X-Files: Scully's Private X-Files Part 6 - The Windigo Part 3 (MMMF,ncon)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

Scully and Corporal James had decided to go off in separate directions. They
had agreed to search for signs of the missing girl alone in order to cover
more area along that lake. But Scully had suspected that Sarah just waned to
be alone to collect her thoughts after the horrid nightmare she had the night
before. She had tried to comfort the girl, but the obvious growing attraction
between the two women made this difficult, so she left the young RCMP Officer
to her own devices.

All seem rather pleasant at first. The rustle of leaves, the amusing
birdcalls, and the gentle lapping of the water on the shore, she was actually
starting to enjoy all of this. But then suddenly, all when quiet. Only the
sound she could hear was that of her footfalls and her increasingly nervous
breathing. She had been in the woods many times before while in the line of
duty, but here in this place, it felt different. It made her very uneasy the
farther she got away from camp. Her heart began to pound in her ample chest
from the fear of what was out there in these wilds. The forest seemed to
close in on her...her mind conjuring up strange images in the shade. She soon
had enough; she turns to make her way back when a figure appears, walking in
the shadows of the trees. She pulls the automatic defensively, only to hear
the sound of a rifle's bolt being drawn. Turning her head slowly, she sees a
large native, pointing a high-powered hunting rifle at her head.

Another noise, closer, comes in from behind her. She turns and sees another
man, a white man, almost upon her. She was surrounded. Scully's heart was
pounding. The white man motioned with his rifle to drop her gun. She does and
is grabbed by the first man she saw who too came up behind her. She screams
and struggles only to have the white man, strike her hard with his open hand.
Everything goes black.

* * *

As she slowly starts to come too, the dim light of an oil lamp comes into
focus. She can hear voices, an argument...about, about her...about what
to do? Her mind was still awash from the lingering pain of the blow. She
tries to move but finds herself tied into a makeshift bed made of rope and
rough-hewn logs. She turns her head and sees a naked young woman, likewise
tied, sleeping fitfully, obvious under the effects of some sort of
intoxicant. Then the voices go quiet, she turns back to see the shadowy
figures of the three men standing over her. One of them says something in
a native language, unknown the Scully, which makes them all laugh. One
walks around the head of the bed and leans over looking directly down on
helpless woman. He grabs her shoulders as another cuts her arms and legs

"What the fuck do you think your doing, you bastards?" Scully screams. "I'm
a police officer!" They say nothing in return only chuckle at her out burst.

The third guy climbs onto the foot of the bed and violently rips open her
jeans and pulled them off along with her boots. The other two ripped her
shirt off leaving her only in her bra and panties.

Still defiant, Scully launches multiple insults at the threesome, yet could
do noting as she watched them remove their own pants. Their cocks were
already semi-erect, each of a considerable size.

"Why the hell does this sort of shit always happen to me?" Scully says
aloud to herself. "Ok you big ugly better make this good!"

They suddenly release her and began circling her, a look of confusion on
their faces. They obviously had planed a rape, but this woman seemed to want
it? Then a hand reached out and grabbed her legs as the other two ripped off
her bra and panties. She watched the shredded garments fly through the air.

"Your going to pay for those, they're from Victoria Secret." She growled she
was being forced over onto her knees. A hard dick presented its self-just
inches from her face.

"Suck," a voice ordered.

Scully took the cock into her mouth. Her arms were released and she began to
jack on the cock with her fingers as she slid it in and out of her mouth. The
cock was pulled from her mouth and replaced by another. She repeated her
ministrations, looking up at times at the three sneering faces. A third dick
was forced upon her sucking lips. Hands were moving all over her body,
rubbing, scratching, and pinching. She was now getting wet, and the men knew

While her head was being held to the third cock, hands fell onto her hips.
She sensed lips and a tongue probing her cunt. She could feel her pussy
reacting as she sucked and was eaten in turn, an orgasm not far away. As a
hard cock was replaced in her mouth, she moaned loudly. Cocks kept changing
places in her mouth. She could taste her own juices on each penis as it
abandoned her pussy for her mouth.

At last one came in her pussy. He pounded her, pulling her firm ass against
him gripping her curvy hips. She felt his cock twitch inside her as it
discharged its load of cum. She let go with a muffled squeal, cumming hard.
The softening penis was pulled from her dripping snatch and offered to her
mouth. She began to suck it, tasting his semen mixed with her own fluids.
As she sucked him off, she felt another hard dick slip into her. She felt
his hips slap against her ass as he pumped his cock deep into her sopping

The second male took his time, pumping in and out of her slowly but
powerfully, letting his full-length slip in and out. When he came, he fired
his seed so powerfully, that she could feel the cum pumping into her pussy.
Scully felt another climax surge through her. In a few minutes his cock was
in her mouth. She sucked it and licked it, removing the slick soup of her
vaginal juice and the two loads of cream. A third cock was pushed in her

She sucked and was pounded again. She could feel her juicy pussy leaking
down her legs. The new cock was thick and stretched her cunt as it slid in
and out. She could feel it swell up and pulsate as it added its load of cum
to her already charged cunt. She came yet a third time squealing louder then
the first time.

She was allowed to fall down onto the bed and lay there dizzy from her
orgasms. Her pussy oozes its full load out of her. Scully knew, or at least
hoped that they weren't finished.

One rose and silently came over to her, stroking his dick to hardness as he
walked. He flipped her over and knelt between her legs, lifting them up over
his broad shoulders. He guided himself into her and pushed deep, until his
entire length was buried inside her cunt. He hammered himself in and out for
a long time until his face, twisting in a grimace, revealed he was about to
come again. He roughly drove into her as he pumped his cum into her belly.
He slowly lowered her legs and let his shrinking cock pull out of her. He
walked away and left her lay there with still more cum oozing out.

In a few minutes another walked over to her. He pushed her legs apart and lay
on top of her body, easing his cock inside her. This was the big, thick dick,
and even in her slick pussy, it still needed some effort to push inside. He
lay on her, his chest pressing down her breasts, his lips kissing and biting
her neck and shoulders. "Put your legs around me," he directed. Scully lifted
her legs and clasped his waist between her thighs.

He pushed in and out, his huge cock filling her. She felt her pussy expand
and contract as he pumped her. She was so full now that he was forcing her
cum-laden juices out of her splattering the bed. He replaced all he had
squeezed from her when he came. Scully could feel him spasm seven times,
pumping a thick gobs of semen into her with each jet. Again it was all too
much, she too let go, grabbing his ass as she screamed.

The third guy got up and came over. He rolled her over onto her stomach and
lifted her butt, so she was on her knees. He drove into her pussy, but it
was only to lubricate him. He pulled out and worked the end of his stiff rod
against the bud of her ass.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned. "Haven't you assholes had enough!"

He applied some more pressure and the head popped inside her. Scully let out
a wining moan then let her ass muscles relax, then pushed in farther. She
grunted as he pushed in deeper and deeper. He began to pull out and slide in.
The pain faded and a small climax washed over her.

She was giving him a good ride when suddenly the door burst open!

"Hands up!" Came Corporal James's order. Then four loud shots filled the
cabin. Scully screamed, then felt the weight of the man fall on her.

* * *

"They were poachers." Corporal James said to Scully as they flew over the
treetops in the floatplane. "Hunting bear. bear organs are sold to the
Chinese Black Market in Vancouver. They consider the organs to be powerful
medicine and pay a lot to have them smuggled into Hong Kong."

"So, this whole fucking mess was just to cover a poaching ring?" Scully
responds, shifting her weight in the seat to relieve the pain in her ass.

"That's the way it looks." Sarah says, while dabbling the girl's forehead
with a damp cloth.

"No Windigo?" Scully returns looking out the window.

"You sound disappointed?" Scully, looks over to her friend and smiles.

* * *

On the ground, Albert Crow looks up at the passing plane. He smiles, and
then turns away to collect the latest souls that have been released into his

The End


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