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fictional, the people it's about don't even exist so they can't possibly get
offended so neither should you, now bugger off.

Note: Not sure how old the characters are supposed to be in the movie so for
the purposes of the story, Kitty is 15, Bobby and Anna Marie are 18 and
Wolverine of course is really, really old.

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X-Men - The Last Stand: Aftermaths And Entanglements
by Tricksterson

Rogue walked into the X-Mansion filled with a combination of fear, confusion
and hope. To start off with, was she even Rogue anymore? She supposed she
should get used to thinking of herself as just plain Anna Marie Smith now. Or
maybe, some time in the future, Anna Marie Drake, After all, while not the
only reason, a life with Bobby was the main reason that she had subjected
herself to the "cure" for her mutant powers, the powers that had condemned
her to never knowing the touch of a man, or a woman for that matter.

She had not come directly to the Mansion. First she had gone to the memorial
behind it to Charles Xavier and Jean Grey, said her goodbyes, her I'm sorrys
and her thank yous and and shed her tears. But that was the past. Here and
now, in front of Bobby's door, was the future.

She told herself later that she should have knocked but maybe that wouldn't
have changed anything. In fact maybe it would have made things worse by
complicating and delaying matters. She opened the door and the first thing
she saw was Bobby and Kitty Pryde locked in an embrace, oblivious to her
presence, her arms around his shoulders, his fingers digging into her ass.

'How could you, Bobby?' she said to herself as she closed the door silently
and closed her eyes to keep the tears inside. 'How could you?'

* * *

To be fair it hadn't been planned on the part of either Bobby or Kitty. It
had happened as Bobby had been sent to gather the younger, less experienced
members of the team and had found Kitty sitting on the floor of her room,
curled into a fetal position and crying.

"You don't have to come you know," he said.

"Y-yes I do," she replied, looking up face stained with tears. "We're going
to be outnumbered as it is. You'll need every man."

"Well then," he said, sitting next to her and putting an arm around her
shoulders. "You hardly qualify as a man, do you? Trust me."

His attempt to joke her out of her mood worked, albeit at the cost of some
pain as she punched him hard in the shoulder. "You know what I mean." Then
she pulled away, although she at least didn't start crying again. "It's not
even that I might die. It's..." her voice trailed off, she looked down and
mumbled something he couldn't hear.


"Um...nothing. It's stupid." But he could see the tears starting to well up
in her eyes again.

"Really, I want to know."

"It's just..." and then she blurted out, "Idon'twanttodieavirgin!," then
grabbed his face and planted a kiss full on his lips.

At first he didn't even think about Rogue, he just opened his mouth and let
her eager tongue in but when they broke off, after he didn't know how long,
it felt like hours, guilt started to raise it's head.

"Wait, I...can't."

"Because of Rogue?" The truth was that, even though she was attracted to
Bobby this wasn't anything she had planned. But the kiss had roused her
hormones and it was taking all her willpower not to tear off her clothes and
literally throw herself at her fellow student.

She wasn't the only one. Bobby had been attracted to Kitty for months, ever
since it became obvious that puberty was being quite kind to her. He had
stayed loyal to Rogue primarily through guilt. Now, although he wasn't
letting it show that guilt was eroding. Even though he knew that Anna had
left in hopes that they could become a couple, he couldn't help feeling that
she had left the team just when they needed her most.

This mutual indecision might have gone on indefinitely if she hadn't reached
a hand towards his face only to find it clasped between his and to have his
his lips kiss each of her fingers in turn. Soon their lips were locked
together again and this time as they kissed their hands roamed all over each
others bodies, stripping each other down. This time when they broke off Bobby
was shirtless and only a fuschia sports bra covered her top. Booby quickly
peeled it off and lowered his mouth to her erect brown nipple. She gasped
once at the feel of his tongue on her sensitive flesh, then again as his hand
started massaging her other tit.

Bobby gave a gasp of his own as he felt her small hand go between his legs
and start rubbing at his crotch.

They pulled apart and looked at each other then he put his arms around her,
scooped her up and carried her to her bed, lowering her gently then taking
off the rest of his clothes as she watched. When she saw his erect dick her
eyes widened, she got on all fours and crawled over to where he stood and
took him in hand. She slowly stroked him and then licked his cockhead from
base to tip, eliciting a groan.

Reluctantly Bobby pulled her head away from him and got on the bed with her
then pulled her up to face him and kissed her fiercely, slowly pushing her
down onto her back as he did so. As she hit the mattress her arms went around
him and his hands slid down to unsnap and unzip her pants.

She arched up against the weight of his body as his fingers entered her damp
pussy and gave a soft moan. The moans and groans continued as he kissed his
way down her body ending in a gasp as his face wound up between her legs. As
his tongue entered her his hands slid her pants down and, after she had
kicked her boots off, off, then slid up, caressing her flanks as his lips and
tongue tickled and sucked her clit, driving her into a passionate frenzy.

"OH! OH BOBBY! FUUUUCKMEEE!! FUCK ME NOW!" It was fortunate for both of them
that all the rooms in the mansions were soundproofed. Not that at this point
anything would have stopped him from crawling up between Kitty's spread legs
and pushing his hard cock into her. No pain was involved as her hymen had
long gone away during the strenuous combat training involved in being an X-
Man but it still took some pushing before he was able to enter her tight teen

It was like nothing either had felt before, because, although he hadn't told
her, Bobby was just as much a virgin as Kitty, despite his looks. When you're
a "freak" getting a date is always difficult and it didn't help that he
hadn't been able to touch Rogue or vice versa. But right now he was reveling
in the tight vise of her pussy, in how her breasts felt crushed under his
chest, how her legs felt as they wrapped around him, even the pain of her
nails digging into his back and from the moans and sighs issuing from her
mouth the feelings were reciprocated. Then a shudder went through her body
and a long, wordless, piercing wail from her mouth as she came, just a few
seconds before he did.

As soon as they were finished Bobby smiled at his new lover and said, "Well,
now I really have something to fight for." Kitty just blushed and smiled in

* * *

"What's wrong?" Anna Maria looked up at the familiar voice to see Logan aka
Wolverine looking down at her. She was sitting on a bench back at the
memorial to Professor X and Jean Gray. He had been on his way to pay his own
respects and had heard her crying. While his hearing wasn't superhuman like
his sense of smell an extended lifetime of adventure and combat had honed
both it and his eyesight until they were as sharp as normal human senses
could be.

She hesitated but Wolverine had been the first X-Man she had met and had been
something of a father figure to her since, not to mention that before she and
Bobby had gotten together she had had something of a crush on him.

Or was it in the past tense after all? In any event she found herself
tearfully recounting what she had seen.

While Logan had a justified reputation as the strong, silent type he felt
himself responding by pouring out his own feelings about Jean and what he had
had to do. This was something he probably couldn't have done with anyone else
because, at this moment the former Rogue occupied a unique position in his
feelings. While not to the degree Jean had beeen, she had been an object of
attraction for him and even more importantly, as a former X-Men was a comrade
who knew what he was talking about. But at the same time as someone who had
chosen to leave she both had a certain distance and also knew what it meant
to make a painful decision. Soon they were trading stories and condolences
and then, before either realized it they were holding each other and their
lips were pressed against each other.

When they broke off Wolverine's trademark cynicism asserted itself and he
asked, "So, is this rebound sex, revenge sex, or pity sex?"

"Whatever happens lets not do it here." He nodded and they both got up and

When they reached the door to his room Logan turned to Anna Maria and said,
"You never answered me."

"Oh, I thought you were talking to yourself," the young woman answered,
sticking out her tongue.

"Touche," the grizzled warrior replied, taking that tongue into his mouth,
opening his door and pulling her inside then closing it. They quickly
undressed each other then fell onto the bed, Rogue on top at first but Logan
quickly reversed that and pinned her wrists above with one hand while he
explored her tits with the other and they shared another tongue kiss. None of
this surprised her. Any woman who didn't want her sex a little rough had no
business doing it with Logan. His hand trailed down her young, ripe body
while his lips played with her neck. Having been deprived of the sensation of
human touch since her powers came in all this was an ecstasy beyond
comparison for her. Even casual brushes of skin got her hot. When his finger
entered her pussy for the first time that was all it took for her to explode,
her back arching off the bed and a roar of ecstasy coming from her mouth.
When his cock actually entered her everything became a white blur of
sensation, one orgasm cascading into the next.

For his part Logan was focused entirely on driving into the tight pussy of
the sweet young thing beneath him, the impact of her flailing feet and
clawing nails only serving to excite him further. His healing factor
increased endurance would have allowed him to continue for hours but he took
pity on her and let his cum explode into her during her fourth orgasm.

Even when he withdrew the young woman continued to shudder and writhe almost
epileptically, her eyes rolled up into her head. Worried he slapped her
lightly to bring her out of it but if anything that seemed to excite her
further. Eventually he got off the bed and let her calm down by herself,
calling her name to bring her around.

Even before her eyes came back into focus her lips were forming the word


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