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"vanilla" sex. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not
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Wonder Woman is copyrighted, trademarked, and owned by DC Comics. This is a
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screw Wonder Woman). No commercial profit is expected to be made from this
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This story was written as a sequel to the “Wonder Woman & the Nazis” series
By UW and friend by [email protected] which can be found on the Grey
Archives. I have asked ‘Nomad’ for permission to write a sequel, but have
not received a response, yet. If he denies permission, this story will be

In the “Nazi” series, Wonder Woman is seduced and turned over to a Nazi
Colonel who, in Steve’s presence, mentally abuses Diana and continuously
fucks her and using the ‘Amazon Curse’ against her. (The ‘Amazon Curse’
robs an Amazon of her powers and turns her into a mindless sex-slave.) Of
course, the Amazon prohibition against any kind of contact with a male works
against the Amazon, since she has never learned the basics of male-female
interactions. In short, the basic Amazon innocence condemns her to her
sexual doom.

This story begins after Diana and Steve have been rescued from the Nazis and
returned to the States, debriefed, and sent to a ‘Rest and Relaxation’ center
in the Rocky Mountains, to recover from their ordeal.

This story was written without the consent of Nomad and without his
collaboration or approval.

Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story, (unless there is a
sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition,
undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events
that have taken place... It is as if the story had never happened, because,
after all, it never really did.

Although birth control is not mentioned in this story, obviously Wonder Woman
has taken her ‘cycle’ into consideration and is behaving accordingly. Also,
before she visited Steve, she broke into his medical records to be sure that
he was freed from any STDs. (And, of course, she had been treated in
Washington for anything she might have picked up in Germany.) In 'real life'
every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly
when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid
unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman And Steve Recover (MF)
by Barnabus

Chapter 1 – Wonder Woman tries to talk to Steve

There was a tapping on his door. Steve Trevor hesitated. The only person
who would be knocking on his door at this hour would be Diana, and he really
didn’t want to talk to her. The day was ending and even after the interviews
with the psychiatrists and the planned activities at this plush Colorado
resort, he still harbored an unbelievable amount of hostility and anger
directed towards Diana!

“Forgive and forget” was the recurring theme he had heard from the ‘shrinks’,
but he knew that forgiveness was beyond him. They had called it an “Amazon
Curse” and said that she had no defense against it. Everything they said was
just so much prattle, Steve concluded.

He had loved Wonder Woman with a devotion and commitment that bordered on
worship. He had placed her on a pedestal so high that even an eagle would
have difficulty falling from it. He had adored her and considered her far
above him, even when they had talked about getting married and share life
together as man and wife when the war was over and Wonder Woman’s services
would no longer be needed to fight the Nazis.

Then, they had gone to Germany on a mission and both been captured. He had
acquitted himself with honor, even though the German Colonel had attacked
Steve’s dignity repeatedly.

But he had been appalled at Wonder Woman’s behavior and the way she had caved
in to every demand the Nazi’s had made of her. As the recollection of her
actions flashed across his memory, he cringed and wanted to burst into tears.
In this frame of mind, Steve opened the door.

Diana was standing there. It looked like she was ready for bed but had
stopped to talk with him. She was wearing a terrycloth bathrobe, identical
to a robe in his closet, with a sash around the waist, knotted in a neat bow
and a string at the collar which was also tied in a bow. Her raven hair
flowed freely down her back. She wasn’t wearing her tiara, but a glint of
silver showed that she still was wearing her bracelets.

In his button down shirt and slacks, Steve bore a studied appearance of

This was the first time they had met her face-to-face since they had escaped
from the Nazis. Making a conscious effort, Steve again blotted out the
memories of the time they were in Germany and all the things he had seen.

After their escape, they had been taken to Washington where they had been
de-briefed and, due to the extent of injury to both of them (both physical
and psychological), the Pentagon had sent them both (along with a phalanx
of physicians, psychiatrists, and plain clothes bodyguards) to this resort
for extended therapy and an opportunity to recover after their harrowing

And now, here she was standing in his doorway.

He couldn’t believe that she would actually face him after everything he had
seen her do with the Nazis! He turned his back on her and walked away to
the table where he had a large bottle of scotch. Alcohol was forbidden under
the terms of his treatment, but had still obtained a bottle, and her presence
was enough to motivate him to open it and pour himself a stiff drink.

“Aren’t you even going to talk to me?” she asked, stepping inside his doorway
and closing the door behind her.

“I don’t think we have anything to talk about,” he snapped bitterly, downing
half of his scotch in a single gulp.

“I know you’re upset with me...” she began, hoping to break the ice.

“Upset? Upset? Why should I be upset with you?” Steve demanded, whirling to
face her.

“We were going to be married,” he spat. “But you! You were so pure,” he made
the word “pure” sound like something that had been dredged out of the sewer,
“yes, you were so pure that you would barely let me give you a peck on the
cheek. You wouldn’t let me lay a finger on you. I thought we were in love!”

“We were, Steve. We ARE!”

“Are we?” he snarled. “I’m not so sure. Remember, I saw you when we were in
Germany. I saw you with Colonel Schmidt and how all he had to do was lay a
hand on you and you gave in to everything he wanted.”

“I know. I wish I could forget.” Wonder Woman whimpered in shame. “No! I wish
you could forget.”

“Well, I can’t!” Steve sneered. Walking over to stand almost nose-to-nose
with Wonder Woman, Steve barked. “I can’t forget how you simply lay down and
spread your legs for half the German Army.”

Wonder Woman cringed before the accusation. “That’s not kind. And it’s not

“It IS true! And I’ll tell you what’s not kind. It’s not kind for a man to
see his fiance, - - - “

“I’m not your fiancée!” Wonder Woman lashed back at her boyfriend.

“No, maybe not,” Steve conceded. “We never actually agreed to being married,
did we? And we never actually set a date, did we? But at least I thought you
were in love with me and we were going to get married.”

“That hasn’t changed,” parried Wonder Woman.

“I’m not so sure,” Steve snapped. “I didn’t think the girl that I loved would
give herself to so many men so freely.”

Wonder Woman tried to defend herself. “Steve, you don’t understand! It’s
the curse that we Amazons live under. That’s why we have such strict rules
forbidding intimacy with men.”

“You weren’t so strict in Germany,” Steve countered.

“That’s because he used the curse against me.”

“And that’s supposed to excuse everything you did? This ‘Amazon Curse’? Tell
me, is there an ‘amazon curse’ that I can use as an excuse so that I can slip
off and spend a night with you anytime I want, anywhere I want?"

“Steve, please!” pleaded the Amazon princess.

“Maybe, I should take advantage of this ‘Amazon Curse”, Steve snarled,
throwing his glass across the room and forcefully grabbing Wonder Woman with
one hand while he groped her breast with the other. “Do I have the technique
right?” he growled as he pinched her nipples through her robe.

“Steve, don’t!” she whimpered, pushing him away.

Shoving his hand beneath the bathrobe, under her belt, he snapped angrily as
he felt her up, “Why not? Why shouldn’t I. After all, it’s not like you’re a
virgin, or anything.”

His words, spoken in anger, cut her to the quick. And she knew he was right.
She went limp and stopped resisting him. “I can’t fight you, Steve,” She
whimpered. There was really no way she could justify the thought of “saving
herself,” since everything there was to ‘save’ was gone.

And she had seen the result of the years spent avoiding intimate contact with
men “lest she fall under the influence of a man’s world”. Diana believed that
this law was simply designed to avoid the awakening of the “Amazon Curse”.
Obedience to the law had ‘protected’ her from Steve, who she loved, and from
whom she really needed no ‘protection’. But obedience to the law had given
her no protection whatsoever from the German Colonel.

Tears flooded her eyes, but she didn’t permit bitterness to enter her voice.

“No, I’m not a virgin,” she faltered.

“No!” he shouted in her ear, suddenly releasing her and letting her fall to
her knees. “You’re not a virgin. That was obvious in Germany! It was obvious
when you didn’t even try to resist them!"

Kneeling before him in abject humiliation, Diana sobbed, “And you’re upset
because they got what you wanted?”

“You’re damned right I’m upset. You gave them what belonged to me! You gave
them what should have been mine on our wedding night!”

“Steve, can you forgive me? I don’t know what else to ask. I’ll beg if you
want me to.” Her tears and obvious contrition had a intense effect on Steve.
Although still imbued with fury and jealousy, her tears drew forth feelings
he had been trying to crush beneath his feet ever since he saw --

“I don’t think that would work, he snapped at her. “I keep remembering you
- “, he fumbled for the correct words, “ - servicing that Colonel and all of
his troops.“

”—because I gave them what you wanted.” Diana observed.

“You’re damned right.” He spat at her. “You gave it to them. But for me – Oh
no! When it came to me, you wouldn’t even give me a proper kiss.” He moved
away from her toward the window, making an effort to appear that he was
ignoring her.

Wonder Woman took a deep breath and made a conscious choice committing
herself to a decision she had been contemplating ever since she had been
released from the Germans.

Chapter 2 – Wonder Woman Tries To Reason With Steve

Diana stood and walked to him. She put her hand on his shoulder and gently
turned him too her. She brought her lips to him and kissed him deeply. Her
arms slipped around his neck and his quickly moved around her waist and
they both melded together. After an eternity, the kiss came to an end and
Wonder Woman looked deeply into Steve’s eyes.

“Does that count as a ‘proper kiss’?” she asked.

Immediately his back became rigid. “One kiss doesn’t make up for everything
that happened in Germany!” he growled at her, glaring. But somehow his glare
was a little softer than it had been before.

She kissed him again, and felt him noticeably soften. Half way through the
kiss, she sought his arm and tenderly pulled his hand forward, pressing it
to her side. Then she drew it upward until it enveloped her breast!

Steve gasped as he realized that his hand was cupping that heavenly mound
that had generated so many fantasies in his mind. Now it was here under his
hand, and he gently squeezed, finding her nipple and trying to roll it
between his fingers through the terrycloth of the robe.

Still pressing his hand to her breast as the kiss ended, Wonder Woman
whispered into his ear, “Steve, I’m sorry for what happened in Germany and
what you had to see. I’m sorry I behaved the way I did. What can I do to
reassure you that You and you alone are the man that I love?”

Stiffening, he pulled his hand away from her breast. “There’s nothing you
can do that can erase my memories of what I saw in Germany!”

Diana looked extremely sad. She was no longer crying, but obvious misery
contorted her face. “Can you forgive me, even though you have your memories?”

How could he forgive her? “I don’t think so,” he said with almost a sob in
his voice. “I don’t think I want to marry you any more!” Steve was becoming
more vulnerable as his face contorted and revealed the inner pain he felt.
“The woman I love couldn’t give herself to - to them!”

The brutality of Steve’s words pierced Diana’s heart more cruelly than any
sword. But she saw tears forming in Steve’s eyes. Steve firmly believed that
‘real men’ don’t cry. She didn’t know what to say, but she knew that his
defenses were crumbling as he spoke.

Suddenly clutching her to him, Steve whispered into her ear, “Watching you
hurt me three ways!” She felt him tremble with emotion as he continued...
“First, It hurts me to see any woman acting so wantonly. Second, It hurts
me to see Wonder Woman act in such a depraved fashion: Wonder Woman, the
symbol of virtue, the essence of purity, the ideal of womanhood.” Looking
deep into Diana’s eyes. a single tear moved down Steve’s face. “Third, - “
He hesitated. Then finally he finished the sentence with venom dripping
from every word. “Third, I can’t tell you what it felt like to see - “ more
tears flooded into his eyes but he refused to turn away. He looked like he
was almost ready to burst out in tears. “ - to see the woman that - I love -
spreading her legs like a whore in heat!”

“I can’t change what you saw - “, Wonder Woman saw him fury returning to his
eyes. She consciously altered her wording. “I can’t change what happened in
Germany. I can only tell you that my love for you has not changed. You are
truly the love of my life, and I want to share my life with you. I will do
anything I can to prove that to you.”

With that, she withdrew from him and his arms dropped limply to his side.
Diana move toward the bedroom door, stopping half way there to turn and face
him. They looked at each other across the distance that separated them.

“I love you, Steve,” she repeated. “And I will do whatever you want me to.”

Without any more words, Wonder Woman’s hand went up to the string that closed
the robe around her neck. Pulling the string, she loosened the bow, opening
the knot. Her hands went to the belt of the robe, opening it, and she slid
the terrycloth robe off of her shoulders, letting it drop.

Her hands crossed, grasping the chemise nightgown she was wearing and slowly
raised the garment over her head and also dropped it to the floor.

With his mouth agape, Steve gazed on Wonder Woman’s naked body, clad only in
her bracelets, as she stood before him. Making no effort to cover her nudity,
she stepped toward him and took his hand, raised it to her lips, and kissed
it gently.

“I’ll do anything that you want!” she repeated, and she led him to the
bedroom like an adult would lead a child. pulling him behind her,
dumbfounded. Steve knew what was happening, but he didn’t know what was

Chapter 3 – When Reasoning Fails...

They moved to the side of the bed and Wonder Woman stopped, turning back to
her lover, or at least to the man she truly wanted to be her lover. Her
hands found the buttons on his shirt and soon, the shirt slipped from his

Her eyes never leaving his, she found the buckle of his belt. Once unbuckled,
she opened the buttons, and his pants dropped to the floor also. His heart
was beating so hard that he was sure that she could hear it.

She left his boxers in place.

“I’m sorry I can’t offer you my virginity, Steve. But I will offer you what
I can.”

“What’s that?” Steve’s voice was trembling and he was afraid to do anything,
mostly because he didn’t know what to do!

“I offer my love, my devotion, and my body to you, willingly and freely. I
am offering my body, not because I am suffering from the Amazon curse, but
rather because I want to give myself to you. For whatever it’s worth, you
are the only person I have ever said this to. It is by my own choice and of
my own free will that I offer you everything that I can give. I have never
made this offer before to anyone. To that extent, at least, and in that way,
I am still a virgin."

“Come to bed with me!” she whispered to him. “I’ll give you anything you
want! I will do anything you want me to!” and she backed to the bed, drawing
him with her. When her legs felt the bed behind her, she pulled down the
covers, sat and lay back, pulling Steve to her. Obediently , he lay beside

Immediately, her hands found the waistband of his boxers and insistently
pushed the boxers downwards. He kicked them from his ankles.

Both of then naked in bed together, a fantasy come true.

Steve rolled on top of Wonder Woman, not making any effort to think. Almost
immediately, his penis found her opening and pressed into her. Both of them
gasped at his entrance. She was dry, but she spread her legs to open the way
for him. Without thinking, he pressed into her to the hilt and she welcomed
him and accepted him into her depths.

Without thought or hesitation, he began pumping into her, ravenously
demanding everything he could take from her, everything she could give him.

Although uncomfortable because she wasn’t adequately lubricated, Diana thrust
against him and her body quickly began forming the fluids needed to make
their union easier. This was not the correct protocol for mating to take
place between an Amazon princess and her consort. Although conscious of this
breach in propriety, there was no doubt in Diana’s mind that she and Steve
were destined for each other and that she would not postpone their union any

Moaning, she accepted this man into her depths with joy and eagerness that
would rival any virgin bride in the world. Would Steve marry her? She didn’t
know! But she knew that she was in love with Steve and nothing, NOTHING!
would ever again keep her from expressing that love in every way possible
tonight, and every night that Steve wanted.

“I love you, Diana,” Steve whispered so softly Diana could barely hear his
words, as he gasped, and poured his seed deeply into her. Although she hadn’t
reached a climax yet, Diana celebrated her lover’s orgasm and clenched her
muscles, squeezing him, pressing into him, doing everything she could to
extend his orgasm and encourage his ecstasy.

“I love you!” Came Steve’s rasping, ragged words, and, still spasming deeply
inside of her, Steve began sobbing.

As his climax peaked and passed, she whispered her response back into his
ear. “I love you, too, Steve. Please believe that! Because, if I didn’t, I
certainly would not be here with you tonight!”

Gradually, Steve’s breathing returned to normal and he collapsed onto her
soft bosom. Diana held him tightly to her breast even as he softened inside
of her. She was a little sore due to his impetuous thrusting before she had
adequately lubricated, but she knew she would never mention it to Steve. She
loved Steve with a fervor that only someone deeply in love can understand.
If his love was gone as he had indicated, then she was willing to be his
whore for as long as he wanted her. And she was willing to perform any
perversion he wanted in order to keep him.

“Will it happen again?” Steve asked softly, his breath gently caressing her

Jarred out of her reverie, Diana asked, “Will what happen again?”

“The Amazon curse, If you get captured again, can they do...” Steve’s words
faltered. “Can they make you do,” his voice choked, “can they make you do all
those things again?”

Tears filled Diana’s eyes and poured down her face. “I can’t control it,
Steve.” She responded, wishing she could say something different. “That’s
why they call it a curse. If they simply attacked me, I could defend against
that! But I have no defense when they - “, she couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Can’t you just say no?” he asked.

A sob escaped from Diana and her chest heaved. “It doesn’t work that way
with Amazons. I’m different than a – an American Girl. In America, girls are
raised alongside boys, and they learn about boys, men. Their mothers teach
them how to behave, how to act, how to say no! An Amazon never meets a man
unless she comes to live with them, like I did. That’s probably why we have
such strict rules about our contact with men. I...” Diana’s voice began to
choke up. Then she began sobbing in earnest. “I – don’t know how to say no
to a man. I never learned how!” Sobbing uncontrollably, Diana pressed her
face against Steve. “I’m sorry, Steve!” and her body convulsed with sobs.

Now, it was Steve’s turn to press her to him and comfort her as she wept
disconsolately. Diana wept bitterly, and Steve gently pressed her to him as
he stroked her hair and pressed his cheek against hers. Eventually, her tears
spent themselves, and she began to relax in his arms, enjoying the warmth she
felt in his embrace.

“Maybe I can help you,” Steve suggested, curling Diana’s hair around her ear.

“H... h... how?”

“Maybe I can help you say no.”

Wonder Woman raised her head to look into his eyes. Tears had streaked her
face. “Can you do that?”

Steve smiled. “I don’t know. But for generations, mothers have been teaching
their daughters. Maybe I can teach you. I’m willing to try if you are.”

Diana gazed at him deeply, trying to comprehend the concept he was offering
to teach her. Finally, she admitted to herself that she was unable to
understand, and chose to accept him at his word. She nodded. “I will try to

Suddenly a wild thought crossed her mind. Hastily she added, “... but not
tonight! Tonight is one time I definitely do not want to say no!”

A silly broad grin crossed Steve’s face. “I agree,” he said. “We’ll start
the lessons tomorrow – or maybe the day after - . But as for tonight – I
believe you promised to do anything I want...”


The lessons on ‘how to say no’ didn’t start for a while. Steve had years
of frustrations to work out and the more he worked on them, the more enjoyed
the process of working on them! Finally, though, he did give Diana her

But not until later.

The end


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