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This story contains very descriptive scenes of sex, bondage and rape. If you
do not like to read such material: DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!

This story and its material are based on the Wonder Woman TV series that
aired in the '80s. It is simply one of my fantasy episodes. Again, this story
contains material of a dark nature. If you are offended, do not flame me,
just simply ignore this posting.


This story starts off where the previous story "The Domination of Wonder
Woman" ends. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl have been captured by the Nazis and
taken as prisoners to Germany. The previous story explains their capture.

Wonder Woman: The Domination Of Wonder Woman Part 2 Chapter 1
by Anonymous

The dull ball of soft white light swayed back and forth like the slow
swinging arm of a pendulum as it cast waves of dark and light shadows across
her hazy, sleepy vision. After a time the light began to sharpen and the
outline of the overhead lamp came into focus as Wonder Woman slowly regained
consciousness. The stone floor was bitter cold and, as the numbness in her
body wore off, the chilled feeling shot through her skin like needles,
forcing her to sit up and curl herself into a semi-fetal ball.

Diana's first reaction was to reach for her magical belt. Still dazed and
confused she jumped slightly in shock at it was nowhere to be found but, she
quickly regained her senses and remember how she had lost it. "Of course they
wouldn't give me my belt back." she thought scolding herself like she was an

She was suddenly surprised by the fact that, except for her bracelets and her
lasso, she was wearing the rest of her costume. She remembered she had been
stripped naked by the countess and thought it odd that an enemy like the
nazis, especially that deviously, filthy witch, would have allowed her the
decency of remaining dressed after all they did to her when she was captured.

Being raped was not that much of a shock to Diana. Being in the world of
men, she knew these things happened to women in such a dangerous profession.
Besides, her costume didn't exactly say hands off and she knew it was very
sexually provocative to men. She also knew she was very sexually provocative
to men and she knew it made a very effective weapon. Most male opponents
became very distracted when faced with a buxom woman wearing something
resembling a skin tight bathing suit and high heel boots.

At her home on Paradise island, the amazons would actually combat each other
by forcing each other to climax. The one who lost was the one who was
climaxed into submission. Long ago the elders decided this would be a more
humane way of settling disputes. The winner got what they wanted and the
loser was so placated by the sexual act that she did not want to fight
anymore. Plus the two combatants were forced to share an intimate bond,
forcing them to deal more closely with each other. How can you hate a person
who just made you pass out from climaxing. This eliminated a great deal of
animosity, jealousy and hatred in their society and brought them closer
together as one sisterhood. Of course women could still settle arguments
through standard physical combat but that was always thought of as "the man's
way". The only bad thing about this system was the fact that there ended up
being a great deal of "disputes" over minor things. Still, no one on the
island ever argued about the process and it was extremely popular.

Their attempts at tearing her down were not just a base sexual act however.
She knew she was also an icon, a symbol to the Americans. Breaking her will
and dominating her was a show of strength, a way to humiliate her and the
U.S.A. She knew she had to fight harder next time and the only way to do
that was to beat them at their own game and not to break.

The physical exertion she had gone through had completely subsided. Even
without her belt, her meta-human body was able to regenerate quickly. Except
for the dull and slightly dizzying affects of the anesthetics they used, she
had fully recovered.

As she wiggled about, she could hear the clinking of metal as the iron
manacles and chains she wore slowly slid down her body and toward the floor.
Her hands were shackled and chained behind her back and they were attached
to a heavy iron belt that sat snugly around her waist and rested on top of
her curvaceous hips. Her upper arms were pinned together by another set of
shackles that were clamped just above her elbows and which kept her from
moving her arms about.

A thick, heavy chain ran from her cuffs, through an eye loop in the belt,
down the back of her legs and to two sets of iron cuffs which were clamped
around each leg just at the top of each knee and around each ankle. The
shackles at her knees and her ankles were clamped together keeping her long,
muscular legs bound tightly into one shapely mass. Another chain ran from
the front of the ankle cuffs, back up the front of her legs and into one of
several eye loops that bordered her iron belt. From the belt, on each side
of her hips and from her front and back, four chains ran up her body and
hooked to an iron collar which sat tightly around her long, tender neck.

Over her mouth was clamped a wide, leather gag. The inside of it was lined
with a soft, foam padding which formed tightly over her lips and cheeks,
preventing even the loudest sound from escaping. The gag also had a Y shaped
depressor affixed to the inside which was inserted in her mouth and which
prevented her from making any form of audible sound. The gag was attached by
several thick, leather straps which ran around her head, past her cheeks and
over the top of her head. They were clamped securely in place with several
small buckles and her long, brunette hair sat lazily over them, hiding them
from view.

She sat in a ball, her legs curled to one as she examined the cell she was
in. The walls were made of thick, huge stones and the door was big and
massive. Even with her belt on it would be and impressive obstacle to
overcome. The lamp overhead was a simple light bulb with a metal hood
dangling from a thick cord that hung from the ceiling. It continued to sway
back and forth indicating to Wonder Woman that she was a very recent visitor
to this cell. The shackled remains of a mummified skeleton in one corner
told her she was also not the first.

As she scoured the room, she spied something shiny laying on the floor.
Slinking down and wiggling across the stone floor like some exotic snake,
she made her way toward several, small glass fragments which twinkled like
diamonds under the swaying lamp. Upon closer inspection, however, she let
out a slight gasp of shock. They were burned out flash bulbs.

"Obviously, the Nazis decided to take some propaganda pictures of their
bound and gagged prize." she thought. "I wonder how many of them were of me
WITH my clothes on?" she mused knowing full well how vulnerable she was and
how easy it would have been for them to take advantage of her.

The world of men had many things that were unheard of on Paradise island,
locks were one of these. Paradise island had none but the outside world was
full of them. Dealing with these new obstacles forced Diana to acquire some
less than noble warrior skills, one of which was lock picking. After sliding
about a bit she picked up one of the flash bulbs with her fingers and
relieved it of its spent wire filament. She then relaxed and proceeded to
work on her manacles.

After about an hour of frustrating picking, the manacles around her wrist
slackened as the locks opened. Suddenly, just as she was about to pull her
hands free, the door to the cell opened and two Nazi SS soldiers walked in
and stood at attention to either side of the doorway. Following them was a
tall, dark hared woman Diana easily recognized as the countess. Behind her,
two men wearing high ranking uniforms followed her in and all three stood
over the prone and helpless heroine.

"Zo! This is the BIG American secret weapon Wonder Woman eh?" said one of the
men causing the others to chuckle in amusement. Diana stared up defiantly at
her kidnappers. "How dare you mock me! By Hera I'll have your heads!" she
thought to herself, twisting her shoulders in a show of resistance.

"I zee she is very... spirited." said the other officer as he stared slowly
and lasciviously over her bare legs and full chest. "Quite well endowed too
I might add. You are right Frauline, she will make excellent breeding stock
for the Third Reich."

Diana's eyes bulge in utter shock at his statement. "Oh Great Hera! What have
I gotten into?" she thought as a sinking feeling of intense gloom came over

"Take ze woman to ze lab." ordered the countess as she flicked her hand at
Wonder Woman and walked out the door with the two officers. "We have much
work to do and I'm eager to get started." she added.

The two guards picked up the twisting, thrusting heroine by her shoulders and
stood her up. As one held her in place, the other unshackled her legs so she
could walk. Then, with brutal shoves from a rifle butt, Wonder Woman was
forcefully coaxed down a maze of hallways and into the lab. The guards
brought her to a heavy wooden chair and she let out several objectionable
grunts as they forced her to sit.

The lab was a large, bland, rectangular room about 30 foot square. Down the
middle of the room were several long tables draped with white, doctor's table
clothes. A whole plethora of beakers, microscopes, operating equipment, text
books and the like dominated the tables. Along the back wall of the room,
three operating style tables sat under a set of overhead doctor's lamps.
Several bottles of oxygen and anesthetic, along with other breathing
apparatus surrounded them and a row sinks sat off to one side. Along the
walls, at various points, were very small, iron cages embedded in the walls
which resembled small holding pens but which were tall enough for a person
to stand up in. The walls were lined with bookshelf after bookshelf of
textbooks, equipment and documents.

At this point the countess had slipped out of her coat and was busy putting
on a blue operating smock. "You may unshackle her elbows. She will not be
able to escape." ordered the countess as she tied her apron ribbons.

"Vat are you going to do vit her?" asked one of the officers. "She is a
valuable prize and one the Feurer will be proud of!" he barked.

"Don't worry my leibshin." she replied running her hand under his chin. "Your
fuerer will get is precious PRIZE, though she may not be as spirited as when
she first arrived. I simply want to find out what makes her "tick"." she said
shooting the bound heroine a wicked grin.

"Go NOW! All of you! My assistant and I have much work to do." the countess
ordered as she began to slip on a pair of rubber gloves. As all the men left,
a young, attractive blonde came into the room and walked past them without
paying any attention, turning her nose up at them like they were inferior
scum. She was rather thin, tall and wore a white lab coat with a blouse and
tight skirt underneath. Her hair was pinned up on top of her head and a pair
of thick glasses dominated her face making her look older than she really
was. She walked up to the countess and, as the door shut, the two women gave
each other an affectionate peck.

"Remove her gag." ordered the countess.

The assistant walked behind Wonder Woman, unbuckled the bondage device and
removed it. Diana made several odd puckering gestures with her mouth as she
tried to loosen up her lips and get them wet again.

"I hope your stay here at castle Orlaph isn't too unpleasant." the countess
said leaning over Wonder Woman and grabbing her by the chin. "We're saving
the unpleasant parts for later." she said smiling. Suddenly, she took her
hand and smacked it hard across Diana's cheek, causing the large brunette's
hair to splash across her face like a tidal wave of angry water. The Amazon
quickly jerked her head back forward and stared defiantly at the countess
without shedding one tear. For a slight moment, the countess's face lost its
air of superiority and she was taken back slightly at the woman's stone faced
demeanor. She then stepped backward and walked to the center of the room.

"This, and the surrounding catacombs, used to be the royal dungeon. This room
was the Baron's torture chamber." she said waving her hands about as though
she were showing off a model home in anywhere USA. "Great, and I bet its got
two baths and a garage." thought Diana as she stared angerily at the woman.

The countess continued to recite her families history unaware that Diana was
slowly working her hands free of the only remaining shackles that kept her
bound. The assistant had walked over to one of the tables and was busy doing
some paper work on a clipboard.

After about ten minutes of the life styles of the rich and perverted, the
countess finished her explanation of her family's history and walked back
over to Wonder Woman. "Zo, what shall we do first?" the countess asked
rhetorically, fully expecting not to get a reply.

"How about "tie up the countess"." calmly replied Wonder Woman bouncing her
head from side to side and sprouting a dopey smile like some oversized barbie
doll. The countess's eyes grew slightly puzzled at the unexpected response.
Suddenly, with blinding speed, Diana fired off a powerful high kick, sending
the dark hared woman rolling to the floor.

The assistant dropped her clipboard and immediately rushed the seated amazon.
Like a leopard, the now free Diana sprang to life and wrapped one of her free
chains around the assistant's neck, putting her in a dire choke hold. The two
women twisted about with Wonder Woman having the definite upper hand.

Then, from the side, the countess plowed into Wonder Women sending the two of
them to the floor and the assistant staggering off gasping for life.

The two brunettes rolled about the floor like a pair of hissing alley cats.
Punches, kicks, clawing and hair pulling dominated the wrestling match as
both women fought feverishly to control the other. The two traveled about the
room, rolling over the lab tables and sending each other into the walls and
furniture as they held onto each others hair in an intense cat fight for life
and death.

Both women rolled about wildly as they grabbed and choked each other,
writhing and twisting in a feverish attempt to gain the upper hand. After
several minutes of kicking and punching, they both sailed over a table and
formed a pile of twisting, wiggling legs, arms and hips on the floor. The
assistant, now recovered and eager to help her mistress, stood over the two
combatants holding a large blackjack in a ready position waiting to land a
winning blow against Wonder Woman. Like some frustrated camper waiting to
swat an annoying mosquito, she stood over the two women, raising the club
up and down as she tried to take careful aim. Then, with a forceful swing
she struck.


Both women lay motionless on the floor as the assistant dropped her guard and
leaned over the pile of legs, hair and ass to examine her handy work.

"Mistress... " squeaked the blonde in a soft, mouse like voice as she reached
down to examine the two girls. Suddenly, a large, muscular leg shot out and
Diana side kicked the assistant in the stomach, sending her staggering
backward, stunned. With her cat-like reflexes, Diana jumped up and plowed
into the much smaller girl, sending both of them into a large bookcase. Like
a dam bursting, the books poured off the shelves and came crashing down over
both struggling women, burying them in a pile of tech notes and journals.

The pile surged and pulsated as the two women fought. Then, both girls burst
to the surface with Wonder Woman behind the young girl, having the definite
advantage. Diana's left arm was wrapped around the girl's upper chest,
clamping the blonde's arms to her sides at the elbows. The young blonde
twisted about wildly as Diana settled down and leaned into her younger prey.

"My you're spunky." said Wonder Woman sarcastically. "Maybe you would like a
taste of your own medicine." she continued as she reached around the front of
the girl with her free hand and sliding her fingers between the girl's legs.

The assistant let out a defiant squeal as Diana pushed her fingers past the
girl's underpants and slipped them deep between her sweaty, wet lips. The
girl's hips bucked and pushed as Diana started rubbing her slowly and
forcefully up and down in a wildly erotic fashion.

The amazon's first three fingers slid inside the girl and Diana began
oscillating them in and out of her, pumping them in a ruthlessly rhythmic
fashion. At the same time, Diana's thumb slid up the girl's vagina and over
her clitoris. Using her thumb, she began rubbing and pushing hard on the
poor girl's clit, sending the young assistant into a spiral of overwhelming

The assistant was panting and moaning heavily now as Wonder Woman stepped up
her forceful massage. As she masturbated the young girl, Diana pulled her
wide, motherly hips over the blonde's tight, small rear and began sliding
them slowly up and down over the young girl's ass, riding the girl's
gyrations. Both women lost all sense of reality and time as Diana forced the
young girl to build toward inevitable defeat.

The amazon then loosened her left arm's pinning grip and ran her hand across
the young girl's breasts. The girl let out a shriek of sexual excitement as
each nipple was brushed. Diana then slid her hand down the girl's blouse and
under her bra, cupping the assistant's left breast and used this grip to pin
the girl. Diana's hand squeezed and massaged the plump, little breast as she
continued to feverishly stroke the girl.

The assistant's struggles grew more violent and Diana knew the end was near.
Stepping up her efforts, the amazon began slamming her three fingers in and
out of the girl, expanding and twisting them as she increased the pumping to
an ever intensifying pace. At the same time, she grabbed the young girl's
nipple with her two finger and began pinching it wildly.

"NO! I will never surrender!" screamed the assistant as her breathe began to

"Oh you don't have a choice." replied Diana. "Now you know what they did to
me. How do you like it?" she barked rubbing the girl even harder.

"You deserved it! You were captured! That's what happens to prisoners!"
gasped the feverishly twisting assistant.

"Maybe so but now you're MY prisoner. So long!" Diana replied.

With a change in her rhythm, the amazon pushed her fingers deep and hard into
the girl and, at the same time, she squeezed the girl's breast, pinching the
nipple incredibly hard. The young blonde surged upward in one last defiant
effort, tightening her body in a futile attempt at resistance.

"GGGNNNNNNUUUUUGGGHHH... NNNOOOOO!!!!!" the girl screamed as she exploded
upward in climax and wailed in ecstasy. Diana let the girl go and she dropped
hard and fast to the floor, curling up into a small ball of quivering defeat,
clutching her crotch and her breasts as she rode out the last of the

Suddenly, Diana went staggering face first into the bookshelf as the countess
plowed into her from behind. "She's MINE! How DARE you!" screamed the
countess as she slapped Diana hard across the face several times. Diana
fought back, diving into the countess and slapping her hard in the face and
head. Both girls grabbed each other in a heavy wrestling choke hold and both
plowed into more bookcases and tables.

Diana, having a far more muscular body, finally gained control and flipped
her weaker opponent onto one of the tables. Leaning over the struggling
countess, Diana grabbed the woman by her hands and pinned her flailing arms
over her head to the table. Using one hand she held the countess's arms there
as she pulled the woman's lab coat open and lifted up her skirt.

"Now for you, you BITCH!" screamed Wonder Woman as she forced her hips
between the countess's legs to hold them apart. With her free hand she gave
the woman's panties a quick yank and ripped them off her hips.

"UUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!! HOW DARE YOU!" spat the fiery madam as Wonder Woman
relieved her of her undergarment. "I am a QUEEN, a GODDESS! No one takes ME!
NO ONE!!!" she screamed.

"No one until now." Diana replied. Raising her fingers like a snake, she
formed them into a pointed, cone shape and plunged them hard into the
gyrating countess. The dark hared Nazi screamed wildly as Diana's long
fingers slide slowly and deeply into the woman. Diana then began pumping
her hand in and out as she slammed wave after wave of erotic pleasure
deep into the helpless countess.

The countess panted and hissed as Diana continued to build the pressure. The
experience of being taken was turning her on but the added vision of Wonder
Woman's massive cleavage was overwhelming. As she pumped and pushed, the
amazon's large breasts heaved and rippled with the same rhythm. Seeing the
Nazi's line of sight Diana looked down at her cleavage and back at the woman.

"You like these don't you?" Diana said sarcastically as she stared the woman
in the eye. "I bet you'd love to touch them. They are so much better than
yours." she mocked.

The countess leaned her head up and replied with a heavy spat that hit Diana
above her left breast and trickled down slowly over its spherical curvature.
Diana simply grinned at this futile act and then looked about the room. Then,
with a wide, wicked smile her scanning stopped. The countess turned her head
and stared at what Diana was fixated on.

A large mortar sat loose on the table. It was about two inches in diameter
and about 6 inches long. Most of it was cylindrical except for the end of it,
which narrowed and then widened to a ceramic ball. Diana reached out and
grabbed it with her free hand. At the same time, the countess realized her
fate and began struggliing wildly in an effort to escape.

"Remember what you did to me?" Diana said holding up the mortar to show the
countess. "Now its my turn."


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