X-Men: Sex And The Single Mutant Part 1 (MF,f-mast,voy)
by Calufrax

"Hey, Rogue! Wait up!" Rogue turned around, seeing Bobby Drake running for her. She gave him a bright smile, tossing her hair. He got by her side, and smiled back. "Uh... hi."

She laughed. "Hi, Bobby."

Bobby thought for something to say. "Uh... Dr. Grey's class was something today, wasn't it?"

She nodded. "Mm-hmm."

"Kind of makes you wonder if she remembers what it was like to be our age, huh?"

Rogue looked at him. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you know... I mean, learning how to control our powers is one thing. But history? And science?" He reached out, touching his fingertip to the surface of a flower; it crystallized and froze in an instant. "I don't need to know about calculus to know that I make things cold!"

"Yeah, but you never know when it will come in handy. Besides, what would you want to talk about?"

Bobby smiled at her. "You. Me. Maybe us..." He reached out and took her elbow softly.

Rogue recoiled. "Bobby, you can't-"

"I'm not touching your skin, don't worry."


Bobby gave her arm a small squeeze. "Rogue, I like you. Maybe sometime you and I could maybe get together. Talk. You know... stuff..."

Rogue paused a moment. His hand on her arm felt so good. She looked into his eyes and nodded. "Sure, Bobby. That'd be great."

Bobby's face brightened. "Cool! How about... uh... Friday night? Maybe we could take a walk around the garden?" Rogue nodded. "Great!" He spun around, and grabbed one of the flowers without freezing it, and snapped the stem free, handing it to Rogue. "See you later!"

* * *

Rogue sat in her room and lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling and smelling the flower. Her elbow still tingled from Bobby's touch, and the idea of Friday night make her heart beat fast. He was so good looking - she remembered the first day she'd been in the School, how he'd introduced himself to her in the classroom and gave her a frozen flower on her desk.

She'd been so hurt when she thought he was afraid of her, and had been relieved when she learned that it was actually Mystique impersonating him. After the business with Magneto had finished and she resumed her studies, she'd had the chance to talk with him more.

She knew that he was attracted to her. She'd caught him looking at her full chest more than once, and saw him look away quickly. Rogue wondered what it would feel like if he were touching her there, squeezing, suckling... She found herself reaching up underneath her shirt and feeling her bosom through her bra, a small moan passing her lips.

Her fantasy was short-lived, though. She remembered what had happened with Bob, her boyfriend in Mississippi. A simple kiss and he was in a coma for three weeks! And what happened with Logan, how she nearly killed him twice with her touch. As much as she liked Bobby, she knew that she'd never be able to enjoy him in the same way as a normal girl would. She sighed, and rose from her bed. The voice of Dr. Grey went through her head: "If there's anything you need, just ask. Even if you just want to talk..."

* * *

Xavier's School was huge, and Rogue had to ask nearly five different faculty members till she found out where Jean Grey was. One of Xavier's senior professors (who knew of her participation in the Magneto affair) told her: Jean was in the underground complex, performing inventory. But the teacher didn't realize that Xavier had cleared Rogue for entrance to the complex, and a few retina scans and voiceprints later, she was walking through the bright metal corridors underneath the School grounds.

After about ten minutes, she finally found the room where Jean was performing inventory, and entered. She was about to call out for her when she heard two voices. It was Scott, Jean's boyfriend and the fellow mutant called Cyclops. She paused behind one of the large lockers in the room, and waited to speak out.

"Oh Jean... " Rogue peeked around the corner, and her eyes widened.

There was Scott and Jean. He had her pressed against one of the walls. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, and he held hold of them. His pants were down below his ankles, as was his underwear; she saw his tight ass jerking away against Jean. Jean's pants, meanwhile, were on the floor nearby, and Rogue looked down near her feet, seeing Jean's red panties lying on the floor. She stifled a gasp... Scott was fucking Jean!

Jean's hands were wrapped in Scott's hair, pulling and tussling it. Eyes closed, she moaned out in ecstasy. "Oh Scott... oh yessss... ohhhhh...." She buried her face in his neck as she was rocked against the wall again and again, feeling his hard cock pushing deep into her pussy. Her shirt was unbuttoned, with one of her large breasts exposed over her bra cup. The nipple was hard, and flared a deep red. Rogue knew she should leave, that the lovers deserved their privacy. But the way she felt about Bobby, as hot as she was at the thought of being with him, she just couldn't take her eyes off the spectacle.

Jean moaned out, wrapping her legs around Scott's ass, pulling him in deeper. "Ohhh shit Scott!! Ohhhh yess... ooOOOOHHHHHH YESSSS!!!!" She gritted her teeth and cried out, moaning out. Rogue was almost afraid she was in pain, till she realized that she was having an orgasm! Her hands left Scott's hair and raked across his back, deep throaty moans as her pussy exploded in a flash of pleasure and lust.

"AhhhhHH Jean!! Oh god that feels soooooOOO OHHhHHHH YEEAHH!! Here I CUM!!!"

His ass bucked one deep final time, and he thrust deep into her cunt, exploding. His cum shot into her, pumping hot load after hot load. Jean squealed out harder at the sensation, her smile growing brighter.

"OooOOOHH Scott!! Yesss!!!" Her hands reached down, cupping his ass tightly, pulling hard. She wanted all of his cock and cum in her. He was a fantastic lover, and knew exactly what to do to make her beg and moan. The way he'd just come into the bay, grabbed her, and started to undress her. She was a strong woman, but sometimes she loved being taken control of. She felt Scott's cock soon slip from her pussy, spent... and she lowered her legs. They both were panting and sweaty. Scott kissed her neck and chest, breathing heavily.

"Ohh Jean... that was incredible!" He looked through his ruby-quartz glasses at her. Her red hair was even brighter through his lenses. He reached up and squeezed one of her proud breasts, thumbing the nipple.

"Mmmm I'll say." She reached down, stroking his cock lovingly. She said as she started to back away from the wall, "What a wonderful surprise for the afternoon, even if you have put me behind..."

Scott reached around, squeezing her tight ass. He said with a smile, "Your behind? I didn't think you went in for that, honey."

She laughed. "You're insatiable."

"You're complaining?"

"Never." They kissed deeply, their tongues intertwining. As they parted, they each started to collect their clothes. Scott pulled up his underwear and jeans, zipping and snapping, while Jean grabbed her pants and looked around. "Scott, where's my underwear?"

Scott said as he smoothed his shirt, "I don't know. Over there, I hink." Jean went over to the large lockers and looked around the corner. "I don't see it."

"They're around here somewhere, don't worry."

"Don't worry? You're not the one whose panties are going to be found the next time there's an emergency."

Scott chuckled, looking over at her bent over form, her ass in the air.

"Alright, Jean. The next time we have another maniac threatening New York, we'll tell him to please wait while you find your Victoria's Secrets..."

* * *

Rogue closed her bedroom door and leaned against it, breathing heavily. She reached under her shirt, and pulled out Jean's panties. She didn't know what had pushed her to reach down and grab them, slipping quietly out of the bay doors. And all the while, she expected to hear Jean or Scott's voice calling out for her. But they hadn't. Why should they? They were so deep in lust, they didn't even know she was in there.

She lifted up the panties, looking at them. They were red silk, so soft and frail. And she felt the sensation of wetness on the crotch. How long had Jean worn them with Scott touching her before they were taken off? She said to herself, "Marie, what are you doing?" She lifted them to her face and nose, and inhaled. The deep rich scent of Jean's juices filled her head. She reached over, locking the door and went over, falling onto the bed, sniffing the underwear, her own hand moving down to her jeans, opening them, sliding into her underwear. She felt her own pussy, rubbing her lips, and brought it up by the panties, smelling. So similar...

Rogue slowly drifted off to sleep; dreaming of the feeling of Bobby ramming into her like Scott had Jean....

to be continued...


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