This is an adult story and contains sex and violence. If you are underaged
or are offended by this type of material then read no further. Wonder Woman
is a copywritten character from DC Comics. The author wrote this for his
enjoyment and expects no remuneration nor will he accept any.

Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman And The Man Part 2
by P Stevens ([email protected]) (MF,bond,humil,spank,enema,hand,oral,ncon)

The pain had dulled her senses. She was unaware of what was happening around
her. Wonder Woman had been in bondage for nearly forty-eight hours. Though
this fact was unknown to her. To her it seemed an eternity since she had
fallen into the pit trap set for her by her captor. An eternity of ropes
binding her wrists behind her thus (along with the absence of her magic belt)
helping to negate her powers. An eternity of feeling cold steel manacles
about her ankles, chain linked to the walls on either side of her. An
eternity of remembering, remembering what he did to her when she was helpless
to resist him. He had stripped her costume from her. First her top, which he
removed completely. Then her costume bottom. She would never forget the sound
and feel of the material as it slid slowly down her ass, baring her to his
evil designs. She remembered how he had gently stroked and petted her body...
her breasts. No man had ever done that before. Her nipples, they...gods...

Then he struck her. First one breast then the other. It hurt her, confused
her, but it was only the beginning. She shook her head. She tried not to
think of what happened next, but it was no use. Her degradation had been
taped by him and she had been forced to watch her humiliation over and over
again. She watched as he played with her ass, moving his fingers gently yet
firmly over her perfect hillocks, then into her asscrack, deep between them
to her asshole. She saw as he thrust a wet finger deep into her anus which
made her moan as he sawed it in and out. Then he removed it and began the
next step in her humiliation.

He began to spank her. Her poor naked and defenseless ass was soon red from
the blows he rained on her. In time the spanking began to really hurt.
However it was another feeling that she feared. One deep between her legs.
She recognized it and tried to fight it, but it was no use. The spanking
combined with her situation was too much for her and she climaxed. She came
as the Man continued to spank her. She came when he stopped and stood back
to admire the sight. For a full two minutes she cried out her lust and
danced in her bonds as wave after wave of passion swept over her. Wonder
Woman would never forget. Even without the tape playing it all out over and
over again, she knew she would never forget.

A noise made her look up. It was the Man. He was back and he was removing the
TV and VCR from the room. A moment later he returned and was carrying some
things into her prison. She saw two buckets, one empty, and one full of what
looked like hot water. She could see steam rising from the surface. She saw
also that he had a towel and cloth. He set these down and then went out again
and returned with more things. She couldn't recognize one of the items he
carried but the other she did. It was an enema bag with a long hose and
clamp. These he set down as well.

Then he moved over to her and produced a knife from his pocket. He opened it
and took hold of her costume bottom and cut into it. Two cuts and it fell to
the floor at her feet. For some reason Wonder Woman felt even more exposed
than before. He put the knife away and knelt behind her. He reached out and
released one of her ankles from its manacle and pulled off her boot. After
securing the leg again, he unshackled the other and removed that boot as
well. Then he secured that leg. The Man smiled and stood as he tossed away
the last boot.

He then began to run his hands over her body. He caressed her back and
shoulders. Then he vigorously rubbed her arms and next her legs. Finally he
stroked her bottom. He moved his hands all over her superb ass, pressing,
probing, petting, stroking every inch of her buttocks. As he touched her
body, Wonder Woman's humiliation deepened. Then he moved to her front and
looked her in the eyes. She looked back and could see a tenderness in his
face that had been absent before. She wondered at it.

Then he gestured to the device she did not recognize. It was made of molded
plastic and shaped like half an egg sliced lengthwise, though it was at least
five times bigger. On one end, the larger end, there was a small piece of
plastic that protruded like a pipe. She couldn't guess what it was, or what
it was for. The Man took it around behind her and placed it between her legs
and over her pussy with the smaller end facing her head. Then he placed the
empty bucket under her and positioned it beneath the pipe opening. When he
placed the device against her body, Wonder Woman instantly knew what it was
for. She shook her head in rebellion at this latest attempt to humiliate her
and tensed her body in defiance.

The Man would have none of this. He removed the device and exited the room.
He came back carrying a piece of leather. It had a handle on one end and from
it ran a wider piece of leather like a strap about a foot long. At the end of
this were many narrower pieces of leather cut in strips. If she knew what it
was she would have called it a tawse. Since she didn't she just cringed at
the thought of what was to come. The Man wasted no time. He went behind and
to her left and swung the tawse through the air. SWISH! SWICK! SWISH! SWATT!
SWISH! SPPANNKK! The tawse smacked her upturned nates with a loud vicious
sound. SMACK! SMACK! SWAT! SPANK! SPANK! Over and over the tawse slammed into

The smaller straps were everywhere. On her ass, and her soft inner thighs,
and even her plump hair lined slit. The straps smacked into her wide open
cunt causing Wonder Woman to jump and buck in her bonds. Vainly trying to
escape the punishing straps. After thirty such spanks Wonder Woman realized
that she could not hold out. So she reasoned that in order to save her body
anymore punishment she had to give in. He could and would hurt her a lot
worse than he was right now in order to get her to comply. So she cried out
to him "All right! I'll do it. I...I'll do it." and relaxed her body.

The Man dropped the tawse and picked up and placed the device over her now
sore pussy. Then with an audible sigh, Wonder Woman emptied her bladder. The
device worked perfectly and her piss hit the bucket squarely. When she was
done the Man removed it. He did not remove the bucket however. Rather he
tapped her on the ass and gestured to the bucket. With horror she realized
that he wanted her to defecate into the bucket as well. Once more she shook
her head in defiance.

This time the Man growled and went around to her front and held up the enema
bag. He pointed to the water filled bucket and then to her ass. A shocked
look crossed her face as she realized his intentions. She did not want to
have him use the enema bag on her. Thus once again she knew defeat. She
adjusted her body and squatted as much as she could. Then with a bit of a
grunt and strain Wonder Woman emptied her bowels into the bucket as the Man
had commanded. When she was done the Man quickly removed the bucket of filth
and the enema bag and the device.

When he returned, he picked up the cloth and dipped it into the bucket of hot
water. Then he began to wash her back and shoulders. Wonder Woman was amazed.
She couldn't figure out why he was doing this, but she wasn't going to argue.
It felt too good. He washed her arms next. He rubbed them and flexed them as
much as her bonds allowed. Then he did her neck and upper chest. Then he
knelt down and washed her breasts. The warm soapy water felt wonderful on her
tits. The Man noted with a smile that her nipples stood wet and erect. Wonder
Woman sighed in pleasure. Her stomach was next and then her legs. Strong,
beautiful legs, with full, lush thighs that tapered gently to her knees only
to flair then taper once more with her sturdy calves and trim ankles. He then
placed the cloth between her legs and washed and rubbed and petted her pussy.
Her dark curly pubic hairs glistened wetly as he scrubbed her. Her neither
lips were swollen and open and inviting, but the Man steeled himself and
moved on. His cloth at last began to wash her asscheeks. The water made them
shiny. The pink color they acquired from the spanking was lovely. The stripes
from the tawse were clearly visible on her white skin. The Man admired the
sight for a moment then grabbed her cheeks and pried them open. She gave him
no resistance. He placed the cloth between her cheeks and washed her crack
up and down the full length of it. He also dipped a cloth covered finger
into her asshole. He pushed his finger in all the way to the second knuckle
and moved it around causing her to groan in pain (and pleasure?). He spent a
good few minutes cleaning her anus.

Wonder Woman was breathless when he stopped. He tossed the cloth into the
bucket and picked up the towel and proceeded to vigorously dry her off.
When he was through he stood back and admired her. Wonder Woman felt like
the prize filly at a country fair with all the attention the Man gave her.
Similar thoughts were running through the Mans head only he looked on Wonder
Woman not as a filly but as a prize possession.

After a moment he removed the water and cloth and towel and returned with a
tray table filled with food and drink. The food was fruit and cheese and
bread. The drink was wine, water and milk. He fed these to Wonder Woman which
she gratefully took. When she had finished he removed the tray and stood in
front of her. Then he smiled at Wonder Woman and unzipped his pants. He then
reached inside and took out his cock and held it up to her ripe full lips.
Wonder Woman's eyes bugged out of her head. She shook her head and clamped
her lips together. She knew what he wanted and was determined not to give in.

The Man sighed and got a stern, angry look on his face. With his left hand he
took hold of her hair and pulled her as upright as her bonds would allow.
This caused her breasts to thrust out perfectly to him. He immediately began
to spank them. First one then the other.


Blow after blow fell on her magnificent breasts. Wonder Woman screamed and
shrieked in agony. The Man ignored her and brutally kept on smacking her


When the spank count reached around thirty or so, the Man saw that Wonder
Woman, with tears of humiliation filling her beautiful blue eyes, had opened
her mouth, not in a scream this time, but in a silent oval. The Man let her
settle back into her bonds but he kept her head up with a firm grip on her
hair. He then took hold of his erect cock and once more presented it to her
mouth. All of Wonder Woman's senses were at their peak. Her tear filled eyes
watched his cock as it moved towards her. It looked huge. A good ten inches
long and two inches thick. It was dark in color, all except the head which
was a deep red. The opening at the end of his penis looked like a mouth that
was open. Now she could smell it. It had a musky odor. The smell was strong
and heady. Her nose wrinkled in recoil to the power of his man smell. Now he
was at her mouth.

The Man pressed his warm cock against her lush lips. Slowly, Wonder Woman
opened her mouth wider to accommodate his size. The Man's penis went inside.
Wonder Woman's lips stretched around his manhood. She wasn't sure if he'd
fit. Her teeth scrapped against his flesh. She didn't know what to do with
her tongue. She kept it flat against the floor of her mouth, but when the
Man pushed his cock in further and touched the back of her throat, her tongue
automatically came up and pressed itself against him. She discovered that his
dick had a tangy taste which made her salivate and swallow. When she did her
mouth, which was now full of his cock, compressed around him, squeezing him.

The Man was in heaven. He left his cock fully in her mouth for awhile so she
could get used to it. He also wanted to admire the sight of his prick inside
the mouth of the great Wonder Woman. After a few more moments, the Man pulled
back with his hips.

Wonder Woman thought he was through. However, when his cockhead reached her
teeth he pushed himself back in again. He set up a rhythm of moving his cock
in and out of her mouth. Wonder Woman nearly choked at first on her own spit
as she tried to keep up. In time though she began to get the rhythm and all
went smoothly. She realized that in order to keep from choking she would have
to swallow her spit as it formed. This was best accomplished when he was
withdrawing his dick. She made a sucking motion when he pulled back and
swallowed just before he pushed back in. Her mouth made more saliva when he
pushed back in. Thus the cycle kept repeating itself.

The Man was delighted for Wonder Woman had taught herself how to suck him
off. He fucked her face for a long while. Wonder Woman's jaw began to ache
from the stretching it was getting. She was throughly humiliated and just
wished it would end soon. All too soon to suit him the Man felt a stirring
in his balls and knew that it wouldn't be long. He quickened his pace.
Wonder Woman struggled to keep up. Her efforts only inflamed his lust more.
He groaned and gave a hard thrust and pressed her face hard into his crotch.

Then with a cry of animal passion he came into her mouth. Wonder Woman nearly
gagged as his stream of jiz flooded her mouth and throat. In huge gulps, she
began to swallow his hot sticky cum. After a few moments the stream of cum
stopped and his cock began to deflate. Wonder Woman continued to move her
tongue around, trying to clean the last of his sperm from her mouth. The Man
left his dick in her mouth and let her clean it as well.

Finally he pulled it out and stepped back. He looked down at Wonder Woman,
her body glistening with sweat from her exertions, her head hung in defeat
and shame. She looked magnificent. He smiled and left the room. Time passed
slowly for Wonder Woman. She reflected on what happened to her. She was
amazed at the depth to which she had sunk. To actually take the penis of a
man into her mouth. The cruel hardness of it. The sharp smell of him. She
had felt the Man becoming more and more aroused as she sucked on his shaft
She could have resisted more, but for some reason she didn't. She got caught
up in what was happening, and when he shot his semen into her mouth, she...
she actually enjoy... No! she screamed mentally. She had to swallow or choke
on his vile fluid... but did she have to clean off his... his cock so
thoroughly? To lick it almost... lovingly? It was just too much for her. She
sank into a deep pit of humiliation and anguish, alone with her troubling

After what seemed a long time the door opened and the Man returned. He was
dressed in a blue bathrobe and slippers. He stopped as he always did to
admire her form. He ran his eyes over her perfect amazonian body taking in
everything. This time he ran his hands over her as well. He paid very close
attention to her tits. He petted and fondled them and played with her
nipples. They still grew hard even though they had been under a constant
barrage of stimuli. The Man marveled at this. In a much shorter time than
before Wonder Woman began to respond to his touching by moaning softly and
her breath became more rapid.

When he was satisfied with the results the Man stopped touching her tits and
stepped away from her. She looked up at him with an almost disappointed look
on her face. He could see her nostrils flaring and her bosom heaving from her
exertions. The Man smiled and went around behind her. He like this view of
her best of all. He could see her naked ass swaying gently before him as she
tried to bring her emotions under control. He also saw between her legs to
the dark patch of hair covering her pussy.

The Man's eyes locked on her pussy as he approached her. His hand went out
and reached for her. His fingers felt around the lips of her hair lined slit
and found them damp. As for her, Wonder Woman tried to move away from his
questing fingers but could not. Her bonds kept her in place. She was trapped
and helpless and unable to prevent him from continuing his sensual assault.
He dug into her pussy with his middle finger. It's moist warm depths
surrounded him invitingly. Wonder Woman moaned aloud in pain and... arousal.
His finger kept up it's maddening play. His thumb sought out her clit. He
found it standing proud and erect like a miniature penis. As he batted and
stroked it Wonder Woman groaned very loudly. Her hips bucked and gyrated as
his fingers kept on playing with her body. The Man was delighted. He watched
enraptured as her body contorted and gyrated to his simple ministrations.
Her superb ass jumped and wiggled, as her lush tits swayed and flopped back
and forth under her. It was wonderful. The Man knew that the moment for the
next step had arrived. So he withdrew his hand and took off his robe.
Underneath he was quite naked.


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