X-Men: Evolution-Naughty Thoughts (ff)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Jean was very used to people picturing her naked and fantasizing about her
sexually. It all came with being a hot teenaged telepath. But she was a
little surprised when she caught her friend and teammate Kitty doing it.
Kitty was a pretty freckle-faced younger girl at the school and the thought
of sitting on her innocent face and smearing it with girl-cum made Jean's
pussy wet. Since Jean had experimented with Storm before, she knew what to
do and found herself eager to let Kitty experience her fantasy in real life.

She invited Kitty to her room one night to play an 'innocent' game of Truth
or Dare. Finally late in the evening Kitty chose 'dare.'

"I dare you to French-Kiss me," Jean said.

"Wait. I don't know..." Kitty started.

"You chose dare," Jean said as she grabbed Kitty.

She pulled Kitty to her and kissed her, a passionate kiss. Jean opened her
mouth and stuck out her tongue. She didn't know how her friend would react.
Kitty was in complete shock. Jean pushed her tongue into Kitty's mouth and
met hers. Jean frenched Kitty while Kitty was dumbfounded. She finally got
back to reality and pulled away from her friend and teammate.

"Please, Kitty," Jean said. "I need you. I'll do anything to be with you."

"But I..." Kitty started but Jean put a finger to her lips.

"You can't tell me you've never thought about it because I KNOW you have,"
Jean said.

Jean kissed her friend once again. This time Kitty responded and kissed back.
Kitty always considered herself straight. This would be a completely new
experience for her.

Jean, on the other hand, had done this before. Jean rubbed Kitty's right
breast during the kiss. Her nipples were getting hard. Jean broke the kiss
and pulled Kitty's uniform's top over her head, leaving her only in the
leather 'X-skirt.' Jean played with Kitty's right nipple while she sucked
on the left. Kitty let out a soft moan at the feel of the new experience.
Jean took stopped for a moment. She took off her leather top, revealing a
braless chest, as she stood over her friend. Her small but nicely shaped
tits feel out. They where cute, perky and looked absolutely delicious. She
whipped off her belt then unzipped her leather pants and pulled them off.
She was wearing sexy red panties underneath. She got on top of her friend.
Her tits were right in front of Kitty's face and looked very inviting.
Kitty took a deep breath and stuffed her face into her friend's chest. She
sucked and pulled at her sweet nipples. They both seemed to like it. But
it was only going to get better.

She got off Kitty and kneeled on the floor in front of her. She pulled off
Kitty's skirt and her blue panties to reveal her sweet pussy. Jean smelt
the familiar smell of a woman's pussy and loved it. But she wanted to
anticipate the event. She took Kitty's left leg into her hands. She laid
Kitty's foot on top of her breasts and licked her toes. She then licked up
all the way up her leg, but stopped at the inner thigh before the pussy.
She did the same with the right leg.

She stuck her tongue in Kitty's sweet, wet pussy as Kitty let out a moan.
She began to rub her nipples as her friend explored her pussy deeper and
deeper. Jean finally found Kitty's luscious clit, as she had obviously done
it before. She licked it and sucked on it as Kitty's moans increased rapidly.
Finally, she nibbled on it. This was too much for Kitty. Her body shook
rapidly and her back arched. She came all over her friend's face. Jean loved
it. Jean got up while Kitty was recuperating.

"I have a surprise for you," Jean said. She then went to her closet. Jean
came back with a red ten-inch dildo in her hand and a smile on her face.
Kitty was just finishing recovering. Kitty decided to steal the initiative.
She took the dildo from her friend and her friend laid down. She pulled of
Jean's thong and tossed it aside, revealing her sweet, neatly shaved pussy.
It was already wet from eating out Kitty. Kitty took the dildo and inserted
the head into her friends pussy as she let out a little moan. She put about
four inches in and another moan emerged from Jean's mouth. Kitty got it in
all the way to about eight inches. She then pulled it in and out as Jean

Kitty kept going as fast as she could and Jean was close to her climax.
Kitty inserted her index finger into her friend's ass and that was all she
could take. Jean had an intense orgasm all over the dildo. Kitty slowed the
pace and eventually took the dildo out of her pussy. She licked up all the

Kitty got up and laid on top of Jean. She gave her a french kiss so she could
taste her own juices. The two exhausted lovers laid down and fell asleep in
each others arms.

The End


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