X-Files: The Declassified Cases Of Agent Scully - Lady Ripper Part 1
by Star Gazer ([email protected]) (MM,F-mast,voy,oral)

Dana was laying in bed with her favorite dildo, a double headed one. One end
was deep in her pussy, she was sucking on the other end. Dana pulled one end
out of her pussy and she began to lick off her own juices. Sticking the other
end into her pussy, the room was filled with the sound of her moaning, her
pussy hugged the dildo. She was just about to cum when the phone rang.

Dana picked up the phone still fucking herself. "Yes?" she said. It was
Walter Skinner. "Yes," Dana said, "I can be there in thrity minutes."

She hung up the phone and continued to fuck herself. Pumping the dildo deep
into her pussy til all she was doing was jerking with a massive orgasm.

* * *

Dana arrived at the FBI building, walked into Dierector Skinner's office.
She was in a pair of dark pants and shirt, with a jacket. "What's up?" she
asked being called in so late.

Skinner handed her a file. Dana opened the it, she saw pictures of what looks
like women killed til she seen the close up of one. "Is this a man," she
asked, "dressed as a woman?"

"Yes," he said, "These was taken at a New York club."

"So what the big deal?" she said,

"They found this," he showed her another picture.


Dana sat down, "You mean Jack the Ripper?"

Skinner just looked at her, "You tell me. I need your skills as a doctor to
look at these bodies. I know I have seen many things since you and Mulder
opened those files."

Dana said, "I'll leave in the morning."


Dana got up to leave, when she walked back to asks him something. Then she
heard a voice, she knew the voice too. It was the Smoking Man. Then she heard
nothing but then a low moan. Dana peeked into the office and saw Skinner
sitting in a chair. His pants was down around his ankles. Dana watched as she
saw the Smoking Man's head bobbing up and down.

Dana was rubbing her nipples for she wore no bra. Her hand found a hard
nipple, the other found her wet pussy. Dana felt weaked kneed, as she rubbed
her clit. She came within minutes, as she watched Skinner fuck the other
man's mouth.

* * *

Dana arrived at her apartment, she sat down at her computer and pulled up
everythng on Jack the Ripper. She fell asleep and woke in the morning. She
made her way to the airport, she wore a mid-lenght skirt and white blouse
with jacket. Dana was sitting in first class, she was still on her lap top.

The flight attendant came by asked her to put it away. Dana did and took off
her jacket, her nipples became hard due to the cool air on the plane. It made
Dana all wet, but it would be a short flight, so she would have to wait.

She arrived in New York, got her a hotel and just as she was getting unpacked
a knock at the door. She opened the door and there stood a dark hair woman in
a long coat.

"Agent Scully?" she asked.

"Yes," Dana said closing the door.

To be continued...


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