
might find me and force me to become a human battery just like my momma!"

"Aaaahhhh, but of course, Rogue! And up to now, he has done such a wonderful
job!", said a sinister-smiling Superion, after he has placed a pair of
energy-draining bracelets on Rogue's wrists and shreded her uniform off of
her nude body. "But now, you'll have no choice, but to join her, for I'm
going to do to you what I had been doing to her!"

And then, after he had let out a hearty laugh and removed his own uniform,
the evil Superion has grabbed Rogue by the shoulders and started slamming
his stiff cock really hard in and out of her asshole, causing her to scream
bloody murder as her energy was being drained out of her body and into the
ship's energy stores.

But luckily for the helpless heroine, her screams of pain were able to catch
the attention of her fellow X-Men, who had followed the screams to their
source and discovered what Superion was doing Rogue.

"GET OFF OF HER, YOU HEARTLESS PRICK!" yelled a enraged Gambit, just before
he had thrown two of his energy cards at the bracelets and Cyclops has fired
his optical beam at Superion, causing him to pop his stone hard dick out of
Rogue's back door.

But then, after he had gotten back on his feet and dsicovered that the four
male X-Men were ready for a rematch, the only thing that Superion had done
was let out a diabolical grin and say, "You want this worthless bitch? Take
her!She has already served her purpose!"

And after he had let out a round of hearty laughter, the sinister Superion
had climbed into his small space saucer, lifted himself off the floor and
started heading towards the roof of the building.

But after Cyclops has discovered that a very enraged Wolverine has leapt
on to the craft with his claws ready to shred the small ship and its sole
occupant to kingdom come, the team's leader had turned towards the Beast
and Gambit and said, "Come on! Wolverine might need our help!"

But just as he was about to join Cyclops in the chase, a concerned Hank McCoy
had turned towards Gambit, noticed that he was comforting his one true love
and asked, "Are you unable to join us, my friend?"

"I'll be okay, Hank. Just go ahead and stop that son-of-a-bitch... and make
sure that Logan gives him one for me," said a saddened Gambit, just before
the understanding Beast has nodded his head and bounced himself out of the

And after he had removed his entire uniform and was about to give her a kiss
on the lips, a weakened Rogue was trying to move her head away from Gambit,
who -- in turn -- has placed the tips of his fingers on her lips and said,
"No, Chere. Please understand that I must do this in order to save your life.
Please take my energy, so that you may be able to remain alive."

And then, after she had suddenly realized that in her current condition she
has no other choice, both Rogue and Gambit had kissed each other ever so
passionately on the lips... and it was that kiss that had caused a soft and
warm glow to appear around them.

"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Gambit!" said Rogue, after Gambit has
started licking all over her nude body -- all the way down to her hot, wet
pussy and carressing her firm breasts and she had placed her hands on his
bare shoulders. "Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

Then, while Rogue was enjoying her taste of pure and untamed erotica along
with the recharge, both Cyclops and the Beast had finally reached the roof,
just in time to see the small saucer zoom up into the sky with Wolverine
still on it.

a devilishly-gleeful Superion. "BECAUSE THERE'S NO WAY OF STOPPING ME FROM

"DON'T BE TOO SURE, NATURE BOY!" yelled an enraged Wolverine, just before he
had slammed his claws right into the ship's energy-storage compartment and
caused the ship to start going out of control.

after Wolverine has leapt off of the small saucer and began to freefall
towards his friends.

And after he and Cyclops had noticed that Superion's ship has crashed
back down to Earth and exploded in an area about a few feet away from the
warehouse, the Beast had noticed that Wolverine was till plumpeting towards
the ground, which had caused the furry member of the X-Men to leap up, grab
hold of his friend and help him make a safe landing.

Meanwhile, back inside the warehouse, Gambit has placed his stone hard dick
inside Rogue's asshole and used each of his hands to carress both her tits
and snatch, causing a sexually-energized Rogue to place her hands on Gambit's

And then, after they had started moving harder and faster and their
lovemaking has reached its final bit of critical mass, the two reunited
lovers has came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

Then, after they were both finally able to catch their breath, Rogue has
placed her head on Gambit's chest, let out a sigh and said, "Ah really do
wanna thank you for savin' my life, Gambit. Are you still feelin' okay?"

And after he had looked at Rogue and let out a small smile, a relieved Gambit
has placed his gentle hand on her head and answered, "I'm feeling more okay
than you would ever believe, Chere."

And then, after Rogue and Gambit had snuggled-up to each other and laid on
the warehouse floor for a minute or two, a relieved Logan had looked at his
fuzzy rescuer with a smile on his face and said, "You know something, Hank.
I've never thought that you had it in you."

"Ah, my friend. There are a whole lot more things that we really do need to
know as well," said a smiling Hank, while he was scratching the back of his
head. "Like for instance, what actually happened to our foe?"

"It's funny that you should ask that question, Hank," answered Cyclops,
after he had walked himself over to his two fellow X-Men. "Because I really
do doubt that even he would be able to survive a crash-landing like that."

"Speaking of asking questions, where's Gambit?" asked a curious Wolverine,
just before the warehouse door has opened and allowed a smiling Rogue and
Gambit to walk out of the building with their arms wrapped around each

"Anybody have any ideas on how to explain this little spook story to the
Professor?" asked a curious Wolverine, just before a confused Cyclops has
looked at his entire team and said, "Well, under the circumstances, I guess
the only thing to say now is Happy Halloween."



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