X-Files: Man-Beast
by Curtis R.

Main Characters:
Gillian Anderson

It had been a very long and uneventful past couple of months for Scully.
Since Mulder left the FBI and the X-files with it, and her new partner was
canned due to budget cut backs by congress Scully just knew the X-files as a
whole was going to eventually be canned altogether. She sighed as she cut out
the lights to head home.

"It has been raining all week,I wonder when it will end?"

The long drive home tired her even more.

"I'm taking a shower and calling it a night."

She heads into the bathroom and turns the water on, half cold half hot..just
right. As she begins to remove her clothes, she notices herslf in the mirror,
"Here I am, a beautiful woman...all alone and to believe I was silly enough
to think Mulder was gonna stick around. He never cared for me, it was the
X-files he was more concerned with and now he up and left me with it!"

She pauses and continues to look at herself. "Its been a long time Scully
since you've even looked at a man. Maybe you need to move on." She eases
herself into the bath, she feels the warmth of the water send a tingle
through her cunt as she lays back in the tub. But being the kind of woman
that she is, she tries to ignore the sensation.

"I cant allow myself to take this kind of pleasure, it isn't right... but I
do need a man's attention... I cant continue like this."

Scully finishes up the bath and heads to the bedroom to call it a night.

"I cant sleep in these cheap pajamas another night, I love mom but these
pajamas irritate my skin badly... I'll just slip into my panties and go on
to bed."

Scully heads over to the nightstand to slip into her night clothes, she drops
the robe revieling her curved, beautiful body... her breasts are full and her
nipples stand on end due to the coolness of the room, she pulls the panties
up past her thighs and she notices she is wet....

"I know I dried off better than this," she sighs "I really need to get out

As she reaches to turn out the light, the phone rings...

"Scully you still awake?"

"I was just heading to bed, what is it Director Skinner?"

"We have a case for you in Montana."


"I know Scully, but since Mulder left and the X-files was cut to just you...
well you know, you are the one holding the bag."

"Well whats the case about?"

"There have been reports of a creature resembling a half man half animal of
some type, two women are missing and the town is scared to death, we need you
to find out where those missing women are. The description is iffy at best,
probably a bear attack or something, but we have to send you anyway to check
it out."

Scully sighs "Im on my way."

Scully boards a plane to the small town Fairfax Montana.

"I'm calling it quits after this one, I cant take this any longer."

After the 3 hour flight Scully is completely exausted.

"I'll check in with the local police, an I'll begin checking around town
after I get some rest...I'm sure the "man-beast" will still be here later on
this afternoon."

Scully heads over to the police department and talks to the towns local

"Hi cheif...Billings?... I'm Dana Scully from the FBI... I was sent to check
into the missing womens cases related to the sightings of the man-beast."

"Yes mam, we dont think there is no such thing as a man-beast" the chief
laughs. "But it is a real missing persons case, we think its animal
attacks... specifically a bear or larg animal of that type."

"Well cheif Im gonna go across to the hotel and book a room, I'll begin
looking around later this afternoon."

"Thats fine Agent Scully, if you need us jus all on the radio and we will
assist you as much as possible"

"Thank you chief."

Scully heads over to the hotel and checks in.

"Ohhh, am I tired. I'm gonna try and catch a quick nap. I'll deal with this
man-beast stuff later."

Scully lays across the bed intending only to nap for a hour or two, but she
didnt realize just how tired she was and slept well into the evening... her
watch alarm sounds and wakes her. Its 12:30...AM!!

"I've slept through the entire day?!?...I better get something done or
Skinner will have a fit!"

Scully begins to read through the police and eyewitness reports and notices
both women disappeared close to the same locations. In a small wooded area
outside town nea the camp grounds.

"I'll ride out and take a look around,it being late,maybe I'll spot this
man-beast, bear, whatever... if its a bear they roam alot at night searching
for food. The attacks did happen near dusk, so maybe I'll see something."

Scully leaves the hotel and gets in her car. "Damn! I left my jacket! Its
not that cold tonight, I'll be ok"

As Scully gets about a mile from the campgrounds she spots the police tape
used to rope off an area under investigation.

"Now lets see what we can find."

Scully heads dow a small path leading into the woods about a quarter of a
mile in, she spots a light burning dimly. Its a campfire.

"Hi there, don't you know you arent supposed to be in here??"

A man stands and replies. "No whats going on mam??"

"We have two missing women possibly attacked by a large forest animal... a
bear probably. You dont need to be in here. I'm gonna have to ask you to
leave sir."

"Woah!!! Hold on there little lady I ain't hurting nothing, and you didn't
even ask if I've seen anything out here tonight. Some police work that is!!"

Scully didnt know what to think of this man, he was in his middle forties
had a mountain mans build, rugged and tough looking. She didnt want to have
to confront him but would "Ok Sir, what have you seen tonight...and it better
be good."

The man laughs and says "Well mam, I havn't seen much but a very beautiful
police woman lookng for a bear, or something like that. I hope that helps."

Scully couldnt believe this joker was hitting on her in the middle of the
woods in of all places Montana National Forest!! "Look pal, I'm in no mood
to be playing around, I've got work to do and you need to leave... or do I
need to radio the local cheif to come and get you??"

Scully hoped her bluf had worked. She didn't need this, not in the middle of
nowhere and seeing as she left e radio in her jacket she couldnt call for
help anyway.

"Well mam if you insist, I'll leave, but you might have wished you had a
partner. These woods are dangerous at night. By he way, my name is Winston."

Scully couldn't believe this guy was still making passes at her. Maybe I can
just say no thats ok, I'll be fine now go on out like I asked. At that moment
a loud a powerful roar came from deep in the woods.

"I told ya lady, this place is dangerous."

Scully thought about what he said about escorting her even though she knew
he was weird. Maybe someone tagging along couldn't hurt besides it didn't
seem he was gonna listen to her anyway. Scully thought to herself. 'Great,
not only do I got this creature in the woods. I also have a stalking woodsman
on my hands too!'

"Ok,you can help me out, but you try anything funny, and I'll shoot you dead.
Got it??"

Winston agrees. "You are a tough little lady Ms Scully."

They begin to walk deeper into the woods towards the sound of the animal.
About another quarter of a mile they come across a abandoned woodmill next
to the river that runs into the campgrounds.

"The sounds came from inside that mill, you stay here Winston. I'll check it

"Ok, but you be careful Scully."

"I will be fine, just watch your back out here."

As Scully approached the mill she thought that maybe she had misjudged
Winston. He hadnt tried anything in over two hours since they started out
together. She wasnt really worried about his safety. He was a well built man
and looked very strong. She truned around to see if Winston was ok as she
headed into the mill. He was standing with his flashlight beaming across his
waist area. She accidently caught a glimpse of his crotch area. He looked
huge. His bulge seemed to almost bust through his jeans.

She realized she had stopped walking and was staring when Winston yelled out,
"You going in or what?"

She felt embarassed, but reaized he couldnt tell what she was staring at from
that distance.

"Get a grip Scully. Get this job done and get out of this town... sooner the

She was halfway through the mill when she saw what appeared to be footprints
leading into one of the mills cutting areas. It was a small room, with one
saw. The footprints lead into the room and stopped.

"This is weird. Hmm, where could they have gone?"

At that moment Winston apeared behind her. "What are you looking at Scully?"

Scully startled said "What are yu doing in here? I thought I asked you to
stay outside?"

"I couldnt very well stay out there while my mate was in here. Now could I
Scully???" Winston's eyes began to turn red. He ripped his tank top off.

"You are the Man-beast???" Scully completely startled didnt even think to run
or shoot her gun hit the old hard wood floor with a thud. "I should have
known not to trust you. What now?. Rape me? Kill me?"

Scully came to hoarsenses and began to fight him. They struggled for a moment
or two. Man-beast threw her over the table saw to the other side. His chest
began to cover with hair. His face also.

Scully lay dazzed. She could see him transforming before her. She was
completely helpless. He ripped at the jeans covering his lower body. They
ripped off in one swift tear. She know knew why he looked so huge. His cock
was at least six and a half inchs long soft. His legs began to cover in hair.
Everything was covered in hair but his hugecock and his massive balls.

He moved towards her. His cock began to rise in size. It now appeared to be
ten inches in size. It was thick and was oozing droplets of cum. Scully knew
he was gonna fuck her. She wanted it.

He lifted her onto the table saw and began to remove her clothes. he ripped
her shirt and bra off. Her tits were nice and round. Her nipples were erect,
but this time it was because she was aroused by this creature. He eased his
large hand into her pants. He sunk his finger in her cunt.

She sighs. "Oh god...this feels wonderful..."

He wispers to her. "Are you ready for me Scully?.


He rips her pants off leaving scully laying on the table in nothing but her
soft white panties. They were beginning to get wet in the crotch. He took his
index fnger and slides the panties down and off into the floor. Scully lay
there with her body lit by the moon shining in through the roofless sawmill.
Her pussy hair was a deep red in color. He reached for both her thighs and
parted them and climbed onto the table. He wrapped her legs around him at the

She lay anticipating his penetration. She thought to herself 'God what am I
doing!...I'm being fucked by a part man, part animal! His cock is huge! I
hope I can take his full length. I havn't been with a man since college for
godsake! His cock has increased in thickness.'

He puts the head of his penis against her cunt entrance and pushes slightly.
His head penetrates her. "Unghh!" Scully grunts. He is massive in size but he
pulls out.

"i want you to suck me Scully."

Scully thinks to herself 'This is to much. I cant have sex with this thing!!
He's gonna hurt me. I can't take him. His cockhead hurt me as pushed it in.
I can't take him.'

"Let me go!,i wil not do this."

Scully jumps from the table and falls near her pistol. She gets to a knee and
tries to reach it, but he kicks it away.

"Scully, you havn't been with a man in some time. I AM gonna fuck you
tonight and YOU ARE going to suck me." He pushes his cock to her face and
rubs the head across her thick lips. The precum spreads across her lips. It
hangs in a thread from her top lip. "Lick it off Scully."

Scully knew if she didn't there would be trouble. She opens her mouth and
licks the string of precum from her lip. Scully thinks to herself. 'This is
the thickest precum I've ever seen. It tastes extremely strong for precum and
he's going to make me suck him til he cums.' Scully couldn't help but be
aroused and afraid at the same time. Her pussy was extremely wet. Her
secreions were running down her legs.

"Put me in your mouth Scully."

Scully wraps her hand around his huge cock and slowly wraps her lips around
the head of his fat cock. His precum was filling her mouth rapidly. She
sucked him hard. He began to buck into her face. She could feel his cock
pulsating. He begins to pump thick stream after thick stream down her throat.
He pulls out and cum runs down her lower lip. She licks it off, and slowly
jacks his cock to empty out the rest.

She had become extremely hot. She wante his cock now. She could feel his
spunk in her throat. It excited her. Her chest was covered in sweat. Her
heart was racing.

"Move back to the table Scully. I'm going to fuck that wet pussy."

Sshe looked at him as if he was her master and complied. She laid back on the
saw and spread her legs. He wrapped them around her as before, but this time
he got what he wanted, her hot twat. He slowly inserted his cockhead. She
gruted with piain and pleasure. He wiggled his head around in her then he
pushed in all the way.

She grunted loudly. It hurt "Oh god...ohh...gnhhh.."

He slowly pumped her. Her pussy was tight and slick. She grunted with every
stroke that he pumped. She looked own to see her pussy wrapped around his
massive cock and could see the hairs and lip moving in and out to every

It went on for over an hour. She was covered in cum, after repeated
ejaculations from the man-beast. He covered her tits, her face and her pussy
was soaked and wasn't finished with her.

"Scully you have never had cock in your ass have you? Well you are tonight.
Roll over."

Scully had never had anal sex. She was scared and excited also. He rubbed the
head of his cock against her asshole. She grunted as he slid it in. It hurt.

"It hurts...please stop."

But he continued to go deper. He got all the way in and pumped her deep. She
could hear the sounds of him going and out.


He let off a huge load of spunk across her ass cheeks and crack as he pulled
out. Loads of jizz soaked her backside. It ran into her asshole which was
still poked open. He took his finger and got a gob of cum and rubbed her lips
with it. Then they lay there together. Scully fell asleeep.

When she awoke she was back in the hotel room. "What?? Where am I??...
but??...I thought??...mustve been a drea."

Scullys cell rings.


"It's me Skinner. You can come on home Scully. The chief called and said they
caught a bear this morning in the woods with the womens bodies"

"Ok. See you back in DC. Bye"

"What a weird dream. I need a shower. Weird."

As Scully unrobes to get in the shower she sees herself in the mirror and
what appears to be dried cum its all over her cunt hairs.

"Oh My God!!!"

The End


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