X-Men: Rogue's Sex Lesson (Ff)
by Hamster

Rogue was having trouble paying attention in class. Like so many teens she
was beginning to fantasize about sex. Mostly with Bobby, the Iceman but
sometimes with others. Unfortunately unlike other teens she had no way of
working out her fantasies. Also unfortunately one of her teachers was a

Jean Grey was constantly bombarded with the thoughts of her teen students.
So many of these thoughts were sexual in nature and many of them were
directed at Jean herself. It was only natural to be hot for a teacher when
your teacher was hot. But the thoughts she was getting from Rogue were so
strong. The girl was absolutely desperate for human contact.

As Jean gave her lesson, Rogue kept starring obsessively at her legs. Rogue
was having some very powerful lesbian fantasies and Jean was having trouble
concentrating and blocking them out.

'Damn this fucking girl can't stop thinking about sex!' Jean thought.

Jean herself was starting to feel a very warm tingle between her legs. Scott
'Cyclops' Summers was a nice guy but a lousy lover. Perhaps that was what
drew her to Wolverine. But right now the lesbian fantasies on both end where
taking its toll.

Once the class was finished the students began filing out and Jean decided to
do something about her little distraction.

"Rogue could you stay behind a second I have something I'd like to discuss
with you." Jean said.

"Yes Miss Grey?" Rogue asked nervously.

"Well Rogue the fact is that I can read surface thoughts and yours have been
very, very distracting. It is impossible for me to do my work while you sit
there and fantasize about having sex with me." Jean said. Rogue turned red as
a beat. "Don't worry Rogue, its fine. If I threw in to detention everyone who
fantasized about having sex with me then the detention room would be packed
with students like sardines. Although admittedly most of those students would
be boys."

"I-I..." Rogue stammered as she blushed.

"Don't worry, it was actually a nice change of pace." She said. "But the fact
remains that your thoughts are much too distracting."

"I'm sorry miss Grey." Rogue finally managed. "I'll try to stop thinking
about you that way."

"Why would you want to do that? Do you suddenly not find me attractive?" She

"No it's not that... I just don't know what..." Rogue just didn't know where
the conversation was going at all.

Jean got up and put her hands on Rogue's shoulders. "Rogue, I think the best
way to help you get over these fantasies is to let you work them out."

"What?!" Rogue asked in shock.

Jean began to rub rogue's shoulders. "Believe me, I know how you feel. And
it's natural for you to have these desires. I'm willing to let you explore
them, if you're willing to let me."

Jean let her hand slide down to rogue's boob, she then gave it a nice firm

"But miss Grey I... can't..." She trailed off. It felt good to have her tit
squeezed. She didn't want Jean to stop.

"Are you worried about your touch? Well don't my dear. I think I have
everything under control." Jean assured her.

Jean was dressed in tight black leather pants and a white long sleeve
sweater. She also wore black boots and black gloves. This assured that she
couldn't make skin-to-skin contact but how could they have any sort of sexual
contact this way? Jean slid her other hand into Rogue's green pants. She
began to rub the young girl's juicy cunt through her panties. Rogue began to
moan, the combined stimulation to her pussy and her boob was having a very
positive affect on the girl.

"Oh miss Grey that feels so good..." She said.

"I'm glad you are enjoying it Rogue." Jean said.

Jean's gloved hand found its way under the waistband of Rogue's panties and
began to push its way into her pussy. Rogue was quivering with pleasure as
the leather-covered digit pushed its way in and out of her. Her teacher was
now giving her a real lesson. Suddenly Jean slipped her hand out of Rogue's
pussy and then all of the way out of her pants.

"No." Rogue whimpered.

Jean licked her cum-coated fingers. "Don't worry sweetie. Why don't you take
your cloths off for me."

"Okay miss Grey." Rogue said.

Jean licked her lips as she watched the blouse fly off and then watched her
remove her pants. Rogue now stood there in her green bra and panties. Jean
had to admit that she loved the sight of those delicious bouncy boobs. Jean
used her telekinesis to remove the bra and send it flying away. She longed
to kiss Rogue's juicy lips but she would have to settle instead for massaging
those juicy breasts. The flesh beneath her fingers felt so wonderful. Rogue
was apparently enjoying herself as well. She was moaning with pleasure.

"Oh miss Grey that feels so good." Rogue sighed.

"It's about to get better" Jean assured her.

With that she began to use her telekinesis to rub at Rogue's clit. There was
a sharp intake of breath form Rogue who was writhing with pleasure. Once
again using telekinesis Jean created a psychic dildo fly right at Rogue. It
slammed up into her and tore through her virginity.

"EEP!" She squealed. There was surprising pain but that gave way to pleasure
as the phallice began to pump in and out violently. She moaned and groaned
ecstatically as her teacher telekinetically fucked her savagely. The purple
phallice lifted her off the ground with each stroke and spread her dripping
cunt hole lewdly. She began to cum, then again and again. Her pussy dripped
her love juices all over the floor and formed a tasty puddle.

Jean had unzipped her pants and was masturbating furiously. Finally she began
to cum herself and as she did so she dissolved her psychic dildo and let
Rogue collapse in a heap. Jean knelt on the floor and began to lap up Rogue's
spilled sex juices.

"And that my dear is your sex lesson for the day." She said.
_ _ _

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