X-Files: The Declassified Cases Of Agent Scully - Lady Ripper Part 4
by Star Gazer ([email protected]) (FFF,FF,viol)

As Susan Wright was at the station, Dana Scully was in the bed of one of the
victim's wife and maid. Dana had her pussy and asshole filled with two VERY
big dildoes, which each woman wore.

"Yes, my husband used to get fucked by me and the maid," Alice said, "I knew
of his so called fetish."

Alice kept pumping hard into Dana's well fucked pussy. Dana tried to utter a
word but all that was coming out was moans of pleasure. Alice told Dana of a
club he was apart of, as Dana shook with orgasm after orgasm til she laid
limp on the bed with the other women.

Dana awoke that morning to the smell of coffee. Alice sat next to her rubbing
her ass.

"My you are a horny creature," she smiled. "You took me and my maid to new

Dana rolled over, her body felt like it been through hell. Her pussy was sore
and so was her ass.

"I wrote down everything I could remeber," Alice said. Dana got out of bed,
"You can use the shower if you please. Your clothes have been cleaned, too."

Dana took the coffee and walked to the shower. She just stood under it
feeling the water as it sprayed over her.

Dana sat down and ate breakfast with Alice. Looking over all that she had
written down.

Dana soon joined Susan , at the station givin her the infromation. Susan
told Dana they had a possible lead. They arrived at Dr. Shelly Craft,
psychiatrist. She helped women who have been raped.

The two women waited in the outer office. A small frail looking woman was the
secratary, she looked at Susan and Dana, "Dr. Craft will see you now."

They walked into the office. Susan introduced Dana.

"What can you tell us about this killer?" Dana asked.

Shelly said, "I think it's a woman, whom was probably raped by these things."

"Why can't it be a gay man?" Susan asked.

"It just doesn't feel right. I have been watching all this on the news,"
Shelly said.

"So you think its a woman?"

"Dr. Craft, your Ten o'clock is here," the voice came over the intercom.

Dana said, "I'll check on some leads that the victim's wife gave me.

Susan stayed behind, for it was her appointmet that was to be kept. For Susan
had been raped by a gang of thugs during a drug bust. Thus her hatred of men,
for her own people didn't respone in time to stop them.

Dana was working on a lead, watching a man that Alice told her about. Dana
follwed him into a buliding, she watched him get into a elevator. Dana
followed in the next one.

When she arrived on the floor, she seen blood coming out the door. Dana
pulled her gun and rushed towards the man. He was barley alive. Dana had
saved his life for now, but he needed a doctor.

Soon at the hospital, Dana talked with a doctor, "The man would make it."

Susan arrived. Dana told her everything. Including the person she thought she
seen in the elevator. They went back to Dr. Craft's office. There they found
her laying in a pool of blood. Dana then knew who the killer was.

She rushed back to the hospital just in tme to see the secratary of Dr. Craft
walk into the man's room they just saved. As she raised the thin blade, Dana
shot her, not a fatal wound. Then the room went black. A voice filled the

"I AM THE RIPPER! I can't be killed for these men have done evil to this
young girl. For they have raped her and no justice was done for they were
rich. Thus she made a deal with me and I took revenge."

The lights came back on. The lady laid on the floor holding a blade, her own
throat was cut.

Dana walked out of the room as Susan arrived. "It's over," she said.

Dana spent a few days in the area, as she woke next to Susan rubbing her
stiff nipples and kissing them. Dana's finger worked on her own pussy, too.
Dana felt Susan move through the large double dildo that was between each
of them push farther into Dana's pussy.

Dana laid with her legs open and Susan was soon fucking Dana's pussy while
doing her own. The two woman were moaning, sweating and they both shook as
they felt each orgasm take them.

Dana soon arrived back home and thought, "Was this really the RIPPER?"



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