Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men the Movie. Also, this is smut, so kiddies stay
away. Rating: NC-17 Summary: The animal wants to hunt.

X-Men: Chase And Capture (Mf)
by Blaize Jade

Most people would be afraid to have an animal hot on their trail, snarling in
what sounded like rage. Rogue was not afraid. And she knew that was sound was
anything but anger. Because the animal behind her was the Wolverine. And the
snarling told her he wanted her. Badly. Rogue ran faster, wanting to make it
good for him. She ignored the tree branches as they smacked against her,
threatening to snag her clothes and knock her down. She moved on pure
adrenaline. Suddenly, everything grew quiet.

Rogue froze, looking around. Her breath was rapid as she scanned her
surroundings for her pursuer. With a roar, he leapt from the brush, tackling
her to the ground. Rogue screamed as Wolverine pinned her to the hard ground,
licking and biting her scarf-covered neck. She struggled to get loose,
although she didn't put much effort into it. In this chase, the prey was
happy to be caught. But she knew the predator liked a little bit of a fight.
Wolverine growled, turning her head to the side hard, but not quite enough
to hurt. He bit down, marking her even through the layers of silk. Rogue
shuddered as her wiggling stopped. He'd claimed her now. There was no
stopping it now.

As if she wanted to... Rogue looked up, meeting his eyes. They were darker
than when he was just Logan, when he was more man than animal. She liked him
this way. There was something to be said about going feral, at least where
sex was concerned. She thrust her hips up, letting him know she was a willing
mate. He growled again, although this time so deep in his chest that it was
almost a purr. He reached under her skirt, finding the bodystocking she wore
for just such an occasion. Roughly, he tore a hole in the fabric, rubbing her
clit with his leather-covered hands.

Her scent assailed his nostrils, and this time, he did purr. Rogue whimpered,
the wait almost too much. As much as she liked it when Logan took her slowly,
it was times like these when she just wanted Wolverine to ravish her. She
reached down, unbuttoning his fly and pulling his cock out of its denim
prison. Wolverine growled again when he felt her slim hands wrap around him.
All he could think of was being buried inside her, feeling her all around

He felt her slip something over his cock, and knew it was safe to be inside
her now. Even as far-gone as he was, Wolverine knew better than to touch
Rogue's skin, if only from the knowledge that it would end his current
pleasure. Rogue screamed as Wolverine thrust into her, burying himself to the
hilt in one stroke. He grunted above her, moving in and out at a pace rapid
enough to make her see stars. She clung to him with all her strength, knowing
when he was like this, she was just along for the ride.

Rogue lost all touch with reality, feeling nothing but the man who was
filling her up so entirely. Pleasure hit her so suddenly that it was if
she was being torn apart, her senses shutting down so she couldn't hear
Wolverine's primal roar of completion, or the way he shook in her arms
as he lost himself in her. Logan came back to himself, still buried
inside his lover.

"Marie..." he said softly, kissing her hair.

"Logan," she replied, smiling softly.

"Thanks for the chase, darlin'," he said, rolling over so she rested on his

Rogue's smile grew wider. "Thanks for the capture."

The End


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