X-Men: Storm's Anti-Honeymoon (MF,inter,tort,rape)
by Doublefivesd

Storm the weather goddess, was at the moment experiencing the most
embarassing thing in her life.

Earlier on, she had been sent on a mission by Professer Xavier to locate
Sabretooth and bring him back to the mansion. However, the mission had
suffered complete failure and Storm was now being punished for it, but not
by her mentor, but by her enemy; Sabretooth. Storm was being suspended high
above the air tied in wires with electric shocks passing through her body
every five seconds.

"Ah! aaaaah! aah! By the Goddesssssssssss!!!!!!! Aaah!"

Her body was being rocked back and forth, with her head arching up and down,
sometimes causing her eyes to go completely white. Now was the really
embarassing part, right above her, was a bucket of semen, and a few seconds
later, it was being dumped right on top of her.

"aaah! aaah! aah!" Storm cried out, which only made the shocks more intense,
in fact, at one point, her top tore to pieces, revealing her huge chocolate
like breasts.

Storm was then lowered to the ground, with Sabretooth coming forward to do
with her. "So, pretty Storm one, what have you done to yourself, ah... look,"
Sabretooth ran his long sharp finger nail across her nipples, which caused
blood to come streaming down. "ooh..." Sabretooth said as he tasted Storm's
blood, "you know if I weren't partly human, I'd say that was pretty good for
an AFRICAN Goddess, but I've had much better."

Sabretooth smacked Storm across the room with his right arm, then pounced on
her, knocking the wind out of her. He then grabbed her by her neck, and began
chocking her, until piss literally came out of the black mutant. Sabretooth
grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed them together as hard as he could until
Storm's eyes were dilating, back and forth so fast that it made Sabretooth
develop a bulge near his crotch area.

Sabretooth then began feeling up and down Storm's ass, "No, by the Goddess
no! I am a mutant like yourself Sabretooth, there are no differences between

Sabretooth replied, "no your right, in fact, we are both mutants, and right
now I am demonstrating my mutant abilites, so,, I think IT'S YOUR TURN!!!!!"

Sabretooth reached back, and smacked Storm's ass so hard that lightining came
streaming up and down towards the ceiling and ground. Storm was crying now,
which created a huge massive flood. Sabretooth grabbed a nearby whip from the
wall rack, and began whipping Storm across the chest, so hard that her
breasts became sore and started to puff up, he then reached down towards her
legs, grabbed her, and threw her at the nearby computer screen. Storm hit the
computer screen, as it exploded on impact, Storm shaked violently, as the
shocks and fire took ahold of her body and began burning her to a crisp.
Storm slowly slithered down to the ground, where her breasts were now toasty
and warm, just the way Sabretooth liked them.

Sabretooth then grabbed a nearby microwave, "I'm hungry, but not for pussy
I've already eaten that, how about some chocolate pop tarts?"

Sabretooth smirked, then placed the microwave over Storm's inflated fried
breasts, closed it down around Storm's breasts which caused lightning bolts
of pain for Storm, set it, then turned it on. The microwave became orange,
as it twisted and turned Storm's nipples, as it was causing milk to eject
from them as well.

"Uuuhhhh, ahhh, ohhh, ooohhhhhh, ahhh!"

Storm at the time was feeling all sorts of pain, way beyond those that she
had experienced during even her toughest mission. Storm's legs went thumping
up and down, as did her ass, this made Sabretooth very happy. When the
microwave was done, Sabretooth ripped it off her breasts, which were now
totally brown and white with milk. Sabretooth grabbed a book and a knife,
collected some milk with his knife, and grabbed some of Storm's breasts, and
began sucking on them.

"Oooh! aah! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! Dear Goddess of Africa!"

Sabretooth grabbed a nearby razor, turned Storm over, and began shaving her
white hair off her vagina, which caused her to bleed slightly, he then threw
the razor away, grabbed the whip, stood up on his feet, and whipped her
repeatedly on her vagina, causing it to become red and open for him to see.
Sabretooth grabbed half of a hot dog from the nearby cabinet, shoved it into
Storm's vagina. Storm became to feel sensations she had never felt before,
"oooh! no! no! this is wrong! rape! I am being raaaaaaa----!!!!!!!" Storm
began to jerk violently, thumping up and down until cum overflowed the floor
from her body.

Sabretooth then took a hammer, and some nails from the cabinet. He positioned
a nail right inside of Storm's bellybutton, held up the hammer, and began
hammering inside of her bellybutton. Storm began crying uncontrollably, with
cum still flowing from her insides to the outsides. Storm couldn't help but
watch and cry in pain as Sabretooth once again hammered inside of Storm's
navel. Sabretooth then took a patch of bandaids, some cloth, and some
anti-bacterial, and started cleaning off Storm's bellybutton.

He then tied Storm up in the wires she had once been in before, and slowly
cut the wires one by one, until Storm was left in the air by one strand, "bye
bye love..."

Sabretooth cut the last wire and Storm fell to the ground. Luckily, she was
still alive, although barely. On the ground, she lay there naked, wondering
if she was dead or still being tortured by the monster. Either way, she
wasn't going to get any rest.

The End


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