This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

This story takes place after X-Men 3 and with the idea that the scene at the
end of the credits never occurred.

X-Men - The Last Stand: The Last Days Of Peace Part 5 (mmf,mf,anal,ws)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

For two days Olivia wrestled with the idea of whether or not to post the
video of Jubilee and Peter on the internet like Kitty wanted. Though she was
a telepath and always knew what people liked or disliked about her Olivia
was a chatroom junkie and Kitty was the first person to show any sign of
being interested in being her friend. She knew though a lot of Kitty's
friendliness was due in part to her agreeing to help embarrass Jubilee and
Peter. Olivia finally made her decision during the Art of War theory class
that Logan instructed. As it ended and everyone left the room Olivia hung
around to talk to Him.

"Something you want?" Logan asked noticing her.

"I need to talk to you."

"Ignore the rumors. None of them are true."

"It's not about that, at least not directly. It's about Kitty," Olivia said
pulling the video camera from her bag and handing it to Logan.

"What's this? What's she done now?"

"She's out of her mind Logan. Kitty was upset and jealous when Bobby left to
go find Rogue and more so after Peter didn't want anything to do with her
and started to date Jubilee. She borrowed my camera to record Peter and
Jubilee getting intimate and wanted me to upload it to the internet to
embarrass them."

"Who else knows about this?"

"Just me and Kitty, though I haven't looked at the video."

"Okay, I'll take care of this. Thank you for turning this in."

With the video camera in hand Logan returned to the main office and found
Ororo working on some paperwork.

"We've got a big problem," Logan said tossing the camera onto the desk in
front of Ororo.

"What's this?"

"Kitty decided to get her revenge on Peter for dating Jubilee instead of her
by recording them having sex and trying to put it on the internet. That
telepath she's been hanging out with lately got a conscience and gave me the
video after class today."

"What do you want to do?"

"Obviously we can't keep her on the active team."

"This is going to hurt us even more, but I'm going to have to agree with
you." Ororo then turned on the public announce system. "Katherine Pryde
please come to the main office immediately. Thank you."

"That bitch!" Kitty screamed as she was beckoned over the public announce
system. She already knew why Ororo and Logan wanted to see her. Olivia had
snitched on her. As Kitty made her way to the office she was given looks by
the few students she passed. It was rare when someone was called to the
office and when it did happen it was for something serious. "Let's get this
over with," Kitty said phasing herself through the office door and taking a
seat at the front of Ororo's desk.

"So I take it you already know why you're here?" Ororo asked.

"Of course. That bitch Olivia squealed on me and gave you the video," Kitty
flippantly replied. "Tell me what a disrespectful thing I did and what an
invasion of privacy it was and I'll be on my way."

"It's not that simple," Logan replied.

"What do you mean?" Kitty asked sitting up.

"First there was the incident with Bobby and Marie and now this. You're the
only one here who doesn't seem to care about anyone but yourself, have any
remorse, or give a second thought to anything," Ororo said.

"Bobby didn't have to cheat on Marie. He chose to sleep with me and Peter is
an immature bastard and a liar."

"Be that as it may you're indefinitely suspended from the active team. Count
yourself lucky we didn't kick you out of the institute all together," Logan

"What? You can't be serious?"

"We are serious. You have no one to blame for this but yourself Katherine,"
Ororo said matter-of-factly.

"This is bullshit," Kitty snapped getting up and storming off.

"We're not done here!" Ororo shouted.

"Let her go. We'll finish this later."

Kitty was fuming as she phased through the office door and headed towards
her room. "This is complete bullshit!" She muttered to herself. "They have
no fucking right to kick me off the team!" As she entered her room Kitty
picked up a shoe and hurled it across the room as she vowed revenge on the
one person who she blamed for all of her problems. "Marie you little bitch.
I will leave the X-Men entirely if I have to in order to make sure you get
exactly what is coming to you."

* * *

"We've been driving for two days Rogue. That school of yours and all of your
friends will be dead in five if we don't get there in time," Mystique said
as she drove down the road with Avalanche's car behind her and Magneto's car
behind him. "When are we going to do this?"

"Why are you so eager to help us all of a sudden?" Marie asked.

"Because if they X-Men are destroyed before Erik is killed then I may never
get a chance to kill him."

"And it has nothing to do with you worrying about Marie and I ending up like
you and John?" Bobby asked intentionally trying to push Mystique's buttons.

"Rogue," Mystique said calmly.

"Bobby stop it."


"I know you'll probably just laugh and say no, but would you consider
joining the X-Men?" Rogue asked Mystique.

"I won't laugh just yet, but why would you ask me that?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"That's more your thing than mine. John had it right the night you killed
him. I'm not exactly the rah rah let's save the world type of person you
people are."

"But you gave Marie and I the briefcases and told us to leave. Why would you
do that if you didn't care?"

"Because you were right Bobby okay? You feel better now? Look even if I had
the slightest desire to join or even help you there are a few people who
might not like having me around, namely Logan. I did try to kill him."

"Look Raven-"

"Don't call me that!" Mystique snarled as Rogue broke one of the cardinal
rules and used her long abandoned human name.

"Why not?"

"That's not my name!"

"Fine, then stop calling me Rogue."

"Look Mystique," Bobby said trying to move the conversation, "Even after
Marie and I return to the X-Men we're still going to need help with Magneto
and the Brotherhood. The only reason we won at Alcatraz was because we had
the Army and their cure guns. On top of that Professor Xavier is dead so we
have Logan and Ororo trying to run things. That hasn't been easy even in the
short time they've been working together.

"Even if you don't want to join please stay and help us fight Magneto. If we
survive and he escapes I'll help you track him down and kill him," Marie
said almost pleadingly.

Mystique thought for a moment then spoke. "As much as I absolutely wish this
weren't the case I've been thinking about this too," Mystique admitted.

"So you'll help us?" Rogue asked with some relief.

"Let's just get out of this situation first. You two ready?"

"Yeah," Marie replied grabbing the lighter from the glove compartment.

"Let's do this," Bobby said.

Mystique stepped hard on the gas accelerating fast and bolting forward.

"I told you she was going to try something," Emma said as she saw Mystique's
car speed off.

"Do not worry. I was expecting this."

"Now!" Mystique said slamming on the breaks and skidding to a halt.

As soon as the car was still Bobby and Rogue got out and waited a few
seconds before the two remaining cars came into sight. Rogue flung several
fireballs at the cars which they were able to dodge, but they couldn't avoid
the large patch of ice Bobby laid down on the road. The cars carrying the
Brotherhood skidded out of control and off the road. Magneto's car slammed
into a tree as Avalanche's car slid down a steep embankment.

"What the hell was that?" Avalanche asked as the six mutants emerged from
their disabled cars a bit shaken but unharmed.

"Mystique is an X-Men now and she will be treated as such when we annihilate
them," Magneto said.

"Holy shit that worked!" Bobby said as he, Rogue, and Mystique sped off down
the road.

"We got lucky," Mystique replied.

"So how does it feel to be on the winning side for once?"

"We didn't win anything. We've got a major battle coming up we've got to

"And with your help it'll increase our chances of surviving," Rogue said.

"I'm already coming. You can stop that now."

"See? You're not that bad a person after all."

"You're optimism is getting to be a bit grating Marie."

"Did you just call me Marie?"

"Yes, but you sure as hell still aren't going to call me Raven."

"Fine be that way," Rogue smiled leaning on Bobby.

"She's starting to crack," Bobby said.

"She sure is."

"Fucking kids," Mystique mumbled slightly shaking her head.

* * *

There was a buzz in the air amongst the students outside the mansion as the
missing car returned to the Xavier Institute and wound it's way around the
grounds before entering the garage.

"Maybe you should shapeshift into someone else," Bobby said as he, Mystique,
and Rogue left the garage and headed into the main building.

"Why? Everyone knows I'm with you. Besides, like you said you need me more
than I need you."

The building got deathly silent once it was known Mystique was with Bobby
and Marie. Everyone the trio came across took off before they could get a
word in. Finally Marie saw someone she who wouldn't run.

"Where's Logan?" Rogue asked.

"He's in the Danger Room with the others," Kitty replied. "As whiny and
crying as you two were when you left I never thought I'd see you here

"Don't make me have to hurt you again Katherine. There's nobody here to save
you this time."

"Tough words considering you got your sissified boyfriend and a giant Smurf
watching your back."

"So why aren't you with the others in the Danger Room?" Mystique smirked.

"That's none of your damn business."

"You got yourself kicked off the team didn't you?" Bobby grinned widely.
"That doesn't surprise me a bit."

"You know Bobby the only thing you're missing is a leash for your bitch
girlfriend to hold."

"Katherine," Rogue began as she flipped open her lighter and started working
up a fireball. "Go get Logan before you get hurt."

* * *

As Logan, Ororo, and the rest of the X-Men were training in the Danger Room
Kitty entered the control room with Olivia at the helm.

"Turn it off Olivia. I need to talk to Logan."

"I can't. He said unless someone is dying don't interrupt them. They'll
finish when they finish."

"It's an emergency. Turn it off now."

"What's going on?" Logan shouted as the program shut down.

"Marie and Bobby are back," Kitty replied through the speaker system. "And
they brought Mystique with them."

* * *

"Okay Marie what is she doing here?" Logan asked firmly as he, Ororo,
Mystique, Rogue, and Bobby sat in the office.

"I'm here to help save your sorry ass even though we'll all probably end up
dead anyway," Mystique smirked.

"We don't need your help!"

"I beg to differ. In fact I'd say you more than need my help."

"And why exactly would we need your help?" Ororo asked.

"Who exactly do you have to help you fight Magneto and his new Brotherhood?"

"Stop it!" Marie shouted frustrated. "Logan, Ororo, I know you don't want
Mystique here. Bobby can't really even tolerate being around her, but she's
right. We need her help."

"Actually I only need you for my own selfish reasons but even-"

"Mystique you shut up too! Everyone look, we no longer have the Army and
their cure guns to back us. I don't know who you have on the active team
right now, but they're no match for the mutants Magneto is bringing with
him. In case you haven't heard about it yet, Magneto let loose every single
prisoner at Yuma. Who knows how many of those along with the handpicked ones
will show up to kill us."

"Bobby?" Logan asked.


"What do think?"

"Look, I wasn't any more pleased with this whole thing than you are when
this all started. I still don't trust Mystique, but she did save our lives,"
Bobby admitted.

"She did?" Ororo asked skeptically.

"Yeah. Back when we were leaving the prison we ran into Magneto and some
telepath named Emma."

"Emma Frost..." Logan muttered.

"You know her?"

"She's a familiar face with the law. Go on."

"To get the guys who Mystique freed to join Magneto Emma attempted to get
Mystique to kill herself. When that failed she got Marie to put a gun to her
head until I swore my allegiance to Magneto. Anyway when we left the prison
she insisted that Marie and I go with her and she helped us plan and execute
our get away."

"I figured the news reports about mutants throwing fire and ice on the
freeway were about you."

"What about the handpicked mutants? Who are they?" Ororo asked.

"Emma Frost, James Madrox, Jason Wyngarde, Fred Dukes, and Dominic Petros.
All with extensive criminal pasts and all more than your team is ready to
handle," Mystique smirked.

"She's right," Logan admitted. "I'm more than familiar with a few of those
names. How much time do we have?"

"Two, three days tops I'd say."

"Even with Mystique's help we can't possibly go head to head with them and
that's not taking into account whatever other mutants that show up from the
prison," Marie said.

"We aren't going to go head to head with them, but we need to start planning
now," Ororo said. "Let's get the others and figure out a way to survive

"Not that she would make that much of a difference from what I understand,
but why'd you kick Kitty off your team?" Mystique asked.

"That's none of your business," Logan replied curtly.

"It is when she's the reason I've been with Marie the last week and a half."

"No it isn't."

"Forget about it," Marie said. "I don't care why she's off."

"Okay, now that the dramatic portion of the show is over let's get the
others," Storm said.

* * *

As Peter watched tv in his room there was a knock at the door. "Who is it?"

"It's me. We're having a meeting," Marie said.

"All right," Peter said jumping out of his bed and leaving his room. "So
what's Mystique's deal?" He asked as the two of them walked down the hall.

"What do you mean?"

"Why did she bring you two all the way back here? Why didn't she just let
you go?"

"She said she didn't want Bobby and me having some of the same problems in
life that she did. She felt bad about some things."

"I somehow doubt that."

"Keep an open mind Peter. You never know, some people might surprise you.
Anyway, what happened with Kitty? Why'd she get kicked off the team?" Peter
came to a stop as Marie asked that. "Something wrong?"

"What did Logan and Ororo tell you?"

"Nothing. That flat out refused to answer that question earlier."

"I can't tell you either. Logan and Ororo told us not to say anything about
the situation to anyone."

"Us? Who's us and what situation?"

"Jubilee and me. I really can't tell you anything other than to say that
Kitty and Olivia did something that invaded our privacy and Kitty was trying
to embarrass us with it. Olivia got cold feet with their plan and gave the
camera to Logan and told on Kitty."

"Oh I see... I'm glad you didn't tell me. Hey Peter I've got to run back to
my room real quick. Head to the office and tell everyone I'll be there in a
minute." As Peter headed towards the meeting Rogue headed down the hall in
the opposite direction.

"Marie said," Peter began as he stepped into the office and saw Rogue
already in there. He then noticed Mystique was noticeably absent. "Never

* * *

Just like everyone else who had been previously associated with Kitty
Olivia's name had been brought up and dragged through the mud after the most
recent and most mysterious incident that resulted in Kitty getting kicked
off the active team. As a result Olivia found herself alienated from
everyone else at the institute with even less interaction with them than
before including Kitty who was pissed off that she turned her in. The last
few days the young telepath often found herself reading a book or listening
to music in her room. Today was no different except that she finally had a

"Who is it?" Olivia asked putting her book down.

"Me," Kitty replied walking in.


"Not quite," Mystique said revealing herself.

"What--- What do you want?"

"I want the camera Kitty used to record Peter and Jubilee."

"But the video's already been erased."

"I don't care about that video and if you try to read my mind telepath you
will regret it."

"Here--- Take it!" Olivia stuttered handing her video recorder to Mystique.

"Good. You'll get it back shortly."

* * *

Sammy was a tall blond skinny kid who had plenty of friends but no
girlfriend as he got nervous even shy around females. He had been set up on
a blind date and was stopping at the foodcourt in the mall where his friend
worked to pick up some money he was owed.

"Hey Tom," Sammy said as two boys slapped hands and greeted each other.
"When the hell you getting to Erica's party tonight?"

"Not for a few hours man. I gotta close this place up tonight, then run over
to my grandmother's to walk the dog before she goes to bed. If I don't he'll
pee all over the house. What about you? You still going to do that blind
date tonight? You know Chelsea's record on those things."

"I know I know. You need to tell your girl to stop bugging me about getting
a girlfriend so we can double date. I'm gonna go to dinner with this girl
and once whatever bizarre quirk she has comes out, and you know it will
since Chelsea set this up, I'll call it a night and head over to Erica's. I
should be nice and wasted, possibly passed out, by the time you get there."

"Dude, don't look now, but that fine ass girl over by the Orange Julius
hasn't been able to take her eyes off of you for the last five minutes."

"If this is another fat chick I'm going to punch you," Sammy said subtlety
turning to check out the girl. The brunette noticed him and smiled and Sammy
smiled back before turning back around. "Dude do you know who that is?"

"She sorta looks familiar, but I dunno."

"She's one of them X-Men chicks. That's Kitty, the one who can run through
walls and stuff."

"Whoever she is she is fine as all hell. Forget your blind date and go over
there and say hi."

"And talk to her about what?"

"Music, movies, whatever. Just go."

"Okay, let me just show you how wrong you are." Sammy walked over to Kitty
expecting absolutely nothing to come out of this. "Hey."


"Listen, I know you've probably got a boyfriend, but my friend over there
thinks you've been staring at me the for the last five minutes and he wants
me to talk to you."

"Well, I don't have a boyfriend and I have been looking at you. Actually
I've been looking at the both of you. I was wondering if you two could help
me with something."

"Maybe. What is it? He doesn't get off for awhile."

"Sooner than later preferably and you as well." Sammy did a double take.
"You heard me. Go get your friend."

"What did she say?" Tom asked as Sammy returned.

"She said she wants us to get off."

"No she didn't."

"Yes she did."

"No she didn't. Fine ass bitches like that don't just walk up to you and ask
you to fuck them."

"Well she did."

"Something wrong boys?" Kitty asked joining the two. "We've got to do this
now because I have to be somewhere shortly."

"Let me get this straight. You want to fuck us?" Tom asked.


"Why don't you get one of your X-Men buddies to fuck you?"

"Because I prefer anonymous sex at the moment... And I want to record it for
my own personal collection."

"As long as we get to brag we got to fuck you."

"Not a problem," Kitty grinned mischievously

"Dude you know Chelsea is going to be so pissed at you for cheating on her."

"And she's going to be pissed at you for flaking out on the blind date."

"Guys it's now or never."

"Sammy, Chelsea ain't going to know shit unless you tell her."

"How exactly are you going to brag about this then?"

"Don't worry about it."

"Do you two want to do this or not?"

"Yes, we're coming," Tom said.

"Good. Get in your cars and follow me."

* * *

Tom and Sammy were giddy as they followed Kitty into her motel room. "Get
undressed," She said as she walked to the camera on the tripod and started
recording. No sooner had she turned around both boys were completely nude.
"Eager I see," Kitty grinned as she stripped.

"It's not everyday we get to fuck someone as famous and fine as you," Tom

"That's true."

"Forgive Tom. He's a good guy he just doesn't know how to talk like a normal
person," Sammy said.

"That's okay. There's no reason for formalities. Now come here," Kitty said
as she sat down on the bed.

Sammy and Tom both took positions at her sides with semi-hard cocks
dangling. Kitty took a cock in each hand and stroked them several times
before wrapping her lips around Sammy's shaft while she jerked off Tom. She
bobbed her head back and forth several times wrapping her tongue around his
member and sliding her lips over it. When it was nice and hard she took
Tom's dick into her mouth and began to do the same. With several nasty wet
tongue-lashings Tom was quickly hard as a rock as well. Kitty gave each hard
cock several more strokes before standing up.

"Who wants to fuck me in the ass?" Kitty grinned standing up.

"I do!" Tom answered instantaneously.

"Eat out my ass then," Kitty said bending to all fours on the bed.

"My pleasure."

"Mmm... That's a good boy," Kitty moaned as Tom gave her backside a few nice
squeezes before spreading it apart and burying his tongue deep into her

As Tom began sliding his tongue up and down Kitty's ass Sammy got onto the
bed in front of her and slid his groin beneath her face. Kitty grabbed hold
of Sammy's dick and moved her hand up and down several times before taking
it into her mouth.

"God that feels good," Sammy moaned as Kitty's lips and tongue moved along
his shaft stimulating it.

Meanwhile Tom's dick began to ache and ask for action as his tongue
slithered in and out of Kitty's now wet asshole. He stood up and taking his
dick in hand pushed it against Kitty's backside. With one swift thrust Tom
plowed into her ass. He began slowly pushing his cock in and out Kitty's ass
working to stretch it. With Tom's pace starting to quickly pick up and
Sammy's precum dripping onto her tongue Kitty brought her head up with a

"Hold on guys. Let's do this right. Tom lay on the bed."

The guys were eager in following Kitty's demands and Tom was quickly on the
bed with Kitty slowly lowering her ass onto his cock in a reverse cowgirl
position. She grinned and moaned as the dick slowly pushed into her ass
again. Once Tom had bottomed out in Kitty's ass Sammy move forward slipping
the tip of his penis into her pussy.

"Come on guys, none of this sissy crap! Fuck me hard!" Kitty demanded.

Kitty looked at the camera and smiled before mouthing the words "I love
this." Her body began to shake violently as Tom and Sammy began thrusting
their cocks into their respective orifices as deep and as hard as they
could. Kitty groaned as the cocks continued to be fiercely plunge into her
ass and pussy.

"Oh fuck! I thinking I'm going to come!" Kitty cried out.

"Me too!" Tom and Sammy cried out in unison.

"Then come on my face! Shower my face with your hot sticky cum!"

Sammy pulled out of Kitty's pussy and began to enthusiasticly masturbate as
she climbed off of Tom and got to her knees on the floor. Minutes later both
Sammy and Tom were standing in front of Kitty stroking themselves as they
began coming. Their warm sticky semen began erupting nearly at the same time
striking the brunette several times in the face.

"That was great," Kitty smiled wiping the cum from her face then eating it
as she looked at the camera, "but I was wondering if you would do one more
thing for me."

"Sure, what is it?" Sammy asked.

"Follow me," Kitty replied grabbing the camera off of the tripod after
getting four hundred dollars from her pants pocket. She walked into the
bathroom and climbed into the tub before handing Sammy and Tom two hundred
dollars a piece and pointing the camera at her face. "All you have to do now
is clean my face by pissing on it. Just don't get the camera wet." Sammy and
Tom looked at each other with unsure looks on their face. "What's wrong? Do
you need more money?"

"Nothing's wrong. I guess it's just that your request is a bit unexpected.
Not that this whole situation was something I was expecting to happen
today," Sammy replied.

"So can we brag that you let us piss on you too?" Tom asked.

"Sure, just clean me up."

"Not a problem."

Kitty closed her eyes as Tom's dick opened up again and urine began spraying
out splashing on her face. As Tom's stream was starting to die down Kitty
was hit by Sammy's stream. Thirty seconds later Kitty's face was soaked in
urine and both boys were grinning as Sammy handed Kitty a towel.

"Thanks," Kitty said drying her face and getting out of the tub.

"So is there anything else we can do for a little more cash?" Tom asked.

"No. Just go out and brag to your friends and spread your story however you

Kitty returned to the main room and shut off the camera putting it on the
table as Sammy and Tom dressed. Once they left Kitty went into the bathroom
to take a shower and clean up.

* * *

"Hey Olivia," Rogue said finding the telepath out by the pool as the sun
began to set. "Have you seen Mystique?"

"Mystique? Uh... No."


"Okay not in a while. She borrowed my video recorder earlier then left."

"What did she want that for?"

"She didn't say and I didn't try to find out. She scares me."

"You only need to be afraid of her if you piss her off. Thanks anyway."

As Rogue headed back into the mansion to tell Logan she had been unable to
find Mystique she once again crossed paths with Kitty.

"Hey Marie how's it going? I hear your new best friend flaked out on you

"You don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh really? Then where is she? She disappeared right after she dropped you
and Bobby off."

"I had something to take care of," Mystique said walking up behind Kitty.
"Now run along little girl. I have something to discuss with Marie."

"You know what? Fuck you both. Your time is coming Marie and your friend
here won't always be around to save your ass."

"I don't know what you did to her, but she's got it out for you."

"I didn't do anything. She's just a crazy bitch."

"She'd almost be perfect to join forces with Erik. Anyway, here you go,"
Mystique said handing Rogue a cd-rom.

"What's this?"

"Something I put together that you might find useful the next time Kitty
gives you any problems."

"Thanks. Oh before I forget go find Logan. He and Ororo want to talk to you
about the mutants you and Magneto broke out of prison."

"What's there to talk about? They're going to show up and kick our ass."

"Had you been at the meeting you would've heard the plan we developed. It's
a longshot to work and people will die, but it just might save the X-Men."

"Once you see what's on the disc you'll realize how beneficial my absence
was to you."

With her curiosity about the contents on the disc peaking her interest Rogue
made her way to Bobby's room.

"Bobby," Rogue said knocking, slowly opening the door. "I need to borrow
your laptop."

"Hey sweetie," Bobby said getting up to greet and hug Marie. "You don't need
to knock before you come in. Did you find Mystique?"

"Yeah I did."

"Where was she?"

"Making me this," Rogue replied holding up the cd. "She said it would be
useful the next time Kitty tries to give me crap."

"Huh... What's on it?"

"I don't know, but I really didn't want to find out on one of the school's
computers. That's why I need your laptop."

"No problem," Bobby said grabbing his laptop from it's case and powering it
on. "Let's see what's on here," He said putting the disc in.

Marie and Bobby's jaws dropped as they watched the video. After a few
minutes they fast-forwarded to the end to see if anything else was on it and
they stopped once the video switched to the bathroom.

"Holy shit," was all Bobby could say as the two of them watched the teenage
boys piss on Kitty's face. "Where did Mystique get this from?" He asked
ejecting the cd before the video was completely finished.

"She didn't get anywhere."

"What do you mean she- Wait, a minute. Are you saying that she morphed into
Kitty to make this video for you to blackmail Kitty with?"

"Yeah, and I'm going to guess she let those guys pee on her just in case
Kitty wasn't embarrassed by just a regular sex video."

"I guess people do change. I had her figured all wrong, I owe her an

"Not that I had much doubt about trying to help her kill Magneto, but
there's no way I can't help her as long as I can. If you really want to
apologize to her, then you better do it soon before the Brotherhood arrive,"
Rogue said sitting down on the bed.

"Listen Marie," Bobby said sitting down next to her placing his hand over
her gloved one, "before I apologize to Mystique I still owe you an apology."

"Bobby, if you're going to bring up what happened with Kitty don't worry
about it."

"It's not just that. Whether I did it consciously or not for as long as
we've known each other I've been letting something that wasn't your fault
get in the way of our relationship. I know you went and got the cure shot
because you wanted it, but whether or not a permanent cure is ever developed
I love you the way you are Marie. It took our little adventure and you
having to save my ass, but even if a permanent cure is never found and we're
not able to be as close as we would like I love you and I want to spend the
rest of my life with you."

"I love you too Bobby. Whatever happens to us in the next few days I promise
I'll be with you."

With that Bobby and Marie leaned in and kissed each other. Their lips
remained together for a good thirty seconds as their passion for each other
moved between their bodies. When their kiss broke Bobby was the first to

"Marie, we just kissed---"

"And nothing happened to you," Rogue said finishing the statement.

"How did you do that?"

"I don't know," Rogue said smiling as she took off her gloves and touched
Bobby's hand and nothing happened.

"Here, use these," Bobby said grabbing some matches from his dresser drawer.
Rogue lit one and the flame danced when she checked to see if she still had
Pyro's ability.

"This doesn't make any sense. I can still control fire, but touching you
doesn't hurt you anymore."

"I think I know what's happening. Touch me, but this time try and hurt me on

Marie took hold of Bobby's hand and tried to hurt him like he asked. Sure
enough she began draining the life from him and quickly let go.

"What happened? What's going on Bobby?"

"Wow," Bobby muttered shaking his head. "You never get used to that. My
guess is that you've got control of that ability now."

"How'd I do that?"

"When we kissed just now you weren't worried about hurting me just like you
aren't worried about fireballs exploding when you walk past an open flame.
As long as you don't fear your own abilities you'll have control over them."

"Then what about when I got them back when I was with you?"

"Subconsciously maybe you were worried that the cure wasn't permanent like
it turned out not to be."

"It can't be that easy... It just can't."

"Let's find out then..." Bobby said sitting back down on the bed and kissing
Rogue again. Half a minute later their kiss broke with the same results as
before. "See, you have nothing to fear anymore."

"Then we have something to finish," Rogue said as she began to remove her

The two lovers quickly undressed and when they were fully nude they looked
at each other and smiled. The moment that had eluded them for so long, that
they thought could never come was finally here. Bobby and Rogue moved to the
middle of the bed with Rogue lying down on her back. Bobby straddled her
leaning in to kiss her. Their lips met a third time, but this time their
tongues intertwined with each other. When their kiss broke both smiled at
each other.

Rogue moaned as Bobby's hands took a gentle hold of her breasts and he began
to squeeze them softly working them over. Her nipples then became erect when
he began flicking his tongue across them. Bobby started with her right
licking the small protuberance until it was nice and hard, then he moved
over to her left breast and did the same. Marie let out a small gasp when he
nibbled on her nipple and pulled up on it.

She moaned contently as she felt Bobby's hands move up and down her body
gently rubbing her. Bobby's roaming hands came to a stop between her legs
where his fingers began sliding up and down her slit. Marie moaned as her
pussy was pulled apart by Bobby's fingers and his tongue dipped inside. She
felt herself start to get excited as Bobby's tongue wiggled around her cunt
pressing against her inner walls.

"Hold on Bobby," Rogue panted feeling the urge to play with her clit. "Get
up here."

Bobby climbed onto the bed and straddled Marie getting in to a sixty-nine
position with her. As Bobby began to eat her pussy again Rogue took hold of
his cock and began gently stroking it back and forth. The semi-erect cock
quickly hardened completely and Marie wrapped her lips around it. Bobby
moaned as he felt Rogue's mouth move back and forth over his shaft
lubricating it with her saliva. Then instead of tonguing her pussy Bobby
slipped the index and middle finger of his right hand inside slowly working
them in and out and began to finger her clit with his left hand.

The two lovers worked in unison stimulating each other. As Rogue continued
sucking on Bobby's cock she reached up and gave his scrotum a slight
squeeze. Bobby moaned at her touch and precum squirted onto Rogue's tongue.
Then as her clit started to emerge from it's hood he returned the favor and
flicked his tongue across it. Marie moaned and her body shook as she was hit
with a mini-orgasm. When he pulled his fingers from Rogue's pussy Bobby
found them covered in her cream and licked them clean.

"It's time Bobby," Rogue said feeling a full-blown orgasm wasn't too far

"I love you baby," Bobby whispered as he turned around to face Marie.

Marie moaned as Bobby's cock pushed inside splitting her pussy apart. With
his hands on her hips Bobby slowly worked up his pace thrusting a bit deeper
each time. With a smile on her face Rogue moaned as her body shook with each
push inside. Her pussy was starting to wet itself and Bobby felt it on his
shaft. Marie's moistness on his cock allowed him to start pushing in with a
bit more speed and force.

Rogue began moaning loudly as her body swelled with excitement. Her pussy
hungrily grabbed at Bobby's dick with each thrust inward and started to
tighten it's hold. Rogue suddenly cried out as an orgasm rocked her body.
Her cunt squeezed down tightly on Bobby's shaft and soon his body was aching
for release. He continued penetrating Marie's cunt for several more minutes
before it became too much for him. Bobby's cock opened up spilling his seed
inside Rogue. When his orgasm came to an end he pulled out of Marie and fell
next to her on the bed.

Bobby and Rogue laid in his bed for several minutes with his arms wrapped
around her. She then turned around to face him and kissed him. They just
looked at each in silence and as they did so neither could think of anything
that would make them any happier than they were at that moment.

"I know I've already said this a bunch today, but I love you Marie."

"You can never say it too much Bobby. I love you too."

The couple resumed their cuddling and shortly thereafter were soon falling
asleep in each other's arms.


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