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The XXX Files - Episode I: The Bigfoot (mm/f,ncon,best)
by Mr. Stibbens

"Mulder, are we lost?"

Agent Fox Mulder looked at his partner. They had been driving for at least
three hours, and encountered no sign of life...Scully was right. They were
lost, but that didn't mean she had to remind him every ten minutes!

"I'll ask for directions in the first gas station we find!" he muttered.

"That's good...Because I haven't seen any for the last five hours!" Scully
said bitterly, and sunk back to her seat.

They were en route to Colorado, to investigate a case of Murder cases. It
seemed that in a small town, Lumberville, ten tourist girls had been found
raped to death in the nearby woods. Their pussies were torn apart, as if from
a huge cock. However, semen samples had not been found, so Dana suspected
some kind of stalker, who used a giant phallus shaped thing on his victims.

Mulder on the other hand, did not share her view -like always! He had taken
this case, because he firmly believed that the main suspect was the last
surviving bigfoot. He suspected that this bigfoot had lost his mate, and in
an attempt to reproduce, he had raped these girls to death...The all powerful

"Why don't we turn back now Mulder? We could-" started Scully, but just then,
she saw a sign on the side of the road saying: Welcome to Lumberville! Enjoy
your stay!

"I told you we were not lost! I have a sixth sense for these things!!" Mulder
commented, and looked triumphant at his red headed partner.

"Oh, shut up!" she said and smiled.

As their rented black ford entered the town, Scully could see that it was
exactly the kind of town she would like to live! It was small, with lovely
wooden houses, and friendly looking inhabitants. It certainly did not look
like the kind of place a woman would get raped to death!

"Let's go to the sheriff's office. He might have some information!" mumbled
Mulder, more to himself.

They didn't need any directions to get there. The town had one main road, on
the sides of which all the important building stood. It reminded Mulder of a
cheap western movie studio he had once seen...

Outside the small wooden office, the sheriff himself sat on a rocking chair,
and was cleaning his shotgun. His deputy, a young man (who looked like he had
a side career as a body builder) was standing on the porch, chewing gum with
a self important look on his face.

As the two FBI agents stepped out of the car, the local policemen went to
greet them. Mulder did his best to look like a bureau hard ass...without much

"I'm agent Mulder, this is agent Scully, we talked before in the phone..." he

"Yep. What can I do ya for people?"

"Stop talking like a damn cowboy?"


"Can we step inside and talk about these murders?" suggested Scully,

"Sure. Step right in lady!" answered the deputy. Dana could have sworn that
his eyes were locked on her ass, as it swung back and forth.

The inside of the office was really simple. A desk, a bulletin board, a
shotgun rack, and an empty prison cell.

"When did you find the first victim?" asked Scully, aware that the deputy was
siting somewhere behind her, looking hungrily at her plump ass.

"Two weeks ago. A teen girl from Ohio...Her cunt -if you don't mind me saying
so!- was one big bleeding hole when we found her!" said the sheriff wincing
in remembered disgust.

"Her ass hole too!" added the deputy behind Scully.

"Watch yer mouth lad! We have a lady here!" the sheriff barked at him. Dana,
under normal circumstances wouldn't be bothered by such language, but now
knowing that the man behind her had thoughts of putting his organ up her
delicate ass she felt embarrassed.

"You have any pictures of the victims?" asked Mulder.

"Yep. Buddy, fetch 'em!" the sheriff said to his deputy who hurried in a back
room, and soon came back carrying a pack of photos.

"Here are all ten of 'em! When I find who did it, I'll make him pay!" the
sheriff said in true macho man fashion!

"Or what did it..." Mulder said mysteriously. Scully looked at him in
disbelief. He certainly was not going to start with his bigfoot theory

"Do ye want me to take ye to the crime scenes? My truck is always available!"
asked the sheriff.

"Yeah. I'd like that...Scully, could you stay here, look at these photos
closely and find what you can find?" Mulder asked her.

"...Ummm....Ok!" she replied with a smile that said you're gonna pay for
this!. The thought of being left alone with that deputy was creepy.

"Ok then. Off we go. Buddy, if the lady needs anything you move yer butt and
get it for her! That clear?" said the sheriff as he stepped out of his office
alongside Mulder.

"Yessir!" the man replied, with a broad smile on his lips.
_ _ _

"Why have you closed the shades?" Dana asked the deputy. It had been a while
since Mulder and the sheriff had gone out, and all the while she felt the
man's eyes tracing her body...up and down...

"Oh, we don't want people to see these photos when accidentally passing by,
now do we?" answered Buddy with a sheepish grin.

"But I'm not near the window..." Dana insisted. Buddy said nothing, but moved
a few steps closer to her. She was sitting behind the small desk, and had her
glasses on. For Buddy, she was the sexiest woman he had ever seen, and did
not intend to just talk to her while they were left alone...He had in mind
other ways of communication!

"Oooff! Hot in here, no?" he asked her as he came closer, and opened three
buttons from his shirt. Despite herself Dana saw his heavy muscled chest
beneath, and felt a shiver of excitement run through her...This guy was
definitely the kind of stud she liked!!

"...A little..." she tried to say, but her throat was dry.

"Sometimes I cannot bear to wear these clothes...Don't you feel the same
way?" Now Buddy was behind her, his arms resting on her shoulders.

"Yeah..." Scully's face was blushed, her breath came out in little gasps, and
a tingling sensation rose from between her legs.

"So...why don't we..." Buddy was now massaging her shoulder blades, removing
her suit in the process. "...get out of them?"

"Oh...Oh...yeah!" Dana gasped as the man grabbed one of her large, firm
breasts and squeezed gently. Her sensitive nipples hardened at once, and
moisture started to form in the folds of her labia...She really wanted to
have sex with this man!

"Come on agent Scully...take off your clothes...I know you want to!" Buddy
urged her, one of his hand fondling her large tit, while the other fumbled
with his zipper.

Dana did not any further encouragement. Her cunt was dripping wet, her
nipples hard enough to cut paper, and she felt like she had to cum. Soon.

Reluctantly she removed herself from the deputy's embrace, and started
undressing. First she opened her silk shirt, revealing her white sports bra
beneath. Reaching behind her she unhooked it and let it fall on the floor.
Buddy gasped with amazement when he saw the agent's tits. They were the size
of a grapefruit, and her hard nipples were fiery red. Keeping her shirt open
so that he could see her tits, Scully unzipped her skirt and slid it down her
legs. She wore also a pair of white sports panties, which she slid to knee
level soon. Buddy looked hungrily at the hairy spot between the FBI agent's
legs. A large, well trimmed bush of reddish blond pubic hair covered most of
it, but her moist, pink cunt lips peeked beneath it, and glistered with her
pre cum...It had been a while since she had last showed her pussy to a man.

"You are beautiful!...Do you want to taste it?" Buddy asked, thrusting his
crotch towards the seated woman.

Dana smiled broadly and nodded in agreement. She had given a few blow jobs
in the past (most of them in her college years) and despite what other women
said, she loved the taste of cocks and cum!

With her small, delicate hands she fondled the deputy's huge erection from
above his pants before proceeding in lowering them. She had to suppress a
laugh when she saw his teady-bear decorated boxer shorts that were almost
torn apart from the bulge they tried to conceal.

"You have something for me in there?" she asked with a teasing smile as she
lowered his boxer shorts...Dana gasped in amazement, as a huge, coke bottle
shaped -and sized- cock sprang towards her face. She had never seen anything
like that! This was definitely going to be the fuck of her life!!!

"Suck me! Suck me!" Buddy said crazed with lust as he rubbed the tip of his
cock on Dana's full red lips and smeared her lip stick all over his organ.

"Don't be hasty! I want to enjoy this!" Scully told him with yet another
charming grin. Closing her eyes, she cherished the sensation of the
throbbing cock on her face...the pre cum dripping from the piss slit on her
cheeks...She could not take it any longer. Parting her lips fully to
accommodate the huge cock, she moaned deeply as deputy Buddy thrust his
member in the wet and invitingly warm interior of her mouth.

His salty taste filled her, and she could taste the sour pre cum comimg from
the man's cock head. Slowly and methodically (Dana was always methodic, even
when giving a blowjob) she started licking the swollen cock head. Buddy
groaned in ecstasy and grabbed a handful of her hair, just to keep her
steady. Once the cock head was well lubricated with Dana's saliva, she slid
the rest of the organ, inch by inch, in her mouth. It was so big that it
crammed down her throat and her cheeks ballooned! However, the young agent
did not stop sucking and licking, making loud slurping noises, and breathing
hard through her nose which was stuffed into the man's pubic hair.

"Harder!...Oooooh!!...Harder!" Buddy mumbled, and from his flushed face
Scully knew that he was about to cum.

Wrapping her arms around his buttocks, she started thrusting her face harder
and harder on his prick, fucking her face relentlessly!

"Oooooh!!...Yessss!!!...Yeaaaaaah!...Gawwwwd! I'm cumming!!!" The deputy
almost screamed, as he thrust his cock deep down the woman's throat. Seconds
later he exploded inside her mouth, and hot, white semen started flooding
Dana's mouth. Most of it went down her throat and into her empty stomach, but
lots of it filled her mouth and run down her half open lips, forming
glistering strings on her chin. When his cock had ceased to spasm inside
Scully's full mouth, he took it out slowly, allowing the woman to keep the
semen into her mouth, and swallow it. His cock gave a sudden spasm and shot
a ball of thick jizz directly on her nose! Dana shrieked in surprise and
disgust, but soon she lapped it up, messing her make up while at it.

"Are you still able to make love to me?" she asked him as she got off the
chair and sat on the desk, before parting her legs wide apart. Her pussy lips
opened, giving the deputy a clear glance of the pink, wet interior of the red
head's love hole. That sight alone was enough to bring his failing cock back
to hardness.

"Ready as always!" he replied with a huge grin and advanced towards Scully.

"Ah, wait a second!...Do you have a condom?"

"Sure! I always keep one on me...for cases like this one...hehehehe!"

With that the deputy reached into his pocket and removed a no-name condom
(Ha! this story has no commercial stuff in it!). Slowly, his eyes never
leaving Scully's smiling face and dripping cunt, he put it on. His huge cock
filled every last corner of it!

"Come on! Make me scream!" Dana told him, as a drop of pre cum fell from her
open hole.

Buddy, placed the tip of his cock head on her cunt lips, grabbed her slightly
narrow hips to keep balance, and shoved his prick all the way in to the
balls, in one long, smooth thrust.

"Ooooooh!...Fuck!...Aaaaah!" moaned Dana as she grimaced in pain and
pleasure. The rubber covered cock inside her was so huge, it stretched her
tight vagina painfully to its limits...but it felt so good! The small red
head relished on the feel of the throbbing meat inside her belly.

Rocking his hips slowly at first, but with an increasing tempo, Buddy started
to milk his cock inside the FBI agent's cunt. She was as tight as an asshole,
and the deputy was sure to shoot off real soon...

"Yeeeah! Harder! Harder! Fuck me! Ooooh! Han! Han! Han!" Dana screamed as the
huge cock rubbed against her blood engorged clitoris...It had been a long
while she had been fucked, and now she was under way for the biggest orgasm
of her life...With each of the man's thrusts she begun to move her hips to
meet his cock, slamming the organ deeper into her womb.

The red headed FBI agent and the sheriff's deputy remained locked in their
embrace, frantically having sex for more than ten minutes. Dana was screaming
with pleasure and pinching her rock hard nipples violently, while Buddy
concentrated on fucking her sweet, little cunt thoroughly, making sure she
felt his cock all the way in!

"Gawwd! Yeah! Ooooh! I think I'm going to cum!!! Aaaaaaaaaah!!!" Dana
screamed as she felt her orgasm jump over the edge. Her cunt spasmed and
a flood of her juices run out, covering the man's cock, running down her
inner thighs, and forming a pool under her butt. The intensity of her
5-seconds-orgasm was so great that milk spurted out of her hard nipples in
small showers!!

When Dana's fuck hole ceased to spasm and produce cum, Buddy thrusted his
cock in her belly a few more times, and then he reached orgasm too. His semen
was confined within the condom, but Dana felt the heat of his seed through
the rubber.

As he pulled away from her, he smiled and said:

"I'm going for a coffee...You want anything?"

"Well, a donut would be nice..."

"Ok. Be right back!"

With that, he tucked his cock back into his pants and left.

Dana rubbed her throbbing cunt, her juices smearing on her palm, smiled to
herself and put on her clothes once again. Now, she only had to clean up the
place, and pretend that she had been looking at the photos...
_ _ _

As Mulder walked in the office, he was delighted. Scully had to hear the

He found his partner sitting behind the desk, looking at the photos and
munching on a donut. The deputy was on a the other side of the room, drinking
coffe...Something was wrong here, but he could not place it...Anyway, it
would have to wait!

"Scully, did you find anything on these photos?" he asked.

"Unfortunately, no. Did you have any luck?"

"Yes! Most definitely! You've got to come and see this!" with that, Fox
grabbed her arm and led her out of the office and into their car.

"Mulder? Where are we going?" she asked troubled.

"In the woods! I've found recent bigfoot footprints all over the crime

"I guess they were so big they were not easy to miss!" Dana commented, and
rubbed her legs togeather...Her cunt was still itchy.
_ _ _

It was a long drive from the town to the woods, where the crime scenes were,
but it was a scenic one. Tall trees brooded alongside the road, and Scully
kept expecting some legendary monster to jump out any time! The place looked
certainly like the kind of woods a bigfoot would prefer for his home!

Half an hour passed, and then the road stopped abruptly to a clearing.

"Here we are!" Mulder said as he killed the engine and stepped out of the
car. Dana followed him, aware that her panties were soaked with her juices...
That was one thing she didn't like about sex. Her cunt leaked pussy juice for
hours after it!

"So, where are these footprints?" she asked as she walked around, getting the
feeling of the place.

"Right here! If they are not from a bigfoot, then I'll eat my hat!" said
Mulder and pointed on the ground, a few paces away from where she was.



"You don't have a hat."

"Minor details! What about the prints?"

Dana, looked at the ground. The foot prints were human-like in shape, but as
big as her head! Whatever had done them, was big!! She could not imagine what
kind of cock a creature that big would have, and how the girl felt when it
was shoved in her belly.

She didn't know she was about to find out!

Suddenly, while she was still inspecting the print, a crashing noise came
from the woods. It was faint, as if coming from far away, but it was there.
Both the agents looked around uneasily, and reached for their guns. The noise

"What was that?" Scully asked, lowering her weapon.

Mulder opened his mouth to reply. The same instant, as if in slow motion,
Scully watched in horror as the woods behind him gave way to a hulking, seven
foot tall giant. The bigfoot. It was a huge beast, all its body was covered
with thick brown hair, except from its face, hands and feet which resembled
those of a human. Dana's eyes widened even more, when her gaze fell between
the creature's legs. A huge, fat cock lay there, dangling as the creature
run. She estimated quickly that it should be at least 15 inches long and 5
thick! The beast was now behind Mulder, and had raised a fist menacingly...

As all the above happened in a split second, Scully did not have time to warn
her partner. With a smacking sound the bigfoot's fist landed on his chin, and
sent him on the ground. Uncontious. His gun lay at his side...

Opening her mouth in a silent scream, agent Dana Scully aimed her weapon at
the hairy creature, but proved to be too slow. With an ape-likee leap, the
bigfoot landed in front of her, wacked the gun away from Dana's hand (which
went numb with pain) and pushed her on the ground.

With a "thud" that knocked the wind out of her, Scully fell on the hard
ground. In an instant, before she could catch her breath, the bigfoot was
above her, his huge hands, pinning her own delicate ones above her head.
Immediately, she tried to kick it at the stomach or groin, but her small
feet met rock hard muscles.

With her blue eyes agleam with fear and panic, Scully looked at the bigfoot's
face. It reminded her, that stupid bigfoot, "Harry" from a TV show, she and
her nephew used to watch. She found it funny then...Now, seeing "Harry" up
close, she didn't think she would ask an autograph.

"Let go of me!" she screamed at it, hoping to scare it and kicked again its
groin. The bigfoot did not respond. It only smiled stupidly at her, and at
one moment it flicked out its huge tongue and licked her face.

"Yuk! Stop that! Let me go!" the agent went on, as her nostrils were filled
with the bigfoot's foul smell. The beast only smiled at her, revealing rows
of human shaped teeth, and reaching down with its mouth, it bit on her skirt,
and yanked violently. There was a ripping sound, but Dana's skirt remained
in place. The bigfoot yanked again, and this time her skirt came loose, in
two pieces. Her juice soaked panties came at once into view. They were
clenched to her cunt mound so tightly, that one could make the outline of
her pubic hair.

Watching the creature bare her crotch, Dana knew that it intended to fuck
her! He would stick that cock of his inside her! The idea by itself made her
wild with fear, as she started thrashing inside the iron grip of the bigfoot.
"Harry", still smiling, reached down with his mouth again, and literally ate
away her panties. He munched on them, and swallowed them, relishing in the
taste of the woman's pussy juices.

"Help! Somebody heeeeeelp!" Dana screamed as loud as she could in a final
attempt to get away. She was weakened by the struggle, and if help didn't
arrive soon, she would be in a lot of trouble. And pain.

Having her bare cunt available, the bigfoot, started rubbing his limp cock on
her tender pussy lips, lubricating it with some of Dana's drying honey. The
red head felt the hairy cock rub against her cunt lips and shrudded in
disgust. Its cock felt like an animal cock, although it was huge and thick...
She closed tightly her eyes, tilted her head back and prepared herself for
the painful penetration.

In a matter of seconds the bigfoot had a majestic hard on, his cock swelling
to 20 inches in length and 10 in width. His balls were as large as a donut,
and full of seed to unload into the tight snatch of the red head agent...

"God, don't let him do this to me! He'll split me in two!" Dana thought
wildly, as she felt the bigfoot put his knees between hers and spread her
legs so wide apart that her thighs ached from the strain.

Her blood chilled as she felt the tip of its cock press against her warm
flesh...It was the size of a softball...Then slowly, painfully slow, inch by
inch, the bigfoot started pushing his gargantuan cock past her snatch, which
was torn apart in the process, and deep into her belly.

"Aaaaaah! it hurts! Damn, it hurts!! Oooooh!" Dana screamed as the huge pole
stretched her cunt lips to the extreme and plunged into her womb.

She felt like her cunt was on fire. The walls of her womb were bleeding from
the unlubricated violating cock, and the blood was running out of her snatch
in thin streams, running down her thighs. The gigantic cock was totally
crammed inside her, and she was sure it would rip her insides apart, or come
out of her belly button!

Looking down, between her legs, Dana saw that only half of the monster cock
was inside her. She moaned deeply in pain and fury as tears rose to her eyes
while the huge organ slided inside her like a snake...

"Gnnnn...Take it out! Please take it out!...Huuuuh!!" she screeched
desperately as she tried yet again to kick the monster. Again to no avail.

Soon the bigfoot had his cock all the way in the small red head's vagina,
tearing her womb apart with its massive size, while she screamed and hissed
and cried so loud that she could be heard miles away! More blood was coming
from the wounded walls of her delicate womb, as he started pumping away
inside her tummy, milking his fuck rod.

Seeing that she could do nothing to stop the creature, Dana came up with
another plan. If it finished quickly enough, perhaps it would go away!
Mustering all her strength, the small FBI agent, started thrusting her hips
upwards, meeting every thrust of that monstrous cock. The pain was so
intense, that tears started flowing from her eyes, staining her beautiful

Being the lucky girl Dana always was, she managed to make the bigfoot cum
after a series of eleven savage thrusts that shook her whole body. From its
piss slit, a gallon of cum erupted and washed over her bloody womb. The
flow of jizz had such pressure, that some of it came out it sprays from her
tightly sealed snatch. Scully moaned loudly as the hot liquid filled her
empty tummy, and hoped to God the thing would remove its cock soon.

Once done with unloading his seed inside the red head's cunt, the bigfoot,
withdrew its cock. Scully moaned loudly in relief. Her once tight cunt was
a mess now of loose flesh, and it was bleeding like mad. It also itched from
the cum splattering, and she wanted to scratch it, but her hands were pinned
behind her head.

"Why isn't he leaving?" she thought in horror as the hairy creature just
stood there watching her.

Seconds later she understood. It had just some more seed to unload.

Panic overwhelmed her as she felt the tip of his cock press against her pink

"No! Not that! Please! Not from the back door!" she screamed in agony. It was
not that Scully had never had a cock up her ass. No. During her college years
some of her class mates had been given that pleasure, but afterwards she had
decided not to let men do her up the butt. It was too humiliating, painful
and messy. However, now she did not care about humiliation (that had already
been done). She was more practical. If the bigfoot stuck his member between
her plump buttocks, her would split her in two!!!

Once again, fresh tears arose to her eyes, as she felt incapable of stopping
her rape, and the bigfoot slowly again pushing his thing inside her most
private area.

"Haaaan!! Oh, that hurts! Oh, my ass! Oooooh!" she screamed and tried to
close her legs in vain.

The bigfoot had shoved a few inches of his monster pole inside her, but
already the delicate skin of her splinter was torn and she was bleeding. Red
streams run through her buttocks and on the ground...

"God! I don't want to die with a cock in my ass! please don't let it happen!"
she thought as a new wave of pain came to shatter her spine once more. 5
inches of the thick cock were deeply logged in her anus now, pumping the shit
inside her.


A gun went of five times. The bigfoot gave a loud scream as five holes opened
in its head, spraying blood and bone fragments on the ass fucked red head
beneath it. The cock inside her anus became stiff for a second, then it
unloaded a final wave of seed. Hot bigfoot semen flew deep into Dana's
bowels, filling her ass so full, that she hurt. Then the bigfoot fell to the
ground. Dead.

Quickly, she pooped the cock out of her, and looked at her savior. Mulder.
With a smoking "barretta" in his hands. His eyes were feasting upon his
partner's bleeding and violated cunt and asshole, and he had a far away look
on his face...Scully's cheeks burned and she tried to put on the remains of
her skirt to cover loose cunt lips.

"Are you Ok Scully?" he asked, stepping out of his trance as she covered

"Yeah...I think so...Help me stand! I don't think my legs will support me!"

Mulder helped her on her feet. He was aware of her large breasts touching his
through her clothes as she leaned on him.

"I want to see my gynecologist!" Scully mumbled, and fainted from exhaustion.

Mulder looked at her face. Stained with tears, but ever so beautiful. She
took her in his arms and put her inside the car. Then he started the engine
and set off for Washington. Skinner was going to love the report on this


I HOPE THAT YOU ENJOYED IT. - Mr.Stibons 1999.


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