X-Men: Encyclopedia Erotica Part 3 (Mf, mF, FF, MMF, inter, slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Weschester, New York

Logan drove through the gates of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters.
The imposing Mansion sat atop a hill. It looked like a place for the wealthy.
It was far more than that. The Mansion was the home and training ground of
the X-Men, the world's most top secret organization. The X-men were mutants
who vowed to use their powers to help humanity coexist with mutantkind. They
were founded by Charles X. Xavier, a mutant with great telepathic powers.

Logan drove in. The place hadn't changed much. He looked around and saw the
students. Ordinary-looking boys and girls. Some were as young as thirteen
or fourteen, others were young adults. They were all mutants. People with
special powers due to an anomaly in their genetic structure. Logan came in
and had a chat with Charles X. Xavier. He also saw old friends like Storm,
the beautiful black woman with god-like super powers and his least favorite
couple, Scott Summers and his fiancee Jean Grey.

Logan went to the classrooms that were on the facility and saw the one he was
looking for. Rogue. He met the girl a couple of years ago. Back when she was
a teen runaway. A girl with a power she could not understand, or control.
They had become friends, of a sort. He knew the girl liked him, even then. He
saw her change. Recently, she lost her ability to steal the powers of Mutants
she touched. That was great. But she had been sixteen. He felt a lot for her.
Strong feelings that he fought for some time. Now, he decided that he
couldn't fight them anymore. One look at her, the blossoming beauty and he
knew he was right. He really wanted this girl. For more than sex. "Hi,
Rogue." he said.

Rogue's beautiful face brightened when she saw him. "Hi, Logan." she said.
She came and gave him a hug.

He hugged her back and kissed her hair. Rogue was surprised to see Logan.
Seeing him brought back all those feelings she used to have for him.

"See me at my place later." she said.

Logan said, "Wouldn't miss it for the world."

They parted and he went to unpack his bags.

Later, in Rogue's room.

Logan looked at Rogue. She was so beautiful. He took her in his arms and
carried her to bed. Rogue put her arms around his neck, looking into his eyes
as he carried her. Her eyes never left his. He kissed her and she kissed him
back. He put her on the bed and began to slowly undress her. He admired her
sexy young body. Her pale skin and dark hair. Her beautiful brown eyes. He
began to pleasure her, kissing her lips and neck. Rogue moaned as Logan
touched her. He kissed her breasts and began to suckle them. He continued to
kiss and lick his way down to her belly and his tongue tickled her belly and
she smiled. He kissed his way down to her pelvis and Rogue gasped. Logan
grinned and began to lick her clean-shaven pussy. He breathed in the smell
of her and tasted her. His tongue wormed its way inside her and he fucked her
pussy with it. He began to lick and probe her, using his fingers and tongue.
Rogue gripped the sheets and closed her eyes as Logan pleasured her. Logan
continued to pleasure her. Soon, she was screaming his name and a violent
shaking overtook her body. "Ohhh, Logan!!!" She screamed.

Logan looked at Rogue's beautiful face as she recovered from the first orgasm
of her life. "How do you feel ?" he asked.

Rogue looked at him. "Good," she said. He smiled and held her close. "Is
there more to it, Logan?" she asked.

Logan looked at her. "Much more." he said.

They began the kisses again and Logan resumed trying to pleasure her, using
his fingers and tongue. He explored her most intimate regions, probing and
licking and sucking, working that special magic like only he knew how. Again,
he brought Rogue to a shuddering orgasm that left her shaken. She lay there
in his arms. Rogue lay there, overwhelmed by the sensations Logan caused her
to feel. Still, there was one thing she needed to experience. She told him.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked.

Rogue nodded.

He reached on the nightstand for a condom and slipped it on his erect cock.
He began to eat her out, and she gave herself over to that tongue and fingers
of his, and they sent her spiraling into ecstacy. She was ready for more.
Logan positioned himself before her and his cock rubbed against her pussy
lips. "You ready for this?" he asked.

She nodded. He entered her gently. First the head of his cock, then more.
Inch by inch he went inside. He let her adjust to having his cock inside her.
Rogue felt a little pain when Logan entered her, and he began to go in and
out, sliding into her and pulling back almost all the way out, just to slide
right back in again. She grunted when he went in far, going in hard and fast.
He picked up the pace. She moaned as his cock slid inside her pussy, and the
pain was replaced by a curious feeling. She felt full. It was not an
unpleasant feeling.

Logan held Rogue close and fucked her like this, at times hard and fast and
other times, gently and slowly. He read from her body language that she liked
him to go slow and he went in nice and slow, building an easy rhythm that
they both enjoyed. Rogue felt something building inside her as a result of
all the friction of Logan's cock inside her pussy. She gasped and exploded
into her third orgasm of the night.

Once it was done, she cradled herself inside Logan's arms and rested her
head on his hairy chest. She kissed him and lay there, listening to his heart
beating in his chest. They fell asleep soon after.


Ororo Munroe (also known as Storm) looked at the young man standing in front
of her. Bobby Drake. He was a tall, slender boy with brown hair and blue
eyes. A handsome teenage boy. He was also one of the students at the Xavier
Institute for Gifted Youngsters. He was a regular teacher's pet, alright. Her

Bobby Drake was seventeen today. He was one of the most gifted mutants at the
school. He could suck the moisture out of the air and transform it into ice.
This earned him the nickname Iceman. He had always been her most devoted
student. The cute boy who paid attention in class. She knew he liked her but
thought of it as an adolescent crush, nothing more. But lately, things had
changed. Bobby had become more daring and she found herself drawn to him.
She recalled that brief kiss they shared when no one else was looking. She
enjoyed it. And now, here they were. She once thought this was wrong. A
student with a crush on a teacher was one thing, a teacher responding
positively to the crush was another. At any other school, this would have
gotten her kicked out. But this wasn't like any other school. And she wasn't
any other teacher.

She was Storm. The Windrider. The Mistress of the Elements. The Weather
Witch. She was a tall, beautiful African american woman in her twenties. Her
hair was long and pure white, her eyes a pale blue. Her skin was a smooth
chocolate color. "Do you know why I called you here, Bobby?" she asked.

Bobby grinned. "Of course, miss Munroe." he said.

Ororo smiled. She casually walked over to where he was standing and looked
him square in the eye. Bobby returned her gaze. He tentatively put his arms
around her and kissed her. Storm kissed him back. Their kiss deepened and
Bobby ran his hands over her smooth, well-toned body. He carried her to the
desk and she frantically undressed him. He practically tore the clothes off
her. They grunted and laughed as they undressed each other. Bobby looked at
Storm's beautiful body. That smooth dark skin. Those full breasts, that slim
waist and perfect, round butt...that was enough to drive a guy crazy. He had
to have her.

Storm kissed him and caressed him. She helped him free himself. She got on
her knees and whipped his cock out of his pants. She paused to look at Bobby.
He had a fairly large cock. She took him in her mouth and began to suck him
off. Bobby leaned back on the desk, looking into Storm's beautiful face as
she sucked his cock. Her tongue caressed his cock, licking and teasing.
Pretty soon it proved too much for him and he came, shooting his load all
over her. Storm was surprised when Bobby came all over her face.

"Bobby..." she said.

Bobby looked at her. "Oh, sorry." he said.

Storm looked at him and he looked so much like a little boy who had been
caught doing something wrong. Storm smiled and proceeded to lick off all of
his cum. Her tongue flicked over his cockhead and Bobby gasped. He took her
by the waist and put her on the desk. Storm put her arms around him and
pulled him into a deep kiss. She felt Bobby's hot, throbbing cock press
against her and she lay back, legs spread and smiled invitingly.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

She nodded and he went in. He entered her brutally, sliding his cock in to
the hilt. Storm grunted. Bobby stayed in for a few seconds, soaking up the
feeling of being inside a woman for the first time. He began to slide in
and out of her, supporting himself by putting his hands on her hips. Storm
undulated on the desk, and tried to give him greater access into her. Bobby
rammed into her unceremoniously, slamming his cock inside her, going balls
deep then pulling almost all the way out.

Storm lay there, loving the feel of a hard cock inside her. Bobby had a lot
of energy and passion, but he wasn't gentle or anything. He grunted as he
fucked her, and put his arms around her. His head rested between her breasts
and he rammed her, going in hard and fast. She crossed her legs behind his
back and he remained firmly planted in her. "Fuck me, Bobby!!!" she said.

Bobby grunted and continued to fuck her, shoving his cock deep inside her
without pity or restraint. He finally came, sending loads of hot cum deep
inside her. Storm gasped when Bobby's hot cum went inside her. She always
loved having the seed of a man's passion inside her. Bobby just lay there
against her, his body covered with sweat. He looked at her with his eyes

"Bobby?" she asked.

"Yeah?" he said as he pulled out.

Storm grimaced as he did so and felt disappointed. "How was it?" she asked

He looked at her. "Oh, I don't know. First time, remember?" he said.

Storm looked at him. She couldn't bear to see him anymore. He was a lousy
lover and he didn't have anything to say after the act. Looking at him, she
expected him to say something. Anything. She so wanted back the cute, funny
and innocent boy whom she seduced in class. Disgusted, she put her clothes
on and left.

"Bye." said Bobby.

After she left, he said to himself. "I just bagged Storm, yeah!!!"


Storm went into the bathroom and stepped inside the shower. God, she was so
friggin disgusted with men. She used to think she wanted Bobby Drake as a
lover. He was so cute and that youth and inexperience of his was simply
irresistible. Now, after she jumped in the sack with him, she felt so odd.

She stepped into the shower and let the hot water fall on her sexy body. She
changed her mind about the shower and decided to have a bubble bath. She let
the water run then added bubbles. She lay there and closed her eyes. Somehow,
she sensed something was amiss. She opened her eyes and found herself staring
into a very familiar face. The face of Jean Grey. The beautiful redhead stood
in the bathroom.

"Hi, Ororo." she said.

Ororo looked at her. "Hi, gorgeous." said Storm.

Jean was smiling at Ororo in a very odd way. Jean had always had a thing for
Ororo. But she never thought she would explore it. Now, the tentation was too
strong and she wanted to take a chance. "Are you ok?" said Jean.

Ororo nodded. "Sure." she said.

Jean tried to avoid looking at the black woman's gorgeous body, and failed
miserably. "I sensed that you were in trouble." said Jean.

Storm rolled her eyes. "I had a less than pleasant encounter." she said.

Jean raised her eyebrows. "With whom?"

Storm grimaced. "Bobby Drake." she said.

Jean made a face. "You had sex with a student?" she asked incredulously.

Storm looked a bit embarassed. "Yeah. I ain't proud of it. I know it's his
first time but he should say something after the act instead of just waiting
for an excuse to leave."

Jean looked at Storm. She could sense that the black woman was in pain. "Is
there anything I can do?" asked Jean.

Storm shook her head. "Nah. You could keep me company, though." she said.

Jean felt her heart leap in her chest. Storm wanted her to stay by her
side. She tried to act cool and sat on the covered toilet seat, watching her
beautiful ebony goddess in the water and acting out the part of the concerned
friend as Storm told her about her troubles.


Bobby Drake left the room where he had just bagged Storm. Damn, she was hot.
He felt so great. Like he had never felt before. He went to his room, put on
his clothes and thought about going for a ride, taking one of the motorcycles
with him. As Bobby had been making his way through the sleepy mansion, he
awakened one of its most noise-sensitive inhabitants. Logan. The man known as

Logan was sleeping next to Rogue when the noise woke him up. He got up and
went to investigate. He wore a gray T-shirt and Boxer shorts. He let out his
claws. Snkt! He sniffed the air. Nothing unusual. Wait a minute. The smell of
sex...he walked over to the bedroom window of Storm. What he saw left him
stunned. Storm lay on her bed, legs spread and completely nude while Jean
Grey lay on the bed, eating out Storm's pussy. Storm was moaning and crying
out Jean's name as the redhead young woman ate her pussy. Logan watched the
scene, with interest.

Jean Grey got up and went to a drawer from which she pulled out a strap-on
dildo which she fashioned around her slim waist. She came back to Storm and
ate the black woman's pussy for some time. They did a sixty nine and the two
women ate each other out, slim fingers probing tender pussies. Their screams
of passion filled the room.

Logan watched as Storm got on her hands and knees and Jean Grey positioned
herself behind the black female. She parted Storm's nice round asscheeks
and drove the dildo in, inch by inch. From where he was, Logan could see
everything. He saw Storm wince as the dildo went in and saw Jean Grey
gripping Storm's hips and fucking her like that, sliding the dildo in and
out of the black female's ass. Storm screamed in pain and pleasure as Jean
Grey's dildo filled her asshole. Never before had she had something so big
in there. Jean thrust in and out, going hard and fast. With one hand, she
caressed her own pussy, toying with herself. With the other, she caressed
Storm's butt. Storm whimpered when Jean Grey slapped her ass, hard.

"Oh, Jean." said Storm.

"You like that, bitch?" said Jean as she pulled Storm's hair.

Storm screamed. "OH, Yes! Fuck me, Jean!!!"

Logan watched all that and felt more than slightly aroused. He almost didn't
hear a sound coming from not far away. He looked through the darkness and saw
a familiar figure. Bobby Drake. The tall, brown-haired seventeen-year old
boy. What the hell was he doing around the garage at this hour? Reluctantly,
Logan left the window to investigate. He approached the young man in the
dark. "Hi, Bobby." he said.

Bobby gasped when he saw Logan. "Oh, hey, man. What's up?" he asked.

Logan looked at him and snarled. "What are you doing here, bub?" he asked

Bobby thought about lying and knew that Logan would figure it out sooner or
later. "I just wanted to go for a ride." he said.

"At this hour?" said Logan. "Are you meeting someone, chump?" he asked.

Bobby grinned. "I just bagged Storm." he said confidently.

Logan's eyes widened. "WHAT???" he said.

Bobby told him about how he had this 'meeting' with Storm. He also told Logan
about how Storm well, stormed out of there after the act. Logan told him that
women were all a bunch of sentimental fools who took sex too seriously and
couldn't make the difference between sex and love.

"They never know what they want." said Logan. "Trust me on that." Bobby
nodded, soaking up the older man's words of wisdom. "Between you and me,
they are all certifiably insane. Every last one of them."

Bobby grinned. "Some would call you a mysogynistic chauvinist." he said.

Logan grinned. "The truth always hurts. Some people can't handle it. That's
why God invented lies." Logan grinned at Bobby. "Hey, kid. Wanna see
something cool?" he asked.

"Sure, why not?" said Bobby.

Logan led him to the window. The boy gasped when he saw what was happening

Jean Grey was on her hands and knees, her pussy being ravaged by Storm
wearing a strap on dildo. Bobby 's eyes widened. He had seen such things but
never with people he knew. Usually, he saw such things in porno films. Like
his favorite Lesbian movie. Lesbian Strap On Models For Hire. But these were
women he actually knew. The prim and proper Jean Grey was acting like a dyke
slut and the ebony goddess known as Storm was not behaving much better. He
felt a hard on in his pants. The two of them watched the women having freaky
lesbo sex. Logan got tired of the stuff and decided to leave. Bobby Drake
followed him.

The two men told each other about their nights. Logan had finally gotten
Rogue to slip in the sheets and Bobby had fucked Storm for the first time.

"Why do you think so many girls are bi?" said Bobby.

Logan looked at him. "Some people like to have the best of both worlds." he
said. "And it's not just women who are bi."

Bobby looked at Logan. "I know some guys are fags." he said.

Logan frowned. "There is nothing wrong with a man being homosexual or even
bisexual." he said.

Bobby paused. "Why would a man want to be with another man?"

Logan grimaced. "There is more to life than girls, kiddo. I know of some men
who are very macho and tough and still like to be with other men and even
women from time to time." he said confidently.

"No way, gay guys all act like fems." Bobby said.

"I don't quite know how to tell you this, Bobby. But I am bisexual." Logan

Bobby looked at Logan. "You are joking, right?" he asked.

Logan shook his head.

"But you fucked Rogue, right? I know you enjoyed it. I would too. How can you
be gay?" he said.

Logan shrugged. "There is a big difference between a gay guy and a bi guy,

Bobby looked at Logan with an air of superiority. "Once a fag, always a fag."

Logan hit Bobby Drake so hard the kid fell. "Never use that word around me,
kid." Logan said.

Bobby looked at Logan. He transformed himself into Iceman and formed a spear
of ice to stab his attacker with. Logan's claws made short work of Iceman's
spear and he kicked Iceman in the chest and punched him in the face. Iceman
reverted to Bobby Drake.

"What was that for?" said Bobby.

"I don't like bigots," said Logan. "Men and women who hate mutants are bad
enough but people who hate gays, lesbians and bisexuals are just stupid in my

"Sorry." said Bobby.

Logan just walked away. "Good night, kid."

Bobby Drake did not sleep that night. He thought about the day's events and
frankly they bothered the hell out of him. He just had his first sexual
experience. That was cool. He banged Storm, a total hottie. He also saw Storm
getting it on with Jean Grey. Ultra-super cool. He ran into Logan and they
had an interesting talk. Logan came out to him. Logan was bisexual. Not so
cool. He never thought a guy like Logan would be one of those. Logan was
tough, a natural survivor and all around tough guy. Women loved him. And
judging by his interest in Jean Grey and his affair with the beautiful Rogue,
he loved women. So why did he swing both ways? What was wrong with him?

He lay in bed thinking about Storm. He imagined himself kissing her and
making love to her. Maybe she'd let him do her in the ass. Hmm. Fucking
Storm up the ass. What a pleasant thought. His cock instantly got hard.
Bobby grabbed his cock and pumped up and down, stroking to thoughts of
himself doing with Storm sex acts that were illegal in some states. He
also thought about Rogue.

God, there were so many hot females on the Mansion. His mind came back to
Logan. Bobby pictured Logan, the tough and rough manly man fucking Rogue and
even Storm up the butt. Just holding on to their waists and shoving that hard
cock of his into their tight assholes. Bobby imagined all that. A thought
came to him. A strange one. He saw Logan's face when the older man came out
to him. He had confessed to being bisexual. One of those people who felt
sexually attracted to men and women. Bobby had met a few bisexual women and
a number of girls who pretended to be bisexual just to get attention from
guys. He had never met a bisexual man. He pictured them acting like fags.
Walking in a girly way, acting fruity and calling each other "Miss this or
miss that" and "girl this and girl that".

They were so fucking weird. Bobby hated fags. They made him feel
uncomfortable. They were nasty and unnatural. Yet Logan was one of them. Or
at least partially so. Bobby tried to picture Logan acting like one of those
fags, acting fruity and going to the mall with a bunch of annoying girls and
discussing fashion and meaningless shit like that. He couldn't. Logan was a
rough, manly man no matter what. He was so masculine. Bobby caught himself
picturing Logan naked. "What the hell?" he wondered.

He tried to force these alarming thoughts out of his mind. He couldn't.

He went to sleep.

When he woke up the next day, he would vividly recall the events of the past
night. His meeting with Storm. Logan's confession of bisexuality. The hot
lesbian sex between Jean Grey and Storm. What a night.


Logan, the buff and muscular hairy macho man. He stood in the middle of a
room, naked, looking at a woman. That woman was Jean Grey. Jean Grey was
there, naked and waiting for Logan. Logan joined her in bed and they kissed.
Logan kissed her neck and back and caressed her breasts. He ran his hands
over her smooth buttocks and kissed her again. Jean Grey reached out and
touched Logan's cock. She held it in her hand and began to pump it up by
running her hand up and down on it. Logan looked at her. She leaned over
and took his cock in her mouth. She was sucking him off, taking in as much
of his cock as she could. Logan grabbed her head and she gagged on his cock.

They were joined by a third party. That third party was none other than
Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops. He stood there, looking at his
girlfriend sucking off another man. Logan bade Scott welcome and strangely
enough, Scott came and joined them in bed, tossing his clothes on the floor.
Jean Grey sucked Logan's cock while Scott positioned himself behind her,
holding her by the hips entering her from behind. He slid his large cock
inside her pussy.

Logan fucked Jean's mouth while Scott fucked the girl's pussy. The two men
worked her over, going deep inside her. Jean endured the merciless fucking.
Then, they switched around. Scott lay on the bed and Jean came and lowered
her pussy onto him. Logan positioned himself behind her and entered her
from behind. He slid his cock in her ass. Jean grunted and the two men began
to pump her up, going in hard and fast and filling both her holes. Logan
gripped Jean Grey's waist and began to tear her ass apart. He fucked her,
hard. Scott caressed Jean Grey's boobies as he slammed her pussy. She kept
bouncing up and down on him. Hard and fast they went, and the girl kept
screaming in pain and pleasure as both her holes were filled. Finally, she
screamed at the top of her lungs. Scott came, flooding her pussy with his
cum. At the same time, Logan came, shooting his cum deep inside Jean Grey's
ass. Jean Grey lay there, spent. The two men looked at each other. Logan
leaned over and kissed Scott Summers on the mouth. Scott returned his kiss.

Logan came closer and kissed Scott, caressing him in the most gentle manner.
They rolled around on the bed and Scott found himself on top of Logan, who
grinned. Slowly, Scott lowered himself onto Logan's erect manhood. He gasped
when Logan entered him and supported himself by holding onto Logan's
shoulders. Scott began to bounce up and down on Logan's cock and Logan began
to thrust upward, fucking his male over's ass with ardent energy.

Jean Grey looked at the scene. She sat there, looking at her boyfriend and
her former suitor making love and found herself strangely aroused. She came
closer and caressed Scott's back and face as Logan fucked him, hard. She
knew how hard Logan's cock could be, the way it just fills up one's asshole.
Scott grunted and moaned as Logan fucked him. He changed his position, facing
away from Logan and squatting on his cock.

Jean Grey saw her chance, and took it. She came and sat on Logan's chest
and came closer until her pussy was almost on his face. He looked at her
questioningly. Jean Grey begged him to please her and after a brief
hesitation, he began to munch on her burger. Logan tasted Jean Grey's
juices. He licked her pussy and at the same time his fingers probed her
asshole. He kept thrusting, fucking Scott in the ass.

Finally, the pressure on his cock brought him off and he came, shooting his
load deep inside Scott Summers, who screamed. At the same time, Logan stabbed
Jean Grey's cunt with his tongue and triggered a massive orgasm in her. She
grabbed his head and screamed his name as her flood gates opened and she
came, ejaculating her precious female cum all over his face. Logan drank it
all up.

A short while later, Logan, Scott and Jean all walked to the shower and
showered together. They soaped each other up and stood under the water,
frolicking, kissing, laughing and smiling. These little get-togethers
were always fun. Men and women could have a lot of fun if they allowed
any and all inhibitions to drop.

Logan left Scott and Jean. These insatiable freaks of nature were gonna have
a threesome with Storm. He didn't think he could handle it. It had been more
than three hours since he left Rogue's bedroom. He went back in, as a master
of stealth he made no noise. He found Rogue still asleep in the bed. He
slipped under the covers and his night-seeing eyes beheld her beauty. God,
it was astonishing how much he loved this girl. For her he considered giving
up the men and the women of the world. He had always enjoyed his bisexuality
and had many, many lovers, both male and female under his belt. Still, he
loved Rogue in a way he had never loved anyone. He was attracted to Scott and
Jean, but that was just sex between friends. He felt something for Rogue.
Something powerful. He reached out to touch her face. She woke up and for a
moment those beautiful brown eyes of hers looked about in panic.

"Logan?" she asked in a panicked voice.

"I am here." he said.

She smiled and squeezed his hand. "What's wrong?" he asked her. Rogue
hesitated. "You can tell me anything." Logan said firmly.

"I had a dream that you were gonna leave me." she said.

Logan looked into those frightened eyes of hers. "Nothing could ever make me
leave you. I came back just for you."

Rogue looked at him. She had loved Logan for years and couldn't believe he
was finally hers. The thought of losing him was unbearable. "I ain't leaving
you." Logan said firmly. He pulled her to him and kissed her.

She kissed him. "I love you, Logan." she said.

Logan just held her there and kissed her forehead. He said nothing. He liked
this girl and didn't want to leave her. He also knew the call of the wild.
The irresistible call of nature and adventure, of dangerous men and women who
were potential lovers as well as enemies. That was what he lived for and he
always returned to it.

Yet he had always been searching for a Love of His Very Own. Now, he seemed
to have found it. Rogue had given herself to him in love. She saved herself
just for him. And he cared deeply for her. Maybe that's what it meant to be
in love. Logan once thought love was for suckers and females. Now, he wasn't
so sure. He took one more look at Rogue, liked what he saw and the feel of
her supple young body against his. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The End


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