X-Men Evolution: Dreadlocks And Open Doors (Fm,f-mast,inter,voy,mc)
by bdtiger2001

Chapter 1 - Altercation

"Oh man, I am like so late."

Kitty rummaged quickly though her locker. It was after school and she was
late for her ride back to the mansion, but she desperately needed to find
that textbook. There was a chemistry test tomorrow.

She couldn't understand it. Usually she was so organized, but lately she
just couldn't seem to get herself together. Ever since he came to the
mansion: the new guy.

"Chem, chem. Where is that darn chemistry book? Aha! Here it is!"

"Problems, Kitty, Kitty?"

Startled, she dropped the book and turned around to face the voice that
arose from right behind her. It was Lance.

Always dressed in earth-tone clothes that seemed to be on their last legs,
and with a leering smile, he was so close she could smell what he had for
lunch today. That wasn't a good thing.

"Hel-LO, Lance," she said defiantly. "Personal space, your in it. Move."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Getting into your `personal
space'" he said suggestively.

"Eeeww, gross!"

"Why? You wanted me before. What's wrong with me now?"

"Did you forget that I know now how skeevey you and your `brotherhood'
buddies are," she said, as she folded her arms.

Anger flashed across his features. "Oh, yeah," he growled, as he grabbed her
arm. "What makes you and your `X-geeks' so special, huh?"

Stunned by his aggressive demeanor, she didn't think to call on her gift and
phase out of his grasp.

"Hey! What are you doing? Let me go!"

"What? Is what you've got so golden you don't wanna waste it on me? C'mon,

"Ow, you're hurting me! Let go," cried the brown haired girl.

"Lady said let her go, chief!"

Lance's head swiveled to see who had interrupted his and Kitty's

Kitty craned her neck to see whom it was, hoping to be rescued from a bad
situation that was rapidly taking a turn for the worst. That's when she saw
him- the new guy.

Dressed in a sweaty tank top and gym shorts with a towel around his
shoulders, Locke didn't look too happy. Tall, chocolate skinned and muscled
like an acrobat; he stood five paces behind Lance, arms folded. After
finishing his daily laps around the school's track, he had come back to his
locker to retrieve his things and walked up on this scene.

"Butt out `bro,' this ain't your business," Lance said, as he turned back to
the frightened girl.

"Not gonna tell you again, man."

Lance turned and faced his dusky hued nemesis full on as Kitty stepped back
a pace. She found herself stunned and speechless. No longer frightened of
Lance's actions, but by the deadly no-nonsense look on her rescuer's face.

Smirking, Lance said, "Dude, you got no idea who or what you're dealing

"What," Locke asked, sarcastically. "You mean you're not a pencil-dicked
piece of shit that gets off on forcing girls into doing things you can't get
them to do for you willingly?"

Kitty gasped as Lance launched a left hook, determined to shut the newbie's
mouth. Blocking the oncoming blow at the elbow, Locke broke Lance's nose with
a savage head butt. Moving into his opponent in a crouch, he hooked his right
arm under Lance's left shoulder and grabbed the front of the pale boy's shirt
with his left hand. Pivoting quickly, Locke sprang up from his crouch,
torqued his torso, and sent his opponent sailing through the air to land a
few feet away.

"That all you got, punk," Locke taunted, looking upon his fallen adversary.

Lance scrambled to his feet, holding his bloody nose. "Not hardly `bro'! Time
to shake your ass up, Avalanche style!"

Calling upon his primal talent, the young mutant directed awesome waves of
rippling energy into the floor at his opponent's feet, calling on the earth
to do that which he could not.

Locke's dark eyes shimmered once as his gift met Avalanche's tremendous
energies, traced them back to their source. and shut them off.

To say the bloody boy was astonished is an understatement.

"What the fuck," cried Avalanche, his face going pale.

"Your power's on lockdown, bitch! Get `ta steppin' before worse happens to
your ass!"


The three students swiftly sought the voice that roared with authority,
stopping them all cold. It was Principal Darkholme. "All three of you in my
office, NOW!"

Turning to his astonished female classmate, with a look of true concern on
his face, Locke asked, "Are you okay?"

Lost in amazement over all that had just occurred, Kitty could only mouth
the word, "Wow."

Chapter 2- Regulation

"Have a seat, Mr. Locke," the principal said as she closed her office door.
Lance had been sent to the nurse and then sent home. Kitty had just been
released to go home, and now it was his turn in the lion's den. As she left,
the girl flashed him a quick look of sympathy and gratitude, receiving a
quick nod of understanding from the young man, in return.

As he sat in the chair opposite the principal's desk, she walked over to
stand before him, arms folded across the chest of her dark blue business

"Care to tell me what happened back there?"

"Nothing, ma'am. Just had a slight disagreement."

"Nothing, Everett," she asked skeptically. "Then what happened to Lance's

"He fell," he said looking downward.

"If he had fallen, how then do you explain the blood in your hair?"

Everett's mind raced as he fought to think of a viable reason for blood spray
in his dreadlocks. As he lifted his head, the principal had already leaned
forward to examine his bloody locks, inadvertently allowing him a perfect
view of her pale cleavage.

As his eyes wandered over her milky mounds, a growing sphere of heat and
pressure began to throb at his core. A voice like a hot wind rasped through
his mind.

Mmmmm, nice. This bitch looks tasty.

"Jesus, fuck," he muttered to himself. "Not now. Not again."

"What was that, Mr. Locke," she said, curiously. "I didn't quite catch that."

Vying for time, he said, "I really need to use your bathroom, ma'am."

Nodding slowly, she gestured. "Very well, but I want some answers, young man,
when you come out."

I got an answer for your ass, cunt. Come get some.

Moving quickly to the principal's private bathroom, Locke closed the door
without switching on the light, and stood gripping the sink as the sensation
of heat began to expand throughout his young body. After washing his face
with cold water, he stood staring into the mirror.

"Not now, goddammit. You can't fuck this up for me!"

Hmmm. Interesting choice of words, don't you think?

"I mean it. You've gotta stay down, pull back, man."

I probably would have if you wouldn't have `worked your magic' on the boy's

"I didn't know he was a freak like me, like us."

Nobody `freaks' like us, daddy. Time to let these small-town, inbred bitches
know it!

Everett groaned as the passion rose up in him like a tsunami. His head felt
full and painful. Veins in his temples throbbed to the implacable beat of his
heart. He removed his shirt as he began to feel like his body was on fire
with an irresistible longing that could not be denied, that would not be
denied. His erection, when it came was unyielding as rock and agonizingly
painful. His knuckles grew white as he gripped the sink's edge, struggling
for control.

"You can't do this, here! Stop this shit!"

Just then the principal threw open the door.

Time t'back up, kid and let a player play!

Dreadlocks writhing as though alive, he turned to face her, a crimson gleam
in his eye.

"Booya, bitch," he screamed, and then it hit her.

Chapter 3 - Copulation

Raven found herself on the horns of a dilemma. What was she to do about this
situation? It was clear to her from her talks with the other two students
that quite a bit more than a simple disagreement had occurred. From the look
of Avalanche's nose, and the Pryde girl's half-assed explanation, it seemed
that though the girl was the point of contention, the `brotherhood' boy had
somehow instigated the whole affair. Sitting back behind her desk, she
perused Everett Locke's school records. His grades in all his classes
appeared to be exemplary, especially in physical education. His former P.E
instructor had even included a note extolling his superior hand-eye
coordination. However, the young man's discipline file was as long as her
arm. Apparently he had gotten into more than his fair share of fights,
always for reasons unclear. Still, he had accepted his punishments with
never a complaint, something that had impressed all his former teachers.

Well now, he was with Xavier's bunch so she knew he must be a mutant of some
type. But what was his gift? Either it was something very subtle, or he had
gone to great lengths to keep it hidden. Well, she would discover his secret.
Ostensibly, her position allowed her to keep a daily eye on her own team of
young mutants, while spying on Charles' brats as well. In reality, she had
other plans in the works, plans that would make her a force to be reckoned
with among mutants and `baselines' alike. If Principal Raven Darkholme
couldn't wrest the truth from the teen, then Mystique would ferret it out.

Suddenly, she caught the sound of a muffled voice or voices coming from her
private bathroom. What was going on? Was the Locke boy talking to himself or
one of his teammates? Recalling the Pryde girl's ability to move through
solid objects, Raven grew angry. "I'll get to the bottom of this," she vowed.

Striding purposefully across her office, she rapped on the bathroom door.
From within, only the sound of labored breathing could be detected. Fearing
that something was now amiss, she pounded on the door.

"Mr. Locke, are you well," she inquired.

Inside, all she could hear was him muttering to himself.

Concerned now that perhaps the young man could be manifesting his possibly
destructive powers at this moment, she threw open the door. If she could help
him reign in his gift, he would owe her- big time. Her mind on the possible
implications of this, she was completely unprepared for what greeted her on
the other side of the portal.

Everett stood stripped to waist, taught muscles gleaming in the dimness. His
dreadlocks writhed about, as though alive, as he turned to face her, crimson
gleam in his eye.

"Booya, bitch," he screamed, and then it hit her.

Raw, primal and irresistible, the storm broke over her, in her and through
her. With the force of a tidal wave and the shocking power of a thunderclap,
she felt her body and mind invaded by the awesome power of Locke's secret
gift. Every nerve ending was aflame with yearning. Every synapse fired to
the demanding call of uncontrolled desire. In an instant, she was wild,
wanton, a preternatural beast that existed only for pleasure, desperately
searching to fulfill her lascivious hunger. She moaned deeply, her body
writhing in harmony to the chaotic song of her sudden desire. Weak with
passion, she fell to her knees before him.

Standing above her quivering form, the young mutant smiled slowly,
reveling in the sight of his kneeling principal. "Are you alright," he asked

Her hands began to roam her body. Every touch was ecstasy, muted only by the
fabric of her severe blue suit. Franticly she pulled up her skirt and dove
her hands under her panties, seeking her moist pussy; seeking relief from her
aching need. Callously, Everett grabbed her wrists and held them up over her
head, denying her, frustrating her. His grip was like iron.

"Nuh uh, bitch,' he said. "If you wanna cum, you gotta beg for the

Brain clouded with longing, and eyes half-lidded, she raised her head to meet
his gaze. "What?" she asked, barely coherent.

"Feels good, don't it?"

She nodded weakly.

"And bad at the same time?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"Can't tell if you're comin' or goin'? Don't know what to do with yourself?"

Again she nodded, eyes closed.

"Wanna cum?"

"God yes," she whispered, tears of frustration streaming down her face.

"Well its simple, sweet cheeks. If you wanna cum, beg for it, bitch!"

Warring within her, Raven sought to regain control. Ever since her time in
Magneto's enhancement device, she was more than she ever thought she could
be. Wolverine's enhanced sense couldn't track her. Even the vaunted powers
of the great Charles Xavier couldn't penetrate her mental barriers. Yet she
found herself at this young man's mercy, and at the mercy of her loins. As
she gathered herself for one last act of defiance, one of Locke's dreadlocks
elongated and touched her cheek, increasing her desire and collapsing her
resistance. She was undone.

"Please," she whispered.

"What was that," he asked in a mocking tone.

"Please," she said louder, tears flowing freely.

"Didn't quite catch that. Say again?"

"Please," she cried. "Please let me cum!"

Releasing her, he said, "That's better.

"But if you wanna go to the dance, sweetness, you gotta pay the entry fee,"
he taunted, dropping his shorts.

She reached forward slowly, as if wading through a half-forgotten dream, to
remove the mesh-like material of his athletic supporter from the prize she
sought. Released from its confinement his turgid member stood proudly before
her. Long, thick and veiny, it loomed before her promising an end to her
sexual torment. Slowly she wrapped her pale hands around the dusky-hued cock
and began to stroke it. A pleasurable sensation spread through her palms,
emanating from the hot member before her, beckoning her ever forward.

"C'mon, bitch. Y'gotta do better than that." Grabbing the back of her head,
he thrust his cock forward. Expecting her to gag on his stiffened length, he
was surprised to feel a sort of rippling wave in her mouth and throat as she
accommodated him. The sensation caused him to throb and jump within her.

"Mmmm, nice," he muttered as she slowly sucked him. "This bitch knows some

For Raven, the sensation was indescribable. It seemed that every taste
bud of her tongue, every ridge of her throat was now connected directly
to her clit. Soothingly erotic waves of warmth emanated from her little
nub, fanning the flames of desire within her. She began sucking harder
and faster, desperately seeking the pleasure his fever-hot member offered.

Grabbing both sides of her head, he fucked her talented mouth with a will,
driving toward his satisfaction. When his orgasm hit, he held her head still
as his pulsing organ discharged copious amounts of semen deep into her mouth
and throat, his head thrown back in a soundless scream. For her, the taste
of his thick cream was nectar and ambrosia. She moaned deeply, fingering her
sopping cunt.

Disengaging the woman's hungry mouth from his still hard cock, he ordered her
to stand.

"Now, show me what you're hiding underneath that damn suit, slut."

In a desire to please him, her power rose reflexively, and she `morphed.
Gone was the pale skin and severe clothing of Raven Darkholme, Principal.
Instead, standing before him was a completely different woman. Glossy red
hair flowed down over blue-skinned shoulders of a lean, yet curvaceous
creature. Meaning only for her to undress, he was pleasantly surprised at
the outcome.

"Ah, so you're a mutie-freak like us, huh bitch?"

"Yes, I'm a mutant," she answered breathlessly. Whining pathetically, she
pleaded, "Please, please make me come! I'll do anything! Anything!"

"You're damn right you will, bitch. Now," he said, licking his lips, "Bend
your blue ass over that desk and get what you got comin'."

* * *

Kitty snuck back inside the school building, and stealthily made her way to
the principal's office. Logically she knew that what had happened in the
hallway wasn't her fault. Still, she felt guilty though that her new
classmate might get punished for only sticking up for her.

What might happen to him? Suspension? Expulsion? Darn it, it wasn't fair! It
was all that jerk Lance's fault. "What did I ever see in him, anyway?" she
thought disgustedly. Well now she would go back and set things to rights.
She would tell the whole truth and get Everett off the hook, right?

Phasing through the wall of the adjoining classroom, she found herself in the
principal's bathroom. She gasped as she spied an unexpected scene through the
dim bathroom's open doorway.

Mystique was there naked, bent over the principal's desk, moaning and
writhing like a cat in heat. One blue-skinned hand grabbed the far end of
the desk in a deathlike grip, while the other pounded on the desk in a broken
staccato rhythm. Behind her was Everett, powerful hands latched onto her
raised hips. His dreadlocks moved with a will of their own, as he pounded his
cock deep into the indigo mutant's wet cunt.

Kitty couldn't believe her eyes, or her ears for that matter. Gone was the
quiet, respectful young man she first met at the institute. In his place
stood a lascivious beast of a man, mouthing obscenities while drilling deep
into the pussy of one of the X-men's craftiest enemies.

"Take it, slut! Take that big dick! Ssss, yeah, you like that shit don'tcha?"

"Yes! God yes," Mystique cried. "Fuck me! Fuck meee! Oh god, fuck me!"

Digging his fingers deeper into her flesh, he demanded, "Whose pussy is

"Yours! Your pussy!"

"Whose, bitch? Whose pussy is this?"

"Your pussy! Your pussy! Oh God! I'm cumming again! Hah! Hah! AAAAAAAHHH!"

From the dim recesses of the bathroom, Kitty felt herself grow moist between
her legs. She had never experienced, let alone seen sex of any kind, and now
she was witness to this frantic copulation. The scene before her, the thick
scent of sex in the air, and her own teenage hormones assaulted her all at
once. Her hands moved of their own volition down under her jeans, to her own
wet cunt. She was entranced by the couple before her, and now was caught up
in their passion. She observed Mystique's shuddering climaxes, impaled as
she was on Everett's driving shaft.

Suddenly, he completely withdrew his cock from the woman's dripping cunt.
Whining piteously, she looked pleadingly at him over her shoulder.

"PLEASE, please don't stop! I want more! I need it! Please," she begged.

Malicious mischief gleaming in his now crimson eyes, he smacked his hard
member along the length of her dripping slit, teasing her.

"You want it," he asked slyly.

"Yes! Fucking shit, yes," she cried.

"Spread that ass wide open, then."

Reaching back with both hands, she spread her ass-cheeks wide. Positioning
his thick, dew-slicked cock by her tiny anus, he smiled. "Okay, bitch. Here
it comes," he said, driving his shaft forward into her.

Mystique howled as he penetrated her puckered bung. Pain and pleasure
battled, and then joined forces in a sensation so intense, that it shook her
to the core. The world dropped away for her. All her machinations and plans
meant nothing. All that mattered at this instant was this hard cock inside
of her and the ecstasy she felt. Her orgasms consumed her body, soul, and
all sense of reason. She was an orgasmic puppet, dancing to pleasure's mad
rapturous symphony.

He drew back, she came. He thrust forward, she came. He grabbed her scarlet
mane and pulled her back to lean her heaving torso against him, she came

At once, his writhing braids elongated and swarmed her neck and upper body,
igniting blissful heat in her every erogenous zone. Every caress of these
living tendrils drove her further toward the realm of ecstatic madness. Now
standing on her toes, his length fully sheathed in her rectum, she began to
spasm uncontrollably, golden eyes rolling back in her head.

"Cumming! Cumming! Ho, God! Ho, God! UUUUUUUHHH YEAH! Motherfucker, shit
yeah," she screamed.

Kitty's orgasm took her by surprise. One moment she was leaning against the
back wall of the principal's bathroom, rubbing her pussy. The next moment, a
wave of pleasure washed over her so intense that her knees went weak and she
fell through the wall into the classroom next door.

Scrambling quickly to her feet, she ran from the building, excited and
confused over what had just occurred. Questions raced around inside the young
girl's head. What do I do? Do I tell the others? The Professor? Mr. Logan?
Why did I act like that? Why was he having sex with Mystique? Am I in an
alternate universe? Myriad questions plagued her young mind as she fled the
carnal scene.

Meanwhile, back in the office, Locke and Mystique's coupling had reached a
fever pitch. With one hand squeezing a full breast, one franticly rubbing
her clit, Everett rose to his crisis.

"C'mon bitch! Come on! Take it! Take it, just like that! Yeah! Yeah! Take it
bitch! AAAAGGGHH! AAAAHH, shit yeah!"

Load after load exploded forth from his cock to lodge deep in her ass. The
pulsing of his member set off wave after wave of pleasure in the blue woman
impaled upon him. As she fell limply forward, still spasming, onto the
desktop, she began to babble incoherently.

Moments after his orgasm subsided, the voice within young Everett released
his body from its carnal grip.

"Okay player, I'm done. You get to bat clean up, now" the voice chuckled.

Horrified over what just occurred, yet remaining pragmatic in the face of
this disaster, he began to whisper in the shuddering woman's ear. A type of
post-hypnotic suggestion penetrated deep into Mystique's still climaxing
psyche. Steps would be taken to clean up herself as well as her office, and
she would then go home. Shortly the entire incident would seem no more than
a dimly remembered wet dream to her.

Locke dressed quickly and carefully made his way to his way to his locker.
Retrieving his books and street clothes, he prepared himself for the jog
back to the mansion. As he was leaving the school, a car horn beeped and a
voice called out to him. It was Scott.

"Hey Everett, over here! Are you okay? Do you want a ride back?"

Exhausted from his previous savage coupling, Locke agreed. As he approached
the car, he saw Kitty in the passenger's seat. Their eyes met briefly as he
climbed into the backseat. When she looked away, blushing furiously, he got
a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"She knows," he realized. "Holy God, she knows!"

The trip back to the mansion was made in uncomfortable, utter silence, as
Locke recollected the earlier incident in the hallway.

"...piece of shit...gets off on forcing girls."

The inner voice laughed mockingly at him as Everett sat there depressed,
feeling like nothing more than the world's biggest hypocrite.
_ _ _

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