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Note: These x-men are the X-Men Evolution versions of the characters

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X-Men Evolution: The Prostitutes
by Dragon333 İMarch 11, 2006

It was a weekend at the mutant school for all of the X-Men. Just about one
block away from the school was an abandoned house that prostitutes hung
around to sell themselves off for money. Rogue and Shadowcat were the best
of friends, and they were the two hottest girls at their school. They were
both fifteen years old. Shadowcat, better known as Kitty, was a gorgeous,
clean looking girl, with a nice rack, standing at about 34C. She had brown
hair, gorgeous eyes, and had a feminine voice. Rogue, on the other hand,
was a gothic chick, wore dark lipstick (kinda like a whore's), was very
white, had devilish yet sexy brown eyes, and brown and white hair. She
would usually wear a see through long sleeved shirt over a black bra, like
she was today standing outside of the abandoned house. Another mutant had
accidentally drained Rogue's power earlier in the day, so she had about 4
hours to do whatever she could do, without worrying about her weakness.
What better way than to take advantage of it, by making easy money at the
same time having fun? In the first few minutes of Rogue's and Shadowcat's
mission to work their easy, fun, and enjoyable weekend job, there were no
customers so they started to just hang out and talk until they found a

"So, Rogue, what got you into this business?" Shadowcat asked her friend.
Rogue folded her arms, and leaned against the wall of the abandoned house,
without moving her face, she turned her eyes towards Shadowcat. She blew
from her mouth up to let the top of her hair go up and then down.

"For starters, it's good money. How much does a worker around here get paid?
About eight dollars an hour? And you have to wait until the first of the
month to actually see and get the money? Selling ourselves here, is a lot
better. Here we work our very own hours, we get paid on the spot, right away
BEFORE hand, and most importantly, we get paid to feel good and have fun.
Who doesn't love sex? NO ONE! This job is the best job! I love sex and it
feels good. Getting paid for sex, it's the best thing in life!"

"No schedules, no wait for payment, you're right! This is the best job I'll
ever get! And I don't even have to apply for it!"

After their little conversation was done, they saw a white fancy car drive
to a stop sign next to them.

"Woooo!" Rogue said as she lifted up her see through shirt and the cups to
her bra, flashing him." The man in the car pulled over and parked, as he was
pleasantly astonished and felt his dick harden.

"You guys whores?" the man asked.

"If you want us to be. I'm Rogue and this is my bitch, Kitty."

"I'm Dragon. Nice to meet you." Dragon said sticking his hand out for Rogue
to shake it. Instead, with the super knowledge Rogue had at letting guys
know she liked them, she took her hand and pressed it against her breast.
Dragon squeezed her breast, and couldn't help but smile as he felt very
comfortable with her already.

"We do require you to pay in advance however." Rogue explained to him, as
Dragon then got out his wallet and paid Rogue. Rogue held his hand, Shadowcat
held hers, and with the powers of Shadowcat's mutant ability, they phased
through the abandoned house and went to the upstairs bedroom. They were now
inside of a bedroom, Shadowcat sat on the bed, and Rogue asked him a

"OK, Dragon, tell us what you want so we won't waste your money."

"First I want you two bitches to get totally naked." Rogue then turned to her
best friend Kitty.

"You heard him, Kitty. Get naked bitch!" Rogue demanded. While Shadowcat was
taking off her clothes, Rogue did the same.

"Kiss each other on the lips."

"Uh, I didn't know I had to-" before Kitty could say her excuse of not
knowing she had to do any lesbian stuff, Rogue grabbed the back of her
Shadowcat's head and then forcefully kissed her best friend on the lips
hard. Shadowcat's eyes lit up in surprise. Rogue then released her lips
from her friend's mouth and turned back to Dragon.

"Grab your friend's tits!" Dragon demanded.

Before the time Shadowcat could think anything of it, Rogue grabbed and
squeezed her tits from the front with both hands firmly. Shadowcat gasped.
Instinctively, as soon as Shadowcat got her breath back, Rogue stuck her
tongue in her best friends mouth, doing the honors of being the first
female to ever lesbian kiss her. It wasn't as bad as Shadowcat would have
anticipated, in fact, it was actually pretty good. Rogue pulled Shadowcat's
face close to hers and held her head next to hers, so that she couldn't get
away from the kiss.

Dragon walked to the middle of them on the side. With his left hand, grabbed
Kitty's ass cheek, and with his right hand, grabbed Rogue's ass cheek. He
kept rubbing their asses while they continued to kiss and make out. When they
were done, Dragon kissed and made out with Kitty, savoring every moment of
his tongue tasting her tongue. Then it was Rogue's turn and he made out with
Rogue. Rogue slowly licked her tongue from Dragon's chest and down to his
crotch, and took his whole penis into her mouth and began to suck. Shadowcat
stood above Rogue while Rogue's head was in-between her legs under her. Her
back was facing Dragon and Dragon cupped Kitty's 15 year old beautiful soft
tits in his hands and rubbed them. He caressed them, feeling the heavenly
feeling of her soft tits in his hands. Just knowing he was feeling her
beautiful boobs in his hands made him feel ecstatic. The way Shadowcat was
letting out her soft erotic moans, made him feel even better.

While he rubbed and played with her beautiful tits, Shadowcat's gothic friend
Rogue was bopping her head back and forth, stroking Dragon's long hard penis
with her mouth while holding onto his hips for support. When Dragon felt like
he was half way about to bust a nut inside Rogue's mouth, he slightly pushed
Rogue's head away and then pushed Shadowcat on the bed. His penis was all
"lubed up" thanks to Rogue's cock sucking, he inserted his penis into the 15
year old mutant's tight cunt. Rogue got on top of Shadowcat as she sat on her
face, shoving her vagina into her best friend's mouth. Shadowcat licked and
sucked, and ate out Rogue's pussy, while Dragon stuck his long hard penis in
and out of her tight little pussy.

"Oh yeah, Kitty! Lick my kitty! Eat me out, bitch! Oh yeah that's it!" Rogue
said while she allowed her best friend to eat her out, while she fucked her
face. Dragon fucked harder and harder, and fucked Shadowcat, faster and
faster, until he finally grunted loud and felt himself shoot a huge load of
cum inside of Shadowcat's 15 year old pussy. Just seconds later, Rogue felt
herself have an orgasm of her own onto her best friend's tongue and mouth.
Shadowcat gulped it down like a champ. Dragon then kissed and made out with
Shadowcat tasting her tongue flavored in with the juices of Rogue's cum.

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