X-Files: Little Bad Agent (MMFF,F-dom,oral,anal,ncon)
by Ade ([email protected])

"So you are the agents who'll gonna help me on this case..." commented Dana Scully when young FBI agents Jack and Dean entered in the office.

"Good morning, agent Scully..." greeted Jack, hesitating. 'Was that little redhead hottie really a special agent?' He thought.

"It's a pleasure to work with you!" cheered the more enthusiastic Dean "where is Mulder?"

"He's away for a week, working on another case...that's the reason why you've been called... I needed a pair of... men" she paused, staring at the two novices "now we will see if you're... men enough" added, with a little smile.

She then opened a door in the back of the office, a door leading in a dark room. "Come in!" ordered to the male agents.

Inside a woman was cuffed to a chair and gagged.

"This sweet lady" explained Scully "has been found alone at home hidden in a closet. Her 2 room-mates were in their bedrooms. They had been raped with corncobs and then stabbed to death. The bitch here blabs that she's seen some kind of succubi, who did all that dirty things and then disappeared..."

"Wow, so this is an X-File!" exclaimed Dean.

"Don't be stupid! She's clearly lying! What you'll learn to do today is how to interrogate a suspected woman. Strip her!"

"What?!" said the shocked men.

"Do as I say, dumbasses! Rip off her clothes!"

The embarrassed agents almost politely undressed the woman who was looking at them with pitiful eyes: her blouse, her shirt and her bra came away easily, revealing her beautiful tits. But, being her sitted, with her skirt wasn't so simple.

The boys looked to Scully, who was waiting quite impatiently with arms crossed.

"So!? Complete your operation. Let's see if she's a real blonde!"

'She's a fucking crazy bitch!' thought Jack, but then said "Ok, Dean, I lift her legs up and you pull down her skirt."

When Dean uncovered her cookie, immediately was invested by the inebriating smell of the woman's sex, thing that completely erected his cock.

"She's... a real blonde" announced to Dana with trembling voice and looking the girl in the eyes.

"Who really cares! Hey, don't let you be impressed by her dirty crotch! Ungag her and start with questions!"

Jack let her sit again and untied the ball gag that had muffled her protests till now.

"Let me go, please, I'm innocent!" said the girl looking at the guys with timid but somehow "inviting" eyes.

"Wha... What's your name?" asked Dean trying to control his own erection.

"'What's your name, BITCH?' is the right way to ask questions to a suspect of homicide!" corrected Scully.

"My name is Tammie, and I'm not a bitch!"

"Ooh, our young lady has a lot of nerve" commented Dana with a mischievous smile. "We need to teach her how to use properly her mouth in front of FBI agents."

Then the redhead walked behind Tammie and commanded the novices to reach her at the two sides of the prisoner.

"As I said you, I needed some real men... I'm sure you are ready now to show me if you are!"

And said that, with fast and expert movements she unzipped the pants of the two men and inserted her hands under their underwear to extract their fully erected cocks.

The two were too surprised and excited to react. "What are you doing?" asked Jack.

"The point is what you have to do now, boys!" and telling that Dana closed Tammie's nose with one hand and forced her to open the mouth with the other. "You've got to humiliate her some more by stuffing her throat!".


"Come on stupids, this cow is trying to bite me!"

"You first" said Jack, and Dean obeyed, inserting his throbbing cock among the poor girl's jaws.

He was afraid the girl should hurt him with her teeth, but instead she kept her mouth wide open and used wonderfully her clever tongue making him cum in less than a minute.

When he felt his orgasm growing he thought it was too much to unload in her mouth, so he extracted the cock but had no time to orient his jizz on the floor. So it ended part on Tammie's face and part, worst of all, on Dana's jacket!

"You decelebrated scum!" screamed Scully "Pay more attention!" And with a disgusted expression threw the jacket on the floor: "I think I'll have to dump it."

The agent remained only with a blue shirt, under which, Jack noticed with a smile, her nipples where clearly erected. Suddenly, the kind of spell that kept the young FBI agent submissive to the little special agent, disappeared: without her formal suit and with that protruding nips she revealed to be just an horny woman whose cunt was probably soaked wet and in need of a cock.

"It's my turn!" exclaimed the more excited Jack, and started fucking Tammie's face. The girl reserved him the some special treatment of his colleague, clearly decided to make of him a loyal friend.

When even Jack came, he deliberately sprayed all his white juice on Scully's shirt, hopeless staining it. "Oh, fuck, I'm sorry, special agent... You'll got to dump even that..."

Dana's face became redder than her hair: "You crap! You've done it on purpose!".

"Hell no! It's you... you where in the line of fire!"

"Damned freak! At least this whore doesn't need clothes for a while".

So Scully had to take away even her shirt revealing a silky black bra.

"Wow!" could not avoid to exclaim Dean, noticing only now her hard nipples pressing under the thin fabric.

"Jerk!" countered Dana, and then crouched to gather Tammie's blouse from the floor. Now even Dean began watching the redhead in a different light: no more an intimidating superior but an hot lady who just deserved to be stuffed full of man meat.

Tammie understood the change in the men's feelings and thought it was the right moment to accelerate things a bit: "What are you waiting for, guys?" she almost ordered "fuck that special slut!".

"How do you dare?!" exclaimed Dana standing up again ready to face the cuffed girl, but with big surprise found her way blocked by the novices, with their cocks again fully extended.

"Let's see if you're a real redhead!" said Jack, and grabbed the woman by the throat shoving her against the wall.

"Lemme gghh!" protested a shocked Scully.

"No, we've got to practice some more with interrogations, and you're the perfect guinea pig!".

Dean this time was fast to strip her completely and breath her cunt's smell.

"These babies just asked to be naked" commented Jack squeezing her soft tits and pinching her nipples.

"And now, it's time for a sandwich!"

"For a what...? Oh, fuck, no! You gonna pay for this, I'm a special ag...ggh!". Scully's protest was muffled by her own panties, forcefully inserted in her mouth. Then the boys passed to the main course: Dean harpooned Dana's pussy and begun hammering her against the wall, forcing her to brace her thighs around the man's hip to mild the violence of his thrusts. So he blocked her legs in this position and turned around to offer her asshole to Jack, who, after having lubricated his dick with saliva, entered without knocking in Scully's backdoor.

"Mhnnnnnnnn!" cried the redhead under her panties.

"Ooh, yeah, she's so tight!"

"Look at her nipples, they're even longer than before!"

"We're giving her the fuck of her life!"

"She'll never be so bitchy again with novices!"

"I've heard she can't have children: we can shot our load inside her womb with no worries!"

And they kept on raping the unlucky Dana making comments on her as she wasn't there pressed between them, only to humiliate her some more.

Scully in her life had been raped other two times before, the first previous to her career in FBI, by 4 schoolmates, and the second by aliens when she went abducted. The thing that helped her during that awful moments was imagining all what she'd like to do to her rapers: hanging them, cutting them to pieces, remove their balls with her hands, and so on. This kind of fantasies started to fill her mind as the two men kept filling her most private holes, and gave her the strength to try to react. The FBI instructor that trained her in self defense always said she had to acquire control over all the muscles of her body, and at the time she decided to extend that control even to the secret muscles of her vagina and ass: after some months of exercises in her bedroom with dildoes of different sizes she was able to reach orgasm without moving the sex toys with her hands, but controlling the contractions of her sphincter or her vagina.

Her first target became Dean, clearly the nearer to cum: she hardened the pressure of her thighs around his hip so he was forced to stop moving and to keep his cock completely inside her. An "Ooh" of surprise escaped from Dean lips when he realized what was now happening to his cock: "Hey, she's making me a blow-job with her cunt!"

Dana gave him a freezing glance that silenced him immediately: behind her the situation was still bad, with Jack blocking her arms and obscenely violating her anus, but front-side she was again in control. In less that two minutes her pussy work, her piercing eyes and her bouncing tits detonated Dean's cock, which flooded of sperm the redhead's love tunnel.

Then Scully stopped surrecting herself with her legs on Dean's body, with two effects: Dean was free to exit from her and fall exhausted on the floor, and Jack was forced to let go one of her arms to hold her from falling. Jack in fact rapidly passed his right hand on Scully's belly grabbing her pubic hair and pressing her body on his own: his dong disappeared inside her till the balls. "Stay on your feet, whore!!" ordered Jack, but Dana kept her legs limp and started to use her trained sphincter on his shaft, while with the freed hand extracted the panties from her mouth.

"Now I'll milk you for good, bastard!" announced the special agent when she could talk again.

"Oh, fuck, what are you doing, BITCH?" asked surprised Jack feeling his dick being like sucked inside Dana's rectum "that's freaking nice!".

Even for him, a few minutes of treatment were enough to make him cum and stuff Scully's guts full of white semen.

When she felt the hot jizz inside her, she slammed the back of her head on his nose: weakened by the recent orgasm he was double effected by the hit and collapsed on the floor taking Dana with him.

"Hey, what have you done to my friend, BITCH?" protested Dean trying to stand up.

"Think about what I'll do you now, dumb boy!" advised the redhead, and from her position still impaled on Jack's cock she shot a kick at Dean's balls (the two had incautiously left her heeled shoes on her feet).

Dean screamed in pain and crouched down in a fetal position. "You're a bad bad agent" sighed crying like a child.

Then Dana withdraw Jack's cock from her reddened ass with a "pop", and again on her feet kicked her rapers till she was sure they were both passed out. On the face of Jack and Dean, mixed with pain, there was even a light smile: they knew they will be probably expelled from FBI, but at least they had fucked that hottie before.

Dealt with the guys, Scully concentrated again on Tammie. She put a thigh on her left shoulder and pressed her pussy on the girl's face saying: "Finish me off or I'll smother you".

The cuffed girl had no choice but using her talented tongue to give Dana the orgasm she deserved after that really hard interrogatory.

"Oooh... hmm... yeeah... yes... yes! I fucking cuuuum!!" moaned agent Scully splattering Tammie's face full of her own fluids and the ones left in her holes by the two men.


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