Wrong Turn: Different, But Worse Part 1 (MF,bond,ncon)
by The-Guy-who-had first named himself-Lost Soul

She was second to jump off the watchtower and her heart was racing like
sticks on a drum when Carly flew through the cold air of the West Virginia

The girl hit one giant branch and the wind was knocked out of her lungs; she
screamed out and tried to hold on to that tree. She knew she would die on
this very part of the earth when she would fall down to the bottom. Again,
the young woman screamed out but finally she managed to pull herself up.

She sat, leaned against the trunk and heard her friends Jessie and Chris
screaming her name. Carly held her stomach and started shivering when she
looked up.


Almost out of instinct, she pushed her lean body upwards and felt the rough
wood in her back. Her thin cloth were damp and dirty, her soul torn apart
since her boyfriend had died from arrows, shot by the three distorted
brothers from hell. Dead...dead...

- We are all going to die... -

Tears were streaming down her face and she gulped away some saliva...

" out!"

Jessie's voice rang out as an alarm and then it was too late.

Only in the last second Carly saw the misshaped figure of the man growing
taller on her left side. His axe was already moving...destined to separate
her head from her torso...

* * *

She did not know how she had managed to stay alive; but she was alive...had
survived the blow from that creature. His axe was now buried deep in the tree
trunk and his howling rage could be heard all over the place. Carly had
ducked away, had survived only to be thrown off balance...

She stumbled, slipped and fell off the branch.

She screamed, cried and yelled when she flew downwards to the end of her

But again one Angel held out his hand to protect her young life and Carly hit
yet another branch of that giant tree. And again she managed to get a hold on
it. This time however she was way too weak to yell and scream for help. She
pulled her slim body upwards and then lay still on the aged wood.

And only her own breathing filled her ears...the breathing and the thundering
echoes of her heartbeat.


"Carly...are you alright?"

Jessie and Chris...they were alright then...asking for her well being...

That one glimpse of hope was pushed away by a lout growl to her left...

Carly looked up, her face dirty and covered with tears...and she saw into a
distorted face; she saw a face, coming out of one bizarre horror cabinet...
almost smiling down on her.


A massive hand grabbed her by her light blue tank-top and lifted the girl up
on her feet.


"No! No, please...," Carly yelled and was still being pulled downwards, from
branch to branch till her feet touched solid ground, "...please, let me go.

But the creature, holding one bow and carrying many arrows...such as those
that had killed Carly's boyfriend...would not stop. He pulled the girl
through the dark woods...away from Jessie and Chris...away from hope to get
out of this nightmare alive. She stumbled, felt the pain where his rough
fingers were digging into her arm and could only hear her heart...again...
only the sound of fear...


The man stopped and the bumped into his massive body. He looked down on
her, smiling a knowing smile with his cut upper lip and Carly never saw it

His bow hit the black haired girl over the top of her head and she saw only
his grin when she passed out.

* * *

The air was warm and there was a smell all over it, that made her throat grow
tighter. She heard flies creatures...when she opened up
her eyes.

"Where...," a cough stopped her question and her hurting body was shaking...
on...on a bed...dirty, filthy...

They had tied her to that bed...arms and legs apart...

"No...where...," she screamed, yanking at the ropes...and realizing where she
was...back at the cabin... back at the place where those three brothers from
hell were living...back where Carly and her friend had hidden from those
creatures...witnessing the slaughter of her friend Francine...

" let me go...please...!"

The growling stopped and Carly saw the man with the misshaped upper lip
turning around from his workbench...


He turned around and his footsteps were echoing loudly in the cabin when he
came over to her...

Carly tried to escape...instinctively she tried to crawl backwards...but went

He stopped at her side and the girl felt his eyes moving...scanning her


He let go of yet another axe and it fell to the sandy ground.

The creature went to his knees and Carly could smell him...urine, blood,
sweat and a number of smells she couldn't figure out.


Her body was shivering wildly and her heart started racing again. It echoed
it thundered it went crazy in her chest...she knew she would die...

He leaned over, came closer, closer...till his nose almost touched Carly's

"Girl...," he grunted...and...blocked from her vision by his massive head...
his left hand grabbed Carly between her legs...

* * *

Despite the thundering in her chest, Carly felt her heart no more. It stopped

In horror her eyes widened when she looked into the mask that was supposed to
be a face. His fingers were pressing hard against her vagina...the tip of his
middle finger directly between the lips...pressing the fabric of her panties
and the fabric of her wide, white cotton pants slightly in...only a bit...


She wanted to scream and did not fear him beating her. She knew now why she
had been brought here...and that she couldn't allow it to happen.

"No...please don't rape!"

The man laid his head back and his laughing thundered through the wooden
cabin of horrors. But then he lifted his hand away from her lap and bent
over, supporting his body with both hand left and right from her head...

Carly sank deeper into the light brown mattress...trying to get away...

But his face came closer and closer...till...his lips toughed Carly's

The creatures tongue entered Carly's mouth....

* * *

It felt like a worm; a creature that found it's way into warm flesh,
searching for life. Carly's heart stopped beating for a moment and her eyes
grew wide. She did not breath; she simply starred at the ceiling and felt the
warmth and the smell of the distorted man on top of her. And then, again, his
left hand found it's way be blocked by his head and....he
grabbed the young woman between her thighs again.

His middle finger pressed hard against Carly's vagina and his tongue kept on
swirling around. She wanted to scream out...she wanted to cry...and could
only feel her own body no more. It was like her mind was held captive in a
foreigner's body. She felt him kissing...and the urge to vomit was on the
verge of becoming a reality.

The creature kissed the girl...

And for a while there she could hear his brother, or friend...or whatever
relationship those two were having...giggle and cough in the distance. But
then her tormentor withdrew his worm, his blithering tongue from Carly's
mouth and came to a sitting position at the edge of the bed. His left hand,
still in her lap, kept on stroking her vagina and Carly let go of every bit
of self control; she cried and tears were streaming down her face. Her eyes
were swollen and her beautiful face distorted into a grimace of pain and

"Please, Mister...I will not tell anyone about you...please let me go. Please
let me go-o-o...," she cried.

The man started laughing and his brother joined in.

They were laughing hard and loud and probably everyone in a radius of 10
miles could hear them. But...there were only three people within that radius:
Jessie, Chris and the third creature, the third brother from hell.

The laugh was changing into a growling, into a yelling, into a sound of
triumph when the man, stood up and started moving towards her feet.

"Yes...beautiful girl...," he said in a gravely voice, "yes..."

He then came to a halt and knelt on the lower end of the mattress. His weight
almost made the upper end moving upwards for a second. The creature then
moved forward; between her spread legs...

He was breathing heavily and his ugly face changed into a grim smile when he
placed his right hand onto Carly's flat stomach.

Carly winced at the touch of his hand...

"Baby...yes, baby....," and again his laughing echoed from the walls of his
and his brother's cabin.

Carly did not first. She thought that he gave her the

Then he started rubbing over the smooth skin and...his fingers were moving
towards her pants.

When he had reached the waistband of her light cotton pants he took both of
his hands to grab the band and pulled it open.

"Making baby...yes...!"

The other man was yelling in a very good mood.

"Baby...we make baby...with girl!"

And that was the moment when Carly fully understood:

They were going to rape her.

They would fuck her...probably both of them...

Maybe even their third brother...when he came back...

And if it became the worst case scenario...

Carly would become a mother...

She would carry their child...their mutant child...


* * *

His head snapped back and he looked at her in anger. Carly's scream died away
on shivering lips and she instantly knew that she had stepped over the line.

But then, before she could think about getting slaughtered, he turned away
from her again and gestured for his brother.


The other man came, limping and yelling in joy and the two monsters untied
Carly's feet. Now she was least free to kick and fight and...

But her eyes turned towards the work bench and she saw the remains of her
friend, laying there...covered in blood. She saw her friend's dead eyes and
Carly knew she would not resist the rape.

A moment later the second man was gone again, pulling up a chair...sitting to
Carly's left side and watching the upcoming show.

The man, the monster above her was breathing faster and in horror the girl
saw a huge bulge growing even larger...between his legs.

His rough and bloody hands grabbed her waist and he stopped for a second. He
looked into her wet face and smiled...but that smile was hard to make out
since his features were so heavily distorted by the mutation.

"Having baby...!"

He opened her cotton pants and pulled them over Carly's hips and legs.

He moved towards the end of the bed and finally he moved off...holding the
cotton pants in one hand above his head. The creature again let out a scream
of triumph, holding those pants up in the a trophy.

* * *

Carly's eyes were swimming in tears and her legs were covered with sweat
and goose bumps. She was shaking and felt like she was ten years old again;
waiting for her Mommy to come and tell her that everything was alright...

But her Mom did not come. No one came...

But the monster...

He came back onto the bed and his rough hands grabbed the girl's thighs...
stroking up and down, causing horror and pain.

"Baby...," he repeated...and Carly closed her eyes...for only a second. She
did not want to see the creature anymore, but she also couldn't bring herself
to it. She had to see...what horror awaited her. If she closed her
would be worse...

And his fingers slid underneath her panties...

He pulled them down...

"Oh God, no...please no..."

And only a second or two later her lower body was exposed...

The man, standing in front of her again, smiled down on Carly...

"Baby...," and he made an obscene gesture with his lower body... like a
hellish hip-swing.

His opened his pants, let them down and instantly Carly could see his giant

And it was no ordinary penis.

It was big...and covered with pimples and open wounds; some ooze was covering
it and Carly could not say if it was old sperm, urine or...

"Oh God...No...," desperately the girl was looking around to figure out if
there was a way to get out of hell. But what way would that be?

She was tied to a bed and two creatures, two brothers from hell where there,
ready to cut of her legs, her arms or her head. They would cut her body into
small pieces, they would eat her alive...

"Oh God...stop!"

But that thought did not go away that easily. She had seen them cutting her
friend in pieces...she had seen them killing her boyfriend...and she was sure
they would kill her in an instant if she tried to defend herself.

He grabbed her legs, slid onto the bed and pushed her thighs apart...and her
vagina was clearly to be and not ready to receive that creatures

* * *

Carly's breathing became erratic, rattling like a kettle; her eyes went even
wider than before and her heart seemed to be coming out of her mouth. She saw
that pus covered penis, saw her captor's mouth that resembled a cats snout
grinning; she smelled him, heard the other brother yelling in excitement and
she was on the verge of fainting out.

But to her short lasting bewilderment the creature moved backwards again,
breathing fast and rattling like she had only seconds before. But this man's
breathing certainly came out of birth defect...

He moved backwards until his feet touched the sandy ground again. Carly did
not know what would happen next...when he suddenly grabbed her feet and
pulled the young woman towards him. While he was pulling he pressed her legs
apart until the girl touched the tip of his cock with her vagina.

"No! No-o-o...oh my, please...!"

The bed was higher than the average bed, and so it was easy for the creature
to step to the next level of his hellish rape ritual.

"Baby...make Baby...!" he yelled...

"Yeah...," started his brother laughing, "...fuck her...fuck her...!"

"No, oh my!"

Carly's arms where stretched to their limit, still bound to the upper side of
the frame...and hot pain shot through her joints with light speed...

"Please, Mister...let me go...let me go-o-o...!"

The creature made some unidentifiable sounds and bent forward...and his
throbbing penis touched the girl's vagina again....and it became even a
little more erect.


Carly did not care anymore for the moment. She simply couldn't let this
happen...she would become pregnant and she would give life to a monster...

And so she struggled with great effort in her captor's grip...she tried to
get free...tried to avoid the unavoidable.

And she had no chance...his grip was iron hard...and his rough and bleeding
fingers tightened even more around her ankles. Another source of physical
pain started it's way towards her brain.

Only a fraction of a second later the creature pulled the girl even closer...
with the result of greater pain in he arms.

"God...oh dear God...please no...oh God....oh God...oh Gooood!"

Streams of pain, streams of tears and tears of hopelessness were covering
Carly's young face. She was facing a rape...a rape through a monster...a
monster that had been chasing her and her friend for hours through the woods
of South Carolina. A monster that had killed her boyfriend...her friends...
all of them but Jessie and Chris...

"No...oh God..."

And the tip found its way between her vaginal lips...

It penetrated her a very short way...but the shear realization of the act
would drive her insane...

"No...," but Carly's voice broke...and she was coughing...

"Fu-uck...Baby...have Baby...!"

The brother from hell put more pressure on his hard and slimy cock and it
slid into Carly...more...more...

"Oh God!"

And the cock had completely found its way into Carly's body.

* * *

The world was frozen. The air was white and milky...and her heart had stopped
beating. Carly looked at the bruised and battered creature with unearthly
calmness...she felt the big cock in her vagina...felt it completely filling
her out...

She imagined the slime, the blood...the pus...

And the young woman closed her eyes; she pressed the eyelids down with force
and felt the salty tears streaming out of her eyes.

And only one moment later the torture began.

The distorted man had her thighs firmly in his grip and he began to fuck the
young woman.

He pushed forward, pulled backwards and all the time he was breathing hard
and fast. He was yelling in excitement and his huge cock slid in and out of
Carly's vagina.

* * *

Her eyes were swimming in tears, her breathing stopped for a moment before it
came just bursting out of her body....and then she was breathing harder and
faster by the second.

She tried to get a hold on those bindings around her hands since every push
of that creature, followed by every pull...were causing incredible pain in
her knuckles.


Carly could not find a clear thought anymore...she felt pain...only pain....
when the laughing and yelling creature from hell again and again pushed his
slimy cock into her hurting vagina. And there was another voice, another

The girl heard feet hitting the a strange pattern....

The brother...he was dancing...and shouting...watching the rape and having a
good time.

* * *

It felt like an eternity. Carly felt sweat covering her slim body...and her
light blue top was drenched in it. She was pushed hard against the mattress;
again and again the man pushed his mutated cock into her hurting and
throbbing opening; his fingers were dug into her pelvis and...she felt like
she was walking towards a precipice that would lead her into the darkness.
She wasn't too sure what kind of darkness that would be, but whatever it
was...Carly would gladly accept it. Even if it was her own death...

Everything was preferable to the rape; everything was better than the
knowledge that a Mutant was inside her...that his bloody and pus covered
cock was in her.

The creature on the other hand had the time of his life. He was breathing
harder now, moaning, groaning and laughing at the same time. He felt his
orgasm mounting up...he would reach the top any second now.

And he knew that he never had a better time...except...for the last time he
had fucked one of the outsiders of course.

Again and again...deep into the girl...

And he enjoyed the pain on her young face; he liked the expression of



His scream filled the cabin...his scream hit the walls...caused pain in
Carly's head...and she knew that it had happened.

And she felt something inside her body...inside her vagina.

A flood of liquid shot out of this creatures penis and went right into Carly.

"Yeah," the other man yelled...

"Oahh...," came the muffled sound out of the rapist's mouth...joined by heavy

And one shrill voice, one shrill scream...

Carly did not know whose voice, whose scream that was...

But then she was screaming out loud again in incredible, unbearable pain and
the young woman knew that it had been she who had joined the chorus of voices
in that remote cabin. And she knew now that she had been raped. She knew that
she did have sex with a mutant from hell. And it was at that very moment when
the young woman passed out and went over the precipice.

End of Part 1


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