Storm and Wolverine both belong to Marvel and I am not trying to make any
money from this story so please don't sue me. Also, that horrible person -
Viper also belongs to Marvel. Now that all that is over, this story is a
look on how Storm could possible feel about Logan's marriage and what could
happen between the two of them.

X-Men: Betrayal And Rapture (MF,inter)
by Nikia Johnson

Ororo runs towards the huge church praying to her goddess that she is not
too late. She attempts to summon the winds to aid her, but as before, it
refuses to answer. She races up the steep steps and burst through the double
doors. But even before her eyes adjust to the darkness, she knows that she
is too late. "No!!!!" She screams as she falls to her knees realizing that
she has once again lost the man that she loves.

Ororo sits up in her bed breathing rapidly and drenched in sweat. As usual,
she is being haunted by the same dream- dreams of him being married to that
tramp of a woman. She takes a deep breath realizing that the weather outside
is beginning to reflect her mood. Dark clouds roll in and a punishing rain
begins to fall. Thunder rumbles loudly shaking the walls of the mansion and
lightening streaks across the once peaceful sky. However, instead of
banishing the foul weather, Ororo allows the weather to act out her anger.

The door of her room opens, and Logan stands there in silence watching her.
She yearns to flee from his penetrating gaze, but some unknown force prevents
her retreat. He walks slowly into her room still wearing the jeans and
T-shirt that he had on earlier. Shivering in her long, white gown, Ororo
wraps her arms around herself attempting to ward off her attraction to him.
As much as she wants him, she refuses to get involved with a married man.
She stubbornly returns his stare hoping to summon some anger at his betrayal.
However, she only sees the only man that she has ever truly loved.

He continues to walk towards her staring her directly in the eye as if
daring her to move. When he is finally close enough to touch her, he quietly
reaches out and caresses her face. A single tear slides down her cheek, and
without saying a word, he picks her up and carries her downstairs to his
room. Neither of them speak for the pull of their mutual attraction has
become stronger than any words in the vocabulary. She rubs her hand gently
down Logan's cheek feeling the overshadow of his beard beginning to grow. A
deep growl escapes from him as he takes her hand and kisses the inside of her
wrist. When they finally reach his bedroom, he slowly allows the length of
her body to slide down his until her feet reach the floor. Ororo struggles to
keep her desire locked deep within her, but the need to join with him in
every way possible takes over and the fury of the storm raging outside
intensifies. She longs to escape this onslaught of passion, but she is caught
between him and the bed. He reaches for her, but she strikes him in the face
drawing blood wanting him to suffer as she has.

However, as she raises her hand to strike him again, he tackles her to the
bed and pins her beneath him. The scar on his face heals instantly leaving no
sign of her attack. She moans softly hoping to persuade him to release her,
but instead he takes both her hand and anchors them above her head. Using his
other hand, he gentle strokes her face. Desire and impatience both reflect
clearly in his dark brown eyes as he begins to untie the ribbon in her gown.
She struggles within his grasp to free her pinned arms, but his hold is
strong and steady. He leans down and kisses her hard and deep bruising her
soft mouth. Her breathing is now coming in soft pants as he begins to trail
kisses down her face. He continues to kiss her moving slowly down her body.

When he reaches her breasts, he sucks both of her already harden nipples
through her night gown. Ororo struggles to keep the wave of passion inside
vowing not to let him know the full extent of his influence on her. Still
keeping her hands pinned, Logan uses his other hand to caress her smooth
legs. Very slowly, but deliberately, his hand make its way up her leg. When
he reaches her damp panties, Ororo hears the familiar sound of his claws
being released and with a quick swipe, he removes them. He then ripes
through her gown leaving her nude body totally exposed to him. He sheathed
his claws and lazily trail his fingers across her flat stomach. Ororo
attempts to maintain normal breathing, but when his fingers moved to the
triangle of white curls above her thighs, she suddenly forget the importance
of breathing.

Logan slowly inserts two fingers in her and methodically begins to caress her
feminine core. Ororo moves slowly against his fingers reveling at the feel of
his roughened fingers in her. He rains hot, passionate kisses all over her,
tasting her, exploring her, and memorizing every detail of her body. He finds
her mouth and begins to suck her tongue. The pace that Ororo has set
increases and though she wants to delay the inevitable, she finds herself
exploding with an erotic release. Logan holds her as she climaxes beneath
him. And as the ripples of desire subsides, Ororo kisses the base of Logan's
neck. However, it is not enough. The need to feel him against her skin
without the barrier of clothes prompts her to remove his T-shirt. She rains
kisses on his nude chest enjoying the feel of his jeans inside her silky
thighs. The hammering of his heart alerts her that this is effecting him as
much as it is her. She smiles as she reaches for the button of his jeans
feeling the thrust of his manhood against her hand. The crack of the sound
of the zipper sliding down vibrates throughout the room.

Impatient to be inside of her, Logan suddenly rolls away from her and stands,
and he quickly removes the rest of his clothes. The air seems to evaporate
from her lungs as she marvel at the sheer maleness of his body and the
evidence of his desire for her. Like a lion stalking his prey, Logan crawls
slowly back into the bed. He is suddenly over her kissing her with an
intensity that she has never known. Ororo arch her hips longing to have Logan
deep inside of her and with one swift thrust, he makes their union complete.
She cries out as a wave of passion threatens to carry her over, but at the
just as she is about to loose control, he withdraws slightly only to thrust
deeply into her softness again.

Ororo cries out as the thunder boomed outside and she sinks her nails into
Logan's back as she tightens her legs around his hips. They both struggle to
contain the desire that is sweeping them - hoping to prolong the fulfillment.
But the need to move is strong, and they both race towards the eventual
climax. The scent of their bodies fill the room creating an erotic scent of
lust, passion, and And when they finally reach the pinnacle,
they reach it together. Ororo watches Logan as he sleeps. While she knows
that she should leave him before the rest of the mansion awakes, she finds
that the desire to be with him is stronger than ever. She realizes that she
is probably setting herself up for more hurt and pain, but she loves him
regardless of his marriage to Viper. And to have moments like this is worth
all the pain and hurt. Logan stirs in his sleep and instinctually pulls Ororo
closer. And she in turn snuggle closer and fall asleep in the protection of
his arms.

The end


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