X-Files: Scully's Obcession (mF,F-mast,drugs)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Dana Scully laid in her bed, one hand working her hard clit over. The other
had a remote to her DVD player, but what she was watching was a DVD of young
boys. They ran from the age of eleven to fourteen, they were all in different
stages of undress. Dana pinched her clit as she watched and young boy

'Boy he has a big cock for his age she thought,' as she continued to watch
him slowly stroking his cock.

Dana dipped two finger deep into her pussy, while rubbing her clit. She
arched as she felt her orgasm come for the thrid time. Dana laid on her bed
breathing hard, sweat was formed between her breasts. Her own juces flowed
out of her pussy. Dana put her fingers into her mouth, licking her own
juices. All Dana needed was some real cock.

Dana showered and dressed in a blouse and skirt. Dana looked just like she
was going to work, she wore her sheer hose and black pumps. Dana just drove
around the city, til she came up on some young looking boys. Dana just
watched them like a lion watches it's prey. She continued to rub her legs
together which made her pussy wet. She seen a brown hair boy walking away,
Dana followed him from a distance. Dana drove up beside him.

"Hello," she smilled, "can you help me?" Dana stopped the car. She asked the
kid his name.

"Sam," he said.

"Hello, Sam, I'm looking for a street." Dana was looking him over, and her
pussy was dripping.

Sam said, "I could show you better than tell you."

"Great," Dana said she opened the other door.

He got in Dana drove away.

"You look thristy," she said, "I just bought a Gatorade if you would like

Dana opened it took a small drink, handed it to him. Sam took a big drink
and sat back in the seat. And soon he was feeling hot, funny between his
legs. Dana made her way to a motel she had picked out earlier. She parked
and helped Sam into the room. Dana kicked off her shoes, she knelt in front
of Sam. Dana slowly unbuckled his pants and unzips them. She sees his white
underwear with a large bulge forming. "Oh my, you have a big cock."

Dana ran her finger over his bulge. She pulled down his underwear to seen a
cock about seven inches long. Dana just held it, and asks, "How old are you?"
kissing his cock.

"Fourteen," he gasps feeling Dana's warm mouth on his cock.

Sam looked down all he could see was Dana's head moving back and forth. Dana
took him deep in her throat. She played with his large balls squeezing them.
All the sound that filled the room was Dana's slurping sounds and low moans
coming from Sam.

Dana took his balls in her mouth, sucking on them. Dana stood up and told Sam
to take her clothes off. Sam unbutton her blouse, he seen her white lace bra,
her nipples were hard, poking right thru the material. Then he unzipped her
skrit, it fell to the floor. Sam could see Dana's red pussy hair, since she
didn't wear any panties. Soon Dana was naked laying on the bed with this
young kid.

They was kissing, Dana took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it. She
began to lick his cock head, just using her tongue and dipping into his piss
hole tasting his precum. Dana laid back and watched this young kid push his
cock deep into her pussy.

"OOOOHHHH!" Dana moaned, feeling his cock rub against her clit. "YESSS! Go
deeper! Fuck my pussy," she arched up to meet him.

Sam just pushed back down, driving his cock into her. Sam was about to cum,
Dana could feel it too.

"OHHH YESS! Faster! Cum in my hot pussy."

Sam groaned as he shot a load deep inside her. But his cock wasn't even
getting soft, it was still hard. Sam just continued to fuck her, Dana knew
the drug she gave would wear off soon and she was well fucked for toady.

Dana showered and helped Sam, too. She dressed him and drove him back to the
spot she picked him up. Dana drove off a little ways and watched him shake
his head. Dana drove back to her apartment with a big smile on her face.


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