X-Men: Sex And The Single Mutant Part 3 (Mf,voy)
by Calufrax

Jean Grey was in her lab, eyeing a pink-tinged liquid in a small vial. She was scribbling notes on a small pad when the door opened, and Storm came in. She smiled at the other woman. "Ororo."

The black woman walked over to her. "Jean, I think there may be a problem with Rogue."

"What a coincidence. I was just working on something I've in mind for her." She set down the vial in a holder. "What sort of problem?"

Storm reached into her tight pants' pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper. Handing it to Jean, she said, "I found this on the floor of the storage room in my class."

Jean unfolded it and read. "'Rogue: just cause our skin can't touch doesn't mean we can't have fun.'" She looked up. "Ororo, you don't think she's be stupid enough to-"

Storm interrupted her. "After what happened with Logan, I think she's more than aware of what her power can do. No, the reason I came here is." She paused a moment. "I think that she may have been hiding in the classroom between courses."


Storm smiled despite herself. "Well, James and I had a few moments alone in there yesterday." Jean smiled - she knew of her friend's secret trysts with the handsome student.

"And you think she might have seen what, exactly?"

Storm giggled at her friend's teasing. "Jean, I'm serious! I got some equipment from that storeroom before Rogue's class began. When I went into the room again during the following class, I saw that on the floor. Where it wasn't before."

Jean folded the note, and tapped it against her pale chin thoughtfully. "How are you going to find out if she saw you and James?"

Storm leaned against the table. She reached over, stroking Jean's hand delicately with her slim black fingers. "I thought that you might be able to help."

* * *

Rogue's mind reeled all throughout the day as she nervously kept her eyes on the clock, waiting for the day's classes to finally end so she could have her night with Bobby. He'd stopped her in the hall as they entered Storm's class, whispering to her, "Nine o'clock, by the benches in the labyrinth." She giggled, nodding, and went to her seat. She couldn't help looking over to him, smiling.

The classroom door opened, and Storm came in. As she walked to the front of the class, Rogue couldn't help thinking about yesterday, when she saw the beautiful black woman sucking off James. Her nipples stiffened even thinking about it. Storm smiled to everyone. "Class, I've decided to forego normal studies today and ask a special guest to talk for a bit." Rogue heard the door in the back opened again, and she turned around. It was Jean Gray.

* * *

Jean. Scott. fucking. rutting. panties. so hot. wonder if she swallows like Storm does. it tasted so good. I'd love to taste Bobby tonight. the labyrinth.

* * *

Jean was unshaken by the intensity of Rogue's thoughts as she entered. She kept her smile fixed and joined Storm in the front. "Hello everyone. I wanted to come today to have a talk about biology. As you know, our mutant abilities come from an evolved cell structure. But except for those differences that give us our powers, we're virtually the same as everyone else. But the reason I'm here is to explain a few things to you. Right now, you're all right around the age where certain. things are happening. Boys notice girls, girls notice boys. It's the same thing everyone goes through at this time in your lives. Except it's a little different for you. Because of your evolved structure, some of you may be experiencing intensified emotions."

Rogue swallowed dryly. Was that what she was going through? Was she thought about sex so much lately? With Bobby. and watching Jean with Scott, and Storm with James. God, she wanted to feel another person so badly. Her heartbeat so fast and hard, Jean's words dimmed in the background, her mind racing.

The class went by so quickly. At the tone of the bell, the students all got up and left the room. Jean and Storm watched them depart, and once the door closed, Storm turned to her friend. "Well?"

Jean said slowly, "She saw you and James." The black woman closed her eyes and sighed. Jean laid her hand on her shoulder. "But trust me, she hasn't told anyone, and I doubt she ever would."

Storm said, "Still, I have to tell James. It's only fair that he know."

She opened up her eyes, and saw Jean's expression waver. "What? Jean, what else did she see?"

Jean paused. "Nothing more with you. But. it seems she kind of caught Scott and I doing inventory the other day."

Storm rose an eyebrow. "Inventory?"

Jean half-smiled. "A very long and hard inventory."

Storm stifled a laugh. "Oh shit, Jean! What's she doing, going around looking to be a voyeur?"

"No. Catching you and I was just accidental. But I think my little talk today has her thinking, at least. She and Bobby are meeting in the labyrinth tonight."

"Bobby Drake? Jean, you know how many girls here at the school he's fucked?"

Jean crossed her arms, looking at her with a smile. "No. Would you be one of them?" Storm opened her mouth to speak, then stopped. Jean said, "I still don't think there's anything to worry about, but still."

Storm finished, "You think it's better to be safe than sorry. What time should I expect you?"

* * *

Rogue had prepared for her "date" with Bobby for hours. She'd styled and teased her red hair into long, flowing locks, her streak of white hair coyly hanging to the side. She wished she had something sexier to wear. She settled on a long-sleeved red shirt and black denim jeans. She put a hint of makeup on, and a line of gloss lipstick. After a quick spritz of perfume, she slipped on a par of soft black gloves and left.

She was able to sneak out of the mansion unseen, and she made her way to the huge garden. Rogue snaked her way through the large labyrinth of fifteen-foot bushes, till she found Bobby sitting on the stone bench in the center. He was dressed in jeans and a shirt as well, with a rose in his hand. He smiled as she appeared, and reached out, taking her gloved hand and guiding her to sit by him.

"Rogue, I'm real glad you came."

Rogue's heart was beating fast. "So am I. And. you can call me Marie."

"Marie." Bobby smiled. "I like it." He looked into her eyes. "You remember what Dr. Grey was talking about in class today? About. urges."

Rogue nodded. "I've been having urges too, Marie. About you."

"Me too, Bobby. Oh god." He felt her squeeze her gloved hands tight. "What I wouldn't give to be normal for one night, just to be able to do to you what I want to."

"I know. I know." His hand slipped from over hers to move up. He slowly cupped one of Rogue's round breasts through her shirt, giving it a squeeze.

Rogue let out a throaty moan, and closed her eyes. She moved to push away his hand, put Bobby pushed down hers. "Marie, I'm not touching your skin. Do you want me to stop?" He could feel her hardening nipple under her bra, and thumbed over it.

"Uhhhhhhh ohhh Bobby no." She bit her lower lip. Shivers of pleasure and anticipation charged through her. She wanted him. Wanted him inside her. But she knew it couldn't happen. Then she opened her eyes as soon as she felt another of his hands between her legs, squeezing her crotch. Her pussy was throbbing and wet. She spread her legs, a squeal passing her lips.

Bobby breathed into her ear, "Am I making you feel good, Marie?" She nodded, unable to speak. He smiled. "Do you wanna make me feel good?"

Rogue yelled out, "Yes!"

Bobby laughed a little, and took her hands, moving them to his zipper. "Take it out, Marie. Stroke it."

"Bobby, I can't-"

"Your gloves are fine, baby. They're nice and soft, just like these." He reached up, taking her hard nipples through her shirt and pinching them. "Don't you want to?"

Rogue's head swam. All she wanted was to pleasure Bobby, and to feel pleasure. She reached down and opened his jeans, unzipping them. She could spy his hardening cock through his underwear, and carefully reached in. Her gloved hand closed around it and pulled it out. It jumped a little in her hand, and its length amazed her. She slowly began stroking up and down its length.

Bobby closed his eyes, arching his pelvis a little. "Mmmmm. that's it, Marie. That feel so good."

She looked over at him. She was making him feel good! That's what she wanted. She rolled her thumb over the large head, moving her palm and fingers up and down. "Ohhhh Marie. faster.. Go faster."

She jerked up and down his cock faster, watching it get bigger, harder. Her mouth watered as she looked at it. She wondered what it would be like to feel it inside her pussy, in her mouth?

"Mmmmm yeah. Marie, that's so good baby." Bobby opened up his eyes, and looked at her. "Your face. so beautiful. Your mouth. Marie, I want you to taste me."

"Bobby, I can't-"

"Then, get down on your knees!" His voice was more abrupt than she'd expected. He took a more soothing tone. "I'm so close. I'll take it from you, and aim it at your mouth. Please Marie. It'll make me feel so good."

Rogue thought to herself. She wanted it. Wanted it so bad. How could she say no? She slipped from the bench, onto her knees in front of his sitting figure, jerking his cock hard and fast.

"Ohhhh. ohhh Marie yeah!" He reached down and grabbed his cock from her hand, pumping it in his fist hard. Rogue's eyes widened, watching him jerk himself off, and she opened her mouth in anticipation. "OhhHHHHHH!" Bobby groaned out, and his cock exploded, a load of hot cum shooting from the head onto her cheek with a dull splat. Then another one, on her upper lip, dripping into her mouth. Load after load on her face, and he pulled it down, shooting onto her covered chest. His smile grew and grew as he came.

Rogue opened her eyes, tongue licking and lapping at his cum on her face. It was so salty and fresh. Not like James' she'd licked on the classroom floor. She watched as Bobby's cock shrank down and his loads slowly shrank. "Oh god Bobby. that tasted so goo-"

"Dude, you rock!" She heard a boy's voice, and watched as five boys came from around the corner. They were other students from the school. She was shocked as she saw Bobby pull up his underwear and jeans, and receive a high five from them. "I never thought you'd pull it off!"

Bobby laughed. "I told you. When it comes to pussy, always bet on Drake." He looked over at Rogue on her knees. "I told you. if anyone could bag the one who couldn't touch anyone else, it would be me. Now pay up. $50 each!"

Marie watched helplessly as she saw the five boys push wads of cash in Bobby's hands. As they started to walk away, Bobby looked at Rogue. "Honey, you weren't bad, considering that I didn't even get to second base with you. But you gave one hell of a handjob!" He laughed, and disappeared with the others.

Rogue couldn't believe it. It was all an act. An act to get her to make him cum! She was aware of his leftover cum on her face, and wiped at it, wanting it off of her. Then, she noticed the white streaks of semen on he red shirt, already soaking in. She felt like such a fool.

"No, Marie. Don't feel that way." She looked up to see Jean and Storm standing behind her.

Jean said, smiling, "Come with Ororo and me. We'll make you feel better."


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