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X-Men: He Is To Be My Lover Tonight (MF,rough,voy,ncon,cons)
by Draiol

There he stands...over seven feet tall and shoulders as two men. His golden
blonde hair is falling over his face, his eyes glowing with the urge for
blood and flesh. His arms are thick as logs and his fingers ends in deadly
razor sharp claws. He's killed men, women and children with those claws.
Without a single regret. He separates his lips with a growl of a predator,
showing his bloodstained teeth. Horrible fangs is visible the corners of his
mouth. A killer's weapon. He let's out a threatening roar, which could awake
the dead. He has worked under several different names...such as Slasher and
El Tigre. But his real name is Creed. Victor Creed. Known to mankind as one
of the most dangerous mutants in the world. Dangerous because he has no

Dangerous because of his bloodlust. He is a man-eater, a killer, a vicious
beast. He is Sabretooth... and he is to be my lover tonight. I have watched
him, I have, and I know every inch of his feral body. I know his smell, his
touch…and I enjoy it. But tonight, he is not with me…I, the woman with
thousand faces. I, Raven Darkholme...the mutant Mystique. He is hunting for
another... And I have to see who...have to see him. Because I urge for his
touch, still, and I urge for the feeling of his skin to mine. My
desire. That is why am standing here now…in this dark alley, watching him.

He has gotten his hands on a young girl...oh my, isn't she screaming with
fear? Darling, you'll just trigger him. He loves when they scream, he does.
She can't be over seventeen...probably still a virgin. He has a nose for
them. He grabs her hand pushes her to the wall. His long blonde hair is
shining in a golden tone as he strokes her body. His hands are fiercely
examining her, ripping of her clothes with those sharp claws. He nibbles
her neck with his white fangs, hard enough to draw blood. And he bites her
shoulder, making her bleed with an almost purring tone in his voice. He
grabs her hair, pulling her head back, stealing brutal kisses... no, you
can't call it kisses...its more like bites...lovenips. He stokes her body,
licking it, playing with it. Lower and lower down, until he comes to the
place he was heading for. He slowly let his sandpaper like tongue play with
her most intimate parts, tasting her juices, low growls telling that he
enjoyed this. She is still crying…oh honey, don't you feel it? The man he

The sensuality that surrounds him? Then he works his way up again, his large
hands molesting her breasts, claws tearing through her skin. His eyes glows
with lust as he bites her shoulders again, his blonde hair falling over her
face, probably tickling her. It does that to me. With a middle thing between
a smile and a growl, he separates her legs with one of his large hands,
stroking her thigh with his claws. He wants her, needs her. I can see that.
He opens his pants, taking out his manhood, hard as a rock and throbbing with
lust. And the sight of him turns me on, and I can't help touching myself.
Yes...take her…and do it now. And then come to me.

He slowly drags his teeth over her chest, before lifting her up a bit. The
girl is still crying with fear. Ha. If you fight him, if you cry, he won't
listen. Not a chance. Enjoy, instead, honey. He is one of a kind. With a
firm move of his hips, he forces that huge cock inside her, breaking trough
her youthness. The girl screams with pain. He is a large man, in more ways
than one. I know...he has the thickness and size of a normal man's lower
arm. But I...I'm used to that. His eyes fills with pleasure, he starts
thrusting in to her, slow at first, but then faster and harder. Did he care
that he hurt her? Of course not. He places those sharp teeth into her neck,
almost ripping her head off. As he nearly reaches his climax, the fierce
mutant grabs her waist with his large hands, holding her in a hard grasp,
claws digging in to her flesh. Blood from her body drips on her naked chest,
intoxicating him. He loves that smell…the smell of blood, fear and sex mixed
together. He lets out a growl of pleasure as he comes inside her, filling
her with his seed. Then he just let go of her…she whacks in the pavement,
unconscious, slowly dying from the wounds he had caused her. He doesn't give
her another look. She was just a toy for him. And he is an expert on breaking

"Why are ya watchin' me?" He growls, and turns around.

So stupid of me...he must have caught my scent. I want him now...come to me.
"Just admiring the view, Vic." I say with a smile.

He growls at me again, and his voice almost makes me shiver. I want him...and
I know that he knows that...he has that certain look in his ragged face. He
comes closer, grabbing me. It hurts, and his claws dig in to my arm. "Don't
ya mess with me...I know that scent. Ya watched me. And ya liked it."

He presses himself against me, and his left fang pierces through my earlobe,
as some kind of punishment. I can feel that he is still hard...yes; his
healing factor works in very pleasant ways. And I feel his aroused scent...a
wild scent, dangerous, scary. He cuts trough my clothes...the shopping bill
is high with him in the house. Nothing ever seems to hold for long. I run my
hands over his chest, filled with blonde hair, lower down until I'm touching
his manhood.

I tickle the head with my fingers, feeling drops of pre-cum already. He lets
out one of those purring sounds again, rumbling from inside his chest. He
licks the blood from my ear and then ventures lower down, placing one of my
nipples between his sharp teeth. I know I can't move now...he'd hurt me
pretty bad if I did. I try to be quiet, only soft moans escaping my lips. I
feel my nipples stiffen between his teeth, stimulated by his warm breath. He
licks them, plays with them. I slowly change my body, growing fangs and
claws...I know secret ways to make him wild. I bite his shoulder, and he
groans with pain and pleasure. Both are arousing to him. Now he can't wait
any longer. He lifts me up and leans me to the wall.

I feel him slashing off my underwear and touch me. He chuckles a little.
I'm wet as a river, and have been since I started watching him. He places
his cock at the lips of my pussy, and plunges deep into me. I jab my now
claw-equipped fingers in his back, and he growls with satisfaction. He goes
faster, harder...deeper...he'd hurt any other woman doing that, but I love
it. I'm shaped after his length, his size and I know his roughness. His
balls slap against my ass and he growls again, holding a firm grip around my
waist. He is coming, I can feel that…and so am I. I can't be quiet anymore;
I have to scream with pleasure. He loves that. I see him smile at me, showing
his dangerous fangs.

Then I come. It is almost electrifying, waves of pleasure ripping trough my
body as my muscles grip tight around his manhood. I feel his seed flush into
me, some of it dripping on the ground. But he doesn't let go of me as he did
with the girl…he holds on to me, and I feel his breath against my neck. He
chuckles again, and lifts me up, throwing my now almost limp body over his
shoulder. He is not done with me…not for hours. I smile as I hang over his
shoulders...he might run out to meet other women…but it is me he comes home who he spends his nights with. Because I am the only one who can keep
up with his stamina. I am his woman…his mate. Not a toy. And I, Mystique,
will always be. Because he is the only man who will ever satisfy me.

He. Victor Creed.


My lover tonight.

The End


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