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Wynonna Earp: Limited Dating Options Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

"Can, can I talk to you for a minute?" Wynonna said bravely as she could, quickly following up with, "In private."

Nicole looked up, hesitated for a moment and then said, "Okay."

Wynonna nodded and, after Officer Haught stood up, awkwardly led the way through the police station. This was a bad idea. It was multiple bad ideas, all combining together into one big shit storm which could destroy the one good thing in Wynonna's life. Actually, for the first time in forever Wynonna's life really wasn't that shitty. She actually had a job she liked, a boss she liked and a place to hang her hat. It wasn't close to perfect, but for once Wynonna truly had a feeling of purpose, and a place she belonged. Most of all she felt truly loved by someone she truly loved. And she was about to risk it all in the name of saving it, even though it would almost certainly make things worse.

"Really, in here?" Nicole raised an eyebrow.

"Well... I considered offering to take a drive, but I thought that would imply I was going to kill you." Wynonna smiled, opening the door and holding it open for the redhead like a 'gentlewoman', and then noticing look was giving her quickly added, "I'm not."

"Very reassuring." Nicole said dryly, stepping into the room, "What about a bar?"

"Believe me, I thought that." Wynonna groaned, shutting the door behind her after she entered the room, "But I couldn't risk anyone overhearing this."

Officer Haught nodded in understanding and then there was a very long and very awkward pause. Which wasn't surprising as they were now standing in the room that Officer Haught had caught Wynonna and her sister Waverly arguing about their relationship, Officer Haught perhaps proving herself a competent detective in turn as she immediately put two and two together. Waverly had unfortunately confirmed her suspicions, but even if she hadn't Wynonna knew that it would have been difficult to try and convince Officer Haught that she wasn't fucking her own sister, and would almost certainly have to have this awkward conversation in which she tried to convince her that such a taboo relationship wasn't wrong.

"So, is a true?" Nicole asked.

"Which part of it?" Wynonna wasn't able to stop herself from quipping.

"You and Waverly." Nicole said flatly, then after a telling pause added, "God dammit Wynonna, what the fuck!"

"Hey! Keep your voice down!" Wynonna hissed.

"Fuck?" Nicole hissed back, although quieter than before, "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

Taken aback by this reaction Wynonna instantly asked, "What, Waverly didn't give it away?"

"No, you both did last week. But... I don't know, I convince myself I had to be wrong. That it had to be a mistake. That, that Waverly would come to me and explain it was a big misunderstanding, and that she..." Nicole trailed off briefly, "Fuck Wynonna! Just fuck."

"I know." Wynonna said guiltily.

There was a brief pause and then Nicole grumbled, "I should arrest you, you know?"

Wynonna frowned, "For what?"

"Erm, hello! Incest is illegal!" Nicole hissed.

"Not in the south." Wynonna quipped, quickly adding, "Or at least not in this state. I checked. As long as we are both of age, which we are, and it's consensual, which it is, we're not legally doing anything wrong."

"Oh, so just morally then?" Nicole quipped bitterly.

"Look!" Wynonna said flatly, "I don't expect you to understand, but as there hasn't been angry villagers with pitchforks and torches after me I'm guessing you haven't told nobody, and for that I wanted to say thank you."

"I didn't do that for you." Nicole said coldly.

"I don't doubt it." Wynonna replied knowingly, before sighing, "But... I did come here to try and convince you to stay quiet."

"You don't have too." Nicole said flatly, "I would never do anything that would hurt Waverly."

"Well, we have that at least in common." Wynonna smiled.

"Do we?" Nicole questioned, and then when Wynonna gave her a look she grumbled, "Don't look at me like that Wynonna. This is wrong, and you know it."

"I know." Wynonna said solemnly.

"Do you?" Nicole questioned, "For God sakes Wynonna, what are you thinking?"

"That Waverly is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I love her." Wynonna said firmly, "I know it's wrong, but I don't care. Waverly is the only one I've ever truly loved, and the only one who's ever truly loved me. And when we're together... nothing has ever felt more right."

"She deserves better." Nicole said flatly.

"You mean she deserves you?" Wynonna almost laughed, getting the desired reaction of an angry looking redhead, "What? You think I didn't notice you eye fucking her? Because I did. I always notice. Side-effect of being the jealous type."

"So? She's not my sister." Nicole shrugged, and then sighed, "And I... I thought we had a connection."

"Maybe you did." Wynonna begrudgingly agreed, and then when she got another look continued, "That's the other thing I wanted to talk to you about. See, even though the thought of you just looking at Waverly makes my blood boil, I do want what's best for her. And no matter what, I can't shake the feeling I'm not who she truly wants, and if there's any chance that's true I don't want to be the one who stands in the way of the happiness she deserves. But I ain't giving her up without a fight. So, what's a girl to do? I can't just back off and let you have your turn, but maybe there's a more mutually pleasurable arrangement to be had. Maybe one that will make Waverly realise who she really wants. Or better yet, maybe you."

There was long pause, and then Nicole asked, "What are you saying?"

Wynonna smirked, "What? Weren't you the one suggesting a threesome with the Earp sisters?"

* * *

A few hours later Wynonna was awkwardly ushering Officer Haught into her home, the two of them barely saying a word to each other as the redhead followed the brunette into their living room, where the object of their desires was waiting for them. Waverly smiled awkwardly, gave Officer Haught a big hug, and then one for Wynonna as well, maybe just to stop her from being jealous, which didn't work. Then Waverly and Officer Haught sat down on the couch together while Wynonna grabbed a beer from the coffee table, sat down in the nearby armchair and tried to engage in the awkward small talk which followed, the entire time thinking she didn't bring enough beer for this.

Honestly Wynonna hadn't been really expecting Officer Haught to say yes. She really only did it to soothe her guilty conscience, because this way if Waverly broke up with her in the future and complained that she could have had something with Nicole then Wynonna could point out that her baby sister had more than enough chances to pick her instead, and Wynonna went out of her way to try and make her pick somebody else. Including even trying to arrange a threesome. Except now she had arranged it. Or had she? Officer Haught looked even more awkward than she felt right now. Would she really stick around for the main event? Or would she run for the hills as soon as someone suggested to go upstairs?

Waverly was easily just as nervous, if not more so, than the other two women, but that was only natural under these circumstances. Or so she imagined. She never had a three way before, and she doubted Nicole had either. Wynonna had, but that was with guys, and more importantly not anyone that she gave a shit about. Or so she said. So Waverly spent most of the night thinking of the right words to ease them into the subject, but ultimately concluded that this was one of those situations were it was better to let actions speak for her. Although if she was going to take the initiative on this she needed to be at least a little tipsy, and she got the impression the small talk made Nicole as relaxed as possible for what she was about to do, especially as it was something out of the norm.

After all, it wasn't everyday someone saw two sisters kissing, especially when one of them was someone they liked. For that reason Waverly tried to keep her kiss with Wynonna brief and gentle, which was easy at first because she took her big sister by surprise, turning her face towards her when there was a lull in the conversation and then pressing her lips to hers. But then of course Wynonna tried to heat things up, and Waverly probably only got away so soon because Wynonna remembered who was watching them. Then Waverly slowly got up, made her way from the sofa to the chair where Nicole was sitting on, got into her lap and gave the redhead a gentle kiss, this one much longer than the one she had given Wynonna.

When she finally broke the kiss Waverly was a little breathless, but she just about managed to ask, "Do you wanna come upstairs?"

Despite her throat suddenly being very dry Nicole nodded softly, "Okay."

Smiling softly at her... friend? Yeah, Waverly would go with that. Anyway, her friend smiled back, took Waverly's hand and allowed herself to be pulled out of that chair. Waverly then turned to Wynonna, and thought she'd have to do the same for her pouting sibling. But then Wynonna got up, gave her a weird look and took off in the direction of the stairs, Waverly quickly following and pulling Nicole by the hand after her. At first Waverly wasn't sure what Wynonna was doing, then she realised she was probably trying to make sure Waverly would stare at her ass as she slowly made her way up the stairs and reminded her about the last time she had been mad at her and how part of her punishment had been giving her big sister a nice long rim job. Either that or Wynonna just childishly wanted to go first, which was also possible.

Either way Waverly was filled with thoughts of fucking her sister as the three women slowly made their way up the stairs and to Waverly's room. Once at their destination Waverly close the door behind them and then pushed Nicole up against it, and then pressing first her body and then her lips against Nicole's in a heated kiss. Nicole responded without hesitation, then whimpered in disappointment when Waverly broke the kiss a few minutes later and turned her attention to Wynonna, who was predictably pouting again, although she quickly brightened up when Waverly approached her and gave her pretty much the same treatment, before Waverly began going back and forth between the two other women.

Nicole had no idea what she was doing here. Well, she did, but that didn't mean it was a good idea. In fact ever since she'd heard it the words 'this is a bad' idea had been echoing in her head, and it was like an ear piercing siren right now, especially when Waverly kissed her sister in front of her. But despite knowing she should leave Nicole just couldn't. She just couldn't. She was just too in love, or at least infatuated, with Waverly Earp, that she would literally take anything she can get, even if it meant being in a threesome with the Earp sisters, which wasn't nearly as fun when instead of sharing her she and Wynonna were the ones sharing Waverly. And yet she couldn't, wouldn't protest, and instead just kept tongue kissing Waverly whenever she got the chance.

During one of those kisses Waverly started undoing her belt, and when she broke it Waverly dropped to her knees, slowly pulled down Nicole's pants and panties and then stuck her head in between her legs. Which was certainly welcome, but Nicole was used to receiving a lot more foreplay from her lovers. Hell, she barely had the chance to fondle Waverly's tits. Or have hers fondle. And really, she could have kissed Waverly all night. Instead she found herself wide-eyed and staring of the smirking Wynonna, who she blamed for this. Of course foreplay wasn't Wynonna's thing. That twisted little bitch probably barely kissed Waverly before shoving her head between her legs.

As much as Nicole would have liked to scold Wynonna for being a bad influence on Waverly, in so many different ways, she was too busy crying out with pure joy as Waverly Earp pressed her tongue against the bottom of her pussy and then slowly made her way up to the top. She then slowly repeated the process just as slowly, quickly proving that while her foreplay game could do with some work Waverly's pussy licking skills were top shelf. So much so that Nicole was able to close her eyes and forget all about how Waverly had got this good at eating pussy. She even forgave her for skipping the foreplay. Which was easy given what Waverly was currently doing. Besides, maybe Waverly was just eager to lick her pussy, which was a thought Nicole very much liked.

Grateful for the door behind her Nicole leaned back against it, lowered her hat and reached down to gently stroke Waverly's hair in gentle encouragement. Which was pretty much heaven for the redhead, especially when Waverly started lingering on her clit with every other stroke of her tongue. Unfortunately just as Nicole was about to beg for more Waverly pulled back, causing the cop to open her eyes and look at her lover with betrayal. Waverly didn't notice, as she was too busy crawling over to her precious sister, Nicole scowling jealously over at Wynonna, who didn't notice as she was too busy grinning gleefully as her precious sister approached.

Wynonna had spent the last few minutes staring at Officer Haught. Well, mostly at Waverly as she kneeled in front of her precious girlfriend as she ate her out, but occasionally up at Officer Haught to check, yes, as far as she could tell the officer bitch wasn't even looking at one of the best sights in the world, Waverly Earp on her knees in front of her and licking her pussy. How dare she! Who did she think she was? Why had Wynonna thought it was a good idea to invite her here for a threesome in the first place? And most importantly of all, why had Waverly chosen to eat her pussy first instead of Wynonna's? Was it true? Did she really want Officer Haught instead of her?

Then to her delight Waverly turned around and started slowly crawling towards her, causing Wynonna to grin wickedly. And to realise her hand was down her pants and she had a finger inside herself. Wynonna honestly wasn't sure when that had happened, but she quickly removed her finger, and her pants and panties, so there wouldn't be anything in the way once Waverly arrived. Which was something she was rewarded for, first with a soft smile from her beloved sister, then the thing she really wanted, Waverly's talented little tongue pressing against the bottom of her cunt and slowly making its way up to the top to linger on her clit, making Wynonna cry out with true joy.

"Oh God! That's it baby girl, mmmmm, eat my pussy." Wynonna moaned shamelessly as she reached down and pressed Waverly to her while staring lovingly down at her sibling, "Oh yeah, eat me. Eat my pussy little sister, mmmmm ohhhhhh yessssss, fucking lick your big sister's cunt you beautiful little dyke. Mmmmm yeahhhh, show big sister just how much you love her."

More than a few of these words were directed at Officer Haught. Okay, pretty much all of them were, because Wynonna was a horrible person and painfully insecure, but she made matters worse by looking directly at the officer for a few of those comments. Mostly though she stared down lovingly, and lustfully, at her precious Waverly. Which somewhat backfired as Waverly glared up at her, making her feel bad. But not as much as she made her feel good, Waverly clearly concluding that if she couldn't shut Wynonna up through guilt then she would do it by fucking the hell out of her. Of course that was okay, because that's exactly what Wynonna wanted.

Of course Wynonna didn't exactly get what she wanted, as she wanted Waverly to tongue fuck her to climax. However this was one of those times were not getting what she wanted was certainly a good thing, because it meant that her eventual climaxes would be that much more powerful because Waverly slowly built her up to it like a good little pussy licker. And Wynonna definitely wasn't in a hurry for the pussy licking to end, especially as Waverly began increasingly concentrating on her clit, lingering there for so long that Wynonna thought she was going to cum just from that. Of course that's when Waverly crawled over to Officer Haught and gave that bitch the same treatment, Wynonna glaring daggers at her rival while avoiding the urge to slide a hand down once again to finish what Waverly had started.

Waverly was kind of in heaven right now. Pussy heaven! Oh yes, she was going back and forth between the yummiest treats she'd ever enjoyed, and she knew what would make it even better was when she would make the other women cum for her. The problem was Wynonna. Or at least her sister's insecurities. And that mouth! God, Wynonna had never hesitated to verbally embarrass her before, and while at least it was the kind that she liked it was different now Nicole was here Wynonna's words seemed meaner. Or maybe Waverly was just more sensitive to them with company here, especially as it took her best work to eventually shut her sister up.

"Yessssssss Wav, yessssssss, fucking eat my pussy!" Wynonna cried out loudly, "Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, that's it, eat me! Mmmmmm, eat your big sister's pussy you incestuous little bitch! Oh yeah, you love the taste of pussy, don't you Waverly? Yeah you do, but you love your sister's the best. Huh? Yeahhhhhhhh, you love my fucking cunt! You love eating your big sister's cunt like the dirty little dyke whore you are! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, you're such a whore Wavs! My whore. My own personal little pussy licking lesbian whore! My pussy licker! Mine! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssss, you're mine Waverly! Not Officer Hottie's, mine! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh shit, oh baby girl, you're my cunt loving slut, my dyke whore, ooooooooh, my submissive little bitch, ohhhhhhhhhh, you're mine, oooooooooh, all mine, ohhhhhhhhhh, mine, mine, mine, mine, mineeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddddd!"

It took literally shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into her sister's pussy and fucking her with it as hard as she could to make her shut up. And that wasn't even really shutting her up, it was making her incoherent after finally making her cum. Which certainly wasn't unusual, nor was the fact that when the first one hit Wynonna pushed Waverly's face as deep as it would go into her cunt and then started grinding her hips in a way which made it hard for Waverly to breathe. Not that it stopped Waverly from fucking her sister through multiple orgasms, it just meant the majority of it ended up on her face instead of in her belly were it truly belonged.

She had made Wynonna cum first because it felt like she had too. God forbid she should have made any other choice, otherwise Wynonna would have thrown a hissy fit. Ironically Waverly would have probably chosen her big sister anyway. Probably. Mostly because as yummy as Nicole had proven to be Waverly didn't crave the taste of her like she did her sister. Although she was very much looking forward to tasting Nicole's cum, and a big advantage to having Wynonna roughly fuck her face to the point where she would probably be bruised meant that she had more energy to make Nicole cum. And hopefully do other things.

When Wynonna finally let go of her Waverly wasted no time in crawling back to Nicole, who whimpered as soon as the other girl was between her legs, "Please Waverly, please make me cum. I need to cum so bad. Please? Please fuck me with your beautiful tongue. Tongue fuck me you sexy girl! Please? Mmmmm, make me cum in that pretty little mouth of yours."

For a few extra seconds Waverly waited to see if Nicole gave her any more of that sweet dirty talk. It was the sweetest encouragement given to her so far, and weirdly she found herself missing Wynonna's less sweet approach. Although she had more important things to focus on, namely making Nicole cum, which Waverly did easily by gently shoving her tongue inside her and beginning to fuck her with it, not stopping until she got a mouthful of cum. She then eagerly swallowed down every drop, before reinserting her tongue and repeating the process. Which was easy because Nicole stayed nice and still, which was refreshing, but again Waverly missed Wynonna's technique, and although Nicole's girl cum was really yummy it couldn't compare to her sister's heavenly cream.

Wynonna had no idea those thoughts were going through Waverly's head. She just knew that her sister was clearly enjoying making the other woman cum, and even after receiving similar treatment herself she couldn't help feeling a little jealous watching it. Okay, a lot jealous, but more than ever before she knew that was insane. So she let Officer Haught have her turn. Mostly. She might have stripped off the rest of her clothes and retrieved some strap-on dildos, but that was just fulfilling Waverly's earlier wishes, which would be a great way to thank her for the amazing orgasm that her little sister had just given her, and Officer Haught.

When Waverly did crawl back of her own accord Wynonna barely gave her the chance to breathe before leaning down to kiss her, although to be fair it was relatively short and sweet for them, then she pulled back and softly told her, "You're a bit overdressed baby girl."

"Oh, right. Sorry." Waverly blushed.

Both Earp sisters then got to their feet, Waverly quickly getting into the centre of the room and giving them a strip tease while Wynonna casually passed Officer Haught the other dildo. Wynonna had to admit, while she felt very threatened by Officer Haught, the way Nicole blushed when she saw the toy cock was adorable. As was the little grin she gave her, followed by grabbing the harnessing quickly stepping into it. Or at least it was after Wynonna prompted her with a fake cough. Not that Wynonna could criticise her for becoming lost in the sight of a slowly stripping Waverly Earp. Wynonna was certainly captivated by that beautiful sight, so much so she didn't mind Officer Haught taking so long to strap on her cock, the redhead seemed to take extra long pulling it up her thighs and strapping it tight around her waist as she was staring at the beautiful sight in front of them.

Once Waverly was completely naked the two other women slowly approached her, and once they were standing right in front of her she asked softly, "Can I please suck your cocks?"

"Like you need to ask." Wynonna scoffed, pushing Waverly down to her knees, grabbing the back of her head and then pushing her cock directly into her sister's mouth, "Suck it Wavs! Mmmmm yeah, suck my big cock."

As always Wynonna had a lot more to say, but the side eye she was getting from Officer Haught caused her to stop briefly and glare at the redhead. She wasn't sure why Officer Haught was so mad, honestly she wasn't. Okay, maybe she could have been more gentle when it came to pushing Waverly to her knees, and definitely while shoving her cock in her mouth, but it should have been clear from the way Waverly started greedily sucking that the little slut was into kind of rough treatment. After all, Wynonna had personally trained her to be. Then again, maybe that was the problem, the reminder that Waverly was only this nasty because Wynonna had rubbed off on her. It was certainly enough to guilt Wynonna into silence from the look that the officer was giving her, at least for a little while.

It didn't stop Wynonna from trash talking for long though, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhh, suck that cock Wavs. Suck it you little cock sucker! Suck my cock. Suck your big sister's cock you nasty little dyke slut! Oh fuck yes, your lips look so good wrapped around my big dick baby girl. Mmmmm, you make your big sister so proud when you suck her big dick like that. Oooooh yeah, suck that big dick, suck it, suck HEY!"

Completely taking Wynonna by surprise Waverly pulled her mouth away from her cock and out of the grip of her big sister so she could go and suck Officer Haught's cock. To be fair it wasn't like Wynonna had been trying that hard to keep Waverly in place, as normally she didn't have too, but obviously tonight she wasn't the centre of Waverly's attention, and she didn't appreciate being reminded that she needed to share that pretty little mouth. Although Wynonna thought she deserved points for getting over it fairly quickly, even if that was only because she clearly made Officer Haught adorably embarrassed as she continued encouraging Waverly to suck cock, even if it wasn't her own that her sister was paying attention too.

"Good job Wav, get Officer Haught's cock nice and wet too." Wynonna ordered, "Yeahhhhh, give it a real good spit shine. Make sure it's nice and ready for your little cunt, just like you were making mine nice and ready for your ass hole. Oh yeah, make those cocks wet Wavs. Make them wet! Mmmmm, make them nice and wet so we can DP you. So we can fuck you at the same time. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, suck those cocks Waverly so me and your precious Nicole can stick a strap-on cock straight up your little lesbian snatch, and one in your little dyke butt hole and pound fuck you together until we make you cum for us! Oh fuck yeah, back to me! Oooooooh yessssss, take it deep down your throat baby girl. Oh fuck!"

Nicole continued to blush at this commentary, but either she was getting used to it or her desire to fuck Waverly was just taking over, because this time Nicole didn't find those words off-putting at all. In fact she found herself wanting to give some encouragement of her own, although of course Wynonna wouldn't let her get a word in. Which was probably for the best, as it was clearly Wynonna's thing, and Nicole was mostly concentrating on the sight of Waverly Earp kneeling down in front of her, and her own sister, switching back and forth between their strap-on cocks, taking each in turn into her mouth and eventually down her throat.

There was a brief pause one moment as Waverly pulled back to grin up at them both, and then grab both of the dildos in her hands and stroked them for a few long seconds before going back to her cock sucking, only this time which ever strap-on she wasn't sucking on she was stroking with one of her hands while using the other to guide the current dick she was concentrating on further into her mouth. Honestly the whole thing was way more hot than it had any right to be, especially when Waverly started shoving those cocks into her windpipe, literally choking herself with them. Although not as much as Nicole would have expected, which was another clear sign of how much more kinky Waverly was than she originally thought. Which again, Nicole blamed Wynonna for.

After she had deep throated the full length of each dildo Waverly pulled back, stroked both those strap-ons and begged, "Fuck me! Please fuck me! Oh God Wynonna, I'm ready for it. You know I am. Please just DP me already. Mmmmmm, I want both of you inside of me."

"Well, those cocks are nice and sloppy wet now, and you have been such a good girl, so..." Wynonna paused, pretending to think about it before turning to the redhead, "Why not? As long of course, Nicole is up for it."

"S, sure." Nicole mumbled.

"Great." Wynonna said flatly with a little smile, then after a brief pause pushed, "Well? What are you waiting for? Go lie down on the bed so Waverly can get on top of you."

"Right." Nicole nodded, scrambling to do as she was told.

Before she'd even got settled Waverly crawled onto the bed after her with a wicked smile, her need for satisfaction clearly making her bold. Then again if this whole thing had taught Nicole anything it was that she didn't know Waverly Earp at all. In some ways that was good, as it was incredibly sexy to see Waverly confidently straddling her, lining the entrance to her pussy up with the head of Nicole's dildo and then push herself downwards with a moan of pure pleasure. But it was also bad, because Waverly had barely established a steady rhythm when her sister stopped her so she could do something unspeakable to Waverly's cute little butt.

"Waverly stop, you need more preparation." Wynonna ordered as she kneeled down behind her sibling.

Much to Nicole's displeasure Waverly didn't even hesitate, and even had an eager little grin on her face to match the wicked smile on Wynonna's as the older of the two brunettes kneeled down behind the younger one and pushed a freshly lubed finger up Waverly's butt. Waverly's own sister was sliding a finger into her butt hole to prepare it for a strap-on cock, the reality of the situation suddenly hitting Nicole. Not the incest, she'd been struggling to wrap her head around that all night, and longer, but the idea that sweet little Waverly Earp would want to be DP'ed, and loved being regularly sodomised. It was mind blowing. And as much as Nicole had never been interested in giving or receiving anal, she was very interested to see how this would work out. Especially as, much to her disbelief, Waverly seemed even more into it than Wynonna had claimed.

Proving that fact Waverly whimpered shortly after her sister slid a second finger into her butt hole, "Please Wynonna, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my tight little ass as I straddle Nicole's dick. Please? Mmmmm, we both know you want to, so just do it. Fuck me! Ass fuck your little sister and make me your little DP slut."

"You want it bad, huh?" Wynonna teased, twisting her fingers around inside Waverly's ass as well as simply pumping them in and out.

"Yes! Yesssss, oh God Wynonna, I want it really bad." Waverly whimpered.

"Then prove it." Wynonna pushed.

Before Wynonna could continue Waverly quickly began pleading, "Fuck me! Fuck me please Wynonna! Please fuck me like no one else can. In the ass. Mmmmm yessssss, fuck me in the ass. Please fuck me in the ass and remind me that it's your hole. That my most intimate hole is your personal fuck hole. Yours and only yours. To be exclusively used by you whenever and wherever you want. Please Wynonna, remind me my ass is yours. You know how much I love it when you remind me my ass is yours by fucking destroying it, but now it's going to be even better because you can prove that my ass is your personal property, and I'm your bitch, to Nicole as she stuffs my little pussy at the same time you're pounding my slutty little ass hole."

There was a pause, and then Wynonna gulped, "That's great Wavs, but all I wanted was for you to present your pretty little hole to me."

"Oh sure." Waverly blushed a little as she quickly bent over, reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide apart.

Wynonna forgot all about the jealousy she felt at watching Waverly riding Officer Haught with her little pussy when she reached round to spread her cheeks and offer Wynonna her favourite little fuck hole in the whole entire world. Yeah, she loved fucking that little fuck hole even more than getting her own pussy licked or fucked, or anything else, Wynonna barely even noticing Waverly's pussy wrapped around Officer Haught's dildo as she was too busy pressing her own against her little sister's ass hole the second it was offered to her. She also wasted no time in pushing forwards, and while admittedly she did maybe penetrate Waverly's ass a little roughly she was mad at her for enjoying this so much.

Months of nearly non-stop anal sex and the fact that Waverly's butt hole was just naturally slutty, and maybe just Waverly was naturally slutty, meant it was hardly surprising that the youngest Earp cried out in pure pleasure at the rough anal penetration, and then beg for more of that dick up her ass. Officer Haught was surprised though, Wynonna looking up just at the right time to catch the priceless expression on her face, which in turn caused Wynonna to grin and occasionally glance at Officer Haught's face throughout the rest of the sodomy. Nearly every time she did Officer Haught looked amazed, like she couldn't believe that innocent little Waverly was enjoying this so much, and Wynonna couldn't blame her. But Officer Haught wasn't exactly protesting what they were doing, which Wynonna couldn't blame her for either.

Of course now more than ever before while Wynonna occasionally looked at Officer Haught, and thought about her constantly, her main focus was Waverly's perfect little butt. Maybe especially throughout the anal penetration, Wynonna forcing herself to slow down because even though Waverly was an anal slut she didn't want to push her too far, or make Officer Haught think she was abusive. Although that ship might have sailed given the way that big cock slid all the way up Waverly's tailpipe like a knife through butter, which was very telling about their relationship. Not that Wynonna could really care what Officer Haught or anyone else thought when she was sodomising her sister. No, the whole world fell away, and the only thing in it was that cute little ass which was made to be fucked. By her!

The last part was something Wynonna was determined to make very clear to Officer Haught. More than anything else it was the whole point of the night. To prove Waverly was hers, and only hers. And she did that by giving Waverly exactly what she wanted, in a way no one else could. Yeah, she buried every inch of her dick in her baby sister's butt and then slowly began sodomising her until Waverly was begging for more. And when she heard the sweet words she craved Wynonna would completely destroy Waverly's ass hole, pound it with every ounce of her strength until her kid sister came all over Officer Haught's cock. Then maybe Officer Haught, and most importantly Waverly, would know exactly who Waverly Earp belonged too.

Waverly knew exactly who she belonged too. It was probably the most twisted part of all this, and that was really saying something, but her entire life she had always felt like she was meant to be Wynonna's. Wynonna's baby girl. Wynonna's pussy licker. Wynonna's butt muncher. Wynonna's anal whore. Wynonna's bitch. It didn't matter what exactly, just as long as she was Wynonna's. Which had never been more clear as Wynonna fucked her up the ass while she was impaled on Nicole's cock. Hell, Wynonna was in total control here, each of her thrusts inwards impaling Waverly further on Nicole's dick, and then causing her to bounce back again on the outward thrust, maximising Waverly's pleasure and making her fallen love with her big sister even more.

She liked Nicole, maybe even loved her. Or at least she definitely would have in another world. A world she didn't have Wynonna. But in this world she did, and however shameful and wrong society may see it Wynonna would always be her first choice. And from the heart-broken look in Nicole's eyes Officer Haught knew it. Waverly hated to be the cause of that heartbreak, but this was inevitable. Someone was always going to get hurt, and of course it was Nicole. How could she choose her over her soulmate? Waverly hated to hurt her even more, but she needed to cum, and she knew just what she'd have to say to get what she desperately wanted. Although she tried to hold off for quite a while just to enjoy the heavenly sensation of being double fucked inevitably she gave in.

"Harder! Fuck me harder!" Waverly eventually snapped, "Fuck me and make me cum! Ohhhhhhh Gawwwwwd, I need to cum. I need to cum I need to cum I need to cum oooooooh shit, please Wynonna! Fuck my ass. I need my big sister to fuck my ass hard and deep and make me cum. Make me cum from fucking my tight little ass in front of Nicole. Proved to her how much I love it. Prove how much I love it up the ass, mmmmmmm, oh Wynonna, fuck me like a slut. I want my big sister to fuck me in the ass like a little anal slut, and then make me cum like one. Please? I need it so bad. I crave it! I crave my big sister ass fucking me hard and deep and making me cum! Ooooooooh yeah, that's it, harder! Harder, harder, harder! Ohhhhhhhh fuck, you too Nicole! Fuck my pussy while Wynonna fucks my ass! Ohhhhhh Gooooddddd yessssssss, double fuck me! DP me! Fuck my pussy and ass and make me your little DP whore! Aaaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, fuck me Wynonna, ooooooh fuck me Nicole, ohhhhhhh yessssss, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, mmmmmmmm Goooooooooddddddddd, fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeee!"

As Waverly kept begging Wynonna slowly, very slowly, increase the force of her thrusts until the sound of her thighs smacking against Waverly's butt cheeks were almost as loud as the deafening screams coming out of Waverly's mouth. Which made her feel bad for Nicole. Well, even more bad for her, given what she'd just said. Although Waverly was unjustly rewarded for her words as while initially looking hurt Nicole's face was slowly overcome by lust. Or maybe because she had given up on her feelings and had become devoted to this just being a sexual thing. Either way Nicole suddenly thrusted upwards, instantly making Waverly cum.

This obviously enraged Wynonna as she increased her pace even more, clearly determine more than ever before to make Waverly cum. Which Waverly certainly wasn't going to complain about, especially as Nicole thrusted up into her cunt with wonderful precision and timing, which went along wonderfully with the force. It was an interesting contrast to the brutal pounding her butt hole was receiving, although Waverly had no doubt she wouldn't be cumming so hard without it. In a way the combination was making her cum harder than ever before, although part of it was showing off that she was Wynonna's bitch, which wasn't fair on Nicole. Besides, as much as she loved this, Waverly kind of missed having sex with just her sister. But that was coming soon enough, that last thought making her smile blissfully before another climax left her completely mindless.

Nicole had been heartbroken all night to see the way the Earp sisters interacted with each other. How much they truly loved each other. How much they were in love with each other. Even now as Wynonna was doing things to Waverly that Nicole couldn't imagine any woman ever enjoying, and very nearly made her order Wynonna to just stop, it just made Waverly cum harder and faster. Or at least had her begging for more, confirming that Nicole had been completely wrong at classifying Waverly as sweet and innocent when she first met her. She was still sugar sweet in many ways, but the girl was anything but innocent. Which weirdly was an incredible turn on for her, like it had never been before.

While she clearly wasn't getting the girl in this situation Nicole was still compelled by her feelings for Waverly to make sure this wonderful girl came as hard and as frequently as possible. So she was only too happy to begin thrusting upwards shortly after Waverly begged her too. Besides, it was really hot, and it was far from the first time that she had done something like that. Only, when she had there wasn't another girl brutalising the butt hole of the girl she was fucking, and it was still really twisted to think that was happening, regardless of the fact that they were sisters. Although given how hard Waverly came maybe Nicole should consider talking her next girlfriend into a little anal fun.

That idea became increasingly tempting, and not just for the positive effect it had Waverly, but for the effect it had on herself, and she was pretty sure Wynonna. Because the thing on the inside of the harness which was bashing against her clit did eventually make her cum. Or maybe it was just from the joy of doing this to another girl, or almost likely of all accommodation of both. It didn't really matter how, although mattered was that Nicole received a unique orgasm, which well wasn't nearly as strong as when Waverly had eaten her out was still really satisfying.

Even though she tried to hide it Wynonna seemed to be experiencing the same thing, and considering that or the energy she was using to sodomise her sister Nicole was impressed by just how long and hard Wynonna butt fucked Waverly. Of course it couldn't go on forever, and eventually Wynonna collapsed down on top of Waverly, who in turn collapsed down on top of her, meaning Nicole was buried under a pile of Earp sisters. Which might have sounded like fun, but was really uncomfortable. Then it kind of got even worse when Wynonna started nuzzling Waverly's neck, causing Waverly to giggle and turn her head slightly so the two sisters could kiss.

Then Wynonna broke it and growled, "Mine."

"Yours." Waverly whimpered in agreement, before finally both sisters opened their eyes and looked at the cop.

Waverly at least had the decency to look embarrassed, while Wynonna just grinned, "Heya, wanna see a trick?"

Nodding her head cautiously Nicole groaned, "Yeah... I guess."

"Waverly..." Wynonna ordered louder than necessary, her eyes still locked on the redhead, "Show Officer Hot Stuff your after anal party trick."

Wynonna then pulled her strap-on out of Waverly's ass in one quick movement and look down to admire her handiwork. The sight of her baby sister's cute little butt hole gaping open was enough to keep Wynonna in the air for a few long seconds, but ultimately she collapsed down next to Officer Haught and waited for Waverly to start her little show. She didn't have to wait long, as although Waverly was clearly exhausted it didn't outweigh her need to please Wynonna, being that Waverly somehow found the strength to pull herself off of Officer Haught, shuffled backwards and then turn around and spread her cheeks so she could give the best possible look at her well fucked holes to both her big sister and the woman who had been crushing on her since she got to this town.

The redhead gasp, causing Wynonna to smirk and quip, "Hot, ain't it Haught?"

For a few seconds Nicole just stared at the obscene sight before her, then she mumbled, "Fuck, you Earps are so twisted."

"Oh you have no idea." Wynonna chuckled, enjoying the moment before calling out, "Waverly, you know what to do next."

"Yes." Waverly said, bashfully looking over her shoulder at the cop before doing as she knew her sister wanted.

It wasn't a stretched to imagine that some of Officer Haught's previous girlfriends had sucked her strap-on after she had pounded their pussies. She certainly seemed more comfortable with Waverly turning around, crawling between her legs and wrapping her lips around her cock. Equally she could have just found it hot because it was Waverly, and given everything else this didn't seem so kinky. Wynonna almost asked, but she was a little too focused on those beautiful lips bobbing up and down that dildo. Because fuck, Waverly always looked so good with a cock in her pretty little mouth, especially when it was covered in her juices.

Even though it was hard to look away from Waverly sucking cock, although the fact it wasn't hers helped, it was worth it to see the disgusted look on Officer Haught's face as Waverly switched cocks and began sucking on the one that had just been up her butt. Officer Haught even let out an admittedly adorable sound of surprise and disapproval which caused Waverly to pause momentarily, but again her desire to please Wynonna overcame everything else. That, and her own her instincts/training as an ass to mouth whore. Either way she kept bobbing her head up and down Wynonna's cock, eventually shoving the entire length down her throat so she could get every drop of her butt cream. She also made sure she got all of her cum and pussy juice off of Officer Haught's cock by deep throating that too, but that wasn't the important part.

The important part was that Waverly was doing what Wynonna wanted, despite Officer Haught not being that into it, meaning her sister was choosing her over a more normal relationship. Even more importantly than that, Officer Haught was realising that Waverly wasn't simply the sweet, innocent girl that she seemed to be when she first met her. That underneath it all she was a kinky little slut, and Officer Haught just didn't have what it took to please her. Not that Wynonna really wanted her too. No, Waverly Earp's true love was Wynonna Earp. It was wrong, but neither sister cared, and now Officer Haught finally realised it. And she looked heartbroken.

Feeling sorry for the redhead, and somewhat regretting her actions, Wynonna mumbled almost conversationally, "So, this was fun. We should do it again sometime. If that's what Waverly wants."

"No." Nicole said softly, pulling her eyes away from Waverly and looking at Wynonna, "I think this should be a one time thing."

There was a long silence, then Waverly pulled her mouth away from her sister's cock and hesitantly mumbled, "I'm sorry."

"Me too." Wynonna said softly, before admitting, "She should be with you, but-"

"You just love her too damn much." Nicole smiled, trying to stop herself from crying, "I get it."

"I'm selfish." Wynonna almost laughed.

"Me too." Waverly chimed in, crawling up her sister's body and firmly telling the other two women, "I shouldn't, I know I shouldn't, but I just can't help it. I love her. I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Nicole said softly, "I just want you to be happy."

"I am." Waverly smiled as her sister hugged her tight.

Nicole nodded and then turned to Wynonna, "Take care of her."

"I will." Wynonna said firmly.


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