This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age
or easily offended. Stop reading.

X-Files: The Nikki Files Part 1 - Sunday (M/FFF,ncon,creature)
by Wonder Mike ([email protected])

There was a new wrestler debuting for the CWF, Dwight White was going to
break him into the business.

Jupiter: Crybaby, I want you to take this new guy, we should call him, the
man with now name, how mysterious, no I've got it, we will call him The
Amazing Hulk.

Dwight: Like Hulk Hogan?

Jupiter: What do you think? I want you and Mrs. The Crybaby to take him home.

Dwight: What is his real name?

Jupiter: I didn't bother to ask.

Dwight: I have to call Nikki first before I bring anyone home.

Jupiter: Just meet Hulk, then call the Mrs. Me and Mary are going to the
Hardrock Hotel for a night of sex.

Dwight; You got a room at the Hardrock?

Jupiter: A room?

The Hulk entered through the curtain, Dwight was taken aback by his
appearance. He looked like a professor, about five feet tall with glasses.

Dwight: Jupiter, he can't be more than 120 pounds, I can't wrestle him, my
lunch weighed more than him. We should call him Poindexter.

Jupiter: He was four hundred pounds when I met him, I think he shrunk in the
air conditioning, he told me not to worry, I am not worrying.

Dwight called Nikki, he told her he was bringing home a new wrestler, Jupiter
promised to give him a weeks pay to watch over him, Nikki thought it was
cool, they could use the extra money.

* * *

FBI agent Dana Scully was back working after the birth of her baby, she loved
motherhood but she was itching to get back to work, she could barely contain
her enthusiasm when agent Doggett entered her office.

Doggett: It is great to have you back Scully, I have been working on a case
that doesn't involve black oil.

Scully: I am glad, I don't want to hear about aliens for a while.

Doggett: How is Agent Mulder doing anyway?

Scully: Very funny.

Doggett: We have been getting reports of, get this, bigfoot, there have been
sitings from New York heading west.

Scully: You've got to be kidding.

Doggett: Not at all, there have been dozens of sitings, and this man has been
seen leaving the site of four of them.

Doggett showed Scully a picture of a man that looked like a scientist, she
looked the picture up and down.

Scully: What do we know about him.

Doggett: Nothing at all, we have prints and DNA, but there is no match for
them, we know he is connected somehow.

Scully: What does the "Bigfoot" look like?

Doggett: Classic, he is about eight feet tall covered with thick, long brown
hair, according to witnesses. It's last known whereabouts where just outside
of Vegas, there is a chopper waiting, we will be there within the hour.

Nikki White was in the apartment with her best friend Mary when Dwight and
Hulk arrived.

Mary: Who's your little friend Dwight.

Dwight: I don't know, we just call him Hulk.

Mary: That's because he's so huge, I get it. Nikki, I think Jupiter is losing
his mind.

Nikki: Be nice for once Mary, besides we are getting paid for letting him
stay here, make yourself comfortable Hulk is it?

Hulk: I am called Hulk, I am a wrestler.

Mary: That's nice, where is the hole you escaped from?

Hulk: I didn't escape, I am here to study you people before the big day.

Nikki: What big day?

Hulk: That is classified, Jupiter offered me a job.

Mary: Aren't wrestlers supposed to be these giant men?

Hulk: I am a giant.

Mary: I think he is off his medication Nikki.

Nikki: Please pay no attention to the rude lady, make yourself comfortable.

The Hulk took off his shirt, then removed his pants, Nikki turned away, Mary
stared at him.

Mary: You don't have much downstairs do you.

Dwight: For God's sake man, put your pants back on.

Hulk: I am comfortable.

Dwight: That is not cool man, put your pants back on and get out of my

Mary: If I was endowed like that, I wouldn't be walking around naked either.

Dwight charger over to the Hulk and put him over his shoulders, he carried
him toward the door, he noticed the Hulk was getting heavier each step he

Hulk: You will put me down.

Dwight dropped the wrestler, he just stared at him, Dwight rubbed his eyes,
he must be dreaming, it looked like the Hulk had doubled in size.

Nikki turned around and looked at the two wrestlers, she rubbed her eyes too,
something strange was going on.

Nikki: What are you doing Dwight, throw him and his clothes out of here.

Dwight shook his head, he then went to pick up the Hulk again.

Hulk: You will put me down.

Dwight sat the wrestler down again, he didn't know why, he just knew he had
to do what the Hulk said.

Hulk: You bother me, you will go back to the arena and wait there for further

Dwight turned and walked out the door, Nikki screamed at him to stop, he just
ignored her and kept going.

Nikki began to run after Dwight, the Hulk told her to stop, sit and calm
down, everything was fine.

The Hulk looked at Mary, she was staring at his member, and wasn't trying to
hide it.

Hulk: You like what you see?

Mary: The bigger the better I say.

The Hulk had a foot long cock hanging between his legs, it seemed to be

Hulk: My people thought you women liked them big, I am here to mate with as
many of you as I can.

Nikki: And what planet are you from?

Hulk: I cannot answer that question.

Nikki: I was just joking, that was a movie.

Hulk: Oh humor, I understand.

Hulk: Mary, you like my penis?

Mary: Me? I can take it, or, please let me take it.

Hulk: You can pleasure me with your mouth.

Mary dropped to her knees and crawled over to the Hulk, she took his cock
with both hands and began to stroke it, she shoved the tip of it down her

The Hulk began to slowly fuck her face, he stuffed ten inches of cock down
her throat, then slowly pulled it out, he grabbed her by her short jet black
hair with both hands.

Nikki sat and watched with a smile on her face, this was just another day as
far as she was concerned, Mary was trying to stuff more cock down her throat.

Nikki: I new you where good Mary, but I never imagined, you have to give me
some pointers some time.

Mary pulled the cock out of her mouth and said. "It's all in the breathing,
you have to breathe through your nose."

Hulk: Take off your clothes.

Mary slipped off her sports bra and black spandex tights. The Hulk leaned
back and checked out her body.

Hulk: You have a nice body for breeding.

Mary: Thanks big guy.

Hulk: You, Nikki, take off your clothes.

Nikki began to whistle, she pulled her tee shirt off over her head, she then
unhooked her bra freeing her double D breasts, Mary frowned.

The Hulk looked her over as Mary began to suck his cock again, she was going
to prove that silicone breast do not make a girl a good fuck, she stuffed a
foot of thick cock down her throat.

The Hulk motioned for Nikki to come over and join them, she pulled off her
jeans and took one giant leap over to the couple, he grabbed her by the hair
and pulled her head down to his cock.

Nikki cupped his balls and began to lick them as Mary sucked his cock, Hulk
stroked both their heads, they then switched places, Nikki began to suck his
cock as Mary licked his balls.

Nikki took eight inches of cock down her throat, she then began to gag, Hulk
grabbed her by the hair and forced her to take it deeper.

Mary: Breathe through the nose, don't forget to breathe through the nose.

Nikki Headed her advice she took another two inches down her throat, Mary
snatched the cock from her.

Mary began to stroke the cock as she sucked it, Nikki was once again licking
his balls.

Mary: I wish Luna was here, she could use this.

The Hulk began to fondle Nikki's huge tits, Nikki began to sway back and
forth, she began to pinch her own nipples.

Nikki shook her head, this was disturbing to her, she knew this was wrong.

Nikki: This is wrong, I am not just a pair of tits, look at my ass.

Nikki spun around and began to shake her ass at the Hulk, he nodded

Hulk: It is a very nice ass.

The Hulk mounted Nikki from behind, he slammed his eighteen inch cock into
her tight pussy.

Nikki squealed as the Hulk rammed his fat cock to the hilt inside of her, she
rocked back against him, the Hulk grabbed her by the hair and leaned back.

Mary began to slap Nikki's ass as the Hulk fucked her, Nikki was screaming

Nikki: Fuck me you beast, give it to me long and hard.

Mary: I would have never guessed you where a screamer, I like it.

Mary crawled between Nikki's legs, she began to lick at her pussy as the Hulk
fucked her.

Mary had a magic tongue, it was too much for Nikki, she was cumming already,
the slicker her pussy got, the harder the Hulk fucked her.

The Hulk was slapping Nikki's ass now, he left his hand print on it, Nikki
had stopped screaming now, she just had a grin on her face.

Nikki began slamming back into the beast, taking the entire length of his
cock with each stroke, her long Hair was entangled with the Hulk's.

Mary: Fuck him good Red, come on Hulk fuck her, make her scream.

Mary hadn't noticed how hairy the Hulk's back was, she began to run her
fingers through it, it was silky smooth.

The Hulk had lifted Nikki off the ground underneath him, he was sliding her
back and forth on his cock.

The Hulk slammed Nikki harder and harder on his cock, she went limp, she was
on the verge of unconsciousness.

Mary: Knock that bitch out, do it Hulk. The Hulk pulled out of Nikki and
tossed her aside, he grinned at Mary.

* * *

Dwight was at the CWF arena, he couldn't remember why he was there, he did
know that he had left Nikki alone with a strange man, he headed back to his

* * *

The Hulk was on his back now, Mary was swaying over him from side to side,
Nikki was curled up in a ball next to him, she still had the smile on her

Mary: Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Mary lowered herself onto Hulk's cock, all eighteen inches vanished into her
cunt easily. She began sliding from side to side on it.

The Hulk began to lift her up and down on his cock, Mary was slamming her
pussy up and down on him, the Hulk began to thrust up into her.

Mary: Fuck me big boy, fuck me like the dirty whore I am.

The Hulk grabbed her by her small tits and used them to lift her up and down,
Mary was slamming herself on his cocks even harder.

Mary: God, this is the best ever, I can't believe it, The Hulk began to slam
his cock into her harder, he was knocking her into the air with each stroke.

The cum was dripping down her pussy, she was on her third orgasm, and she
wanted more.

Mary could feel her pussy being split open, it felt like the cock was growing
inside of her, that was impossible, the Hulk looked even taller and muscular,
she must be delirious, he was covered in what looked like fur. She was going
to pass out.

Mary was shaken from the bliss as the door swung open, a lady in a suit, with
a gun.

Dana Scully: Freeze, FBI.

Scully had been tracking the Hulk for a week, it was her first case on her
return to the X-Files, she had finally got up with him, and she had him at a
disadvantage. Agent Doggett charged across the room.

The Hulk stood up, the diminutive Mary still impaled on his cock, she slowly
slid off, his two foot weapon was pointed at Agent Scully.

Scully: JESUS!

Agent Doggett instinctively turned away, the Hulk looked at him and told him
to drop his gun.

Doggett set his gun down on the table, Scully yelled at him.

Scully: What are you doing? Agent Doggett get your gun, John, what's wrong?

Hulk: You, Doggett, turn around.

Agent Doggett turned around so he was facing the door, Scully brushed past
him with her gun pointed at the Hulk.

Hulk: You may put your weapon down.

Agent Scully set her gun down on the table next to her partners, it seemed
like the thing to do.

Hulk: Remove your clothing, you are overdressed.

Scully: You are right, I have way too much clothing on, I feel ridiculous.

Dana unbuttoned her jacket and threw it across the couch, she began to
unbutton her white silk blouse.

Hulk: DO it slowly.

Dana ran her fingers over each button as she undid them, she began to sway
back and forth.

Hulk: Dance for me.

Scully began to twirl as she threw off her shirt, she then stepped out of her

Dana Scully was down to her bra, panties and garter, she kicked her leg up,
her garter flew across the room an landed at the Hulks feet, she then
unhooked her bra.

Scully's breast where still enlarged from child birth, she pinched her
nipples, the milk squirted across the room, the Hulk summoned her.

Scully ran across the room to meet him, he grabbed hold of both her breast
and began to suck the milk from them, he then reached into her red panties
and ripped them off, he shoved a finger into her red bush.

The Hulk pushed Dana to her knees, his entire body was covered in fur except
for his two foot long cock, he laid it across her cheeks, then shoved it into
her mouth.

The Hulk told agent Doggett to turn around, he spun and smiled as he watched
Scully try to jam the giant cock down her throat.

Hulk: You like watching her suck cock, don't you?

Doggett: Yes, do, I told her a long time ago it was what she needed.

Hulk: Excellent.

Scully had ten inches of cock down her throat, she stroked it with both
hands, the hulk began to fuck her face.

Hulk: Nikki, get up and help her.

Nikki tried to get up, but her legs were useless, she crawled over to Scully.

Hulk: Suck her tits, I want you to milk them dry.

Nikki kneeled next to Scully, she rubbed her tits against Dana's, she then
began to lap at both of their nipples.

The milk began to drip out of Dana's nipples, it dripped across Nikki's tits,
Nikki licked it off, the Hulk laid Dana on her back.

Scully spread her legs as wide apart as she could, the Hulk slammed all two
feet of it into her as Nikki continued to suck her tits.

Dana: AAAUUUGH, it's too big, it's too big, it hurts.

Hulk; It's not too big, you want to be fucked hard don't you? It feels good.

Dana: It feels good, fuck me hard, I want more.

Scully wrapped her legs around the Hulk, they rolled from side to side as he
slammed his cock into her.

Dana: GOD yes, fuck me harder, HARDER, I need it bad, make me a woman.

The Hulk rolled all the way over, Scully was on top of him now, she began
bouncing up and down on his cock.

Nikki and Dana where running their hands through his fur, Scully was
squirting her milk into Nikki's open mouth.

Nikki: I need you to cum in my mouth, shoot your load down my throat.

Nikki reached down and yanked the two foot cock out of Dana's pussy, she
began to jerk it and it began to spray.

Dwight came bursting into the room, he entered as the first spurt of cum
splattered across Nikki's cheek, she opened her mouth and caught the next

The force of the stream knocked her on her ass, Dana jumped up and caught the
next stream across her breast, she quickly stuffed the cock down her throat
and began to milk it.

Dwight charged at the Hulk, he was going to knock his head off.

Hulk: Stop.

Dwight froze in his tracks, it was perfectly natural to watch his wife
swallowing cum.

The cum was shooting like a hose down Scully's throat, she couldn't swallow
quickly enough and it came shooting out her mouth, Mary ran across the room
to take her place.

The Hulk shoot stream after stream of cum down Mary's throat until she could
swallow no more.

The Hulk laid the three girls in a circle, head to head to head, he continued
to spray them until they where all covered in his seed, he began to shrink.

Doggett and Dwight began to shake, they then slowly began to approach the
would be wrestler, the Hulk bounded out the door before they came back to
their senses, he decided to head west, LA maybe.


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