Working: Bisexual Harassment (MF,MM,inter,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Matt Peyser walked into the office party. He was a tall young man with
black hair and dark brown eyes. He wore a black business suit and tie,
attire suitable for a junior executive at Upton Webber. Matt Peyser was
an idealistic young man in his twenties. He was a recent college graduate.
He was new to the hard world of corporate America. He was basically a
nice guy honestly trying to succeed. The problem was that this nice young
man was surrounded by a lot of screwed up people.

His boss Tim Deale was a sleazy bastard. His supervisor Evelyn Smalley was
a nasty chick with a lot of power. His co-workers were a diverse bunch,
ranging from the beautiful and talented like Hal, a tall brunette from Yale
tothe extremely dumb Jimmy Clarke to nasty but sexy bitch Liz Tricolli.
There were a few others like John Delaney, a guy without a conscience and
the gifted Val Gibson.

Matt went to the mailing room. This was the place where he met co-worker
Abby Cosgrove, a cute but mousy blonde girl. She had a crush on Matt ever
since he first got hired by the rotten bastard known as Tim Deale. Recently,
Matt and Abby began an affair. Matt was a rather handsome young man. He was
also open-minded. The kind of guy who routinely made the heads of both men
and women turn. Matt was the kind of guy who enjoyed the attention. He liked
to take it anyway he could get it. The kind of guy who liked both women and
men. Matt didn't advertise his lifestyle to anyone. He was cautious, and
with reason. Corporate America didn't seem ready for openly bisexual male
executives. Until it was, Matt was undercover.

Matt went into the mailing room and was greeted by Abby. The cute blonde girl
smiled at him. He kissed her. She kissed him back. They embraced and began to
undress each other. They were a passionate young couple. Soon, they were both
naked. Abby rubbed her hands on her sexy heart-shaped ass. Matt felt his cock
stir. Did she want what he thought she wanted? Apparently so. Matt positioned
himself behind Abby Cosgrove. The slim blonde woman pushed back, rubbing her
sexy ass against him. Matt firmly planted his hands upon her hips and rubbed
his cock against her delicious-looking buttocks. He was gonna fuck that booty
like there was no tomorrow. Abby cussed, urging him to take her. Matt
wouldn't keep her waiting for long. He thrust into her, his stiff cock
sliding into her well-lubed asshole. He was inside her ass. Abby grimaced
when she felt Matt's cock penetrate her asshole. He began to pump his cock
into her rectal canal, shoving it as deep as he could.

Meanwhile, Abby Cosgrove fingered herself. She was getting so wet from the
butt-fucking that Matt gave her. He slammed his cock into her ass. He felt
her ass clench around him and screamed as he came. Abby screamed in ecstacy
as he came inside her. He remained inside her for a moment, then pulled out.

In the darkness, they silently put their clothes back on. She left first and
then he returned to his cubicle. Matt enjoyed those weekly trysts with Abby.
As far as chicks went, Abby was friggin awesome. She liked sex as much as he
did. She did it all. She sucked dick, loved to get her pussy slammed with
hard cock and she liked getting drilled in the ass. She was fucking great! A
regular guy would have been satisfied but Matt wasn't a guy with strictly
regular tastes in sex. The guy's a bisexual and it dwelled well into his
background. He liked fish and beef. He lit the candle at both ends. He took
it anyway he could get it. He was a switch-hitter. He liked his bread
buttered on both sides. He was fucking bi and loving it!


John Delaney sat in his cubicle. He was a tall man in his forties. He was
a rather bored guy. John had been at Upton Webber for a long time. The
corporate world was a really tough place. John Delaney wanted to move on
up but it wasn't easy. It wasn't easy at all. There were too many young
bucks at the office. College kids with new knowledge. Too many guys with
high-tech toys and too many chicks with too much power. John Delaney was
sitting behind his cubicle. He was waiting for a sign. A sign that would
inevitably come.

John Delaney wanted a promotion so he did what many in the corporate world
would do: he slept with the boss. The boss in question happened to be Evelyn
Smalley. She walked by his cubicle and glared at him more intensely than
usual. Delaney sighed. He knew what she wanted. She wanted the beef. She
wanted the John Delaney special. John Delaney had a ten-inch dick that had
brought women and grown men to tears. Delaney had it going on in the sex
department. His boss wanted him to give her sex in order to get promoted.
When a man did that to a woman, they considered it sexual harassment. Some
female bosses did use their power to get sex from men who worked for them.
That was sexual harassment as well but the office policy didn't seem to cover
it. Male victims of sexual harassment wouldn't be taken half as seriously as
the females would be. That was rampant sexism and Delaney was a victim of it.
Oh, well. The guy had to give it up for his career.

John Delaney went into Evelyn Smalley's office. She had a big office. Evelyn
was a tall and somewhat chubby black woman. John Delaney loathed her. She
looked at him like he was a piece of meat and demanded that he strip for her.
Delaney stripped naked, showing his nicely muscled body. He stayed in shape.
She looked at his long, thick cock. She licked her lips. That's what she
wanted. All they wanted was the dick. All bitches wanted the dick.

Evelyn knelt before John Delaney and muttered something about some dicks
being made for sucking. She started to lick and suck on his dick. He pumped
it into her mouth. Evelyn sucked on his cock. She wasn't very good at it but
he didn't care. He just wanted to get it over with. Evelyn sucked his cock
and he soon came, blasting her mouth and face with his hot cum. Evelyn drank
his come. She licked him until he was clean.

Then, she bent over the desk, showing him her plump buttocks. She wanted some
dick. John Delaney positioned himself behind her. Evelyn reached around with
her big hands and spread her big butt cheeks as wide as she could, exposing
an obvious target. Her anus. John Delaney slid his cock into her rectum and
pushed. He started to pump her ass full of his cock. Evelyn moaned. John
Delaney ravaged her asshole, thrusting his massive cock into her with a
vengeance. Evelyn screamed.

He fucked her like this for a long time until he came. He filled her ass with
his cum. He pulled out. Evelyn lay on the desk, moaning. By mutual accord,
they readjusted their clothes. Delaney asked Evelyn if he got the promotion
and she said that she would think about it. That really pissed off Delaney.
He had psyched himself up to sleep with this ugly fat broad and that's how
she repaid him? Oh, no!!!

"Who in hell do you think you are, you stupid cow!" John Delaney screamed.
"Fuck you, bitch!" Evelyn was stunned. Before she could say anything, John
Delaney let himself out of the office.

Later, John Delaney went to the Black Alley, a gay bar near the shopping
centers. John Delaney took in the scenery. The place was full of young gay
and bisexual men. John Delaney was quite surprised when he saw Matt Peyser
there. Matt Peyser was the hunky new guy at upton Webber. John Delaney saw
him and said hi. To his surprise, Matt came to him and bought him a drink.
John Delaney had no idea that Matt Peyser went to gay bars. The guy was
young, handsome, successful and was in a passionate relationship with the
lovely Abby Cosgrove. The whole company knew that they were going at it.

Hmm. It looked like Matt Peyser liked the beef as well as the fish. The two
of them talked about work and other things. Matt discussed life as a single
closeted bisexual guy in the city. Delaney talked about the bastards and
bitches who ran the corporate world. He also talked about the homophobia
that gay and bisexual men faced at the office.

After spending a few hours talking to Matt, Delaney decided that he liked
Matt. The guy was really cool. He even put Delaney in a cab at the end of
the night. Matt went home thinking that maybe he had made a mistake by
telling Delaney that he was bi. What if John Delaney told everybody? What
if Abby found out? Matt Peyser's life would be messed up. He'd be gutted.
No one would hire him once he was outed. No one would want to work with
him. His career and his life would be officially over. He was really

Delaney went home thinking about how shocked he had been to discover Matt
Peyser in a gay bar. He never knew the company's popular stud swung both
ways. Matt had turned out to be a nice guy, though. Delaney met a lot of
closeted young men in his day and many of them were quite messed up in the
head. They were ruthless and consumed with lust. Many of them would do
anything to protect their secrets. Delaney knew many gay and bisexual men
who were married and had children and yet led secret lives on the side.
They led lives shrouded in secrecy. It was nice to see one of them who was
a decent human being. John Delaney took a shower then went to bed.

John Delaney lay in bed, he was thinking about Matt. In his fantasy, he
knelt before Matt Peyser and sucked the younger man's cock. Matt moaned in
pleasure. John Delaney worked the young man's dick until Matt came, then
Delaney sampled his cum. He licked Matt's cock and balls. He made the young
man feel extreme pleasure, then bent him over for the piece de resistance.
He shoved his prick deep into Matt Peyser's asshole and drilled into him
hard and fast. Matt just lay there and took it, moaning from time to time.
Delaney could tell that he liked it. He fucked him good. John came and so
did Matt. The two of them looked at each other and grinned. In the fantasy,
John did something that he would seldom do with his lovers, male or female.
He kissed Matt and cuddled with him. They spent the night in each other's

John Delaney snapped out of his reverie. He was sweating profusely. Delaney
was surprised at himself. He must really want Peyser for the fantasy to be
so intense. He had a new reason to wake up and go to work in the morning. He
went to sleep, telling himself that he would get Matt in his bed sooner or

The End


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