X-Files: The Declassified Cases Of Agent Scully - Lady Ripper Part 3
by Star Gazer ([email protected]) (Ff,FF,fist)

Dana was in the shower getting ready for her night with Susan Wright. Dana
was washing her breast, when she felt the small hands of the girl. The girl
was making circle around her harded nipples, kissing the back of her neck,
the girl kissed her way down Dana's back. She was kissing Dana's firm ass
cheeks. Dana felt her ass being open and the girls tongue was licking her
asshole. The girl was fucking her ass with her tongue, while fucking her
pussy with three fingers.

Dana was just holding on, as she shook with an orgasm, but this girl wasn't
close to even done. Kneeling the girl opened Dana's lips, put three fingers
in her pussy. The girl then put the others in and soon was fucking her with
her fist. Dana was about to pass out from the sheer pleasure. She came and
came again.

The girl finshed with Dana, got out of shower dried off and left. Dana just
leaned against the wall of the shower, she got out and dried off. Dana saw a


Dana got dressed. She wore a maroon blouse almost sheer, and a pair of black
pants. Dana put her gun behind her back. She checked her makeup which she
wore very little and then made her way to Club Mr. T's.

There she met Susan who wore a dress. Dana noticed Susan didn't wear a bra,
for her breast were bouncing as she walked. They made their way into the

"You think our killer will show up?"

"He might," Susan said.

Dana asked, "Why do you think it's a man?"

"Oh, just a guess really. It could be a woman. Either way it may show up."

Dana watched the show. The men looked almost too good to eat. Dana was
wondering why men would do this, when a scream was heard. Dana ran to the
noise. There she saw a woman laying on the ground. Dana saw a figure running
away and she followed her, but she was too far ahead.

Susan was with the victim and shook her head. Dana was looking over the
scene and found very little to go on, but soon found out this person was a
well known banker. Dana followed the leads, and it took her to a apartment.
She looked around the apartment and found a closet full of ladies clothes.
Dana went through the drawers finding satin panties an bras. Dana found an
address, and she went with Susan.

They arrived and a maid answered the door. Dana showed her and ID asked to
speak to Alice Marsh. The maid showed her in. Dana met Alice she was a
beautiful blonde woman with a touch of gray. Dana told what happen to her
husband. Alice just sat there in shock.

Just then a call came for Susan. Dana told her, "I'll be here."

Alice took her to a room which was full of stuff. Alice turned, took a step
and fell to the floor. Dana was holding her, while on the floor Dana took her
jacket off and placed it around Alice.

"I'm fine now," Alice said. She sat up and she could see Dana's breasts. "My
they are lovely," she said.

"You okay?" Dana said.

"Yes, my dear," Alice was still looking at Dana's breasts.

Alice touched Dana's nipples. Dana just couldn't believe this woman. Her
husband was killed and here she was playing with her nipples. Alice bent
over and kissed Dana's nipples. Her tongue ran over a nipple.

"Come, my dear, I want to show you something."

Dana went to her bedroom. Alice put on a tape.

"Relax, my dear." Alice had her gown open. "This is my husband," she said.
"Come watch."

Dana took off her pumps, sat on the large bed with Alice.

"My dear, please get comfy."

Dana took off her blouse and pants. All she had on was a pair of panties
which barley coverd her pussy. Dana watched as this man did all sorts of sex
acts while dressed as a woman, but Alice was touching Dana's leg. Dana took
off her panties.

Alice's fingers found her clit. She rubbed Dana's clit in slow circles.
Alice's finger dipped into Dana's wet pussy. Dana arched her pussy up to
meet her fingers. Dana kissed her, "Do you have a little something? I'm in
need of a good fucking."

"Why my dear, I do have something. I used it on my husband." Alice got her
big strap-on. Dana smiled and opened her legs leaving her pussy laid opened
waiting for Alice.

To be continue...


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