X-Files: The Alien Perils Of Agent Scully Part 7 (m+/f,ncon)
by Andrew ([email protected])

The continuing "Perils of Agent Scully" story. The story so far... Dana
Scully has been chosen as an experimental subject for a joint
Alien-Government project that involves making all red-headed women into a
huge herd of large breasted human cows. Well, she's been raped several times
by men, beasts, aliens, machines etc. Let's see what perils Dana will be
encountering in this installment....

Dana was once again dressed in her normal business suit, with her breasts
firmly encased in a special half cup bra that allowed her pierced nipples to
rub against the shear material of her shirt, making her nipples stand proud
of her huge mams. Her huge alien penis was strapped to the inside of her
thigh, and she wore her standard white stockings and suspenders, and black
high heel shoes. Her trousers were of a very loose cut, so the penis could
not be seen, unless looked for.

"Right, Dana," said Doctor Kidman, "The next subject is a Detective in the
Baltimore Police Department. I would say she's about 5 foot 6, and has long
curly red-blonde hair. She found her breasts suddenly increasing in size, and
as she normally wears men's type clothing, this sudden increase caused her
no end of problems. She was sent to us by the Police Departments doctors for
examination, and they've reported her growth to us." Walking from the
building they both got into a surveillance van, that drove off at great
speed. Dana watched as they drove onto an Airforce base, and straight into a
transport plane that took off immediately the van was secure. Landing in
Baltimore, Kidman radioed another surveillance team who had been following
the potential bovine during the last 24 hours. After a brief discussion,
Kidman turned to Scully and said, "Right, we want you to approach Detective
Kay Howard at home where she is resting after her shock growth. The cover
will be that of an X-file you are investigating relating to Macromastia."

Giving Scully a tape measure, and a medical bag, Kidman continued, "We need
you to measure the size of the growth of the breasts, and then to inject her
with this drug that will make her follow your instructions. Bring her down
to the van where we will take her back to the Facility for conditioning.

Dana got out of the van, and walked into the apartment building. "It's good
to be out," she thought as she walked up the stairs to Kay's apartment.
"Finally getting used to the weight of these tits" she mused, as they bounced
in response to her movements, her nipples rubbing against the inside of her
shirt, growing hard and as large as .44 calibre bullets. Ringing the bell,
she jumped as she heard a voice say, "Yes?".

"FBI," replied Dana, "I've come about your sudden growth spurt." Kay opened
the door, and let Scully into the apartment. "We believe that the effect is
caused by a chemical release in the Baltimore area, but we need to confirm
that you've been affected. For that we need a blood test." Kay agreed, and
rolled up her sleeve of her shirt. Kay was wearing a pair of trousers, and a
mans shirt which covered a huge pair of tits that looked out of place on a
woman of her size, which made Dana's penis jerk against the restraints that
held it to her thigh. Dana injected the drug into Kay's body, and after a
few minutes, she noticed that Kay had become relaxed. "Remove your shirt."
Ordered Dana, and Kay removed her shirt revealing a pair of FF-cup breasts,
about the same size as Dana's. Pulling out the tape measure, she measured
each of Kay's huge tits and noted down the sizes. From the firmness of the
breasts, and the large number of veins that showed through the skin, Dana
knew that Kay was overdue for milking. By now, Dana's penis was crying out
to be touched, so Dana undid her trousers, and undid it's restraints. The
penis was hard in a couple of seconds as Dana stroked it.

Telling Kay to lie down on the floor, Dana looked around the apartment for
some rope. She remembered a few days ago when a guard had tit fucked her,
and decided to give Kay the same treatment. Tying the rope at the top of each
tit, she joined the two masses of flesh together with a slip knot. Putting
her vein twisted prick between Kay's mammoth boobs, she tightened the ropes
until she had enough friction. Dana began to tit fuck Kay. With each thrust,
milk oozed from Kay's bloated breasts, lubricating Dana's thrusting penis.
As Dana's orgasm approached, she order Kay to open her mouth, so that when
she began to cum, it filled Kay's mouth and sprayed onto her face and into
her hair. Satiated, Dana re-strapped her penis to her leg, made Kay clean
her self up, and took her down to the van. When they were back in the van,
Kidman was smiling. "Did you enjoy that Dana?" she asked, as the van speed
through the city. "We had surveillance cameras installed in her room as soon
as we found out about her predicament, so we got you on video having your
fun." Kidman laughed, enjoying the conversion of Dana into one of them.

Back at the facility, they both walked into room which had a glass panel in
the wall. It looked into a room that looked like a replica of a Police cage.
Kneeling on a chair in the cage was Kay Howard, her long hair, which was
tied back, hung down her back, and loose straggles of it hung down either
side of her freckled face. Her now pendulous tits hung down the back of the
chair, and swayed with each breath she took.

Kay's ankles were handcuffed to the chair legs, and her arms were 'cuffed
to the bars in the cage so that her face was pressed hard against them. She
also wore the obligatory jaw spreader, so that her mouth was wide open, and
the spreader was fastened to the bars so that her jaw was always pressed to
the bars. On the table in the cell lay a number of pieces of Police
equipment, including a couple of Police batons and tazers. Also in the cell
were a couple of buckets.

"Obviously, with a bovine such as this, her humiliation must be extreme.
What better way then to get a few of her former violent rape case convicts
to give her a good seeing to. Of course, we've modified them so that their
penises are at least a foot long when erect, extremely thick, with amazing
recuperative powers." Five men walked into the room, each with huge dicks.
As soon as Kay saw them she began to struggle, but the chair was securely
fastened to the floor, and the handcuffs were standard Police issue.

"Well, if it aint the bitch that sent us down. Bet she didn't think we'd
have her in this position." said one of the men, as he walked around the
table examining the implements on it. "Christ, look at the size of them
jugs!!" said another, as he knelt beside them and hefted one of her tits
in his hand, "She was one scrawny bitch when I last saw her." "Must have
had a boob job," replied another, who stood in front of her face with his
huge phallus in his hand, stroking it hard. "Let's see if she can take this
lump of meat down her throat!", he said as he forced his bloated member
into her mouth. His head just fit into her mouth, and when he began to push
against the back of Kay's throat, she began to gag. Not taking any notice,
he pulled his dick back a bit and thrust his hips forward, again hitting
the back of her throat. With each thrust Kay thought that her throat would
split due to the size of the prick in her mouth. As one thrust in her
throat, another had decided to give her cunt a quick fucking, timing his
strokes with that of the other guy. Kay's tit's swung with each violent
thrust of the rapists tool up her vagina. After a few minutes, they shot
their loads, one down her throat and on her face, the other deep into her

In the secret room, Doctor Kidman was fingering her clit and rubbing her
nipples through the material of her dress. Dana's penis was slowly growing
hard seeing the punishment of the woman through the glass.

"The tazers have been specially modified so that they provide varying
degrees of shock, from bowel loosening to mild sting." Two of the men had
picked up the tazers and were standing beside Kay. "Where are we going to
shoot these little babies?" asked one, looking over her bound body. "How's
one in each of her big tit's?" said the other, firing the needle into one
of Kay's pendulous boobs. The other did the same, and then stood back.
"Phasors on stun" he said laughing as her turned the tazer on full. Kay's
body stiffened as the shock went through her body, and after a few seconds,
she'd lost control of her bowels, and piss was flowing from her cunt, down
her legs, and pooled in the chair. Laughing at her predicament, the other
guy shocked her as well, with the same results.

As they were shocking Kay, another of the rapists picked up one of the
Police batons and stood behind her. "Nice pair of buns" he said, as he
pushed the stick into her arse. As her anal muscles clenched with each
shock, he had to push hard to force the baton in and out of her body,
loosening her tight sphincter muscles, "Need to get the hole wide enough
to take our dicks." he said, rotating the baton in a wide circle.

Tears streamed down Kay's face as the baton slowly widened her arsehole,
and the shocks from the tazers swept through her body. "Hey," said another
guy," has anyone fucked a bitch whilst they were being shocked. Let's give
it a go!" Turning the tazers down to mild, the guy that was loosening her
arse hole pulled the baton out, and pushed his bulbous prick in to replace
it. Even though he'd been pushing the baton deep into Kay's body, it took
a while for his prick to be fully inserted. Another rapist, stood behind
the first and pushed his dick into her sopping wet cunt, whilst a third
one pushed his purple helmet into her mouth. As they began to thrust in
and out, one of them triggered the tazer which caused Kay's body to stiffen.
Her cunt, anal and throat muscles all contracted on the huge tools thrusting
into her ravaged body, transferring the small charge into the rapists
penises. Again after a good ten minutes of fucking they began to cum,
spurting their loads deep into Kay's ravaged body. Spunk now dribbled from
every orifice, as the vast quantity of spunk shot into her escaped her now
loose holes.

Dana was now using her tits to masturbate her penis, rubbing the gland
between her pendulous boobs. As each thrust went into Kay, Scully mimicked
the thrust with her tits, imagining that she was the one fucking Kay's
tight arse. The penis soon shot its load as Danaorgasamed, sending cum
spraying into her open mouth, and into her red hair, spunk dribbling down
her chin and onto her tits. Kay's torment wasn't over yet as another of the
rapists started fucking her now wide open arse hole, which slurped as he
thrust his tool into her bowels. The first rapist picked up the discarded
shit covered baton and stood at the side of Kay and watched as her tit's
swung with the rhythm of the fucking. Lifting the baton above his head, he
brought it down onto one of her pendulous orbs, forcing the mound of flesh
against the bars of the cell.

Kay grunted, and began to weep anew, as the pain from the anal fucking mixed
with the continuing battering of her tits. After a few minutes of bruising,
milk started to spray from her nipple when the flesh was smashed into the
cell bars. Soon milk was dribbling from the end of the bruised udder even
though it wasn't being hit. Seeing what was going on, one of the other men
started hitting her other tit until that to was spraying milk freely.
Putting buckets under each breast, they began to squeeze and twist each of
Kay's breasts, forcing milk from her nipples and into the buckets.

After finishing beating and squeezing the milk from Kay's tits, and taking
turns in fucking her cavernous cunt and arse, as well as making her gag on
their huge pricks by jamming them down her throat, they left her cum soaked,
bruised body to be cleaned up.

Thanks to all those who sent suggestions. Keep on sending them so I can
incorporate them into the "The Perils of Agent Scully". If anyone is a
cartoonist, could they draw dome of the scenes that have been described
above, and in the previous story "Scully Vs Alien Plant Monster" .


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