X-Files: The Alien Perils Of Agency Scully Part 4 (m/best/f,ncon,bukkake)
by Andrew ([email protected])

Well, the following story is a continuation of my epic "The Alien Perils of
Agent Scully". It's an adult story, so if you're under age don't read it...
Anyway, the story so far: Dana Scully has had her breasts enhanced by alien
chemicals that have increased their size to 38FF and caused them to begin
lactation. Trapped inside a Secret Joint Government-Alien Bondage Laboratory
have subjected Agent Scully to bestiality, milking, rape as well as being
turned into a Pony Girl...

Another day dawns. After being forced to eat horse sperm, Agent Scully was
undressed, and the alien healing lotion was applied to her body. Being locked
in her cell she slept soundly, until again being woken by the sound of the
door sliding open and Doctor Kidman, followed by two guards and Nurse Parton,
walking into the room. Today Doctor Kidman was wearing a tight lycra dress,
with a pair of black 6 inch high heels. The Nurse placed a bundle at the base
of Dana's bed, and left the room. "Good morning, heffer. How's our best
milker doing today?" she asked, knowing full well that Scully couldn't reply
because of the ball gag that was inserted in her mouth. She signalled the two
guards forward, who grabbed hold of Dana's legs spreading her crotch wide
open. Then Nurse Parton re-entered the room pushing a medical trolley. Doctor
Kidman held out her hand, and the nurse put a large dildo in her hand.

Kidman leant forward so she could have a better look at Dana's snatch.
Putting her fingers between her cunt lips she parted them to have a look at
the entrance to her red vagina. As soon as she touched Dana's cunt, she began
to moisten. Kidman held the huge dildo at the opening of Scully's cunt, and
tried to insert it into the now tight passage. What was easily sliding freely
yesterday Kidman couldn't even get the head inserted. "This healing cream is
amazing! We can keep on giving women really cavernous cunts and arses, and
still have them as tight as virgins the next day." Giving up trying to insert
the toy inside Scully, she ordered the guards to dress her in her new

A 3 inch wide leather strap was wrapped around each breast pulled tight,
and buckled. The two straps were then passed behind her neck, and fastened
together. This had the effect of making both her breasts look like large,
firm oranges, her nipples and tits protruding well from her body. Sets of
metal pins were pushed through the straps and into the base of each tit. A
metal strap was then passed over the top of the pins, providing a good
electrical contact. A black box was forced between Dana's tits, and the two
metal straps connected to it. "This little box could provide you with a small

Kidman said, by flipping a switch on the remote control, causing Dana to
jump, "or if you try to escape today, I could turn it to full power and fry
you." Black crotchless panties were then pulled over her firm buttocks, and
a black suspender belt fastened around her waist. A pair of black sheer
stockings were then pulled over her legs, and the suspender belt attached to
hold them up. A black lycra top was then pulled over her arms and her head,
covering her tits, but leaving the central section from her neck to her navel
clear. A micro mini skirt was then pulled over her hips, which didn't even
cover the tops of her stockings and the bottom of her arse, revealing her red
pubic hair and her cunt lips pocking out from the crotchless panties. A pair
of 6 inch high heels were then placed on her feet.

The ball gag was removed, and quickly replaced by 2 dental spreaders, which
kept her mouth wide open, but stopped her talking. Her glasses were returned
to her, and a white maids hat was fastened to her head. Finally an small
white apron was fastened around her hips which had the words "Stop me and
fuck me" printed on it. Her arms were once again placed back in the leather
glove, and fastened behind her back. A dog collar was finally attached around
her neck, with a strong metal chain attached to it.

Kidman then lead Scully from her cell, down the corridor to an underground
garage. Dragging her into the van, she made Scully sit on a seat that had a
pair of vibrators attached to it - one for each hole. As the van moved off,
each jerk, bump and corner caused the vibrators to move around, sending
erotic sensations through Scully's over-sexed body. "We've had a presence in
this rural area for years, and the local's look forward to us showing them
the latest milker in the herd." They drove into the centre of the small town.
All the women that Scully could see were amazingly well endowed, most of them
walked freely along the street, whilst some of the women were being lead
around on all fours like pets, their huge nipples and breasts scrapping along
the ground. Once they'd reached the main square, Kidman lead her prize heifer
to a metal post in the middle of the square and attached the metal chain to
it. "I'll leave you here for a few hours to get you aquatinted with the
locals. I'll be watching from the van."

Scully looked around her surroundings. The town looked like any small hick
town, with pickup trucks parked outside the convenience store, and various
people wandering the streets. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a fat guy,
with a huge German shepherd dog, walking towards her. "Well, look'ee here,
Rover, we've got ourselves a red headed heifer this week." His hand reached
forward and grabbed hold of one of her nipple rings through the material of
her dress. Reaching his other hand forward, he spread Scully's cunt lips with
his fat fingers, and pushed one of them inside. After a few minutes of
groping Dana's tits and fingering her cunt, he said "Cunt's too tight for my
dick, might as well get a decent blow job instead. Rover's not had a bitch in
weeks so you'll have to do." Pulling on the chain he told Dana to get on her
hands and knees. When she refused, she felt an electric shock pass through
her breasts. Taking the warning, she got down on her hands and knees. The
farmer lead his dog to behind Scully, and pushed the dogs nose in her cunt.
As soon as he smelt her cunt juices, the dog got a hard on, and began to lick
her cunt and arse hole. With the dog started on her cunt, the farmer moved
back in front of Scully. Releasing the belt on his trousers, he pulled out
his dick. Even though it was still flaccid it was already a good eight inches
long. As he stared at the dog tonguing Scully's cunt, it grew hard, extending
to about a foot, with a girth of at least 2 inches. Kneeling in front on
Dana, he lifted her head, and began to insert the huge piece of meat into
Scully's wide open mouth. Without the suction of her red lips, the only way
he'd get any satisfaction would be to fuck her throat.

Looking down, all he could see was the white maids hat, a glint of her
glasses amidst a mass of red hair that completely surrounded his crotch as
her face pressed against him. He leaned forward, trying to push himself
farther within her, feeling the head of his manhood grind against the back
of her throat. Scully gagged, her nostrils flaring as she tried to breathe
through the pubic hair in her eyes and nose. The farmers hand held her in
place, his penis slowly working its way down into her throat.

He then slowly pulled on her hair, and her head, back, as her tongue slid
the length of his penis. No sooner was his head in her mouth that he quickly
grabbed her head, jerking Scully's head over him, as she gagged again, his
penis grinding into her throat. Seeing that his master had his penis inside
Dana, the dog mounted her back, and it's genetically enhanced penis prodded
at the entrance to her now sopping cunt. With a quick jerk, the dog entered
Scully's cunt, and, with it's hind legs pushing hard, thrust his dick deep
into her body. Once fully inserted, it began to quickly thrust in and out of
her tight vaginal passage.

The farmers penis began to throb, as his precum oozed into Scully's warm,
inviting mouth. The dog thrust quicker and quicker, as Scully felt it's
breath on the back of her neck quicken, and the knot at the base of the dogs
penis bashed relentlessly on her exposed clit. Suddenly, the farmer viciously
grabbed another fistful of her hair, and rammed himself as deep as he could
within her tight throat.

Scully gagged violently as her throat bulged underneath her chin as he drove
down. "RRGHH!!" the farmer growled, his entire body spasaming as he came.
His seed fired into Dana's throat. She gagged and gargled as his discharge
seeped down her throat, filling her mouth. Soon, the cum began oozing from
her lips around his penis. Dana made strange gurgling sounds, then swallowed
heavily, gulping down his discharge. He continued to come, his grip on her
hair slowly weakening. Scully slurped it down, but the cum still oozed out
slowly around her lips. The farmer jerked her head back and forth violently,
her hair whipping around like a doll's. She could feel his cum sliding down
her throat into her stomach, but she could only gulp down more as it shot
into her mouth and throat. At the same moment, the dog thrust one more time,
and she could feel the dogs semen spraying deep into her womb. Scully
shivered as spurt after spurt shot into her body, one cuming into her stomach
the other in her cunt.

As Scully was being violated again, a gang of 8 farm workers had arrived to
check out the latest heifer. Enjoying the free bestiality floor show, they
all had their massive dicks in the hands, wanking as fast as they could. Near
to Scully's prostrate form was a bucket, a quarter full of a thick, white

Every time one of the workers began to cum, he'd go over to the bucket and
shoot his load into it, slowly filling the bucket. Once the fat farmer and
his dog had pulled out of Dana, the farm workers got their chance to rape
her. "Stand up, heifer", said one of the workers, his hand continually
stroking his cum soaked prick. Dana tottered on her 6 inch high heels as she
stood up, and spunk dribbled from her inflamed cunt lips, down her stockinged
legs. "No way ahm sticking ma dick into dog spunk, you're gonna get yore arse
fucked, heifer!" Making Scully lean forward, he tried to push his massive
member into her anus. Gripping her thighs with his hands, he tried with all
his might to force his swollen penis head into Dana's tight hole. "Well I'll
be! It's tighter than a gnats arse. Jim-Bob go and get the grease gun from
the truck, this hole need's a bit o' greasing." Jim Bob pointed the grease
gun at Dana's tight, puckered anus, and pressed the trigger. Grease sprayed
out, covering the opening. He then forced the nozzle of the gun inside her
anal passage, and again pressed the trigger. Scully felt the cold grease
shoot into her bowels, coating the inside of her passage with lubricant. Just
to make sure he pulled the trigger again, shooting another wad of grease deep
into her arse.

Still the cum-bucket was being filled, the genetically altered workers never
loosing their erection's and always able to keep on cuming. Seeing that
Dana's anus was well lubed, the worker rubbed his massive penis head up and
down her buttock cleft, lubricating his tool. The one thing that shocked
Scully was the fact that, even though at the end of each day her cunt and
arse would end up so cavernous that a Mac truck would be able to drive
inside, each morning she'd have to go through the pain of being broken again
and again. This night, she resolved, she'd try to escape. The worker began
to ease his greased pole into her tight anal passage. With great force, the
sphincter muscles slowly parted, and the huge head of his penis popped
inside. The puckered opening spasamed as it tried to accommodate the huge
member invading it. Grunting, the farm worker slowly forced his prick up into
her bowels. Tears of pain rolled from Dana's grey eyes as her anus was
violated. After what seemed like an eternity, she felt his testicles touch
her sensitive cunt. Once fully inserted, the worker leant forward, and
grabbed hold of her massive udders. Holding the firmly, he stood up straight,
and Dana slid a couple more inches onto his shaft, her feet lifted off the
ground. Two guys came forward, each one pulling out one of Scully's huge
mam's, whilst another 2 got hold of her thighs. The two tit guys, and thigh
guys, began to lift her of the first workers penis. When they were nearly off
it, they let gravity force Scully back onto his shaft. With greater speed,
they began to ram Dana onto his prick until she felt, his breath quickening
on her back. With one last thrust, he shot his load into Dana's bowels.
Pulling his steaming cock out of her anal passage, he drained the last dregs
of spunk into the bucket, which was now half full.

Ordering Scully to kneel down, one of the workers forced back her head by
pulling on her red hair. "We've made a special cocktail for ya. Drink it down
now!", said the worker as he tipped the bucket of spunk into wide open mouth.
In rebellion, Scully closed her throat, and the spunk filled her mouth,
running down her cheeks, into her eyes, through her hair and onto her tits.
The rest of the works were now shooting their loads directly at Scully's
tit's, face and hair, coating her body with cum. She couldn't hold her breath
for ever, and she reflexively opened her throat, allowing the spunk down her
throat and into her stomach. The worker carried on pouring, the globs of
spunk coating the inside of Scully's mouth. She gagged, but still she had to
keep swallowing the warm fluid as the worker kept on pouring. She could feel
the heavy stuff filling her stomach, as more and more poured out of the

Finally, the spunk ran out, she heard one of them say "Now that's what I call
a liquid diet" as the workers drove away laughing. Scully retched, as spunk
dribbled out of her mouth onto the concrete floor. Her red hair was plastered
to her head from the loads of cum that had been shot on her face, and her
boobs shone from the vast amounts of semen that had missed her face, and her
stomach was so bloated from the large quantity of semen she'd been forced to
drink, that she now looked pregnant.

Doctor Kidman examined Dana's cum soaked body, which lay in the foetal
position on the floor, a pool of drying spunk surrounding her body. She knelt
down and gave one of Scully's udder's a firm squeeze. A dribble of milk
issued from her swollen nipple. "Enough fun, it's time for those huge udders
of yours to do some work, heifer." She ordered the guards to drag Scully's
ravaged body back to the van.

Dragging Scully's prone form from the van at the facility, the guards take
her to a part of the complex she hadn't seen previously. Entering a room off
the corridor, the guards then stripped off her cum soaked clothes, leaving
only her garter belt, stockings and high heel shoes. This gave Scully the
chance to examine her surroundings. In the centre of the room there was a
metal stand, about 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. On top of the stand was a
metal grill that was made up of 1/4 inch metal bars, making a grid of 1 inch
squares. Mounted just below the grid were 4 electric bar fires, which were
used to heat the metal grid. Below the grid was a metal funnel, connected to
a standard vacuum milking machine via a hose. About a foot from one of the
walls was mounted on a pivot about 2 foot from the floor, a 7 foot tall post,
connected to the wall via a chain that disappeared into a hole in the wall.
About a third of the way up the post was a metal bar with a bicycle attached
to it. The seat itself had 2 large dildos attached on top of it, and it
appeared that the seat could be adjusted in height. A variety of leather
restraints were attached to the post at various heights. Dana's mind reeled
at what this device would end up doing to her cum-soaked body. Kidman took
hold of a control box that was attached to the base of the post and, pressing
a button, lowered the saddle to below Dana's hips, so that the dildo's would
just touch the outside of her cunt and arse. Removing the dental restraint so
that she could speak, and the leather glove, releasing her hands, the 2
guards lead Scully to stand above the saddle, spreading her legs and holding
her ankles to stop her from moving. "Why are you doing this to me!"

Scully asked Kidman. Again Kidman pressed a button, but this time the saddle
began to rise. The two huge plastic toys entered Dana's cunt, spreading her
lips wide, and up her now cavernous arsehole, slowly inching their way deep
into her body. "AARRGH" Dana cried out in pain, as her vagina and sphincter
muscles stretched to their limits due to the huge size of the dildo's. "Why?
Because the alien's have a thing about red heads, ..", the dildo's were now
all the way inside Dana, and the guards released her ankles, as the saddle
continued to rise, "...and you are our guinea pig so that we'll be able to
feed into the water system chemicals that would make all red heads udder's
grow and lactate .." the guards were now strapping Dana's ankles, thighs,
arms, body and head to the post so that she couldn't move " that they'll
be ready to be herded into special milk farms filled with special milking
tools we're developing here, so we can pay off our debt to the aliens..", the
post was lowered until it was nearly parallel to the floor, the bottom's of
her udders hanging about 2 feet from the floor, allowing one of the guards
to position the metal stand underneath them, "...for allowing us to use their
advanced technologies." The post was raised back to the vertical, and a guard
switched on the electric fires in the stand. Soon the metal grill began to
glow red from the heat. "Please, don't do this... the people won't stand for
it" pleaded Dana. In reply, Kidman pressed a button for the milking process
to begin. "Oh, but they will when they'll have free sexual access to the
herds, plus all the other medical benefits that the aliens will be bringing."
Releasing the button, Scully slowly accelerated towards the ground and as her
full body weight pushed her huge udders into the grill, squeezing the flesh
through the grid, spraying milk into the funnel. A smell of burned flesh
filled the room, as Scully screamed and tears flooded from her grey eyes. As
the post again became vertical, you could see the criss-cross grid pattern of
the grill burnt onto her white fleshy globes. "Nooooo.." she screamed, as
again her huge mam's were fried and squashed spraying milk into the waiting
funnel. As a counter to the pain, Kidman started the vibrators that were
embedded inside Dana's womb and bowels. As the pounding out of the milk
continued, Scully's body went through orgasm after orgasm, until drool rolled
from her mouth and her eyes went listless.

After they'd finished milking her, Dana's breasts were covered in a myriad of
burn marks, and looked like a pair of well done steaks. Again applying the
healing lotion, she was taken back to her cell to recover, and rebuild her
strength for the next day.
_ _ _

Thanks to all those who sent suggestions. Keep on sending them so I can
incorporate them into the "The Alien Perils of Agent Scully". If anyone is
a cartoonist, could they draw some of the scenes that have been described
above, and in the previous sections of the story.


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